Always. #quote #quoteoftheyear #applytoeverydaylife #battle
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Never cry or be upset over something worth so little. βœ‹ give the five finger wave and say "goodbye and have a good day" . quality over anything else and if you don't know what something is worth then you don't deserve it #realtalk #applytoeverydaylife #byefelicia
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jamieboo1209 : Or even worse it could have been wine
theinventivegal : @jamieboo1209 not wine!!!!! That's the drink of gods!!!! #shitwedontwaste
cupcake1059 : πŸ™ŒπŸ‘πŸ‘Œ
miavega45 : Bahaha @liz_a87 You are too funny @theinventivegal
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Coach's inspiring tips πŸ˜‚πŸ‘Š#readthesmallprint#applytoeverydaylife
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oilandclay : Great tips for living!
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Happy Black History Month #BlackHistory #AllYearRound #ApplyToEverydayLife #inspiration #quotes #Character #Be #AboutThatLife #BEAUTIFUL #Smiles #instagood #instagramhub #webstagram #photographs #IThink #Therefore #IAm #igaddict #TagsForLikes #Tflers #LoveThis #dope
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_nyzira : Absolutely.
sashcee : @_nyzira ;-)
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The ocean teaches unconditional love, we take so much from it and it still keeps giving. Don't take things for granted because before we know it, it will be too late to give back and save the ocean. #applytoeverydaylife πŸ‘£πŸ’™πŸŒŠ PC: @paigeyyh
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kylapeties : @caolan101 check ur whatsapp
cloudjd42 : My nearest break is called Shitpipe. For a reason. It's gonna take a lot to save this ocean.
kylapeties : @cloudjd42 :(
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Don't forget the #GoldenRules!!!! Have a Happy New Year's Eve!!! #herewecome2014 #mydadsfavoritesaying #grewuponthosegoldenrules #applytoeverydaylife
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liveevillevi : He added Keep The Faith In the late 90s i remember so its 5GR to me
_laurenchristian : I know...I has to get used to adding that in!! Lol @liveevillevi
_laurenchristian : Had
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The lord helps me everyday even when at the end of the day im not perfect #lordhasyourback #savethebsjustlordhim #applytoeverydaylife
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mr_belger : Thanks for the like pimp @_imjustwhatyoumadegod
_cjserrato : It's true bro.
mr_belger : Wish u could come to sandals church with me its amazing @_imjustwhatyoumadegod
_cjserrato : Where is it at
mr_belger : 15mins from Moreno valley @_imjustwhatyoumadegod
chelsielynn06 : It is an amazing church !!! πŸ‘
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Ten things. Ran out of room and the last two weren't important. #getyomindright #applytoeverydaylife
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