Welcome to Apple, My first day :) #apple #applecare #newjob
applecare - apple - newjob -
I have one IPhone 5S for sale! Sprint accidentally sent me two when I got a replacement! It's first come first serve. $200 firm comes with charger and box!! #iphone5s #iphone #iphoneforsale #apple #applecare
iphoneforsale - applecare - iphone - apple - iphone5s -
qualityassurance_hair : Just did @frenchgvddess
_queeeeeeeenb : 150?
qualityassurance_hair : $180 @_queeeeeeeenb
random.tumblrrr : Can u dm me plz.
kevin_dawg10 : I wan it i have the money
kevin_dawg10 : Dm me
vibewithdee : Still selling?
ughmadina : Done I'll pay 220
nadika77 - xsweetoreosx - frenchgvddess - love_sweet_tee_1 -
#helpme #iphoneissues #applecare
helpme - applecare - iphoneissues -
mathiswellz : I don't own an iPhone, but unless you have a clipboard that holds your copies like Android phone, then you're Sol sorry.
beatiful1simone : Yes, have you backed up your phone to icloud??? @naturallynique_xo
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Spill beer on your brand new #MacbookPro #RetinaScreen, and now the keys don't work? No problem! 🍻 It's easy to clean them... What you'll need: safety pin📎, water💧, paper towel💈, husky🐺 [husky is optional]. #howtovideo #geeksquad #genius #applecare #cheers!
cheers - genius - applecare - retinascreen - howtovideo - geeksquad - macbookpro -
syeed72 : Awesome!!
sen_sgh : Skillz
bellarockydaisy : 👍👍👍👍👍
raponzle - bellarockydaisy - scott4136 - emreozen -
Working on my next quilt while I listen to training for my new position with Apple. #quilting #handquilting #iloveworkingfromhome #applecare
applecare - iloveworkingfromhome - quilting - handquilting -
melinder322 : I think I need that job!!!!
smashers55 : Lizzy I love it
mwright55 : Your using my colors, I can't wait to see it when finished. I need your job so I can sew while I work. I don't think my boss would appreciate me bring my sewing into the office here.
nliljenquist : That's fabric is sooo cute!! Your quilts are the best!
kizzyling : @nliljenquist You got the blanket I sent to Owen, right?
nliljenquist : I have been meaning to Facebook you cause I have photos to send you. Owen LOVES it. Especially the minky side. We are so lucky we got a Lizzie blanket!!! Thank you for spoiling us.
sydneykent - chtryon - ckhorselady - shaeheyy -
An extra mug of this is in order today... Last night my computer crashed and the tech guy at #AppleCare was awesome and tried all he could to help me fix the issue. But there wasn't much he could do over the phone 😢. I went to the local #ComputerTree store and they have been able to recover the data (years of writing, books, business files, blog posts) and are working to fix the hard drive now. I'm incredibly grateful to tech folks. And PLEASE REMEMBER TO BACK YOUR COMPUTERS UP!!!!!! #VeryImportant #gratitude #MoreCoffee
gratitude - applecare - veryimportant - morecoffee - computertree -
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Ah apple #dank #nature #outdoor #ironstoneranch #applecare
ironstoneranch - applecare - outdoor - dank - nature -
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First Time To See You And Get You "Hey AppleCare" Its Time To Protect My Lovely Macbook Pro 😘💉💻 But Coin Coin Fly Away 💸💸💸💸💸💸💸 #applecare #applecareprotectionplan #protect #lovely #mbp13 #macbookpro13 #apple #coin #macbook
protect - macbookpro13 - apple - applecare - coin - mbp13 - applecareprotectionplan - lovely - macbook -
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Got my broken ipad mini replaced for 4,400 yen :) #applecare+ #ipadminiretina #geniusbar Unfortunately the guy who handled my case wasn't a genius...
applecare - ipadminiretina - geniusbar -
cakeinvasion : what, u still had to pa despite apple care?? what a ripp off 😕
cakeinvasion : *pay
tamishimo : @cakeinvasion That's Apple for you 😒
happynick2015 - bangkokman - akuma_tii - davidchea7739 -
วันนี้ทำ SD card หลุดเข้าไปในช่อง CD imac ด้วยความรีบ ดีนะ .. มี apple care ไม่งั้นโดนค่า service 1600 บาทท ☺️ อิอิ
applecare - - happy -
butterfly_baibua : #Applecare #happy #อิอิ
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At home #applecare. Fxck your appointment.
applecare -
annaeatsbananas - chennessy7 - zupnutz -
And she is now working for real.. #imac #imac27inch #apple #applecare
imac27inch - applecare - apple - imac -
cesarolivaresbaez - splurk - theappleleaf - kc2vtj -
#Iphone #apple #problemsolver #noshitsherlock #applecare
noshitsherlock - applecare - iphone - apple - problemsolver -
oguoko : Lol
kevinjihia - senga_agnes - matunchi93 - kandimunene -
Ready for the new iphone. #applecare
applecare -
ttusk : "Lost my contacts"
toeplusbee - coleybrown123 - nilsbergfurniture - scottenders -
#dailygrind #apple #milo #work #siamese #cat #kitten #applecare
apple - siamese - work - cat - dailygrind - applecare - kitten - milo -
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Ladies and gentleman, the iPhone 6. Is this what the final design will look like? We dropped prices on all our iPhone4s, 5c, and 5s models. All phone are #Apple factory unlocked and certified. @DiamondLimited recommends #AppleCare release date tentatively set for September 30, 2014
applecare - apple -
he.him.i : How much
diamondlimited : Pricing has not officially been released yet, but we expect it the be in line with what it has been in the past depending on if it's a contract or an unlocked phone.
diamondlimited : @he.him.i
ddw93 : How big
diamondlimited : See them stacked up next to each other 📱 on the @diamondlimited page. Sizes are listed under them. @ddw93
iamkriscrowley : Wow
gaygothicgangsta : I hate those things.... Smh
_booty_monsta__ : This isn't the current strong render of the iPhone 6. See @icuid and his yt channel or dawg
iamkriscrowley - dantheman_1 - 3was1984 - rozayywadee -
The question of the week...To Mac or not to Mac? #macgonebad #rotten #apple #lifeschoicea
rotten - macgonebad - applecare - apple - lifeschoicea -
joshuacrasto : Thanks for that @chetanyasharma
joshuacrasto : If only macs got a Mac discount. Life would be so much easier.
n3m0t5u : @joshuacrasto u can take ur mac to Mac Donalds and ask for a mac discount :p
thrillofdriving : Always get applecare.
joshuacrasto : @thrillofdriving over three years old so #applecare wouldn't have worked
mrcnizzle : Work exclusively on Macs now so my answer is Mac again.
joshuacrasto : But @mrcnizzle why they no give me cheap cheap?
mrcnizzle : True that is quite pricey that's half the price of a new one.
virnakai - sigmundquadros - ochacko - tanumaynaskar -
Took a while but I got a shiny new extended warranty. #patience #woosahhh If I can get through that, childbirth should be a breeze. #phewf #applecare #sometimescompaniesdotherightthing #ineedadrink
patience - applecare - phewf - ineedadrink - woosahhh - sometimescompaniesdotherightthing -
maghanwilbur - lasemb -
Took her to Apple on Thursday. Shipped to TX then to my home this morning with new track pad and battery. I didn't even have time to make excuses for my work being tardy. #lighteningfast #applecare #underwarranty
applecare - underwarranty - lighteningfast -
katiechristinemuller - albowman - half_hipster -
#apple #ipad #air #ipadair #2014 #colorful #instadaily #unboxing #unbox #tablet #applecare #appleporn #electronic #instacollage #photostudio #moldiv
apple - colorful - unbox - appleporn - applecare - moldiv - instadaily - electronic - ipadair - ipad - photostudio - tablet - air - instacollage - unboxing - 2014 -
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Taller than #Bocse lol. #wannabe #applestore #apple #reseller #apr #cupertino #retail #appleretail #newtonstore #mac #macintosh #retina #geniusbar #genius #applecare #applereseller #applesalestraining #asw #app #appleproductprofessional #iPhone #iPadmini #gibraltar #iPad #iPod #iMac #Macbook #Macmini #iPhonecase
cupertino - applesalestraining - retina - asw - apple - iphonecase - apr - app - macmini - imac - ipadmini - applecare - retail - macbook - appleproductprofessional - ipad - applereseller - reseller - genius - geniusbar - mac - macintosh - applestore - iphone - appleretail - newtonstore - wannabe - bocse - ipod - gibraltar -
doutoraretina : Show!!!
nickswereld - _dina_l - vsg_joseph - arnaldoasf -
Saturday... #wannabe #applestore #apple #reseller #apr #cupertino #retail #appleretail #newtonstore #mac #macintosh #retina #geniusbar #genius #applecare #applereseller #applesalestraining #asw #app #appleproductprofessional #iPhone #iPadmini #gibraltar #iPad #iPod #iMac #Macbook #Macmini #iPhonecase
cupertino - applesalestraining - retina - asw - apple - iphonecase - apr - app - macmini - imac - ipadmini - applecare - macbook - appleproductprofessional - ipad - applereseller - reseller - applestore - geniusbar - mac - macintosh - genius - iphone - appleretail - newtonstore - wannabe - retail - ipod - gibraltar -
svntia : (:
weathermanmatt - nickswereld - a_miner - arnaldoasf -
Herbert is alive and well! I am soo excited! She was in a coma for a week and then a few days in the hospital... But now she is all well!! :))) soooo happy!!!!!!!!! Sad thing is... She was only given about 6 months to live because she is 'overworked':) oh well! She is running for me now:)))) #yay #herbert #macbookpro #applecare #compcoma #overworked #thankful #mybuttissaved
yay - compcoma - herbert - overworked - thankful - applecare - sizemoregirlstakeinstagram - macbookpro - mybuttissaved -
wb7h : What fixed it?
kallirose12 : @wb7h it was a bad cable cord! :))))
wb7h : Wow lucky you! Now start backing up regularly!
katherinefsizemore : Was gonna be funny and like every one of your photos as fast as I could ... But girl there's just too many! Lol 😋 @kallirose12
kallirose12 : @katherinefsizemore haha:) I saw that! I kept losing track on yours lol! Haha hopping all over the place!:) ya! After having it for 3 years, I don't have many pictures. But you having it 3 months makes me look like an addict:) #sizemoregirlstakeinstagram
katherinefsizemore : lol ya you look crazy obsessed! Jk! @kallirose12
audioboxer - kaitround - i_kensi_clearly_now - s_hawbaker4 -
Ohh yeah this just happened to me!!! And the #apple guy says: 'don't worry it will be back'.... In my head how do you that when you are loosing all you info and not having computer for the next 3 to 5 days 😔😢😠😕😩😤😳
apple - fusiondrive - appleproblems - harddrive - applecare - imac - discfailure - mac -
bymeemma : #appleproblems #imac #discfailure #fusiondrive #harddrive #mac #applecare
fieldynosoul : Bendito tu servicio de Apple si se tardan 5 días… acá en uno de los mejores servicios que he tenido me tardaron 2 meses en darme mi compu de nuevo :(
bymeemma : @fieldynosoul 5 días para mi son pérdidas monetarias!!! Y y perdí 6 meses de trabajo!!!! Jajaja yo lo quería resuelto en calidad urgente
bymeemma : @fieldynosoul que le paso a la tuya?
Work is Ohh so annoying today!! #work #selfie #hurry5:30 #applecare #apple
hurry5 - selfie - work - applecare - apple -
emily.lin : hai! i just wanted to tell you that you're beautiful, people don't get that very often 💕🌸
ryanr22 : I hear ya on that one ...
mrissa_ - mommy2aaron - prissssss21 - sandygurl1991 -
This is iPad mini #3 the first one was spiked by my son for an amazing screen shattering. The second one, the microphone went out... Shoutout to #AppleCare
3 - applecare -
jcaiken3 - taurean_d - herc8055 - st3rling18 -
Thanks to @otterbox my phone still works after sitting in salt water for at least 4hours. Dropped at high tide last night picked it up this morning and it still works. #productreviews #win #applecare? Try #ottercare #testimony
win - productreviews - ottercare - applecare - testimony -
syzula : @siutiapik were you instagramming a photo when you dropped it?
yowtkc : Super awesome, So happy the phone still works ! High five to otter box 👍
siutiapik : Hahahaha no I was anchoring the boat and it fell out of my pocket.
jayjayfortyeh : Lies. He was taking a selfie
sarahjancke : Wow that's awesome! Which otter box is it?
siutiapik : It is the otter box preserver for iPhone 5/5s
snoopoloop - asuvega17 - findtruen - teenslynn -
No cell phone for 3 days. The IG Jonesing was intense. Glad to be back. Thanks, Apple Care.
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guldalyng : 🏆✨🏆👏🏆💐💐
vicki_whicker : @guldalyng 💛💛💛
danasue5 : I was in the hills of southern IN for 4 days. No cell service, ugh! But it was kind of relaxing and I did a lot of hiking :)
vicki_whicker : @danasue5 it's nice. That's how I learned iPhoneography, no cell service in CNY.
cherbartlett1 : Wow like it!
vicki_whicker : @cherbartlett1 ☺️
chindo6 : Beautiful
vicki_whicker : @chindo6 😘😘😘
hans_jorgen - ponchie63 - j3nna_t - dinnercompanionno1 -
Has anybody had this problem with their iPhone? Mine drops from 34% to 1% within a minute!!! #WTF #Apple #IOS #iPhone #iPhone5 #TimeForAndroid? @google #google #Android #Samsung
google - apple - samsung - iphone5 - ios - applecare - timeforandroid - iphone - wtf - customerservicesucks - android -
bulletsoflovexo : Lol oh dang:/ maybe you just need a new battery
ceovince : @bulletsoflovexo New battery? For an iPhone5? The battery should last longer, no? lol #AppleCare
alli_fierro : Try rebooting your phone..
ceovince : @alli_fierro That won't work, I've done EVERYTHING to try to fix it... I'm going to have to make that dreaded call to customer service.... I just need to clear up about 6 hours off my schedule to do so! :-(
ceovince : #CustomerServiceSUCKS
alli_fierro : That stinks, I'm sorry! 😩 Good luck!!
nt4ntnbut : Mine used to do that. Battery was bad
kaylareese12 : Go to the store they will order you a new one
thaoriginalgata - melvinrochon - jeleczeljka - tendarel -
Love U Guys! 😃📬📦💙 #applecare #new #cellphone
new - applecare - cellphone - - pedroalvesfaria - love__ee - kissferre -
#Apple #iPhone6 #iOS8 #touchid #stevejobs #thinkdifferent #applemersin #news #yeni6 #king #geliyor #yakinda #mersinforum #mersinmarina #mersinalisveris #mersin #33 #Air #gold #newdesign #appledesign #lighting #applecare #appleman #tarsus #awesome #adana
apple - gold - appleman - awesome - stevejobs - mersinalisveris - ios8 - applecare - lighting - appledesign - news - newdesign - yeni6 - thinkdifferent - king - mersin - yakinda - iphone6 - applemersin - touchid - air - 33 - adana - tarsus - mersinmarina - geliyor - mersinforum -
kevv_ascanio : @rg.believe
rg.believe : I want the gold one 👌 @kevv_ascanio what about you
kevv_ascanio : Same as now 👌 @rg.believe
rg.believe : 😏 @kevv_ascanio
muratdemir33 : @rifatgsm kardeşim bugün ilgin ve göstermiş olduğum misafir Perverlik için tsk ederiz. Telefon 10 numara seçimin ve yönlendirmen için tsk ederiz. ✔
serhatt_erdemm : 6 ciktimi ?
rifatgsm : Tesekkur ederim murat abi herzaman beklerim @muratdemir33
rifatgsm : Daha cikmadi serhat kardesim :) @serhatt_erdemm
ibudmen - cumalinaz - erdemstn - lfizzle1223 -
I Break My iPhone: Went To Apple Store @ 2:50 AM, Two Questions Asked of Me & Got A Brand New iPhone At No Charge #AppleCare - My Wife Breaks Her iPhone: Gotta Go Online To Download Affidavits, Scan Your ID, File Claim, Wait "Up To 72 Hours" Receive An Email To Saying You May Now Complete Your Claim (oh, I wasn't done yesterday?) Fill Out Shipping Address Then Wait For It To Arrive... AFTER Confirming Your $200 Deductible Which'll Now Show Up On Your Next Bill. #ASSurion >_<
applecare - assurion -
alexander_the.great : I worked at an apple store for a couple of years and I would always tell people, even if you buy your phone at the carrier or another store, cone back and get AppleCare.
_icecold21_ : If you had lost your phone apple care would not have helped you. Asurion has a higher deductible because it covers lost/stolen. You're also comparing and in store replacement option with one that has to be exchanged by mail. I'm surprised u had to do all that affidavit stuff, usually that is just for a lost phone. If u called them it might have gone faster. I'm also surprised apple didn't charge u a $50 deductible. At the end of the day, it depends on the situation as to which one is better, if u break ur phone apple care is going to be cheaper.
al_scientific - payemjay - theycallmeparker - iamkwofi -
#vspink #vs #pinknation #pink #bathandbodyworks #forever21 #apple #teamiphone #teamapple #applecare #iphone4s #iphonecolorswap #work #payday #working #workingwoman #yasss #mall #shopping #bargainshopper #coupons #couponqueen #bargain
teamapple - shopping - bargainshopper - mall - vspink - teamiphone - bargain - bathandbodyworks - applecare - vs - pinknation - coupons - apple - pink - working - yasss - work - iphonecolorswap - forever21 - payday - workingwoman - couponqueen - iphone4s -
bathandbodyworkscray - amberhay1 - klaraholmstrom - bathand_bodyaddict -
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