Getting closer to completion #APlang #theclubcanthandleme
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And summer endss.... NOW!!!! #summerreading #aplang
summerreading - aplang -
nicholeksmith :!!.....NOOOOO
vintagevalentine : * #aplit ; )
captain__caleb : It's SO good tho.
danannsmith : Two words...Cliff Notes
samanthaa__n : Crap
littlewinger2 : Me too πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ bought it yesterday!
victoria_brown96 : Holy moly I forgot about that.
marvelousmegan18 : Haha you're welcome @victoria_brown96
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new binder coversπŸŽ€
colorado_prep : ^ @haley_frazier17
kyliemav : These are too adorable!
colorado_prep : thanks! @kyliemav
annie.lane : APUSH was fun, but it was so much work. The American Pageant book is the most boring AP book. 😭 can't count the number of times I fell asleep reading. And I'm going to be a US History Major.......
colorado_prep : Uh oh! That's not the textbook I'm using, but mine may be pretty boring tooπŸ™ˆ @annie.lane
tattytot : I'm taking APUSH this year too!
colorado_prep : hopefully we'll both survive!! @tattytot
tattytot : I sure hope so! And I took chem a year and 1/2 ago and Spanish 3 last year lol
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Any body else procrastinate this summer? 😁 #aplang #schooliscoming #braceyourselves
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iamerinhorne : Lol, i still have 3 books to read
sleepingwithwoeisme : Ah, well good thing I'm not the only one. @iamerinhorne
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gonna get this done🌎 #aplang
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cindylu_05 : What book??
mirandaaskyy : Salvage the bones @cindylu_05
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Poolside reads with this guy #APlang #pleaseno
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a.s.k.i.a : Do we have to read that one?
nick_flint : Maus I and II. Ugghh.
sam_daly_ : Well it's about time
cullen_jones1011 : Seriously
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Dem summer assignments had me like...😳😝😩 #ap #apclasses #summerassignment #apush #aplang
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alexjcross14 : @mskittybobo I've already done like 3 of them so far but I'll probably end up re-writing them. And oh my god the textbook is HUGE😩 chapter 4 ends on page 124!😳
mskittybobo : Ouch :p and I think mine is tooπŸ˜‚ I've barely started. Yay.
alexjcross14 : @mskittybobo what textbook do you use? I bought the American Pageant 13th Edition but it turns out that my teacher stopped using that one because it wasn't detailed enough and there were too many pictures in itπŸ˜‚ kill me nowπŸ˜©πŸ”« I love my teacher tho, he's so helpful and gives really great advice
mskittybobo : OuchπŸ˜‚ I have no idea. I'll look when I get home @alexjcross14
vicky_thoe7 : BAE 😊
emmapaige17 : 😊☺️😍
grace.berger13 : πŸ‘‹πŸ˜
bc.mackk : uh tbh // you liked my picture & have a lot of followers. πŸ˜… cutie too. πŸ’‹
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"Yo what up MTV cribs, my name is Henry David Thoreau and welcome to my little slice of peace and f****** quiet, walden." #Walden #HenryDavidThoreau #literature #Englishclass #aplang
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Ugh πŸ˜’boooπŸ‘Ž#aplang
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elideth4 : Lmao kitty! Don't be lazyπŸ˜†πŸ˜…
_recklesskat : Grr you!!!!!😠
jayjay_2931 : Yeah don't be lazy!!! Lol
_recklesskat : Pssh w.eπŸ˜’πŸ˜‚
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I'm going to sit in the corner now and ask myself "Why take AP Lang?" #summerrreading #procrastination #aplang #nerdlife
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priyankabot : If you get Walsh, it will be the best class you ever take in all your high school career. I ❀️her
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One SOAPSTone down, now to just finish finding evidence and type it up. #APLang #aplife #ap #soapstone #lastlecture
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gravy_samples : Heyyyy brandonnnn that's a nice paper ya got thereeee
gravy_samples : I wish I had oneeee.
gravy_samples : If only I knew somebody that could help me out on that
brandon_cohen98 : I wish you luck in finding that person. @gravy_samples
gravy_samples : Thanks bro I found him. His name is Brandon. And he is very willing to help such an unfortunate person such as I
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Gotta get to work. #aplang #trumancapote #incoldblood
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ewww #APLang #summerwork
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I can honestly say I'm proud of myselfπŸ‘ŒπŸ˜­πŸ’• #aplang #apexam
apexam - aplang -
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Day 47: This book is actually pretty good #APLang #100daysofhappiness
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Is this too much annotations? #APlang #APcomp #APeverything
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queenofhearts_17 : @bealahisgenuine
bealahisgenuine : I miss you too Adri!!! I heard Jesse's had entered the premises and is staying there? πŸ˜πŸ˜‰πŸ‘Œ @queenofhearts_17
queenofhearts_17 : No , did he say that ? @bealahisgenuine
bealahisgenuine : Yeah? Didn't he move in? At least at some point? @queenofhearts_17
queenofhearts_17 : Nope
bealahisgenuine : Oh!.... I'm getting informed of false information! But you guys are definitely back together right? @queenofhearts_17
queenofhearts_17 : Yes ma'am ! @bealahisgenuine
bealahisgenuine : πŸ‘Œok good!! @queenofhearts_17 πŸ™
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My classes next year! #APlang #UShistory #PublicSpeaking #PreCalc #Honors #chemistry #3Ddesign #classof2016 #junior #school
school - classof2016 - junior - publicspeaking - honors - ushistory - precalc - chemistry - aplang - 3ddesign -
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And like that I finished my ap lang homework two great books. I can't believe I read them honestly I would have never read them had I not been assigned them. I'm glad I did read them though. πŸ˜„ #aplang#theartofracingintherain Enzo the dog was my favorite
theartofracingintherain - aplang -
chevyboegel : Still gotta read TAoRitR
malik_arscott : It's a good book u will like it @chevyboegel
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πŸ“šOn the shores of the Pecos River, nothing is as it seems: Kevin Spacey was once a terrible actor, Bob Dylan remains a terrible guitar player, and Val Kilmer is affable and insecure. Crazy things seem normal, normal things seem crazy. Gusty winds may exist.πŸ“š #boatwatch #APLang #summerhomework #TheNewKingsOfNonfiction #ChuckKlosterman
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zanewelker : Wait, were you at the ice dock today?
grace_anders : @zanewelker I was when the Haida Chief came in this morning but that was it
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What my night consist of. πŸ˜žπŸ˜΄πŸ˜“πŸ‘“πŸ“–πŸ“š #procrastinationatitsfinest #duetomorrow #almostdone #theotherwesmoore #goodbookthough #APLang #workinghard #summerhomework
theotherwesmoore - goodbookthough - almostdone - summerhomework - duetomorrow - procrastinationatitsfinest - workinghard - aplang -
majdatabit : Lol noo! I miss you to girl 😘 @skirtttt_28 and Apii how could you 😑lol did you even read the book? @apiisith πŸ˜‚
apiisith : @majdatabit 28%
starrynight_28 : Im messing with cha boo boo & good luck finishing that !!:)
majdatabit : Haha ohh Apii! You know it's due tomorrow at 9:00 am !
majdatabit : @apiisith
majdatabit : Thanks boo boo😘 @skirtttt_28
apiisith : It's due the 15 and it's only the 13 well technically the 14
starrynight_28 : Mhmmm gurllll lol
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Wow I guess I can be smart lol πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ‘πŸ‘Œ #APLang #APExams #howdididothis #dangimgood #thanksdelrio #imagenius #jk
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carolinahernandez14 : No problem and haha a 4 i thought i did bad😁
veronica_rose96 : Dang!! You go girl haha congrats to you too!! And no worries i thought i did too πŸ˜‚ @carolinahernandez14
carolinahernandez14 : Aww thanks vero☺️ and haha its crazy how things worked out😜
veronica_rose96 : Anytime 😊 haha and ikr we are actually smart πŸ˜‰
dancewritelove : OMG congrats!!!!!!!! I told you you could do it πŸ’• great job girl
veronica_rose96 : @dancewritelove thank you! πŸ˜ŠπŸ™ˆπŸ’š
b_russell_sprouts : I was shocked when I got a 4 too 😭
veronica_rose96 : @b_russell_sprouts yay!! congrats haha! πŸ‘ŒπŸ™Š
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This is actually a good book so far #APlang .. #summerwork
summerwork - aplang -
kaaelyndenise : I hope i dont gotta read or ima cry 😩😩😩😩
jeyonceeeee : Ap is a lot of reading lol @kaaelyndenise
kaaelyndenise : My teacher from last year emailed me , but never said anything abouy a summer reading , only talking about the class
jeyonceeeee : Well then u don't have to do summer reading luckily! Maybe they're gonna give u winter break reading @kaaelyndenise which is worse 😩
kaaelyndenise : I praaaaaaay , do you have to do dialectical journals on it?
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#almost #done #with #aplang #summerhomework. #summer #homework #theotherwesmoore #wesmoore #apenglish #ap #nerd #ugh #book #reading
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hetzel4kd : #youllbereadingthisontherollercoaster
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Summer reading πŸ˜ͺ #aplang #ughwhy
ughwhy - aplang -
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Better perspective on life after reading this #behindthebeautifulforevers #katherineboo #mumbai #india #slums #poverty #aplang #nonfiction #summer #reading #book
summer - mumbai - india - slums - behindthebeautifulforevers - katherineboo - poverty - nonfiction - reading - book - aplang -
jenniee394 : Yay for school work actually helping us learn a life lesson
hoodkameez : Wow!
daniellewarren5 : Yes yes yes agreed
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Why do I like the fact that this slogan comes up so many times in this book?... I still hate my AP Lang summer assignment
summerassignment - summer - love - ilovetoread - aplanguageandcomposition - read - assignment - lovereading - aplanguage - ap - ilovereading - books - georgeorwell - george - lang - 1984 - language - composition - book - lovetoread - reading - orwell - aplang -
alexjcross14 : How many AP classes are you taking? I only have to read 2 books for AP Lang. but the assignment it's self is taking forever :p
t1ff4nyxo : Oh yea I have to wright like 6 pages of multiple essays for 1 book πŸ˜‚ I'm only taking 1 AP class and honors chemistry this year, last year I did AP computer science. @alexjcross14
alexjcross14 : Oh I bet you'll love that teacher (sarcastic) lol. That's awful! My teacher is probably going to be the same way tho, she didn't explain any of it, it has the most vague directions ever like were just supposed to know what she wants, and she's still going to take off points if we do something wrong. I'm so worried lol
alexjcross14 : I'm taking English, US History, and Environmental Science, but I don't even get my APUSH assignments until next week and I don't even know if I have homework for APES lol
t1ff4nyxo : Lol I hate history so I wasn't doing APUSH @alexjcross14
alexjcross14 : I used to hate history, then I started studying for it and I'm like wow this isn't boring like I thought it would be. And I hate most of the ppl in my grade anyways, all the not-so-annoying people take AP classes, so I just want to take as many as I can lolπŸ˜‚
t1ff4nyxo : Lol I'm just not good at history, I'm stronger in the math n sciences area more than anything @alexjcross14
alexjcross14 : Yeah same here but my school has the stupidest prerequisites for AP maths and sciences at my school so barely anyone can even take them, at least I can take AP Stats tho :p
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My AP scores for junior year are no too shabby #apscores #apcalc #aplang #appsych #apush #5 #4 #3
apcalc - apush - appsych - 3 - 5 - 4 - apscores - aplang -
jesusfreak420 : SLAYYY
daiissyyyyy - terriwellss - cammyyyyyyyyyyy - collegeboard -
😏😎 #stillgotit #apstudent #aplit #aplang
stillgotit - aplit - apstudent - aplang -
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I'm not even through page four of my summer reading book, and I'm already certain that I could write my paper well over the required length just in rants and pointing out contradictions. This should be an extremely interesting 259 pages. :) #what #wtf #summer #reading #summerreading #BraveNewWorld #Arguments #APLang #contradictions #thisshouldbefun
summer - what - contradictions - bravenewworld - wtf - summerreading - reading - aplang - thisshouldbefun - arguments -
that_one_gay_boy - terraturner - tori_crayon - carmennmariaa16 -
Email from Principal Autrey today! I'm so proud of every single one of my AP students this year! For most of them junior year was the first time they had entire year of high school English, and even just the exposure from AP classes will help them out in their future endeavors. I know they'll continue to succeed in AP Lit. next year!@Keeganstew here's the shoutout I promised you! Good luck next year! 😊 #aplang #grantshighschool #newmexico #teacherlife
newmexico - teacherlife - grantshighschool - aplang -
keeganstew : Awe, Thanks , Ms. Clark!😊 @k4r4cl4rk
trey_11_narramore - m_fuentes2014 - cemelio - queen_of_hearts0907 -
So thrilled right now! #apush #aplang
apush - aplang -
rachel_golo : College credit!!!
mimialice931 : I know I'm so happy! @rachel_golo
rachel_golo : Way to go. Those are really hard exams!!
mimialice931 : Thanks! @rachel_golo
arieroth : Great job, Mary!!
mimialice931 : Thanks! @arieroth
_brittany_w_ - rachel_golo - hkatt18 - arieroth -
#aplang #apbio #appsych #apkillme
apbio - apkillme - aplang - appsych -
ola16671 : We all need group therapy after
outthe860 : I already got mine. 3 for bio
ola16671 : Howd you check?@outthe860
outthe860 : Cali had there scores released on the 5th so I changed my location to Cali lol
ola16671 : LMFAOOOOOOOOOOO @outthe860
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Starting #Unbroken for #APLang 😎
aplang - unbroken -
kaceyjaceyxd : It's really nice to see I'm not the only one that waited until July to start reading for AP Lang, thank you. ^-^
jess_caart17 - natalieovsanna - hemalipatel96 -
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