Oh man about to start #aplang summer assignment. Hopefully I won't have another #donna and I'll get higher than #2city on the ap test
aplang - 2city - donna -
michael__leone : Hellllll no
mattzenisalright : You doing lang @michael__leone
michael__leone : I am
mattzenisalright : I heard this book sucks
jeevy91 - shanshanshanzy - jamespreudhomme - geoamaya -
T H E DEVIL`S H I G H W A Y #summerreadings #summerhmwk #aplang #americanflag #thedevilshighway
summerhmwk - americanflag - aplang - summerreadings - thedevilshighway -
_kilpikonna : Love that book
_madalynerose : Ate we're going to face time my junior year okay lol @_kilpikonna
_kilpikonna : lol okay!!
_madalynerose : Are you home now ? @_kilpikonna
_kilpikonna : @_madalynerose no I get back on the 10th
_madalynerose : Aww yay :) okay be safe ate @_kilpikonna
chuchay_127 - werejinm - camilleaikov - deanna70 -
I need copies of this book. Any ex-AP Lang students want to donate your copy to my classroom? #thankyouforarguing #aplang #cleanyourroom
cleanyourroom - aplang - thankyouforarguing -
beckaroo31 -
Basically.. #aplang
aplang -
jasmine_mora15 - kimberlyy_ayalaa - baby_monster99 - forever_mayra -
Mr. Gray & I proud of that 5! 😎 #PaysToBeSmart #APLang
paystobesmart - aplang -
teamlandin : Best picture of the night by far!
taylarmackenzie : Cute outfit!!
x_michaelamarie - deonterodgers3 - mkatecav - gabe_floss12 -
Kill me? #SummerAssignments #APLang
summerassignments - aplang -
thesharksbait : Feeling punished for being somewhat intelligent...
shontiii - carrie_granlund - mohammod_3 - hootie_girl -
Ready to finally start writing my AP Lang papers while listening to some piano guys =) #aplang #pianoguys #procrastinatenomore
pianoguys - procrastinatenomore - aplang -
ifaithhaley : I'm gonna finish mine today too!
philip_hummel : I think I'll just do my college one tomorrow... One paper is enough for today
abby_road__ - http.gnarly_ - reidjones5 - zach_deecke -
School hasn't even started yetttttt #summerwork #helpus #aplang #apphysics
summerwork - apphysics - aplang - helpus -
doctorgrodzicki : Let me know if you need help!
browniebae98 : Actually! We did have a question! @doctorgrodzicki are we supposed to do the multiple choice and the essays for both 2 and 3?
taylor_reitano : OMG IT SUCKS SO BAD😭😭
taylor_reitano : Like why do teachers hate us
browniebae98 : It is terrible! @taylor_reitano
doctorgrodzicki : Just 2!! 😁
doctorgrodzicki : @taylor_reitano it is terrible... But just the beginning of the AP Lang struggle!! Get ready!!
browniebae98 : @chase_mcd93
osageadams54 - taylor_reitano - chrispycx - shelby543162 -
Getting closer to completion #APlang #theclubcanthandleme
theclubcanthandleme - aplang -
r.a.g.a.n - olivcjones - chilloutitschelsey - maddyleavitt -
And summer endss.... NOW!!!! #summerreading #aplang
summerreading - aplang -
nicholeksmith :!!.....NOOOOO
vintagevalentine : * #aplit ; )
captain__caleb : It's SO good tho.
danannsmith : Two words...Cliff Notes
samanthaa__n : Crap
littlewinger2 : Me too πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ bought it yesterday!
victoria_brown96 : Holy moly I forgot about that.
marvelousmegan18 : Haha you're welcome @victoria_brown96
lizziemims34 - m_craig15 - landrieburnam - sms2014 -
Any body else procrastinate this summer? 😁 #aplang #schooliscoming #braceyourselves
braceyourselves - schooliscoming - aplang -
iamerinhorne : Lol, i still have 3 books to read
sleepingwithwoeisme : Ah, well good thing I'm not the only one. @iamerinhorne
d_walk15 - b_garner10 - loserz1 - xxriddle6me9thisxx -
gonna get this done🌎 #aplang
aplang -
cindylu_05 : What book??
mirandaaskyy : Salvage the bones @cindylu_05
audrey_765 : Haha. You lost it.
lilyramierasky - ashleynelson1234 - megancooper4 - danielle_wilson10 -
Poolside reads with this guy #APlang #pleaseno
aplang - pleaseno -
a.s.k.i.a : Do we have to read that one?
nick_flint : Maus I and II. Ugghh.
sam_daly_ : Well it's about time
cullen_jones1011 : Seriously
jessy_331 - jack__finnegan - kaydubs16 - akatewood -
Dem summer assignments had me like...😳😝😩 #ap #apclasses #summerassignment #apush #aplang
apclasses - ap - apush - summerassignment - aplang -
alexjcross14 : @mskittybobo I've already done like 3 of them so far but I'll probably end up re-writing them. And oh my god the textbook is HUGE😩 chapter 4 ends on page 124!😳
mskittybobo : Ouch :p and I think mine is tooπŸ˜‚ I've barely started. Yay.
alexjcross14 : @mskittybobo what textbook do you use? I bought the American Pageant 13th Edition but it turns out that my teacher stopped using that one because it wasn't detailed enough and there were too many pictures in itπŸ˜‚ kill me nowπŸ˜©πŸ”« I love my teacher tho, he's so helpful and gives really great advice
mskittybobo : OuchπŸ˜‚ I have no idea. I'll look when I get home @alexjcross14
vicky_thoe7 : BAE 😊
emmapaige17 : 😊☺️😍
grace.berger13 : πŸ‘‹πŸ˜
bc.mackk : uh tbh // you liked my picture & have a lot of followers. πŸ˜… cutie too. πŸ’‹
cassidyoldenburg - _chelsway_ - helgihelgason - 2koolgirl4u -
"Yo what up MTV cribs, my name is Henry David Thoreau and welcome to my little slice of peace and f****** quiet, walden." #Walden #HenryDavidThoreau #literature #Englishclass #aplang
walden - englishclass - aplang - literature - henrydavidthoreau -
swurve_mcgee - ccodding_1634 - sejazztianp - nansugg -
Ugh πŸ˜’boooπŸ‘Ž#aplang
aplang -
elideth4 : Lmao kitty! Don't be lazyπŸ˜†πŸ˜…
recklesskatt : Grr you!!!!!😠
jayjay_2931 : Yeah don't be lazy!!! Lol
recklesskatt : Pssh w.eπŸ˜’πŸ˜‚
mkathiaa - karlaaalira - steph_avalos - wen_boo -
I'm going to sit in the corner now and ask myself "Why take AP Lang?" #summerrreading #procrastination #aplang #nerdlife
nerdlife - procrastination - aplang - summerrreading -
priyankabot : If you get Walsh, it will be the best class you ever take in all your high school career. I ❀️her
iweardanceshoes - mbboulos3 - bbbrrraaahhh - nicolina617 -
One SOAPSTone down, now to just finish finding evidence and type it up. #APLang #aplife #ap #soapstone #lastlecture
ap - soapstone - lastlecture - aplang - aplife -
gravy_samples : Heyyyy brandonnnn that's a nice paper ya got thereeee
gravy_samples : I wish I had oneeee.
gravy_samples : If only I knew somebody that could help me out on that
brandon_cohen98 : I wish you luck in finding that person. @gravy_samples
gravy_samples : Thanks bro I found him. His name is Brandon. And he is very willing to help such an unfortunate person such as I
kaitybug1114 - kikilatrelle - pandauralife - gravy_samples -
Gotta get to work. #aplang #trumancapote #incoldblood
incoldblood - aplang - trumancapote -
carlysimmons7 - paigenlanier - loveconquersallfears - hiworlditsyanna -
ewww #APLang #summerwork
summerwork - aplang -
twixlaa - hash289 - kp_xc - trishahk9797 -
Jr year of high school ... No facial hair, don't care. #APLang #bestclass @jacobbergs lololol @rachelabijay πŸ‘Œ
bestclass - aplang -
onebighipster : ❀️ @rachelabijay
abbey_good24 : πŸ˜­πŸ‘πŸ˜
onebighipster : Miss ya Abbers ❀️ @abbey_good24
abbey_good24 : Miss you more❀️
onebighipster : Are you home?! @abbey_good24
abbey_good24 : Yes sir!
onebighipster : We must hang out soon!! @abbey_good24
abbey_good24 : Yes please! It's been way way too long!
abbey_good24 - jessespittel - abbymcloud - jesss_leighhh -
I can honestly say I'm proud of myselfπŸ‘ŒπŸ˜­πŸ’• #aplang #apexam
apexam - aplang -
cnomiddlenameestrella - its_ziyleht - delinquent_danny - za_ando16 -
Day 47: This book is actually pretty good #APLang #100daysofhappiness
100daysofhappiness - aplang -
pmhansen - emilychoff - missy_berling - ashmitag -
Is this too much annotations? #APlang #APcomp #APeverything
apeverything - apcomp - aplang -
adrianna.leigh : @bealahisgenuine
bealahisgenuine : I miss you too Adri!!! I heard Jesse's had entered the premises and is staying there? πŸ˜πŸ˜‰πŸ‘Œ @queenofhearts_17
adrianna.leigh : No , did he say that ? @bealahisgenuine
bealahisgenuine : Yeah? Didn't he move in? At least at some point? @queenofhearts_17
adrianna.leigh : Nope
bealahisgenuine : Oh!.... I'm getting informed of false information! But you guys are definitely back together right? @queenofhearts_17
adrianna.leigh : Yes ma'am ! @bealahisgenuine
bealahisgenuine : πŸ‘Œok good!! @queenofhearts_17 πŸ™
zkennedy20 - ohai_itskatt - mikkie_lei - teamlarson -
My classes next year! #APlang #UShistory #PublicSpeaking #PreCalc #Honors #chemistry #3Ddesign #classof2016 #junior #school
school - classof2016 - junior - publicspeaking - honors - ushistory - precalc - chemistry - aplang - 3ddesign -
iamjaafar - ohmygawditsclry - mpercun - misses_killer -
And like that I finished my ap lang homework two great books. I can't believe I read them honestly I would have never read them had I not been assigned them. I'm glad I did read them though. πŸ˜„ #aplang#theartofracingintherain Enzo the dog was my favorite
theartofracingintherain - aplang -
chevyboegel : Still gotta read TAoRitR
malik_arscott : It's a good book u will like it @chevyboegel
haleyevette - anythingimport - thefreshprinceofengland - fred_jay_fox -
πŸ“šOn the shores of the Pecos River, nothing is as it seems: Kevin Spacey was once a terrible actor, Bob Dylan remains a terrible guitar player, and Val Kilmer is affable and insecure. Crazy things seem normal, normal things seem crazy. Gusty winds may exist.πŸ“š #boatwatch #APLang #summerhomework #TheNewKingsOfNonfiction #ChuckKlosterman
chuckklosterman - thenewkingsofnonfiction - aplang - boatwatch - summerhomework -
zanewelker : Wait, were you at the ice dock today?
grace_anders : @zanewelker I was when the Haida Chief came in this morning but that was it
allypeccia - angelina9280 - strandberg99 - brynnwalker_ -
What my night consist of. πŸ˜žπŸ˜΄πŸ˜“πŸ‘“πŸ“–πŸ“š #procrastinationatitsfinest #duetomorrow #almostdone #theotherwesmoore #goodbookthough #APLang #workinghard #summerhomework
theotherwesmoore - goodbookthough - almostdone - summerhomework - duetomorrow - procrastinationatitsfinest - workinghard - aplang -
majdatabit : Lol noo! I miss you to girl 😘 @skirtttt_28 and Apii how could you 😑lol did you even read the book? @apiisith πŸ˜‚
apiisith : @majdatabit 28%
starrynight_28 : Im messing with cha boo boo & good luck finishing that !!:)
majdatabit : Haha ohh Apii! You know it's due tomorrow at 9:00 am !
majdatabit : @apiisith
majdatabit : Thanks boo boo😘 @skirtttt_28
apiisith : It's due the 15 and it's only the 13 well technically the 14
starrynight_28 : Mhmmm gurllll lol
apiisith - 331leah - leslie_nguyen312 - destinyt97 -
Wow I guess I can be smart lol πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ‘πŸ‘Œ #APLang #APExams #howdididothis #dangimgood #thanksdelrio #imagenius #jk
apexams - thanksdelrio - imagenius - jk - dangimgood - howdididothis - aplang -
carolinahernandez14 : No problem and haha a 4 i thought i did bad😁
veronica_rose96 : Dang!! You go girl haha congrats to you too!! And no worries i thought i did too πŸ˜‚ @carolinahernandez14
carolinahernandez14 : Aww thanks vero☺️ and haha its crazy how things worked out😜
veronica_rose96 : Anytime 😊 haha and ikr we are actually smart πŸ˜‰
dancewritelove : OMG congrats!!!!!!!! I told you you could do it πŸ’• great job girl
veronica_rose96 : @dancewritelove thank you! πŸ˜ŠπŸ™ˆπŸ’š
b_russell_sprouts : I was shocked when I got a 4 too 😭
veronica_rose96 : @b_russell_sprouts yay!! congrats haha! πŸ‘ŒπŸ™Š
a_pebs - plumppanda - _noraaaaaa_ - bazetik -
This is actually a good book so far #APlang .. #summerwork
summerwork - aplang -
kaaelyndenise : I hope i dont gotta read or ima cry 😩😩😩😩
jeyonceeeee : Ap is a lot of reading lol @kaaelyndenise
kaaelyndenise : My teacher from last year emailed me , but never said anything abouy a summer reading , only talking about the class
jeyonceeeee : Well then u don't have to do summer reading luckily! Maybe they're gonna give u winter break reading @kaaelyndenise which is worse 😩
kaaelyndenise : I praaaaaaay , do you have to do dialectical journals on it?
trulyxblessed - _ariidarlingg - _jayyleyvaa - the_coldest_niknasty -
#almost #done #with #aplang #summerhomework. #summer #homework #theotherwesmoore #wesmoore #apenglish #ap #nerd #ugh #book #reading
summer - ugh - theotherwesmoore - almost - nerd - summerhomework - ap - book - done - apenglish - reading - with - wesmoore - homework - aplang -
hetzel4kd : #youllbereadingthisontherollercoaster
its_chamillean - 331leah - gailthewhalee - fyurii_ -
Summer reading πŸ˜ͺ #aplang #ughwhy
ughwhy - aplang -
jordannachole - rose_fv_ - lovelybutterfly_ - hannahhex -
Better perspective on life after reading this #behindthebeautifulforevers #katherineboo #mumbai #india #slums #poverty #aplang #nonfiction #summer #reading #book
summer - mumbai - india - slums - behindthebeautifulforevers - katherineboo - poverty - nonfiction - reading - book - aplang -
jenniee394 : Yay for school work actually helping us learn a life lesson
hoodkameez : Wow!
daniellewarren5 : Yes yes yes agreed
bombayiger - _bri_holtrop_ - tipsies - jenniee394 -
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