This is gonna be a hella ride πŸ˜‚ Will try to combine education,art and fitness all together ❀ #fitness #fitfam #stronger #faster #better #apclasses #calculus #alwayslookingforward #bestrong #believe#workforit #dream
calculus - alwayslookingforward - faster - apclasses - stronger - better - bestrong - fitness - believe - dream - workforit - fitfam -
camocutie1996 : I don't think that's the right book O.o it's green...
leylirustamli : @camocutie1996 I have that one too 😌
camocutie1996 : Why in the world did you buy two?!?!?
leylirustamli : @camocutie1996 I want to get 5 πŸ˜‚
cristiangp_clo - orxanaliyeff - es_994 - allycoug -
This summer assignment shit is killing me😱 not even half way done #apclasses
apclasses -
mrgn_brwn - alexandraax87 - alicia.lynne - lisseth64l -
How I feel in school this year #allsaid #school #apclasses
apclasses - school - allsaid -
faizaaaz_ - filmingginger - puallaannii - hoodlvms -
So much work~! 😫😫😫 #APclasses #Homework #Tired #NeedSleep
apclasses - needsleep - homework - tired -
t_monalisa - mfstonerr - highly.creativee - qusai7 -
Getting his study on...#junioryear#apclasses#engineeringclass#latenights
apclasses - junioryear - latenights - engineeringclass -
guenthnerstephen - nursegm - _amandaa_reneee - ottf_x -
No sleep tonight. Im just thankful I dont have any government tonight. That meand 3 deep readings and a 35 question take home quiz #schoolstuff #school #apclasses
apclasses - schoolstuff - school -
knittingnewbie - velvetodette - catknitorcatnip -
Looking forward to my classes this year πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ‘ #APclasses #Fun #Senior #2015
apclasses - fun - senior - 2015 -
biancaaschreck : #nerd
eduar_archaga : Hahah I also have Dual Credit English, Economics, and Government lol @biancaaschreck
biancaaschreck : Dayumm sonnnnn. #kerrstatuslol
eduar_archaga : Even with these classes, I'm not smart enough for Kerr πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ haha @biancaaschreck
biancaaschreck : Well at least you know your place. Jkjkjk nahhh. Alright later dude ✊✌
stacey_shrooms - stephanyyramirez_ - _yesay - angie_glass2 -
Is my roster the only one that's messed up? I'm supposed to have: AP Physics 1 Ciccarelli Gym Jones AP Statistics Kalicki AP Calculus BC Hogan Forensics Leed Senior Seminar Aglira #APPhysics #APCalculusBC #APStatistics #ThreeAPclasses #SeniorYear #TopTen #GPA #APClasses #ImReady
apphysics - imready - threeapclasses - apclasses - senioryear - gpa - topten - apcalculusbc - apstatistics -
bella_addormentata16 : My school started august 5th come on now like hello I moved for junior year! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
gin_jerrell : What the hell? Haha. And I wouldntv'e known lol but okay if I need help I'm coming to u lol
asunnideposition : Omg Rivera 😩
bella_addormentata16 : Lmao yea smh n I feel like I told you smh n hahaha I'll try my best to be helpful but you may be more helpful
gin_jerrell : Haha idk.. When it comes for the ap exam I'll hit u up aha @bella_addormentata16
bella_addormentata16 : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ we take it at the same time
gin_jerrell : Haha well I'm talking about before 😜 @bella_addormentata16
bella_addormentata16 : Lol okay okay sounds good
shaaj_25 - _starlee._ - bella_addormentata16 -
CoffeeeeeeπŸ΅β˜• what's been keeping me going for 3 days now πŸ’ #hateonit #apclasses #butfirstletsdrinksomecoffee @pat_yellowhair thanks for getting grandma some coffee yazhπŸ’–πŸ‘πŸ˜„
apclasses - butfirstletsdrinksomecoffee - hateonit -
jamesonmtq - kyle_walker41 - rissacurley - s_vanwinkle -
The face you make when you start an ap summer assignment #apclasses #6aregonnakillme
apclasses - 6aregonnakillme -
kerrywerkhieser - prtyandbullshit_ - allybabe97 - toriscuderii -
When you get into an ap class and the first thing they make you do is take an exam #apclasses #signedmyowndeathwish
apclasses - signedmyowndeathwish -
chaparral_hs_fca : Right!?
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How I'm feeling pretty much rn. #myfatcat #cat #alex #homework #apclasses #toomuchtodo #cantwatchmyanimes #imsobehind #thissucks #mweehhh
mweehhh - toomuchtodo - alex - apclasses - myfatcat - cantwatchmyanimes - thissucks - cat - imsobehind - homework -
theanimalark - ragdollcatlovers -
Man I need more friends like this like the encouragement helps a hella lot #APclasses #schooljuststarted #justkeepswimming #realmotivation #workinghard
apclasses - schooljuststarted - justkeepswimming - realmotivation - workinghard -
ryanmondragon : Dont give up
donnelljonez : Thanks @ryanmondragon even though you left the school 😟
ryanmondragon : im still here just kik me if u need anything
eboneebee : YOU GOT THIS DONNELL!!!
donnelljonez : I know @ryanmondragon but I don't got your Kik and thanks Ms.Bell @eboneebee we need to talk more
eboneebee : We do...catch up and everything. How about lunch on Friday? @donnelljonez
ryanmondragon : @donnelljonez my kik is ryanmondragon
cathyphen : You got this! See ya tomorrow!
_padawon - eboneebee - naomi_97 - t.rres -
Doing homework. : / #Thestruggle #APclasses #Allformysonsfuture
apclasses - allformysonsfuture - thestruggle -
irisyamilet_ - margaritaav_ - lupita_094 - yessi166 -
Finishing last minute homework before school starts again. #emo #smart #scene #kawaii #summer #homework #junior #fuckmylife #cram #otaku #otakugirl #APclasses
kawaii - summer - apclasses - emo - scene - otaku - smart - otakugirl - cram - fuckmylife - junior - homework -
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Thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes. I get to spend it at Back to School night at the High School! I know you are all jealous. #backtoschoolnight #APclasses #happybirthday #kerrysadventures
apclasses - happybirthday - backtoschoolnight - kerrysadventures -
jordanhamilton319 - infiniteperceptions - janetcorreialopez -
Motovation for hump day. #APclasses #School #airforceacadamy #Navalacadamy #xc
apclasses - xc - school - navalacadamy - airforceacadamy -
alexjcross14 : That's great, a guy from my school took APUSH and probably some other APs and he went to the Academy
joeylandis7 : That's awesome. I really want to make it and be a flight instuctor eventually. @alexjcross14
cheyennesheumaker - jbow_3 - subablu - alexjcross14 -
Now onto the real reason I got on this computer. AP homework sucks.. Especially when you don't realize you have it until 5 days before school starts #findthetardiswrites #writing #aphomework #APclasses
apclasses - findthetardiswrites - aphomework - writing -
raggedygeek : Oh I feel your pain. I found out about mine the week before school started last year.
absolutely_em - the_nerdy_jedi - hazeljane19 - issyblake -
Amen. #apclasses #sports #life #people #homework #lazy #ain'tnobodygottimeforthat #turndowntuesday
life - people - apclasses - turndowntuesday - sports - ain - lazy - homework -
cierrarain1331 - olive_white - vannaslaby11 - kat_marz -
I AM GOING TO DIE BEFORE I EVEN MAKE IT TO MEDICAL SCHOOL 😭 - #exo #exom #exotic #galaxies #exol #exolove #xiumin #korean #kpop #baozi #xiuminscheeks #xiu #minseok #kimminseok #exoxm90 #cheeks #diejungs #diejungsphotobook #ot12 #weareone #letsloveexo #schoolishard #apclasses #medicalschool
exotic - kpop - xiuminscheeks - apclasses - galaxies - diejungsphotobook - baozi - diejungs - exolove - weareone - exom - kimminseok - letsloveexo - xiumin - exo - exol - schoolishard - xiu - ot12 - minseok - korean - exoxm90 - medicalschool - cheeks -
exoticarmybase : Dying before making it to medical school, #storyofmylife 😭
that.seoul.life - minseok_is_mine - exo_sezima_exo - kpopg3ni3_325 -
Calling it a night I'm so trowed not even cool how much stuff I had to do for my Ap classes plus homework I had and I'm training right now for basketball more then soccer and been doing drills everyday when I get home for 2 hours straight isn't even funny but training may hurt but you have to deal with the pain to stay in the game πŸ€πŸ˜”πŸ˜’πŸ˜΄βœŒοΈπŸ‘ŒπŸ’• #tired #basketballdrills #apclasses #nopainnogain
apclasses - basketballdrills - nopainnogain - tired -
roshini_14 - queen_brittanie_ - brithany___ - elcatrachogb36 -
Ap psych, Ap lit, pre Ap chem, and a teaching class= An all- nighter for meπŸ˜” #apclasses #tired #allnighter #junioryear
apclasses - allnighter - junioryear - tired -
ryleigh911 : I feel ya! I have AP chem and AP lit and honors pre cal! I'm so tired!!!
lexilooloo17 : I bet you are! @ryleigh911
la.fashionn - ryangrinds - theatreabby - ryleigh911 -
Frankenstein. Strangely, I enjoy this book. Mary Shelley was only eighteen when she wrote it, and she didn't get credit for it at first. It was thought that her husband or father wrote the book because it was so good:) oh well, back in school. This year will be different though:) hopefully... #school #Frankenstein #booknerd #APclasses #yay #sarcastic #book #summerreading
school - yay - apclasses - sarcastic - book - summerreading - booknerd - frankenstein -
its.just.me17 - justasinger222 - mxsunderstxxd - mscaitlinlaine -
I can honestly confirm this bc I'm literally sitting beside my honors English homework that has 130 questions on it that's due tomorrow and I have 1 question answered and we had a whole week to do it. #teenagerpost #textpost #relatableposts #apclasses #thejoysofschool
apclasses - textpost - thejoysofschool - relatableposts - teenagerpost -
i.is.chandler : @zombiegirl8910
hlcline99 - tapferkaiser - madisynscarce - verovero225 -
All ap classes. First day at Lakeview Centennial last January, first day at LC yesterday. #sophomore #junior #2016 #lakeviewcentennial #lchs #apclasses
lchs - lakeviewcentennial - sophomore - apclasses - 2016 - junior -
jd_tl - triflin.iris - _obey_tami_ - rave2duhgrave -
Guess who isn't dealing with this... #apclasses #history #notdoinit getting this changed tomorrow.
apclasses - notdoinit - history -
sherriceee : Yea I understand that it's a lot of reading and they changed the rules/teaching method this year but if you think you can stay on top of all the reading and what not you should definitely stay!
hawkins.latrina : LMAO 😭😭😭😭😭 @zakk_attakk16
noh_vaarr : NOOOO Zakkkkk stayyy
zakk_attakk16 : I have to look out for band though. I care about band more than anything :/ @noh_vaarr
noh_vaarr : True, band is a handful.
zakk_attakk16 : Yeah. And if I was ineligible, I'd be crushed. @noh_vaarr
noh_vaarr : Of course! Well, i hope you can get out, then.
zakk_attakk16 : I hope so too lol. If they told me no id flip the hell out and go to a principle. Lol @noh_vaarr
miss_ranks313 - gay_lord7 - tatummackenziej - hawkins.latrina -
do you ever have a schedule that just screams 'kill me' god no one talk to me this year ill be too busy cryingπŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ oh and class rank: 35 out of 369 bitchβœŒπŸ‘‘ #schedule #tears #apclasses #classrank #killme #lookatthis #suicidemission #imgonnadie #school #fuckschool
suicidemission - school - schedule - apclasses - classrank - imgonnadie - lookatthis - tears - killme - fuckschool -
courtneyhayes01 : U have to be in the top 10 dumbass @haileytheninja
haileytheninja : @courtneyhayes01 huh?
courtneyhayes01 : For graduation u have to be in the top 10 for I think highest honors
courtneyhayes01 : @haileytheninja
sierra.mtp : Tell Joyner I missss her 😭😭
amberelaineee - alexandraalaurenn - zachs1997 - juggalette_bitcchh -
First day 😊 #junior #classof16 #2016 #berry #highschool #readytograduate #gettingreadyforcollegelife #apclasses
readytograduate - classof16 - apclasses - gettingreadyforcollegelife - berry - highschool - 2016 - junior -
mouahaha__ : @connieful thanks gorgeous 😘
cambodian__ : YO GO TO BERRY?! @mouahaha__
cambodian__ : You*
mouahaha__ : @cambodian__ lol yessireeee I do, why?
cambodian__ : Bruhhh! I DO TOO!!!!! @mouahaha__
mouahaha__ : Really?! Lol well come say hey to me if you see me, it's hard for me to find people cause I'm too short πŸ˜’ @cambodian__
cambodian__ : LMFAOOO ! @mouahaha__ but I will πŸ‘Œ
queen.betty : 😍😩
abbieee_su - casandracc_ - piaaesq - _elly_lopez_ -
Schedules came out today! #APclasses #schoolisstarting
apclasses - schoolisstarting -
dliangsta : That looks so complicated
danfeng77 : Lol, it's does take some getting used to @dliangsta
thefrankzhang : My college schedule is simpler than this haha
danfeng77 : Lol, well, apparently my school enjoys making things more complicated then they need to be @thefrankzhang πŸ˜“
lexidwight - dliangsta - thefrankzhang - sammidonovan84 -
Day 23: We are so #happy to have survived our last first day of school at DHS!! We are so #happy to be seniors, but the amount of textbooks we got in our classes today made us a little #sad like @mab_n_rob_r_sad but overall we are still very #happy #100happydays #day23 #seniors #seniors2k15 #textbooks #apclasses #craaaazy #work #dowork #wedowork #selfie #girls #notboys #lotsofwork #butstillhappy #likeforlike #followforfollow #teamfollowback #weloveschool
seniors - teamfollowback - butstillhappy - apclasses - girls - selfie - day23 - sad - 100happydays - wedowork - textbooks - notboys - weloveschool - work - craaaazy - followforfollow - likeforlike - lotsofwork - happy - dowork - seniors2k15 -
m_and_m_are_happy - study_mode - courtneycf23 - mdesautelle26 -
We'll see how this year goes with all AP classes and electives πŸ‘ŒπŸ“š #APClasses #SeniorYear #Ready
apclasses - ready - senioryear -
youngxlad_ : I lost my schedule lol 😐
batgirl_cx : @youngxlad_ lmfao & it's only the first day πŸ˜‚
youngxlad_ : Ik πŸ˜‚
zayra._.pau - mardari_love - youngxlad_ - jmxlp_ -
New schedule, won't burn it this time cause it's about as accurate as it can get but something's bothering me about that B day leadership class: should I change it to AP Bio, AP Chem, or AP Cal? πŸŽ“ #apclasses
apclasses -
xiongbrenda : Ap chem is a everyday class and only available 1st period.
soaringseniorsilverhawk : Got me thinking now @xiongbrenda
float_float11 - king_breeeee -
My life for the next few months! 😭😭😭 #school #summerisover #senior #APclasses #lotsofheavybooks #lifeofahighschoolstudent #hamlet #statistics #microeconomics #physics
school - statistics - lotsofheavybooks - apclasses - hamlet - lifeofahighschoolstudent - microeconomics - summerisover - senior - physics -
cgildea10 - yourstatclass -
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