#chocolate always comes in handy when there is #apush to do #Hershey #cookiesncreme #whitechocolate #apclasses
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Help me get 100 likes!! If I do it'll really help me for school and college!! #swadvantage #college #apclasses #collegeprep #und #csm #uofm
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tay_riel : #school #likes #please #help #me #act #sat #psat #isu
movebiitch : #help
movebiitch : @jnoor25 @just_dream_15 @jjose_cruzz @kenzliee @kaylee_higgins @lizbethhortizz @ausxen help her
movebiitch : Take your thing off private if it is on private
tay_riel : Thank you everyone!! So much!!!
tay_riel : And thanks for your help too @movebiitch and none of my stuff is private:)
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My classes for the year! Let's make this a great year! #schedule #SUHI #APclasses
apclasses - suhi - schedule -
jonahwalks : I thought you were moving cx
ramses_thepoet : Decided not to, why not just finish school at SUHI, you know? I like it here and I like the friends I have made.
becckah_ : That's good to hear @ramses_thepoet hope u have a great Senior year! 😊
jonahwalks : We have to hang out xD
ashleyyy_geee : Wow Ruben! Congrats on all your classes! Keep it up! πŸ‘πŸ‘ @ramses_thepoet
_angelmedrano_ : U started school already??
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This year is gonna kill me fr y'all #apclasses I'm not smart enough for ap😫 do I got classes w anybody tho?
apclasses -
soccerbabe_29 : 3rd block... 1st semester @jamieannelofton
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πŸ˜ƒlet's get started!πŸŽ‰ πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’ #APclasses #SummerHmwk
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Summer homework swagπŸ“
summer - life - photopgraphy - tumblrgirl - tired - apclasses - summergirl - school - tumblr - chill - books - tumblrpic - girl - tumblragram - speak - instatumblr - picture - soccer - blackandwhite - depressed - work - book - black - calm - tumblrpost - tumblrr - white - reading - homework -
rachel.tumblr : #black#white#blackandwhite#school#work#homework#apclasses#book#speak#books#reading#chill#life#calm#tumblr#tumblrr#tumblrgirl#tumblragram#instatumblr#girl#tumblrpost#tumblrpic#picture#photopgraphy#depressed#tired#soccer#summer#summergirl
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Junior schedule! #JuniorYear #Schedule #ParkingTag #CollegeClasses #APClasses #EMT #Excited #GoodYear
schedule - apclasses - parkingtag - collegeclasses - emt - junioryear - goodyear - excited -
aknisely1997 : Algebra 2
katie_sprankleee : We don't hace jrotc here dummy. But you better be proud of me for gettin the emt and fire science class!! @lieutenant_owens
lieutenant_owens : You better past or else @katie_sprankleee
katie_sprankleee : @lieutenant_owens what are you gonna do about ittttt.
lieutenant_owens : Just want and find out @katie_sprankleee
saarbbeaar : FUCK MR SWIFT
katie_sprankleee : @saarbbeaar I know. I haven't even had him and I hate him. He got rude in the football locker room while I was a trainer. 
saarbbeaar : He's terrible!! He needs to be fired
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What have I gotten myself into #apclasses #spanish #mylifeisgone
apclasses - mylifeisgone - spanish -
niiiishiiii -
Us when we go back to school. #honorsclasses #apclasses #school
apclasses - school - honorsclasses -
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I keep seeing people post their class schedule. So here's mine. #virtualschool #connectionsacedemy #INCA #myschoolrocks #japanese #APclasses #americansignlanguage
inca - virtualschool - apclasses - myschoolrocks - americansignlanguage - japanese - connectionsacedemy -
dickgraysonofficial : Youre really taking precalculus? Thats pretty awesome!
songbirdvalerie : @dickgraysonofficial yeah! I doubled up in math last year, Algebra 2 and Geometry.
dickgraysonofficial : Woah! Thats is amazing! Youre pretty much done with math, but Pre Calc is the bomb!
songbirdvalerie : @dickgraysonofficial I hope so! Haha! I'm not the biggest math enthusiast but eh, y'know how it goes.
dickgraysonofficial : Yeah haha, I am neither but Im pretty good. I rock in science & math. Give me a reading test & I might pass xDD. Im barely gonna be a sophomore but I wanna take pre calc
songbirdvalerie : @dickgraysonofficial do you go to INCA?
kindra1998 - dickgraysonofficial -
Ayeeeeeee kms.
apclasses - collegecourse - kms - stressbegins - smartkids -
emmabrookes13 : #apclasses #collegecourse #smartkids #stressbegins #kms
marybethd30 : Got 6th!!!
emmabrookes13 : Yay! @marybethd30
marybethd30 - brandinorino - aunafaith7 -
I'm getting there #summerreadingassigment #aplit #apclasses #apenglish #catch22 #josephheller
summerreadingassigment - aplit - apenglish - apclasses - josephheller - catch22 -
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In the midst of all this chaos I got some good news. Finally got to check my AP scores. I passed everything. ☺️ #goodnews #passed #everything #APclasses #proudofmyself
apclasses - everything - goodnews - proudofmyself - passed -
jabkid : That 5 though
_moonofmylife_ : Thank you, thank you. 😏 @jabkid
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Dem summer assignments had me like...😳😝😩 #ap #apclasses #summerassignment #apush #aplang
apclasses - ap - apush - summerassignment - aplang -
alexjcross14 : @mskittybobo I've already done like 3 of them so far but I'll probably end up re-writing them. And oh my god the textbook is HUGE😩 chapter 4 ends on page 124!😳
mskittybobo : Ouch :p and I think mine is tooπŸ˜‚ I've barely started. Yay.
alexjcross14 : @mskittybobo what textbook do you use? I bought the American Pageant 13th Edition but it turns out that my teacher stopped using that one because it wasn't detailed enough and there were too many pictures in itπŸ˜‚ kill me nowπŸ˜©πŸ”« I love my teacher tho, he's so helpful and gives really great advice
mskittybobo : OuchπŸ˜‚ I have no idea. I'll look when I get home @alexjcross14
vicky_thoe7 : BAE 😊
emmapaige17 : 😊☺️😍
grace.berger13 : πŸ‘‹πŸ˜
bc.mackk : uh tbh // you liked my picture & have a lot of followers. πŸ˜… cutie too. πŸ’‹
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It's time. Summer homework. #summerhomework #apclasses #advancedplacement #APart #advancedartclass #advancedart #collegelevel #collegelevelart
advancedplacement - collegelevel - apclasses - advancedartclass - collegelevelart - advancedart - summerhomework - apart -
friendly_stalker24 : Me too -.-
_aly_katt_ : The feels /).(\ @friendly_stalker24
_aly_katt_ : What was your assignment paper like? Mine is so confusing @friendly_stalker24
friendly_stalker24 : I have a lot of different assignments my teacher is defiantly and art teacher shes kinda crazy :P i know we have to work with breadth or something and we have 5 assignments, apparently their all observational drawing, one we have to draw shoes, hat, gloves, and a bag to set a scene and like a sense of belonging, then the next thing we have what things do when we aren't looking, like what the food in the refrigerator does when we arent looking so we kinda have to animate in that one, the next one is confusing and based off idioms and popular sayings, and the fourth is over the edge to do depth and deep meanings and actual depth in the picture, and the last is tinkering with tools so we draw like a still life of tools or something. Then we have to fill a sketchbook with drawings from over our summer. Its quite specific on the requirements but thats the outline of it
_aly_katt_ : That's a lot similar to things we have to do. We have to draw ourselves doing a made up activity in the background. A still life of metal things and a lot of other stuff, I think the base of our assignments come off the same website though. Lol good luck! If I need it you may too lol @friendly_stalker24
friendly_stalker24 : Haha yeah thanks you too:P
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Got my schedule for this year. Hopefully plenty of my friends are in my classes. #junioryear #apclasses
apclasses - junioryear -
onesockbandit : We have 1st block together!
nerdy_birdyy : Cool we haven't had a class together since freshman year @onesockbandit
a1since___day1 - onesockbandit - lumpkinpumpkin -
New schedule! Does anyone have any classes with me?
honorstudent - apclasses - ohwell - stillnobandclass - honors - schedules - 2015 - senior2015 - seniorschedule -
saranichole : ew music theory
thefirstlostgirl23 : @saranichole, yeah, but there's no way l can be put into a band class with Calculus and Lit, so that's the best thing she could do.
saranichole : gross lol @thefirstlostgirl23
lydiac10 : 1st 😁 @thefirstlostgirl23
thefirstlostgirl23 : @lydiac10 woo, we get to endure Laxton together!
thefirstlostgirl23 : @saranichole basically
nikkipwillis : Laxton teaches biology honors now?! Whhattttt
brittany_ann1313 : 3,4,5 😁
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Finally starting on my AP US History summer assignments. #apushistory #apclasses #summer2014 #summerassignments #school #50states #likeforlike #followforfollow
school - summer2014 - apclasses - followforfollow - summerassignments - likeforlike - 50states - apushistory -
kimberly_tiffany_jackson : I thought that marker was a cigarette 🚬
dawneisha_xo : Haha, ohh wow Kimmy. You know I like to smoke those jumbo cigarettes. Lol.
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My final class schedule πŸ˜…πŸ˜¨πŸ˜Ž #seniors2015 #apclasses #nonstop #yolo
apclasses - yolo - seniors2015 - nonstop -
techian_idle : Damn, 6 APs
sincerely_abram : I'm not supposed to be in Ap gov tho
tonyythetygaaa : I'm telling you ... You will die. Lol jk good luck though xP.
r_plata - angel_guzman99 - techian_idle - edwin_oso_flores -
And I'm up until 10:30 doing homework again! Luckily this book is actually very interesting and I'm enjoying it :) #apclasses #apgov #reading #goodbook #tired #homework #summerwork
goodbook - tired - apclasses - summerwork - reading - apgov - homework -
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#throwback to my very last day of high school! June 2012 with @adventuresof_kevin @mateamarkovic @karina_bri #apclasses #highschool #tbt
throwback - apclasses - highschool - tbt -
adventuresof_kevin : We're so adorable!
mateamarkovic : 😩 I miss y'all so much!!πŸ’šπŸ’š
karina_bri : Awwww we were so little!!
barefootbikestudio - gabrielaliz_duran - mateamarkovic -
It's July....and I'm still up until 10:30 doing homework....what?! #nerd #apclasses #summerwork #homework #tired #brainfried @hope_deux_trois
brainfried - tired - apclasses - summerwork - nerd - homework -
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"Today , let's STRIVE FOR PERFECTION. We won't ever be perfect , but in the process we will achieve greatness" - The Rock. I have this post card hanging up on my door starting NOW to be my motivation to wake up , and conquer the next chapter of life BETTER and more POWERFUL than I did the previous ones . That isn't only the quote I am driven by , but those FOUR blemishes that I am ashamed of (to my standards). My ACT score only being a 24 was one of the lowest out of the students I was around everyday in AP classes. If I told one of them , I always was given a vibe that I don't DESERVE to be there and be represented in the AP family . Next , receiving a C first semester for AP Calc AB was my only C in high school and it was my reality check that Math would not come as easy to me! So after that , I had to work my rear off to pass that exam and I did with a 4 and received an A second semester!! #determined Third was my APUSH exam , I did get a 4, however , I should have gotten a 5 and told everyone I would and then during the test , I lost track of time and could not answer 15 of the 80 MC questions and that angered me beyond belief how that factor of standardized testing cost me MY BEST CHANCE AT A 5!! Finally , this year AP exams , the ONLY one I failed , was AP Literature , I walked out feeling almost a 4 and to only receive a 2 was sickening to my standards and ALL OF THESE COULD HAVE BEENS DRIVE ME TO WAKE UP AND DO IT BIGGER THAN EVER TO REACH THE PINNACLE OF MY DREAMS TO NASCAR!!! It's time to get motivated big time! And strive for perfection #striveforperfection #postit #quote #school #act #apclasses #calculus #americanhistory #literature #blemish #motivation #driven #conquer #greatness #achieve #door #yellow #postitnote #clanginandbangin #therock
calculus - therock - motivation - literature - door - apclasses - quote - greatness - yellow - driven - clanginandbangin - conquer - striveforperfection - school - blemish - postitnote - postit - determined - act - americanhistory - achieve -
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Me looking all happy because high school was over!! BTW College Update: I basically tested out of my freshman year of college thanks to The Edge program, and my Ap tests!! Take them seriously you guys!! #Graduated #BiteMe #SuckItAndSee #HighSchool #ApClasses #Happy #Its #Over!!!
apclasses - over - suckitandsee - biteme - graduated - highschool - its - happy -
xraiasmommy : Awe i love them ^.^ @countingcarlys
countingcarlys : Mmm miss you boo @xraiasmommy 😘❀
xraiasmommy : I miss u tons!! Did u get ur invite? @countingcarlys
countingcarlys : Yes it's too adorable haha, you're gonna be a great Momma!!πŸ‘ΆπŸ’•
xoxojessycuhh : ,you're so gorgeous!
countingcarlys : @xoxojessycuhh only for you πŸ˜πŸ˜‰πŸ˜
theybeliketcream : At first I thought u were tripping in the pic on the rightπŸ˜‚
countingcarlys : @theybeliketcream nahh I was just being cool
dj_jazzy_josh - gavinwasthereto - _salt98 - kobeeee_ray -
6 classses only ? Hmm whatever happened to my Gov and Econ class πŸ˜• So this is my schedule for senior year xD #APclasses
apclasses -
slenderjoe : I have art with you
xkattuccino : @splashbro_2410 mee to!! I didnt get my gov and econ class?? But do we still need it to graduate??
splashbro_2410 : @trinakins_ yea we still need it , They are probably going to give it to us for second semester i guess ?
xkattuccino : @splashbro_2410 wait I thought you take government for one semester and econ the next semester? :o
splashbro_2410 : @trinakins_ thats what i thought ! Idk its going to be fucked up xD
rob_lobsta23 - slenderjoe - emilio_martinez66 - luminara_ -
Representation of AP classes #school #rope #trigger #tw #apclasses #sketch #tardisartist
rope - school - trigger - apclasses - tw - tardisartist - sketch -
billone83 - minx__x - xthisislisax - _depression.com__ -
The perfect backpack for the one and only Hannah Fox πŸ˜‚ #foxes #school #junior #classof2016 #aguafriahighschool #backpack #timeforsleep #apclasses #dance #childhoodeducation #fox #mylastnamesananimaldealwithit
school - apclasses - timeforsleep - backpack - fox - foxes - dance - mylastnamesananimaldealwithit - aguafriahighschool - classof2016 - childhoodeducation - junior -
simplyyjasminee_ : πŸ‘΅
kthxbyexoxo : When do we get out schedule @allowed_to_dream anyone know
haf_dancer : @kthxbyexoxo they wont even call me back to let me know when registration is and i even explained i need to get my airplane flight so i gave up on them they might send letters
haf_dancer : July 24th @ 7:00-3:00 @kthxbyexoxo
golcberg330_official - kylielamunyon - love_infinity32 - heyyrachelheyy -
Just got my AP exam scores. Not satisfied with my English score but I checked the AP credits for Charlotte and all of my scores qualify. I guess all my hard work paid off. #apscores #apclasses #appsychology #apenglish3 #apushistory #hardwork #ipassed #happygirl
appsychology - apclasses - happygirl - hardwork - ipassed - apenglish3 - apscores - apushistory -
snhojazile : Can you please tell me how we get our scores? Lol
cheyybayy_ : Do you have a college board account? @snhojazile
snhojazile : I honestly have no idea.
cheyybayy_ : Go to and create an account and I believe that once you do that they will give them to you. @snhojazile
snhojazile : Thank you so much.
cheyybayy_ : You're welcome @snhojazile
jesusfreak420 : SAME. SLAYYYY
nissacanfly - yeaa_its_dreaa - coddery_7977 - jesusfreak420 -
nervousness - collegeboard - apexam - exam - apclass - aptrevor - apclasses - excited - awesome - school - ap - college - education - finals - takethat - educate - nervous - wow - lol - final - excitement - apexams - instagood - exams - frustration - dang - frustrated - picoftheday - surprised - photooftheday -
thejayman789 : #ap #apexam #apclass #apclasses #apexams #nervous #nervousness #frustrated #frustration #excited #excitement #lol #wow #aptrevor #school #college #collegeboard #takethat #exam #exams #final #finals #education #educate #surprised #photooftheday #picoftheday #instagood #awesome #dang
ichorrocks : NICE!!!
thejayman789 : Thank you much!!!! It means a lot!!! @ichorrocks
thejayman789 : I have to admit, I did not expect anything better than 3s on both exams....and stop trying to make me feel better CollegeBoard. I'm not going to be as successful in college as I want lol. (This comment is down here because I made an obscene/profane misspelling. Sorry.)
jaychintham97 - jonathanplotner - jhop96 - _brittanybrownn -
Got a 4 on both my AP Exams this year! Never been more relived and surprised in my life. #apclasses #APUSH #appsychology #thestruggle #relived #surprised #thankgod
apush - thankgod - thestruggle - appsychology - apclasses - relived - surprised -
nickryancarlisle : I got a 4 on APUSH too! πŸ‘Š
a_gorgeous_catastrophe - kbrooksxo - sam.francisco - jac1160 -
Oowwee, Summer Assignments:( #APClasses
apclasses -
longhairmario - female_werewolf - shoutout__games039 - _juggmann_ -
Uggh! I need to start on my summer assignment soon.. #apclasses #summerhomework #summer #apenglish #apushistory
apclasses - summer - apenglish - apushistory - summerhomework -
corpsman1997 : #thestruggleisreal #knowthemfeels #summerhomeworkblues
dino_love_kay_ - corpsman1997 - softballlover4495 - makkena__ -
AP English HWπŸ˜…πŸ˜©πŸ˜₯πŸ“˜πŸ““βœοΈπŸ“ŒπŸ“ŽπŸ“‹πŸ“–πŸ“š Here Goes The Rest Of My Vacations.. Have To start Reading The Book asap #IntoTheWild #APclasses #NextSemester #GettingReady
intothewild - apclasses - nextsemester - gettingready -
_maddy1497 : You got AP ??How ?
unforgettable_fabbii : Yes ? I talk to ms.Ikuru and she told me for sure she was gonna put me in it and she gave me this to do over the summer and the same day I went to talk to my counselor and she said I was already in it , she said I have AP us history, AP english, and AP spanish :))
unforgettable_fabbii : @_maddy1497
_maddy1497 : Did u get hw for ap history ??? Am in AP Spanish & AP U.S History
unforgettable_fabbii : You Didn't got AP English?? And not that I knowπŸ‘€ did you? @_maddy1497
_maddy1497 : No i mean she wanted me to get AP English she called me to her desk and told me que i got an A on her class and que she wanted me to go to AP but i said no because i didnt want to over pressure myself so she said she would talk to dorsey and tell her to keep me on check and if i did good on 11th grade to put me on AP for senior year .... and no i didnt @unforgettable_fabbii
unforgettable_fabbii : Ohh, I know it is gonna be a lot of pressure, specially for me cuz I'll have cheer practice,games, competitions etc ... But Thts good at least you have 2 APs :)) @_maddy1497
_maddy1497 : Yea did you sign in for leadership?
gen_natasha - biggboiijeff - mf_1126 - alienxpunk -
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