πŸ’₯Do you ever have that moment when u start liking someone and when u start talking the connection feels so real it's like your together. But then reality sets in and you realize it's not really there because they talk to so many people and have tons of different feelings. Sometimes they might tell every boy or girl the same things they told you to make everyone feel special when it really makes you feel like crap. Then when you talk to say one thing that messes everything up and you end up feeling like nothing in the world will go right because you might mess that up too...I wish i could just tell people how I feel and they would feel the same way. πŸ’₯ #ugh #why #anybodyelse #deleting
anybodyelse - ugh - deleting - why -
nothisissydney_ : Same - tayej.14 - awesome_chick1221 - kolby.allen -
#luke @5sos #anybodyelse just comment this goes out to @jenessa.mills @grace.regan @abigail_jenkins20
luke - anybodyelse -
jenessa.mills : 😍😍😍😍😍 @luke_is_a_penguin love my lukeyyyyy
grace.regan : 😍😍😍
grace.regan : Thanksssssss
abigail_jenkins20 : 😍😍😍😍😍
maddigym : @grace.regan @abigail_jenkins20 @jenessa.mills who do you want me to do next
jenessa.mills : Ash
grace.regan : Louis
cheer_thinggg - anna.vandecarr - adrianna.cera - ria.s -
Our human bodies were created to find something to satisfy our souls. So some go to beer, some go to weed, some go to sex, but that always leaves you empty! You always want more & more it's never enough! It always runs out. GOD says if you have me & come to me I will satisfy your soul & you will never thirst again. If you have JESUS you have all you need. John 4:14 #livingwater #preach #imnotperfect #GOD #is #usingme #onthis #church #someone #needed #this #today #imnotbetter #than #anybodyelse #sinner #saved #by #amazinggrace
someone - onthis - is - livingwater - church - saved - than - imnotbetter - anybodyelse - amazinggrace - this - god - by - needed - imnotperfect - usingme - sinner - today - preach -
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Still up. Anyone else..? #NoSleep #StillUp #AnybodyElse
nosleep - stillup - anybodyelse -
_helllavanillla - elizardovaldezjr - eyeconfessions - joshsecrest_ -
#AnybodyElse? #ColorGuard #FootballπŸ’›πŸ’œ
anybodyelse - football - colorguard -
hisrach8604 - whitemeat1 - ___rayanaa - _xlindseynicolex -
I definitely prefer Tim Hortons over Starbucks β˜•οΈπŸ© #AnybodyElse? #OkayJustMe #timmies #timhortons #FrenchVanilla
frenchvanilla - anybodyelse - timmies - timhortons - okayjustme -
hisqeel.b_14 : McDonalds
alexya_h : @hisqeel.b_14 oh psh. Of course!
hisqeel.b_14 : Duh! @alexya_h
emily_f12 - m.s____exotic - datgirltesh_tesh - julianna.heard -
Fr doe #AnybodyElse?
anybodyelse -
_aint_ratchett_ : On some shit I.need a friend like you
nenesmith188 : And why is that @real_hitt_squad
_aint_ratchett_ : Cause I need somebody to fuck different then these other hoes
_aint_ratchett_ : Fuck with I meant
nenesmith188 : Ohh buddy buddy you was totally finna get chumped off @real_hitt_squad
_aint_ratchett_ : Kmsl I really didn't mean it like that
nenesmith188 : You str8 @real_hitt_squad
_aint_ratchett_ : But you gotta kik
allywalls - long_john34 - red_nigga_lav - dondamu -
That face you make when somebody say something about you that don't even sound right .. #zeefuqk #lol #dt #anybodyelse
dt - zeefuqk - anybodyelse - lol -
_taylormade05 - _jayybaee_ - pure.beauty__ - weedx69 -
Thats all I got to say about that. #welp #anotheronegone #whatever #IfItsMeantToBeInYourLifeItWouldBe #effyoutoothen #ratherhave4quarters #than100pennies #twofaced #acts #justbereal #anybodyelse #fuckyousallaround #done #notalilgirlnomore #everyone #noreally #allofyou
fuckyousallaround - everyone - ratherhave4quarters - whatever - grownmeansnofriends - noreally - than100pennies - justbereal - ifitsmeanttobeinyourlifeitwouldbe - acts - blowme - anotheronegone - ohwell - anybodyelse - effyoutoothen - miserablebitch - allofyou - notalilgirlnomore - twofaced - welp - sickofpplsnappin - done -
amarie1392 : #grownmeansnofriends #ohwell #miserablebitch #blowme #sickofpplsnappin
chellabellaz - mego777 - metal_kitten666 -
Yup 😑 #hangry#hateit#anybodyelse#gymlife
hangry - anybodyelse - gymlife - hateit -
elenavillecca - jessvictoria_fitness - kaseynicol3 - __lluckyy__ -
I like to lay on the floor and daydream...#anybodyelse
anybodyelse -
deansloss : Love the socks! Wait.. r those MY SOCKS?? LOL :)
unawakenedlove : Haha @deansloss
erinbradbudy2 : MK retreat? Yes? Please? :P Miss you girly!
unawakenedlove : I hope so! @erinbradbudy2
unsealedlips3 - deansloss - paigewall92 - kingtamanji -
GUYS AND GIRLS ALIKE what do you think about wolf whistling? Just happened to me sitting at the light #whistle #wolfwhistle #sonotflattering #anybodyelse #drivinghere #mixedfeels #whileontheroad
whistle - anybodyelse - mixedfeels - sonotflattering - drivinghere - wolfwhistle - whileontheroad -
irishbirdy1 : Wolf whistle? Is it like the same as a cat call?
thatspiesgirl : Yea it's just another name. I mean I could also call it the pervert's anthem too haha
thatspiesgirl : But seriously what are the thoughts?
theamazingmelody : Wish I got whistled at :( haha
theamazingmelody : And like if the guy is your age I think it's kinda nice idk I don't see it as a totally bad thing I think I would be flattered. If it's an old dude then I'd run like a wolf tehe see what I did there ;)
thatspiesgirl : Lol but idk. I'm not sure if I should be flattered or insulted. I wonder why for through a guy's head when he does it
thatspiesgirl : Goes through*
evvy_marie_94 - indigomist1500 - ohiowewin_jk_ -
FIFA being FIFA #FIFAWorldCup #Brasil2014 #GERARG #AnyBodyElse #YouTheRealMVP
fifaworldcup - brasil2014 - anybodyelse - gerarg - youtherealmvp -
famouskid26 : 😳
jorge_mamba : #James
chriskhalzz : #Jamesrodriguez#colombia#colombian#goleadordelmundo#elmejor
raveboy_baez : these guys must be rolling hard /\ πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘
nyntendo : πŸ˜‘πŸ’ŠπŸ˜³ lol
musiq_chick : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
dinaandjon : Golden Boot goes to the player that scored the most goals. That's why James Rodriguez got it. And he deserved it. He's a beast.
harmonic_destiny - alvarez_j90 - jennycarrasco18 - d_lizano -
anybodyelse -
kream_ent323 : Lol, my love @suzyyq_
suzyyq_ : Lol I have many middle name @kream_ent323
paulina_martinez_ - priya.14 - littlejennypvp - kelvin.h -
That was seriously delicious β€β€β€πŸ˜πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘β€β€β€#Anybodyelse? #good
anybodyelse - good -
brenda21_yolo - angie_diamond_2003 - regina_chavez10 - johny8687 -
First Semester: Careers and Civics, History,Math,Hospitality - Second Semester: English, Construction, Fitness, Science #anybodyelse #grade10
anybodyelse - grade10 -
megsevy12 - jaimebg_bluehaaron - faith_mitchell87 - michelle.waddling -
anybodyelse -
giggle_queen12 : I KNOW RIGHT!!!!
alrbfr - im_fabulous_22 - dat_awesome_director - kelvin.h -
#quotes #relatablequotes #relatable #imjust #just #sad #lonely #sadandlonely #badatmath #fullpackage #anybodyelse
anybodyelse - relatable - just - imjust - sad - quotes - fullpackage - lonely - relatablequotes - sadandlonely - badatmath -
shahodk23_ - p0werranger - isa.bellee - sekinaa_ -
Guess imma cavs n heat fan again............... #heatgang #cavssquad lol but LBJ was dumb for leaving he has less to work with than when he left the first time n when they play eachother I hope heat beat the breaks off the cavs(ain't gone happen but) but I wanna see lebron get more rings n if that makes me a bandwagon then so be it
wwe - anybodyelse - heatgang - cavssquad - 7 -
_cibm_ : Ain't no way you think LeBron has les now than when he left the first time
datdudedweez : Uuuuhhhhhh who to La lol hell na that ain't no ring ahahahah @stevenwbmcguire lol n bruh he has less than when he left in 2010 @_cibm_
itsyaaboiii : Pussy
datdudedweez : Shut yo ass up nigga u gunna be a bulls fan when melo goes to Chicago so stfu lol @itsyaaboiii u shoulda never been a Knicks fan to begin with lol
_cibm_ : He has kyrie, dion waiters, wiggins, and thristan Thompson lol
datdudedweez : They talkin bout trading doin n Thompson bruh @_cibm_
_cibm_ : For Kevin love I know. So they'll be a big 3 just like he had in Miami so there's no difference lol
datdudedweez : Bruh they don't have the supporting cast Miami had lol you'll see lol @_cibm_
datdudedweez - master_william1 - anthony_c - wwefunlol -
Is it fall yet? For real, I just want to wear scarves, sweaters, and boots and spend some quality time with my bf (See last post (hint: it's a donut #foreveralone)). I'm done with this bikini business. #readyforfall #anybodyelse #nopejustme
readyforfall - foreveralone - anybodyelse - nopejustme -
brookestephens12 : I am too! I'm not a summer person. Bring on the jeans and hoodies!
ashleydakitten - kristyjohnson80 - nmeggs - aufull -
I'm only on chapter 3πŸ˜’. #anybodyelse ?
anybodyelse -
thatnativegirrl : Oh the summer project. Thanks fir reminding me ^^
w0lftia : @thatnativegirrl welcome
badgaladry - forever.robyn.fenty - dance_4_evaaa - selenagmezx -
Justin has 0 followers? 😭😭 @justinbieber #confused #anybodyelse #justinbieber #0followers
justinbieber - anybodyelse - confused - 0followers -
hayesgrier.s : Nope mine say 17m
iamfrankiegfan : Oh yea we saw I guess it was just a glitch @justinbiebesrs
hayesgrier.s : Oh
iamfrankiegfan - alejandromakeup1989 - gigin_love - andrea_andrea20 -
Anybody else? #splitscreen #imbored #nottellingyou #anybodyelse
nottellingyou - imbored - anybodyelse - splitscreen -
thecountyfirehydrant : That's cool
thecountyfirehydrant - purpleninjadee - irachelplatt -
#loveyourself #family #friends #golfballs πŸ˜† #dontworryabout #anybodyelse
anybodyelse - family - dontworryabout - loveyourself - friends - golfballs -
jemmajakes20 - naughty_nodz - sammieeeee84 - jsykes88 -
IM sad #anybodyelse
anybodyelse -
jones1402 : Nah cause we happy as duh ✌️✌️
jones1402 : Fuhhh**
jones1402 - sierra_fansler - faith_elaine_nevin - evelyn.belle -
#IDontWant #AnybodyElse #WhenIThinkAboutYou #ITouchMyself 😝
whenithinkaboutyou - anybodyelse - itouchmyself - idontwant -
its_morphin_time13 : I know you think about me babe 😜 lol @angilala1
angilala1 : Oh all the time babe @its_morphin_time13
emmy_pooh86 : I love that song. @angilala1
its_morphin_time13 : Hehe knew it! @angilala1
tyrannosaurusrexx54 - wolvietheirishrugrat - hollmeister - emetatheastrofizik -
Besides the hairy gorilla, I like my classes. #anybodyelse πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘βœ‚πŸ’ˆ
anybodyelse - mathsucks -
kameroncallais : We'll be dumb together. #mathsucks πŸ˜‚ @haleyalaina
alyssarpizzo : US History ✊
kels_marie7 : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚the hairy gorillaπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ‘Œ
hannahmb7 : Art 1!
kameroncallais : 😎😎😎 @hannahmb7 @alyssarpizzo
kameroncallais - kels_marie7 - jennifer_doiron - syy_babyy -
Brings back memories. #anybodyelse? ❀️🎡🎀
anybodyelse -
em_the_realest : YES. that was my school musical. so many memories!
jenae_schmidt : Right? @_captain_thor_
torri20 : Best!!!
rachelw19 - native_dream_21 - stephanieingberg - joleeeee.124 -
"From the moment I saw you. It was the look that you had in your eyes. You were everything I needed. From that time for the rest of my life. And I'm counting all the days down til I can see you and I know somehow if you need me the way that I need you. Cuz I don't want anybody else but you. I know what to say but I don't know how. I don't want to go through the rest of my life without you my baby, no. Cuz I don't want anybody else but you. I don't want to wait till my time runs out. I just want to tell you how much that you mean to me. You're the only one I see. So what am I about to do. Put my heart out on the line for you. So what's the point of keeping it. If it already belongs to you. And I'm counting all the days down til I can see you and I know somehow. Baby, if you feel the same way that I do, yea." #AnybodyElse #Orianthi @theqof
anybodyelse - orianthi -
@coolkid_lolo16 @pinkweavekillaaa @spiffy_boii_santo @imightbees__ #anybodyelse
anybodyelse -
Who knows me best #kaylee #binky #bertie #momma #anybodyelse😜😝
bertie - momma - kaylee - anybodyelse - binky -
binky9904 : Blue
binky9904 : Chocolate sports
binky9904 : McDonald
binky9904 : Music and tea
binky9904 : Jeans and flats
binky9904 : Nails and funny
binky9904 : I do not cheat off of @kaylee1318
lana1004 : U got it jenna snapchat me @binky9904
meridyth.lynn_ - ella_bella_9080 - kaylee1318 - 2003nikki -
I like the pattern #anybodyelse 😍
anybodyelse -
jmb_1234 - cheerr_problems - shelbyregisterelizabeth - natalie_irene -
I think it's okay that the beginning of this song sounds like sugar we're going down. I mean fall out boy are the Bae's!!πŸ’• but I'm alright with it! #anybodyelse #5sos #5secondsofsummer #fob #falloutboy #fobsessed ~Monica
anybodyelse - 5secondsofsummer - fob - 5sos - falloutboy - fobsessed -
jossseeellineee - itzmikee13 - dancin_123 - monsoonbutterfly -
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