Friday night, date night I say "Pick out what you like." I don't care as long as you're here. surprise, surprise. Ain't that nice same old chick flick, Eighteenth time. You know the one with that guy. Half way through, look at you smiling like you always do and I can't help but just stare. 'Cause suddenly, it hits me as I watch you make believe I want to make this your reality. #anthemlights 😘
anthemlights -
airman2420 : Gawd you look hawt 😍
kscs0528 : Date ??? Mmmmmmm 😃
beastmode_fitness501 - afchillin - russ_rankin21 - p_tedford -
hey guys I'm on thanksgiving break I'm so happy 🙌 how was you week ? { #ddlovato #ddl #demidevonne #demetriadevonnelovato @ddlovato #lovatics #devonnebydemi #stayingstrong365daysayear #staystrong #brownvato #bluevato #somebodytoyou #giveyourheartabreak #unbroken #fanbase #anthemlights }
demidevonne - staystrong - ddlovato - bluevato - brownvato - demetriadevonnelovato - fanbase - devonnebydemi - somebodytoyou - anthemlights - ddl - stayingstrong365daysayear - lovatics - unbroken - giveyourheartabreak -
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Ok so I know this is a @moriahpeters fan-page but I just wanna take a moment to recognize @anthemlightsband because they are so amazing and its #AnthemLightsAppreciationDay! I love each and every one of their voices, their sense of humor, and their love for The Lord! I remember the first time I heard "Can't Get Over You" on @kloveradio ... It felt like so long ago. I actually didn't know who they were at the time but I could'nt get that song outta my head! I had forgot about then for about a year or two until I heard their KLOVE Fan Awards Mashup. When they said it was Anthem Lights I was like "Oooh who's Anthem Lights? They sound good!" So I looked them up on YouTube and saw the video for the KLOVE Fan Awards Mashup. When I saw the video I was thinking "That guy on the piano is cute!" Turns out that was Joey!😍 Ever since that I've been obsessed and hav heard all their covers and songs! Well that's the end of my #AnthemLightsObsessionStory! #AnthemLights #MoriahPeters 😮 What if they did a collab? That would be beautiful!😍 Oooh what about Moriah and Kelsey??? Ok lemme stop dreaming😉. @moriahpeters @thekelseygrimm
anthemlights - moriahpeters - anthemlightsobsessionstory - anthemlightsappreciationday -
iceberg365 - god_is_my_first_love - 3bravegirlsforgod - angee445 -
In honor of #anthemlightsappreciationday #anthemlights #anthemlightsspiritweek #alanpowell #calebgrimm #chadgraham #joeystamper #josephstamper
alanpowell - anthemlights - anthemlightsspiritweek - josephstamper - calebgrimm - joeystamper - chadgraham - anthemlightsappreciationday -
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I'm in a generous mood so here's my top three favorite pics of the boys. This is number one💁 My absolute favoritest (yes I just made up a word😂) pictured of the boys. • #anthemlights #anthemlightsappreciationday #anthemlightsspiritweek #lightbulb #lightbulbin #lightbulbnation #fangirl #favoriteband
lightbulb - favoriteband - anthemlights - anthemlightsspiritweek - lightbulbin - lightbulbnation - fangirl - anthemlightsappreciationday -
tfletch97 : When will you post more of your Joey fanfiction??
cantshutup__orstopwriting : Soon😁 I was hoping to have a chapter ready for Joey's day but Midterms got in the way. @tfletch97
tfletch97 : @cantshutup__orstopwriting okay!! I was just curious :)
kelsey.ariel.grimm : Sfs?
cantshutup__orstopwriting : Maybe in the morning? @kelsey.ariel.grimm
cantshutup__orstopwriting : Okay:) @tfletch97
kelsey.ariel.grimm : Sure! I was just asking a few people. :)
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I'm in a generous mood so here's my top three favorite pics of the boys. This is number two💁 • #anthemlights #anthemlightsappreciationday #anthemlightsspiritweek #lightbulb #lightbulbin #lightbulbnation #fangirl #favoriteband
lightbulb - favoriteband - anthemlights - anthemlightsspiritweek - lightbulbin - lightbulbnation - fangirl - anthemlightsappreciationday -
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I'm in a generous mood so here's my top three favorite pics of the boys. This is number three💁 • #anthemlights #anthemlightsappreciationday #anthemlightsspiritweek #lightbulb #lightbulbin #lightbulbnation #fangirl #favoriteband
lightbulb - favoriteband - anthemlights - anthemlightsspiritweek - lightbulbin - lightbulbnation - fangirl - anthemlightsappreciationday -
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And the newest album!!!! I love this album so much!!! It's constantly on repeat☺️💕 My favorite is either Love you Like the Movies or I'm not Going Anywhere💁❤️ • So not #anthemlights related but, I just found out that #newsies is coming to Baltimore and I'm not gonna get to go even though I really really really really..... Really want to😭😭💔😢 • #anthemlightsappreciationday #anthemlightsspiritweek #lightbulb #lightbulbin #lightbulbnation #alanpowell #chadgraham #calebgrimm #joeystamper #newsiesontour
lightbulb - alanpowell - anthemlights - newsies - joeystamper - calebgrimm - lightbulbnation - newsiesontour - chadgraham - anthemlightsspiritweek - lightbulbin - anthemlightsappreciationday -
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Anthem Lights concert last night. I just love them. 💗 #anthemlights #concert #joeymarryme @josephstamper
anthemlights - joeymarryme - concert -
dinasaur.23 : I'm jealous!!!
_sarahcanahai_ - dani_matei - janice_bodea - oanaopris -
Wow this album really influenced me a lot!! This album came out when I was in a very dark place. I felt completely alone and as ready to be done with it all. Then the album came out and the songs on it encouraged me and kept me going. "Help You Stand" and "Turn Around" helped me the most. They helped me in ways I can't even explain. It helped get me back on track in my spiritual walk and to lean on God when I felt alone. It reminded me that I wasn't alone and that Jesus would always accept me back no matter what I'd done. @anthemlightsband helped saved my life. I am extremely grateful. Love you guys☺️❤️ • #anthemlights #anthemlightsappreciationday #anthemlightsspiritweek #alanpowell #chadgraham #calebgrimm #joeystamper #lightbulb #lightbulbin #lightbulbnation #fangirl #favoriteband • @alanpowell10 @calebgrimm @chadmgraham @josephstamper
lightbulb - fangirl - alanpowell - anthemlights - anthemlightsspiritweek - joeystamper - calebgrimm - lightbulbnation - chadgraham - lightbulbin - anthemlightsappreciationday - favoriteband -
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Wake up/ hey brother #AnthemLights
anthemlights -
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Hey guys. I can't believe it's been a month that I've been gone! I've missed you all so much and I'm glad to be back! If you guys don't mind filling me in on what I've missed, that'd be great! Comment down below 👇😊 Of course pic credit to the one and only @lightbulbpower love you guys so much ❤😙 #anthemlights
anthemlights -
cantshutup__orstopwriting : ME TOO😭❤️❤️❤️ @anthemlights_swag
lightbulbpower : @anthemlights_swag Preachh
anthem_lights : They both have been getting so much hate lately & Alan is working on a movie. :)
anthemlights_swag : Joey and Caleb? I saw that about Alan! I'm so excited for him! @anthem_lights
anthem_lights : @anthemlights_swag OMG, i'm sorry. I don't know what's up with my brain today, but i meant they all have been getting hate lately. :(
anthemlights_swag : Oh no, it's ok! That really stinks. Why do people hate so much? 💔 @anthem_lights
chamber_of_converse : @h.e.a.t.h.e.r.2014 @zacefron
h.e.a.t.h.e.r.2014 : I don't get it @chamber_of_converse
katie_kat9753 - haleylkhendricks - its_a_lightbulb_thing_ - zo1414 -
🎤I just love live music 🎤 #AfterDarkMoState #AnthemLights
anthemlights - afterdarkmostate -
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Shout out to @its_a_lightbulb_thing_ for sending me this picture when I couldn't find it :) -------- #anthemlights #chadgraham #joeystamper #anthemlightsspiritweek #anthemlightsappreciationday
anthemlights - anthemlightsspiritweek - anthemlightsappreciationday - joeystamper - chadgraham -
its_a_lightbulb_thing_ : haha!!! this is great!!! I've been trying to come up with ideas to make these kinds of edits :)
lightbulbpower : @its_a_lightbulb_thing_ You could do something like "that moment when...." etc. and use a picture of the guys as an example. (If that makes any sense, haha.)
jweezy_is_thebest : Hahahaha TRUE!
kaydy_13 : @bigsisrock12 ;)))))
jacquelinerheann : @megan.beine Chad and Joey this is perf👌
sarah_seattle : Dang it, I don't have a best friend.
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HAPPY @anthemlights APPRECIATION DAY! Love and appreciate every single one of you guys! Xoxo! <3 @josephstamper @alanpowell10 @ChadMGraham @calebgrimm #AnthemLightsSpiritWeek #AnthemLights #JoeyStamper #AlanPowell #CalebGrimm #ChadGraham #AnthemLightsAppreciationDay #Lightbulbs
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Loved getting to sing about our amazing God with these talented guys. A great night! ❤ #anthemlights
anthemlights -
kinleestokes1 : Wow!! I'm jealous!!!
rebeldawn : Yeah it was awesome. They are awesome people. @kinleestokes1
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~Let my eyes be your sunrise here~ Standing on top of the world Hands up in the air feeling so alive #anthemlights#topoftheworld
anthemlights - topoftheworld -
frederickyau : 係型既@fatpan_31
fatpan_31 : Sor Blur左你,btw聽下首歌@frederickyau
hin_324 : monster pan omg
kashun14 : Star
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#FlashBackFriday to the first song I ever heard by Anthem Lights. Do you guys want to know something funny? I hated this song when I first heard it. True story. But I was going to be in a music video of it that my friend was making, so I listened to it a few times. Then a few more times. Then a few more times. It grew on me. Then I decided to check out the rest of the album. It pretty much all went out of control after that. ----------- Because it's the final day of #anthemlightsspiritweek, I'll be posting several more pictures today. Stay tuned! --------- #anthemlights #alanpowell #chadgraham #calebgrimm #joeystamper #cantshutup #anthemlightsappreciationday
alanpowell - anthemlights - anthemlightsspiritweek - cantshutup - joeystamper - calebgrimm - chadgraham - flashbackfriday - anthemlightsappreciationday -
lena_elizabeth99 : Meeee toooo!!
abi.superstar - anthem_lights - roseharper07 - alina_n.11 -
Got to go to an #anthemlights concert last night in with @brookelbarton in #springfield... they put on an amazing show!
anthemlights - springfield -
brookelbarton : So amazing!
brookelbarton -
Guys it's #anthemlightsappreciationday!!!!! I'm gonna spam you all day okay? Well, at least two rows worth alright? Lol • So the first row is basically my story of how each album has affected me, so we shall start at the beginning. The first song I heard by them was "Can't Get Over You" because Karen Kingsbury kept talking about it in her Bailey Flannigan series (my favorite series by her). So I figured, let's look it up so I can have some sort of idea of the group she's talking about. I heard it and I was obsessed. In fact, it was the first song I ever downloaded on my iPod. Then I decided that I might as well look up the rest of the album, and, well.... The rest is history. That is how they became my favorite band. • #anthemlightsspiritweek #anthemlights #alanpowell #chadgraham #calebgrimm #kylekupecky #joeystamper #lightbulb #lightbulbin #lightbulbnation #fangirl #favoriteband • @anthemlightsband @alanpowell10 @chadmgraham @calebgrimm @kylekupecky @josephstamper • P.S. They all look so young here!😂
lightbulb - fangirl - alanpowell - anthemlights - anthemlightsspiritweek - kylekupecky - joeystamper - calebgrimm - lightbulbnation - chadgraham - lightbulbin - anthemlightsappreciationday - favoriteband -
cantshutup__orstopwriting : Aw thanks☺️ I've missed you too!!!!❤️😘 @anthemlights_swag
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"Standing on top of the world. Hands up in the air feeling so alive. Screaming at the top of our lungs to the rhythm of our heartbeat beating tonight." Music: Top of the World - Anthem Lights #TopOfTheWorld #AnthemLights #Escape #musicphoto #music #nowplaying #spotify #musixmatch #favesong
spotify - favesong - musixmatch - anthemlights - nowplaying - music - musicphoto - escape - topoftheworld -
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🎶Fight Forever🎶 Artist: Anthem Lights - I loved how they used dodgeballs as war weapons... Hey nobody ever said dodgeball couldn't b intense 😜 - Hope you guys liked my Anthem Lights section 😊 - QOTP: who's excited the weekend is finally about here? - AOTP: MEEE!!!!!! :P - #christian #christianmusic #music #artists #musicartists #castingcrowns #brittnicole #tenthavenuenorth #coltondixon #mercyme #chrisaugust #forkingandcountry #mandisa #switchfoot #tobymac #anthemlights
coltondixon - chrisaugust - anthemlights - christianmusic - brittnicole - artists - christian - switchfoot - tobymac - mercyme - forkingandcountry - mandisa - musicartists - tenthavenuenorth - music - castingcrowns -
weztmusic : Save the music :) @merlinmoonmusic
rachel_pachel_ : Meee!
sowandtether - youthinrevoltmovement - ryanwesleysmith - pushlyfe -
LoL #joey #josephstamper #anthemlights @josephstamper
anthemlights - josephstamper - joey -
stacyheartsjoey -
Me singing You Have My Heart by the Anthem Lights #anthemlights #Christian #Pop
anthemlights - christian - pop -
robin.sanford2014 - prayerzone - pierce116 -
This was real life..I'm still grinning ear to ear. @anthemlightsband @chadmgraham @calebgrimm @josephstamper and we missed @alanpowell10 tonight! #tallgirlshoes #anthemlights #msu #happyfangirl
anthemlights - msu - happyfangirl - tallgirlshoes -
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I look tired!! Had a blast! Fell in love with @anthem_lights! It's fun fan girling at 22 yrs of age. #anthemlights #msuafterdark #jesussaves
anthemlights - jesussaves - msuafterdark -
omnamnam96 - halinwashere - asian_barton - cassandrakunz -
Such an awesome concert tonight! #anthemlights @calebgrimm @chadmgraham @josephstamper
anthemlights -
annerswatson - naokei65 - missesjackson_ - eajohnson1 -
We got to see, and meet @anthemlightsband amazing experience, and awesome concert! These guys are awesome! #anthemlights #theydoitbetter #checkemout #tonightwaslifechanging #nicestguysever #missedalanpowelltho
nicestguysever - missedalanpowelltho - theydoitbetter - anthemlights - checkemout - tonightwaslifechanging -
bjramis : 😀😍❤
bjramis - mshredramis - arueheart - nanashannon2 -
Tonight was amazing! Got front row seats at #afterdarkmostate Saw @anthemlightsband perform and I also was lucky enough to meet them and have them sign my shirt! #greatnight #anthemlights #firstconcert
anthemlights - greatnight - afterdarkmostate - firstconcert -
cholenaruth - feliciablanchard - july281993 - block_a_174 -
So this happened tonight...Anthem Lights are excited for Black a Friday White Night. Haha jk they cant go but we invited them anyways. #falseadvertisement #anthemlights #blackfridaywhitenight #butfirstletmetakeaselfie
anthemlights - falseadvertisement - butfirstletmetakeaselfie - blackfridaywhitenight -
knizzcrandell : @chadmgraham @josephstamper @calebgrimm
princessofthe1_true_king - kelsearose_2015 - its_k8lynn - eajohnson1 -
#joeyappreciation #anthemlights
anthemlights - joeyappreciation -
mcxbender - bad_wolf1911 - fandomtastic13 - quotes_rock_forever -
anthemlights -
mariaria_rose - gennaadkins - ligiatrif - rachelczaplicki -
#joeyappreciation #anthemlights
anthemlights - joeyappreciation -
blastfyre : ANTHEM LIGHTS!! : 😱😱😱 YOU...YOU KNOW WHO THEY ARE?? @blastfyre
bad_wolf1911 - of.jack - quotes_rock_forever - fandomtastic13 -
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