I'm glad I bought this ugly looking brace for my ankle. #mueller #anklebrace #tennis #smash #friends #night #fixtures
mueller - night - smash - friends - fixtures - tennis - anklebrace -
thirdeyevisualsau - jessaaaaa - enriquegonzalezavi - s_gierke -
I get bored #splits #almost #handstands #quote #bored #anklebrace #stretching
bored - yoga - splits - handstands - almost - quote - stretching - anklebrace -
little_olive16 : #yoga
s0phiaah0ward - g_sawyer05 - beachcutie1099 - frozen_warmth -
Stupid ankle is acting up:( #ugh #anklebrace #blah #havingrunningwithdrawls
blah - ugh - anklebrace - havingrunningwithdrawls -
caitlin_swanson12 - scarface_eddy - tyler_ormezzano - chetangp -
#LetsGetFlexy #OctoberYogaChallenge #DisabledYogi #YogaForCripples #AdultGymnastics #DisabledYogi #disabilitygymnastics #Stretch #Flexibility #EhlersDanlosSyndrome #PosturalOrthostaticTachycardiaSyndrome #LegBraces #Kneebraces #AnkleBrace #NikeStudioWraps
adultgymnastics - yogaforcripples - posturalorthostatictachycardiasyndrome - stretch - anklebrace - octoberyogachallenge - letsgetflexy - ehlersdanlossyndrome - flexibility - nikestudiowraps - disabilitygymnastics - kneebraces - disabledyogi - legbraces -
om_yogibunni : Your doing brilliant :) loving seeing all your posts xx
purlbeadsjo : Thank you so much @om_yogibunni I'm really enjoying the challenge! And I've interacted with so many people because of it, it's great! Xx
om_yogibunni : This is awesome :) @purlbeadsjo xxx
yogacasadelsol : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ™
ashleyrenae73 : Wow this is amazing!!! So beautiful & flexi!!! β€οΈπŸ‘Œ
purlbeadsjo : Thank you @om_yogibunni @yogacasadelsol and @ashleyrenae73 I love splits stretches, they relieve so much pain and really make me feel elegant and flexible :-D
ashleyrenae73 : I feel the same & you look beautiful & elegant!! 😍😍
purlbeadsjo : Thankyou @ashleyrenae73 I aspire to be as elegant as you! ;-) xx
chocolatefarm - yogacasadelsol - dvdgarciagomez - miken9117 -
#fresh #kotd #kicksonfire #anklebrace #canttaketheseankles
canttaketheseankles - kicksonfire - fresh - kotd - anklebrace - yeet -
mrrevis : #yeet
peyton_midgette : Ankle braces are for faggots
mrrevis : @peyton_midgette guard your anks next time I see you
davidmcneill96 : #Brun
davidmcneill96 : #bruh #kickgamestupid #yeetgamestupider #haha
jacobav10 : Ayyye
kayleigh6500 - jacobav10 - cle_cavs_nation - zackdowney -
πŸ‘…βœŒοΈπŸ‘Ÿ goΡ‚Ρ‚a love Ρ‚Π½eΠΌ anΔΈle ιnjυrιeΡ• 😹⭐️🎈 #ankle #anklebrace #anklewrap #danceinjury #Tendonitis #anklesprain
tendonitis - anklesprain - danceinjury - ankle - anklebrace - anklewrap -
marisacramos - lovemoneykaty - edpalma - lorenz.julie2014 -
New shoes. #Nike #nikebasketball #lebronjames #basketball @nike @nikebasketball #vegas #lasvegas #jewball #jew #footlocker #houseofhoops #clean #hashtags #anklebrace #hawaii
houseofhoops - footlocker - basketball - jew - nike - lebronjames - hashtags - hawaii - nikebasketball - vegas - jewball - clean - lasvegas - anklebrace -
super.bonar2015 - kwokyy - nicholas_kyminas - a_bramb -
#shoes πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ #converse #dcshoes #gym #anklebrace
gym - converse - anklebrace - shoes - dcshoes -
shedlbsfast.3 : Love the feed. Scope some of my pics if u want to see how I shed 13.5 Ibs of fat in just 23 days FREE!
perfectly.gabbie : Converse are bæ....well for me anyways
x_xmetal_princessx_x : haha i like converse, but i love my DCs even more @perfectly.gabbie
kcostalos - abyssal_ - _mattcouture - colten_elite -
xmen - anklebrace - somuchpain -
whitecpt : Nightmare Shame
q.u.i.s. -
OMG when I came from school today this is what I found on my bed dangg shes beautiful !!!!!!! #drose#derrickrosecollection#droseshoes#drose4.5#anklebrace#happy#waw#beautifull
drose - droseshoes - drose4 - anklebrace - waw - derrickrosecollection - beautifull - happy -
bazil_kendrick : Thats the shyt
craig.0 : Bro that's sick
craig.0 : @oerieza
junior_baller1 : Thanks @craig.0
oerieza : Make a video wen playg in these..good memories @junior_baller1
junior_baller1 : Ight I will @oerieza
a.tego : Nice kicks
junior_baller1 : Thanks @a.tego
kgorgor - luca_vecchioni - eliteballer42 - bazil_kendrick -
Out with the old.. In with the new.. Brace finally arrived! #byebye #robocopleg #anklebrace #whitestocking #thrombosis #sexylook
robocopleg - anklebrace - byebye - thrombosis - sexylook - whitestocking -
kdimech - milli469 - markrizz0 -
Uhhhhh got these dope socks! @40sandshorties got the most #STASH at work @zumiez thanks @treymorlan #sockgame #onpoint #zumiezlife #lovemyjob #zu-crew #bruh #anklebrace
zumiezlife - sockgame - stash - onpoint - lovemyjob - bruh - zu - anklebrace -
am.norman2015 - dat_kowalski - 40sandshorties - _jayp -
Lake Powell was super fun with this gang! #Ifthefoodwasgood #anklebrace #whopeedinthebed #onemoreburger
whopeedinthebed - anklebrace - onemoreburger - ifthefoodwasgood -
nickavery : Haha who peed in the bed?
estinjames : Sounds fun
anna.k.lee : ;)
matthew_andersonn : Cuddle buddy @nickavery
josh_clifton : Dude Sean nice hair!
camdenwoll : Sean's hair tho πŸ‘Ά@sean_anderson_
caleb_skee : ^^^^
kylehaas - emma_gideon06 - sky123lysbeth - jonathan_3_______ -
Braces such especially on the same leg! Lol #kneebrace #anklebrace
anklebrace - kneebrace -
michigandaddy : Lol how long in them
haileemattson : I don't even know haha, I wear my ankle brace all the time cause I have ankle problems and my knee is starting to be dumb lol @michigandaddy
kevster415 - _forever_and_always_22_ - fl003 - till__the_end -
Whent to sports check and got a ankle brace and sports tape #sportscheck #sports #tape #anklebrace #ankle #mcdavid #volleyball #basketball #bmx #cool
basketball - sportscheck - volleyball - sports - tape - ankle - mcdavid - bmx - anklebrace - cool -
cwilsonbmx - freckleface_26 - domsen420 - nevermadapparel -
Busted Outlook Day 2 I'm now bleeding from my knee. #anklebrace #tatertot
tatertot - anklebrace -
catthroat : 😎😎
georduhn : Couple of good dudes right there!
sleepyscum : You look absolutely in love ❀️ GQ ad
pm_dre : Hey I know that guy
mraethompson - jesslombera - butmostlygoose - iamdianamai -
My new #YogaShoes arrived! #NikeStudioWraps #NikeStudioWrap my #Anklebraces fit too, they slide off the heels doing some things but that happens with any shoes. These are a medium and I'm a shoes size 5.5 but closer to a 6 with the ankle braces.
hypermobilitysyndrome - yogaforcripples - pilates - posturalorthostatictachycardiasyndrome - yogashoes - nikestudiowrap - afo - ehlersdanlossyndrome - yogaeverydamnday - nikestudiowraps - disabledyogi - fitness - anklebraces - anklebrace - rehabilitation -
purlbeadsjo : They do slightly yes :-D the main reason I got them was to wear over my ankle braces but the foot padding and big toe alignment is most welcome too! I must say you do amazingly well for ab EDSer & PoTSie :-) keep up the good work @ashleyrenae73 xx
ashleyrenae73 : Thank you for all the info!! And also for the amazing compliments. It took me years to get past the exercise intolerance. And I used to not be able to go from a downward dog to upward without passing out. I've gone a long long way. Yet I still have my bad days like today of course. I'm a type 3 H-EDS'er & I have hyper adrenergenic POTS btw. So I feel super blessed with how well I do!! xoxo
ashleyrenae73 : And hey you keep up the great work too! You're doing awesome!!! 😊😊
purlbeadsjo : Thank you @ashleyrenae73 I was really hit hard with the exercise and heat intolerance, I've never passed out but I end up confused, really tachycardic and unable to speak or sit up so I'm not really much use, now that I'm on propranolol for that and the migraines I'm doing so much better. I'm basically back to where I was before I developed PoTS bit it was hard! I spent 6 weeks in hospital at one point and I had tore learn how to stand and walk, it was really hard! The 1st time I managed dancer pose after I was discharged I was so happy I cried and it got over 100 likes on Facebook lol <3 it's really awesome to see you doing so well especially with the yoga, a lot of people keep telling me not to do yoga and gymnastics because I'm already too flexible but it's all helping me get stronger and I hate the stiff cramped up feeling if I don't stretch :-D Xx
ashleyrenae73 : I was hit hard with exercise, heat, & cold intolerance & tachycardia & once super ventricular tachycardia...terrifying! I'm on propranolol too & it's helped so much! A lot of ppl worry about my weight lifting & yoga, but I now know my limits I push them at times but never too far although I once did just out of excitement to be off the couch or Outta the bed! I often say I feel I've "almost" beat POTs although not completely but EDS is what takes me down. And I know yoga has definitely helped with both & lifting so I keep doing what I'm doing cause I'm better than I've been compared to the last 6 yrs!! And I'm with you sometimes I pay for overdoing but I hurt when I don't do anything so it's a give/take & finding the happy medium! You're doing amazingly well!!! πŸ’žπŸ’ž
purlbeadsjo : @ashleyrenae73 You're totally keeping me motivated :-D propranolol is amazing! I was trying to exercisewith a heart rate of 200+bpm and having migraines that landed me in hospital with terrible muscle spasms that dislocated everything! Since going in propranolol my migraines are unpleasant but totally manageable and my HR is about 150bpm when I exercise :-D. I'm the same as you, I push myself a little to hard occasionally but usually I'm on, I do gymnastics on Tuesday nights so Wednesday is always pretty hard lol! I'm going to a hypermobility rehab hospital in December for a 3 week intensive rehab, with land and water based exercise and psychology and OT it's basically aimed at getting you as fit as possible and teaching you to manage your health :-D I can't wait
ashleyrenae73 : Well that makes me feel great! I was the same with my HR going out of control or simply passing out which was so embarrassing at the gym as to why I do a lot at home. I do admit I do push a little too hard but that's all I knew before being diagnosed. I don't always listen to docs cause here in the States they tell me it's in my head or that I don't know what I'm talking about, soooo frustrating! I'm glad you have options & ppl that care. Look forward to seeing how the rehab goes for you!! πŸ˜πŸ’–βœ¨πŸ™
purlbeadsjo : Were lucky in the UK that the leading experts are working with the charity I volunteer for, a lot of their time and money goes into teaching medical professionals about EDS. How old were you when you were diagnosed if you don't mind me asking. Oh and I'm planning on blogging my rehab stay. My blog has a fair few things on it all ready if you're interested? @ashleyrenae73 xx
crookedfingersgirl - kevster415 - zone2film - mukhtarrazzaq -
#aso #anklebrace #gym #cheershoes #workingout #weakankles #hypermobilitysyndrome #ehlersdanlossyndrome #asobrace
hypermobilitysyndrome - aso - gym - workingout - ehlersdanlossyndrome - weakankles - asobrace - cheershoes - anklebrace -
odetteosman - haley_buzz - audreyanne32 - imprincessilse -
Finally exposing my feet.😳#WhiteFeet #AnkleBrace
anklebrace - whitefeet -
valeriee10_11_12 - yo_itsjessiica - _andreeees_ - brendaunderscorefordays_____ -
Have to wear this ankle brace until 11/11/14.....#anklebrace
anklebrace -
friends_forlife_ : How u do the starbucks logo
friends_forlife_ : @qiyangyolo
friends_forlife_ : How
qiyangyolo : @friends_forlife_
friends_forlife_ : Tell me
crystal6537 - dion_oz11_ - friends_forlife_ - leechoyfoong -
Finally. Jacob bought me a support brace for my ankle. After being in constant pain for the past week, this feels alot better and im hoping it will continually improve how I feel. πŸ’•πŸ˜“πŸ‘πŸ’Š #keepingfingerscrossed #anklebrace #thanksbabe #hegivesmesupport
keepingfingerscrossed - anklebrace - hegivesmesupport - thanksbabe -
yesseni_ap - dpaez76 - reenie_weenee - kevinmichaelmcbride -
Went to the doctors to check on my #ankle today. Gotta stop #running for a while. Got a new #accessory to help me heal quicker...I hope! And #iceCream cuz why not! #bummers #notrunningsucks #halfbaked #irie #selfie #benandjerrys #anklebrace #sprain #injuredRunner #limpingaround #mililanirunner #runliftrestrepeat #nikeplus #timeforasesh #pinksocks #makeup #hawaii #mililani
mililanirunner - pinksocks - selfie - makeup - notrunningsucks - accessory - halfbaked - running - bummers - limpingaround - benandjerrys - injuredrunner - mililani - runliftrestrepeat - timeforasesh - hawaii - icecream - irie - ankle - nikeplus - anklebrace - sprain -
michigandaddy : Lol good luck
bigga12 : Get well soon πŸ™πŸ‘
hithi : Get well soon.. Strong giπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ™rl
vimommy21 : Have you tried the KT tape? @ala_moana
ala_moana_ : @vimommy21🌺 I haven't tried it yet, I only recently seen it for the first time on IG...has it worked for u?😊
vimommy21 : @ala_moana yes I love it. It helps out a lot
ge_o83 : In the same boat
ala_moana_ : @ge_o83πŸ˜•#notrunningsucks! Hope u heal quickly!
jrbgabriel - girlspowerandfitness - raylazarine - vimommy21 -
Gotta work off that thanksgiving food! #teamflyfree #yeg
canada - sideflip - swag - parkour - flyfree - school - yeg - teamflyfree - jump - freerunning - somanykids - freerun - anklebrace - snapback -
lanceakachase : #flyfree #parkour #freerunning #freerun #canada #snapback #swag #anklebrace #sideflip #jump #school #somanykids
sika_pk : Sick!!! Come check out what I got if you like what you see follow please I'd really appreciate it πŸ‘
jumpstagram_official : 😊 hi my name is @zuzivilla and I created this new account called @jumpstagram_official ...if you like it and would love to follow it πŸ’•β˜€οΈπŸšπŸ‘ŸπŸ‘Ÿ that would be fantastic. Thank you. Zuzi
bumblebeelynn - rickyarmy23 - sebastiancruzcouture_canada - calisthenicsrevived -
#PhotoGrid #LetsGetFlexy #OctoberYogaChallenge #YogaEveryDamnDay #Flexibility #DisabledYogi #Fitness #Gymnast #Gymnastics #AdultGymnastics #DisabledGymnast #rehabilitation #EhlersDanlosSyndrome #Hypermobile #HypermobilitySyndrome #PosturalOrthostaticTachycardiaSyndrome #ChronicallyFabulous #legbraces #LegBrace #Kneebraces #Donjoy #4titude #Velocity #AnkleBrace #AnkleBraces
legbrace - hypermobilitysyndrome - ehlersdanlossyndrome - yogaeverydamnday - flexibility - gymnastics - hypermobile - chronicallyfabulous - anklebraces - disabledyogi - legbraces - adultgymnastics - photogrid - posturalorthostatictachycardiasyndrome - gymnast - donjoy - octoberyogachallenge - 4titude - disabledgymnast - anklebrace - fitness - velocity - kneebraces - letsgetflexy - rehabilitation -
purlbeadsjo : Thanks @priscilvny :-D
6packabs123456 : Amazing!
purlbeadsjo : Thanks @6packabs123456 :-)
bianca_graves : This is my next goal! Dang, girl! Lol
purlbeadsjo : Haha thanks @bianca_graves I'm loving the #OctoberYogaChallenge it's made sure I do something every day :-D fancy joining me for next month's one? Xx
bianca_graves : @purlbeadsjo Absolutely! :)
ashleyrenae73 : Beautifully done!!
purlbeadsjo : Thank you @ashleyrenae73 <3
chaneltianna - siobhanjones13 - robyn_j_murray - araxiee -
look at my new shoes! #nike #flyknit #flyknittrainer #teamflyknit #anklebrace πŸ˜₯
flyknit - flyknittrainer - anklebrace - teamflyknit - nike -
officialpirtle : dope
ala_moana_ - _22greg - team_flyknit - jayjunior_oke -
This is what happens when you cheer your whole life and injure your whole body than try to work 2 jobs at 26 yrs old.... #swollenjoints #kneebrace #anklebrace #imgettingold #mylegsarekillingme
imgettingold - swollenjoints - mylegsarekillingme - anklebrace - kneebrace -
jessicasmith90260403 : Right there with ya girl
michigandaddy : Nice legs though. How long are you wearing the braces
jessicasmith90260403 - michigandaddy - kysaesee -
#AnkleBrace #tutu #SENIORS #repyoursport
seniors - tutu - repyoursport - anklebrace -
erickson396 : Cough (bears suck) cough cough..... @jacquelynn_marie2015 @morganleigh15 #spiritday#2015 #SENIORS
maranda52314 - jacquelynn_marie2015 - _heather__feather - noelle_20011223 -
#Injured #SeasonOver #HomeAlone #YellowTipSocks #AnkleBrace #TornLiganent #ThirstyAF
injured - seasonover - yellowtipsocks - thirstyaf - tornliganent - anklebrace - homealone -
allys18xo : #hairylegs
yungxash_ : the timing of it though .
raanhuizen : Tell me about it boss :(
sharna_stemmet : Those socks tho
tegz.gibaud - aimeecloete - yungxash_ - thee90stwins -
Yay fun times #anklebrace #fml
fml - anklebrace -
lavidadelilian : Tf u do
imnotthatdrunk : Happened at work
quijas4101 -
First half and finished at 2.06. I aggravated my injuries again, but trained so long that I had to run it. I look funny in the photo, I was trying to say hi to my family as I ran. #runlongbeach #oceanblvd #befit #13.1 #halfcrazy #firsthalfmarathon #kttape #Accomplished #goalsaremeanttobeachieved #Running #iloverunning #bootcamp #crossfit
13 - goalsaremeanttobeachieved - firsthalfmarathon - runlongbeach - crossfit - running - bootcamp - ace - accomplished - kttape - kneestrap - oceanblvd - anklebrace - befit - iloverunning - halfcrazy -
nikongal01 : #Anklebrace #kneestrap both by #ace and kttape all on my left leg. Runners are crazy! :)
alyanie - sjguan - socalstitches - dlinesports -
WazUp???? FOR SALE LIMITED LANG #prewrap #muellerTape #mizunoBackpck #volleyballShorts #ankleBrace
anklebrace - mizunobackpck - prewrap - muellertape - volleyballshorts -
philiptheadvocate : How much for the wrap and brace?
don_custodio - kimionethree - jebenson_belza -
13 weeks ago... I broke my fibula. Today? Boom. It's no bouting and zooming, but it's a bloody good start! #brokenankle #anklebrace #anklesupport #Mueller #rollerderby #suregrip #juicewheels #recovery #progress
mueller - recovery - rollerderby - juicewheels - brokenankle - suregrip - progress - anklesupport - anklebrace -
leslie9876 : Good for you. πŸ‘
hollyterror626 : Thank you @leslie9876 !! Slowly but surely!! Hope you are getting on ok!
leslie9876 : I'm getting there. Still can't get my full weight onto my toes. Thus I'm not walking "properly" yet. But today I put on my Flo Rida and danced to two songs. I was able to get up on my toes doing that @hollyterror626 πŸ‘I just did it to two songs then it hurt so I quit. But that may be my way of getting it back. Did have to stretch out my Achilles Tendon right away!!😳lol. And you are back into skating? That must feel so awesome. πŸ˜€πŸ˜Š
hollyterror626 : It won't be til Tuesday in a big practice hall but a small pootle around the living room haha!! It'll take time but a little pain is good as your muscles are stretching out, if it really hurts then stop!! I use these:
hollyterror626 : @leslie9876 This one is another :
leslie9876 : Thanks @hollyterror626 I'll check those out. πŸ˜€
leslie9876 - turbopete55 - crda_thrashinlassies - paintedghost -
Rocked the gimp status today! #pain #kneebrace #anklebrace #shinhurts #wootwoot #toocomplicated #insomuchpain #ankle #shin #school #couchpotato #feet #gymclasshero #jesusisinmyheart #knee #m
wootwoot - pain - feet - jesusisinmyheart - knee - shinhurts - kneebrace - school - gymclasshero - couchpotato - toocomplicated - m - insomuchpain - ankle - shin - anklebrace -
_victoriaemma : "I don't need to go to the hospital!"
_victoriaemma : Lol. Feel better!
kaycsmeal : @_victoriaemma haha! Right! And thanks!
_victoriaemma : You're welcome! 😊
alicjuuch - ann_sophieherbst - dannym1989 - indokolatlanjarogipsz -
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