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🎼 I Believe in every TRIAL πŸ”¨, there is Always a way. May there someday be sunshine β˜€οΈmay there someday be HAPPINESS πŸ˜„ may there someday be love πŸ’›πŸ’šπŸ’™ may there someday be PEACE πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™ I hope this helps some of you with your struggles as it has helped me. Found on a wall in Auschwitz Concentration Camp @xmaddi_missfittx #InscriptionOfHope #PeaceBeWithYou #AndWithYourSpirit
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natalie_waterman : πŸ˜±πŸ˜±πŸ˜±πŸ‘πŸ‘
annettealdover : Lol. I know!!! That sums up how I feel! Always have faith and God will guide you through 😁 @natalie_waterman
natalie_waterman : Amenn(: ❀️❀️
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Good morning peeps What I saw this morning made me realize that: The fact that you are healthy and strong does not determine how long you will live Only God can,and we don't understand wat he has been for us If you don't pray everyday then you are just exposing yourself to the evil of the world May his Mercies never leave us #peaceofthelordbewithyouall #andwithyourspirit=-)<
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rich_hommie_lol : Gm @blesssita
blesssita : @rich_hommie_lol
scoobymuller : U on bbm angel?
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#LiveLongAndProsper #PeaceAndLongLife #PeaceBeUponYou #UponYouBePeace #PeaceBeWithYou #AndWithYourSpirit #YesAllOfThoseThings #LaterPost
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favored__1 : How are you love?
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On Mondays I dress like a hobo, but my shirt's pretty cool eh? #maytheforcebewithyou #andwithyourspirit
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teafaaany : Makes me wanna go to dtf to get some breakfast.
dayvines : Come hither! @teafaaany
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Hate no one no matter how much they've wronged you Live humbly no matter how wealthy you've become Think positively no matter how hard life is Give much even if you have been given little Keep in touch with the ones who has forgotten you And forgive those that have wronged you And do not stop praying for the best for those you love God owes us nothing but gives us everything #greatful #alwaysgrateful #Godisgood #allthetime #peaceofthelordbewithyouall #andwithyourspirit #happysunday #haveagreatweekahead
greatful - godisgood - peaceofthelordbewithyouall - happysunday - haveagreatweekahead - alwaysgrateful - andwithyourspirit - allthetime -
quinkings : nice
wil4red : Nice !!!!!!
blesssita : Tanx @iqrange @quinkings @wil4red
rich_hommie_lol : Kfb dear
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So thankful to have met a guy like you. Thank you for being you and for all you do! We've only known each other three months, but I'm excited for what's in store❀️☺️🐒
bless - andwithyourspirit -
colleendoc_ : Omg like perf
marym57 : Oh em gee like thank you like so much #bless @colleendoc_
colleendoc_ : #PeaceBeWithYous
marym57 : #AndWithYourSpirit @colleendoc_
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Gratitude is the essential emotion. #gratitude #andwithyourspirit
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I only come to SD for the food...and Marielle is cool too πŸ˜‰ #SDadventures #fake #Roadtrip #round2 #andwithyourspirit
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simpleeesme : @juuleelee only for the day I'm heading back to school tonight
juuleelee : Awwwh, let my know when you come back, I wanna say hi! :D
simpleeesme : @juuleelee ahh definitely I'll let you know 😘
mariellejoy21 : #forTheFabulousOne
jungjaylee : BOBAAAAAA ❀
jungjaylee : Wait a minute.. Is this the same one we went to or another place? I don't remember this pretty decal!
mariellejoy21 : It's a new place Ading @jungjaylee.
jungjaylee : @mariellejoy21 ahh okay, that's nice! I love up2you ❀
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Be careful with what seed you allow to take the root in the garden of your heart Not all seeds bear good fruit #peaceofthelordbewithyouall #andwithyourspirit #happysunday #haveagreatday
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kheddar_varhnz : Kindly Follow Back
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Dear God If today I lose hope Please remind me that your plans for me is bigger than my dreams #happysunday #peaceofthelordbewithyouall #andwithyourspirit
peaceofthelordbewithyouall - andwithyourspirit - happysunday -
am04_celestine : Cute pix u nice out fit pix
blesssita : Tanx @am04_celestine
amayanabor : Kfb
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Role reversal. #jesuslovesyou #andwithyourspirit
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Here it is. I'm gonna spend a good time with my sweet piano. #andwithyourspirit
andwithyourspirit -
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I have decided not to grow with haste But will grow gradually and graciously Its not how far but how well #happysunday #ifarabale #amagetthere #itsamatteroftime #peaceofthelordbewithyouall #andwithyourspirit
peaceofthelordbewithyouall - ifarabale - andwithyourspirit - itsamatteroftime - happysunday - amagetthere -
vezzonorge : Very cute!πŸ‘Œ
jiddh : 😻
blesssita : @vezzonorge tanx
blesssita : @jiddh @jiddh
ormege : Kfb @blessita21
kojoelegant : Like baq
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May the Lord be with my girlsβ›ͺοΈπŸ™πŸŽƒ #andwithyourspirit #preach
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berry_berry_good : AUDDSAUCE
berry_berry_good : wht happened to the meth?!?
auddsauce : STRAWBERRY!! I renounced my druggie ways to follow in the path of God
auddsauce : @berry_berry_good
nicolepla : May the #Lord be with you #amen
auddsauce : ^^
ckemp124 : Whos that hot chick in the orange
auddsauce : I literally love you @carolynkemp_
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Its a new day, free your heart, refresh your mind, forgive dos who wrong u, lower ur ego and apologize for ur wrongs and you will be free from your worries.......bliss and happiness sets in. Enjoy this day. Happy Sunday #peaceofthelordbewithyouall #andwithyourspirit #sundayselfie
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izehi_ : Kfb
sweetieplum63 : Beautiful
blesssita : Tnx @sweetieplum63
kojoelegant : Nice dress
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Some things just bring to mind the Bread of Life. #beholdthecross #Catholic #food #andwithyourspirit
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t_vogel5 : #jealous
hailey_worthy - tommy.owens.338 - samanthakstock - t_vogel5 -
#peacebewithyou #andwithyourspirit
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Two proud winners of the First Catholic Ladies Association Scholarship! Pretty smartie pants @yogirlkras
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karlimudrinich : #socatholic
ohyouknowemma : #peacebewithyou #andwithyourspirit
tayymariebenton - bizzarrojo - hannahh_barness - dsovak16 -
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As we embark on more #IKEA assemblage, I read the Gospel According to Shumway. #AndWithYourSpirit
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That awkward moment...😷 #goodcatholicfun #catholic #Catholic #germphobe #peace #andwithyourspirit #offerasignofpeace
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meganfehr13 : @sedrudik @lyndsmcatherine πŸ˜‚
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Special blessing for all the Father's today. May these brothers be lifted so that they may continue be nurture and lead. #HappyFathersDay #AndWithYourSpirit #Harambee
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The grace of the Lord #Jesus Christ, the love of #God and the fellowship of the #Holy Spirit be with you all. - 2 Corinthians 13:13.#stPaul Made with @instaquoteapp #instaquote Celebrating the #feast of the #trinity #fathersonholyspirit #today #christian #Catholic #thoughtfortheday #Thoughtfortheweek
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catholicmumm : #holytrinity
catholicmumm : @rooseguitar amen
catholicmumm : #triunegod
jesuschrist777777 : @catholicmumm : Thank you !!! And with you too.Amen !!!<3+++
racr57 : Amen!
mickienoah : AmenπŸ™
d_nemeh : And also with you. Amen
catholicmumm : #andwithyourspirit
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How my mom and I say good bye HAHAHA #jesus #peace #andwithyourspirit #l4l #f4f
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Chino eyes featuring Cyans arm
andwithyourspirit -
_mabil : Ugly
lillybethhxo : Thanks I get it from you ❀️ @_mabil
lord.forte : Ew #letthelordbewithyou
lillybethhxo : #Andwithyourspirit @lord_forte
_xnayc : Shoulda tagged my arm
lillybethhxo : Just for you I will 😌 @_xnayc
himynameismarcos : Tbh send me the picture
jillian_riverax9 : Tbh: Lilly! I miss you ❀️
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100 followers!!! Thank you so much! This account is my way of spreading a little humor through the Catholic community! Haha who else still struggle with this one lol? #andwithyourspirit #catholicswag #catholic #goodcatholicfun
andwithyourspirit - catholic - goodcatholicfun - catholicswag -
mathlover1014 : 😁
santiagoshakur - friendsthingss - miraris.wings - writeisescape -
they will let anyone join the church. #confirmation #soproud #wwjd #andwithyourspirit #threeamigos #dapperdomingo
confirmation - wwjd - soproud - andwithyourspirit - dapperdomingo - threeamigos -
puro_bastos : Lol at your caption
anacarmelae : Congrats!!
shebotster : @mnalty @ecyojkristine
daltobar1 : They look like a ghetto choir
_kellygbruno_ : Yikes πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ lol congrats guys!
shmaureen : Congrats @another_george πŸ‘πŸ™πŸ˜„
bastos36 : Hey! We did the time. Let us shine!
erinnjade_ : Looooll
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Post-rehearsal drinks with the Catholics. Happy Tuesday! #100happydays #day13 #fletchers #andwithyourspirit #martini #staugustine #prayforus
100happydays - prayforus - day13 - andwithyourspirit - staugustine - fletchers - martini -
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IT'S A TRAP! #SPLURGIN #nerdalert #starwarssunday #maytheforcebewithyou #andwithyourspirit
splurgin - andwithyourspirit - starwarssunday - nerdalert - maytheforcebewithyou -
jonsanluis : @500daysofemilyy "do or do not, there is not try" -yoda
janellebautista : πŸ˜πŸ˜›
optimistprime24 : Full size run?
jonsanluis : @optimistprime24 yup! Got mine at the shoppes both my size :)
optimistprime24 : Grubbin at Pacific Fish Grill then heading there
dennisduydinh : sick
mahhcuss : Wtfff. I need these
arielle_may : OMG I know I bought a pair for me and the baby AND a hat........
vpineduh - juliannanicolee - dwreck_javate -
St. Augustine, pray for us. Post-church Whisky Wednesday with my favorite Catholic choristers. Can I get an Amen? #100happydays #day7 #whisky #summer #kzoo #andwithyourspirit
100happydays - summer - kzoo - andwithyourspirit - day7 - whisky -
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Mother Teresa? #peacebewithyou #andwithyourspirit #catholickid
andwithyourspirit - catholickid - peacebewithyou -
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Congrats to the best confirmandi out there @jwest_2 #sponsor #oil #andwithyourspirit
andwithyourspirit - oil - sponsor -
jwest_2 : Thank you best sponsor of a confirmandi #robe
sean_adgate10 - coledcity - buck617 - ryan8miller -
Class of 2014! Congrats @mildredplotka #your #youre #your #qlowns #helpinmeowt #gotyouflowers #fromyourhouse #andwithyourspirit #thisisthecommunionpartright #peas #soup #notsobighoney #
helpinmeowt - youre - peas - thisisthecommunionpartright - notsobighoney - soup - qlowns - gotyouflowers - andwithyourspirit - fromyourhouse - your -
epheezee : #BlueberryMuffin
audy_bear_ : #silenttwofingerclap #isthisthepartwherewegetcommunion #allensgonnaeatwithus
kaylee_faye23 : @itsallentothe @mildredplotka congrats! So proud of you both! Hope to see you soon!
mildredplotka : #howdoesthegraduationsonggoagain ? #anddontsayvitaminc #doesthismeanigradfirst #cause #nvm #imsleeptho #theystolethatfromme #whocameupwithzZzZz thank you @itsallentothe for being there at the private ceremony, ur part of my support system throughout all of these years. Can't wait to graduate with my college buddie oh shiet #collegebuddies #tellthattothekids #momhadahonda ?! πŸ˜‚
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