So gorgeous. #bocanegra #seatbocanegra #amr005 #amrdoesistanbul #istanbul #eurocar #europeancar #iphone5 #lategram #seat #vwgroup May 2014
europeancar - istanbul - amrdoesistanbul - iphone5 - seat - eurocar - bocanegra - vwgroup - seatbocanegra - amr005 - lategram -
amr005 : There's just something special about eurohatches.
fondmetal_america : Cool!
agataani - ibby_kelanister - khaled74 - slowly763 -
This Seat bocanegra was pretty fly. Bocanegra literally means black mouth, and you'll see why in a sec. Seat is a Spanish cousin of the vw, part of the vw group along with Audi, Porsche, and skoda. #bocanegra #seatbocanegra #seat #istanbul #amr005 #amrdoesistanbul #iphone5 #lategram May 2014
istanbul - amrdoesistanbul - iphone5 - seat - bocanegra - seatbocanegra - amr005 - lategram -
agataani - ibby_kelanister - slowly763 - kingtut718 -
The original, apparently there are a few copycats. #vankahvalti #vankahvaltievi #amrdoesistanbul #amr005 #iphone5 #istanbuleats #istanbul #lategram May 2014
vankahvaltievi - istanbul - amrdoesistanbul - iphone5 - istanbuleats - vankahvalti - amr005 - lategram -
osama_14mohamed - som3ahd - billal - taqwizzlescakes -
My fam doesn't mess around. Van kahvalti evi, the most sought after Turkish breakfast spot in all of Istanbul. Turkish breakfast is insane. #vankahvaltievi #vankahvalti #turkishbreakfast #amr005 #amrdoesistanbul #istanbuleats #istanbul #breakfast #brunchlife #brunch #iphone5 #turkey #turkishfood #lategram May 2014
brunchlife - vankahvaltievi - turkishbreakfast - istanbul - turkishfood - amrdoesistanbul - iphone5 - istanbuleats - turkey - vankahvalti - breakfast - amr005 - brunch - lategram -
bigocan : Omg๐Ÿ˜ฑ about yo lose my mind
zubair84 : Is that a platter of chocolate?
amr005 : @zubair84 yes it's Nutella.
rdotmirza : best breakfast ever.
zubair84 : @amr005 what a great country
amr005 : @rdotmirza you went to this same spot?
amr005 : @zubair84 you ain't lyin brotha.
rdotmirza : @amr005 yes! So delicious!
samia.abdallah - get_dizzy - londoneya - saudrules -
#shawermaboys #shawermaheaven #donerlife #istanbuleats #istiklal #taksim #amr005 #amrdoesistanbul #lategram May 2014
amr005 - donerlife - amrdoesistanbul - istanbuleats - shawermaboys - shawermaheaven - istiklal - lategram - taksim -
larrydeadstock : @djlam_in
tabvipr : woah
molay04 : Omg @hadeelia
djlam_in : @larrydeadstock salade, tomate, oignon ร  vie
agataani - finessecage - zfsagoff - roksana868 -
ู„ุง ุงู„ู‡ ุงู„ุง ุงู„ู„ู‡ ู…ุญู…ุฏ ุฑุณูˆู„ ุงู„ู„ู‡. #eyupsultan #eyupsultanmosque #islamicarchitecture #masjid #mosque #amr005 #amrdoesistanbul #istanbul #turkey #iphone5 #lategram May 2014
turkey - istanbul - islamicarchitecture - eyupsultan - iphone5 - mosque - lategram - masjid - eyupsultanmosque - amr005 - amrdoesistanbul -
sumiahaduib : ๐Ÿ˜
thisiskhaledm - mokelani - annieswift - sadafabed -
This guy was putting in work. Too bad he doesn't write in Arabic. His calligraphy skills were amazing. #eyupsultan #calligraphy #khatat #hatat #amr005 #amrdoesistanbul #madskills #iphone5 #istanbul #turkey #turkiye #lategram May 2014
turkey - amr005 - hatat - istanbul - amrdoesistanbul - iphone5 - lategram - turkiye - madskills - calligraphy - eyupsultan - khatat -
officialriyad : Nice!
_theinfluencer : Wow
offendum : @illmdotco
illmdotco : @offendum these Turkish guys pioneered the fusion style, we takin' it a step further ๐Ÿ˜
oneplight : @amr005 masha Allah the man had some serious talent. I remember meeting your family as you were getting this done, its such a small world subhan Allah
amr005 : @oneplight wow subhanallah. Super small world. My wife and sisters and on IG too. @domesticdiva @taqwizzle @radweezy
osolieman - oneplight - lapatira - maskatia -
Here's a wider hdr version. #prohdr #hdrshot #amr005 #vsco #eyupsultan #eyupsultanmosque #mosque #masjid #istanbul #amr005 #amrdoesistanbul #turkey #lategram #may 2014
turkey - prohdr - istanbul - amr005 - may - eyupsultan - mosque - lategram - masjid - hdrshot - eyupsultanmosque - vsco - amrdoesistanbul -
georginaprentice : Subhanallah
agataani - raad_nile - annieswift - atmourad -
B&W rendition. Similar to previous shot. I have a few diff edits, let me know which one you like the most after I post em. #eyupsultan #eyupsultanmosque #amr005 #amrdoesistanbul #istanbul #mosque #masjid #lategram #turkey May 2014
turkey - istanbul - eyupsultan - mosque - lategram - masjid - eyupsultanmosque - amr005 - amrdoesistanbul -
da1andonlyomar - dilekminaretsultan - accislam - onlyemir -
This is one of the most peaceful places on earth. The restaurant across the street provides an amazing view of the eyup sultan mosque in Istanbul. Take me back. #eyupsultan #eyupsultanmosque #mosque #masjid #amr005 #amrdoesistanbul #istanbul #turkey #iphone5 #lategram May 2014
turkey - istanbul - eyupsultan - iphone5 - mosque - lategram - masjid - eyupsultanmosque - amr005 - amrdoesistanbul -
itsnatania : Our favorite place to be in Turkey
haroonjuice : <3
samars15 : @amr005 this was my favorite place on my Istanbul trip
omarmood1 : Yup
agataani - atmourad - iremyurekturksy - youngbunchy -
This French toast may be been some of the best I've ever had. I asked what the secret was and it turns out the chef dips the bread in heavy cream before the eggs and before frying. It was so insanely creamy. Plus the mango and papaya on top was awesome. #unclemomo #montclair #jerseylife #amr005 #iphone5 #brunch
unclemomo - amr005 - jerseylife - brunch - iphone5 - montclair -
ibrahimsmom : Ok I buy sum cream !!
thisiskhaledm : Imma try that. Great idea. Good looks
samoussa87 : Try dipping it in custard before the eggs ;)
muslimsoftheworld1 : Salaams brother Amr...I was recommended to ask to do a story over you on my account! Do you think you could do a story with us?
amr005 : @samoussa87 will do.
amr005 : @muslimofamerica salaamz. I don't mind at all.
muslimsoftheworld1 : Ok great...could you follow my account so I can DM you?
gaitie - jiggyhendrix - ali_q8t - yassertaha -
Incredibly fresh bread straight out the oven. #pitabreadheaven #pitalife #unclemomo #amr005 #montclair #3aish #iphone5
unclemomo - pitalife - amr005 - montclair - iphone5 - pitabreadheaven - 3aish -
humnak : Mmmmm
svntale : :-)
_nailak : Is this an east coast thing? :'(
amr005 : @_nailak yeah this place is in jersey.
aksolieman - elghol1.freepalestine - georginaprentice - domesticdiva -
Tunisian eggs. Cooked in a clay pot over spicy peppers and tomatoes. #unclemomo #brunch #tunisia #eggs #amr005 #iphone5 #montclair
unclemomo - amr005 - tunisia - eggs - iphone5 - montclair - brunch -
amr005 : @afellah1 oh man. I'm remember khala safi's shakshooka from way way back. Incredible.
amr005 : @sumayyahkelani yeah it is the same dish. First time I've ordered it in a restaurant before.
afellah1 : @amr005 I'd love some right now
amr005 : @il_haam we can def make that happen.
amr005 : @abeer_najjar I'm sure yours will@turn out amazing.
amr005 : @mshahin88 this place is realllly good Mohammad. And it's halal too.
kingtut718 : @amr005 looks ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ
thisiskhaledm : @afellah1 never too late to learn to cook it bruh!
tareqabwini - lamwowraya - saudrules - aksolieman -
Jersey exploring, @domesticdiva wifey found this amazing Lebanese style brunch spot in gorgeous Montclair. Uncle momo bistro is dope. This is the nas nas Moroccan cappuccino. #projectbrunch #unclemomo #amr005 #iphone5 #nasnas #jersylife
unclemomo - amr005 - projectbrunch - iphone5 - jersylife - nasnas -
ya_shoosh : Love that place! Their falafel is kteer zaky
farooqak : Look at those layers!! Amazing
amr005 : @ya_shoosh you've been here?
amr005 : @farooqak it was a really good capuccino.
ya_shoosh : I went to the one in Hoboken while @headwrapz was waiting in the freezing cold to get into Carlo's bakery lol
lamwowraya - futoom_abdallah - georginaprentice - mahmoudabdelfatah -
My brother @bigocan put me on to his favorite street food growing up in turkey it's called kuru fasulye or Turkish white beans. Turns out its one of my all time favorite Egyptian dishes I used to have growing up, we called it fasulye bayda. My aunt samia Allah bless her used to make me this dish specifically whenever I visited Egypt in my childhood. It's also made with chunks of beef or lamb. Then you have it with the buttery rice pilaf and now we're talkin. #kurufasulye #amr005 #amrdoesistanbul #istanbul #istanbuleats #whitebeanstew #whitebean #iphone5 #turkey #lategram May 2014
turkey - whitebeanstew - istanbul - amrdoesistanbul - iphone5 - istanbuleats - amr005 - whitebean - kurufasulye - lategram -
bigocan : Man oh man! @amr005 now i gotta make this one of these days.
abeer_najjar : I love when we make this. Perfect winter comfort food. We make ours with lamb too usually. Sahtain!
nomadnoor : Lubya as we say here in Morocco. Its a easy to cook inexpensive food. Yum
mfi_81 : Is this like the soup at shawarma inn?
amr005 : @nomadnoor that's right we call it that too.
amr005 : @mfi_81 similar but in Salan form. Not soupy.
amr005 : @dinabad I don't get it enough. Thank god the Turkish joints around here in jersey usually have it.
amr005 : @abeer_najjar it doesn't get more comfort food than this yo.
dihaajum - kattabd77 - bengaliguy - hafsita88 -
Some more kofte, this time with a ball of potato on top. #sofraci #amr005 #amrdoesistanbul #istanbuleats #istanbul #ottomanfood #ottomankitchen #turkey #turkishfood #iphone5 #lategram May 2014
turkey - istanbul - turkishfood - amrdoesistanbul - iphone5 - istanbuleats - ottomankitchen - ottomanfood - sofraci - amr005 - lategram -
islamicsisterscircle : This looks Delish what's it called ?? And can I find it in nyc lol ๐Ÿ˜‹
amr005 : @islamicsisterscircle not sure what it's called or where to find it in NYC.
osama_14mohamed - moe_hasanin - islamicsisterscircle - anastresh -
Some kofta dish with veggies. #kofte #amr005 #amrdoesistanbul #sofraci #eyupsultan #istanbul #istanbuleats #lategram May 2014
istanbul - amrdoesistanbul - istanbuleats - kofte - sofraci - amr005 - eyupsultan - lategram -
raefmusic : @amr005 on my bucket-list is to actually meet you , and have dinner
amr005 : @raefmusic lol. Jazaks that's very flattering. I missed you at the rally last weekend. My sisters ran into yours. Let's make it happen inshallah.
raefmusic : @amr005 where exactly do you live ? I see posts from Chicago , Bay Area , NJ, and turkey lol
amr005 : @raefmusic lived in the bay until '12, lived in Chicago until this past May, and now live in jersey.
raefmusic : @amr005 aha - and Turkey was just a visit
osama_14mohamed - moe_hasanin - didihabibi - anastresh -
Some of the best food I ate in turkey was in cafeteria style joints like this. You pick what you want from behind the glass and it ends up on your table in 5-10 mins. #ottomanfood #istanbul #istanbuleats #amr005 #amrdoesistanbul #iphone5 #istanbul #turkey #turkishfood #eyupsultan #sofraci May 2014
turkey - istanbul - turkishfood - amrdoesistanbul - iphone5 - istanbuleats - ottomanfood - sofraci - amr005 - eyupsultan -
abdullahnln : If I'm going to visit Istanbul, chances of which might happen real soon Inshallah... I would definitely go through your insta page. Better if you could store all this on a web page, or a blog may be :)
amr005 : If you check my page on the globe it will have all the geotags in turkey. Check it out, It's much easier to see @abdullahnln
nilemajesty : Amr you should seriously start your own food &Travel Blog . I operate Culinary tours in Turkey and certainly benighted a lot fro your insta posts. Keep them coming . Cheers๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ
nilemajesty : Sorry meant benefited ๐Ÿ˜„
islamicsisterscircle : @nebulanabila did u eat in places like this sis?
amr005 : @nilemajesty I do post these pics to my fb, tumblr and twitter. Thank you for the kind words.
gaitie - agataani - islamicsisterscircle - roksana868 -
Some incredible eggplant dish. I could eat eggplant all day. #amr005 #amrdoesistanbul #eyupsultan #iphone5 #ottomanfood #ottomankitchen #sofraci #lategram #istanbuleats May 2014
amrdoesistanbul - iphone5 - istanbuleats - sofraci - ottomanfood - ottomankitchen - amr005 - lategram - eyupsultan -
infinite_dialect : egggggggplant my choice of drug! LOL
amr005 : @infinite_dialect can't be mad at that. I love it.
raefmusic : @amr005 good god
gaitie - agataani - nilufer.savan.75 - ousssam25 -
The dopest thing about traditional ottoman food, is how close it is to the food I've been eating my entire life in Egyptian kitchens. It always felt like I was eating at a friends house as a child, or better yet my mamas house. How clow
ottomanfood - istanbul - turkishfood - sofraci - eyupsultan - amr005 - amrdoesistanbul - istanbuleats -
amr005 : #turkishfood #ottomanfood #amrdoesistanbul #amr005 #eyupsultan #istanbul #istanbuleats
amr005 : #sofraci
osama_14mohamed - som3ahd - moe_hasanin - kingtut718 -
This classic 70's fiat 132 I believe, was super clean. Dude has had it nicely restored to og. #classicitalianmachine #fiat132 #fiat #italiancar #amr005 #iphone5 #pimpmyride #amrdoesistanbul #turkey #lategram May 2014
fiat - turkey - classicitalianmachine - iphone5 - lategram - italiancar - fiat132 - amr005 - pimpmyride - amrdoesistanbul -
haroonjuice - rehantahir - da1andonlyomar - stlublee -
I was lovin the Islamic fashion advertising in turkey. So dope. #amr005 #amrdoesistanbul #iphone5 #islamicfashion #modestfashion #hijabifashion #istanbul #turkey #lategram May 2014
turkey - istanbul - amrdoesistanbul - iphone5 - islamicfashion - hijabifashion - modestfashion - amr005 - lategram -
modestsociety : Very cool!
emilygabrielle - izzhawk - itata___ - sanjin64 -
Some mombar action from eid. God bless Astoria queens. #alrawshah #steinway #queensshit #masryfood #mombar #amr005 #iphone5 #queens #astoria
steinway - masryfood - queensshit - iphone5 - astoria - mombar - alrawshah - amr005 - queens -
yourjewelrybar : That looks good.
anastresh : Msareen? ๐Ÿ˜
amr005 : @anastresh yessir. Same thing
anastresh : So fire! Hope you enjoyed!
osama_14mohamed : ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ where
amr005 : @anastresh can't complain homie. NYC got me spoiled.
amr005 : @osama_14mohamed placed called el rawsha In Astoria queens
naraaa01 - moe_hasanin - gettani - sanazkh88 -
This happened over the weekend. Safeway stepping their game up. Too bad there aren't any safeways in jersey. Found this in dc. Wafflenut #waffledonut #safewayftw #amr005 #iphone5 #doughnut #donut #crack
donut - safewayftw - crack - waffledonut - doughnut - iphone5 - amr005 -
alidinak - sammostafa - hasstlin - amirano -
Eid traditions. Mom has always been making my favorite dessert for eid since as long as I can remember. It's called pasta flora or pasta frola. I've come to find out that it's a Greek dessert that made it's way to Egypt via all the Greeks that lived in my hometown of Alexandria. It's an apricot jam tart type of dessert. It's incredible, I wonder if any other Egyptian moms make this. #pastaflora #pastafrola #eidmoments #eiddessert #amr005 #iphone5 #eidalfitr #eid
pastaflora - iphone5 - eiddessert - eidmoments - pastafrola - eid - amr005 - eidalfitr -
offendum : Syrian moms make it too ... I've had it with strawberry / rose jam also ๐Ÿ‘Œ
amr005 : @waleedsabed I bet bro. What kind of jam does she use?
amr005 : @da7hman that's good to know. They make it with apricot?
da7hman : Yessir with apricot jam
amr005 : @offendum I been trying to beg my mom to make it with strawberry but she won't. She says it needs that tart from the apricot butter.
amr005 : @hajarzaki thank you. Alf Mabrouk, congrats on the good news.
samoussa87 : My mom!
khaled74 : I've had it with strawberry jam and it's off the hook
amirano - abdullah_i23 - georginaprentice -
Learned many of life's lessons on these grounds. May Allah continue to bless this community and all it serves. #daralhijrah #daralhijrahkid #stayreppinva #islam #fallschurch #virginia #amr005 #mosque #VAallday #iphone5
vaallday - iphone5 - mosque - virginia - fallschurch - daralhijrahkid - daralhijrah - stayreppinva - amr005 - islam -
20191likes : ArabianKnights
amr005 : @20191likes you know it. Lol. Hope you and the babies are doing well
ali_q8t : Ah what you in NOVA? I'm in town for a bit hit me up would love to connect
amr005 : Man I'm back in jersey already. Just came out for the protest with my parents. @ali_q8t wish I had known earlier.
agataani - ibby_kelanister - didihabibi - omar__othman -
March on Washington in support of gaza. #freegaza #freepalestine #whitehouse #shutupyourmouseobama #bloodonyourhands #fuckisrael #israel #israhell #amr005 #iphone5
bloodonyourhands - israel - amr005 - freegaza - freepalestine - iphone5 - israhell - fuckisrael - whitehouse - shutupyourmouseobama -
saleem_1305 : Your in town @amr005 !?
amr005 : Yessir just for a couple hours. Headed back to jersey now unfortunately. Just came down for the rally. @saleem_1305
saleem_1305 : Please let me know next time you're in town so we could link. Always trying to get up with my people. Safe Travels @amr005
amr005 : @saleem_1305 most definitely akh. Will do.
chicagostandswithgaza : Hey do you mind if we repost this pic?
amr005 : @chicagostandswithgaza go right ahead.
haroonjuice - fna389 - holylanguage - osamathedrama -
#freegaza #supportgaza #marchonwashington #peaceinthemiddleeast #amr005
supportgaza - amr005 - peaceinthemiddleeast - freegaza - marchonwashington -
shabybeingridiculous : Man I wish I could've gone. Actually I could've I just slept through the buses that were leaving
amr005 : @shabybeingridiculous you should of bro. Heard there were a few buses from Cleveland
finessecage - jiggyhendrix - atmourad - georginaprentice -
One of my favorite streets in instanbul. #sultaneyup #eyupsultan #amr005 #amrdoesistanbul #iphone5 #istanbul #turkey #lategram May 2014
turkey - sultaneyup - istanbul - eyupsultan - iphone5 - lategram - amr005 - amrdoesistanbul -
som3ahd - bokkf - mahmoudabdelfatah - taqwizzle -
Eid gift from uncle ralphie. There is almost no greater pleasure than opening a new ralph box. Thanks honey @domesticdiva #uncleralphie #lolife #lohead #amr005 #iphone5 #poloralphlauren #polo #ralphlauren
uncleralphie - lolife - iphone5 - poloralphlauren - lohead - polo - amr005 - ralphlauren -
amirano - young_simba700 - atmourad - amr_ali96 -
These east coast thunderstorms ain't no joke. It's straight pouring. #monsoon #torrentialdownpours #rainraingoaway #crazyrain #itscomingdown #jerseylife #amr005 #iphone5
rainraingoaway - iphone5 - crazyrain - jerseylife - monsoon - torrentialdownpours - amr005 - itscomingdown -
state0fmymind : Almost a daily thing like Florida
desertrose_26 : Same here in Boston!
bengaliguy : That's what I call free car wash brother :) @amr005
fernleephoto : We could sure use a downpour here!!
fernleephoto - sharon_geez - marwansaied - mustafameisa -
Eid Mubarak from Mr. Leonard aka lenny aka Renny aka Wenny aka Kenny aka 2 chainz. #leonardthecat #2chainzthecat #catsofinstagram #felinefriend #feline #catscelebratingeid #eidmubarak #eidalfitr #amr005 #iphone5
iphone5 - felinefriend - amr005 - catsofinstagram - feline - 2chainzthecat - leonardthecat - catscelebratingeid - eidalfitr - eidmubarak -
abeer_najjar : Leonard! Eid Mubarak to you and @domesticdiva and all your family! We miss you all
wrek23 : Aka Kawhi!!
wrek23 : Aka chubby boy
wrek23 : Aka Leo-Nard
mongoren : ๐Ÿ˜โค๏ธ
agataani - nissa786 - salmahiqbal - instadani4 -
This is straight nostalgia right here. I miss Egypt. #schweppesgold #schweppes #amr005 #steinway #iphone5
steinway - schweppesgold - schweppes - iphone5 - amr005 -
gigimasria : Bring me back the tangerine one, pleaaaase
amr005 : @gigimasria we are home already. @taqwizzle might still be there
veestores : where can I get it ?
amr005 : @veestores they sell it at the super markets on Steinway in Astoria queens.
veestores : GREAT im an addicted to this in Egypt
islamicsisterscircle : This brand is in the boycott list brother sorry ... ๐Ÿ˜ข
sugrimj - irfanbakri - dalsagof - mahmoudabdelfatah -
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