#brookynbridge #manhattan #brooklyn #wtc #freedomtower #911truth #binladendidntblowupthetowers #amr005 #iphone6plus #nyc #newyorkcity
newyorkcity - freedomtower - brooklyn - brookynbridge - wtc - iphone6plus - nyc - binladendidntblowupthetowers - amr005 - manhattan - 911truth -
samia.abdallah - asimplified - jfinleyenglish - ramshafatima14 -
Here's a black and white shot of this dope art installation in dumbo Brooklyn. Like I said before this is my favorite spot in the city. #dumbo #brooklyn #bkallday #amr005 #iphone6plus #manhattanbridge #nyc #newyorkcity
newyorkcity - bkallday - manhattanbridge - brooklyn - iphone6plus - nyc - dumbo - amr005 -
asantiago44 - ayeshaaa_____ - jfinleyenglish - anas.ashraf.fawzy -
My favorite place in Nyc. #dumbo #brooklyn #amr005 #iphone6plus #nyc #newyorkcity
brooklyn - iphone6plus - newyorkcity - nyc - dumbo - amr005 -
ayeshaaa_____ : I love this place!!!
prince_shezu : Bro are you in bk now?
amr005 : @prince_shezu I wish bro. I'm stuck studying for finals.
prince_shezu : ahh man. Good luck with that. We gotta kick it soon
mrss2s : Same here!! We love going here!!
anihu7 : Awesome!!
maryamfkhan - ramshafatima14 - asimplified - vpatel617 -
I know I just posted an update 3 days ago but all this stress from school and going hard at the gym, I magically dropped another 5 this week, so much for plateauing. I am now an official member of the 260's club. 269 this morning, I am absolutely shocked at the results from staying in ketosis 5-6 days a week, the fat is literally melting away. Annnnd oh yeah I knocked down my second bag tonight in class. Here's to ten more bags down. I earned that shit. #teamsexyasshit #amr005 #ketodiet #ketosis #weightloss #imjusttryingtolive #hardwork #iphone6plus like always please keep me in your prayers, and prayers go out to everyone taking finals this week.
imjusttryingtolive - ketosis - teamsexyasshit - weightloss - hardwork - iphone6plus - amr005 - ketodiet -
arabized : πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ
ab_ab_01 : Coool
naveedahmadphoto : Kickin ass and taking names!!!
nissa786 : Amr you're such an inspiration! MA! Keep it up!
amr005 : @naveednahmad you know it.
amr005 : @nissa786 thanks sams. Hope you and my nephew are doing well.
egyptoknuckles : Get 'em mayne! Proud of you fam!
gimmesom10 : @amr005 so proud of you!!!
mercytomankind.ny - ramshafatima14 - shabsmalik - aliyaijanjua -
#roa @roa he is one of my favorite street artists #williamsburg #brooklyn #bkallday #amr005 #nycstreetart #nycgraffiti #iphone6plus #streetart #mural
nycgraffiti - bkallday - roa - nycstreetart - williamsburg - mural - brooklyn - iphone6plus - amr005 - streetart -
ikhanfez : You around my way my g
p_chinch : @trevor_perkins82
amr005 : @ikhanfez I didn't know you lived near Williamsburg. This pic was from months ago though. We need to kick it soon inshallah.
maryamfkhan - nahlahmusbah - loveyourzipcode - ramshafatima14 -
These last 5 pounds have been such a pain in the ass to shed. Down to 274 this morning. 4 pounds to the next short term goal. Been eating good lately but I always manage to blow it on the weekends and eat bad meals. I am a food addict and it has not been easy to shake the crack addiction to food. #healthyliving #amr005 #bringingsexyback 54 more pounds to my ultimate goal. Giving myself till the end of the year for that inshallah. Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers.
amr005 - bringingsexyback - healthyliving -
rynbhllrd : I'm probably as much of a bad influence as @thisiskhaledm, but you are a miracle in progress! We are so proud of you, bruh. @amr005
nelliemoussa : MashAllah you look great @amr005 !! Keep it up brother! You're doing so good and I have no doubt you will meet your goal, isA! πŸ‘πŸΌ
rivstyx : Looking good bro!
solesurvivordet : Let's go brother! You can do this @amr005
metahipsterwashere : Whoa my brother, pleased to see you were ready to receive the message :-)
gettani : You got this
pakoamerican : Woahhhhh. Results definitely showing.
squreshi25 : Your doing great Shaykh - make dua for u!!!
maryamfkhan - nahlahmusbah - ramshafatima14 - suhaibwebb -
Found it. #ripodb #bigbabyjesus #olddirty #odb #amr005 #brooklyn #bedstuy #iphone6plus
ripodb - olddirty - brooklyn - iphone6plus - bedstuy - odb - amr005 - bigbabyjesus -
kokane_white : πŸ™ŒπŸ½πŸ™ŒπŸ½πŸ™ŒπŸ½πŸ™ŒπŸ½
ali_q8t : Nice! masjid Al taqwa ODB fans?
rugby_brigante : Bro. Had no idea how my page unfollowed you. Weird. πŸ‘½πŸ‘€
amr005 : @rugby_brigante all good homie. No stress
illmuslims - nahlahmusbah - amraly47 - ramshafatima14 -
#wackdonalds #brooklyn #williamsburg #nycgraffiti #streetart #amr005 #iphone6plus
brooklyn - iphone6plus - nycgraffiti - amr005 - williamsburg - wackdonalds - streetart -
simplykeem : @simon_withan_e
invasionofthestickers - isdatpharoadough - amraly47 - bobbypinapp -
This was too much fun. #fetalpigdissection what organs can you identify? Holla. #biolab #lab #amr005 #lilpiggie #fuckthepigs #noporkonmyfork #haram #harammeat #iphone6plus
harammeat - amr005 - fetalpigdissection - noporkonmyfork - lab - fuckthepigs - iphone6plus - haram - biolab - lilpiggie -
amr005 : That's sounds terribly not fun. I didn't have a problem with it, I wasn't planning on eating it. Lol
amr005 : @simplykeem ☝️☝️☝️
yaznotyazzy : Yeah! I cited my faith and the teacher excused me. 😷
mrchedda : GutNasty
mfazil11 : The stench was in my nostrils for a cool minute #PigsStink
nahlahmusbah : Gross!!!
zippypaws : Great capture! :)
thelablove : Love it!
haroonjuice - riimamonnan - mfazil11 - hazemsrour22 -
#maine #atlanticocean #lategram #iphone6plus #amr005 #beach #birchpointbeach
amr005 - iphone6plus - atlanticocean - beach - maine - birchpointbeach - lategram -
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Take me back. The weather is so ugly today. #maine #tranquility #peace #landscape #amr005 #iphone6plus
amr005 - iphone6plus - tranquility - peace - maine - landscape -
joeredtravel : Nice! tag #joeredtravel if you ever want to feature :)
ramshafatima14 - joeredtravel - vpatel617 - lonelyeven -
Bao heaven. #baohouse #hotasiansteamedbuns #buns #bao @mreddiehuang #iphone6plus #amr005 #lategram #makingmehungry
hotasiansteamedbuns - buns - baohouse - iphone6plus - makingmehungry - bao - amr005 - lategram -
nutritionthatfits : πŸ˜‹ is that fish?
amr005 : @nutritionthatfits its chicken.
slowly763 : πŸ™Œ
chefjoebartlett : Fried chicken bao!!'πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜ @1lovemuaythai
1lovemuaythai : Bao down πŸ™Œ @chefjoebartlett
junkajunk9 : ASA Ahk it's been a minute found you on Astoria Seafood @amr005
amr005 : @junkajunk wa'salaamz brotha. Astoria seafood is that joint.
asantiago44 - grshawnday74 - rad9595ika - zakattack6 -
Drive by shooting. Not literally. #fedsarewatching #amr005 #thegovernment #iphone6plus #washingtonmonument #themall #dc #dmv #lategram
fedsarewatching - thegovernment - washingtonmonument - dc - iphone6plus - dmv - themall - amr005 - lategram -
suchacookiehead - asantiago44 - grshawnday74 - rad9595ika -
Who doesn't love hot steamy buns. #baohaus #bao #nycfoods #nyc #nycfoodie @mreddiehuang #fob #amr005 #iphone6plus
nyc - baohaus - iphone6plus - nycfoods - fob - nycfoodie - bao - amr005 -
haatichai : ❀️
haroonjuice - asantiago44 - rad9595ika - nomnomnycgirls -
Flashback to this insane prime rib eggs Benedict I had for brunch a few weeks back at Jane in Nyc. #eggsbenedict #primerib #amr005 #iphone6plus #brunch #nycfoodie
primerib - iphone6plus - eggsbenedict - nycfoodie - brunch - amr005 -
dinabad : Love Jane!!
msxtodd : Whoa
ya_shoosh : Omg my fave brunch spot!! Have you had their vanilla bean french toast tho
eggs_benediction : Wow! @amr005
zize_i - ike__0928 - awkwardclammy - beardsandbrunch -
#Repost @amr005 #smokering ・・・
That smoke ring tho. Perfect meat to fat ratio. Smoked brisket that melts. #beefbrisket #amr005 #sanjosehiddengem #iphone6plus #brisket #smokedbrisket #smokingpigbbq #bbqheaven #bbq
bbqheaven - smokingpigbbq - brisket - smokering - sanjosehiddengem - beefbrisket - iphone6plus - smokedbrisket - amr005 - bbq - repost -
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Some amazing Greek salad to go with all the seafood. You can never go wrong with a Greek salad. #fetacheeseheaven #amr005 #greeksalad #astoriaseafoodmarket #amr005 #iphone6plus
iphone6plus - astoriaseafoodmarket - amr005 - fetacheeseheaven - greeksalad -
leila_lay : That looks amazeballs
yaznotyazzy : Never Ever Ever!
thisiskhaledm : Yo I knew yall got fam in town but if you're around Astoria on Sunday and yall chilling I'll slide through and say what's up
amr005 : @leila_lay It was yo.
amr005 : @thisiskhaledm man. Text me. I'll be busy studying this weekend. But I'm coming into the city sat night inshallah
thisiskhaledm : I'm leaving to Connecticut for shows and screenings today but I'll be back Sunday inshallah. We'll see what's up
asantiago44 - ayeshaaa_____ - ayegee5 - theappleleaf -
Grilled Branzino cooked Egyptian singari style, butterflied and marinated and grilled. #amr005 #astoria #astoriaqueens #astoriAseafood #astoriaseafoodmarket #iphone6plus #nyc #nycfoods #nycfoodie #queenseats
astoriaqueens - queenseats - astoria - iphone6plus - nycfoods - nycfoodie - astoriaseafood - nyc - astoriaseafoodmarket - amr005 -
queenseats : We are going here later this week! Is it as good as everyone says?!
jfinleyenglish : Your kill'in me!
samoussa87 : @mody25egy singari!!!!
naveedahmadphoto : oh that's that place you were talking about
amr005 : @queenseats most definitely. For the prices it's amazing. We had a seafood feast for 6 for 160 bucks.
queenseats : @amr005 awesome!!!! Was it cash only?
amr005 : @queenseats no they take card.
queenseats : @amr005 very cool! Thanks for the heads up
knifemade - techheroes - mamo_nyc - onlinebeautyacademy -
Throwback Thursday to this amazing seafood meal the fam and I had in Astoria a few weeks back. This hidden gem is a must check out. You pick whatever fresh seafood you want on ice and tell em how you want it cooked. Fried, grilled, baked whatever you want delivered from all over the world to Nyc daily. This is 3 and a half pounds of grilled calamari. This was truly incredible . #astoriaseafoodmarket #astoriAseafood #queens #astoria #amr005 #iphone6plus #astoriaqueens #nycfoods #nycfoodie #calamari #grilledcalamari
astoriaqueens - grilledcalamari - astoria - iphone6plus - nycfoods - astoriaseafood - nycfoodie - astoriaseafoodmarket - amr005 - calamari - queens -
abeer_najjar : My favorite is grilled squid! πŸ˜‹
caitlee__ : @huskyandfriends
knifemade - enniseats - zakattack6 - mamo_nyc -
Me and the greatest photographer I know @naveednahmad #Zoham2015 #amr005 #desiwedding #iphone6plus #lolife #selfie
desiwedding - lolife - zoham2015 - iphone6plus - selfie - amr005 -
naveedahmadphoto : blessed to call you a homie
amr005 : @naveednahmad likewise my man. Likewise.
_philmatic : πŸ™
alanisstormy - wahabmojo - kingsvalleyuk - ayeshaaa_____ -
Congrats to my gorgeous and amazing baby cousin. Love you more than you know and may Allah bless your Union and may he place lots of love and more importantly mercy between your hearts. @m_sehammer #bride #desibride #hyderabadibride #hydropower #amr005 #renonevada #reno #wedding #iphone6plus
desibride - hyderabadibride - zoham2015 - reno - hydropower - bride - iphone6plus - renonevada - wedding - desiwedding - amr005 -
amr005 : #Zoham2015 #desiwedding
gimmesom10 : Congratulations @m_sehammer! You look beautiful mA. May Allah swt bless your new life and bring you more happiness than you ever imagined with your hubby!! πŸ˜™
vjvfashions : Superb!
il_haam : I love you caption πŸ’—
amr005 : @il_haam thank you. Love you and see you soon inshallah
maryamfkhan - grshawnday74 - battlebornhydroponics - big_boy7860 -
This dish is and always will be on my top ten. It's so simple yet so insanely amazing. Anyone know what it is? It is one of the Palestinian national dishes, and growing up I was blessed that my Egyptian mother learned how to make it from some of her Palestinian homegirls. Like I said it's so simple to make so growing up we had this dish often, and I always used to ask for it. Well it's called musakhan or msakhan and it's basically roast chicken baked with lots of onions, a gang of sumac, saffron, allspice topped with fried pine nuts or almonds served over a flatbread. You can substitute any type of flat bread you want. For some odd reason the caramelized onions with the sumac combo is just something else. Some people or restaurants serve this dish with shredded chicken and in a wrap. However you have it, it's amazing. There are tons of recipes online if you search for them. #musakhan #msakhan #palestine #Palestinianfood #amr005 #iphone6plus #arabfood #favoritefood
musakhan - arabfood - iphone6plus - msakhan - palestinianfood - palestine - amr005 - favoritefood -
rad9595ika : 😍😍😍😍😍😍
samoussa87 : Yep - about to have it for lunch. #sumacftw
bigmasri : Some Makluba
mel_chanell : Love it! Have you heard of @PalestineOnAPlate ? They have delicious Recipes.
palestineonaplate : so nice! I like your account. Check out ours
whattdatmean - amraly47 - itstehkman - roora_a23 -
Words of wisdom. #streetart #nyc #graffiti #amr005 #iphone6plus
nyc - amr005 - graffiti - streetart - iphone6plus -
asantiago44 - nahlahmusbah - underground_arts - -
Just hit 280 pounds today. God is good. 100 pounds down. 30 more to go for the next goal inshallah. #motivation I post these to remind myself there's no turning back, I've been to the point of no return. Diabetes and high blood pressure can kiss my ass. #healthylife #thestruggle #thegrind #grindmode #bringingsexyback #amr005 #iphone6plus
thegrind - motivation - healthylife - grinddontstop - thestruggle - iphone6plus - youknowit - amr005 - bringingsexyback - grindmode -
amr005 : @mistr_mar my dude. Thank you. Where you at these days? Still in mn?
mody25egy : Yes you can brother πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
nadeemdawson : Keep it up homie!
ajablack : Yes indeed! #work
amr005 : @mody25egy Shukran ya ma3alim.
amr005 : @nadeemdawson thanks brotha. You go to cko yet? Lemme know how it goes
amr005 : @ajablack thank you sis. #youknowit #grinddontstop
fitbyyah : πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
illmuslims - mody25egy - reef_310 - jackson.annette2014 -
Bin laden didn't blow up the projects, it was you. Tell the truth. #911truth #neverforget #amurrica #freedomtower #donthijackmyreligion #amr005 #iphone6plus #nyc
neverforget - freedomtower - amurrica - iphone6plus - nyc - 911truth - amr005 - donthijackmyreligion -
dalsagof : I just snapped this today too
buddhafist69 : #immortaltechnique
amr005 : @dalsagof I wish this was today bro. Been stuck studying all day. Just got out of an exam. My Instagram is rarely live when I post.
amr005 : @dalsagof I totally wanted to connect with you. But been mad busy. Hope you had a good time
amr005 : @buddhafist69 yessir.
dalsagof : I know you always stay stockpiled with the photos. That was me all of last week. No worries bro. Best of luck with the studies!
_8mzk6_ : #immortaltechnique
artistsnyc - amraly47 - charley.sh6 - campoutkid -
Digging through some old photos, and it turns out that in the past I only took a few pics of myself for obvious self image issues. Well hope that all changes inshallah (God willing). The before pic was from 33rd birthday exactly 2 years ago at relatively 380 pounds. This one is from this morning at 285. 5 more pounds to 100, I honestly can't stress this enough, thank you to all my friends, family and ig fam for the love, prayers and well wishes. I could not have done this without all of you. I said before I don't like to share much personal shit but I need the motivation and all of your collective thoughts and prayers. #bringingsexyback #100poundclub #amr005 #weightloss #TeamSexyAsShit #chubbylove #somethingtohugupon #cushionforthepushin #noonelikestwigs #meatonthebones #fatboy #healthylife #wellness
teamsexyasshit - noonelikestwigs - healthylife - wellness - meatonthebones - weightloss - 100poundclub - fatboy - chubbylove - cushionforthepushin - amr005 - bringingsexyback - somethingtohugupon -
bslam00 : Happy for you bro. Hope you reach your goals iA
aprilc773 : Hello my friend keep up the good work
samoussa87 : I can't get over this transformation msA. I am so so so proud of you and the fam for their support too! Go #TeamAbdallah !!
farooqak : Awesome job! ma sha Allah. May Allah preserve your health.
amr005 : @aprilc773 hey girl. Thank you. Hope all is well in the chi.
amr005 : @samoussa87 still a work in progress. Thank you kindly.
kelani_has_never : Bro just please be snuggly for me even when ur 190 pounds inshallah
amr005 : @kelani_has_never inshallah bro. Lol
jay.bean - reef_310 - maiabdelfattah88 - patterson.jennifer2015 -
Here's a tbt for ya. Before pic was sep 26th 2014, and after is from my 35th bday on March 15th. 40-50 pounds shed by the grace of God. Another 40 pounds to my next goal. I have another tbt I'll share from 2013 that's crazier than this. I could not have done this without the collective effort and thoughts and prayers of all my loved ones. I'm just trying to live y'all, and I can do if anyone can do it. #bringingsexyback #healthylife #thestruggle #thegrind #amr005 #bigboylove #weightloss #thisshitishard #itshardouthereforapimp #teamsexyasshit #gettinitin #puttinginwork #hashtag
thegrind - bigboylove - itshardouthereforapimp - healthylife - teamsexyasshit - weightloss - thestruggle - hashtag - puttinginwork - amr005 - bringingsexyback - gettinitin - thisshitishard -
sharon_geez : Good job!!!
shabsmalik : Awesome mA
abdallah926 : πŸ‘πŸ‘
aliabm : This is amazing. Keep it up! πŸ‘
ibby_kelanister : 😳😳😳 mashallah bro .. Keep it up .. This one hit me bro u look good
sallyboombing : Good job brotha God bless man in the journey
gaitie : Masha Allah, happy belated bday dunny!
santanabellas : Mashallah fam! Keep at it bro!
charley.sh6 - yara.ghazal - shabsmalik -
Some dope Lego art at a friends crib. He had it made as a special gift from a friend. It reads in the name of Allah the most gracious the most merciful 4 times over. #bismillah #islamicart #legoart #legos #lego #leggomyeggo #amr005 #iphone6plus
leggomyeggo - lego - legoart - islamicart - iphone6plus - bismillah - amr005 - legos -
offendum : Brilliant
syedyaqeen : @amr005 that's beautiful
susan_abdallah : Beautiful!
shabybeingridiculous : That's a dope idea
agataani : Love it!
yousuralhlou : Happy birthday @amr005!! Hope school is going well! We need to start our photo-doc series soon! :)
amr005 : @yousuralhlou thank you dear. School is great alhamd and we will have to get on that series inshallah.
hennamassi : @asadio
_rimaaaaa_ - amraly47 - charley.sh6 - shaimadallali -
Been on that low carb flow all week but dreaming about this chicken katsu bbq beef Hawaiian bbq combo I had from L&L last time I was in the bay. This is one of my favorite quick meals in California. I have yet to have good Hawaiian bbq east of the Mississippi. #landL #l&l #katsuheaven #chickenkatsu #Hawaiianbbq #Hawaii #extramacsaladplease #amr005 #iphone6plus #tbt #lategram
hawaii - l - tbt - extramacsaladplease - hawaiianbbq - katsuheaven - iphone6plus - amr005 - landl - lategram - chickenkatsu -
nahlahmusbah - reef_310 - maiabdelfattah88 - qaadihernando -
Smiley flan or whatever that was. I forgot. I do post pics like 6 months late. #amr005 #youknowhowido #lategram #limonsf #themission #iphone6plus #peruvianfood
peruvianfood - youknowhowido - themission - iphone6plus - amr005 - limonsf - lategram -
jadaimi : Ah I live few blocks from there !
salelephant : It looks like the devil
waleedsabed : Mango panna cotta bruh
amr005 : @waleedsabed there you go.
nikkipedia : @breharwell
asantiago44 - illmuslims - rad9595ika - hamwi_h -
This beef tongue dish was definitely in the top ten things I ate in 2014 #wbw #beeftongue #lenguaaction #tongue #limonsf #peruvianfood #tapas #amr005 #lategram #iwishiwasinthebay #iphone6plus
peruvianfood - wbw - lenguaaction - beeftongue - tapas - iwishiwasinthebay - limonsf - iphone6plus - tongue - amr005 - lategram -
41510 : This place is crack!
joherkhan : Lengua! Beef tongue is bomb.
fitbyyah : Peruvian food is da bomb
naveedahmadphoto : I think I'm going to walk down the street and go there for lunch
sallyboombing : πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯✊
zfsagoff : Dude I just had that yesterday with my coworkers. Place is bomb! My fav tho was the skirt steak and the Mac n cheese, and that crispy chicken stop fries
asantiago44 - rzaval10 - dubious__maximus - rad9595ika -
#wbw way back Wednesday to my last trip to the bay. No trip to the bay is complete without hitting up limon. #ceviche #amr005 #iphone6plus #shrimp #fish #rawseafood #peruvianfood
peruvianfood - wbw - fish - shrimp - rawseafood - ceviche - iphone6plus - amr005 -
sadaf8 : 😍
osolieman : one of my favorites.
asantiago44 - rzaval10 - dubious__maximus - piscohuamani -
Cup of morning crack. #coffeeaddict #cupofjoe #amr005 #coffee #qahwa #kahve #iphone6plus #crack #crackiswhack #crackkillsbutnotthiskind
crackiswhack - coffeeaddict - kahve - crackkillsbutnotthiskind - coffee - cupofjoe - iphone6plus - crack - amr005 - qahwa -
doubleoa : You work at toys r us HQ?? That's hella dope. Free Legos !! Lol
amr005 : @doubleoa lol. No I don't. I just tagged it cause it's around the corner from our house.
asantiago44 - thebambru - hamwi_h - annesibebisi -
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