This dish is and always will be on my top ten. It's so simple yet so insanely amazing. Anyone know what it is? It is one of the Palestinian national dishes, and growing up I was blessed that my Egyptian mother learned how to make it from some of her Palestinian homegirls. Like I said it's so simple to make so growing up we had this dish often, and I always used to ask for it. Well it's called musakhan or msakhan and it's basically roast chicken baked with lots of onions, a gang of sumac, saffron, allspice topped with fried pine nuts or almonds served over a flatbread. You can substitute any type of flat bread you want. For some odd reason the caramelized onions with the sumac combo is just something else. Some people or restaurants serve this dish with shredded chicken and in a wrap. However you have it, it's amazing. There are tons of recipes online if you search for them. #musakhan #msakhan #palestine #Palestinianfood #amr005 #iphone6plus #arabfood #favoritefood
musakhan - arabfood - iphone6plus - msakhan - palestinianfood - palestine - amr005 - favoritefood -
rad9595ika : 😍😍😍😍😍😍
samoussa87 : Yep - about to have it for lunch. #sumacftw
bigmasri : Some Makluba
gaitie - som3ahd - mokelani - nahoodahmed -
Words of wisdom. #streetart #nyc #graffiti #amr005 #iphone6plus
nyc - amr005 - graffiti - streetart - iphone6plus -
nfrconsult - zfsagoff - m_sehammer - bumarji -
Just hit 280 pounds today. God is good. 100 pounds down. 30 more to go for the next goal inshallah. #motivation I post these to remind myself there's no turning back, I've been to the point of no return. Diabetes and high blood pressure can kiss my ass. #healthylife #thestruggle #thegrind #grindmode #bringingsexyback #amr005 #iphone6plus
thegrind - motivation - healthylife - grinddontstop - thestruggle - iphone6plus - youknowit - amr005 - bringingsexyback - grindmode -
amr005 : @opicjay Jazaks homie. Hope you and the fam are well.
amr005 : @mistr_mar my dude. Thank you. Where you at these days? Still in mn?
mody25egy : Yes you can brother πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
nadeemdawson : Keep it up homie!
ajablack : Yes indeed! #work
amr005 : @mody25egy Shukran ya ma3alim.
amr005 : @nadeemdawson thanks brotha. You go to cko yet? Lemme know how it goes
amr005 : @ajablack thank you sis. #youknowit #grinddontstop
agataani - ari9584 - fatimahawaa - muddymuddog -
Bin laden didn't blow up the projects, it was you. Tell the truth. #911truth #neverforget #amurrica #freedomtower #donthijackmyreligion #amr005 #iphone6plus #nyc
neverforget - freedomtower - amurrica - iphone6plus - nyc - 911truth - amr005 - donthijackmyreligion -
dalsagof : I just snapped this today too
buddhafist69 : #immortaltechnique
amr005 : @dalsagof I wish this was today bro. Been stuck studying all day. Just got out of an exam. My Instagram is rarely live when I post.
amr005 : @dalsagof I totally wanted to connect with you. But been mad busy. Hope you had a good time
amr005 : @buddhafist69 yessir.
dalsagof : I know you always stay stockpiled with the photos. That was me all of last week. No worries bro. Best of luck with the studies!
_8mzk6_ : #immortaltechnique
gramsbygreen - billal - taqwizzle - thisiskhaledm -
Digging through some old photos, and it turns out that in the past I only took a few pics of myself for obvious self image issues. Well hope that all changes inshallah (God willing). The before pic was from 33rd birthday exactly 2 years ago at relatively 380 pounds. This one is from this morning at 285. 5 more pounds to 100, I honestly can't stress this enough, thank you to all my friends, family and ig fam for the love, prayers and well wishes. I could not have done this without all of you. I said before I don't like to share much personal shit but I need the motivation and all of your collective thoughts and prayers. #bringingsexyback #100poundclub #amr005 #weightloss #TeamSexyAsShit #chubbylove #somethingtohugupon #cushionforthepushin #noonelikestwigs #meatonthebones #fatboy #healthylife #wellness
teamsexyasshit - noonelikestwigs - healthylife - wellness - meatonthebones - weightloss - 100poundclub - fatboy - chubbylove - cushionforthepushin - amr005 - bringingsexyback - somethingtohugupon -
bslam00 : Happy for you bro. Hope you reach your goals iA
aprilc773 : Hello my friend keep up the good work
samoussa87 : I can't get over this transformation msA. I am so so so proud of you and the fam for their support too! Go #TeamAbdallah !!
farooqak : Awesome job! ma sha Allah. May Allah preserve your health.
amr005 : @aprilc773 hey girl. Thank you. Hope all is well in the chi.
amr005 : @samoussa87 still a work in progress. Thank you kindly.
kelani_has_never : Bro just please be snuggly for me even when ur 190 pounds inshallah
amr005 : @kelani_has_never inshallah bro. Lol
maskatia - salelephant - iamuncledaddy - bigmasri -
Here's a tbt for ya. Before pic was sep 26th 2014, and after is from my 35th bday on March 15th. 40-50 pounds shed by the grace of God. Another 40 pounds to my next goal. I have another tbt I'll share from 2013 that's crazier than this. I could not have done this without the collective effort and thoughts and prayers of all my loved ones. I'm just trying to live y'all, and I can do if anyone can do it. #bringingsexyback #healthylife #thestruggle #thegrind #amr005 #bigboylove #weightloss #thisshitishard #itshardouthereforapimp #teamsexyasshit #gettinitin #puttinginwork #hashtag
thegrind - bigboylove - itshardouthereforapimp - healthylife - teamsexyasshit - weightloss - thestruggle - hashtag - puttinginwork - amr005 - bringingsexyback - gettinitin - thisshitishard -
thisiskhaledm : Mashallah proud of you my dude
sharon_geez : Good job!!!
shabsmalik : Awesome mA
abdallah74 : πŸ‘πŸ‘
aliabm : This is amazing. Keep it up! πŸ‘
ibby_kelanister : 😳😳😳 mashallah bro .. Keep it up .. This one hit me bro u look good
salapaloooza : Good job brotha God bless man in the journey
gaitie : Masha Allah, happy belated bday dunny!
nahlahmusbah - yara.ghazal - - tasneemajaz -
Some dope Lego art at a friends crib. He had it made as a special gift from a friend. It reads in the name of Allah the most gracious the most merciful 4 times over. #bismillah #islamicart #legoart #legos #lego #leggomyeggo #amr005 #iphone6plus
leggomyeggo - lego - legoart - islamicart - iphone6plus - bismillah - amr005 - legos -
offendum : Brilliant
syedyaqeen : @amr005 that's beautiful
susan_abdallah : Beautiful!
shabybeingridiculous : That's a dope idea
agataani : Love it!
yousuralhlou : Happy birthday @amr005!! Hope school is going well! We need to start our photo-doc series soon! :)
amr005 : @yousuralhlou thank you dear. School is great alhamd and we will have to get on that series inshallah.
hennamassi : @asadio
hshaikh - nahlahmusbah - maiabdelfattah88 - getalifeplz -
Been on that low carb flow all week but dreaming about this chicken katsu bbq beef Hawaiian bbq combo I had from L&L last time I was in the bay. This is one of my favorite quick meals in California. I have yet to have good Hawaiian bbq east of the Mississippi. #landL #l&l #katsuheaven #chickenkatsu #Hawaiianbbq #Hawaii #extramacsaladplease #amr005 #iphone6plus #tbt #lategram
hawaii - l - tbt - extramacsaladplease - hawaiianbbq - katsuheaven - iphone6plus - amr005 - landl - lategram - chickenkatsu -
unspokentruthclothing - reef_310 - maiabdelfattah88 - nahlahmusbah -
Smiley flan or whatever that was. I forgot. I do post pics like 6 months late. #amr005 #youknowhowido #lategram #limonsf #themission #iphone6plus #peruvianfood
peruvianfood - youknowhowido - themission - iphone6plus - amr005 - limonsf - lategram -
jadaimi : Ah I live few blocks from there !
salelephant : It looks like the devil
waleedsabed : Mango panna cotta bruh
amr005 : @waleedsabed there you go.
nikkipedia : @breharwell
amirano - rad9595ika - hasstlin - raquelsolari -
This beef tongue dish was definitely in the top ten things I ate in 2014 #wbw #beeftongue #lenguaaction #tongue #limonsf #peruvianfood #tapas #amr005 #lategram #iwishiwasinthebay #iphone6plus
peruvianfood - wbw - lenguaaction - beeftongue - tapas - iwishiwasinthebay - limonsf - iphone6plus - tongue - amr005 - lategram -
41510 : This place is crack!
joherkhan : Lengua! Beef tongue is bomb.
fitbyyah : Peruvian food is da bomb
naveednahmad : I think I'm going to walk down the street and go there for lunch
salapaloooza : πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯✊
zfsagoff : Dude I just had that yesterday with my coworkers. Place is bomb! My fav tho was the skirt steak and the Mac n cheese, and that crispy chicken stop fries
nahlahmusbah - jayraphael - maiabdelfattah88 - rzaval10 -
#wbw way back Wednesday to my last trip to the bay. No trip to the bay is complete without hitting up limon. #ceviche #amr005 #iphone6plus #shrimp #fish #rawseafood #peruvianfood
peruvianfood - wbw - fish - shrimp - rawseafood - ceviche - iphone6plus - amr005 -
sadaf8 : 😍
osolieman : one of my favorites.
raquelsolari - nahlahmusbah - rzaval10 - amirano -
Cup of morning crack. #coffeeaddict #cupofjoe #amr005 #coffee #qahwa #kahve #iphone6plus #crack #crackiswhack #crackkillsbutnotthiskind
crackiswhack - coffeeaddict - kahve - crackkillsbutnotthiskind - coffee - cupofjoe - iphone6plus - crack - amr005 - qahwa -
doubleoa : You work at toys r us HQ?? That's hella dope. Free Legos !! Lol
amr005 : @doubleoa lol. No I don't. I just tagged it cause it's around the corner from our house.
jujubean95 - sofellah - omarafn - minaabed -
Only in sf. Bike polo. #hipsters #themission #sanfrancisco #amr005 #iphone6plus #lategram #polonoralphlauren
hipsters - themission - sanfrancisco - iphone6plus - amr005 - lategram - polonoralphlauren -
_dweezy : @mind_of_ced
bayareapilot : That looks super dangerous!! Polo on a fixie!! @travislorimer
travislorimer : I'm coooooo
asantiago44 - samia.abdallah - yosrabintmasr - big_boy7860 -
Flashback to these amazing fish tacos from San Jose California. #fishtacos #tacos #amr005 #iphone6plus #fish #taco #lacosta #mariscos
lacosta - mariscos - fish - tacos - fishtacos - iphone6plus - taco - amr005 -
som3ahd : From what store/taco truck?
amr005 : @som3ahd check the geo tag on top of the pic. It's on alum rock in the east side.
amr005 : @feemz @samars15 dude. You won't regret it. And it's super cheap
maripossaqueentero : Hella good! 😊
djscend : When I was in LA last year, I realized Cali has the best fish tacos I've had so far in life πŸ™Œ
amr005 : @maripossaqueentero hell yeah dude.
amr005 : @djscend I might have to agree with you. But the best fish tacos I ever had were in Albuquerque New Mexico. But in general I think Mexican food is way better in Cali than in Chicago in my opinion. Unless I didn't hit up the right spots.
djscend : @amr005 the only spot I really rock with hard for seafood tacos here in Chicago is Big & Little's
nahlahmusbah - maiabdelfattah88 - hamwi_h - big_boy7860 -
#bbqseason is almost upon us. #lahma #bbq #marbleheaven #beef #wheresthebeef #amr005 #iphone6plus
marbleheaven - beef - lahma - bbqseason - iphone6plus - bbq - amr005 - wheresthebeef -
wayno119 : Fed ex me a plate akhi
amr005 : @wayno119 I was just warming up for bbq season. It's 30 degrees in jersey now. I wish I was bbqin. We gotta connect soon akh. Would love to see you.
wayno119 : Always bro let me know when you're around i can probably come to jersey once too
why0h562 : How were these seasoned?
amr005 : @why0h562 I don't remember bro. Looks like jist salt and pepper and maybe some garlic powder
amr005 : Or granulated garlic
gomccases - blamethelabel - maiabdelfattah88 - dilnawaz1121 -
Take me back to lazy calming drives along pch. #westcoastlife #amr005 #stinsonbeach #pacificocean #hwy1 #highway1 #iphone6plus #lategram
hwy1 - westcoastlife - lategram - highway1 - iphone6plus - pacificocean - amr005 - stinsonbeach -
stevedemmitt : keep it up
som3ahd - ibby_kelanister - senseofdc - jennymallen -
Such as life, the twists and turns add a lil excitement. Getting lost on pch. #hwy1 #pch #lategram #amr005 #iphone6plus #marin #marincounty #mttamalpais #highway1
marincounty - hwy1 - highway1 - mttamalpais - marin - pch - iphone6plus - amr005 - lategram -
iusedmykicks - jiggyhendrix - stevedemmitt - georginaprentice -
#fortbaker #goldgatebridge #amr005 #calivibes #tbm #lategram #iphone6plus
calivibes - tbm - iphone6plus - goldgatebridge - amr005 - lategram - fortbaker -
som3ahd - abbieabs22 - georginaprentice - big_boy7860 -
This is one of my favorite spots in the bay. Best kept secret, guess I shouldn't have geotagged it. Too bad. #fortbaker #sausalito #amr005 #iphone6plus #sanfrancisco #goldengatebridge #goldengategoldenstate #thebay #bayarea #fbf #lategram
sausalito - sanfrancisco - thebay - goldengategoldenstate - bayarea - goldengatebridge - iphone6plus - fbf - amr005 - lategram - fortbaker -
iamjerseymoe : Msa @noor_wl
prideforfamily011409 : Its also one of my family an I favorite places in the bay very beautiful views
amenelbaba : You in town? I see that latergram hashtag πŸ˜’
wahabmojo : One of my fav spots in SF
41510 : Underrated view, I was there a few weeks back
fabdelaziz - prince_shezu - mitraina - rehantahir -
#sanfrancisco #goldengate #goldengatebridge #amr005 #iphone6plus #fortbaker #sf #goldengategoldenstate
sanfrancisco - goldengategoldenstate - goldengatebridge - iphone6plus - amr005 - goldengate - sf - fortbaker -
asantiago44 - nahlahmusbah - grshawnday74 - happeninginsanfrancisco -
#tbt #driversperspective #goldgatebridge #citybythebay #sanfrancisco #goldengategoldenstate #goldengate #allGoldErrthang #amr005 #iphone6plus #calilife
allgolderrthang - sanfrancisco - goldengategoldenstate - goldgatebridge - driversperspective - tbt - calilife - iphone6plus - citybythebay - amr005 - goldengate -
sir_globalfunds : Great!
caliauthentic : πŸ’―πŸ‘ŒPlease follow us n check out our real Cali gear @caliauthentic
mofromqueens - slowly763 - halatolba - anamndm_ -
Here's another shot going up the tram, this one is in HDR and with some lens flare action. #prohdr #amr005 #sandia #sandiapeaktramway #sandiapeak #iphone6plus #hdr #newmexico #Albuquerque
prohdr - hdr - sandia - amr005 - albuquerque - sandiapeaktramway - iphone6plus - newmexico - sandiapeak -
clg23 : Great shot!
amr005 : @clg23 thank you my brotha
georginaprentice : SubhanaAllah
welovehkcity : That's wonderful!
samia.abdallah - jiggyhendrix - jaykayelemenohhh - albuquerquecustomtint -
Some more shots of this amazing American southwest desert landscape. Shot from my iPhone6 plus on the way up the tram to the top of Sandia peak in Albuquerque New Mexico from my trip last month. #sandia #Albuquerque #nature #mountain #landscapephotography #desert #newmexico #amr005 #iphone6plus
mountain - sandia - nature - albuquerque - iphone6plus - newmexico - amr005 - landscapephotography - desert -
habengtson : Beautiful!
evilboris : Splendid!
nahlahmusbah - amraly44 - shabsmalik - welovehkcity -
#tbt to a past trip to the bay. This might be one of my favorite slices ever, the famous garlic potato pesto slice from escape from New York in the haight in San Francisco. #escapefromnewyork #potatopizza #amr005 #iphone6plus #sanfrancisco #pizza #garlicpotatopesto
sanfrancisco - potatopizza - garlicpotatopesto - tbt - iphone6plus - escapefromnewyork - amr005 - pizza -
halimqayum - ayeshahkhalid - sadafabed - shannon_marie95xx -
#tbt to a past trip to the bay. This might be one of my favorite slices ever, the famous garlic potato pesto slice from escape from New York in the haight in San Francisco. #escapefromnewyork #potatopizza #amr005 #iphone6plus #sanfrancisco
sanfrancisco - escapefromnewyork - potatopizza - iphone6plus - amr005 - tbt -
haroonjuice : @amr005 oh snap! I've been here. It was actually quite decent. 6/10. Have you been to Tony's in little Italy? Pretty close to NY pizza. It's like 8/10
realdelina : @la_mean28 you should go here!!
simplykeem : @simon_withan_e have you ever ate here?
la_mean28 : @realdelina see now I gotta check it out, you know I respect you taste in food haha
simon_withan_e : No but my friends told me about it and suggested it @simplykeem
amr005 : @haroonjuice I just love this pizza from there cause I've never seen it anywhere else before
haroonjuice : @amr005 yeah this looks legit. I'll try to check it out. Btw I'll be in the bay soon :) any chance you're around next week?
amr005 : @haroonjuice I wish bro. I'll be east coasting till at least April inshallah.
asantiago44 - grshawnday74 - rad9595ika - ryeproject -
Flashback to my last trip to the bay. #sanfrancisco #bayareagraffiti #graffiti #amr005 #haight #iphone6plus
haight - bayareagraffiti - sanfrancisco - iphone6plus - graffiti - amr005 -
slowly763 : Dope
stylewormfiles : Super!
asantiago44 - grshawnday74 - sf_insta - suhylafg22 -
Pho life. So was this what Mack 10 was talking about? #pholife #vietfood #spicypho #rawbeeflife #amr005 #saigonshack #iphone6plus #nycfoodie #thevillage #phonoodlesoup #pho
pholife - pho - saigonshack - vietfood - spicypho - rawbeeflife - iphone6plus - nycfoodie - amr005 - thevillage - phonoodlesoup -
foodandmovies : Love it.
egyptoknuckles : Mack 10's self titled album is amazing, still.
hangrybitch : Nice pic!
huonglansandwiches : Awesome @amr005! @huonglansandwiches
servedbystadium : Superb!
huonglansandwiches - bigmasri - kristiekuehn - planzio -
Some lamb tips for lunch. #pansearedlamb #castironlife #lamb #amr005 #lahma #iphone6plus
lamb - iphone6plus - castironlife - pansearedlamb - amr005 - lahma -
gettani : It doesn't matter how full I am, your IG always makes me hungry
schemenavarro : I need an invite for these one day bro lol
amr005 : @schemenavarro come through anytime bro. I'm out in jersey now though.
amirano - thefixdoc - salmannoori - asoliman -
Winter wonderland. #eastcoastlife #jersey #snow #winter #amr005 #iphone6plus
eastcoastlife - iphone6plus - winter - amr005 - snow - jersey -
gaitie : Aw maaaaan 😩 lol yeah for the weekend insha Allah @amr005
amr005 : This weekend? @gaitie hope yall have an amazing trip inshallah. Yalla come visit us in jersey.
gaitie : Haha thanks yeah this weekend just me, Ehsan & my mom. Visiting my cuz in Jers. Gonna be a quick trip otherwise we'd def come thru!
titilayola : Is this your place? MashaAllah!
amr005 : @gaitie hope you are ready for the cold. Where in jersey is your aunt?
amr005 : @titilayola yup. It's my dad's place.
gaitie : It's freakin freezing πŸ˜‚ - my cuz lives in Hoboken
amr005 : Nice. Yall are right by the city. We're about 25 mins west of Hoboken. There's too many goras in Hoboken for me. Lol
taraconchado - asimplified - zakattack6 - itsmartinabiasini -
#sandiapeak #amr005 #iphone6plus #americansouthwest #desertlandscape #newmexico #Albuquerque #sandiamountains #sandiapeaktramway
amr005 - sandiamountains - americansouthwest - albuquerque - sandiapeaktramway - iphone6plus - newmexico - sandiapeak - desertlandscape -
bobbie7487 : Earn up to $4,872.23 per week working with us. click the link in my bio.
asantiago44 - wahabmojo - ziagreenchileco - ayeshaaa_____ -
Goin up. Sandia peak tramway, it's north Americas longest aerial tram, and the worlds third longest single span tram. The view going up was incredible and breathtaking. The entire ride up is about 15 minutes. #sandiapeak #sandiamountains #Albuquerque #americansouthwest #southwest #newmexico #lategram #amr005 #iphone6plus #desert #desertlandscape
amr005 - sandiamountains - desert - albuquerque - americansouthwest - iphone6plus - newmexico - sandiapeak - desertlandscape - lategram - southwest -
maryamfkhan - nahlahmusbah - marcusmickey - synapsecables -
I absolutely love the landscapes in the American southwest. #Albuquerque #newmexico #lategram #amr005 #iphone6plus #mountains
mountains - iphone6plus - newmexico - amr005 - albuquerque - lategram -
georginaprentice : MashaAllah.
jodisitalianicefactory - a.wood2015 - cplaman - synapsecables -
9:30am meeting with these guys. #ckokickboxing #cko #ckowayne #goodmorning #amr005 #iphone6plus
ckokickboxing - iphone6plus - ckowayne - cko - amr005 - goodmorning -
savannahunt3r : :) @davenwilson
haroonjuice - mfazil11 - alfahaad314 - cko_warwick_fit -
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