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Shovel to @_agape. The Beautiful Bracelet done by @phdotcreations! GooD DuDe ConDuctinG GooD BuSiNeSS!
ampd_band -
allmypeopledeeper : True! @_agape
_agape : Shovel to me for puttin u on to @phdotcreations lol and thank u both!
allmypeopledeeper : #ampd_band
rawchaaahshar12 - wolfgangniggga666 - _queenwinniee -
#ampd_mob #ampd #ampdwell #ampd_band #ampd_life
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allmypeopledeeper : @ampd_remroc @ampd_beezyvelli @ampd_don @ampdfree_mason
allmypeopledeeper : @ampdj_naasty_ @ampdyoungsnap
allmypeopledeeper : @ampddmears
allmypeopledeeper : #deeper_dynasty #deeper_mission #deeper_dreams
allmypeopledeeper : #thedeeper #thedeeperllc
allmypeopledeeper : #thedeeperfellowship
thedeepernate : #DeeperInnerCircle
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Shovel to @phdotcreations . This Digha is so talented he made these boys for the AMPD MoB on the spot! Great people conducting great business.
ampd_band -
allmypeopledeeper : @the1nonlylady24 holla @phdotcreations and tell him that you re AMPD!
the1nonlylady24 : Def no doubt! Preciate it @allmypeopledeeper yo @phdotcreations love the skills how can I get one of these???
koheartsltd : @the1nonlylady24 all I need you to do is email me your mailing address and wrist measurement and I'll ship it rite out to you
the1nonlylady24 : Bet!! I got a baby wrist too! It's lik a 6 or 6 1/2. 6700 Hillcroft Pl Fort Washington MD 20744
the1nonlylady24 : @phdotcreations
koheartsltd : @the1nonlylady24 I got you I'll ship it out asap.... Do you mind giving me your email so u can send you an invoice it will only be $8 since your #AMPD
the1nonlylady24 : No doubt! Ur the bomb #AMPD alday! Gwendolynlhilliard@yahoo.com send me a email
allmypeopledeeper : #ampd_band
the1nonlylady24 - wolfgangniggga666 - cherrygalore - weareplanetx -
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