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Now I can officially say that I, quite literally, wrote the book on @colonialwmsburg. The brand new, beautifully produced _Colonial Williamsburg: The Official Guide_ is out! Both a guide and a keepsake, with wonderful photography to accompany the text, its the definitive companion to the Revolutionary City and the American Revolution in it. A big thanks to my once (and future?) colleagues. Get your copy now.
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historydoctor : #colonialwilliamsburg #Williamsburg #colonial #history #publichistory #books #virginia #virginiahistory #tidewater #americanrevolution #livinghistory #costumes
laurencjames : And I'm in it! Page 95!
justindaniel_fitspo : Niceeeeeeeee!!!!!
historydoctor : @laurencjames Is that the gown I signed for?
laurencjames : Nope, one from when I taught dancing at the Geddy.
historydoctor : @laurencjames Yes, I thought the one for which I signed was much nicer. :-)
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@michaelpboatman in studio today to record narration for PTGE, Franklin's Spark: 1720-1765. #greatexperiment #phillyhistory #BenFranklin #americanrevolution #soundstudio #narration #revolutionarywar
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Time to catch up :) #assassinscreed #ac3 #teamnosleep #ps3 #playstation #assassinscreed3 #nomoreezio #animus #americanrevolution
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kitt3nmittons : Worst AC ever
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Patiently waiting for the weather to clear to do some TNT. Meanwhile putting in work at the shop by working on my bro's #turbo #corvette #americanrevolution #arshops #streetcars #turbo #camaro #z28 #lsx #weldrts #wheels #10ptrollcage #babyboost #singledigitclub #arcustomrearmountturbokit on a #c5 #corvette #convertible #arcustoms #arliving #garagebuilt #homegrown #weinitforrealsnotforthefame #arkong tuned by @synergymotorsports
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Dipping pens we made from the Belle Grove Mulberry Tree that died and needed to be removed after 200+ years witnessing history in Virginia - birthplace of our 4th President - James Madison. #jameadison #glennbeck1791 #billofrights #americanrevolution #virginia #billoreilly @uva @jamesmadison
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The First Underwater Combat -------- While it's known by many that the first kill ever achieved by a submarine was in the American Civil War, when H.L. Hunley sunk the sloop USS Housatonic in 1864, not many know that the first submarine used in combat was during the American Revolution. -------- The Turtle was a submersible build in 1775 by American David Bushnell. Its design was essentially that of a large barrel; it was roughly ten feet long and was built with two wooden shells put together with tar and reinforced by steel bands. To dive, water was brought into a bilge tank and ascending was achieved by pushing water out via tube operated by hand. For propulsion, a hand crank was used to control exterior propellers, which could move vertically and horizontally. The sub only had enough oxygen for about thirty minutes while underwater. Funds for the project were provided by George Washington after Governor Jonathan Trumbull told him of its possible use for sinking Royal Navy ships docked in New York Harbor. After the British captured Long Island where Turtle was completing its trials, it was moved to the Hudson River for its first mission. At 11:00 pm on September 7, 1776, a volunteer, Erza Lee (above), took Turtle out for its first combat mission. Lee's mission: sink British Admiral Richard Howe's flagship, HMS Eagle. Turtle was towed by rowboats until she was within a safe distance for release, and then left for her mission. After two hours of navigating, Lee spotted HMS Eagle, and prepared for an attack run. He then moved around the ship, eventually spotting an area of the hull for attack. But by that time, British troops on Governors Island had become curious of the crest, and he was running out of oxygen, so he needed to make haste. He placed the charge, which he had called a "torpedo." But, with an iron plate near the rudder making the charge come free, it floated into the East River and exploded. Lee left the area with no success before British troops investigated. It was the first use of a submersible in combat in naval history. Turtle was lost a month later when the ship she was on was sunk.
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chandizzle_s : Hat looks kinda ridiculous XD
martybartz : The Fenian Ram!
jeff.garyiii : It didn't have a hole for air tubes or any source of air it was very easy to run low on air and begin to suffocate
clifton123987 : I read that in a book when I was like when I was ten 5 years ago
_original_name_ : Imagine finding the turtle one day.. That would be amazing
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Crispus Attucks the FIRST man from ANY race to give his life for AMERICAN FREEDOM! #AmericanHistory #OurHistory #BostonMassacre #AmericanRevolution #Library #Read #PickUpABook #TurnOffTheTV
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On December 17th, 1777, Benjamin Franklin finally convinced the French Government to formally recognize America as an independent nation. Franklin used his skills as an orator and diplomat, combined with news of an overwhelming American victory at Saratoga, to convince the French. Due to the loss of massive amounts of land to the British during the Seven Years War, France was excited for an American victory; this allowed them to readily give support, although unofficially. It wasn't until February 6th of the following year that a formal alliance was formed. #France #America #GreatBritian #England #BritishNavy #AmericanRevolution #AmericanRebels #JoinTheRevolution #FrenchAid #BenjaminFranklin #BenFranklin #FoundingFather #IntellectualInAFurCap #FranceAlwaysSidesWithTheWinner #ObviouslyCantWinAWarThemselves #NoTaxationWithoutRepresentation #AmericanStubborness
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bihan_y : 拍的不错
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Reviving a 1670 farmhouse while maintaining as much of the original structure and feel as possible is no easy feat. See how this one came together in our September/October 2013 digital edition. #historicalhomes #colonialtimes #americanrevolution #history #northshore #MA #newengland #architecture #design #heritage #restoration #legacy #heirlooms Photo Credit: Michael J. Lee
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Something bout a truck. #truck #somethingaboutatruck #girlswithtrucks #girlscantoo #chevrolet #chevy #chevytruck #umirin #findnewroads #americanrevolution #wwp #believeinheroes #woundedwarriorproject #america
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M3 Assassin XD #cosplay #assassincreed #Assassincreed3 #connor #kenway #connorkenway #Americanrevolution
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Boston Tea Party Reenactment - 241st anniversary #usa #boston #history #americanrevolution
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Ain't no party like the Boston Tea Party! Today is the anniversary of the historical event, where the colonial group The Sons of Liberty dressed as American Indians and proceded to throw 342 chests of tea into the Boston Harbor. The tea, a shipment exclusively from Britain's East India Company, had higher tax on it, one which the colonists did not agree with, especially without representation in Parliament. The act was one of major defiance, and it caused the passing of the Intolerable Acts of 1774 (and subsequently the Revolutionary War). #BostonTeaParty #Tea #Party #Boston #BostonHarbor #SonsOfLiberty #History #AmericanHistory #APUSH #Revolution #AmericanRevolution #RevolutionaryWar #WeWon #USA #Murica #BunchOfDrunkGuysDressedAsIndians #WasteOfPerfectlyGoodTea
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Happy 241st anniversary of the Boston Tea Party #todayinhistory #cat #catstagram #catsloveit #chucksomethin #pusie #pusiepics #funnyandstupid #follow4follow #archesnationalpark #boston #teaparty #sotasty #adoptdontshop #americanrevolution #freedom #funny
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Meet Paul Revere! He'll be on your screens for 3 nights (January 25-27) on History channel. #MichaelRaymondJames #MRJ #SonsOfLiberty #History #HistoryChannel #PaulRevere #ouat #terriersfx #trueblood #thewalkingdead #thefinesthours #nealcassidy #nealfire #baelfire #bae #mcm #brittpollack #renelenier #swanfire #firethieves #americanrevolution #bostonteaparty #therebel #TheBritishAreComing
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katenisso_o : @elena_joanna da heck... Its neal!!! What... Bae...
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tonichelle : I seriously cannot get enough of this pic. He's the only one they even tried to "get right". I love it!
applebombz : @tonichelle I know!! I'm so happy they did this too! I have wanted this since I heard he was filming in it!! 😝
tonichelle : Is it January yet? I am tired of waiting! :)
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Last nite at the #arshop double checking everything to be ready when the weather gets better and do some #TNT #americanrevolution #arshops #arliving #garagebuilt #camaro #z28 #turbo #weldrts #wheels #singledigitclub #lowboost #c5 #turbo #corvette soon to be out #arkong #streetcars #mightgoretunetoseeallitgots lol picture by @ar_z06_rydah
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On this day, December 16, 1773 the Boston Tea Party took place in the Boston Harbor when American Colonials disguised as Indians went onto British ships and dumped the tea onboard the vessels into the harbor protesting high tax rates on tea, one of the first real acts of rebellion against the British crown. The event is also the namesake of the Tea Party political group. #americanrevolution #teaparty #bostonteaparty #republican
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texas_ball : lol The current Tea Party is a joke. Too many neocons in it.
sophialovis : When I feel like the only republican in Massachusetts...😭
nhorns333 : Hey @sophialovis I live in Massachusetts too
sophialovis : @nhorns333 born and bred😉
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On this day, December 16, 1773 the Boston Tea Party took place in the Boston Harbor when American Colonials disguised as Indians went onto British ships and dumped the tea onboard the vessels into the harbor protesting high tax rates on tea, one of the first real acts of rebellion against the British crown. The event is also the namesake of the Tea Party political group. #americanrevolution #teaparty #bostonteaparty #republican #conservative FOLLOW THE PARTNERS: @teenpolitical @conservative.teen @republitariangirl @republican_opinions
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republican_opinions : My hometown!!!
conservative_kentucky : Woohoo! I fully expect you to get some tea and dump it into the harbor! @republican_opinions
conservative_kentucky : (I'm not entirely sure if its legal, but you know, did the Americans obey the law?! 😂) @republican_opinions
robby_with_a_y : Actually they were protesting the tea act which contrary to popular belief was my a tax on tea, but instead parliament creating s monopoly with one British tea Conpany and destroying american tea trade
republican_opinions : @conservative_kentucky There was a reenactment by the Harbor. Lol! Yeah pretty sure it's illegal ️😂
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The man who almost killed George Washington -------- On September 11, 1777, an army of 13,000 British troops who had landed in the Chesapeake Bay were on the march through Pennsylvania toward the Patriot capital of Philadelphia. Covering their flank were units of camouflaged British marksmen hiding in the woods at Brandywine Creek, near Chadds Ford, PA, to keep a lookout for any counterattacks. Scottish-born Captain Patrick Ferguson (portrayed above), named one of the most skilled marksmen in the British army, was leading a detachment of sharpshooters called the Ferguson's Rifle Corps, named after himself. The men were armed with new and advanced rifles of Ferguson's own design, much more accurate and deadly than the typical musket. While on patrol, Ferguson saw down a nearby path a European officer on a horse wearing a hussar uniform. Following him was a senior American officer sporting a high-cocked hat. The European was Count Casimir Pulaski, while the American turned out to be none other than the general of the Continental Army himself, George Washington. Ferguson, not knowing this at the time, creeped ever so closely with three others toward them, planning to kill them both. But before he called his men into their positions, he felt a sense of disgust at the idea of such an ambush and a plan to kill men who had their backs turned to him. He ordered them not to fire. Instead, Ferguson ran onto the road, rifle in hand, and demanded the officers dismount and surrender. They didn't move. Ferguson shouted to them, aiming his rifle at the American. The general glanced at him before riding off, unscathed. Ferguson then regrouped with his men. A day later he was put into a hospital for a bullet wound he received in combat. It was then he learned the man he had spared was indeed Washington. Ferguson is quoted to have said: "...it was not pleasant to fire at the back of an unoffending individual who was acquitting himself very cooly of his duty-so I let him alone." He never regretted his decision, regardless of who the man was. If Patrick Ferguson had pulled the trigger, the American Revolution might have been crushed on that very day. Source: Historynet.com.
brittrash : @REYLIAM
ww3_alex : "I almost had you dude"
reyliam : @brittrash I HEARD ABOUT HIM BEFORE W H Y
brittrash : @reyliam calm down Washington lived
reyliam : @brittrash I know but still
lucifer.vie.noel : Ayy lmao.
australian.fgt : What a man.
world_history_01 : America actually ows quite allot to Spain,France and holland because they helped them to get independence
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#AmericanRevolution #SonsofLiberty #TeaAct #unfairtaxation #tea #BostonHarbor #protest #Massachusetts #americanhistory #todayinhistory #EastIndiaCompany #1773 #Bostonteaparty #Boston
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todayinamericanhistory : Hell yeah 🇺🇸🇺🇸
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Capturing #BRoll at the #FranklinInstitute for our upcoming episode about early America and #BenFranklin #documentary #filmmaking #todaysoffice #phillyhistory #greatexperiment #museum #americanrevolution #revolutionarywar
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On this day in 1773, American colonists board three ships in Boston Harbor and throw 46 tons of tea overboard. Today is the anniversary of the original Boston #TeaParty! Colonists were protesting the Tea Act of 1773, which effectively undermined American merchants and gave a monopoly to the British East India Company. Taxes already existed on tea before the Tea Act, but the colonists never really thought they were legitimate. They did not now intend to pay taxes on a forced monopoly! Three ships bearing tea arrived in Boston in late November and early December. Bostonians wanted to reject the tea and send the ships back, but the governor refused. Multiple town hall-type meetings were held. One was attended by as many as 7,000 individuals! On the night of December 16, members of the Sons of #Liberty dressed up as American Indians. (They wanted to express that they were “Americans,” not British subjects.) They boarded the ships and emptied their cargoes of tea into the harbor. The protest was orderly. No looting was allowed. The protestors did not harm anything aboard the ships (except the tea). They even swept the ships and put everything back into place! They returned, later, to replace the only non-tea item harmed: a padlock. The British government was irate and responded by passing measures later known as the Intolerable Acts. The #Boston Tea Party was just one event pushing America closer to #Revolution. But it was much more than that. It was a “magnificent Movement,” as future President #JohnAdams would write. Indeed, doesn’t the impact of that night still reverberate today? FULL STORY: Facebook.com/TaraRoss.1787 #TDIH #thisdayinhistory #OnThisDay #AmericanHistory #USHistory #history #liberty #freedom #homeschool #tcot #AmericanRevolution #landofthefree #homeofthebrave #classicalconversations
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gerry_the_good : Great reminder (and with fascinating details!) of one of the most notable events which helped spark the creation of this remarkable nation. And I speak as a Bostonian! Thank you Tara.
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On this Day December 16, 1773 – #bostonteaparty #americanrevolution #history #britain #freedom #independence #onthisday #boston #tea
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The event that escalated into the American Revolution. The Sons of Liberty demonstrated against the Tea Act (unfair taxation) by destroying an entire shipment of tea in the Boston Harbor, sent by the East India Company. Some of the demonstrators were disguised as American Indians. The British government responded harshly, and the revolution was a go. #TheKnowledgeBase #TKBhistory
educated - inspirational - thisdayinhistory - boston - americanrevolution - facts - knowledgeoftheday - learning - todayinhistory - true - educateyourself - info - information - educational - knowledge - truth - interesting - bostonteaparty - sonsofliberty - bostonharbor - tkbhistory - theknowledgebase - historical - teaparty - learn - dailyknowledge - fact - history -
theknowledgebase : #knowledge #dailyknowledge #bostonteaparty #boston #bostonharbor #sonsofliberty #americanrevolution #teaparty #fact #facts #true #truth #information #info #interesting #inspirational #educated #educational #history #historical #educateyourself #learn #learning #knowledgeoftheday #thisdayinhistory #todayinhistory
sndee0 : :) @JohnTuckerMagic
lucasamell : We left Britain to escape a tea tax....no we lose about 50% of what we earn to fund wars we don't believe in and police are puss drunk with power. We need another one of these...
lucasamell : So much typo need sleep you get the idea tho
dtomfuzz69j : @lucasamell 👍
sea_drifter : Thank goodness🇺🇸
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241 years ago on December 16, 1773, outraged Bostonians, upset with the British tea tax and East India Company monopoly, dumped British tea into the harbor and sparked the American Revolution. So thankful and proud to be an American. #America #AmericanRevolution #SonsofLiberty #DontTreadonMe #BostonTeaParty
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Had an awesome time yesterday with my best friend and state president, Julia Teti at the Parkinson's Ferry Society/Elizabeth McKinney Society C.A.R. tea hosted at her house in honor of her and senior state president, Mrs. Pop ❤️❤️❤ #america #revolution #americanrevolution #american #happy #cute #joy #friends #president #vicepresident #childrenoftheamericanrevolution #likeforlike #goodtimes #memories #tree #christmas #christmastree #decorations #perfection #december #instagood
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yingmaoda : fantastic
penelope_love17 : @yingmaoda thanks! ☺️
julia_teti : ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
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my friend and historian, jeff! so proud and so happy for you!! #historian #americanrevolution #hotdate
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eradkeee : Yay Jeff!
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Is any one else watching the American Revolution series #merica #AmericanRevolution #alohasnackbar #INFIDELAPPROVED #killfirst #dielast
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#Hetalia #Britain #America #AphAmerica #AphBritain #AmericanRevolution #Eyebrows #Tree #Otaku #Weaboo #Anime #Hashtag #Independence #Leaf #Puns #Fanart #Meh #War #Funny #Random
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hiddenhotties : hey, check out my page! ;)
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One of my favorite things about @mount_vernon Christmas is that the different trees reflect different aspects of George Washington's life. Here is the "President Tree". #MountVernon #beautiful #history #learning #education #President #Christmas #pretty #Christmastree #VA #Virginia #VAHistory #VirginiaHistory #FoundingFather #historic #home #mansion #decorations #ornaments #decor #1776 #AmericanRevolution #RevolutionaryWar #DC #MerryChristmas #holidays #ihearthistory #wehearthistory #historynerdz
beautiful - vahistory - president - learning - va - wehearthistory - mountvernon - americanrevolution - dc - foundingfather - historic - ihearthistory - historynerdz - ornaments - home - mansion - christmastree - education - decor - 1776 - holidays - revolutionarywar - merrychristmas - decorations - virginiahistory - pretty - christmas - virginia - history -
young_king326 : nice pic
historynerdz : @young_king326 Thank you!
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On or around this day in 1799, Elijah Clarke passes away. He has been described as “an effective successful guerilla commander” whose contributions have been “overshadowed by those of Francis Marion, Thomas Sumter, and other more dramatic figures…..[He] made contributions to eventual victory in the South that merit high recognition.” Clarke fought in many battles that have appeared in posts on this page, such as the Battles of Kettle Creek, Brier Creek, and Fishdam Ford. He was wounded multiple times—but he kept going! One notable event in Clarke’s career occurred toward the end of the #AmericanRevolution, when he led the so-called Georgia Refugees. The British were trying to establish a foothold in the South, following their failed #Philadelphia and #Saratoga campaigns. They captured #Savannah, then Augusta. In the wake of such victories, the British believed they had crushed Georgia. They demanded that the rebels surrender. In return, they’d be given leniency. Sadly, many took the offer. Clarke felt betrayed! He refused to surrender and others followed his lead. They simply refused to give up! One man later wrote in his pension application: “We were known by the name of the #Georgia Refugees.” He noted that he had no “documentary evidence . . . to sustain his claims.” He and the men fighting with Clarke had “no commission during the last mentioned Term of Service for when we embodied under Colonel Clark in June 1780 as refugees for refusing to take the oath of allegiance to the British Crown.” So many forgotten heroes in our #Revolution! And yet, without their contributions, we may never have been free. FULL STORY: Facebook.com/TaraRoss.1787 #TDIH #thisdayinhistory #OnThisDay #AmericanHistory #USHistory #history #liberty #freedom #MCM #America #landofthefree #homeofthebrave #UnsungHeroes #classicalconversations
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Lexington and Concord: The Beginning -------- Beginning in 1764, Britain enacted a series of measures that were aimed at raising revenue from its 13 colonies in America. Several of those measures, including the Sugar Act, Stamp Act and Townshend Acts, which were a multitude of taxes for the colonists living there, generated fierce resentment among the citizens, who protested against “taxation without representation.” In Boston, the site of the 1770 Boston Massacre, where British troops killed several protesting colonists, and the 1773 Boston Tea Party, where colonists dumped a supply of tea into the harbor there to protest taxes, was one of the main places of resistance. King George III of Britain, in response, increased military presence there, and in June 1774, he shut down the city’s harbor until colonists paid for the tea dumped into the harbor the previous year in the Boston Tea Party. Soon after, the British Parliament declared that Massachusetts was in open rebellion. On April 18, 1775, a man named Joseph Warren learned from a turncoat inside the British high command that Redcoat troops would march that night on the nearby city of Concord. Warren dispatched two couriers, silversmith Paul Revere and tanner William Dawes, to alert nearby residents of the incoming soldiers. They first traveled by different routes to the town of Lexington, a few miles east of Concord, where revolutionary leaders Samuel Adams and John Hancock had holed up temporarily. Having persuaded those two to flee, Revere and Dawes then set out again. While on the road, they met a third rider, Samuel Prescott, who alone made it all the way to Concord. Revere was then captured by a British patrol, while Dawes was thrown from his horse and forced to proceed back to Lexington on foot to inform the townspeople. The first major conflict of the American Revolution was about to begin. Source: History.com.
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socrates_mistletoe : Funny to think that the US was based off of anti-taxes, then one of the first rebellions was against taxes. Lol. Good post
memes_420.exe : @socrates_mistletoe exactly
ww2insignia : Assassin's Creed 3 taught me a lot I realise now😅 and people keep telling me gaming isn't good for anything😂
eleirbag555 : the patriot
schroder1 : American Independence was influenced by organized crime, The Boston massacre was anything but a massacre, the colonies were ungrateful pricks not deserving of the freedoms Britain had granted it, and the Colonial resistance to British rule was completely uncalled for. They tarred and feathered average joe government workers. I am proud to be American but the road to independence was a vile and dark path. I am glad you managed to just state facts and not add a spin to most of the info. Good on you @the_great_wars
historyhunter89 : I live near these battlefields and have posted sone pix of them recently
hundi_the_dovakiin : Assassins creed 3, playing it now! @ww2insignia
history_fanatic : Funny thing is Ben Franklin offered to pay for it all 😂
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