New purse book for $1 from #abcbookstore #torontosummer #summerreading #alicewalker #womanism #americanlit
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When the past creeps into the present... S. K. Sharpe's "MAD JUSTICE" Coming Fall 2015. #books #bookstagram #readers #read #goodreads #urbanfiction #americanlit
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#Vonnegut #rereading #americanlit #goodbyebluemonday
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dr_blakely : Love Vonnegut!!
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Spending the night in preparation for the biggest literary event of the decade
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mrliuboyang : 😊
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Don't quit, save a tiny little ember, a spark and never give them that spark, because as long as you have that spark, you can start the greatest fire again. I still kept the spark. I will not quit. I will not let them kill me-Bukowski 1976 Interview #coffee #coffeetime #coffeelover #coffeeaddict #blackcoffee #decaf #bukowski #charlesbukowski #dirtyoldman #americannightmare #work #existence #existentialism #quit #job #read #reading #literature #americanliterature #americanlit #book #books #bookworm #bookstagram #caffeine #caffeineaddict #caffeineaddiction #caffeinefix #tea #blacktea
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#HappyBirthday to Pearl S. Buck #BornOnThisDay in 1892. #writer #pearlbuck #pearlsbuck #literature #novelist #americanlit
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Last class today ☀️👌 #lastclass #summer #summercourse #americanlit #ilovewhatimwearing #goodvibes
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Great book or the greatest book? Sirens of Titan by Kurt Vonnegut. #vonnegut #americanlit #classiclit #1959
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champagne_jam_ : Vonny f baby
xrate16 : Great book. My favorite is still Timequake but that may be because it was the book that got me into Vonnegut
factshack : Timequake is also fantastic.
louisdubya : I personally enjoy "Bluebird" but "Sirens" is great as well
louisdubya : *bluebeard"
factshack : Bluebeard is also fantastic. I've really never read a KV book I didn't like. Galapagos is another favorite.
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Take your books on vacation! Stay home one Mother's Day, miss out on friends and family functions. A full time student with a full time job! #fuckyeah #nevertoolate #nevertooold #englishmajor #chicanolit #americanlit
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selii_sel : 🙌 U Goooo gurrrl!!! @lettee1973 👏👏👍 that's awesome!😉
monicapal75 : Good job! @lettee1973 👏 👌
nanasworld_drewy_sienna : Way to go!!👏👍👍👍@lettee1973
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🙏💕📖📚 #anotherday #americanlit #studying #pushingforward #happiness #praying #meditation #thoreau #oneofthebest #transcendentalist #icandothis
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love.messenger.2 : @thesweetsparkles ❤️️
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Messin' around making #avatars like its 2002. #quoteoftheday #quote #fscottfitzgerald #americanlit #graphicdesign #photoshop #bibliophile #booknerd #unsplash #typeface #typography
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cat_mattnese : Did you do this? @gabriellegold
gabriellegold : @cat_mattnese Sure did! But the background is a stock photo from @unsplash.
cat_mattnese : Right on! I'm loving those typefaces! Btw, you're BF and I are friends! I noticed you two were dating and I got really excited! I saw Chris's mom and dad one day in the falls and they said how much they liked you! Tell chris I said Hello and that I hope to see him (and you!) sometime soon! @gabriellegold
gabriellegold : @cat_mattnese oh man, thank you. I totally dig your work! Are you in the falls? We all could grab a beer sometime! Chris' rents are great- I love 'em. I'll tell him you say hey!
cat_mattnese : I'm not living in the falls anymore, I'm in Tonawanda, but I work in The falls still and in Buffalo! Ya that'd be awesome! I'm always down for a beer or two! Thank you! That means a lot! @gabriellegold - keightandahalf - cat_mattnese - trulygully -
I read the author’s note, prologue, and ten pages from chapter 1 and I’m ready to give this book ALL the stars. Looks like my first #summerread will be a winner. “What you believe has no effect on the truth.” “If love is missing from your soul, your mind, you won’t be able to find what you need. You may not recognize it.” “Make your own happiness inside yourself and, when you have enough to share, find someone to share it with." #jcaliforniacooper #insearchofsatisfaction #africanamericanliterature #americanlit
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chermyworld : Stealing will check out now
casuallyallure : She is my favorite.
kimlechelle : @shannon_rhp she is the truth! #jcaliforniacooper
shannon_rhp : I'm late to the party @casuallyallure and @kimlechelle. There are a few writers like her that have sort of eluded the masses but have fans that go hard for them. Pearl Cleage, Paule Marshall, Tayari Jones...I haven't read any of them. So much reading to do.
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Lire du #Kerouac dans un aréna, c'est se sentir encore plus sur la route. #OuQuandJeFaisSemblantDeRegarderUnePratiqueDeHockeyDeMonFrère
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One more of me when I was in grad school. Circa 1998. That's me in the left, KH on the right. At KM's house on Myles Court, Athens, GA. Not the best photo but whateveh! (Yes, we were a bit tipsy. This may have been the night I was shouting The Wasteland by memory.)
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colorado_stephanie : #GA #georgia #athens #gradschool #englishprof #english #americanlit #americanliterature #americanculture #party #partyparty
colorado_stephanie : Actually...this photo is from 1996 or 1997...probably 97.
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Can't believe I saw this in the flesh. #AmericanHistory #FannyHill #History #Erotica #lgbtq #AmericanLit #JohnCleland
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Thank you for the books. RIP James Salter. #rip #jamessalter #writerswriter #americanlit #greatbooks
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The Last of the Mohicans has, like every other Fenimore Cooper novel I've read, been an utter exercise in endurance and patience. At times I've wanted to throw it across the room and other times haven't wanted to stop reading. Perhaps those are the best books? #summer #summerreading2015 #help #mohicans #nativesmericans #newyork #literature #americanlit #cursed #cooper #bookporn #reading #books #egad
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Serving up some tortilla and tostitos... #johnsteinbeck #tortillaflat #booksandfood #tostitos #reading #eating #bookstagram #penguinbooks #penguinclassics #igreads #researchreading #thestein #currentlyreading #americanlit
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steinbeckcenter : Awesome post
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Sorting out my #toberead list for the summer holidays; it definitely needs to start with a reread of this bad boy! #americanpsycho #breteastonellis #americanlit #tbr #reread #bookstagram #igreads #newreads #magpie #taxidermy
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beckibunn_ : Favourite bird and book!
bibliophile.beth : @beckibunn_ Yay! Isn't it an awesome combo? 😄
missbookdependent : 😍😍😍
bibliophile.beth : @missbookdependent 😊😊
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Semester Done :) these are all the works I've read in the past 6 weeks: >> 11 short stories from Great Short Stories by American Women >> 6 essays from The Souls of Black Folk by DuBois >> 11 poems by Emily Dickinson >> the novel Pudd'nhead Wilson by Mark Twain >> the novel The Red Badge of Courage by Stephen Crane >> the novel Daisy Miller by Henry James >> 7 poems by Walt Whitman >> the novel The Awakening by Kate Chopin --------------------------------------- It was a great summer semester and my first semester as officially an English - Literary Studies major 😊 #📚 #gobulls #usf
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Annnnd this is why I hardly, if ever, get sleep at night anymore. My bed is not associated with anything but work. Sad, I know. #literatureclass #americanlit #researchpaper
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#tuesdayclass #americanlit #dresses #selfie 😄
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More from the Pacific . Inherent Vice (California) takes place in LA in 1970. Doc Sportello is a detective who spends his time getting stoned and solving crimes. In that order. The story follows Doc as he investigates the disappearance of a billionaire land developer. It’s written by Pynchon, so it’s nothing like a typical private eye novel . Sometimes A Great Notion (Oregon) is Kesey’s lesser known novel. As independent loggers, the Stamper family decides to supply Wakonda Pacific Lumber while the unionized loggers strike. The Stampers try to meet the contract and deal with the internal conflicts that have pit family member against family member . The Dharma Bums (California) is Kerouac’s path to enlightenment. Ray Smith (Kerouac) and Japhy Ryder (Gary Snyder) are on a journey to find Truth through Zen Buddhism. Kerouac creates a contrast between traveling and meditating outdoors and drinking and partying with friends in the city. The influence of Japanese poetry is evident throughout the novel “almost as if he were writing a book of a thousand haikus” (Allen Ginsburg) . Big Sur (California) should not be the first Kerouac novel you read, but it should be a Kerouac novel you read. This novel is a stark contrast to his other work in which the Beat boys are free-spirited wanderers. Here, “Jack Duluoz” is older and has gained fame as an author. Unable to handle newfound fame, he retreats to a West Coast cabin with his friends where he spirals into depression and alcoholism . #summerreadinggetaways (Pacific)
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ninapimpisa : How's Kesey's one? I loveee One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. Are they kind of the same vibe? :)
jayelind : 😍😍😍
lilitslittlelibrary : @rox_rocks_11 haha! Araxya, these are all books I've read over time. Not what I'm currently reading. 😊💕
lilitslittlelibrary : @ninapimpisa I wouldn't say they have the same vibe, but they have the same great storytelling by Kesey.
rox_rocks_11 : Wow, you're incredible; can we have coffee soon and discuss some of these, please? @lilitslittlelibrary 😘
lilitslittlelibrary : @rox_rocks_11 you're very sweet. Of course.😊
rox_rocks_11 : Okay, Lus n I decided on the 5th. See you soon gorgeous ladies. @lilitslittlelibrary
bazfiction : Inherent Vice. 😍👍☺️❤️
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Next on the list... #johnsteinbeck #theredpony #red #bookstagram #igreads #currentlyreading #researchreading #penguinbooks #penguinclassics #thestein #americanlit
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mitchell_favell : Looks like an old edition! It's nice!
me_barnes : Thanks! @mitchell_favell this edition is from '86 which nowadays is considered old lol :)
mitchell_favell : Hahaha, yeah I suppose so! Nonetheless, it's still a beautiful edition; i'm a big Steinbeck fan, so anything with his name on will do lol
me_barnes : I hear that! I'm working my way through all his works this summer and it's probably the best reading decision I've ever made!
steinbeckcenter : Hope you enjoy The Red Pony @me_barnes
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Fitzgerald though 💖 #fscottfitzgerald #fitzgerald #thegreatgatsby #americanlit #literature #love #quote
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Everyone should have some room on their shelves for the California King . #summerreadinggetaways (Pacific)
summerreadinggetaways -
lilitslittlelibrary : @phantasmagoricfragments @lilit2067 I agree, both are great! 😊✨
lilitslittlelibrary : @iman_the_book_worm_ It's a wonderful novel. Hope you get a chance to read it soon.
lilitslittlelibrary : @listied I couldn't choose my one favorite, but I can say that East of Eden is my favorite of his longer novels.
lilitslittlelibrary : @halfdesertedstreets @darnius @ziba.reads @literaryjourney @me_barnes love all this Steinbeck love. 😊💕✨
lilitslittlelibrary : @steinbeckcenter ✨Thank you.
ishanghainobody : I think I'll opt for east of Eden as both @lilitslittlelibrary and @bondimanche_ suggested it, and yer ladies of good taste.
iman_the_book_worm_ : @lilitslittlelibrary thank you! Hopefully I do!
mybookbath : What a collection!!! 😍
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Reading Mr. Bridge by Evan S. Connell. (Finished: Mr. Palomar by Italo Calvino. Rating: 4/5 stars.) • Twin novel of Mrs. Bridge. Twentieth century American classic. Neglected masterpiece.
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bazfiction : #CurrentlyReading #Reading #Fiction #Literature #ILoveBooks #BookAddict #Bookaholic #Book #Bookstagram #InstaBook #InstaReads #BookWorm #BookNerd #BookLover #BookPorn #BookBlog #Goodreads #Bibliophile #AmericanLit #EvanSConnell #MrBridge #Novel.
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Paradise (Oklahoma) is the third novel in a trilogy that includes Beloved and Jazz. The story is set in Ruby, an all-black town whose settlers were ex-slaves. Unable to find acceptance anywhere else they formed a community apart from the rest of the world. When tensions from the outside world seep into their community the townsmen find a source to blame for their troubles: a covenant for women seeking refuge. This story is told through multiple narratives and a series of flashbacks . #summerreadinggetaways (Southwest)
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lilitslittlelibrary : #tonimorrison #paradise #oklahoma #morrison #readinglist #summerreading #bookstagram #instabooks #americanlit
mybookbath : Sounds interesting.
lilitslittlelibrary : @mybookbath it's not as strong as Beloved, but it's good.
ldlyons : My favorite novel of all time. I prefer it to Beloved, actually.
lilitslittlelibrary : @ldlyons This is the first time someone has told me they prefer Paradise to the others. It's kind of nice to hear since most people generally prefer Beloved or The Bluest Eye.
ldlyons : Ruby's debate about the motto on the face of the oven gave me new ways to think about how faith communities engage, revise and activate sacred text. Also, Pat Best's fraught genealogy project was an accessible point of identification, given how difficult it can be to keep track of the novel's expansive cast of characters. It's a more challenging read, to be sure, but more rewarding in the ways that it moves readers to interrogate notions of faith, community and gender.
lilitslittlelibrary : I agree with you. Morrison revealed the history of the town in a very unique and gripping style. I've always found her novels to be filled with multiple layers of complex characters and themes that continually challenge the reader. Sula is my personal favorite. @ldlyons
ldlyons : OMG. I ADORE Sula. The ending was just perfection!
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n._tomomi : かわいそすぎるー(;_;)がんばれー
_710017 : @n._tomomi ほんとに長かったよ、、笑ありがとT.T
yukko._a - yuipoohchan - rh__0509 - yellow831hm -
Cormac McCarthy has to make an appearance if we’re talking about the American West. I should have included No Country for Old Men but Blood Meridian and the last novel of the Border Trilogy will do just fine . Ceremony (New Mexico) follows the story of Tayo who has just returned home from fighting in WWII.  Tayo suffers from PTSD being unable to cope with the death and suffering he witnessed during war. He returns to his family/home in the Laguna Pueblo reservation and looks to his Pueblo traditions for a source of healing. Silko, a Laguna Pueblo writer, combines prose and poetry in this work . The Bean Trees (Arizona) tackles various topics ranging from motherhood to undocumented immigrants. Taylor Greer leaves Kentucky (and her real name) and travels west where she eventually ends up in Tucson, Arizona.  While driving through Oklahoma, she is left with a small child, Turtle, who is abandoned by her Cherokee mother. In Tucson, Taylor and Turtle befriend a couple, Estevan and Esperanza, who are political refugees from Guatemala . The Monkey Wrench Gang (desert between southern Utah and northern Arizona) has been so influential that it’s actually made “monkeywrenching” a term referring to sabotage.  The four radical environmentalists imagined by Abbey 40 years ago aren’t exactly what we imagine environmentalists to be like today, but they certainly inspired ecoactivists. In this radical and witty novel we follow the gang as they take on the Glen Canyon Dam . #summerreadinggetaways (Southwest)
thebeantrees - instabooks - monkeywrenchgang - summerreading - americanliterature - summerreadinggetaways - barbarakingsolver - ceremony - bordertrilogy - lagunapueblo - citiesoftheplain - cormacmccarthy - glencanyon - igreads - abbey - bloodmeridian - americanlit - silko - bookstagram -
lilitslittlelibrary : @herpickings ooh, you're in for an adventure. 😁✨
athousandbooks : Reading The Border Trilogy. Get ready @herpickings. Haha. Also I Googled imaged the different settings throughout the "journey". I highly recommend. It made it so real.
herpickings : @athousandbooks I will definitely do that! Thanks for the great tip!
lannispurr : The Bean Trees is such a beautiful book!!! Oh it's gorgeous :). It has such an amazing message behind it.
lilitslittlelibrary : @athousandbooks that's a really great idea. @herpickings
lilitslittlelibrary : @lannispurr it really is! 😊✨
dangerousyyyy : Thank you for introducing such nice books
lilitslittlelibrary : @dangerousyyyy thank you! I hope you enjoy them as much as I did. ✨
ayearofnovels - sugandh88 - our_unbuilt_home -
More from the Rocky Mountain states . A River Runs Through It (Montana) must be read. Maclean's semi-autobiographical novella captures his childhood and relationship with his brother Paul. Maclean's descriptions of the Big Blackfoot River and the Montana outdoors contributes to the stunning prose. There's a sadness in this work that lingers with you. In 1977, the Pulitzer Prize committee suggested the novella be selected as the winner for fiction; the Board did not award for fiction that year . The Shining (Colorado), written by the King of the horror genre, really needs no introduction. Here's one anyway. Jack Torrance is snowbound in the supernatural/haunted Overlook Hotel with his family. The supernatural forces overcome Jack's sanity and ... "Here's Johnny!" Yes, I love the film adaptation . #summerreadinggetaways (Rocky Mountains)
stephenking - ariverrunsthroughit - theshining - maclean - bookstagram - americanlit - summerreading - instabooks - americanliterature - summerreadinggetaways - horrornovel -
lilitslittlelibrary : #theshining #stephenking #horrornovel #maclean #ariverrunsthroughit #americanlit #americanliterature #summerreading #bookstagram #instabooks
msexton1227 : I loved the shining but didn't like the movie. I need to re read it.
lilitslittlelibrary : @msexton1227 I'm a huge Jack Nicholson fan. 😁✨
a.bookish.adventure - ana_catherinemm - lyricalminefields - abookwheel -
#hardyboys #bobbseytwins #americanlit
hardyboys - americanlit - bobbseytwins -
nim_br : So many Hardy Boyz!!
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這個時間點讀美國文學真的是當bedtime stories在讀欸!想睡100#finalexam#exausted#americanlit#LinensCollegeLife
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