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New tranny should be coming in in about two weeks or so! Ready for this bad rascal to be back on the road😏 #monstertransmission #zsquad #alwaysbreakinshit #TheBlueAce
monstertransmission - alwaysbreakinshit - theblueace - zsquad -
gabrielle_parli - __savagesav__ - bengann19 - adamcrab -
This makes for a GREAT damn Friday!! #alwaysbreakinshit
alwaysbreakinshit -
tgraham5.9 : @199wilson
walker.b_96 : This makes me not want them that wheel is fucked
dakotabillings6.6 : @walker.b_96 with the lugs back on you can't tell it
lift3d_society : @truckrice.x
bg.gonzalez - choppin_bladess - jeffers_117 - 661dlomb -
#steelstompin #alwaysbreakinshit #10mindutycycle#14minwelds#blownout#miller#brokenwelder#unproductive#gotpaidanyway #contactors ?
brokenwelder - unproductive - steelstompin - gotpaidanyway - 14minwelds - alwaysbreakinshit - blownout - miller - contactors - 10mindutycycle -
arc_doctor : Is that a millermatic 185 if so check the volt range switch ...that a common symptom of that relay -
I wish I could just take some CBD right now and my bones would be healed, but I don't think it works like that. Lmao if you look carefully on the right you can see my bone almost split in two. I'm also having major hoop withdrawals. 😩😩😩😩😩#bonecountry #alwaysbreakinshit #caligerrl #knar #clutsyasfuck #wishicouldhoop
wishicouldhoop - caligerrl - clutsyasfuck - knar - alwaysbreakinshit - bonecountry -
pnwhooper : Thanks babe! Are you coming to Sacramento for Christmas or New Years????? @effortlesseffervescent
effortlesseffervescent : Not sure yet. I'm going up to WA to see family on Christmas but idk about New Years yet!
pnwhooper : I'm back in Sacramento right now. It's been a hectic last few weeks and I doubt it's going to slow down soon but Id love to catch up with you. ☺️☺️ @effortlesseffervescent
pnwhooper : @personal_jesus420
thatawkweirdgirl - cmj1904_ccvk - effortlesseffervescent - heyyomikey89 -
When in doubt, pinkies out. I've been in Sacramento less than 24 hours and already have a broken finger. I get to call the orthopedic surgeon on Monday to find out when and if they have to operate. Fuuuuuuuuckk me. #clutsyasfuck #alwaysbreakinshit
alwaysbreakinshit - clutsyasfuck -
adventures.of.tony.and.watson : Hope it works at least! Small consolation prize...
justbeegracefull : dude i was in the ER this weekend for my thumb 😫
pnwhooper : My shit is broke as fuck. Luckily no surgery thoZ
pnwhooper : @blissfull.beee
adventures.of.tony.and.watson - vcal88 - love_yourself_dear_ - irie_hoops -
#warwagons #fieldbombers #yeeyee #89jeep #92chevy #moboggin #fuckinshitup #funonthefarm #jeepprobs #alwaysbreakinshit @mikeconnolly95 @jessebernardin
warwagons - 92chevy - yeeyee - alwaysbreakinshit - fieldbombers - fuckinshitup - 89jeep - jeepprobs - moboggin - funonthefarm -
kayla_pel - gee_thanks_obama - kauger24 - nicholasbernardin -
Me drifting at #summitpointraceway at #driftnirvana #1995 #240sx #sr20 #driftthatsht #becausedriftcar #alwaysbreakinshit πŸ“·:@driftnirvana and thanks to @frank_half_ton @ahowells95 @_rojo18 @i_meaniguess for coming, watching/supporting and helping me when the damn thing broke again and again.
driftthatsht - 1995 - driftnirvana - becausedriftcar - sr20 - 240sx - alwaysbreakinshit - summitpointraceway -
panda_express_99 : Fag
drift_that_sht : But does your car run either? @ahowells95
_rojo18 : I looked at this for a good minute looking at the ground πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
justskully : πŸ™Œ
minisporgiti - that_bugeye - highmynameisjames - panda_express_99 -
You guys... Just let him be.. #actual5yearold #Goddamnit #alwaysbreakinshit
actual5yearold - alwaysbreakinshit - goddamnit -
fuckin_duh - normansfinger - bcthgreene -
Can't wait to get my baby back, new TQ tube, upgraded couplers and new mantic clutch! #hellhp #missmywhip #comehome #lsx #alwaysbreakinshit
alwaysbreakinshit - sobroke - missmywhip - hellhp - comehome - lsx -
ryanzo6ink : Always #sobroke bc of it @metalgearclothing
crystallynnfit : Sell the f-er
russiaandrew1 : @ryanzo6ink is it still in the shop?
especk614 : @ryanzo6ink just in time for my arrival
tiffanynco123 - russiaandrew1 - mariaoneal1 - scottyvowell -
#mcm goes to Alex cause it was at this moment he knew.. He fucked up #alwaysbreakinshit
mcm - alwaysbreakinshit -
_the_alpha_and_omega : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
shiann_lashae8 : Tbh: I don't really know you but you seem cool ✌️
theycallmekp__ : Tbh / currently laughing my ass off at this post πŸ˜‚ but anyways , we use to be pretty cool & close , but we don't really talk anymore , guess I don't really talk to anyone anymore since I'm homeschooled now , but want you to know if you need anything I'm always here for yah . Stay out of to much trouble now lol !
madisyn_5 : tbh/ I've met you a few time, and then we had a picture together at one point and time because we were both shitfaced at a black light party. πŸ˜‚
zachmoore1999 - alex.allison_ - meagan_brooke_speakman - __15seconds2fame__ -
Best investment yet. #led #hoodlight #bluepoint #alwaysbreakinshit
alwaysbreakinshit - bluepoint - led - hoodlight -
c.onno.r_68 - 2strokedude99 - austin_holland36 - salty_sydney177 -
Figured out why my kicker was slipping and not engaging . #alwaysbreakinShit
alwaysbreakinshit -
adoggie : You are always breaking shit....
ironcobrasfabrication : #kickernotmadeforgiants
beerbreed : Damn always breaking shit
lucks_the_name - fano562 - josh_delcour - jetjamhd -
Oh u know me just at work breaking stuff again @thomasrayhuffman πŸ˜πŸ˜‚ ... Have i broke enough stuff for u to move to FL yet?! 😩 #lol#shehulk#alwaysbreakinshit#ohmuscles
alwaysbreakinshit - shehulk - ohmuscles - lol -
razin2boys2men : It's all that muscle
hgrueber : Lmao!! @danibabi00 !!! 😘
hgrueber : πŸ’ͺ😀 @razin2boys2men
hgrueber : Thats how i hold my own bartending as a woman @razin2boys2men flexing and breaking stuff πŸ˜‚ never had a problems with anyone πŸ˜πŸ‘
ilovemykicks24 - gianvelez_mdi - thomasrayhuffman -
#tbt #heresjohnny #breakingdownthedoor #bestfriend #alwaysbreakinshit @sheriffmcnugget
alwaysbreakinshit - breakingdownthedoor - bestfriend - tbt - heresjohnny -
happyhappyjoycheri - carrieloupe - kristy_car - kylee0731 -
Subframe on my ktm πŸ™ˆπŸ™Šooops! Hard on equipment.
1stgencumminsdaily : #ktmprobs
mattmcguire450 : Haha you know it @1stgencumminsdaily
nickolasdumais56 : Good ole European qualityπŸ˜‚πŸ‘
bigwalt63 : @djdecker026 @jvex557
monsterenergyfanatic - ciws_braaap - jake_nesbitt - mitch_509 -
Front end I need a transmission #sinisterdiesel #cumminsprobs #alwaysbreakinshit
alwaysbreakinshit - cumminsprobs - sinisterdiesel -
allthings4x4_ - koppdaddy4 - dylanmichael_314 - matttcrook -
Reason I needed a new phone. lost a few numbers. Text me if you have mine. Or ask for it. Dont really care. #newphone #alwaysbreakinshit
newphone - alwaysbreakinshit -
caleb_jewell - http.losta - notso_helpless_wanderer - libertylithium -
From Morgantown to Long Island, New York, Some Things Never Change. #AlwaysBreakinShit #TheColonel
alwaysbreakinshit - thecolonel -
samieeselario : This is perfect
karalynoel : πŸ‘ƒπŸ”‘
luciecozzoli : HAHA key in hand while breaking the tub #perfection
colleenwhitehouse : This is my new favorite picture
emmormile - theluckstergirl - jessekeane6 - sirlaurence2 -
Briek another bloody Rearset! :/ who makes good rearsets for the 954?! #stuntlife #stuntbike #becausestuntlife #bikelife #nobodycaresgoharder #alwaysbreakinshit
stuntbike - stuntlife - nobodycaresgoharder - alwaysbreakinshit - becausestuntlife - bikelife -
kaotikstunts : U need 2 cut ur peg n half and u won't hv this problem ur pegs r 2 long
aceshightyler : Ya I figured as much. Sucks to have to cut 80$ pegs. :/ alwell. It is what it is
seanzeetattoo : Something has to give bro, better the rear sets than your frame
sunshine_n_whiskey11 - heyliss620 - arcamstunt -
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #michaelmyers #alwaysbreakinshit πŸŽƒπŸ˜
alwaysbreakinshit - michaelmyers -
brooklynjuggalo97 : U got this from my page right ? If so I dont care lol
mrsmonsta : Lol not sure actually. I was browsing the Michael hashtag and saved a few I seen around @kevin_the_king97
scumbucket_ : 😹 πŸ‘
hatchetryd3r86 - lauryn__elizabeth - musickeepsmesane -
#Throwback #BackInTheDay #FuckedShitUp #AlwaysBreakinShit #Hammered #DontBotherMeWhenImSippin #StupidIdeas
dontbothermewhenimsippin - alwaysbreakinshit - stupidideas - fuckedshitup - throwback - backintheday - hammered -
miguel_cabron : my nigga!
devious02 : That better be apple juice in that bottle.
sg0325 : ^^^ i second that... i cant believe u guys dri apple juice still
miguel_cabron - _paaatino - jannette_15 -
Broken whipple carnage #becauseracetruck #mopowa #alwaysbreakinshit
mopowa - alwaysbreakinshit - becauseracetruck -
loganweems : πŸ™ˆπŸ™‰ finally makin power and then snap!
slammed03 : @loganweems yes but it will be fixed this week so no worries
loganweems : Never hurt nobody as long as it's fixed before Friday nightπŸ˜‚ @04svtlightning
slammed03 : @loganweems should be fixed by wednesday night if not thursday
pjbmomma - brandon_ogden7 - loganweems - chells_and_cheese -
Flashback Friday! #wereitallbegan #bigtrucks&blondes #racepowereheel #debadged #blowermotor #alwaysbreakinshit
alwaysbreakinshit - blowermotor - debadged - racepowereheel - bigtrucks - wereitallbegan -
lbondo : Zzzzzzzzzz
lbondo : Drewww
bgayallday - lilllpaceee - ashlanlipe - stephyoder1029 -
This. Ladies and gentleman is why you don't let your mom drive your shit. #wtf #women #alwaysbreakinshit #shedontknow
alwaysbreakinshit - shedontknow - wtf - women -
evaslzr2 : Lol @josephhhh11
josephhhh11 : @evaslzr2 all she did was move it to the other side of the driveway too. Lmfao
evaslzr2 : Lmao omg that is funny. @josephhhh11
justhoa - evaslzr2 - cadybad - harleyyhostilityy -
Gift from a co worker. How do they know. #alwaysbreakinshit #wreckitralphstatus #dontknowmyownstrength #ooops
alwaysbreakinshit - dontknowmyownstrength - wreckitralphstatus - ooops -
islandwomen13 : That's so you ,at least other people see what I see hahahehe.......funny.😊
pangilinan1 - nari700 - sexxy_069 - islandwomen13 -
#AwwYeeehh #LooksCool #TakingShitApart #Turbo #AlwaysBreakinShit #Shorty #EffTuuFitty
efftuufitty - turbo - awwyeeehh - alwaysbreakinshit - takingshitapart - lookscool - shorty -
deviouspedro - danielmelchor69 - devious02 - lagrande_psd -
Got the lady's all shined up... Now it's to the pooplaris shop, can't wait to see there face when they see the rear end with 3 holes in it!! fml #alwaysbreakinshit #whyme #dontletdrewtouchit #ilfuckitup #duramax #pooplaris #canttake$$tothegrave
alwaysbreakinshit - whyme - duramax - pooplaris - canttake - ilfuckitup - dontletdrewtouchit -
browning1030 : Get rid of it while you can lol poopoo are never ending @zzzdrew
jhdiesel4x4 : Get it ready so we can go riding this weekend.
zzzdrew : Just what I wanted to hear lol @browning1030 that's the plan bud @jhdiesel4x4 but sadly this break will set me back on doin turbo:((
aaamazin1 - elcubanoboiiii - shelfer95 - weave_16 -
Always blaming it on me 😏 @tbrogreene #jerkface #sixseven #badday #alwaysbreakinshit
alwaysbreakinshit - badday - jerkface - sixseven -
justanotherwhite_guy : Here we see a ford in its natural habitat XD haha
tbrogreene : Cabs still on? @jchasesullivan
justanotherwhite_guy : Don't have to take the cab off to fix an axle or driveshaft @tbrogreene
tbrogreene : But the natural habitat of a ford is cab off. Your point is invalid. #thankyoucomeagain
guywiththe2.2lt - gabe.short_ - cowboyjbc - rod_puddin10 -
Sexy Sunday #drylake #mybaby #donediggin #alwaysbreakinshit
donediggin - drylake - alwaysbreakinshit - mybaby -
white_trash_boyz_ : Hell yea yota boyz \m/
t_bear9469 : robertos prob comin
lanethomas_mommy - bellaschneida - cheyenneee_16 - white_trash_boyz_ -
My life in a picture. #bmx #crashing #ieatshitbetterthanyou #flips #oops #alwaysbreakinshit #fuckyou
alwaysbreakinshit - oops - ieatshitbetterthanyou - fuckyou - bmx - flips - crashing -
mikethepayne : This is amazing.
adambanton : Stay safe @davidridesbikes
daverdrx7 : I'm tryin! I'm off to the doctor right now for my wrist haha @adambanton
adambanton : @davidridesbikes dang. Good luck
takanuva7 - mutinyism - j_gainns - its_miguelitz -
One side off then my screw driver breaks really. #really#llama#380#ugh#alwaysbreakinshit#bleh
380 - alwaysbreakinshit - ugh - llama - bleh - really -
evergreen253 -
Once we climbed the rocks and got to the top we find 4 full paint cans, so naturally hooligans that we are, instantly said we're throwing these bitches. This white one was the only one that really exploded. Then we had a fire. #goodtimes #brothers #family #alwaysbreakinshit
alwaysbreakinshit - brothers - goodtimes - family -
longboard_blondie - deezyg412 - meripircing -
Popped tire problems!! #vw #alwaysbroke #alwaysbreakinshit #bagged #boosted #ftw
bagged - alwaysbreakinshit - alwaysbroke - ftw - vw - boosted -
gaugedoisher : That sucks! Looks like it's a sign to purchase some new wheelsπŸ˜‰
boostedgti02 : Most deffinately is!! I have a set of sawblades I put on for right now till I save up for a good set @gaugedoisher
mk4_gasm : Ugh
rafa78700603 : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
sebastian_fuhrman - raceeverything - hfeuro -
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