The #question then is “Why?” #Why does #Israel not share the concern it has over #Palestinians, #Iranians, #Syrians, and #Lebanese with #alNusra, #ISIS, and #alQaeda? Why do these groups wage #jihad against Israel’s enemies but not against Israel itself? interesting... #propaganda #deception #insidejob #america #war
israel - insidejob - alnusra - deception - america - why - lebanese - iranians - isis - question - war - jihad - alqaeda - syrians - palestinians - propaganda -
princedan03 : @_3oakland5_ Again please explain how. If you look at the news they are making Isis seem like the big bad wolf. That should be your red flag right there. I'm sure you are proud to be an american but just like 9/11 and the fear that tragedy created in order for the US to freely conquer territory for finacial gains, they are using the same fear tactic to be world police. Turn off the news and read beyond youtube.
_3oakland5_ : Dude, May i please invite you to go to Syria or Iraq and then tell me if its true or false.
princedan03 : @_3oakland5_ I wouldn't be welcomed because I'm American. I like the fact that I don't have bombs going off in my neighborhood but I don't like the fact that thousands of innocent lives are being taken for capitslism. Isis are doing some horrific things just like the mexican mafia or drug cartels which have American ties. I never said that they were not an issue just that you have to research deeper to find who supports and backs these groups... your original statement was that america/Israel were not an issue I'm comparison to Isis. No offense but that is misinformation.
_3oakland5_ : Your American? Then why do you defend and support isis who hates America,And you said you wouldn't be welcomed there because your american, Why not if they're "peaceful"?
_3oakland5_ : And if your not proud of your nation, if you hate America and if you like the middle east better, Then move there! Lets see if they gonna welcome you with a warm hug and some tea, The first thing they gonna do is kill you!! Wake up!
_3oakland5_ : And btw, palestine never was and never will be a country.
princedan03 : I can see I have offended your level of patriotism for your country. I'm more for humanity and against injustices despite borders. I also see that our level of knowledge on these subjects differs greatly which will only lead to more foolishness. I hope and pray regardless of personal positions, we both continue our search for truth. Take care @_3oakland5_ and peace unto you
_3oakland5_ : Thanks you too.
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Your money [tax dollars] is going to create and fund another group similar to #ISIS . Some ppl might argue and say that Syrians were crushed by a dictator like #Basharalassad but who are these moderate rebels? How do we know that funding and training them will end the chaotic situation in #Syria ? The purpose of the American intervention is to end the chaos and terrorism in the Middle East, but would arming those moderate rebels help at all? I wonder if we are arming #Alnusra (a similar group to #ISIS)? This is a new war and the Obama administration seems clueless. These strategies will only consume more civilians in both #Iraq and #Syria and start an endless war in the Middle East. Also, arming those rebels might lead to the partition of #Syria but why #Syria? Syria was the last Arab state with a secular gov and constitution. Syria has a strategic location, and has a decent amount of oil and natural gas. Also, for sectarian means the gulf states will do anything to destruct #iraq and #Syria . Finally, an endless war in the Middle East means endless economic recessions, since all of our tax dollars will be dedicated for military action overseas. Say no to arming #Syrian rebels.
alnusra - isis - syria - basharalassad - iraq - syrian -
ms_cupcake902 : They are busy with sports and entertainment. They have no time for 3rd world countries and their crises. They don't know that our hegemony won't last forever, and our superiority will end soon, if we keep meddling with others affairs. What goes around comes around.
jonnyboyfarida : 👍👍👍👍👍👍
ms_cupcake902 : 😊😊😊 @jonnyboyfarida
lauracamaj : What u doing tnight??
ms_cupcake902 : This bruised fat chipmunk is staying home tonight, bc I can't go out 😂😂😂 @lauracamaj
ms_cupcake902 : Y r u iging me? Lol @lauracamaj
lauracamaj : Cuz I got a new Apple ID and don't have ur number . Text me ur number like my last IG post informed everyone
ms_cupcake902 : I didn't see ur post lol hold on let me txt u @lauracamaj
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Stop Qatar: They are funding terror , Al Qaeda, Al Nusra, ISIS , and Hamas.
terrorist - isis - stoptheterror - terrorists - hamas - terror - alnusra - stopqatar - alqaeda -
israel_my_home_forever : #stopqatar #ISIS #Hamas #Alqaeda #Alnusra #Terror #Terrorists #Terrorist #stoptheterror
yohanarfi : 😳
narcissism_1989 : And alakhwan !! We suffer them
ausdaboss666 : U don't u guys jus go bomb them
fenghuang5775 : Let's cut the head off of the snake, those States who support ISIS, Al-Q, etc... Those that work in the NSA, CIA who some also support in those agencies support, strip them of their power and try them for war crimes and treason.
tziviakatsman - sergiofres - do5052 - fenghuang5775 -
"The battle against terrorism starts with pressure on the countries that finance and support terrorist groups in Iraq and Syria and pretend that they want to fight against terrorism." - #basharalassad #straightup #truth #right #there from the only #realleader on #earth who has actually been making #logical #progession against #terrorists whether they be #alqaeda #alnusra the #freesyrianarmy or the #suddenly #mainstream #islamicstate or #isis . #murica and her #europeanunion bitches must stop giving the #nonexistent #moderaterebels shit, once and for all. And #republicans need to #stfu about putting #usarmy #boots on the ground in's not the #west #battle or #business.
europeanunion - right - mainstream - business - terrorists - suddenly - republicans - logical - usarmy - stfu - alnusra - nonexistent - progession - battle - earth - murica - isis - west - straightup - there - boots - islamicstate - realleader - truth - basharalassad - alqaeda - syria - moderaterebels - freesyrianarmy -
julie.jenner : PREACH THE CAPTION 👌👌
souriahabibi : Syria al assad ❤️✌️
nafeesaali : Kill this bitch first
ivan_leaks_wikileaks : Who? @nafeesaali
ivan_leaks_wikileaks : And be clear, no bullshitting around @nafeesaali
nafeesaali : Terrorists need to be called terrorists, bashar is a filthy pig he needs to be tortured to death
ivan_leaks_wikileaks : I find it hard to believe you are pro Gaza @nafeesaali
nafeesaali : I am pro gaza not pro violence. Bashar has ruthlessly killed 1000s of his own ppl including children with chemical weapons, he is far worst than israel
naakoorobert - souriahabibi - kobisharuka - kid_comfy -
"A YPG sniper inside a building on the Ras Al Ayn/Ceylanpinar border post takes aim at an enemy position amid clashes for control of the border post between the Kudish militia YPG and the rebel group Jabhat al Nusra on August 31, 2013." photo by @martinsalicea
photojournalist - photojournalism - freelancers - kurdistan - alnusra - ypg - kurds - syria - photojournalists - syrian - war - conflict -
ffregister : #Syria #Syrian #photojournalism #photojournalist #freelancers #conflict #war #Kurds #kurdistan #YPG #Alnusra #conflict #photojournalism #photojournalists
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بالصور: كرديات يتدربن على قتال داعش أعدت مراسلة قناة «إن.بي.سي نيوز» الإخبارية الأميركية، إيرين تريب، تقريراً مصوراً عن مجموعة نسائية عسكرية كردية مسلحة يُطلق عليها «وحدة حماية المرأة»، تتكون من 7 آلاف #امرأة، على طول الحدود الشمالية في #سوريا. وأوضحت تريب، في تقريرها المصور، أن هؤلاء النساء الكرديات، اللاتي يُقدر عددهن بآلاف، ومعظمهن في سن الشباب، يحملن الأسلحة لحماية شعبهم من هجمات مسلحي تنظيم «#داعش »، ومقاتلي«جبهة النصرة»، الذين تربطهم علاقات بتنظيم « #القاعدة». لقراءة المقال كاملاً: #NBCNews #Kurd #Women #fighting #ISIS #Terrorism #AlNusra
isis - داعش - سوريا - nbcnews - kurd - امرأة - القاعدة - alnusra - fighting - terrorism - women -
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La situación en el medio oriente específicamente en #Siria e #Irak es una guerra entre extremistas de distintos grupos como #ISIS #AlNusra #AlQaeda que fueron creados y siguen siendo financiados por occidente, son mercenarios y radicales que no tienen consciencia y carecen de valores, pincipios y empatía como seres humanos que se escudan detrás de la palabra religión como cualquier otro grupo fundamentalista. Los medios mainstream o corporativos mantienen la narrativa de que es una guerra entre el #islam sunita y el islam chií o shia también llamado, en estos tiempos podemos ver a ambos islam suni e islam shia unidos en contra de los actos de terrorismo de #ISIS entre otros, no solo estos grupos han asesinado a cristianos y otras minorías religiosas sino también han asesinado a los mismos quienes practican el islam ya sea suni o shia. No es una guerra entre #Sunni y #Shia para montar un califato en el mundo, estos extremistas son títeres de una élite para hacer el trabajo sucio de desestabilizar gobiernos para colocar nuevas presidencias amigas de la élite y poder dominar más territorios e implantar sus bancos internacionales y corporaciones dentro de esos países que se rehúsan a aceptar ese sistema de nuevo orden mundial, luego de que los extremistas eliminen gobiernos, la élite (países aliados entre EUA, europa, IsraHell entre otros) eliminarán y dejarán de financiar a tales grupos radicales porque ya no lea serán útil. Los medios mainstream desvían la atención creando matríz de opiniones de que es una guerra entre religiones para alejar el enfoque de una élite dominante. Arriba a la izquierda se ven las noticias como divulgan "Sunni Vs. Shia: el nuevo califato" parece más bien el nombre de una película, bueno en realidad es una historieta lo que los medios mainstream publican, en las demás fotos se refleja la realidad en los países árabes, se muestra la armada de #Irak con soldados #Kurdos #Shia #Sunni y #Católico en contra de los grupos radicales, protestas civiles mostrando apoyo de Shia y Sunni en contra de #ISIS igual al Ayatolah Khamenei llamando a la unión entre shia y sunni en contra de ISIS hasta ambos Shia y Sunni rezando juntos. #NO2ISIS
irak - no2isis - isis - siria - shia - católico - alnusra - alqaeda - kurdos - sunni - islam -
ejchirinof - senor_fun_timez - souriahabibati - adryang7 -
#ISIS #AlNusra #Syrian rebels
syrian - alnusra - isis -
jasongabriel333 : Get the Christians and people of other religions other then the Islamic faith out of Iraq then level that place . Most people don't know this but before bush jr went into Iraq pope John Paul sent delegates from the Vatican begging bush not to go into Iraq because it would spin thing out of control in the Middle East . Now look ! Those people have to be ruled with a iron fist ! If not look what they do
jasongabriel333 - maggott_aj - weston_donaldson - flipgunz -
#sheih #sheik #sheikh #alnusra #alaksa #halifat #arabian #arafat #yacer #yacir #goatee #шейх #альнусра #халифат #альакса #арафат
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marinasidorovva : Шейк шейк шей ю бади)
tancha_tancha : @singapoursling one million dollars 😃😃😃
singapoursling : الله ينعم عليك😎
sabrinah_s : 😎
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El ministro del Interior #francés, Bernard Cazeneuve, dijo que el detenido es un individuo "particularmente peligroso". Las autoridades #francesas arrestaron a un hombre sospechoso de haber reclutado #yihadistas para que se unan a los militantes #islámicos que combaten en #Siria. El ministro del Interior francés, Bernard Cazeneuve, informó de la detención de #MouradFares en un aeropuerto de Francia. Cazeneuve calificó a Fares como un individuo "particularmente peligroso", con nexos a grupos como Estado Islámico y el afiliado a #AlQaeda, #AlNusra. Las autoridades estiman que unos novecientos ciudadanos franceses están involucrados con militancia #islámica dentro y alrededor de #Siria. #Francia acoge a la mayor población musulmana en #Europa occidental. #Internacional #Información #Noticias @radioclass
noticias - europa - alqaeda - siria - islámica - internacional - francesas - alnusra - yihadistas - francia - información - francés - islámicos - mouradfares -
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#Daesh #Hezboallah #Alnusra #Muslim_brotherhood #Alqaedah #Alhothy #Bashar_alasad Terrorist groups do not represent Islam or Muslims. Stop Terrorism on the name of Islam اللهم رد كيدهم في نحورهم واجعل تدبيرهم تدميرا وهلاكا لهم واحفظ بلادنا وسائر بلاد المسلمين
alhothy - alnusra - hezboallah - muslim_brotherhood - bashar_alasad - daesh - alqaedah -
alansari_amnah : اللهم امين
maadabduljawad : الله يحفظ بلادنا و يبعد عننا الشرور
alkhan194 : الله يحفظ بلادنا من كل شر
farisalogayel8 : امين يارب
5af8i__fzz : اللهم اميين
r__37_ : الله يحفظ السعوديه من كل شر♡
lwest1947 : اميين @r__37_ @alansarimo
alansarimo : @lwest1947 @r__37_ @5af8i__fzz @alkhan194 @farisalogayel8 @maadabduljawad @alansari_amnah ويحفظكم يارب ومن تحبون، ويديم سبحانه علينا نعمة الأمن والأمان
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So #alqaeda affiliate #alnusra took over #UN #unitednations positions in #Syria on the border of #israel - hope they are enjoying #artists4israel #graff #graffiti by #normmsk #norm
israel - handstyles - isis - artists4israel - normmsk - graff - font - alnusra - graffiti - unitednations - alqaeda - syria - calligraphy - un - norm -
artists4israel : #calligraphy #isis #font #handstyles
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The #cia fool. #isis #isil #islamicstate #isisisontwitter #isisisoninstagram #isisisonsocialmedia #isisisonfacebook #cia #mossad #muslimbrotherhood #alnusra #alqueda #proxywar
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kim.ekholm : @shewaraza
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As ISIS advances to many different parts of Iraq, and beheading men women and children and unbelievers of Islam. All the global community does is condemn the actions of ISIS, or just focus on the little Israel-Palestine conflict. Obama apparently doesn't have a strategy on how to defeat ISIS. But has a plan on how to arm Syrian "rebels". Obama the idiot and the spineless global community dont do anything while Christians and Muslims both are being slaughtered in the name of Allah. #isis #minority #iraq #raqqah #usa #us #obama #putin #allah #muslim #kurdistan #kirds #alnusra
putin - isis - minority - usa - kurdistan - allah - us - alnusra - muslim - kirds - iraq - raqqah - obama -
jacob__engel : Ok I understand your frustration. But how do think anyone can solve this?
righteousconservative : We need to wipe out ISIS and all the terror organizations in the middleast including Hamas. We need to quit funding rebel opposition groups and stabilize the government in Iraq as well as Afghanistan. Quit meddling with other countries as we see that costs us many deaths... @jacob__engel
jacob__engel : That would work but...they are Muslim. It just can't work over there. In Afghanistan yes I think we are doing good. Anywhere else though it's just making it worse right now.
manishaanwari2 - conservative_politics - inciscowetrust - strider231 -
US Marine Mission Statement! Hoo Ahhh! #USA #America #ArmedForces #BringDownTheTerrorist #Terror #Terrorists #isis #IslamicState #Islamic_State #Iraq #Syria #Kurd #Kurdistan #Kurds #Peshmerga #isil #TheLevant #AlNusra #MeetYourMaker #UnitedStatesOfAmerica #Israel
israel - islamic_state - terrorists - kurdistan - armedforces - bringdowntheterrorist - terror - alnusra - america - unitedstatesofamerica - iraq - isis - usa - meetyourmaker - kurd - islamicstate - peshmerga - thelevant - syria - isil - kurds -
exploringbeyondmyhorizon : Again interesting to know what Jesus thinks of this. What does he tell you when you ask? :)
__its__miss_taylor : @exploringbeyondthehorizon I dont Understand your Question Could you rephrase it for me?
exploringbeyondmyhorizon : Sorry, as a Christian I assumed you pray or chat with Jesus. The sign implies people killing people. To me Jesus is all about unconditional unlimited love for absolutely everyone, I wondered what He tells you when you ask - your message may be different and I would be interested to hear it if you feel like sharing. Thanks :)
__its__miss_taylor : @exploringbeyondthehorizon Yes Jesus is about Unconditional unlimited Love for Everyone but That Does not Mean if we Have Terrorist Threating to attack our Soil that we stand by and let it Happen.
__its__miss_taylor : @exploringbeyondthehorizon are You a Muslim Dear?
exploringbeyondmyhorizon : :) you're sweet! No, I see myself as a spiritual activist for the rule of Love and Wisdom. You might say like Jesus, Muhammad when he was young, Gandhi, Martin Luther King, John Lennon, etc. As with most of them, doing it humanly imperfectly at times but trying :) what or who do you try and harmonise with?
exploringbeyondmyhorizon : I totally agree with your other response! Loving people do not just standby when fearful people are inflicting their terror. First, loving people would decide what are the loving choices for ALL affected then do the one that your inner wisdom (not brain) tells them - sometimes it will be to wait patiently, let go and trust. They will often be Krazy Decisions because it is not the way the herd makes decisions ;) You may want to experiment with it for a day or so and let me know how you go. If you're interested it may help to just try doing what Jesus wants you to do or say or think in every situation. Have a great day :)
maritayjaime - clint_steele94 - og_wolf - marinegirl345 -
Smh lol.. #alnusra #alasaad #unitedstates #US #government #corrupt #syria #warzone #killings
killings - alasaad - government - warzone - us - alnusra - corrupt - syria - unitedstates -
slayerprincess_ - aaricacane - thehigherempire - sifuentes3 -
Its muslim's flag ..sign of tawheed... not terrorist's.. Dont take it negatively pls...
we - egypt - muslim - salafi - ikhwanulmuslimin - one - alqaeda - alnusra - altogether - hizbuttahrir - isis - hamas - sunnah - islam - sahaba - become - alqassam - tabligh - muslimah - lions - saudi - gaza - palestine - syria - realmen - mujahidin - syam - tawheed -
lovesprayer : #islam #syam #syria #sunnah #muslimah #mujahidin #realmen #lions #palestine #gaza #alnusra #alqaeda #isis #hamas #alqassam #islam #muslim #egypt #saudi #sahaba #salafi #ikhwanulmuslimin #hizbuttahrir #tabligh #tawheed #altogether #we #become #one
_islam_is_peace : Sooo true 😢😢 we are so divided and we keep mocking each other while all kuffaar at are uniting against us , May Allah help us
rachelnaughtytv : Maybe the Muslim councils all over the world and tolerant Muslims who do not misinterpret their own holy book, should be dealing with radical Islam internally themselves. The world is not uniting against Islam. The world is dealing with brutal, radical Islam. The radical Islam that beheads and oppresses and forces their religious views on minorities. The world would be a much better place if the Muslims who denounce these radicals actually helped. The biggest threat to the world is the perception of Islam...all we see in the media is radical Islam. Help us eradicate radicalism. Or people will misunderstand the whole of Islam. #fuckisis
arinali1 : But salafism is evil and not islam!
r.v.f - malaka21 - riddendii -
#syria #freesyria #prayforsyria #basharalassad #basharalkalb #faa #alnusra #isis #middleeast
prayforsyria - isis - basharalassad - middleeast - basharalkalb - alnusra - syria - faa - freesyria -
anonymiss_unicorn : There is more to the story. Why does America support the rebels? Obama has his own interests for Syria hence the reason he is trying to overthrow their government.
1996tupac - biloneyy - carmeldaneyelaa - -
Nobody cares #freekurdistan #freeiraq #freesyria #yezdi #assyrian #christian #shingal #notoisis #isil #salafisten #alqaida #alnusra #homs #mosul #duhok
salafisten - assyrian - isil - christian - freekurdistan - homs - yezdi - alnusra - alqaida - freeiraq - shingal - freesyria - duhok - notoisis - mosul -
hasan_kujjah : #fuckisis
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Diese kinder werden irgendwann die Zukunft kurdistan sein! Kuckt euch diese kinder an...ihre schmerzen und ihr reines sind kinder ...engel !! Erhebt eure stimme gegen den kurden genocide im irak ! Egal welche religion du bist oder Nationalität ! #freekurdistan #freedom #stopthegenocide #stopwar #shingal #yezdi #daesh #children #kurdishchildren #pray #genocide #alnusra #alqaida #save #kurdish #children #have #merci #gerilla #peshmerga #muslim #notoisis #kurd #allahuakbar #allah
muslim - stopthegenocide - kurdish - gerilla - allah - freekurdistan - yezdi - alnusra - have - shingal - children - notoisis - kurdishchildren - merci - pray - freedom - kurd - allahuakbar - stopwar - daesh - alqaida - peshmerga - genocide - save -
kurdish__beauties : @jari_n._xd es ist schwer für europäische kinder unser leid zu verstehen der grund das wir diese bilder posten und seit tagen protestieren ist das wir darauf aufmerksam machen wollen denn wenn wir nichts posten oder protestieren wird es weitergehen
kurdish__beauties : Verstehst du?
jari_n._xd : Dann stürmt die Regierung und protestiert das bringt was
jari_n._xd : Trotzdem
jari_n._xd : Mann Ey
jari_n._xd : Es bringt dir aber nichts solch Bilder zu stellen
jari_n._xd : Natürlich versteh ich das ich bin auch nicht irgendso nen Bonze
duniasindi : #freekurdistan
lawand_doski - neofrontlinercore - melisacavalli - ssara.x -
Awwwwww love this picture ♥ #kurd #kurdistan #shingal #yezdi #daesh #women #children #kurdishchildren #pray #wasser #freekurdistan #stopthejihadist #stopthegenocide #katliam #mord #alnusra #alqaida #flüchtlinge #tausi #notoisis #iraq
stopthejihadist - flüchtlinge - kurdistan - freekurdistan - yezdi - alnusra - katliam - stopthegenocide - shingal - wasser - iraq - children - notoisis - women - kurdishchildren - pray - kurd - daesh - tausi - alqaida - mord -
lawe.ocalan - sardasht_city - ronii_kurdii - killerelite98 -
.... #syria #freesyria #assad #notoisis #fuckfsa #alnusra #alqaida
alnusra - alqaida - assad - syria - fuckfsa - freesyria - notoisis -
mehvan44 - barwary110 - zhand_lol_goargi -
No to #Wahhabi #ISIS #FSA #AlNusra #albaghdadi #Taleban #AlQaeda #Israel #US #SaudiArabia #Terrorist #FreeSyria #Freedom #Palestine #FreeGaza #GazaUnderAttack #Justice
wahhabi - israel - gazaunderattack - freegaza - albaghdadi - taleban - alnusra - alqaeda - fsa - terrorist - isis - saudiarabia - justice - freedom - us - palestine - freesyria -
manaldarwish86 : Very cool!
allahu.rabby_free.palestine : 👍👍
treasures_of_islam : WOW
tropical___blonde : Terrible!!! Liars!!!!
tropical___blonde : Zionists behind everything.. Obama too
allahu.rabby_free.palestine - kopeyev - ahmedradiraq -
قتلى الإرهابيين في عرسال، لبنان. الجيش اللبناني، مدعوماً من حزب الله، قام بتصفية مئات من عناصر داعش وجبهة النصرة. الصورة الاولى للجثث تعود لإرهابيين حاولو الهروب من عرسال الى الوديان والى سورية Dead terrorists in Arsel, Lebanon. The Lebanese Army backed by Hezbollah has killed hundreds of ISIS/AL Nusra terrorists. The first picture of the bodies laying on the ground were terrorists leaving Arsel into the mountain valleys between Lebanon and Syria. ISIS is beginning to withdraw from Arsal, Lebanon but they are refusing to release the captured soldiers بدأت عناصر داعش بالانسحاب من عرسال، ولكنهم ما زالو يرفضون اطلاق سراح الجنود المخطوفين
lebanese - alnusra - isis - hezbollah - lebanon - lebanesearmy -
grader007 : @unitedstatesofgreed @make_it_viral @_wakeupamerica @_wakeup_amerika_ @tukro @techimmortal @rt @4annegs125 @awakenfromthemasses
lamo0oshi : @shafie_77
3_2_s : ربي يحفظكم وين ما كنتو
escapegoat88 : pray for Hzb
mesopotamiac_7 : @oz_ahmed
mesopotamiac_7 : @mustafa_lz
dang_it_bobby : I'm glad to see vermin dying en masse and being pushed out of Lebanon. I hope the rest of their feral kind follows suit.
go_away_stupid : الله يحرقهم بنار جهنم
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mariya_rahman : I love your posts 👏👏👏
hhhaaallliiimmmaaa : Thank u ♥️ @mariya_rahman
mariya_rahman : You're welcome carry on my fwend ☺️
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Ersal is in jihadist hands. In a matter of hours, radical jihadist militants were able to seize this Bekaa Valley town. Militants affiliated to the Islamic State and its “caliph” Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi overran the town’s streets along with a few army barracks and an Internal Security Forces (ISF) station in the area. Then, after some hesitation, militants from al-Nusra Front joined the battle.
georges4ash : The hizb will turn u back to the shit u came from
alleyesonsyria : Hezbollah will kill these dogs, easily.
rayanhajjaj_ : 7er2in nafaskon inshallah ya kleb
erbil_sport_luxory_cars : Israel supports them.
_green_i_bandit_ : Nasrallah will eat them. Worry not. #israelsbitches #wahabbiswine
zana21 : @prince_tal_lavon 2006 Lebanon Maroun al ras you ran out screaming for your lives. A Israeli reporter demanded to take the troops out because we were wiping the ground with you guys. It was so easy for hezbollah they dropped their guns and started street fighting with swords and knives. Funniest shit I ever seen,
zana21 : @longliveisis it's haram to say mashallah about shit have some respect! We're almost done with your people (if u want to call them that)
moose_barboza : Bullshyt!! #ISISRAEL
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Allah yer7amon. RIP 🙏
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makeupbycaty : Amin 😢
makeupbycaty : Thank you : They're regretting letting Syrians in, i watched the news, they were saying "we regret letting the Syrian refugees into our country, we should've lat them die in their own country instead of letting them kill us" and no it's only 20 soldiers who were kidnapped and 9 martyrs. The terrorists are seeking truce with the lebanese army but the officials are refusing and they said that the terrorists first should set the kidnapped soldiers free and get out of all the government official buildings then they will agree with the truce @zana21
palestinian_girl1985 : :'((
stariraq00 : امين
danthemang5 : Allah yerhamhoon, We thank them for there work
j88_syrialassad : Allah yerhamon
ozzy_la_union : The lebanese and syrian army r fighting the same battle againt the same terrorists..God protect them
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hhhaaallliiimmmaaa : #freesyriA
h.vmdi : @noraxart draw this one for me , i smeek you
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noraxart : @srslyhxmd maar dat is stelen :s
h.vmdi : Dan teken je in jouw versie, ipv zittend, staand enzeu @noraxart
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Top kek #irondome #palestine #alqassam #brigadealqassam #hezbollah #hamas #palestine #alnusra #israel #IDF
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Allah allah help my kurdish brothers and sisters in syria! !! Allah make stop the war ! !! Allah let us life in peace yaa allah !!! AMIN Kalbim yaniyor allah rojavaya yardin et ! Bizim kadar Ölmeyen yok allahim lütfen bu cocuklarin gunahi kurt olmak mi? #notoisis #alnusra#freekurdistan
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I support #SyrianArmy! #AlNusra get out of #Syria We don't want terrorists-mercenaries paid by the West and #SaudiArabia. No more #American #Wars
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ranmanna : I agree with u @4non_palestine
4non_palestine : @ranmanna 👏 ✌
allahu.rabby_free.palestine : @longliveisis to death isis and all zionists, islam isn't killing and injustice.. Islam is peace and tolerance, stop killing muslims and innocent ppl.. Da3sh isn't gna protect u in the day of judgment, turn to Allah..
allahu.rabby_free.palestine : @4non_palestine jazak Allahu khair 👍 💚بشار الأسد 💚
4non_palestine : @allahu_rabby____free_palestine 💪 ❤
4non_palestine : @palestineone4ever the problem in Syria is ISIS, not Bashar Al Assad. 70% of Syrians supports him.
4non_palestine : @palestineone4ever and 80% in Syria are sunnis.
souriahabibi : #fuckisis
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JAN near Hama ! #hama #syria #syrian #sham #shaam #freedom #freesyria #revolution #syrianrevolution #jan #nusra #alnusra #video #pickup
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zaheerdaniels : Are they fighting Isis as well?
hezbollah_313_ : whats the difference between fsa and jan
battlegroundsyria : @zaheerdaniels yes, every day ! @hezbollah_313_ fsa fight for democracy and secularism, jan for sharia
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Kurdische Flüchtlings kinder aus kobane ! Bettet für den frieden! Kurdish refuge from kobane !.pray for them ! #freekurdistan #kurdish #kurdistan#kobane#gerilla#jpg#notoisis#alnusra
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