Pretty obsessed with my #clothdiaper stash! I'll probably get some #bumgenius and #applecheeks as I hear they are some of the best. Can't wait to use them on my little man! #wteapril2015 #pregnant #almosthalfwaydone
bumgenius - almosthalfwaydone - pregnant - clothdiaper - applecheeks - wteapril2015 -
destineechante - rorolarosa_ - wrapsbylady_britt - r_ingram_ -
almosthalfwaydone - pregnant - 18weeks - 18weekspregnant - datenight -
mrs_rogel0327 : @cjess22 love you too prima
allidanielle92 : @allidanielle92 yes i do! And you're going to be a fantastic mom!
jamilamacarthur : You look fabulous!!!
310sillyme : U look fabulous like always Amiga πŸ˜„πŸ˜ƒ
eliz_bethhh : You look beautiful
mrs_rogel0327 : @eliz_bethhh thanks amiga.
hello_crissy : Awwww ❀️❀️❀️❀️😍
happybabywrap : ♥
jansy_rivas20 - hello_crissy - omega661 - eliz_bethhh -
In the middle of finishing filling out a college application I get this message from a very close friend. It made me stop and realize that I'm almost half way done with senior year. It's crazy to think about it, Around this time next year I'll be in my first year of college. It seems like just a couple months ago I had just started freshman year. #TimeFlysBySoFast #SeniorYear #AlmostHalfWayDone #QOTD
qotd - almosthalfwaydone - senioryear - timeflysbysofast -
itsmirsayall : This made me sad 😭
lovesquishy12 : @itsmirsayall I cried and I was about to finish a college application when I got it.
_alondraaa1 - highschoolnights - _ari_babe - katie_maier -
#16WeeksPregnant #AlmostHalfwayDone #May2015 #BabyWoodard πŸ‘ΆπŸΌ
may2015 - almosthalfwaydone - 16weekspregnant - babywoodard -
sammx_bamm - _ijhh - jaylyrics - meghanmcgrathc -
I'm so excited to see my little baby tomorrow and officially be able to say what we are having! We love you so much already and we can't wait to see how big you've gotten πŸ’• #almosthalfwaydone #cantwait
almosthalfwaydone - cantwait -
kaitlinnreneee : I miss you πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”
beccaindaahouse : I miss you too !!! We need to get together soon and catch up ☺️ @kaitlinnreneee
_joneser - alyssaturnsupp - shea_mcmahon30 - taylorstineee -
I love our group chat. Why are we such kids lol. #kindergarten #senioritis #idkHowManyDaysAreLeft #almosthalfwaydone
kindergarten - senioritis - almosthalfwaydone - idkhowmanydaysareleft -
ashleynoel128 : #day62 #128daysleft
rachelalexis : Haha at least you keep track. I knew If I put that hashtag then you would say it lol @ashleynoel128
ashleynoel128 : Lol totally
cecebaker - the_original_tj8 - birdistheword74 - country_chic_123 -
Um.. Yeah.. This weather is not okay... #toocold #butstillhappy ☺️ #100happydays #day47 #almosthalfwaydone 😁
100happydays - day47 - toocold - butstillhappy - almosthalfwaydone -
lbaker715 : It's already hotter than me¿ @azurae_13
azurae_13 : Well........πŸ˜‚
courtneymarmo29 : I like cold weather :-)
imalexisjenkins : get outta here ⛄️
lbaker715 : I like it at like mid 60°s but 40s are NOT okay.. @courtneymarmo29
lbaker715 : @imalexisjenkins aye maΕ„ get outta here
imalexisjenkins : 🌊fiji🌊
lbaker715 : FIJI NOT FEGE @imalexisjenkins
c.w.baker - b_davis172 - flyer_64 - christina_grace_t -
The daily struggle. #nursingstudentproblems #nursingschool #33daysleft #thedailystruggle #almosthalfwaydone #imgrowingapimplethesizeofmyhead #myeyehasbeentwitchingfor5days #imsotiredandhungry #postexamwinebottlecomingup #icantcomeupwithanymorehastags
imgrowingapimplethesizeofmyhead - 33daysleft - myeyehasbeentwitchingfor5days - imsotiredandhungry - nursingstudentproblems - almosthalfwaydone - postexamwinebottlecomingup - thedailystruggle - icantcomeupwithanymorehastags - nursingschool -
itsaudiii - ma_1690 - awesome_nurse_shirts - leoaraujo1987 -
I hate writing essays #srnioryear #almosthalfwaydone
srnioryear - almosthalfwaydone -
alina.jao : Ew
juniordgz : You know you like it 😝 @odalisbtw
alina.jao : NoooooooπŸ˜‚
juniordgz : Oh so you love it @oddaaalliiss
lordjoelalphamale : Bro just get a C. U already applied to college so grades dont matter shit anymore.
gen.jpg : still gotta graduate son ^ @lordjoelalphamale
juniordgz : You still pass with a C bro @gen.jpg
lordjoelalphamale : @gen.jpg exactly
elissaaaaaaaa - adrie_garza - johannabaker - yohamiseth_perez -
Make it a #homeimprovement weekend! #selfiechallenge #day3 #almosthalfwaydone #movember
homeimprovement - selfiechallenge - almosthalfwaydone - day3 - movember -
oshi_sub : Holy shit you know you old when you work on your house with tools!
ritzcracker37 : @oshi_sub old, grown up... Same thing right? Lol at least I get to do something with my tools. I can't work on my car in front of my house now!
inessensiiia - misterpeanutbuttercups - izukawa - kalizzle88 -
Up since 7 plugging away at grad school work! #scholar #almosthalfwaydone #alwayslearning #wordnerd
wordnerd - almosthalfwaydone - scholar - alwayslearning -
kschany : You go girl! You can do it! πŸ‘ŠπŸ’ͺ
c.j.jensen : @kschany Thanks, chica!
alisonbrowning - angilush - wesleykleincook - jill_jensen -
Congratulations to all of our P3's, who received their white coats today! We are so proud of all your hard work! πŸ’ŠπŸ’‰πŸ’› #almosthalfwaydone
almosthalfwaydone -
jenadonley - baileyplatz96 - mlbishop10 - erinonu2 -
Was able to finally workout stress free after finally getting that physics exam over with!D had me studying for days and its finally done! gotta love a girl with brains and bronze(; haha #tgif #physicsdone #senioryear #almosthalfwaydone #3weeksleft #pomonacollege
3weeksleft - almosthalfwaydone - pomonacollege - physicsdone - tgif - senioryear -
_karla6109_ - rothschildthe3rd - _wavy_baby - domm_05 -
Done with family medicine rotation! On to surgery! #almosthalfwaydone #medschool
almosthalfwaydone - medschool -
doryish - the_count_of_kamran - sambhimani - tiffciao -
This chilly Florida morning sent me back in front of the fireplace for today’s pose! Day 13 of #takecarenovchallenge : Side Angle | Utthita Parsvakonasana From Reverse Warrior *with the right foot forward*, cartwheel the arms around placing the right elbow on the thigh of the bent front right leg. Keep the back outside edge of the left foot pressing into the ground as you reach the left fingertips to point toward the ceiling, opening the chest to the left. If this feels comfortable, release the hand down to the earth inside of your right foot, as shown in picture. πŸ‘† Keep the chest open and the lunge deep making sure the front knee stays over the ankle. Remember to perform this on both sides, going through a flow in between. #yoga #bewell #loveyourbody #practicealliscoming #listentoyourbody #nojudgement #almosthalfwaydone #keepitup #stretchitout #openyourheart
listentoyourbody - yoga - nojudgement - keepitup - takecarenovchallenge - almosthalfwaydone - openyourheart - stretchitout - bewell - practicealliscoming - loveyourbody -
lizcorwin : Haha! Fireplace πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ a.k.a not Hawaii
yoga_w_ali : Haha! @lizcorwin a.k.a not adapting well πŸ˜‚ Ready to go back to my no fireplace needed house β˜€οΈπŸŒ΄
lorana_yoga - ania_75 - mmilknhoney - eliseowensby -
The #lawschool struggle is real. T-2 weeks until finals time... Photocred @zamudioc #lawschoolproblems #almosthalfwaydone
lawschoolproblems - almosthalfwaydone - lawschool -
magnolia029 - eumbarger - go_fishorgohome - maevemacglinchey -
What my day consist of #ford #goodbyevalvetaps #racetruck #almosthalfwaydone
racetruck - almosthalfwaydone - goodbyevalvetaps - ford -
_ciroc__boy_ - liam_myers_360 - 302_outlaws - masonkeresty -
Another senior picture #senior #classof2015 #freeport #highschool #2015 #almosthalfwaydone #college #pictures
pictures - freeport - 2015 - almosthalfwaydone - college - classof2015 - senior - highschool -
marena_corhn : Good to see you miss you guys
jillski85 : Nice pic!
turquiose07 - mikkiharweger - ayee.itsdezi - megara313 -
Birthday boy room renovations!! #13yrsold #almosthalfwaydone
almosthalfwaydone - 13yrsold -
tamiccamichelle -
Dat milky oil πŸ‘Œ#blownheadgasket #honda #intheworks #almosthalfwaydone #turnwrenches #timingbelt #life #instalike #atleastitsallgoingtobedone #peaceofmind #dowork
life - atleastitsallgoingtobedone - turnwrenches - intheworks - instalike - dowork - honda - peaceofmind - almosthalfwaydone - blownheadgasket - timingbelt -
markklanac : Great pic! πŸ‘πŸ‘Š
cb7_james - cindy45lover - justinsupertramp - samanthamzeller -
Because I graduate #BasicCombatTraining tomorrow and I have the best person in the world here to celebrate with me ! @e.__ && @ayoo.meg___ are here , too ! πŸ™Œ #AlmostHalfWayDone #ToThoseWhoToldMeIWouldntMakeIt #DrinkBleach #Lol #ImKidding #ILoveYouAll #AmericanSoldier #Hooah #StupidHashTagsBecauseIHaventBeenOnInstaInNineWeeks ! πŸ˜πŸ˜˜πŸ™ŒπŸ˜πŸ˜
basiccombattraining - iloveyouall - lol - stupidhashtagsbecauseihaventbeenoninstainnineweeks - hooah - tothosewhotoldmeiwouldntmakeit - almosthalfwaydone - drinkbleach - imkidding - americansoldier -
eboneyy_ : & tell mama jones, & Gallardo I said heyy.
_santannah : #50shadesdarker πŸ˜‚ that's the book I just started... 😏 but I miss you girl, sorry I couldn't be there!!
thewiseoneee : congrats
_shinhoster_ : Congratulations babyπŸ˜πŸ˜™
talwaysbless : Geaux Rachel u did dat😘😘😘😘
_shinhoster_ : Already in my feelings, missing you soooooooo much πŸ˜”πŸ˜­
braveyoungthing : Lmao yo fizzaceπŸ˜‚
_fiercely_sexy_95 : Congratulations my bookie I'm so proud of you ily & imy text or call me when you get a chance we got some catching up to do I miss my LizzieBoo!!! Kiss Kiss
dadiijunior - nnosidam_ - keeells_ - queenngainess -
I get to see my peanut in 2 weeks, Boy or Girl? Wut do yuu think? #boyorgirl #gendermonth #mybaby #happymommy #almosthalfwaydone #whatdoyouthink
happymommy - almosthalfwaydone - whatdoyouthink - mybaby - boyorgirl - gendermonth -
alexisn20 - sandra_9613 - matthew.diaz.773 - bo_qui_nay -
Midterms suuuuck. #psychology #procrastinator #lyfe #almosthalfwaydone #uggggh
procrastinator - lyfe - almosthalfwaydone - psychology - uggggh -
weee_ma - paulinaa.riveraa - crazysillyfamily - _carolinaines -
At work photo shoot #bored #almosthalfwaydone
bored - almosthalfwaydone -
shaiyia01 - catch_me_atdatrap - beazy025 - mrs_adams_xx06 -
19 weeks:: baby Lee is the size of a mango. My tummy has gone through some serious stretching this week. I had my first gender dream that were having a boy, but won't know for another 4 days! Babies arms and legs are proportional to the rest of the body and s/he is working in adding fat to the little body. We went to look at baby stuff and realized we will have a really hard time dressing a daughter - we didn't like any girl stuff we saw! Can't wait for daddy to be able to feel some kicks soon #babylee #weeklybump #pregnancy #19weeks #almosthalfwaydone
pregnancy - almosthalfwaydone - babylee - 19weeks - weeklybump -
nawitmal : Usually the girl clothes are so cute!!! But they do have some cute boy stuff to!! Hehehe can it be Wednesday already!
zhingapahitu : @nawitmal if you can find me lots of cute purple girl things, show me where! (all I see is pink pink pink)
maddieson92 : Cutest pregnant lady!
nawitmal : There is a lot of purple! If it's a girl... You will just have to come here to go shopping πŸ˜‰
zhingapahitu : @maddieson92 you're so sweet, thank you!
zhingapahitu : @nawitmal I'm not gonna argue with that at all!! Save my room for baby & I - and hubby too I guess ;)
shaylamoser44 - pbowlerrr - ezzapaterson - andreadiane4 -
Day 13. Bacon onion burger with a side of fries with some mustard and ketchup. I found some compliant ketchup! Wahoo!!! #whole30 #whole30Day13 #almostHalfwayDone
almosthalfwaydone - whole30day13 - whole30 -
its.whole30.for.dinner : Ps. Made my homemade fries the same way I make my morning potatoes.
rawfoodmedicine : Yum! Today I have been craving chips but those fries look delicious!
erica_peacock08 - button_tea - mlund416 - girlmeetspaleo -
Lovin' on my girl! Can't wait til we have two little princesses to smooch all over! Hurry up March!!! #family #almosthalfwaydone #cantbelieveimhavinganotherbaby ! ❀️
almosthalfwaydone - cantbelieveimhavinganotherbaby - family -
cookster64 : Congrats!
kpete316 : Gorgeous!
cbevis84 : I can believe youre the only one havin the girls lol @jenandfarah congrats
jenandfarah : @cbevis84 my sister Beth is due with a girl Christmas time!
mlm4e - lizandlos - shorthair_dontcare84 - meloleaga -
On November 19th, I find out what you are. :) not only will it be the happiest day of my life, but also the best thing in the world <3 mommy loves you even now ! Ahh! I'm so excited #baby #bump #pregnant #cute #love #girlorboy #almosthalfwaydone
girlorboy - cute - almosthalfwaydone - love - pregnant - bump - baby -
amanda_crazzy_hot : Love it!
pureromance_by_sarijana : Gah everyone's getting prego
_brandiimarie : It's about to be a girl, watch.
ashley.ray_yanez : @_brandiimarie prima, I sure hope so. Lol
lovelylionesss_ - x__violanorma - miss_march98 -
I HATE MOVING!!!! #moving #lasvegas #vegas #trucks #mattress #bed #dresser #couches #hiredsomemexicans #vivamexico #heavylifting #almosthalfwaydone #gahh
almosthalfwaydone - couches - trucks - bed - mattress - gahh - vegas - moving - hiredsomemexicans - heavylifting - vivamexico - lasvegas - dresser -
jessicalynne09 : I feel like you just moved! lol.
toniog : @jessicalynne09 me too lol!!
jessicalynne09 : Is your whole family moving? Or just you?
toniog : @jessicalynne09 all of us!!
tobychan8912 : Hi, I'm tobi, I wish you a prosperous business, we can talk about cooperation?
toniog - l_beezy - eccentric_sol - _chelseaprice -
#tt from 9th grade to senior year! Just random pics I've found! God has placed so many wonderful ppl in my life that have helped encourage me to be the person I am today! I can't wait to to see what the new chapter in my life will bring! 10th week of school! 20 more school weeks to go! #senioryear #grownsomuch 😒 #almosthalfwaydone #week10ofschool
week10ofschool - grownsomuch - almosthalfwaydone - tt - senioryear -
mr_box_cox - kaylily_beth - drewstrr - payton_burger -
Getting huge. #19weeks #almosthalfwaydone #woo!
woo - almosthalfwaydone - 19weeks -
beckyyblackk : I'm so excited!!
hailistorme : Already?! Oh my goodness this is going by fast!! Do you know what it is yet?! @underwoodheather
thebigbadwolf2123 : Woo! (:
underwoodheather : @hailistorme I know! I can't believe I'm already this far along. I find out Thursday!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
underwoodheather : As you can tell, I'm just a little excited. Haha.
michellemccraney : So adorable
crissylovesj - victoria.trotter - thickk_shawtyy - nicolee_murphyyy -
I can't believe I got to talk to you tonight on the phone. I missed your call 3 times and you still answered when I called back! This is insane. #almosthalfwaydone #cloudnine ☁️9βƒ£πŸ˜πŸ™‰πŸ™ŠπŸ™ˆ @sirlopez24
cloudnine - almosthalfwaydone -
misses.t_mirsk : Fucking lucky
misses.t_mirsk : But I'm really happy for you β™‘
b_allen17 : I know!
dyshelley : Whats the countdown?
b_allen17 : 40 days 14 hours 22 minutes and 39 seconds! 😝
bhcarter13 : He calls me every night... awkward
b_allen17 : I'll kill you @bhcarter13
alyssamalt : Hahahahah ^^^
alyssamalt - jwreck95 - x_elizajane - misses.t_mirsk -
Wedding detailing the night away. #stamping #signing #almosthalfwaydone #notreally
signing - stamping - almosthalfwaydone - notreally -
leann_muller14 - princessashbro - wareagle1121 - reeddudley -
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