senior Sunday to kick off thanksgiving break. #almosthalfwaydone #blessed #hurryupmay
truelove - almosthalfwaydone - blessed - hurryupmay -
brookefinch : @carpow5 come back in my life I miss you
carpow5 : I'll back off when you back off @matt_kelt_11 (but we know that's not gonna happen) @nateturner_19 But since I miss Brooke, we should double date soon
nateturner_19 : Let's just trade straight across. Kelton for Brooke @carpow5
carpow5 : You're trading Kelton or I am... @nateturner_19
nateturner_19 : No kelton is mine Brooke is yours @carpow5
carpow5 : Of course lol @nateturner_19
matt_kelt_11 : I just knew he loved me more😍😍 @nateturner_19 @brookefinch @carpow5
brookefinch : @matt_kelt_11 DUHHHH!!! don't you ever doubt it again!! #truelove
marquise.pleasant - hayleyy.dudee - 870.tyler - melaniekaylaboyce -
Almost at 50% #bachelorofscienceinliberalstudies #almosthalfwaydone #universityofphoenix
almosthalfwaydone - universityofphoenix - bachelorofscienceinliberalstudies -
papatre55 - loreleepritchett - cordellehd - explorite -
Finally getting around to taking a "belly photo" . Crazy to think I have two little babies growing at once in my belly. πŸ‘ΆπŸ½πŸ‘ΆπŸ½πŸ’™πŸ’™ ------------------------------------#17weekspregnant #twinbellybump #almosthalfwaydone #babyboys
babyboys - twinbellybump - almosthalfwaydone - 17weekspregnant -
ttina61 : How precious!! ❀️🍼❀️🍼
rob_steward_ : Cute!
nourishbaby : So excited for you! Birth is a humbling, invigorating, inspiring experience 😊
d.c.harris - asianae080512 - cathysagal3 - britt_rice07 -
We were able to get a pretty awesome 3D photo of Baby A πŸ˜€πŸ˜πŸ‘ΆπŸ½ Baby B was not in the right position to get a good picture. ----------------------------------#17weekspregnant #almosthalfwaydone
17weekspregnant - almosthalfwaydone -
hamos160 : Ahhhhhh!!! That's so amazing!!! 😊. Keep the updates coming! Hahaha!
tcombs23 : @ladiiediiane when's our lunch?! πŸ˜›
ladiiediiane : @tcombs23 I have the 23rd off but I have a breastfeeding class at 10:30. Not sure what time you take lunch. Or I have the 7th of December off as well.
tcombs23 : @ladiiediiane Let's do the 7th!
ladiiediiane : @tcombs23 what time do you take your lunch?
tcombs23 : @ladiiediiane Noon-1 but I can be a little flexible
ladiiediiane : @tcombs23 noon works for my I have a doctor appointment at 8:30 but I should be done way before 12pm. You still have the same number right? I texted you my ultrasound pic but never got a response so didn't know if you had a new number
tcombs23 : @ladiiediiane Aw I didn't get it πŸ˜• 371-5716
britt_rice07 - jnpete3 - kp_thesweetlife - kitabugg94 -
#100daysockchallenge day 46 Classic @Vans x Dogs wearing glasses socks
royalkicks - beastofsneakers - teamds - 100daysockchallenge - stoneswag - complexkicks - kickstorian - crazysocksmcgee - dsckix - godsoles - almosthalfwaydone - remykillz - whatsheat - crazysocks - razorheadache - icysolemafia - epicfinish - finishline - illestsneakers - heatonfeetgang - 2shoefreaks - kickstagasm - smksuckmykicks - mudvillesole - _geebs -
ihyperdrive : #CrazySocksMcGee #DSCKix #KICKSTORIAN #FinishLine #EpicFinish #REMYKILLZ #KICKSTAGASM #StoneSwag #SmkSuckMyKicks #HeatOnFeetGang #MudvilleSole #whatsheat #icysolemafia #_geebs #royalkicks #2shoefreaks #razorheadache #beastofsneakers #TeamDs #complexkicks #crazysocks #illestsneakers #godsoles #almosthalfwaydone
cristian27101979 - icreatehype - jgrando518 - _icysolemafia -
Couldn't be more thankful for them. Thanks for supporting, encouraging, and motivating me to become the person I am today and to accomplish the things I have done. My only wish is that our 6th part could have been there with us today. Thanks for always loving me and pushing me to be my best in everything I do. #WhiteCoatCeremony #AlmostHalfWayDone
almosthalfwaydone - whitecoatceremony -
codyhepp450 - sarahhallisy - sunnalle - aemartin6 -
Had a crazy busy final site visit at CVS last night (of course). Though I can't say I will miss the insanity of the busiest CVS in Corpus, I will definitely miss the people, especially my amazing preceptor. I gained a lot of knowledge, experience and life pearls from him, all of which I will be forever grateful for. Onto my hospital rotation next semester πŸ₯ #Pharmacy| #PharmacyIntern| #PharmD| #PharmLife| #CommunityPharmacy| #PharmacyStudent| #COP| #AlmostHalfwayDone
pharmd - pharmlife - cop - pharmacy - almosthalfwaydone - communitypharmacy - pharmacyintern - pharmacystudent -
ashleyp_990 : You're too cute! I'm so proud of you! @tickingthoughts
daniel011485 : Your kuya mack is so proud of you ^___^ your family here are proud of you congrats my beautiful sister cheers!!!!!! I miss you... Iloveyou @tickingthoughts
tickingthoughts : Thank you bb!! Love you!! 😘 @ashleyp_990
tickingthoughts : Salamat kuya Macky! I miss and love all of you! Praying for auntie's speedy recovery πŸ™ @daniel011485
aaask_ashley - mramon86 - kathryn_leonor - siuepharmacy -
#OkISeeYhu #AlmostHalfWayDone #GoBestieπŸ’―
gobestieπŸ’― - okiseeyhu - almosthalfwaydone -
money_solutions : @londderlondder1 You wanna make some legit cashπŸ€‘πŸ’΅β“
queen.naeee - sirlovinlissa - money_solutions - _imhisqueen15 -
44% done with my degree #universityofphoenix #bachelorofscienceinliberalstudies #almosthalfwaydone
universityofphoenix - almosthalfwaydone - bachelorofscienceinliberalstudies -
kat_hele - j0siiel0ve - loreleepritchett - izzy_holly -
πŸ™ŒπŸ˜ Yaayyy me!! πŸ˜πŸ™Œ When you're that motivated, and plan to cut two years of work into one!! #PennFoster #AlmostHalfWayDone #SoProudOfMyself #HardWorkPaysOff
pennfoster - almosthalfwaydone - soproudofmyself - hardworkpaysoff -
rodney1r : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘Œ
rubia587 : Hey how are they I was looking to enroll in there school?
penn_foster_kristine : Keep up the great work! We are looking forward to seeing you graduate!
s_h_i_87 : It's totally worth it boo! @rubia587 I expected it to be nearly impossible to accomplish since I'm so use to having someone in front of me, teaching...but I was wrong! They have all the tools and make it easy for you. You know me, I hated school! Lol but I'm definitely determined..
s_h_i_87 : Thank you so much! @penn_foster_kristine I can't wait 😁
eddie_rivera34 - cfreej - goddammitevan - missxxariel -
#movember #almosthalfwaydone #keepgoing #pridejse #moustache #menhealth #celymesic #dobravec #rikejsicochces #vydrzim
menhealth - pridejse - vydrzim - rikejsicochces - keepgoing - almosthalfwaydone - dobravec - movember - celymesic - moustache -
15hel25 -
Dreary day is getting the better of me. #unpacking #almosthalfwaydone #procrastinating
procrastinating - almosthalfwaydone - unpacking -
taylor__rene - ryankirwan24 - rubygenborg - emzy17 -
Watching your body grow and change in ways you can't control is very surreal, but feeling the little person growing inside of me move and kick makes me realize how precious being a vessel is. I feel so blessed that we were chosen to be some little souls parents. ❀️ #powerofprayer #firstbumppic #18weekspregnant #almosthalfwaydone
powerofprayer - almosthalfwaydone - 18weekspregnant - firstbumppic -
barthman7 : You should take a dump maybe
sallycgoode : You look great!! Are you going to find out the gender?
emcgraw111 : Nope! We did the DNA early so the doctors have known for a while. But going to wait until April 😎
emcgraw111 : *DNA test
lbliss : I see Baby McGraw! Enjoy this journey. 😘
prenatalandbeyondfit : So wonderful you look great
cathysagal3 - bhat87 - pyeongchang.dogs - preggo.leggings -
TLS 21 Day Challenge Day 10: Proudly saw my youngest escort his daddy at today's Veteran's Day celebration at his school. I knew they were going to have a spread of food, sweets and coffee, went prepared with my TLS shake so I wouldn't be tempted! #tlsweightloss #findyourfit #tls21days #shoppingannuity #momofboys #veteransdaycelebration #almosthalfwaydone #goalstoreach #onebiteatatime
tls21days - veteransdaycelebration - onebiteatatime - momofboys - findyourfit - tlsweightloss - shoppingannuity - almosthalfwaydone - goalstoreach -
tlsweightloss - reganhillyer - - chasingprogressdaily -
Hey! Srry i haven't been posting much I've mostly been busy making a minecraft highschool by myself... My sis forgot she promised to help... But I just wanted to ask if I should once it's done to make it into a server? So leave a comment on what I should do once it's finished! #minecraft #highschool #almosthalfwaydone #leavearequest #leaveacomment #server #minecraftpe #srryihaventpostedinawhile
leaveacomment - minecraftpe - srryihaventpostedinawhile - server - leavearequest - almosthalfwaydone - highschool - minecraft -
the_umbreon_spy : I almost forgot I'm changing the way the 2nd building by the first building looks
5starkingsavage : Check out my account and follow me? U might like my account πŸ”³πŸ”³πŸ”³πŸ”³πŸ”³πŸ”³πŸ”³πŸ”³πŸ”³πŸ”³πŸ”³πŸ”³πŸ”³πŸ”²πŸ”²πŸ”²πŸ”²πŸ”²πŸ”²πŸ”²πŸ”²πŸ”²πŸ”²πŸ”²πŸ”²πŸ”²
theninjamc - playsidestudios - ddosprotection - just.minecrafters -
Current situation πŸ˜‘πŸ™ƒ .. This is my weekends & every single day actually, from now on ... #almosthalfwaydone #justonemoreyear
justonemoreyear - almosthalfwaydone -
jnex2 : 😰😳😳
lala_gjye : No wonder me no see you! Me miss you! Good Luck Bbe.
marisoln26 : @_lala1701 πŸ™ˆ I know, me too! Miss hanging out but also because Julio has been out a lot too .. But Thank You! ☺️
marisoln26 : @jnex2 Marida te olvidas de los pobres! Where u at??!! Lol
jnex2 : Not even πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I know miss imma get πŸ‘°πŸ» I figured your busy with all the planing but I accepts dinner invitations any time πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
mgl28_ - ms.n_ - rram16 - david_campbell10 -
Little miss is still a girl and looks great!πŸ˜πŸ’•πŸŽ€ #norahgrace #almosthalfwaydone #ultrasound #babygirl
norahgrace - ultrasound - babygirl - almosthalfwaydone -
kialaurell23 - elysha_007 - angiee_marieee - damnsaraactually -
#legday was today & it was brutal. @zoelivelovelift 's workout program isn't a joke! 9 sets of squats.... My legs are dead! Finishing up week 5 of my 12 week program. Can't wait to see my progress! I tried something new today, lifting in converse. I've heard many good things about wearing converse to work out in & I really liked it! Especially through all those squats. The flat bottoms helped my feet stay flat & not wiggle as much. #legs #jello #squats #week5 #almosthalfwaydone #workout #gym #fitnessjunkie #onestepatatime #justdoit #noexcuses #converse #health #healthylifestyle #hardwork #paysoff #earnit #cantfeelmylegs #happy #inspiration #inspirepeople #motivation #motivate #fit #fitfam #gettingthere #becomingme
gettingthere - onestepatatime - workout - fitfam - squats - inspirepeople - converse - motivation - hardwork - almosthalfwaydone - cantfeelmylegs - jello - healthylifestyle - paysoff - inspiration - earnit - fit - noexcuses - fitnessjunkie - justdoit - motivate - becomingme - health - legday - legs - week5 - gym - happy -
jowheeler_ : You look awesome!!!
_becomingraymie : Thank you so much! @jowheeler_
fitnutguru : I love this stuff take a look at
laurenlance3 : Them abs bby 😍
caitlinhowe : Look at that definition! You are my inspiration day in & day out 😘
leanner_fitgirl : Aw sweet
life_above_zero - fitnessplcs - thebodybearders - monetshawn4ever -
Laying down watching monster high with Daisy and baby _ _ _ _ πŸ’™ (not sure of the name yet lol) #18weeks #April2016 #almosthalfwaydone
april2016 - almosthalfwaydone - 18weeks -
_yessicaaaa__ : Hey! What happened to the navy ? I was curious ??? If you don't mind me asking @yarybbyx3
illlegalyblonde : Onggg
illlegalyblonde : Omgg
illlegalyblonde : Yayy
butigotthisdoe : Please don't take this the wrong way lol but your belly is so adorable omg β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘ congrats again!!
tatted_love : Looks like 9 months geezz, goodluck
_yessicaaaa__ - isa0906_ - jazmac623 - left_classy -
I'm actually 18 weeks, because I'm a slacker and can NEVER take the picture on the actual week that I'm on, but I'm trying to get caught up. #almosthalfwaydone #babyK #boyorgirl
babyk - almosthalfwaydone - boyorgirl -
just_katy_21 : You're gonna be an adorable pregnant lady! So excited
jonesshel23 : You look great Momma! Can't wait to know the sex! Eckk! πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ»β€οΈ
jonesshel23 - jzink24 - free_spirit5995 - kyfulton12 -
We out here workin!!! #wheelchaircostumes #halloweenwheelchaircostumes #almosthalfwaydone
halloweenwheelchaircostumes - almosthalfwaydone - wheelchaircostumes -
msvonsteinhoist - erinlaw87 - sweetest_hunnie - drorlove -
When this is done it will look like an otter, hopefully 😁 #3ddesign #otter #graphicdesignlife #procrastination #thisisdueat8am #almosthalfwaydone
thisisdueat8am - almosthalfwaydone - procrastination - graphicdesignlife - otter - 3ddesign -
printfeens - websitegrowth - i75beats - ali_inwunderland -
Goodbye pink room #paintingday #almosthalfwaydone #weekendproject
weekendproject - paintingday - almosthalfwaydone -
cheltynmorgan - julialdavis - artisanalla - l_dun -
Done with finals so it's time to enjoy and live for the moment ! πŸ‘ŒπŸ» #bsn4A #almosthalfwaydone #letsdothis
bsn4a - almosthalfwaydone - letsdothis -
shengmaymay - avalooths - fa_ith.xiv - aba_dae -
Samus? Is that you? #finally #almosthalfwaydone #crossstiched #CrossStitch #oldladyhobbies #oldladystatus #xstitch #xstitcher #videogames #craftsy #freepattern from @becraftsy!
crossstitch - crossstiched - xstitcher - craftsy - videogames - finally - almosthalfwaydone - oldladystatus - oldladyhobbies - xstitch - freepattern -
little_fox_nerdy_knits - l3xa91 - yorkshire_crafter - pressstartau -
#BAKING #practical (meaning baking final) #NotBad #Itried #AlmostHalfwayDone
practical - itried - notbad - almosthalfwaydone - baking -
blueprince_zeta : I will hire you to be my most priced chef at my castle
platinumshiro : @blueprince_zeta Aww Prince Zeta, thank you. It would be a pleasure! πŸ˜„πŸ˜„
blueprince_zeta : Certainly, my lady. You are wonderfully talented, creative in the art of gastronomic beauty. I thoroughly applaud your efforts towards your goals in cooking. Wonderful, exquisite work.
platinumshiro : @blueprince_zeta Aww you are too kind and sweet. I am in honour of your kind words. Thank you.
nemi2817 - blueprince_zeta - bluelina07 - soadtox01 -
We're getting there! 19weeks! #it's aboy!πŸΌπŸ’™#bigbelly#almosthalfwaydone#holymoly!
bigbelly - almosthalfwaydone - it - holymoly -
ebest5 : Love the bump!!! ❀️
tiiffany.rm - tamaraleehunt - kivabrown29 - beccapoos -
Studying for midterms sucks... The fall break is much needed #cantwait #almosthalfwaydone
almosthalfwaydone - cantwait -
crys_styles3 : Good luck @nikki_cantu
nikki_cantu : Thanks! @crys_styles3
guajardo_m : Good luck Mija You Got This!!!! @nikki_cantu Love You 😘😘😘❀️❀️❀️
caitlynn_wright7 - hxlllyyy - anaar11 - lyssa_rod -
Freshly died hair ... doesnt look it but it's a burgundy when the light hits it... feeling refreshed! #finishedproduct #burgundy #hairdyed #fridaynightfun #preplife #whatidoforfun #almosthalfwaydone #8weeksout #fitness #refresher #healthyliving #cleanliving
refresher - fridaynightfun - burgundy - almosthalfwaydone - hairdyed - fitness - finishedproduct - whatidoforfun - preplife - 8weeksout - healthyliving - cleanliving -
rvangeest - mr.pzs - thestableco - naturallynewyou -
Woohoo very happy I got on the Honor Roll! #Dedication #hardwork #honorroll #radiologictechnologist #almosthalfwaydone #school #workhard
hardwork - radiologictechnologist - school - almosthalfwaydone - workhard - honorroll - dedication -
faisamarrae : *Honour
sarahcox88 : No, @anessadea is correct in America it's Honor :) congratulations pretty!
arxfitness - andedamh - sweetseductionbikinis - redd3vil -
Because its time to go back to school tomorrow πŸ’ŠπŸ“šπŸ’‰ #breaksover #almosthalfwaydone #backtopharmlife #19monthstogo
breaksover - backtopharmlife - almosthalfwaydone - 19monthstogo -
allydayton : Your so hot πŸ”₯ and smart πŸ‘“ I just love you!!
dallamerican : 😍
kristin_stakemiller : Um that's you girl love you mooore! @allydayton 😘😘 @dallamerican
grandmagail217 - broylesmb - perskardash - katiebakerscott -
"Have enough courage to trust love one more time!".... Happy Tuesday! ❀️❀️ #withbabyboy #itstuesday #almosthalfwaydone #onedayatatime #thesunisshining #thestormhaspassed #smile #letthesunshineatleastfortoday #blessed
thesunisshining - thestormhaspassed - itstuesday - blessed - onedayatatime - letthesunshineatleastfortoday - almosthalfwaydone - smile - withbabyboy -
jennypmorales : Indeed
viridianaprincesita - sonmerdavidgn - 615.irvin - berlythere111 -
Seriously. I'm sad because I'm not really feeling it right now. I'd take a bread baby. Came home kinda hangry, so I wolfed down some chicken and broccoli before I remembered to take a pic. πŸ˜‘#almosthalfwaydone #wheresmytigerblood #whole30 #whole30challenge #whole30homies #whole30nurse #whole30alumni #whole30day14 #paleolikewhoa
whole30day14 - whole30nurse - whole30homies - wheresmytigerblood - whole30alumni - almosthalfwaydone - paleolikewhoa - whole30challenge - whole30 -
phat_whole30 - epicureannie - commit30 -
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