On November 19th, I find out what you are. :) not only will it be the happiest day of my life, but also the best thing in the world <3 mommy loves you even now ! Ahh! I'm so excited #baby #bump #pregnant #cute #love #girlorboy #almosthalfwaydone
girlorboy - cute - almosthalfwaydone - love - pregnant - bump - baby -
amanda_crazzy_hot : Love it!
pureromance_by_sarijana : Gah everyone's getting prego
etavitatauti - saamaanthaarae - brittykateb - chyandwill2162k13 -
I HATE MOVING!!!! #moving #lasvegas #vegas #trucks #mattress #bed #dresser #couches #hiredsomemexicans #vivamexico #heavylifting #almosthalfwaydone #gahh
almosthalfwaydone - couches - trucks - bed - mattress - gahh - vegas - moving - hiredsomemexicans - heavylifting - vivamexico - lasvegas - dresser -
jessicalynne09 : I feel like you just moved! lol.
toniog : @jessicalynne09 me too lol!!
jessicalynne09 : Is your whole family moving? Or just you?
toniog : @jessicalynne09 all of us!!
heimtreats - katelingallion - orijeans - l_beezy -
#tt from 9th grade to senior year! Just random pics I've found! God has placed so many wonderful ppl in my life that have helped encourage me to be the person I am today! I can't wait to to see what the new chapter in my life will bring! 10th week of school! 20 more school weeks to go! #senioryear #grownsomuch 😒 #almosthalfwaydone #week10ofschool
week10ofschool - grownsomuch - almosthalfwaydone - tt - senioryear -
okathomemom - jmb_8 - darbynp7 - drewstrr -
Getting huge. #19weeks #almosthalfwaydone #woo!
woo - almosthalfwaydone - 19weeks -
beckyyblackk : I'm so excited!!
hailistorme : Already?! Oh my goodness this is going by fast!! Do you know what it is yet?! @underwoodheather
thebigbadwolf2123 : Woo! (:
underwoodheather : @hailistorme I know! I can't believe I'm already this far along. I find out Thursday!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
underwoodheather : As you can tell, I'm just a little excited. Haha.
michellemccraney : So adorable
crissylovesj - victoria.trotter - accordingtonat - thickk_shawtyy -
I can't believe I got to talk to you tonight on the phone. I missed your call 3 times and you still answered when I called back! This is insane. #almosthalfwaydone #cloudnine ☁️9βƒ£πŸ˜πŸ™‰πŸ™ŠπŸ™ˆ @sirlopez24
cloudnine - almosthalfwaydone -
misses.t_mirsk : Fucking lucky
misses.t_mirsk : But I'm really happy for you β™‘
b_allen17 : I know!
dyshelley : Whats the countdown?
b_allen17 : 40 days 14 hours 22 minutes and 39 seconds! 😝
bhcarter13 : He calls me every night... awkward
b_allen17 : I'll kill you @bhcarter13
alyssamalt - jwreck95 - x_elizajane - misses.t_mirsk -
Wedding detailing the night away. #stamping #signing #almosthalfwaydone #notreally
signing - stamping - almosthalfwaydone - notreally -
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My heart hurts so badly.. We've said our goodbyes... He's in the barracks and I'm in the hotel room... Waiting on tomorrow morning.. Dreading it too. I love seeing these two together. It breaks my heart to separate them again. πŸ’” #almosthalfwaydone
almosthalfwaydone -
kelliemcquaig98 : This is the sweetest picture ❀️
animalcracker_love : Second sweetest.. Lol @kelliemcquaig98
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I'm convinced this entire semester is just a mess of days, waking up in the clothes I wore yesterday. πŸ˜πŸ™ˆπŸ™† #yikes #iwillshowertomorrow #almosthalfwaydone #mondays
yikes - iwillshowertomorrow - almosthalfwaydone - mondays -
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Food and wine festival 😍 #AlmostHalfwayDone #GoingAroundAtleast2MoreTimes #RollMeOutOfHere
goingaroundatleast2moretimes - almosthalfwaydone - rollmeoutofhere -
andrea_catter : 100th like
rrkhoney : @andrea_catter lmao πŸ˜‚ love you
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It's good to be back #fidm #historyoffashion #school #almosthalfwaydone #fashiondesign #fourthquarter
historyoffashion - school - almosthalfwaydone - fidm - fourthquarter - fashiondesign -
machinedapparel : Ahhh!
cmurrsoultrain : What we have that book from one of my sisters! I hope you didn't spend too much money on that
hannah_sobisky : Dang..... I won't say haha too late now:) @cmurrsoultrain
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Goodbye country music. This is my New jam until I can do it with out thinking about it. Until the name of the bone just pops in mind when people are talking. #IGotThis #MidTermHereICome #emtschool #Almosthalfwaydone #thankyougod #emt #EmtMorgyn #ParamedicInTheMaking
emtmorgyn - paramedicinthemaking - thankyougod - emtschool - emt - almosthalfwaydone - midtermhereicome - igotthis -
terren03 : You better be going back to county or we are goi g to have a long talk missy
americanmedicapparel - debbieestell54 - rigfitnw - hannamansquad -
So today is only Tuesday but please let this week end quickly. I miss my weekends already. I miss my man too. The more days pass, the sooner I'll see him again. Anyways. Prepare yourselves for hump day πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‰ #almosthalfwaydone #tuesdayselfies #selfieseveryday #selfie #andreasbingingselfies #andrizzlestatus #myman #militarygirlfriend #marinegirlfriend #usmc #babycomebacktome #almosthome #usmarinecorps #needstobefriday #needABreak #needmyweekends #howudoin?
babycomebacktome - tuesdayselfies - myman - marinegirlfriend - selfie - usmarinecorps - almosthalfwaydone - andreasbingingselfies - needmyweekends - usmc - militarygirlfriend - almosthome - andrizzlestatus - selfieseveryday - needstobefriday - needabreak - howudoin -
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Our baby isn't even here yet and he is already looking fresh πŸ‘ŒπŸ’™ @paulflores86 @dummywheels #babyboy #blessed #babyflores #preggo #almosthalfwaydone #brewingababy
almosthalfwaydone - brewingababy - babyboy - babyflores - blessed - preggo -
dossenback : We all should be wearing them when you have the baby shower
carla_okeefe : πŸ‘πŸ‘ we should @dossenback
shannamaemurphy : So excited for you Carla. @carla_okeefe
paulflores86 : Your gonna be the best mommy in the world to our son:)
janelle_wetzel - cindylou_wwhhoo - getaspine - worlds_okest_mom -
My spot/view for the day. #almosthalfwaydone
almosthalfwaydone -
bell71701 -
This girl fallin out from looking at my smoothie. Lol!!! #thataintjesus #cleanse #day13 #almosthalfwaydone
almosthalfwaydone - cleanse - thataintjesus - day13 -
itshailley : It looks really good
cariglaser - mckala_l - lupita_garcia - iam_music12 -
My view everyday #homesick#Africa #almosthalfwaydone
almosthalfwaydone - africa - homesick -
thablackkid : No beach here kid
thablackkid : U already know harvey lmao
passos_sergio : It was a joke kid
johselito : Africa ?? Woah. Stay safe out there
rithychan : The good life. Lol.
donyusif : Paradise
j_allens : Happy early B-Day
lexxnic0le : Happyyyy belattteddd bdayy
theofficialmattvance - johselito - samholic2013 - rheeissac -
19 weeks and counting :-) #babyyouablessing #readytomeetyou #babyLOCKHART #littleKane #mommybaby #preggo #almosthalfwaydone #mommystillgotit #ilooksodmngoodtonight
mommybaby - readytomeetyou - ilooksodmngoodtonight - babyyouablessing - preggo - almosthalfwaydone - mommystillgotit - babylockhart - littlekane -
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Sometimes mornings are pretty awesome here in Reno. #ironworker #doublerainbow #earthrocks #roofing #almosthalfwaydone #norestforthewicked #nolife
roofing - ironworker - almosthalfwaydone - doublerainbow - nolife - earthrocks - norestforthewicked -
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Hey! It's our baby's butt!.....and penis. πŸ˜„β€πŸ‘Ά #19weeks3days #ourbaby #BOY #babyOlszewski #excited #yupp # pregnant #almosthalfwaydone #healthybaby #happy #nofilter #bwap
healthybaby - boy - bwap - 19weeks3days - yupp - almosthalfwaydone - babyolszewski - ourbaby - nofilter - excited - happy -
pantzok : Gasp congrats!
jackiej_28 : @pantzok thanks!
akihooo30 - sou_uuu - itzeeljannelyg - changooosito -
Happy Happy Birthday to my missionary boy!! #20yearsold #almosthalfwaydone #loveandmisshimlikecrazy
20yearsold - almosthalfwaydone - loveandmisshimlikecrazy -
nataliebaldwinmusic : Happy birthday cute Kai!
saramuir6 : Oh my Cass's twin!!
pcarib : Cute!! Love him!
phillipsjordyn - stephiscrzy - debbiedoos2 - leavitt_kenya -
Cause its #friday #happyfriday #refusetogiveashit #zerofucks #almosthalfwaydone #weekend #tgif
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After many sleepless nights, a broken printer and anything that could ever go wrong, Business Policy Volume I is COMPLETE! Good job team! Just gotta do two more of these... #Pepperdine #internationalbusiness #capstonecourse #policy #BA497 #Seshan #printerproblems #brokenprinter #almosthalfwaydone #nosleep #gonnasleeptonight
brokenprinter - seshan - capstonecourse - nosleep - gonnasleeptonight - almosthalfwaydone - printerproblems - policy - ba497 - pepperdine - internationalbusiness -
thencrea : Lovely pic
thepremierteam : Amazing work!
thencrea - pcdonnelly - sagefoto - brittanyskidmore27 -
My friend chubby the penguin is cheering me on as I finish my doctrine essay test. He's so nice! #penguin #heschubby #almosthalfwaydone
heschubby - almosthalfwaydone - penguin -
chigerty23 - raiofsunshine20 - meldematteo - mister_pungu -
#18weekspregnant #almosthalfwaydone
almosthalfwaydone - 18weekspregnant -
ju_ju_be7 : @babycjxo hey girl if I dm you my number can you text me i have a question
babycjxo : Yes of course @ju_ju_be7
adrianrose_365 - olvera80_e - nickeemarieg - lakinator32 -
Working on this apocalypto tattoo #zerowolf #apocalypto #portraittattoo #tattoo #art #almosthalfwaydone #fun #movieportraitdiscount
portraittattoo - tattoo - art - movieportraitdiscount - almosthalfwaydone - apocalypto - fun - zerowolf -
yuyu_4viente : Lol! That foo looks likr the mono on the tattoo
krewlfilm : Sick!!!
amazingdiego1 : Please text me when you can bro! :)
rubio_1ees : Whats ur num @amazingdiego1
amazingdiego1 : 310-698-9869 :)
bitterbettiee - ajriana - krewlfilm - _michelle6378 -
My 1st pregnancy picture 😁 #pregnancy #babybump #almosthalfwaydone #infertility #ourjourney
pregnancy - babybump - almosthalfwaydone - ourjourney - infertility -
k.nilles : @aubreyyymiles what babybump? Let me see that belly ♥
aubreyyymiles : It's not there yet 😏 I found out on Thursday that my uterus is tilted way far back. The doctor tried to push it forward through my cervix (worse pain ever!) but got nowhere! Eventually baby will get smart and move forward. Brayden was the same way (which is why I didn't show until late with him too) but this time my uterus is even further. Hello back pain!
k.nilles : @aubreyyymiles I was bout to say, your back ia gonna be a killer! Ill rub you, dont worry. Maybe baby will come out nice and chunky since they getting some extra growing room! ;)
aubreyyymiles : Extra growing room?! No, baby has less. I think this baby will be the same size as Brayden was. You can come rub me anytime! Haha
coca_0726 - maisondrakebaby - mrs_mccullen -
almosthalfwaydone - pregnantgirlproblems -
allvirginstrands : If you or any of your girls are Looking for Virgin hair at the great price check us out
lita830 : Aww congrats!!! πŸ˜€
kemeister : @lita830 thank you 😊
_nysh_ : Pretty lady!!
kemeister : Thanks luv @_nysh_ πŸ˜™
weezyfgetit_bak_baby : Beautiful
kemeister : Thank you @weezyfgetit_bak_baby 😊
chamika519 : Cute boo
jeannettedanielle - weezyfgetit_bak_baby - watchthemgrow - meef72 -
I've always been good at putting screen protectors on phones. This is kinda similar. #seadek #rangerboats #rangerphantom #almosthalfwaydone #castawaycustoms #skinnywaterculture #reellocal
seadek - rangerboats - almosthalfwaydone - castawaycustoms - rangerphantom - reellocal - skinnywaterculture -
brentschirmer31 : That isn't gonna make you catch more fish...
adamnorris413 : You're in Connecticut πŸ˜‚ @brentschirmer31 and besides, of course it will. It's magical
brentschirmer31 : Why yes I am in Connecticut, good observation. This still isn't gonna make you catch more fish.
adamnorris413 : At least I can fish @brentschirmer31 😏
seadek : #SeaDeked
mikeadams770 - luke_omara - acruzzy - anglovesbooks -
#TBT to the day we successfully completed the #100happydays challenge on Facebook. Because we had so much fun with it, we're doing it here on Instagram now πŸ˜ƒ #slsconsulting #day46 #almosthalfwaydone
happy - socialmediaposts - jobwelldone - throwbackthursday - coworkers - marketing - awesome - officelife - tbt - marketingcompany - 100happydays - slsconsulting - almosthalfwaydone - photooftheday - happydays - throwback - day46 - potd - creatingconversation - picoftheday - socialmedia -
slsconsulting : #throwbackthursday #officelife #socialmediaposts #happydays #awesome #throwback #potd
slsconsulting : #marketingcompany #socialmedia #creatingconversation #marketing #picoftheday #jobwelldone #photooftheday #happy #coworkers
bunny_butts : Still so proud we made it!! πŸ‘
scottasimpson : Me too, @bunny_butts πŸ‘
scottasimpson : @kayymee @une_gamine @d0np0n @rancidgirl81 @lynnap in case you didn't all see 😊
kelseyalexis03 - iblamejesus - rancidgirl81 - glamorousgirl1111 -
@glenncharles63 taking a pit stop along the trip #f2tc #almosthalfwaydone #bikeforacause #localfood #farmtotable
localfood - bikeforacause - almosthalfwaydone - f2tc - farmtotable -
ctlifestyles - organicchefpaul - mainefarms - mvkimchee -
We have absolutely no idea what we're naming this baby...Drew keeps calling it "Malik" πŸ˜£πŸ˜©πŸ˜‚ I so need some good names...especially for boys! Boy names suck elephant balls! πŸ˜•
losing -
cakez_29 : Lol lol
chelle2cute : @kemeister "Cason
ddlinkup : Ashton.
kemeister : My cousins son's name is aston! @ddlinkup my son's name will be "Atlas" ☺
ddlinkup : U know Alex and I are sitting on all the 'a' names... We never thought of Atlas. I likey!
kemeister : Lol thanks @ddlinkup but don't like it TOO much! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
ddlinkup : Haaaaaannn!!!! πŸ˜‚ no worries ki! We don't steal 'a' names. We just store them...atlas:takenβœ…
kemeister : πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @ddlinkup
jpeso19 - tuff_love417 - transitional_ready - mrs_rogers14 -
Dear baby, today you are thisssss big, not including your little legs all streched out. #babybaby #babybump #pepper #18weeks #almosthalfwaydone #pregnant #pregnancy
babybump - babybaby - pepper - almosthalfwaydone - 18weeks - pregnant - pregnancy -
eyecandypreggosx_ - babynecessities - weraaaaz - bvalenzuelaxo -
The mall makes me :)))))))))x10000 #day49 #almosthalfwaydone
almosthalfwaydone - day49 -
sophiaespo9 : Whaaaatt
100dayshappy.jb - scar.and.char.are.happi - kglassmeyer - kfeuerman14 -
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