Painting my toenails because I'd much rather do that than study, I don't even like painting my toenails -.- #procrastinating #atitsfinest #nursingschool #almosthalfwaydone
atitsfinest - nursingschool - almosthalfwaydone - procrastinating -
rosales_armywife2409 : @alma_jimenez3 your toes are so sext😍
its___celi : #storyofmylife
alma_jimenez3 : Thanks >:) lol @rosales_armywife2409 and yea no kidding but at least you're almost done! @its___celi
cj89821 : Baby come on now time to get back at it or you'll never sleep😜
alma_jimenez3 : I did a whole 2 solid hrs of studying right after that lol just took a little distracting to get me back on track @cj89821
khaotik_supra - loveaprilbitch - nancy_jay - patreasa -
Nasty kneeeeee #almosthalfwaydone
almosthalfwaydone -
54_reed_05 : Who did your surgery???
_marisschrist : Pfleuger at granite orthopedics @54_reed_05
elisabethcuka : I had marks like that after my surgery and they take forever to go away!
54_reed_05 : Yeah I recognized the drawings hahaha(: hope you get better soon
twinegar_09 - kdavisssssss - tiffinebarbee - trg21 -
Drink of champiannes #staytough #focus #ICanDoThiz #paramedicstudent #almosthalfwaydone
staytough - almosthalfwaydone - paramedicstudent - icandothiz - focus -
hxnnah.jpeg : dude i feel like i haven't seen you in ages
iamannye_wes : It has been a while my friend!! Hope all is going well :)
hxnnah.jpeg - katienagz - captainronniee -
Returning to the world of the living. 6 page paper completed. Four short essays completed. Wish my work week was over already. And another private ambulance company joins my black list. I've had some sad cases this week but at the same time some of the nicest patients to offset my angry work stretches. I think it's time for some much needed sleep.... After I deal with the poor ignored pups. Halfway through class number 1 of the spring term. Clinicals will start sooner than I'll be ready for!! And someone left me cookies while I was working. And someone else took a bite out of all of them! LOL #futurefnp #longday #busybusyworkday #readyforavacation #exhausted #almosthalfwaydone #workiscrazy #lovetheworkpeeps #picstitch
workiscrazy - picstitch - lovetheworkpeeps - almosthalfwaydone - busybusyworkday - readyforavacation - exhausted - longday - futurefnp -
huongxoanya - daltonlois - dorthaxqprovo -
#babybump #17weeks #growingbaby #almosthalfwaydone
babybump - growingbaby - almosthalfwaydone - 17weeks -
nettib12 : Awwwww
happybabywrap : ♥
mini_acorn - nadygirl11 - natsirk2029 - happybabywrap -
Just shy of #20weeks. Baby H is kicking and squirming around in there. #almosthalfwaydone
20weeks - almosthalfwaydone -
miss_foodie_3 : Omg you are the cutest pregnant woman ever ! I hope you are having an awesome pregnancy .
sheenacrespo : Thanks! So far not too bad :)
beautiful.preggos : Could you be anymore perfect?
selenakocay : Omg!!! I didn't even know that you guys were expecting!!! Aaaaaahhhhhh this is so exciting!!!! You're all baby and you look amazing, girl!! 😘😘
sheenacrespo : Thank you everyone!
ggbeana22 - erin2380 - hughesyhw - wrapwithjessica87 -
No need for a filter 😆💜😄🙆🙌 #accomplishments #goals #goalsetter #achievinggreatthings #achiever #determination #determined #massagetherapy #massagetherapist #presidentshonorroll #presidentsclub #ccc #almosthalfwaydone #excited #proud #memyselfandi
memyselfandi - achiever - almosthalfwaydone - determination - goals - presidentshonorroll - determined - achievinggreatthings - presidentsclub - proud - accomplishments - goalsetter - massagetherapist - massagetherapy - excited - ccc -
essentialoilobsessed : Hi! Nice profile!!! Hope to connect more with you! - Tonya & Matt
yelospa - angela_diane530 - engagedmom_2loves - ale_tapatia -
Good afternoon from up north💜💛💜💛 #warmjanuary #imokaywiththat #scienceisbae
imokaywiththat - warmjanuary - scienceisbae -
harlsmguid - ayeekylee - ro15_ - _breannaaaleighhh -
Successful first day of classes! #bthospringsemester #classof2017 #almosthalfwaydone
bthospringsemester - almosthalfwaydone - classof2017 -
anner_bananer_ - greenegi - taylor.amie2015 - hannah___simpson -
I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always....forever and always we will be💕💗 #lovemyman #boyfriend #soinlove #winterphotoshoot #missinghim #almosthalfwaydone #deploymentalmosthalfover
soinlove - almosthalfwaydone - missinghim - winterphotoshoot - lovemyman - deploymentalmosthalfover - boyfriend -
countrysoul93 - shannan_gabrielle - livinmylifehappy - yongfzhoyman -
Comfort 1st, fashion 2nd (unless you can kill two birds with one stone ;D). Semester four...bring it on!!
almosthalfwaydone - whoot - ootd - communitycollege - sophomore - imustkeepfighting - finalsemester -
minhthifresh7 : #ootd#sophomore#finalsemester#communitycollege#almosthalfwaydone#whoot#Imustkeepfighting>:D
airu_lp - aquinas_t - deedaaaa_caramelpuppies -
#almosthalfwaydone#missherlots #cantwaittogethome
missherlots - almosthalfwaydone - cantwaittogethome -
youngggg10 : Uh-gu-lee
tajarandhawa_ : Hey! I know you! #mycutie
mariepoutchy - tajarandhawa_ -
Day 14 of my #whole30. Dinner today is a porterhouse steak, garlic buttered (ghee) potatoes, and a spring mix salad with homemade cilantro ranch dressing. #yum #sundaydinner #paleo #almosthalfwaydone oh yeah, and #GoHawks!!! 💙🏈💚
paleo - almosthalfwaydone - sundaydinner - gohawks - yum - whole30 -
thurrle - chaichie - annathastings - gilliehouston -
Hands down the most stressful thing I have ever done, and probably will ever do in my life😶. #almosthalfwaydone.
almosthalfwaydone -
socal.sal : Good shit bro
hloh11 - asipat - hermosi - sarahmanisap -
Just two more nights sleep and I start my 4th semester at the best university these 50 states have to offer! #almosthalfwaydone #gigem #spring2015
almosthalfwaydone - gigem - spring2015 -
anjoejojo : Fight me @sid.rumalla
sid.rumalla : ;)
anjoejojo : 💪 @sid.rumalla
kenyalovechild : You go, Ms school spirit!
anjoejojo : Thank you boo boo! @kenyalovechild
verodoesntdoinstagram : BOOBS.
anjoejojo : WHERE?? 🔭🔦 @verodoesntdoinstagram
drewedish : @anjoejojo literally everywhere
_caty_kat_ - linarahmoni - _madisongail_ - jake_fr0m_st8farm -
#bumpfie #18weeks #almosthalfwaydone #babylove
almosthalfwaydone - babylove - 18weeks - bumpfie -
happybabywrap : ♥
littleprincess_021 - joanie49 - rosiannehebert - jecharland -
#tbt to the first day of school with ma sis #almosthalfwaydone #summerwhereuat?
summerwhereuat - almosthalfwaydone - tbt -
sophieleid : " omg didn't u hear sophie died from Artemis' IG?!"
sophieleid : "But how?"
sophieleid : " her perfection was to much for her I guess"
sophieleid : 💥
artemiskioussi : 😘😘😘 soph your comments r the best! I literally laugh so hard at them 👌👌😂😂😂 also am I invited to the funeral? Jk don't die 😭 @sophie.leid
artemiskioussi : Also u better be going to the carnival. @sophie.leid
sophieleid : Yais im going
artemiskioussi : Yayayayayayayya yaya!!! I got assigned to do face painting so u better come over and let me paint your face! @sophie.leid
ruchi1416 - felicitasbitzenhofer - christina_ninaaa - duascash -
A Baby Will Make Love Stronger, Days Shorter, Nights Longer, Bank Balance Smaller, Home Happier, Clothes Dirty, The Past Forgotten, And The Future Worth Living For❤ #babylove #inlovealready #forgottenpast #cantwait #longnights #shortdays #lovemyfuture #myheartistaken #imhappy #almosthalfwaydone #nextmonth #gender #boyorgirl #whoknows #hehe #prego
whoknows - babylove - cantwait - nextmonth - lovemyfuture - forgottenpast - myheartistaken - imhappy - hehe - prego - longnights - inlovealready - almosthalfwaydone - gender - boyorgirl - shortdays -
heyyy_im_skylarrrr : You Already Know Babe. 💙 @_kalieeecheyenne_
ashlyn_grace__ : Tbh☺️ you are gorgeous, and you'll be a great mom😊
_kalieeecheyenne_ : Thank you☺❤ @ashlyn_grace__
dallon_didnt : Boo
trillasxviesa_x561 : @_kalieeecheyenne_ congrats i remember you from heber
_kalieeecheyenne_ : Thanks lol and yeah @trillasxviesa_x561
trillasxviesa_x561 : @_kalieeecheyenne_ np you still go there
_kalieeecheyenne_ : Yeah @trillasxviesa_x561
laineyyp - nikkihood1234 - g_raff916 - _perfectbatgirl -
Træner pll. Mangler kun dem her: N, e, g, f, v & r....! :-P I'm øving pll. Mangling only theese: N, e, g, f, v & r....! :-P Training pll. Only theese left: N, e, g, f, v & r....! :-P #rubikscube #witeden #pll #jegvardenførstederbrugtedettehashtag #almosthalfwaydone #danglish #nostrangehashtags #thisdoesntmakeanysense
rubikscube - danglish - thisdoesntmakeanysense - almosthalfwaydone - witeden - pll - jegvardenførstederbrugtedettehashtag - nostrangehashtags -
jonasplim - dylanlemay08 - sif_mervig - neonorangehats -
#babybump #19weeks #21togo #almosthalfwaydone
babybump - 21togo - almosthalfwaydone - 19weeks -
ninenaturals : Great shot!
vlosee44 - wine_bitch_ - happybabywrap - nikirs -
When I miss her. This comes out. Been playing it a lot lately. ❤️I don't know and probably never will know what it's like to sacrifice everything for something intangible. But, I'll love you through anything! So obnoxiously that you'll have to tell me to calm down. Keep the positive vibes! Be ready to rock this song when you're stateside! #missher #usaf #almosthalfwaydone
missher - almosthalfwaydone - usaf -
lbrendel2 - kjohnson0306 - slab_gurl_75 - cottagegirl1 -
SO lucky to have laughed the morning away over a Skype coffee date with the love of my life 💛 #imissyou #ILOVEYOU #almosthalfwaydone
imissyou - almosthalfwaydone - iloveyou -
madisonmclain : YAY!!!!!!
maddiewynn : This makes my heart SO happy😍💗👏!!!!
elizmcafee : LOVE! Look at those smiles
maddiemgarrett - janekerner - alexandrews7 - jensheridan32891 -
Our little one is growing so much! #babybump #15weeks #almosthalfwaydone 😀😀
babybump - 15weeks - almosthalfwaydone -
alycin_lorayne - shirlmb - sins61 -
Ready for this semester (: #ThirdSemester #AlmostHalfWayDone
almosthalfwaydone - thirdsemester -
Oh-My-God I can't wait to turn up this semester #tbt #GETPUMT #PPAMT #almosthalfwaydone #startedyoung
getpumt - ppamt - almosthalfwaydone - tbt - startedyoung -
scoddster : Juice juice juice !
tatianalofton : You didn't.
mr__yearwood : @tatianalofton 😉🍻🍷🍸👌
kmarshland - yuwould - _beans__ - scoddster -
I just love this picture, and him 😻 #almosthalfwaydone #thankyoubabyjesus #tbt
almosthalfwaydone - thankyoubabyjesus - tbt -
baby.gee.zus : Look all active and shiiiii.
steph_gregs : Maaaaa betches!!
ellie_bt : How cute!!
kiaramartin_ : ❤️❤️
kat_rockwe11 : I miss you 😘😘
maddisonalyssapratt : 😍❤️☺️
markiechambers : Seriously half way already?!! He'll be back in no time. ❤️
katorrico - lucascoyne_nwo - melisaescamilla - scarletbagonias_ -
Missing my best friend reeeeaaaally bad tonight. #almosthalfwaydone #fuckdeployment
fuckdeployment - almosthalfwaydone -
dah_chocolate_danish - dearstjaime - ritharaja - holdondreamaway -
Don't Worry Little One.. Mommy Will Be Here To Protect You.. Mommy Loves You Very Much And I Cannot Wait To See Your Beautiful Face And All Your Little Features. Not That Much Longer Baby, And You Will Be Out Here In This Cruel World Where Mommy Will Save You From It. No Harm Or Danger Will Come To You, You Will Always Be My Baby. Im Sorry For All The Stress Precious Baby, I Will Stay Strong For You And You Will Always Be My Number One Priority. I Don't Need A Man In My Life To Keep Me Happy If He Treats Me That Bad.. I've Heard, "If Your Boyfriend Treats You This Bad, How Do You Think He'll Treat Your Kid." I'm Going To Stop Ranting Now, But I Love You❤ #lovemylittleone #allmine #iloveyou #iwillprotectyou #imstrong #independant #protective #dontneednoman #iminlove #mybaby #almosthalfwaydone #fuckthehaters #gosuckadick #ihatepeople #ifeelmybabymoving #pregoprobs
protective - ifeelmybabymoving - gosuckadick - almosthalfwaydone - dontneednoman - iminlove - iwillprotectyou - fuckthehaters - imstrong - iloveyou - ihatepeople - mybaby - pregoprobs - allmine - independant - lovemylittleone -
hailey_nicole71 : Her auntie will love him or her too. No matter what. Can't wait till February 11 to know what it is hopefully I can come with you on that day. I love you and baby. Hope everything goes good tomorrow and let me no if you want me to come I can have mom drop me off right now because I'm at her work. @_kalieeecheyenne_
emilynicole2015 : Enjoy the second trimester while you can. I wish I could go back to my second trimester. Lol
_kalieeecheyenne_ : When did you start feeling movement? @emilynicole2015
emilynicole2015 : Around my 17th to 19th weeks.
_kalieeecheyenne_ : Okay, I was just making sure I wasn't the only one around this time. It freaked me out a little lol @emilynicole2015
emilynicole2015 : Haha I know of some people that feel it sooner. But yeah it feels really weird.
foremanbrittany : I'm here for you and the baby girl no matter what I love you and the baby always
robyn.your.heart - its_lacey_love - kdelacruuz - tadpole_softball02 -
Restless night coughing. DayQuil helped me sleep but even the pups slept away from me! Today is school and more meds so I can finished my half finished house projects. #shouldbeaproductiveday #ifeelsick #coughcough #backtoschool #almosthalfwaydone #futurefnp
almosthalfwaydone - futurefnp - coughcough - shouldbeaproductiveday - backtoschool - ifeelsick -
frenchtoastcom -
Trying to finish up a bit of homework before class tomorrow...all the while thinking, "Next year at graduation, this hard work will be worth it!" #4thquarter #almosthalfwaydone #nursingschool
nursingschool - almosthalfwaydone - 4thquarter -
mjhads - amcordova20 - ashleycoverstone - future_obrn -
✨🎓😀❄️💕 #SeniorSunday #BackToSchoolTomorrow #PrayingForSnowDay #AlmostHalfWayDone #Repost
repost - almosthalfwaydone - seniorsunday - prayingforsnowday - backtoschooltomorrow -
sonia_vanisi : 😍😍😘😘
cody_lee60 : You are so pretty :)
cami_beth_ : Thank you @sonia_vanisi and @cody_lee60 ☺️❤️
kara.frederick : Tbh I love your hair and smile soooo much:)
cami_beth_ : Thanks @kara_frederick23 I copied your idea for a TBH tonight haha😊
patti.hernandez : Omfg you are gorgeous💜💜
weeks113013 - _sabrina_oates_ - r3dn3ck_swag__ - chey.proszek -
I was taking a 19 weeks pregnant picture and the kids added their unsolicited cuteness lol! #pregnant #bigbrother #bigsister #lovethelove #almosthalfwaydone #bump
bigsister - almosthalfwaydone - lovethelove - pregnant - bump - bigbrother -
crunchyredheadmama - samirtaj10 - allinn521 - antonio_m2k15 -
Makin a mural in my apt. It's my first, and whoa man a lotta work. #firsts #almosthalfwaydone #patience #love #paint #messy #series
patience - almosthalfwaydone - love - paint - messy - series - firsts -
kaylibean - belabre - mmcohen - atltopdx -
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