Cumple Lups! #happybirthday #almost30 🎉
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taniagameromedina : Que boniiitas las quiero
photojill.morris - taniagameromedina - moncapokorna -
Porque no me lo puedo gastar todo 😜 #Los30DeGreyB #HBDToMe #ManyGiftsForMe #Almost30
hbdtome - los30degreyb - almost30 - manygiftsforme -
complementatebyjuly -
You are one of the strongest and kindest people I know. You show me how to be a better person and I couldn't be prouder of you. You're also not too bad to look at, which is nice. I'm funnier though. Happy Birthday Kevo, I love ya. #Almost30 #CutlerMakesYouDrink #TB12 #UConn #GoCubs
gocubs - almost30 - cutlermakesyoudrink - uconn - tb12 -
rnickse : HBD KEVO!
kmg06002 : This is gold 😂😂😂
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Me, Right Here and Right Now.. #Me #Boy #Guy #Doctor #NextBirthday #ItsComing #Eleven #November #Birthday #Almost30
me - boy - almost30 - doctor - eleven - birthday - nextbirthday - guy - november - itscoming -
mrmaek : Que más cerca si cuando te conocí tenias 28 y eso fue hace como 5 años 😒
peperomero86 : @mrmaek jajajajaja tu si hablas pendejadad xD
jjabam - peperomero86 - pedrooraffo - meuke19 -
Yes Ron Burgandy, it's my birthday😏 🎉🎁🎈️👍🏻 #ifeelold #readytoparty #birthday #26 #almost30 #holyshit
holyshit - 26 - birthday - almost30 - readytoparty - ifeelold -
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Finally I've done it and now I believe I can fly 😂)))) this video is to all my friends who is afraid of heights))) love u all 😘))) it's so funny, lol!!! 😂 #freedom #fly #crazy #crazyman #crazypeople #ibelieveicanfly #foreveryoung #almost30 #heights #lol #slowmotion #slowmotionvideo
fly - crazypeople - crazy - foreveryoung - slowmotionvideo - freedom - ibelieveicanfly - heights - almost30 - lol - slowmotion - crazyman -
taaivas : Чугуевские подтяжки :))
taaivas : Вот о таком человеке я думаю :)
cyborg_or_human : @tpogodina @denisovaleks @taaivas самый ржач это именно в слоумоушен смотреть) когда смотришь нормальное видео-это такой пшик, и в плане РАДОСТНОГО вопля тоже, а тут-фильм ужасов 😂😂😂😂 ну и т.к. больной до высоты, то ощущение страха над краем пропости просто отменное)) а ещё когда лезешь по жутко неудобной веревочной лестнице-наверху наоборот уже даже облегчение)) да и высота пока не большая, всего 25м 😢 только потом типо можно выше.
denisovaleks : @cyborg_or_human тоже хочу на тарзанку. На большую. С моста какого-нибудь
cyborg_or_human : @denisovaleks а там тоже тебя не больше 30 пустят. Я тоже хотел с моста. Но они ездили уже. Они постоянно меняют места. А вот жесть была с трубы. Вот это реально жесть. Там кто уже давно с самого верха с 80м прыгают
taaivas : Ты мне напомнил ощущения первого прыжка с вышки в бассейне. Там не 25, а 5, но страшно дико, особенно когда видишь дно и кажется, что 15 метров (игры разума). И это ощущение, когда ты делаешь шаг... И назад ты не взлетишь... Ты молодец! Я говорю, что о таком человеке рядом с собой и думаю. Это же авантюризм, игра, преодоление себя и... Свет!
taaivas : Комментарии модерируются? :)))
cyborg_or_human : @taaivas в бассейне не прыгал)) как и вниз головой с такой высоты)) но со скалы прыгал примерно с 6 метров. Это треш, когда понимаешь, что надо прыгнуть чётко в то место, влево-вправо можно разбиться)) так же реально жесть, когда ты прыгаешь с 12м в воду озёра, где под ногами зеркалит гладь воды и ты не понимаешь вообще что снизу и что тебя ждёт, т.к. вообще не видно дна))
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My attempt to grind the whole mini p-rail. My mizou failed. #aggressiveinline #blading #almost30 #entahlahnak #wheellove #malaysia
wheellove - malaysia - almost30 - entahlahnak - blading - aggressiveinline -
seangoh : Whoah we've got Sparta tmr and you're doing this today? #extreme
aggressivemall - miloszproniewicz - naqshaimi -
what do you have to do before you 30? #nature #autumn2015 #autumn #jump #tree #jumpfromtree #fisttime #foreveryoung #almost30
jump - foreveryoung - nature - autumn2015 - tree - fisttime - jumpfromtree - autumn - almost30 -
denisovaleks : @cyborg_or_human before 30?😱😭
katrin1704 : @cyborg_or_human Ох,жду отчет))
tpogodina : Прыжок с дерева? 😱
cyborg_or_human : @tpogodina @denisovaleks @katrin1704 видео в слоумоушн выложено. Это полный лол😂
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Happy Birthday @emilynalder Hope you have a splendid day. Wish we could be there to celebrate with you. #almost30 #wearethesameage #notoldlikekate #youbettercomehomenow
notoldlikekate - youbettercomehomenow - almost30 - wearethesameage -
kate_og1 : HBEM! 🎁👏🎁 I think someone else's birthday is coming up.... @ltgbrp
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Belated birthday celebrations! #escondidos #vino #jozivibes #almost30 😳
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simivattakunnel : So much fun @rob_tal ! Thanks for a great evening :)
la_vita_di_nirvana - simivattakunnel - babyaga80 -
It is better to wake up knowing you are alone than to wake up with someone and still be lonely 💜😘 #calm#bealone#content#happy#pillowhair#almost30 💃🏻☺️
content - almost30 - love - calm - bealone - newbeginnings - travel - work - pillowhair - happy -
sophiegradon : @socalleduniverse love you hope you're feeling more rested today 💜
socalleduniverse : So much! 💞
joeyhutch01 : @sophiegradon 🙌🏻 Who doesn't. Even the Queen would be partial to a parmo. I live in Birmingham so have one once in a blue moon. Ask your friend @adriane_welford #parmoandBlueWKD 😂
crybabyboi : To wake up and see that face of yours, would be a welcome change from waking up alone or feeling alone with the wrong person. You make me smile. 😘
sophiegradon : @crybabyboi ❤️☺️
teahjnr : Wise lass @sophiegradon :) X
scrwd : Ditto. I'm considering a cat actually 🐈 More rewarding than waking up to an empty bottle of Pinot Grigio 😜
adriane_welford : ❤️🙏🏻
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#nofilter #selfie #itakebetterpicslayingdown #wildhair #thoseeyes #realeyebrows #notpaint #subtle #naturalbeauty #naturalmakeup #almost30 #nottooshabby
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Closing out my 20s with no husband, no children, healthy friendships, and no regrets. I rented out a poolside bungalow for the weekend to reflect on what is and what isn't, and to map out what will be. I have an important interview lined up next week in #Vegas, I finally made the decision to start as a consultant for a #skincare and #greenbeauty company I believe in, and I'm just grateful for the freedom, connections and resources to live life on my own terms. I'm grateful. I'm just so grateful. #sothisis30 #almost30 #girlboss
skincare - greenbeauty - vegas - almost30 - girlboss - sothisis30 -
betseylynnestyle : Pretty awesome!
girl_of_urbanlegend - sharrrebear - kumariluxury - betseylynnestyle -
Landed at Logan and starting the dirty thirty road trip #almost30 #dirty30 #zakimbridge
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So about that FIRE & GLORY SUMMIT!!!! #almost30 #BDAYGIRL
bdaygirl - almost30 -
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I honestly was not looking forward to today but turning 21 for the 8th time isn't so bad when you have these girls to spend it with ❤️ #granniestatus #almost30
granniestatus - almost30 -
crzycrys79 : Happy bday sweets!
christinedanielletran : happy birthday beautiful!!! I love the stinking rose 😍 miss you so much! hope you're having the best day ever ❤️
kkahee921 : Happy birthday!!!! Viv!!!! You always #beautiful 😘😍😘😍🎀💐🎁
l_vuitton916 : Chuc muc sinh nhat ba noi 👵
christeanahh : Happy birthday Vivian! 🎂🎁🎊
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Con grandes amigos! #Almost30
almost30 -
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LOL!! I was going though my YouTube && I came across this gem 😂 I recorded myself doing a #jacklalanne facelift workout like a year and a half ago!! 🙈 life is way to fun to be moping around!! You are one in 400 TRILLION & you have this one life. Doing FINE and just being OKAY & oh I'mBUSY---Is absolutely NOT acceptable !! 🙅🏽 LIVE LIVE LIVE!!! Do what makes you happy. Don't be scared. I'd be scared NOT doing what makes me happy!!! Man, I've been there and I don't wanna go back. Trust me. It's way better on this side of things. 🎉 #toughlove #IGNITEYOURPASSION #almost30
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gypsy_fit_life : #liveauthentic #liveessential #lifeispeople #stayathomemom #dogmom #stayathomewife #wholefood #wanderlust #westisbest #wifelife #paleo #pnw #iworkout #sweatingforthewedding #mountaingirl #motivate #pma #beweird #bend #upperleftusa #selflove #gypsy #happyhippy #healthylife #healthyliving #fitaddicted
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I #maxedout at 4:30 but you know what?! I was NOT following the modifier!!! There's a first time for everything I guess. Day 1 Week 2 #goals
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crystalpiercefitness : #almost30 #CrystalPiercetransformation #girlmom #pnwlivin #pnwmama #pnwbeauty #lifewithatoddler #naptimebliss #ilikeprettythings #sweatfest #nevergiveup #insanity #MAX30 #workinghard #strongereveryday #weightlossjourney2015 #wellness #weightloss #ergomama #ergomom #ergotoddler #doer #fitnotskinny #weekendvibes
photog_p : Get it
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Spoilt by mummy and daddy 😘💕#birthday #almost30
birthday - almost30 -
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*It's not official if you dont post on social media* Today is fucking special. This girl has been in my life for 7+ years, and we've gone through SO much. I'm so glad even after 3 years of being kinda apart from each other, we're still "in love" 😋 i love you so much you deserve the best of everything💕 Happy birthday. You know i gotta do this tag #almost30 ❤️ enjoy baby😘😘 #bff
almost30 - bff -
wanderlustts : Omg I love you though 😗😗😭😭💕💕💕
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Lovely sisters #birthday #almost30
birthday - almost30 -
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Happy happy birthday to my BFF and partner in crime @giovannanbrix #almost30 #gettingold #birthdaygirl #kisses #happybirthday #bffs #celebrate #westillgotit #pianobar #bestie #tgif #nodiggity #thisishappening #dcnightlife #washingtondc #nationalharbor #bobbymckeys
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kim_heff - thelylediaries - joanna_grace87 - roya15 -
🙋#bdayweekend #outandabout #bowdownbitches #redhead #almost30 #likewineigetbetterwithtime
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As I approach what they say is the best decade of a woman's life, I'm humbled at all the experiences and opportunities I've encountered, appreciate the people who have entered my life as well as the ones that have left. I know everything I did and didn't do lead me to this perfect moment. 💕 #beyondblessed #almost30 #octobersinmiami
octobersinmiami - almost30 - beyondblessed -
_drein1love : Looooveeee 👌
michy_temple_fit : Looking good!
babykarr : @_drein1love 😘 when we going again? @michy_temple_fit thanks to u guys for always inspiring me😘
biancar_2139 - pedro_jr87 - nicole_maimone - adriancali91 -
Do you ever have a moment when you take a step back to look at your life as an observer and question with a start, "When did I get so OLD?" It's 7pm on a Friday night, kids are at Nana and Papa's, hubby is at a hockey pool and I'm sitting at home by myself with a glass of wine, a bowl of borscht, a #crochet project, and a pile of podcasts to catch up on...and I am 100% #content. I'm #grateful for my recent time of #reflection and the revelation that who I truly am is not only okay, it's awesome. #mennonite4lyfe #introvert #almost30 #fridaynight
reflection - fridaynight - content - mennonite4lyfe - almost30 - introvert - crochet - grateful -
ashleybechmccord - brittanydmarsh - zh_michelle - hildchris -
Muchas gracias a todos mis amig@s quienes por algún medio u otro me han dado sus muestras de cariño y apreció, en especial gracias a mi familia por estar siempre a mi lado, gracias a mi chula por llenar mi vida con muchos lindos momentos aunque en ocasiones la distancia nos separe. GaDios por un año más de vida, metas logradas y muchas más por logran. Ya casi 30 #Almost30
almost30 -
monnieh : Hey feliz cumple joven, un abrazo enorme
melyzamoreno - adrianacuellar - jessaggo - mony_sandoval_ -
Need to start giving myself a cheese budget. #charcuteriefridays #almost30
almost30 - charcuteriefridays -
cplef125 : Oh wow.
courtbrones : Nice cheese board and knives 👍
colleenboen : Best gift ever @courtbrones
meghanhelene : #helluvaspread
margaret.suzanne - ryhud11 - chrissylowee - cait406 -
You're really OLD but occasionally fun... Also you're kind of a giant and I guess that's cool😐...Happy Birthday... 😐 #thedayofyourbirth #almost30 #yikes #stud
yikes - thedayofyourbirth - almost30 - stud -
thewaycaster : 28. Not almost 30. Punk. Love you TB
tbnelson2016 : 😜😘
beccawayca - church621 - sierra_amor - leroy_garcia_ -
🌞Sunkissed🌞 Pre-birthday celebration today #almost30
almost30 -
jcwells11 - therealticiacee - lucayanbeauti - tmn_xox -
2005 I took "Art Careers" an advance level art program in my high school. 2015 my old art teacher has showed me that one if his students is researching me for their International Baccalaureate Arts program... Things sure have come full circle! Also being compared to Richter is quite a stretch but I'll gladly accept the compliment. Does this mean I'm like a real #artist now? #grownup #almost30
grownup - almost30 - artist -
katiebizald : 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
ramona1k : 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👊🏼🙌🏻😘
alexandrafuller : Baller
emgolie_hair : Awesome!!
courtderrick : You're totally real. Way to go!
monica_nichole : That's well deserved and so awesome!
jessdowner : No. You're an outstanding artist.
chantb8 : Proud of my boo! Love you!
jessdowner - alice_le_chat_13 - artistleilalee - adamgbr -
Currently adulting... First, I can't handle liquor anymore. Now I have declawed myself and I am wearing nude polish. What is my life? #icantypenow #nomorethotnails #nails #imnotready #almost30 #nudenails #adult #adulting #backtoblacksoon #instanails #relaxing #quarterlifecrisis #opinailpolish #tiramisufortwo #nailspa #cielonailspa #tgif #happy
adulting - imnotready - relaxing - nails - backtoblacksoon - opinailpolish - adult - tiramisufortwo - cielonailspa - instanails - icantypenow - nomorethotnails - nudenails - tgif - nailspa - almost30 - quarterlifecrisis - happy -
tali_3lives__ownitsavage : Hahaha I'm so proud of you!! 🙌🙌
lolita_pink - _lizzypaolaaa - marrynails - cielonailspa -
Tomorrow my baby girl turns 30! This little beauty has grown into an amazing, vibrant, fun and recently married woman who is beautiful inside and out. Katie you have my heart and I love you so much!! Happy almost 30th Birthday!!! @kdelavern @briancope @maxsposure @treysojos @mike.depatie @mike_depatie @kittkatkitt
happybirthday - bathingbeauty - babygirl - almost30 - prettyinpink -
hollydepatie : #happybirthday #bathingbeauty #almost30 #prettyinpink #babygirl
brooklynnvaron : What an amazing picture!! happy almost birthday my itty bitty baby!!
kdelavern : Awe, thanks mama! This photo says it all:) I love you so much and look forward to celebrating tomorrow and Sunday:)
kittkatkitt : I remember that
mike.depatie : Katie - you are the funnest and the sweetest! Happy almost Birthday!
molz20 : This picture lol!!! 😍😍😍
treysojos - kittkatkitt - molz20 - lynnwestphal -
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