#allisforyourglory #allisforyourpraise
allisforyourpraise - allisforyourglory -
kaitymunch93 : I'm most excited to get back to Chapel worship.
kamihawk - alexisnoblee - mariah18_nicole - bre_annne -
sethtreese I covered this song: (1) It's one of my favorite worship songs (2) @abarrios22 asked me to. (3) It's a powerful song. I hope this is something you can worship to and it draws you toward Jesus. P.S. Thanks to @james_hinders for letting me use one of his great shots as an album cover. #allisforyourglory #ihopkc #coryasbury #worship
ihopkc - allisforyourglory - worship - coryasbury -
savannahbrunner : Looooveee this song. Seriously one of my favorites!
father_clay - slomotionbros - gabrielanicholequiroz - kristin121699 -
Going on a Daniel Fast on Monday with the Arabic youth. With prayer and supplication, let your request be made known. We pray for peace and safety for the people in Iraq and Syria. We pray for ISIS to see how merciful and loving our God is. Saying goodbye to burgers for a month is nothing compared to what people are going through out there, but that's one thing I love most. -red. #BurgerParlor #KaliBurger #burgerlife #AllIsForYourGlory #prayer #imnotworthy #truelove #americanlife
imnotworthy - burgerparlor - americanlife - kaliburger - truelove - allisforyourglory - prayer - burgerlife -
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Did a one take video of #CoryAsbury - #AllIsForYourGlory. Uploading on YouTube. This is why my YouTube covers are terrible; I'd do one take and post it in all its glory. Pun intended. -red. 2014.08.13.Wed. #RedMisery #covers #ihopKC #worship #imnotthatgreat #imnotworthy #starvingmusician #americanlife
starvingmusician - imnotworthy - coryasbury - americanlife - imnotthatgreat - covers - ihopkc - allisforyourglory - redmisery - worship -
imtkuknowme : You should prooobably cover Now I have a purpose... Just a suggestion... Hahaha
redmisery : @imtkuknowme it took every fiber in me not to sing out those "just one" or "to treasure" but if you see the full video I slipped during "for You alone" haha.... 😅 -red.
imtkuknowme : Hahaha where's the link to it
redmisery : It's on my twitter but I'll share in Facebook tonight @imtkuknowme -red.
imtkuknowme : Nice.
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From my personal worship time today. -red. #CoryAsbury #ihopKC #AllIsForYourGlory #RedMisery #imnotworthy #ilikestayinghome #starvingmusician #imnotthatgreat
starvingmusician - imnotworthy - coryasbury - imnotthatgreat - ihopkc - allisforyourglory - ilikestayinghome - redmisery -
imtkuknowme : So country. I like it haha
redmisery : @imtkuknowme people forget that I'm an old Caucasian man inside; I listen to country, wear grandpa's clothes, eat burgers and basically a ricist. Haha! -red.
imtkuknowme : Hahahaha 😂😂👏👏👍
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God is just so good! here's our new logo and we are so pumped for the adventure we are on with The Holy Spirit! #allisforyourglory
allisforyourglory -
bjohnson : So cool!
thedavidcollective : logo by the fabulously talented in every way imaginable @kaciewilliams !!
kaciewilliams : Yeah!!!
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Last night'a Graduation for our 2014 International DTS! Our teams saw over 14,000 salvations on their outreaches to Africa, India, and Asia!!! #ywam #ywamKC #missions #AllIsForYourGlory
ywamkc - allisforyourglory - missions - ywam -
jasonnettles : Over 15,000 salvations. We were so blessed!
levifonteles : This is just amazing, I hope I can go for it someday, I'd really love to!
levifonteles - moriahmcbride - originally_lindsey - matoskimsurf -
She is #worththewait. Because she is my dream becoming true. She is already real because God's promises are real. The adventures of my life will soon take leaps and bounds once God does this in His timing. And #allisforyourglory Abba. I want to share all of the revelations about God to her and show how deeply God loves me. To go to #uncharted territory in the #deeperwaters of being in love with Jesus, areas that no one has ever gone. To tell people how much more loving and passionate God is. That His love is REAL! Because it changed my life. And freed me from shame, guilt, condemnation and self-hatred. I don't deserve His goodness AT ALL!!! But the truth is His love redeemed me and gave me His very best daughter to be a brand-new image of His love! Marriage is not for me, it is for God to get the maximum glory possible because of His unfathomable LOVE!!! ❤️😍 #godlymarriage #fiercemarriage #godlywife #godlyhusband #marriage365 #marriagemadeEZ #Godhonorsmarriage #marriageGodsway
marriagegodsway - godlymarriage - godhonorsmarriage - marriagemadeez - worththewait - allisforyourglory - godlyhusband - uncharted - marriage365 - fiercemarriage - deeperwaters - godlywife -
rosettabomb : @hunni__b
hunni__b : Amen
anthonytoodles : Amen
markasharpton : @shannonsharpton
indianaforever : Indianaforever @indianaforever
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#Yvimossugloria #vidasmarcadasporlacruz #vivimosporfe #youthconference #congresodejovenes #awakening #allisforyourglory #quesuenefuerte #awesome #nosvemosenel2015
vidasmarcadasporlacruz - awesome - vivimosporfe - awakening - allisforyourglory - youthconference - quesuenefuerte - nosvemosenel2015 - yvimossugloria - congresodejovenes -
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Being the #lightoftheworld means that you are someone's light in this darkness. The Light of Jesus must lead them to Jesus, not to yourself. #allisforyourglory #likeafire
allisforyourglory - likeafire - lightoftheworld -
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Чтобы во всём Ты был на первом месте, чтобы во всём Ты имел огромное преимущество. Всё для Твоей славы. Это плавит моё сердце. #thatmeltsmyheart #favouritesong #jesusisking #song #ihopkc #lyrics #worship #iadoretoworship #allisforyourglory #god #jesus #allisforgodsglory #eternalworship by @ihopkc "Let everything be for the glory of God. He is worthy." via @PhotoRepost_app
jesusisking - lyrics - song - god - thatmeltsmyheart - allisforgodsglory - iadoretoworship - jesus - ihopkc - favouritesong - allisforyourglory - eternalworship - worship -
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Vivendo o que fomos destinados a viver, fazendo o que amamos! Tudo é pra Tua Glória Jesus! #allisforyourglory #iedapaz #fdsembacabal
fdsembacabal - iedapaz - allisforyourglory -
paulinhafonteneles : Aeeeee pastorzao
ricardobarbaalho : MeupR.
yesmirror : nice pic
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Worship comes in many forms, and The Lord delights in it all. #westminsterabbey
vsco - westminsterabbey - allisforyourglory - vscocam - latergram -
lauremitch : #vsco #vscocam #latergram #allisforyourglory
willbuckleyyy : Very cool!
shagymb : One of my favorite cathedrals !
joaking29 : WOW!!
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Romans 10:14-15 How, then, can they call on the one they have not believed in? And how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard? And how can they hear without someone preaching to them? And how can anyone preach unless they are sent? As it is written: "How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!" TODAY IS THE DAY. Haiti get ready #hansengoestohaiti #allisforyourglory
apex08 - allisforyourglory - hansengoestohaiti -
benn_jammmin : @erica_hansen beautiful feet, beautiful feet
erica_hansen : HAHAHAHA yesssss. #apex08 @benn_jammmin
chantelle_nelson : My favorite verse! ❤️praying for you @erica_hansen !!
benn_jammmin : Hahahahaa!!!!!! I was prophetic
benn_jammmin : @erica_hansen
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不知為何的每次算會數學的爽感就像外線出手truck進一樣 可能是我對自己的信心太過微弱 平常也太混 以致於從來沒有在學習上找到成就感 也可能是我被打壓了太久早已忘記自己的能耐到底在哪 但不論如何都不要為自己的失敗找藉口 一再的讓自己陷入在泥淖裡真的不是一個好選擇 忘記背後 努力向前,向著標桿直跑 管他以前我數學怎樣 那都已成為過去式 重點是現在你選擇如何面對 征服或投降 選擇權全在你 不是我在說 分點真的充滿了學習的恩膏 段考倒數剩不到一週 大家就好好加油吧 @alexdoublechen 我的好姐妹 就一起用剩下的幾天好好壓榨我們的腦袋重返榮耀吧 給自己將過完的高一留下一個難忘的回憶 #期考 #AllIsForYourGlory
allisforyourglory - 期考 -
alexdoublechen : 可以叫大帥哥。
bob230198 : @fangting0127 問妳呀哈哈哈
bob230198 : @seaseai9 信心超重要☝️
ichen0730 : 加油加油👍👍👍
hugediamond : 什麼數學?!
jahoeasy : 🙈🙊
bob230198 : @ichen0730 你也是!學測倒數半年啦💪💪
bob230198 : @hugediamond 數據分析📈
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And we're off! #HopeforHaiti #allisforyourglory @mtthwjrdnsctt
hopeforhaiti - allisforyourglory - hansengoestohaiti -
_jennielouise_ : This just got way harder. 😭😭😭
doitforjonny : Good luck Erica!
biancabright : Aw!! Yay!!!
jenarohde : #hansengoestohaiti
meganstella08 : Good luck boo change lives 😊😊
meg_elaine321 : Oh my heart is just soooo happy!!! @mtthwjrdnsctt @erica_hansen
erica_hansen : Hahah @jenarohde #hansengoestohaiti
jenarohde : @erica_hansen Our house sat around and thought of a wedding hashtags for the entire alphabet. Let's just say I could think of a hashtag for anyone 😂
nelle9195 - jesswienk - oliviatem30 - meg_elaine321 -
Take me back to Los Angeles for our first Aviva El Fuego. Having our very first bilingual worship set was the most beautiful thing to be a part of. People of all different ages and backgrounds coming together to worship our God. #avivaelfuego #allisforyourglory #threeweektour #tbt
avivaelfuego - allisforyourglory - tbt - threeweektour -
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I know that #thestruggleisreal but you are #MORETHANACONQUEROR. Through Jesus. So you can make it through the testing seasons of purity. Remember this, God allows tests to show who is really the people that are for His ways and His heart. Those are the people He entrusts with His best gifts and blessings. Because they have proven themselves trustworthy and true to the end. People who stand the trials of tribulation and endure to the very end. And who still have joy in The Lord! Love purity. Hate sin. You will soon see that the testing was worth it. All in God's timing. All for His glory. #allisforyourglory #worththewait #waragainstlust @nosexmovement #waitforgodsbest #waitongodstiming #purityoverlust #purityrules #purity #futurehusbandintraining #myanomalystory #myhopeisinyougod #mystoryhisglory #prayforyourfuturespouse #lovingyourwifenow #lethopearise
thestruggleisreal - purityrules - myhopeisinyougod - purity - waragainstlust - mystoryhisglory - lethopearise - purityoverlust - waitongodstiming - waitforgodsbest - futurehusbandintraining - myanomalystory - morethanaconqueror - lovingyourwifenow - worththewait - allisforyourglory - prayforyourfuturespouse -
ambitiousxant : Amen
dbcmagazine : Yes!!!!!!!
takeaphoto12 : Aaaaammmeeennnnnn!
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Here's to new beginnings, new seasons, and new victories. #allisforyourglory #homestretch
allisforyourglory - homestretch -
jessica_amezola : I'll be visiting you quiet often, if you need help with any assistant things girl I'm here :) or if you just need company :)
erica_hansen : You're the best! I'm sure I'll be at your desk all the time 🙌 @jessica_amezola
drewnanulaitta - teenahocker - crw122411 - jennabrown98 -
Had an amazing time at APEX yesterday. Way to give your all, students. Despite the absolute craziness of the last few weeks (3 serious injuries to students) each and every student gave God glory on and off stage and I'm so proud of you. #thankful #proud #worship #humanvideo #spokenword #sermons #media #art #wow #thesepeoplethough #lovethem #allisforYourglory #vsco #vscocam
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Say #yes to Jesus today. #igivemyselfaway Jesus, all I desire is You, Lord. #allisforyourglory #alliwantisyou #withholdingnothing #iloveyoujesus #igiveyouallofmejesus #igiveyouallofme
igiveyouallofme - igivemyselfaway - alliwantisyou - igiveyouallofmejesus - allisforyourglory - withholdingnothing - iloveyoujesus - yes -
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Pursuit Conference! #kingskids #allisforyourglory #aintnoreasontobesad
aintnoreasontobesad - kingskids - allisforyourglory -
princesszelda17 - katarina_carvalho - palmalopreiato - cintiafmagalhaes -
A clip from the worship set during ORU's graduation. This song brought me to tears - "All is for Your Glory" 🎼Put me anywhere Just put Your glory in me I'll serve anywhere Just let me see Your beauty🎶
musicofmyheart - iwillserveanywhere - latepost - timeofworship - createdtoworship - orugraduation - allisforyourglory - ihearttoworshiphim - orumusicministries - teamjesus - catchmeupinyourstory -
seelah364 : #LatePost #ORUGraduation #ORUMusicMinistries #TimeOfWorship #AllIsForYourGlory #CatchMeUpInYourStory #IWillServeAnywhere #iHeartToWorshipHim #CreatedToWorship #MusicOfMyHeart #TeamJesus
seelah364 : @oralrobertsuniversity
raissacarvalho17 : @islalarissa_
sawaiian21 - salesiia - keawalau -
Listening to this on repeat today. Such a simple song but such powerful truth. All is for his glory. When we live with that perspective it changes the way we do everything. #truth #God #glory #allisforyourglory #worship
god - allisforyourglory - glory - truth - worship -
mr_moduno - nita_sky - erdoonema - guitarsforglory -
Praying for the Nations! 🇯🇵🇰🇷🇩🇪🇨🇳🇺🇸🇫🇷🇪🇸🇮🇹🇷🇺🇬🇧 #kingskids #AllIsForYourGlory
kingskids - allisforyourglory -
katarina_carvalho - lucasallegra - eric_caz -
Tonight at 7:30 will be the first day of our conference, come out and worship God and learn new things about this life we live. Fill your hunger! God is present where ever there are hungry people seeking God. Allow him to fill us up. TONIGHT, 7:30pm 10 manufactures pl. Newark, NJ 07105
allisforyourglory - ecclesiastes12 - encounter - jesusisworthitall -
aliveworship : #Encounter #Ecclesiastes12 #JesusIsWorthItAll #AllIsForYourGlory
infinity_flame : Im bringing a friend! 😄
jennsantoss : @infinity_flame bring as much as you cannnn ! :D
nicole_dempsey - jonan382 - takemydevotion - gorhyan8 -
Back to my favorite past time on IG. Making #worshipanthem graphics. #worshipanthems In the rise and fall, God is always good and faithful. AND IN CONTROL. Just let go. His great love for you will take over. #yourgreatlove #kimwalker #hereismysong #jesusculture #kimwalkersmith #spontaneousworship
yourgreatlove - kimwalker - worshipanthem - allthingsareworking - jesusculture - worshipanthems - hereismysong - allisforyourglory - kimwalkersmith - spontaneousworship -
drmj_onfire : #allisforyourglory #allthingsareworking
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:: After a brutal 20hr bus ride from London to Dresden, Germany which included being on the ferry for almost 2hrs crossing the English Channel, @cmathew19 & I are now on a train for another few hours from #Dresden to #Zittau and then we are being picked up at Zittau for an hour or more car ride to our final destination- #herrnhut !!!! This was the only way for us to get to spot since we didn't have the funds in time to book train tickets ...... But we made it with the Lord's help! A big Thank you to everyone for your love & prayers! And to think of all that HE did for us on that cross..... That makes this crazy journey seem so very small !!! #Jesus, you are the great reward !!!! #worthyistheLamb #allisforYourGlory #dresden #germany #herrnhut #revivaldays #reformation2014 #ekballo #iamamissionary
dresden - herrnhut - ekballo - jesus - iamamissionary - allisforyourglory - germany - revivaldays - worthyisthelamb - reformation2014 - zittau -
hensonashley : We love you family! Blessings over you both. May our Lord use you mightily!!
hensonashley - coreybethel - joekellough - mrsmsully14 -
For a moment we are here together And it hits me, this won't last forever. #daddy #thislife #Thisisnotforever #notmylifebuthis #allisforyourglory
thisisnotforever - thislife - daddy - allisforyourglory - notmylifebuthis -
nikkkideee - arcade_kid - pawly_p - kelkelbabe_ -
The heart of God loves a persevering worshipper who, though overwhelmed by many troubles, is overwhelmed even more by the beauty if God. #ultimateworshipper #MattRedman #worship #real #raw #honest #devo #devotional #worshipdevo #goodstuff #Jesus #allisforYourglory #reading #instagood #wow #word
real - jesus - raw - goodstuff - instagood - devotional - worship - word - worshipdevo - wow - mattredman - devo - honest - ultimateworshipper - allisforyourglory - reading -
hannahdevitt - bridupree - sweetjunior - girlwithgod -
Still can't get over how great last night was. God really did do something new. #worship #ministry #allaboutHim #oneway #worshipteam #stolethistoo #lovethem #Jesus #Jesusbethecenter #LED #stage #stagedesign #instagood #happy #mylife #allisforYourglory #presence #presenceoftheLord #HolySpirit #greatermeasure
presenceofthelord - led - presence - lovethem - jesus - greatermeasure - mylife - worship - stage - worshipteam - ministry - jesusbethecenter - holyspirit - stolethistoo - instagood - allisforyourglory - allabouthim - oneway - stagedesign - happy -
lfergy_13 - girlwithgod - libbygrace98 - asilvq -
#selfies before worship last night!! I love this girl so much and I am so blessed to have had the opportunity to lead some of our amazing students in worship!! #worship #allisforyourglory #blessed @_livestudents @sarasully123
selfies - allisforyourglory - worship - blessed -
mel_mel_237 - sarasullivan101 - mexicanpenguin - sportcourt4life -
So in love with this girl... It feels like a thousand pounds have been lifted off my shoulders since I got home and have been by her side. I'm so thankful for my season in Zambia and the difficulties that came with, but I'm certainly grateful for this time with her. #lovely #lovemylife #allisforyourglory #blessed #beautiful #blessedlife #girlfriend #iloveher #imblessedbyher #herheartisamazing #soisthatsmile
beautiful - soisthatsmile - blessed - iloveher - allisforyourglory - girlfriend - lovemylife - lovely - imblessedbyher - herheartisamazing - blessedlife -
dalton_van_horn12 - lgwhit - miahalexandra - jeffcoat2012 -
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