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Abigail's first bath in over a month #work #euroline #dh #static #killedem #alligataguts #hellabroke #allhomo
dh - work - hellabroke - alligataguts - euroline - static - killedem - allhomo -
whittenzack : i wish i had a setup like this :( @lilredchevy66
zachysanz : Love you car man, don't see many of these dumped. Props to you @lilredchevy66 .
waltercmilam : @zachysanz thanks so much dude. Means alot😊💗
waltercmilam : @whittenzack do it to it man 😁
whittenzack : no money man lol @lilredchevy66
jkrubsack : #dicksohard this is so perfect! I love your car do much!
waltercmilam : @friendzinlowplaces thanks☺☺☺☺☺😍😍
zachysanz - krookt - d_rob91 -
Tryna get up in dat VIP game. Lulzzzzz @vipdout @vipstylecars #alligataguts #work #euroline #dh #static #killedem
alligataguts - euroline - static - dh - killedem - work -
02silverex : @lilredchevy66 holy shifter batman, watch out I don't want you to get a splinter
mikiarambulo : @lilredchevy66 Louisville Slugger knob? Sick
waltercmilam : @mikiarambulo it's actually a custom made knob that @michaeldrisk412 made for me. I need to cut the top to make it flat and stain it. It does look like a baseball bat.hahaha
mikiarambulo : Looks sick man.
caleb423 - brianteeeee_ - krookt - j_hunterb -
Finished up door panel number one😁 #alligataguts
alligataguts -
swag_bitch25 : How did you do that?
perches666 : With a nail gun, of course.
cutmasteraleks : How'd you do that. I need to replace mine
waltercmilam : @alekser_ peeled off the oem material, used it as a template to cut the new fabric then used
waltercmilam : Used a small flat head screw driver to push the fabric down in the crack.
cutmasteraleks : Oh I see you . Ight thanks bro bro 😁
mikiarambulo - perches666 - mkrubsack - herrbbb -
I messed this piece I fabric up so I thought I'd post an interior teaser #alligataguts
alligataguts -
teamrippnlipz - cutmasteraleks - enzodadude - whittenzack -
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