8 more days till I see my heroes!! It's going to be perfect. 😍💕 #MotleyCrue #Heroes #NikkiSixx #MickMars #VinceNeil #TommyLee #MyBabies #Love #Perfect #RockNRoll #BadBoys #AllBadThingsMustComeToAnEnd
perfect - vinceneil - mickmars - love - motleycrue - nikkisixx - mybabies - rocknroll - tommylee - badboys - allbadthingsmustcometoanend - heroes -
susanarledge : @oh_starry_eyes I know they love seeing you as well! Good to hear you getting settled in! Hey I've been meaning to ask did you get the gift I sent you a while back? You didn't say anything so I assumed you had and just haven't been feeling well. 💗
oh_starry_eyes : Oh no, I never got anything. I figured you hadn't sent it yet so I never mentioned it cause I didn't want to bother you. I would have made sure to tell you I got it and thanked you right away but I just assumed you had gotten busy or weren't feeling too well and just hadn't sent it out yet. I feel horrible now @susanarledge
susanarledge : @oh_starry_eyes OH NO!! 😱😳 no please don't! I'll check with USPS and see if they can find it. I've got a tracking number I just need to find it. I'll let you know something soon. DM me your new address because if it's found I'll resend it and this time send it certified!! Thank goodness I did insure it. Please don't feel bad it's not your fault. Someone at the postal service dropped the ball. I'll get it figured out. You'll love it once I find it and if I don't, I'll get you another. It has special meaning to me. You'll know why because your such an inspiration to me😘💖
oh_starry_eyes : That's so crappy, I feel bad I should have said something sooner! I'm an idiot. I hope you can find it so you don't have to get another, I'll feel bad about that too. I know I'll love it cause it's from you! You're amazing and always so bright and smiley. I'm sorry it got lost along the way, I should have known better 😣 Hopefully the losers in the upstairs apartment didn't end up stealing it. They took my mom's package once but put it back right away once they opened it and saw it was just a 10 dollar scale lmao. You're really smart that you got the insurance, I never would have done that haha. I really hope they can find it, if not you don't have to replace it. You didn't have to send me anything anyway! Just getting to be friends with you and getting to talk to you is more than enough! 💕💕 @susanarledge
susanarledge : @oh_starry_eyes you're the sweetest young lady! Don't feel bad about this. I found the tracking number and I've called the local post office. They are going to try to locate it. Since it was insured they said they will reimburse me for it all. I bought it to give to you when I was going to come to Chicago for SIXX:A.M. It's just something to let you know I adore you and you are such a strong beautiful young lady! Just DM me your new addy and I'll get it to you soon.. I'm sending it certified so I'll know you got it and only you can sign for it. I'm excited that I got the tracking number and they will either find it or give me the money for it and I can get another. Love you Hun and please don't be upset.. I've got this!! 💕💕💕💕💕💕
oh_starry_eyes : Thanks so much, love. But you're the sweet and strong one! 💕 I'm glad they said that they'd reimburse you, that makes me feel a little better. I wish we could have met at the concert but I know we will next time they tour. Since they'll be doing a 2 year long world tour after the Crüe is retired! Thank you so much, you really are amazing and very kind. Awesome, I'm positive it'll get to my aunt's house safely. Ok I'll DM you now. Thank you so much for being kind to me, I really am glad we met on here. We really need to plan a Sixx'A.M. concert trip together on they release the tour dates 😄 @susanarledge
oh_starry_eyes : *when they
susanarledge : @oh_starry_eyes yes mam!! It's already on my bucket list! We will see SIXX:A.M. in 2016 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻💗💗💗💗💗💗
spookynelle - angus.is.my.night.prowler - ianjrward_uk - cherripii888 -
Wish I could go back to this day! 😁was fucking badass!!! 😁😊🎆🎆 @nikkisixxpixx @mrtommyland @thevinceneil #MötleyCrüe #AllBadThingsMustComeToAnEnd
allbadthingsmustcometoanend - mötleycrüe -
andrexlucino -
Take me back to #Crüe and #alicecooper from last Friday....or take me forward to December when I see them for the final three times #motleycrue #takemeback #theendisnear #allbadthingsmustcometoanend #allbadthings #thefinaltour #RIPMotleyCrue
alicecooper - takemeback - motleycrue - crüe - ripmotleycrue - thefinaltour - allbadthingsmustcometoanend - allbadthings - theendisnear -
brittbrittttttttt - kmoorephotos - itskira.ok - siniestra210 -
Great show last night in SLC. Can't wait to see what they bring for the last show on new years. #motleycrue #allbadthingsmustcometoanend #ripmotleycrue #saltlakecity
saltlakecity - ripmotleycrue - allbadthingsmustcometoanend - motleycrue -
largetimefab - troy__boy - alaina_stocks - siniestra210 -
#MötleyCrüe #ripmotleycrue #tommylee #tommyleeupsidedown #upsidedown #drumsetrollercoaster #rollercoaster #Crue #RIP #lasttour #allbadthingsmustcometoanend #abovethecrowd #floatingoncloud9
vinceneil - nikkisixx - abovethecrowd - ripmotleycrue - tommyleeupsidedown - crue - rip - drumsetrollercoaster - upsidedown - tommylee - floatingoncloud9 - rollercoaster - mötleycrüe - allbadthingsmustcometoanend - lasttour -
pixieandmalcolmsmom : #nikkisixx #vinceneil
siniestra210 - cold_blooded_casey - josebautista541 - piggypoo_and_crew -
#MötleyCrüe #ripmotleycrue #tommylee #tommyleeupsidedown #upsidedown #drumsetrollercoaster #rollercoaster #Crue #RIP #lasttour #allbadthingsmustcometoanend
ripmotleycrue - tommyleeupsidedown - crue - rip - drumsetrollercoaster - upsidedown - tommylee - rollercoaster - mötleycrüe - allbadthingsmustcometoanend - lasttour -
emlobo - cold_blooded_casey - akareck87 - piggypoo_and_crew -
2 1/2 hrs of sleep uggg! It was worth it though, only get to seeum one more time!!! 😢 #MötleyCrüe #ripmotleycrue #tommylee #tommyleeupsidedown #upsidedown #drumsetrollercoaster #rollercoaster #Crue #RIP #lasttour #allbadthingsmustcometoanend
ripmotleycrue - tommyleeupsidedown - crue - rip - drumsetrollercoaster - upsidedown - tommylee - rollercoaster - mötleycrüe - allbadthingsmustcometoanend - lasttour -
sanns58 - emlobo - cold_blooded_casey - sherryutah -
I can literally die happy! @nikkisixxpixx shared my post. What an amazing man to interact with his fans. He made my experience last night even more amazing than it already was. #truemusician #fanforlife #nikkisixx #nikkisixxforever #nikkisixxpixx #motleycrue #music #mötleycrüe #finaltour #allbadthingsmustcometoanend #rockgod #bassplayer #rocknroll #ripmotleycrue #inspiration #songwriter #talent #love #mydream #vip #slc #saltlakecity #cloudnine #speechless #mydreamman
nikkisixx - love - motleycrue - mydreamman - mydream - ripmotleycrue - speechless - vip - rocknroll - allbadthingsmustcometoanend - truemusician - saltlakecity - cloudnine - rockgod - nikkisixxforever - talent - fanforlife - songwriter - music - finaltour - mötleycrüe - inspiration - bassplayer - nikkisixxpixx - slc -
tawnyfitmom : @archetype_pendants I love him more than Bert hahha
archetype_pendants : I'm glad you had a good time & the experience was cool, that's rad he's a good dude.
tawnyfitmom : @archetype_pendants he has a good soul that man
archetype_pendants : 😝😝🎸🎶🎼🎤😝😝
tawnyfitmom : @archetype_pendants PS....MISS YOU
archetype_pendants : ☺️PS aww!! thank you miss ya back... You rock!!!
sixxrose666 : @tawnyfitmom Awesome! I met Nikki too. And I was on the Sixx Sense show one time. It's always great to see and meet Nikki. He's such a good man, great, sweet and funny, but also so down on earth. When people are nervous and losing it while meeting him, he'll calm them down. When they are sad because of something emotional in their life they feel they have to share with him, he'll comfort them. When people want to be funny, he'll laugh with them. He is no saint and yet, people always feel that they have met a wonderful and extraordinary man. He'll always make meeting him a very special experience for you! ❤️
tawnyfitmom : @sixxrose666 he's definitely a beautiful soul ❤💙
rockhardridefree - murawskipaul - marria_macca_rahem - archetype_pendants -
My ticket has arrived! #motleycrue #allbadthingsmustcometoanend #alicecooper
alicecooper - allbadthingsmustcometoanend - motleycrue -
jellybea57 : Awesome!! 😄 Seeing them the week after you in Philly. So excited.
alease_newyork : What a wonderful pic you did! You definitely should check my page 😁
thebronxbunnyman : I'm seeing them three days after you.
ferox_1982 - thebronxbunnyman - jellybea57 - richarddiaz -
Motley Crue was just too sick!! I'm sad it's the fourth and last time I'll see them! But they killed it!! #allbadthingsmustcometoanend
allbadthingsmustcometoanend -
brandon7lee7 - spyrovo_ - alirezazafari33 - 3asq_alkiaan1927 -
Nothing beats post-concert depression like another concert! Finishing summer strong with Mötley Crüe on the #allbadthingsmustcometoanend tour.
allbadthingsmustcometoanend -
tim7mccabe29 : Sie sind Deutsche?
oxnar60 : @tim7mccabe29 Nein, sie sind nicht deutsch. Nur ein Amerikaner würde 25-mal überdosieren und zu überleben (Nikki Sixx).
tim7mccabe29 : Das ist interessant.
superherodavid - jasonzirayu_fanaccount - iyukix - funny.for.fun__ -
Despite getting off to a late start (3 hours late), the show was amazing. #alicecooper didn't dissapoint with his awesome stage show, and #motleycrue went all out for their final show in utah. #mickmars left everything onstage and #tommylee made it a party with his #drumcoaster. #nikkisixx was right, this band is the scar in our hearts! #finaltour #allbadthingsmustcometoanend #ripmotleycrue #35years #rocknroll #kickstartmyheart #neverforget
alicecooper - neverforget - nikkisixx - motleycrue - drumcoaster - mickmars - tommylee - 35years - rocknroll - allbadthingsmustcometoanend - finaltour - kickstartmyheart - ripmotleycrue -
damnit_dawnn - love_mean_4_ever - austinhallett4 - _wild_child_20 -
Mötley Crüe!!!! @nikkisixxpixx @thevinceneil @mickmars_ #motleycruefinaltour #mötleycrüe #motleycrue #vinceneil #mickmars #nikkisixx #nikkisixxforever #nikkisixxpixx #rocknroll #slc #saltlakecity #allbadthingsmustcometoanend #bestnightofmylife #vip #2ndrow #rockgods #music #musicians #inspiration #love
nikkisixx - love - motleycrue - mickmars - motleycruefinaltour - vip - rocknroll - allbadthingsmustcometoanend - mötleycrüe - saltlakecity - nikkisixxforever - vinceneil - rockgods - musicians - music - bestnightofmylife - 2ndrow - inspiration - nikkisixxpixx - slc -
sixxrose666 : #badass
rockhardridefree - marria_macca_rahem - jen.n.juice75 - windingwheelsupply -
Sickest fucking concert I've ever been at, exceeded the high expectations! Thanks for coming @amanda_samonsky @mhavlick @eiasan #mötleycrüe #allbadthingsmustcometoanend #ripmotley
ripmotley - allbadthingsmustcometoanend - mötleycrüe -
mhavlick - itsliterallysam - montanaskyeo - nille320 -
@nikkisixxpixx I FUCKING LOVE YOU! @sixxrose666 #nikkisixxforever #nikkisixx #motleycrue #ripmotleycrue #finaltour #allbadthingsmustcometoanend #slc #saltlakecity #concert #vip #2ndrow #nikkisixxpixx #mötleycrüe
ripmotleycrue - concert - nikkisixx - motleycrue - vip - allbadthingsmustcometoanend - 2ndrow - finaltour - saltlakecity - mötleycrüe - slc - nikkisixxpixx - nikkisixxforever -
sixxrose666 : The best rocker EVER!! Also here in The Netherlands @nikkisixxpixx is considered THE VERY BEST!!! #ilovenikkisixx
rockandrollhighschoolthebook - katielyn1982 - _markomijatovic_ - jefleppard666 -
Sí lloré. 😍😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 #TheFinalTour #allbadthingsmustcometoanend #mötleycrüe >>>> motleyvip.com 🎸 #saintsoflosangeles
thefinaltour - saintsoflosangeles - allbadthingsmustcometoanend - mötleycrüe -
bernardoconb -
Mötley Crue kicks ass! #allbadthingsmustcometoanend #RockNRoll #thefinaltour #mötleycrüe
thefinaltour - rocknroll - allbadthingsmustcometoanend - mötleycrüe -
izicyapias - gootiairez - steeveyy - paydenrivera03 -
And ready for more of this! @ryanroxie @hurricanenita #rocknrollparkinglot #alicecooper #thefinaltour #allbadthingsmustcometoanend
rocknrollparkinglot - alicecooper - allbadthingsmustcometoanend - thefinaltour -
jonny10spot - donjacbson11 - edcordova7 - st3fan80 -
Going out with a bang🎉💣🎊 @nikkisixxpixx #mötleycrüe #mickmars #tommylee #vinceniel #finaltour #ripmotleycrue #tacobellarena #boise #idaho #allbadthingsmustcometoanend
ripmotleycrue - finaltour - vinceniel - mickmars - boise - tommylee - mötleycrüe - allbadthingsmustcometoanend - tacobellarena - idaho -
cknigge - aubrey_newman - _debaser - selahraeee -
So ready for this in 4 weeks!! @mrtommyland @nikkisixxpixx @mickmarsofficial @thevinceneil @sofiofficial @allisonkyler @_rev_amanda #motleycrue #alicecooper #thefinaltour #allbadthingsmustcometoanend #round4 #terrortwins #cruecifly
alicecooper - terrortwins - motleycrue - cruecifly - thefinaltour - allbadthingsmustcometoanend - round4 -
therealsamlife - jyouse81 - chad_est1979 - braves_32 -
At Motley Crue's final tour for Caleb's birthday. #AliceCooper #MotleyCrue #FinalTour #allbadthingsmustcometoanend #glam #metal #toocoolformetohandle #bestconcertever #neat
alicecooper - motleycrue - finaltour - bestconcertever - metal - toocoolformetohandle - allbadthingsmustcometoanend - glam - neat -
cpoulson15 : It was pretty awesome!
bigkelton - taylor_lorene_ - savi324 - fernandaxxc -
This makes up for missing the BTS concert #MotleyCrue #TheFinalTour #AllBadThingsMustComeToAnEnd
thefinaltour - allbadthingsmustcometoanend - motleycrue -
yolandadlozano - neha_cheng1327 - kyungsoosexchange - adisuryatama_ -
Ready to rock at Mötley Crüe 😈😝💀 #MötleyCrüe #finaltour #allbadthingsmustcometoanend
finaltour - allbadthingsmustcometoanend - mötleycrüe -
spencemaxon : Motley Crue is awesome have fun!
kyleefu : @spencemaxon indeed they are😊 thanks I will!!!
caleb_hawk24 - loudmouthhailey - alithomas21 - kadejensen11 -
Get to see my favorite band of all time today. 😝 #motleycrue #allbadthingsmustcometoanend #saltlakecity
saltlakecity - allbadthingsmustcometoanend - motleycrue -
cerealkyler : See ya there!
mariahhkay : Come say hi!! 😛 @cerealkyler
cerealkyler : Gaaaah I wish I could! I'm so swamped at show time and we have our meet and greet afterwards and then we cut out to Denver before motley finishes
cerealkyler : @mariahhkay
mariahhkay : Ahhhh lameee. Well next time! 😊 @cerealkyler
torreamerson - martanosfe - kbjonesn - katiesixx -
Tonight... ✊🎸😈💀 #MotleyCrue #AliceCooper #FinalTour #AllBadThingsMustComeToAnEnd
alicecooper - allbadthingsmustcometoanend - motleycrue - finaltour -
ibasedbod - crashzilla - cheflins50 - kerryberrybird -
#WeHaveArrived #MotleyCrueFinalTour #AllBadThingsMustComeToAnEnd #HesMyManButILoveNikki #HesFromLA #ImFromID #BestOfBothNikkisHomes #MeantToBe #YaImThatTwistedAboutNikki #ItsOkHeKnows #NikkiSixxGroupieForLife #Boise #ID @nikkisixxpixx
hesfromla - hesmymanbutilovenikki - meanttobe - nikkisixxgroupieforlife - bestofbothnikkishomes - motleycruefinaltour - boise - wehavearrived - imfromid - allbadthingsmustcometoanend - itsokheknows - yaimthattwistedaboutnikki - id -
mdja70 - fguzman8604 - yoursilentbutterfly - softballmomdouble0 -
What a CRAZY night @motleycrue & @realalicecooper!! If you're going to stop touring, you gotta go out with a bang...and that they did! Thank you to everyone who came out to the show last night 😍😘👏👏👏 #motleycrue #alicecooper #allbadthings #allbadthingsmustcometoanend
alicecooper - allbadthingsmustcometoanend - motleycrue - allbadthings -
alexandra_snape - alpenglowidaho - jordin_36 - emily_white101 -
A new cameo character inspired from @rainhannah -- Her name is Danica GK-20. GK is abbreviated for "Gender Kill", and she is an artificial Cynto (An alien who is is also partially an android) Backstory: Her name was Danica Malada, once a happy and an upbeat girl who enjoyed the good qualities in life. Danica was quite a magnet with a lot of the boys back in her school years. However, as time progressed, A couple of boys had drugged Danica when she was invited to a party one night. As a result, she was raped by two guys. It traumatized Danica for awhile. However, as Danica was recovering, it was then, she encountered the hitman himself back in the mafia days -- Tyler Knoen ( my @nikkisixxpixx character) Tyler had an assignment on killing Danica for 35000 Giru (About $3500) as she was shot by Tyler, she was luckily to still be alive, but her body was fully reconstructed as well as part of her brain. As a result, she was then known as Danica GK-20. Unfortunately, after being reconstructed as an artificial Cynto, she developed a hatred towards men thinking they are all evil beings and just want to hurt innocent women resorting to her opening a private club for women only. #StarGateGuardians #NewOriginalCharacter #originalcomic #originalcharacter #originalstory #SGG #rockandroll #rockon #RainHannahOC #DanicaGK20 #comic #characterconceptart #checkitout #ripmotleycrue #letstock #allbadthingsmustcometoanend #makingcomics #awesome
neworiginalcharacter - rockon - ripmotleycrue - letstock - allbadthingsmustcometoanend - stargateguardians - characterconceptart - originalstory - comic - sgg - checkitout - makingcomics - danicagk20 - originalcharacter - rockandroll - originalcomic - rainhannahoc - awesome -
agnes_gheza : 👌🏻like always love your artwork 👍🏻❤️
hypercruehead : @agnes_gheza Thank you! Love you loads! ❤️😘😘
nicktheurernightwing - agnes_gheza - ronaldegb - abisheka_.sixx -
Greatest concert I've ever been to! These boys never disappoint! #motleycrue #allbadthingsmustcometoanend #finaltour #boise #favoriteband
favoriteband - boise - allbadthingsmustcometoanend - motleycrue - finaltour -
chateaueagle : 👍
perksofbeing_destiny - midnightlightsfanpage - blitz124 - katiesixx -
#motleycrue #motleycrueconcert #motleycruefinaltour #allbadthingsmustcometoanend #tacoma #tacomadome #happy #excited #greatday #nikkisixx #nikkisixxpixx #vinceneil #mickmars #tommylee #tommyland
tacomadome - mickmars - motleycrue - greatday - tommyland - nikkisixx - motleycruefinaltour - vinceneil - motleycrueconcert - allbadthingsmustcometoanend - tommylee - tacoma - excited - nikkisixxpixx - happy -
marria_macca_rahem : @nikkisixxpixx that amazing
westcoast_exposures - sheawthedrummer - mtlhead75 - katiesixx -
#motleycrue #motleycrueconcert #motleycruefinaltour #allbadthingsmustcometoanend #tacoma #tacomadome #happy #excited #greatday #amazingnight #alicecooper
amazingnight - tacomadome - motleycrue - greatday - motleycruefinaltour - motleycrueconcert - allbadthingsmustcometoanend - alicecooper - tacoma - excited - happy -
mario5387 - bellasoulstar - alexandra_snape - islandcruisers -
loud music & bangin heads ✌️ #mötleycrüethefinaltour #allbadthingsmustcometoanend
allbadthingsmustcometoanend - mötleycrüethefinaltour -
roosterwells : Really jealous... 😱
_macyhess_ : It was amazing! 😝 @roosterwells
roosterwells : Sounds like it!! 👍 @_macyhess_
its.brito - amy_jenson9187 - longcoatsale - j.c.ball22 -
#motleycrue #motleycruefinaltour #boise #allbadthingsmustcometoanend
allbadthingsmustcometoanend - motleycruefinaltour - motleycrue - boise -
jeaster30 - zero_sequence - rustydrums - soccerlife__15 -
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