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#memademay day twenty three. I did a thing today where I didn't actually leave the house. It was a bit of a long sleepless night thanks to some pretty awful acid reflux so it was a slow and restful day. I finished up this chunky oversized beanie this afternoon so thought I'd better model it! #mmmay16 #knitting #knittersofinstagram #chevrons #bigwool #alicespringsbeaniefestival
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bugandpop : Pregnant heartburn is one I don't miss! Fruit tingles and a glass of milk not necessarily at the same time though
misscoleyann : Ooh thanks @bugandpop! Have upped my milk intake (and icecream and cheese πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‚) and will invest in some fruit tingles! My biggest win (and biggest challenge) has been not eating gigantic sized portions even if I'm really hungry ha ha.
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#memademay day twenty one. His and hers matchyness. Shit that happens when you've been knitting big beanies like a crazy person and the weather is freeeezing! #mmmay16 #imadethis #andthis #knitting #knittersofinstagram #alicespringsbeaniefestival
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adelemoon : That was quick!
misscoleyann : Two I prepared earlier @adelemoon πŸ˜‚
misscoleyann : They were super cosy @chefmbeland!
misscoleyann : He he thanks @curlypops @tikkiknits @crystalxo9o5 @smallkitchentales πŸ˜‚πŸ˜˜
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They're GONE!! My parcel full of beanies is on its way to the #alicespringsbeaniefestival I hope they have fun and find some lovely new owners who will love them and appreciate the love which went into each and every one. #MadeforYOUbyFi
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margotmoore : Lovely!
m4ubf : Thanks so much @katarinagrey & @margotmoore 😊
ai.deep : yeahhh ✌✌
m4ubf : Thanks @ai.deep πŸ˜€
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Today I send a parcel full of beanies to the #alicespringsbeaniefestival I just wish I could join them on their journey
alicespringsbeaniefestival -
36knots : Very cool!
m4ubf : Thanks so much, @36knots πŸ˜€
buransfashion : Very nice! πŸ˜ƒ
m4ubf : Thank you @buransfashion πŸ˜€
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Can you say Oooh shiny? Just an idea that jumped the queue! #handknithat #knittingdreams #knitting #knittersofinstagram #beaniefestival #alicespringsbeaniefestival
beaniefestival - knitting - handknithat - knittersofinstagram - alicespringsbeaniefestival - knittingdreams -
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Getting ready for the #alicespringsbeaniefestival #2016 #knitting #madly #fuschia #turban #pompom #extravaganza #πŸ’…πŸ½ #πŸ’„#🌺 #✨
🌺 - knitting - madly - pompom - ✨ - fuschia - πŸ’…πŸ½ - turban - 2016 - alicespringsbeaniefestival - extravaganza - πŸ’„ -
leahfalcocchio : Looks good so far!!!! Fuschia βœπŸ’“πŸ’•πŸ’–πŸ’“πŸ’–πŸ’˜
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#alicespringsbeaniefestival #teacosy #camels #nalbinding A couple of my pieces heading off to the NT
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Hanging out in the car with Mum as we wait for the Post office to open in half an hour. Mum's got beanies to send up to Alice Springs Beanie Festival and I've got a birthday parcel for @lemongrassteddy to send. #mailrun #post #alicespringsbeaniefestival #pawpals #birthdaytreat #mailday #Hicks #buildabear #buildabearaustralia
buildabearaustralia - hicks - alicespringsbeaniefestival - mailrun - pawpals - buildabear - mailday - post - birthdaytreat -
lilbrucietheowl : πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»
audreyclery : πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–
barry_and_friends : I like your coat
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Cataloguing...7000 beanies to run through the production line - the 20th Alice Springs Beanie Festival is nearly upon us!!! #alicespringsbeaniefestival #beanie #beanies #beanielife #alicesprings
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Revisiting the colourful hats of last year. Time to get some bright hats ready for #alicespringsbeaniefestival #knitdesignsbyme #knitting #handknithats #useallthecolours #knittersofinstagram
knitting - handknithats - useallthecolours - knitdesignsbyme - knittersofinstagram - alicespringsbeaniefestival -
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Work in progress - thickening up the mohawk today! #alicespringsbeaniefestival #beanie #crochet #mohawk
mohawk - beanie - alicespringsbeaniefestival - crochet -
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My crazy beanie off to #alicespringsbeaniefest - it's made using my handspun merino and feathers - it is called bird's nest #beanie #wool #handspun #feathers #creative #crochetlove
wool - beanie - handspun - alicespringsbeaniefestival - crochetlove - feathers - alicespringsbeaniefest - creative -
domino_dreams : #alicespringsbeaniefestival
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Mummy/Daughter-bear time. Helping Mummy to make beanies to be sent to the Alice Springs Beanie Festival in May. #craftsmen #mummydaughterbeartime #crochet #beanies #alicespringsbeaniefestival #Chloe #buildabear #buildabearaustralia
buildabearaustralia - chloe - mummydaughterbeartime - buildabear - crochet - beanies - craftsmen - alicespringsbeaniefestival -
milkycrimbo : Great πŸ‘ πŸ‘ πŸ‘
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#crochet #handmade #euroa My latest hat I like this one its for sale now otherwise it's off to the #alicespringsbeaniefestival springs
alicespringsbeaniefestival - handmade - euroa - crochet -
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Beanie number 3 for Alice Springs Beanie Fest #beanie #knittersofinstagram #madewithlove #alicespringsbeaniefestival #knitstagram #knitting
beanie - knitting - knittersofinstagram - knitstagram - madewithlove - alicespringsbeaniefestival -
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time for the mad beanie season #alicespringsbeaniefestival #madeinaustralia #madewithlove #knittersofinstagram #beanie
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Just need to finish embellishing #alicespringsbeaniefestival
alicespringsbeaniefestival -
heartsaplenty : Yay! They're looking fabulous !
mariapgoodwin - heartsaplenty - marwa.roka - colsretrogarage01 -
#hawkesburyregionalgallery #alicespringsbeaniefestival
alicespringsbeaniefestival - hawkesburyregionalgallery -
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so impressed by the quirky and talented crafters who made the amazing beanies in the Alice springs travelling exhibition #alicespringsbeaniefestival #alicesprings #textileart #textileartist #fibre #groper #sad #butcute #hawkesburyregionalgallery #hawkesbury #windsor
fibre - textileart - groper - sad - hawkesbury - textileartist - alicesprings - hawkesburyregionalgallery - alicespringsbeaniefestival - windsor - butcute -
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#alicesprings #beaniefestival #alicespringsbeaniefestival #nt #2010 very funny
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#hipstamatic #oggl #loftus #sussex @tjanpidesertweavers on ABC Radio right now. Woo hoo. Happy 20th anniversary. Here's the basket I started with Valerie Foster at the workshop with the Tjanpi Women at the #alicespringsbeaniefestival in June. Complete with #emufeathers #raffia
oggl - raffia - alicespringsbeaniefestival - loftus - hipstamatic - sussex - emufeathers -
craftschooloz : Such a beautiful little basket 😊
j_b___ : Aww thanks @craftschooloz I think it needs a few more feathers though....
craftschooloz - smselle - bluesandyellows - webdesignrctuk -
Are you confused about food ? Want to get healthier ? I'm currently running a special promotion for all newsletter subscribers: 50% off all my coaching prices. Link in bio to find out more. Location independent as coaching via Skype. Let me help you sort through the confusion and help you become healthier and happier. Photo by the very talented @elisegowphotography #elisegowphotography
foodcoach - energy - jerf - vegan - wellnesscoach - queensland - healthychoices - adventure - nutritionist - alicespringsbeaniefestival - elisegowphotography - vegansofig - wellness - eagerforlife - beanies - runsonplants - plantpowered - health - sunshinecoast - realfood - : #realfood #nutritionist #health #wellness #wellnesscoach #healthychoices #vegan #runsonplants #eagerforlife #foodcoach #vegansofig #plantpowered #sunshinecoast #queensland #jerf #energy #adventure #beanies #alicespringsbeaniefestival
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Just been asked by my #instabestie how I got into crochet...great question Krispy, grab your minstrels and get comfy... Well, it must have been around 2004 i think, i left my embroidery job and with the money my colleagues gifted me in celebration of this I went straight to TK Maxx and bought some gorgeous turquoise suede boots. Ponchos were pretty popular at the time and I hunted high and low for one that would go with my new boots but there was just nothing out there quite right. I had a photo of a crazy expensive one from a magazine that i was totally in love with but Could not find anything similar, or even anything remotely the right colour. I said 'right, that's it. I'll just have to learn to crochet and make my own flippin poncho'. I knew my mum had crocheted clothes and things for me when I was little and asked her to teach me; after probably an hour or so I was about to give it up as a bad job when it suddenly clicked! Just like you @crafty_kirsty there was no stopping me (although granny squares didn't feature until much later and have never been a big thing for me) My favourite things to make are bonkers weird stuff which began with finding out about the #AliceSpringsBeanieFestival which I am determined to go to one day. I tend to be inspired by things I see, situations I am in, or people saying 'could you make a...?' like this brain hat, which came about from my placement at a brain injury charity. I also like to make myself clothes, in fact the dress I'm working on at the moment is my take on that poncho picture I used to carry around all those years ago, thinking 'that looks insanely complicated but one day I'll be able to make it!'. I am forever grateful to all the people and circumstances, too numerous to list, that have sent my crochet journey in the directions they have and would love to hear everyone else's crochet stories, so please tag me in if you share yours! Hey lets see if we can get a hash tag trending too #MyCrochetStory I'm gonna start by inviting @_cat.thomas @kokothemiraclecat @designeresra and @chiliphilly 😁 #crochetlife #hooked #craftobsession #crochetersofinstagram #brainhat #wearableart
brainhat - wearableart - mycrochetstory - hooked - craftobsession - crochetersofinstagram - instabestie - alicespringsbeaniefestival - crochetlife -
norestforthewickedcrochet : @mandalayarn it all started after a horrible and depressing breakup about 8 years ago. I suddenly had this free time on my hands and I really wanted to learn a new skill. My bff and a few other girls would get together every so often and crochet. They called themselves the crochet brigade! Lol I joined the group and instantly became hooked ☺️ fast forward 8 yrs later and I have a little side crochet business going. This hobby has truly brought me so much joy and I only hope all my creations and gifts are bringing that same joy.
mandalayarn : That's awesome @norestforthewickedcrochet 😁 thanks for sharing xx
mandalayarn : Love it @mysocalledcraftlife πŸ˜ƒ if id had pets when i was a kid i am 100% sure i would have made them clothes πŸ˜‚
norestforthewickedcrochet : Love reading these stories πŸ˜€
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Beanie Pride #alicespringsbeaniefestival
alicespringsbeaniefestival -
alicespringsbeaniefestival - legends -
epilogue_lounge : #alicespringsbeaniefestival
livyloco : @koauanake xx
livyloco -
Birds and the beanies #abunchofbudgies #alicespringsbeaniefestival #indigenousart #bathurst #vscocam
abunchofbudgies - indigenousart - vscocam - alicespringsbeaniefestival - bathurst -
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Sun Roof Beanie #alicespringsbeaniefestival in 2016 Title is Finke Sunset
alicespringsbeaniefestival -
throops : Brilliant
throops - jackistaude - jfearnside62 - nellabellat -
Look who came home today, squashed into our tiny letterbox, and needing some TLC, nothing a good hair dressing/needling can't fix. I was getting worried they weren't going to come home. Thanks ASBF for looking after them & sending them home to Northern Rivers and me. #alicespringsbeaniefestival #oppositesattract #beanieexhibition #beaniefest #beanieseason #beanies #megganjack #artnomadix #artnomadixmeggayarnz
artnomadix - beanieseason - artnomadixmeggayarnz - beanies - beanieexhibition - oppositesattract - beaniefest - alicespringsbeaniefestival - megganjack -
everythingblack_2005 : legend status!
megganjack : Wow thank you
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Sun Roof Beanie #1 for #AliceSpringsBeanieFestival 2016
1 - alicespringsbeaniefestival -
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My surprise gift Arthur selected for me from the #alicespringsbeaniefestival just arrived today! Love my #beanie
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Whilst checking in KooriMail for story about Lismore cops harassing Karyn's son, guess who's on page 3 .... Julie Kitson #alicespringsbeaniefestival #alicespringsbeaniefest
alicespringsbeaniefestival - alicespringsbeaniefest -
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Colours of the Country #inspiration #alicespringsbeaniefestival
simpsondesert - alicespringsbeaniefestival - inspiration -
megganjack : Finally able to add this pic, wouldn't load when I first tried. #simpsondesert
lartetarosas : Awesum view. :)
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#alicespringsbeaniefestival. Warm heads including #cupcake #beanie for bub
beanie - alicespringsbeaniefestival - cupcake -
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