Wacky-shot #PEXball #Spartans #AgentZero #FakeAgent
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Holy fucking shit I'm am so pissed off... -Mordecai #random #gunsblazing #headshot #agent #zero #agentzero #mordecai #cyborg #fuck #marvel #weaponx
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robin.superboy.sweg : I don't get it......
sonyaluv24 : Why u be pissed this time
guardian.nightwing : I'm your Mum😂😂
_captain.marvel_ - violet.hunter.a - tmnt_drawings_2012 - batman256g -
Over time, there are plenty of players that #inspire you in one way or the other. When I was a kid, he was the first to inspire me and the first player I ever patterned my game and #workethic after. And as it turned out, we're exactly the same size now as he was at the draft 6'3 200 wingspan 6'9. My handle a Lil slicker and I play way more defense but he uses his body going to basket way better, among other things that I'm currently absorbing. It's cool tho, I'm watching film. Don't trip #agentzero, imma bring the #hibachi back. Study study study study... #basketballneverstops #ballup #ballislife
basketballneverstops - inspire - ballup - hibachi - agentzero - workethic - ballislife -
lezaralmighty : Honestly probably in about a hour or two since it's pretty clear to me I ain't finna go to sleep, I'm eating and watching tape. @dragseason918
lezaralmighty : @dragseason918 upon further review, sleep catching up to me right now. I should be up and gone by like 9:30 tho
dragseason918 : Aw okay okay
lezaralmighty : I'm up getting ready to go now @dragseason918
dragseason918 : What time is the run over
lezaralmighty : I just got back to the crib, it's a Sunday so the hooping really just now getting going and will be going til at least 8
lezaralmighty : @dragseason918
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No more games. All systems go! #agentzero #ableton #push #july4th #music #2step
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"My swag was phenomenal" From 0 to everything. #gilbertarenas #agentzero #ignoranza #basketball
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Got hipped to this vodka today. The owner signed the bottle for my wife. #VirusVodka is one of the most palatable vodkas I've ever tried. Smooth. Great find! Check it out!
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A montage of some pictures. #picplaypost #agentzero #zero #marvel #gun #headshot #weaponx #gunsblazing
gunsblazing - agentzero - gun - picplaypost - zero - headshot - weaponx - marvel -
red_bat_wings : What is the name of that song
zero_mordecai_wx : @red_bat_wings Uma Thurman -Fallout Boy
red_bat_wings : Thanks
zero_mordecai_wx : Np @red_bat_wings
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Chat function added to the site. Please let us know what questions you have while browsing! If you know the name of the shirt you'd like to select, please press 1 now. #agentzero #browneyedgirl #seinfeld
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davebonaskiewich : Why don't you just tell me the name of the movie you want to see!
seinfeldinsidetees : @davebonaskiewich what time does Chow Fun start. I don't know.
spin_wrenches : @davebonaskiewich 555-FILK
seinfeldinsidetees : @spin_wrenches yeah firestorms good I saw it yesterday. Well my buddy Jerry he's seen it twice you want to talk to him?
spin_wrenches : You've selected...............agent zero?
d_sant86 - ny152_ - morganemilyreed - corvettetina -
@riley.starwalt back at it again. #summerhoops #hotgyms #newthumbs #agentzero
agentzero - hotgyms - newthumbs - summerhoops -
rmhoopmom32 : Atta girl
rystar7 : Go get em Riley girl!
r_starwalt : Only getting better by the day. Keep it up. Love you.
gmapdx : 😊
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No 4⃣2⃣ #GILBERTARENAS Ppg 20.3 Apg 5.3 Rpg 3.9 Spg 1.6 Gilbert arenas wanted to be a knick after helping his Arizona team to a final four you'd figure he'd go first round but with the second pick in the second round the goldenstate warriors picked him up. Known as a defender he worked hard and honed his craft and in his second year in the league he won the most improved player award. The year after the Hibachi was born signing with the Wizards he teamed with Larry Hughes to give Washington the highest scoring back court. A bevy of 50 point games on your favorite players and looking like the only player with heart on his team in the playoffs he quickly was loved in Washington, one summer he quit tryouts for the USA team because he believed that dantoni and McMillan already picked who they were going to give the spots to he vowed to give those coaches teams "50" when he played them and lit into the Suns for a cool 54 followed by a franchise high 60 against the lakers. After knee issues and a locker room gun draw he was suspended indefinitely without pay. Agent Zero or hibachi when Gil stepped on that court you had to guard him 94ft because he was money from just about anywhere #HIBACHI #AGENTZERO #WIZARDS #WARRIORS #MAGIC #EMERALDCITY #CALIFORNIA #SHOOTER #ART #EDITS #NBA #BASKETBALLEDITS #NBAART #NBAEDITS #HOOPS #HANDLELIFE #BALLISLIFE #G1VE #SLAM #VINTAGE #LEGENDARY #ARIZONA
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williampc12 : Gil was a beast in I think 07-08 he averaged 29ppg
27_tonda : If I DM you can I get a personal? @god_of__art
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Having way too much fun with this Song: Phoenix - Fallout Boy #picplaypost #agentzero #marvel #antihero #weaponx #irresistable #picplaypost
marvel - irresistable - antihero - weaponx - agentzero - picplaypost -
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#AgentZero #Hibachi So Much Respect For This Dudes Game. #GilbertArenas #TheSecondComing
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#benefit#agentzero#поможет избавится от жирного блеска..#benefit
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Looking like a create a player #AgentZero
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mrs_d0t : 😂😂😂
zekemclellan : 😂😂😒
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Letting the Ratchet Loose tonight! 👌🏾 @theleaguesc games start at 6:30. #AgentZero #Hibachi
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nikknikk24 : Wow
mr_scorpio_3 : Where this at
iamthedj : @cjwilson_5050 @mr_scorpio_3 its at gray collegiate academy gym. 3383 leaphart Rd
iamthedj : @zerogravityllc it was out of my hands fam
iamthedj : @nikknikk24 wow nuthin I get buckets
mr_scorpio_3 : Bet
ej_epic : You a fool
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_________________________ . 「Xtreme Member」 . . 「XtremeRp Welcomes: Maverick」 Quote: "I’m killing him. Meaning he’s not going to be around anymore. Meaning he’s going to be dead. Do I need to draw you a picture ?”- Maverick #ChristophNord #Maverick #AgentZero #WeaponX #Mutant #Marvel #Roleplay #Rp #RpGroup #Xtreme #XtremeRp #XRP #XtremeFiction #XF #XtremeFamily
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Mailing in two custom albums for a special giveaway through a dope music website! TBA in a few days :) #agentzero #custom #albums
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djmoolekamp : Yes please
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#instaColin #X-man #upsidedownnostrils #dreamyeyes #perfectcomplexion #chunnel #byebyebirdie #agentzero #deathblow #crycryagain #themutedheart #sacklunch #loveyabuddy
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colinyovng : Matthew W. Kelly
ambyhas - chynnwd - thisisnotbrian - colinyovng -
Me and my Bro. #carichi #buckets #Brotherz #AgentZero #ElMorigo #TuttoMoltoBello #Apotropaici #ColleMani
carichi - agentzero - buckets - brotherz - apotropaici - tuttomoltobello - elmorigo - collemani -
chiarapin23 : Strano che metti le foto col bicio 🙈
air_milosh : Impossibile farlo uscire dalla foto @chiarapin23
italo_9 - mirko__esposito - handlelife_801 - benedetta.ronchini -
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xaverklaus : #fützgradnass 💦💦😍
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vintage #AgentZero crossing up Kobe TWICE. / @theagentzeroshow #ConsciousFootage #consciousbasketball #gilbertarenas #hibachi #wizards #anklebreaker #crossover #kobe
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micoli22 : #AgentZero
consciousbasketball : @micoli22 🙇🏼🙇🏼🙇🏼
patrickallen123 : @uncle_marc09
katctaylor : @champagnestains_ogz
champagnestains_ogz : @katctaylor yes indeed!
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1st rule of Fyght KKKlub...Serching 4 lyfe #art #streetart #fineart #graf #grafitti #photography #photog #photo #foto #selfie #paint #montana #animals #zoo #hiphop #Wu #WuTang #WuTangClan #GraveDiggaz #MFDOOM #thematrix #agentzero #agentorange #war #christ #def #lyfe
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organiclifecare : Superb!
blackheathen2.0 : 😎💙😡
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#GilbertArenas 「當你在那個火熱的狀態,防守真的沒有甚麼可以做得到。誰人在貼身防守你都沒關係,因爲所有東西都稱心如意。」 “When you're in that zone there's nothing really the defense can do ... It doesn't matter who's sticking you because everything looks good.” #Basketball #NBA #AgentZero #ClutchBasketball #InZone
basketball - gilbertarenas - inzone - nba - agentzero - clutchbasketball -
allen__luo : The zone
han_860416 : @wayne_xt @hung_35 Zone...
ctk_philip : Zone,超水準
dion_ljw_0214 : @fatxtsui @holing_kimz
leezongjun : @kstim @castergeh @jackhoong95 zone!!!!!!
haukwanyu : @tintin1115 這就是我
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Han e för skön denna lilla hunden... #bobby #agentzero #cool #hund #dvärgpinscher #livsnjutare #åkabil #följamedpåtävling
bobby - agentzero - åkabil - dvärgpinscher - livsnjutare - följamedpåtävling - hund - cool -
primajonna : Åh, Bobby!❤️
solveig357 : Vi e faktiskt med i dvärgpinschklubben så d så 😄😄😀👍
anki52svensson : Vilken skön bild på en skön herre!
anksund : Lill-Bobs💕
lailastenroos : Hahaha😂
izabella_02_ - sofiar8n - kakan_56 - jkamraterna -
このゴールドのジャージ欲しい😎 今日は先輩とこでバスケ🏀 #週一バスケ#健康#コレでまた体キレイにして飲む#gilbertarenas#agentzero#wizards#0
0 - 週一バスケ - wizards - gilbertarenas - 健康 - agentzero - コレでまた体キレイにして飲む -
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My name is #themikan and this is my story. #tribute #agentzero #adidas
tribute - themikan - agentzero - adidas -
birdseyeproductions - thehawaiian_ - crownzofficial - fania_n.n -
As David North remembers his old job on Team X, he also remembers Sabertooth. When they were in Team X together, Wolverine and Sabertooth always looked at Agent Zero funny or neglected his endangerment. And until the day he was betrayed, he never knew that the two guys never liked him. They teamed up on him when Zero didn't have a clue what was coming. In the night, he was sat on a decaying bench outside a park when the two cornered him. Zero didn't know what was going on at first. But then, Sabertooth took it the Murmasa blade. One of the only things that could kill any of them and plunged it into his chest. As Zero started to draw his guns, the two jumped on him. Zero had enough time to dodge their lunges and to shoot his guns. He was able to get several shots off on them but the small bullets had no effect on ether of the butler men because of their healing factors. As Zero stood in bewilderment, Sabertooth was able to stab him again with the Murmasa bllade. All that Zero could do at this point was run. He sprinted towards the Weapon X headquarters in hope for their healing. All he could remember of his visit to Weapon X was that dark red color of his blood and the anger he had for vengeance against the two lying bastards. And now Zero is on the run every single day. If he ever gets (emotionally) close with anybody, Sabertooth will kill them. And every single death after 2 is and was Zero's fault. And he will never forgive himself.
wolverine - sabertooth - teamx - agentzero - weaponx - betrayal - marvel -
jojo.batgirl : Wdym? I am only casually dating.
zero_mordecai_wx : @jojo.batgirl nevermind
zero_mordecai_wx : @jojo.batgirl I misunderstood what you were saying
jojo.batgirl : Are you referring to Mattie? You can care for someone and not "date" them. That's what people seem to miss. relationships don't need to be rushed into but no one has the patience for that.
zero_mordecai_wx : @jojo.batgirl Basically, yes that is what I am referring to. And yes, I know that relationships should not be rushed.
zero_mordecai_wx : @jojo.batgirl Its especially awkward with Abbey...
zero_mordecai_wx : @jojo.batgirl she just doesn't get it
jojo.batgirl : Who is Abbey?
aleskyarte - dc_v_marvel - sonyaluv24 - arch.angel_sparky -
My favorite player is a laker got to get me a laker jersey but still a bulls fan hes about to be something special in this league iam telling you #dloading #agentzero
dloading - agentzero -
officialrasheem : LakerNation
romeo_valenzuela2 : There's your star point guard him Jordan clarkson and Kobe @officialrasheem
officialrasheem : I know move kobe to the small forward and have them at the 1 and 2
romeo_valenzuela2 : Yup gonna be a nice back court and there both gonna learn from Kobe @officialrasheem
officialrasheem : Frfr we heading in the right track
romeo_valenzuela2 : Yea should be a playoff team once they get love or Aldridge but still won't be better than the bulls @officialrasheem
officialrasheem : Hopefully they pick up one of them and yeah they will
romeo_valenzuela2 : They will they got the money for one of them and nah you out of your mind @officialrasheem
_lea.04_ - swag_queen_bribri - magconchick_20 - b.payan -
"Grind hard but Got alot to show for it, always had drive like i had to chauffeur it" #zero #agentzero #itsthefinalcountdown #vacation #free #kickbackwithmyfeetup #seeyouinamonth #liveeasy #nowork #stillonmygrind #nba #Arenas
kickbackwithmyfeetup - agentzero - vacation - free - stillonmygrind - seeyouinamonth - itsthefinalcountdown - zero - nowork - nba - liveeasy - arenas -
kevinlovehandles : Is your vacay going to be Gilbert cray?
jacob.a.l : Det kan du tro @kevinlovehandles
balmlife : free your mind.
kevinlovehandles : #poppinginshoes
kevinlovehandles : Hahah poop
nameswithfriends : @jacob.a.l @balmlife take a look at nameswithfriends on android it's #agentzero new game #NAMESWITHFRIENDS
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#TheFuture #AgentZero #LakerGAng
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shoegeek911 : @itz_rich420 July 1st we shall see
nameswithfriends : @shoegeek911 @itz_rich420 take a look at nameswithfriends on android it's Gilbert Arenas new game on android #NamesWithFriends
shoegeek911 : @nameswithfriends who cares
shoegeek911 : @nameswithfriends #TeamiPhone
nameswithfriends : @shoegeek911 ios in 2 days- thanks fam #teamiwillcrossyouup
nameswithfriends : @shoegeek911 shoe giveaways tho
shoegeek911 : @nameswithfriends #FuckYourApp
nameswithfriends : @shoegeek911 good lookin
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If your not progressing your not working hard enough . . Girls got bounce too 💁🏽👀 #AgentZero
agentzero -
yngstir : Got damn
___aamberr : 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾
callme_steve_o : I wudda bust my ass lol keep up the hard work
tclova : Okayyyyyy
trueessence_ : I'm still dunking before you
irenegari : Way to go!!!!!
tamikiaa : @johnnahlove jeh ppl got hops higher than him 😁 #girlpower #goChubby 💪🏾
nameswithfriends : @tamikiaa you should try #NamesWithFriends on android it's #agentzero new game #NAMESWITHFRIENDS
mirandaayoungg_ - yungtone_51 - mr.richards2 - iam_rbvii -
"Agent Zero" Gilbert Arenas design. Speed art is uploading rn and should be up soon. Feedback? #agentzero #gilbertarenas You can check the wallpaper out on my weebly
gilbertarenas - agentzero -
ramosdesigns : 😍
adobedits : 😊 @ramosdesigns
talent_designs : Sweet edit but make it so u could see the arm and ball better 😍
adobedits : Thanks for the feedback @talent_designs
talent_designs : Np *
nameswithfriends : Looks great! Take a look at his game nameswithfriends on android
nameswithfriends : @adobedits
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