;-; awwwww #OMFG #Assholes #AgainstBullying #HateTheBullies #AnnoyingPricks #StupidCunts #Repost
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reserved5essential : xoxo ⭐
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You cunts out there telling these emotional teens to kill themselves need to go f**k yourself. You say the world is overpopulated ? Go tell that to the prostitutes out there having mindless sex and spewing out babies like its nothing. Hmm ?! Plus, you're saying it, mostly, over the internet. Because you're too cowardly to say it to there face, because you know SOME people will be highly offended you're saying that to them or to their friend and they'd do something. If you're telling someone to kill themselves, why don't you think of what it would be like to be in their shoes ? Being told to kill yourself. Think about that. #RantOver #SuicidePrevention #AgainstBullying
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fly._ : πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’― - _laney.cole_ - fly._ - devils_choir_._ -
I know it's hard, but you can at least try. I honestly can't be myself, and it sucks, but I just can't. If I was myself I wouldn't have any friends. Btw don't seriously "fuck them" #beyourself #try #sad #sadness #stressed #depressed #depression #staystrong #teenager #support #gayisok #biisok #everythingisok #bullying_is_not_ok #fuckcyberbullying #fuckbullying #fuckthisworld #againstbullying #thisworldsucks #iwantfood #hashtag4life #tagsforlikes
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Hey guys! Sorry I haven't been on for almost 4 days but unfortunately I was admitted into the hospital Monday morning. I had very severe depression & very severe suicidal thoughts. I was brought to a psychiatric program for kids my age to about 17 years old. There were other kids there too. I was set up with a physiatrist & a social worker. I see my therapist on Monday morning. I was in the program for 4 days. I had a roommate as well who was very nice. She's unfortunately still for a while longer. I feel bad but also happy b/c she's getting the help she needs. I hope the kids who are still there come out happy & not depressed or anything negative like that & can live their lives more happier. Now, the reason why I was admitted into the hospital with depression was because a girl I know in school who I thought was my best friend, started to isolate me from people, ignored me, and gave me a lot of dirty looks. I've learned that not everyone your friends with are your true friends. You realize who your true friends are & who the fake ones are. So here's a tip for you all. When you realize that your "best friend" is doing these things I've mentioned & is making you depressed & you start to have suicidal thoughts, GO AND TALK TO SOMEONE. GET HELP ASAP. TALK TO YOUR GUIDANCE COUNSELOR, TEACHER, PRINCIPAL, FAMILY MEMBERS, FRIENDS, ANYONE THAT YOU CAN TRUST. IT COULD SAVE YOUR LIFE. Don't wait. Go and get help. Before it's too late. Don't wait any longer. #bullying#antibullying#againstbullying#depression
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spetockgleek24 : Are you ok now
camcami13 : If u ever need to talk I'm here :-)
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There is always hope. You just need to find it. Have a good weekend πŸ˜ŠπŸ’•
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it's wear something blue for no,bullying so my necklace is mine #nomore #againstbullying #blue πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘—βœŒπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘
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natashagalkinafans : nice )) m0del @NATASHAGALKINA
andreajonixon83 : Pretty lady!!
molly.nixon1 : thanks love @andreajonixon83
molly.nixon1 : thanks @natashagalkinafans
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My babygirl representing "Kindness matters" week at school! Super Hero day! #againstbullying #cutiepatutie #curlysue #AshyBear #Johnsonville
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mrs_k_monteilh : I love her hair
lalalu422 : @mrs_k_monteilh sponge rollers last night!! Lol my mom put those in my hair all the time as a kid. ☺️ she loved her hair this morning too. How you feelin mama?
mrs_k_monteilh : Me tooooo ☺️She looks adorable!! I feel great!! πŸ‘πŸ‘ half way there
joanngrace01 : Adorable!!
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I've been so distracted lately, I'm so sorry for my delayed posts. >.< I hope you all are doing super duper good and have been enjoying these past few days :) for those of you in new england, how ya liking the snow? Haha, there was so much! Anyway, this picture has a really good meaning to it. No you cannot actually hug yourself in the mirror, but you can allow yourself to think positive thoughts about yourself, and respect yourself, and then you'll learn to love you for who you are :) Credits to ; @okinspire #depressionrecovery #depression #depressed #happiness #beyourself #youarebeautiful #eatingdisorderrecovery #keepmovingforward #lifequotes #love #happyquotes #motivation #positivequotes #selfharmmm #staystrong #sad #suicide #suicidal #positive #selfworth #youarebeautiful #againstbullying #suicideawareness #suicideattempt
motivation - suicideawareness - suicidal - lifequotes - staystrong - sad - beyourself - suicide - positivequotes - love - happyquotes - positive - happiness - keepmovingforward - depressionrecovery - depressed - eatingdisorderrecovery - againstbullying - selfworth - selfharmmm - depression - suicideattempt - youarebeautiful -
herbagoddess24 : Amazing profile. Not sure if this is for you, but I am looking for 10 People to use my "3-Day Trial Pack". I'm looking to help people drop a dress/pant size or 2 & get toned, receive 3 days of nutrition & a meal plan and advice. If I send you a 3 minute video with details, will you watch it?
alyssakrystina99 : "No you cannot actually hug yourself in the mirror" XD
0preferably2really : wow you got seriously good looking! ⭐
recoveritall : What? @0preferably2really
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Be proud of what you are #Iamagainstbullying #againstbullying #eikiusaamiselle
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satu_suvi : Beautiful <3
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πŸ˜“ I fell asleep after school and woke up now. It's 3am. shit. #worthless #imfine #fakeasmile #sad #sadness #stressed #depressed #depression #staystrong #teenager #support #gayisok #biisok #everythingisok #bullying_is_not_ok #fuckcyberbullying #fuckbullying #fuckthisworld #againstbullying #thisworldsucks #iwantfood #hashtag4life #tagsforlikes
imfine - staystrong - fuckthisworld - sad - againstbullying - thisworldsucks - fuckcyberbullying - iwantfood - biisok - hashtag4life - bullying_is_not_ok - worthless - fuckbullying - gayisok - support - tagsforlikes - depressed - sadness - teenager - stressed - depression - fakeasmile - everythingisok -
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So sad!! #againstbullying
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#againstbullying tbt πŸ’© @eqdav
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eqdav : I wasn't bullying u
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Yes this is the same person. Say hello to Madame teeny-Michelle. I was just browsing through old photos, when I stumbled upon this awkward picture of me when I was around 14-15 years old. I was constantly bullied at that time and it left a lifelong negative impression on me I'll probably never get rid off. I know a lot of people are bullied especially today, because of looks or 'style' or whatever. And it still makes me so sad. But I thought I would share this little really private pice of information with you guys, in case there are some who maybe struggling with similar situations. Don't worry! It will get better, I know! Although this might sound cliché, but don't give up! The people that bully you, might be jealous of you one day or even admiring you! (Also had that experience!) I never was and never will be a beauty-Queen, but that's ok. Although I'm happy I don't look like that anymore, I think there wasn't really anything wrong with me, because I was just a kid back then. Take your time to grow up at your own pace! Don't let others pressure you. Don't let them get to you! β€οΈπŸ‘Š #againstmobbing #gegenmobbing #againstbullies #againstbullying #transformationthursday
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madamereadsalot : @fraeulein_pink Dankeschön! ❀️Ich kann zwar nicht wirklich sagen, dass ich Stärke bewiesen habe. Eher das Gegenteil. Ich hab mich zwei Jahre komplett abgeschottet u verkrochen, viel 'krank' gewesen und von der neunten in die zehnte Klasse dann endlich die Klasse gewechselt. Hätte das nicht geholfen, hätten meine Eltern mich von der Schule genommen. Also in Prinzip hab ich das Schildkröten-Prinzip gewählt nachdem das offensive zurückstechen was ich als Skorpion ja gerne mal mache, es nur verschlimmert hat... ^^ im Nachhinein kann ich heute allerdings sagen, dass nicht mal das Mobbing das schlimmste war, sondern dass sich meine Freunde irgendwann von mir abgewendet haben um selbst nicht in die Ziellinie zu geraten (was bedeutet, dass es keine wirklichen Freunde waren) aber das hat wirklich mein Vertrauen in andere Menschen grundlegend erschüttert. @chri5tahel ja, ob auf positive Art oder negative ist halt die Frage. Bei mir hat es auch sehr viel negatives hinterlassen. Aber mir auch viele Werte vermittelt. Zum Beispiel wie ich selbst mich als wahrer Freund verhalte u auch Zivilcourage. @nettebuecherkiste mich hat es leider auch in vielen negativen Aspekten geprägt... Aber auch einigem den Weg geebnet. Zwar hab ich immer schon gerne gezeichnet. Aber in der Mobbingzeit extrem viel u viel gelesen. Zwei Aspekte die mir bis heute sehr wichtig sind u das eine hab ich sogar ein bisschen zu meinem Beruf gemacht :) aber i h hätte auf die negative Erfahrung schon gut u gerne verzichten können! @ooterrorkeksoo danke Liebes!!! ❀️❀️❀️ @daniiwho Dankeschön! Auch wenn ich schon son bissl wie ein Neanderthaler da guck, aber das war halt auch einfach blöd erwischt. So Fotos gibt's auch heute noch u heute nervt mich auch keiner damit dass ich "hässlich" bin ^^ naja Kinder sind manchmal grausam. @seifenblase87 danke! ❀️
madamereadsalot : dankeschön! Da bin ich froh, dass ein bissl was rüberkomnt, wenn ich poste! Das ist mir wirklich auch wichtig! πŸ’• @buecher_maedel Haha ach was! Ich seh vollkommen gewöhnlich aus glaub mir! Ich stell natürlich solche "ungünstig" getroffenen Fotos wie dieses hier nicht wirklich in Instagram online. Aber die gibt's durchaus auch! (En masseπŸ˜…)
nettebuecherkiste : Kommt mir so bekannt vor! Ich hab von der. 10. in die 11. die Klasse gewechselt und auch, wenn es eine Flucht war, war es das beste, was ich je gemacht habe, denn da wurde ich plötzlich akzeptiert. Manche haben mich sogar gegen die Leute aus der alten Klasse verteidigt. Und ja, ich hab davon definitiv auch einen ausgeprägten Gerechtigkeitssinn und Zivilcourage (behaupteich mal) zurückbehalten, von daher hatte es auch was Gutes ☺
chri5tahel : Ich glaube die heutige Zeit ist noch deutlich extremer. Kinder mit WhatsApp und Gruppenchats ist ne ganz gefähhrliche Kombination.
asoto87 : Girl, you are beautiful in both pics ! Btw, would you marry me ? :P
mer_veilles : Ich finde mobbing auch sehr schlimm :/ in der 1. Kkase wurde ich auch mal ausgegrenzt und niemand wollte mit mir spielen. Zum Glück hat es nicht lange angehalten aber ich war danach jahrelang sehr still und zurückhaltend. Und ja es wird definitiv besser mit der zeit. Hallooooo ich find dich voll hübsch *o* und du sahst voll normal aus find ich.
madamereadsalot : @mer_veilles ja Ausgrenzung ist wirklich schlimm. U wenn über eine kurze Zeit es bei dir eine Wirkung hinterlassen hat, stell dir das mal über Jahre vor... Bei mir waren es 2 1/2 Jahre bis ich aus dem Klassenverband raus bin. U auch wenn heute mich teilweise die schlimmsten Leute aus der Zeit schon angemacht haben usw weil sie mich heute hübsch finden, hinterlässt es doch ein Leben lang komplexe u Unsicherheit. Es ist eine sehr prägende Zeit u ich kann leider nicht sagen, dass ich besonders schöne Erinnerungen an meine Schulzeit habe u das finde ich doch irgendwie traurig. Irgendwie komm ich mir auch 'beraubt' vor :'D
mer_veilles : Oha wenn die einem dann so kommen würde ich die glaub richtig verarschen -.- solche dummen charakterlosen menschen! Ja ich kann mir vorstellen dass das einen schwer trifft :/ viele enden dann auch in drogen oder Selbstmord. So was find ich traurig weil man noch so jung ist und eig das ganze leben vor sich hat. Ich finde es auch etwas arm von den schulen nicht so Aufklärungskurse anzubieten. Anstatt über alkohol aufzuklären sollten sie lieber was gegen mobbing unternehmen.
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:( this made me cry #againstbullying
againstbullying -
thescorchorder : this is so sad 😭
fan_girl_forever2 : @thescorchorder I know :,(
two_different_sides : I want to cry now. So sad
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I know this isn't 5sos related, but it's important! #5sos #LukeHemmings #AshtonIrwin #MichaelClifford #CalumHood #5SecondsOfSummer #Love #AgainstBullying #Bullying #Think #UseYourBrain
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. ❀
breathe - saying - dm - pain - help - staystrong - stop - stay - bullying - society - againstbullying - cutting - words - anxiety - hurt - depression - dont - suicide - bulemia - mobbing - panic - against - depressed - calm - strong - pleasestop - anorexia - stopbullying - suicidehelp - too -
stxp.hate : ⚫#stopbullying #bullying #mobbing #stop #words #hurt #too #suicide #help #suicidehelp #dm #staystrong #strong #stay #againstbullying #against #cutting #depressed #depression #society #pleasestop #bulemia #anorexia #dont #hurt #saying #pain #anxiety #panic #calm #breathe
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HELLO HAWAII COSPLAYERS!!!! I found this even on Facebook and would really like to support this cause. There is not specific place this is being held and is happening all over the states. "The purpose is essentially to show that it's ok to be different. So take some friends, dress up in some strange fashion or as a favorite character and go out there and be awesome! Go have dinner at a restaurant with your friends, have a picnic, anything really. Let the world see that you are different and that it's not only ok, but awesome!" If you would like to meet up with me and support this cause please let me know in the comments or dm me. It would be really great if we had a large number but any support is great! Once I know a general number we can start planing on what you'd like to do. All ideas are welcome~ (feel free to repost❀️)
hawaiicosplay - makeup - dressup - vegan - bullying - againstbullying - cosplaycommunity - worldcosplay - animeconvention - protest - different - cosplay - support - hawaii - hokukon - otaku - kawaiikon - anime - manga - hawaiicosplayers -
asher855 : If you are not in Hawaii you can still help support where ever you live~ ❀️
asher855 : #vegan #cosplay #anime #manga #worldcosplay #hawaiicosplay #hawaiicosplayers #againstbullying #bullying #support #protest #different #cosplaycommunity #hawaii #makeup #dressup #otaku #kawaiikon #hokukon #animeconvention
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. ❀
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stxp.hate : ⚫#stopbullying #bullying #mobbing #stop #words #hurt #too #suicide #help #suicidehelp #dm #staystrong #strong #stay #againstbullying #against #cutting #depressed #depression #society #pleasestop #bulemia #anorexia #dont #hurt #saying #pain #hug
izzy.t__ : DM me? :))
agirlfromdeepspace : I love your account! I needed some positive vibes rn (: do you have kik?
stxp.hate : Thank you, that really means a lot! Can I just dm you? :) @agirlfromdeepspace
agirlfromdeepspace : Sure!
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#AgainstBullying #Repost
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I hate how people think that it's okay to hide behind a screen and cyber bully someone so much that they make people want to kill themselves. It disgusts me. So I've dedicated this page to spreading awareness about cyber bullying and getting hate pages reported and deleted!
againstbullying - bethechange - stopbullying - : #againstbullying #stopbullying #bethechange
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#OMG !!!! I never thought this #animated #Korean #movie would be so #disturbing !!!! #AgainstBullying #TheKingOfPigs #DwaeJiUiWang #gay #nerd #geek ... Has anyone out there seen this ????
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I remade my design page in July 2014 and I'm pleased to say I finally got #onehundredlikes. #againstbullying #royallyequallyrare @rer_designs
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? πŸ˜• and if sleep makes you get rid of bags under the eyes, why do I always have those big bags when I wake up? 😡 idk ew #beautysleep #sleep #quote #bagsundertheeyes #fml #sad #sadness #stressed #depressed #depression #staystrong #teenager #support #gayisok #biisok #everythingisok #bullying_is_not_ok #fuckcyberbullying #fuckbullying #fuckthisworld #againstbullying #thisworldsucks #iwantfood #hashtag4life #tagsforlikes
staystrong - quote - fuckthisworld - sad - againstbullying - sleep - thisworldsucks - fuckcyberbullying - beautysleep - biisok - iwantfood - depression - bullying_is_not_ok - sadness - fuckbullying - gayisok - support - teenager - tagsforlikes - depressed - fml - hashtag4life - stressed - bagsundertheeyes - everythingisok -
_________9999999999 : hi , can you dm me back please ?
weliveinafuckedworld : I answered now @_________9999999999
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Mee πŸ™‹πŸ™‹ #againstbullying #staystrong #ilyall #hai
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Wist je dat ... Meisjes meer te maken krijgen met sociaal pesten zoals roddelen, negeren en uitsluiten. Jongens zijn daarentegen vaker slachtoffer van fysiek en openlijk pesten. #stichtingpestvrijnederland #stoppesten #stop #pesten #bullying #wistjedat #feit #fact #bullyfree #staoptegenpesten #ikstaoptegenpesten #standup #againstbullying #netherlands #nederland #makeadifference #doubletap
staoptegenpesten - bullyfree - nederland - stop - makeadifference - bullying - againstbullying - stichtingpestvrijnederland - standup - wistjedat - netherlands - doubletap - ikstaoptegenpesten - feit - pesten - fact - stoppesten -
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#againstbullying #stopthebullys #againstbullys #share #if #ur #against #bullys
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#againstbullying πŸ™…πŸ”« #share #if #ur #against #bullying
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frishtta : πŸ˜”πŸ˜’πŸ˜©
frishtta : I've been bullied so many times 😩
frishtta : By me friends
frishtta : lol
i_love_foodd_ : Lol are you gonna go to school today? @__frishta
frishtta : Naa
frishtta : Sara is she's already there by now
i_love_foodd_ : Oh na Fredrikson @__frishta
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#Repost #againstbullying
againstbullying - repost -
_.qu33n.tcf_ : Ikr! i hate when people think they know everything @2809gabby
2809gabby : yup πŸ’”πŸ”«
kvnglegit_ : SAME
_.dead__ : @2809gabby you are a bully yourself.
_.dead__ : @2809gabby you called Me ugly randomly know September I remember that shit
katelynmurphyy : Shut yo ratchet ass self up(joke), this is some true shit .
_.qu33n.tcf_ : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ fr thoo πŸ˜πŸ˜’ @katelynmurphyy
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I don't really know how it was last generation and before that, but I think it's more depressed people today, at least at this young age. 12 year old kids are depressed, and I guess some younger than that too. I wonder if depression was this "normal" when my mom was a teenager... But I don't wanna ask her. Why is our generation so depressed? #generation #sad #sadness #stressed #depressed #depression #staystrong #teenager #support #gayisok #biisok #everythingisok #bullying_is_not_ok #fuckcyberbullying #fuckbullying #fuckthisworld #fucksociety #againstbullying #thisworldsucks #iwantfood #hashtag4life #tagsforlikes
staystrong - fucksociety - fuckthisworld - sad - depressed - againstbullying - thisworldsucks - fuckcyberbullying - iwantfood - biisok - hashtag4life - bullying_is_not_ok - fuckbullying - gayisok - support - tagsforlikes - generation - sadness - depression - stressed - everythingisok - teenager -
gusy_ : Society Kills
weliveinafuckedworld : True πŸ˜“ I wish I could control society ugh @gusy_
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Shout out to our real life super heros for always standing up for what is right! #Clickeez #clicktogether #superheros #againstbullying #antibullyingzone #clicknotclique
againstbullying - clicktogether - clickeez - clicknotclique - antibullyingzone - superheros -
lisa_valerio_10 : @cbones10 thats my boy @clickeez_ changing attitudes one click at a time #standingupforwhatsright
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Guys please stand against bullying. They only insult you because their jealous #bullying #againstbullying #stopbullying
bullying - againstbullying - stopbullying -
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Last night Angel's mentor told me that Angel shared a flyer with him for my upcoming art show and he in turn shared this awesome #event put together by @thrdplace on Saturday 1/31/15 from 10am-2pm at Sutter Middle School on Winnetka and Sherman way. I was sold once I found out not only is this #CommunityEvent #AgainstBullying but it's a #MuralProject that was created to #Unite the community and #RaiseAwareness #TakeAstand through this #AntiBullyingMural . I already signed up to #volunteer this morning and felt the urge to #Share with #MyCommunity (you guys ) . For me #ArtistLife is more than just creating oil paintings, it's about #empowering and #MakingAdifference in people's lives in a #PositiveManner β™‘
empowering - share - againstbullying - unite - event - artistlife - antibullyingmural - takeastand - raiseawareness - positivemanner - makingadifference - communityevent - stopbullying - muralproject - mycommunity - volunteer -
swtcherypie : πŸ‘πŸ˜ŽπŸŽ¨ #StopBullying !! πŸ’ͺπŸ‘ŠπŸ˜Š
nenzb : Love it!
swtcherypie : I know it's great ! @nenzb πŸ‘
swtcherypie : Plus I forgot to mention the live dj, raffle prizes and free giveaways πŸ˜€
sucysanchez : You're so amazing. ...
j_valenzuela1922 - sucysanchez - jjrugro - marinkatetjajjkina -
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