OMG!!!!! Season 2 of Diamond No Ace has finally come out (o3o) I LOVED THE NEW OPENING!!! and Good Morning! #anime #animes #animegirl #animegirls #animeboy #animeboys #animelover #animepeople #suits #l #detective #deathnote #cuteness #adorableness #kawaii #kakkoi #otaku #watchinganime #otakulife #manga #mangapeople #mangapeople #smile #goodmorning #newseason #yay
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Can we just talk about how amazingly adorable their hair is? ~Em #rosshair #rikerhair #adorableness #blondies
adorableness - rikerhair - blondies - rosshair -
_take_this_city_24 -
Left Brownsville, Texas with a huge smile! Aspiring female wrestler right here πŸ˜†πŸ˜‰ #Texas #KatGreen #Cutie #Adorableness #wrestling #Prowrestling #brunettesdoitbetter πŸ˜‰
adorableness - cutie - katgreen - texas - brunettesdoitbetter - wrestling - prowrestling -
lilrinarocket : Go kat!πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘πŸ‘ @katt_green88
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Loveing my new baby wrap :) #adorableboy #adorable #adorableness #adorablebabies #adorablebaby #babywearing #breastfeedingmomma #babyboylove #babyboy #baby #babywearingmama #breastfeedingmom #babyboylove #curvy #curvygirlsrock #curvygirls #cuteness #curvynotskinny #tattooed #tattoolife #tattoos #tattooedwomen #lovehimtodeath #lovehimsomuch #lovehimtopieces #lovehim #lovehimlots #lovehimmorethananything #lovehimmillions
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pretty_debbie_pretty : awesome beautiful add me
charlie_good_boy : woof woof
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Panzur. #squarepegfoundstion #horses #adorableness
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maya_m_99 : Cute perfect blaze 😍
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Thank you Present for @adorkable_panda for Drawing my Request :) I hope you like it! :P I used a disney style for this drawing if you were wondering xD #art #artist #draw #drawn #drawer #drawing #kawaii #kawaiiness #superkawaii #cute #cuteness #supercute #adorable #adorableness #superadorable #chibi #bicmarkers #chibiness #anime #disneystyle #manga
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adorkable_panda : It
adorkable_panda : Look
adorkable_panda : Amazingly awesome
adorkable_panda : Love it
adorkable_panda : * u *
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πŸ’™ If Megamind were a wolf... πŸ’™ πŸ’™ HE WOULD BE THE MOST ADORABLE. WOLF. EVERRRR!!!! πŸ’•πŸ˜πŸ˜†πŸ˜™πŸ’• πŸ’™ ASDFGHJKLASDFHJKL!!!! πŸ˜˜πŸ’™β˜ΊοΈ πŸ’™ Cred DeviantArt🎨 πŸ’™ #megamind #blue #badbluebrilliant #wolf #megamindstyle #cute #adorable #adorableness #asdfghjkl #fangirl #fanart #fanartfriday #badwolf #megamindfan #welovemegamind #dreamworks #animation #dreamworksanimation
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whereismysilmaril : Cute!
iwilldrawyourface : Omg someone get me a cape and blue hair dye.i already have the dog
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Chic in the house lol#catlovers#cat#bosshit#gymfreak#healthy#kush#cronics
cronics - kush - bosshit - adorableness - catlovers - catofinstagram - cat - healthy - kat - gymfreak - mygreatcat -
autumn_987 : Adorableness!! <33 If you have kitty vids, you can check out! It's pretty neat because you get to use any song u want for free! XD
chauknowatitis : #adorableness#kat
chauknowatitis : #mygreatcat#catofinstagram
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The adoption winners will be announced tomorrow! I'm exhausted and sleepy cx β™’ I'll be surfing through IG for awhile so I'll be online for awhile. πŸ’• β™‘ β™‘ β™‘ { #pokemon #pocketmonsters #pocketmonster #vulpix #ninetails #pkmn #adorableness #kawaii #firetype #firestone #cute #ninetales #shinypokemon #shinygiveaway }
kawaii - adorableness - firestone - shinypokemon - shinygiveaway - vulpix - cute - ninetails - pocketmonsters - firetype - pocketmonster - ninetales - pokemon - pkmn -
gliscortv : Hope i win that majestic croagunk
guardian.zangoose : Could I still enter
emma_shadowhunter : Please check your Mudkip Asoption plz @fuzzyvulpix
the_pokemon_official : The suspense...
davus77 : Good luck everyone!
flaming_quilava - mroreobro - sir_talonflame - cutiemander -
Last adoption! β™’ This ditto isn't very loved in the United States... because he's American! But he's 6iv and shiny, what's not to love?! β™’ Think you should have him? Comment below why you think you should have him! β™‘ β™‘ β™‘ { #pokemon #pocketmonsters #pocketmonster #vulpix #ninetails #pkmn #adorableness #kawaii #firetype #firestone #cute #ninetales #shinypokemon #shinygiveaway #gtsgiveaway #gts #pokemongiveaway #pokemonadoptions }
adorableness - shinypokemon - shinygiveaway - cute - pocketmonster - pokemongiveaway - pokemon - kawaii - firestone - gtsgiveaway - vulpix - ninetails - pocketmonsters - firetype - ninetales - gts - pokemonadoptions - pkmn -
_hawlucha_ : I would want to have ditto because he was my first ever shiny that I caught using pokeradar in (platinum), and I still remember the route if I'm not mistaken rt 218, but yeah i loved ditto ever since xD but sadly when black and white came out when I was about to transfer all my Pokemon from platinum to black and white. I found out that my mum gave my old games to my cousin. And later that week I asked my cousin if he didn't reset the game. And sadly he did. So that's how I lost my shiny ditto :(.
haunted.leafeon : I would love to have him! I actually think dittos are quite cool cause they can transform into any pokemon. I agree they are under appreciated. I would love him and train him like any of my other pokemon. He can show the world why dittos should be appreciated ^_^
pkmonhuntxr : Ughhghhh I really need this shiny ditto!!! This brings back so many memories when I was leveling up my pokemon and came across this blue majestic ditto. I was literally crying when I was a flash of blue on the screen. The problem was, I was at the pokemon village where the dittos are about level 50, and for some reason I was training multiple Lv 75's my heart sank as I threw every single poke ball, ultra ball, great ball at it, but it wouldn't stay in. I knew it I hit it once, it would die, but I still did and as that pokemon fainted, my heart actually sank so much. :(
seallullaby : I am probably the only person who enjoys raising a ditto from level 1 to 100. Ditto was my first level 100 and I've had a sentimental attachment to this pokemon ever since. When I first started playing Pokemon, I had no idea what it was about so one day as I was aimlessly playing the game, I encountered a wild ditto! I was so excited because ditto is a purple blob and purple is my favorite color so I instantly fell in love! Now it's a tradition for me to catch a ditto in every pokemon game I play and raise it to level 100 instead of leaving it in a daycare for centuries. I think I deserve this shiny ditto so I can give it a warm place in my heart and not a daycare center <3 πŸ’™πŸ’œ
bubble_the_mew : I would use it to breed shiny pokemon, then I could do giveaways and so ! It would be great !
emma_shadowhunter : Make sure that you give it a good home πŸ˜‹
the_pokemon_official : I really need a ditto for breeding, and a shiny one would just look so cool!!!
hardcore_dipper_fan : I shiny ditto would be amazing to have, I'll treat it well and it will be part of my battle team, so it will receive top-notch care. I think dittos are wonderful pokemon and they aren't something stupid to make insulting memes about. I know it may be silly, but I've already grown attached to this ditto in my mind. Please let me have this ditto. I hope I am not too late.
mroreobro - that.majestic.unicorn - sir_talonflame - cutiemander -
So I heard you liek mudkips. β™’ So I made this little guy for adoptions cx he loves being around people and learning new things! β™’ Want him? Comment why you think you should have him! β™‘ β™‘ β™‘ { #pokemon #pocketmonsters #pocketmonster #vulpix #ninetails #pkmn #adorableness #kawaii #firetype #firestone #cute #ninetales #shinypokemon #shinygiveaway #gtsgiveaway #gts #pokemongiveaway #pokemonadoptions }
adorableness - shinypokemon - shinygiveaway - cute - pocketmonster - pokemongiveaway - pokemon - kawaii - firestone - gtsgiveaway - vulpix - ninetails - pocketmonsters - firetype - ninetales - gts - pokemonadoptions - pkmn - : Mudkip makes me cry in the inside in happiness, I remember I had my sapphire and the first shiny I got was Mudkip, being a little kid, it broke in to pieces so I Cried for a whole day straight,next day my dad gets emerald for me and my brother spent 3 says secretly looking for another shiny Mudkip,the moment I got it back my heart I cherish Mudkip with all of My heart
haunted.leafeon : I would love to adopt this mudkip because like he is epic! I would try and have him around as many people as possible and like teach him new things! Maybe evolve it into a lovely swampert for my shiny water team! I would take it to places like from kalos to hoenn and have him meet and battle different people ^_^ hopefully i can give him a good life πŸ˜„
skitty_kat_ : Pokemon. A fictional game to some, but is real to us. Every pokemon, shiny and non shiny, deserves a home. Every pokemon, big or small, beautiful or ugly, male or female, deserves to be cared for. This mudkip, just as much as any pokemon, deserves a good home. Some people want him because he is 'cool' or because of ORAS, but I would like him because I will care for him, treat him as my own, and give him a loving home. πŸ’•
the_pokeduo : Because it's mudkip...... Must I explain more. Plus I'm a stud and if treat him like a stud
the_pokeduo : *I'd
thepunkingshedinja : I think I should have this lovely pokemon because Mudkip is one of my favourite pokemon and is raise all the way to level 100 and swampert is my 2nd favourite pokemon and once I immediately transfer him to ORAS I'd unlock his full potential with his mega and he'd be on my team forever
emma_shadowhunter : Because I have another shiny mudkip to keep him company! My pokemon are my friends and will raise him to be an amazing competitive battler with my shiny Kyorge to set a good example. I'd never trade him. Or let anyone KO him. I'd love him, which sounds silly, but it's true. He would brighten up my day... Everyday! 😍
the_pokemon_official : What should I say? It's a shiny Mudkip! He looks so cool and I always picked Mudkip if I had the chance!
flaming_quilava - mroreobro - cutiemander - foxy_the_land_lover -
Hey everyone! Some of the participants haven't done my adoption vow :c I'm sorry but you MUST do it! β™’ Anyways this Chinchou is so so cute! He's one of the best water types I think ^~^ I just like how cute he is. β™’ Want him? Comment below why you should have him! β™‘ β™‘ β™‘ { #pokemon #pocketmonsters #pocketmonster #vulpix #ninetails #pkmn #adorableness #kawaii #firetype #firestone #cute #ninetales #shinypokemon #shinygiveaway #gtsgiveaway #gts #pokemongiveaway #pokemonadoptions }
adorableness - shinypokemon - shinygiveaway - cute - pocketmonster - pokemongiveaway - pokemon - kawaii - firestone - gtsgiveaway - vulpix - ninetails - pocketmonsters - firetype - ninetales - gts - pokemonadoptions - pkmn -
theo.tter : Omg a shiny Patches! Nuff said. Haha but I'd love to have a shiny Chinchou, and Lanturn would be amazing to have! Hope he goes to a great owner :)
rotw06 : Because I love him/her, he/she is like the most cute version of that tipe of fish that looks like the one in finding nemo, I had this little one (later lanturn) on my team when I played pkmn gold :3
_hawlucha_ : I love water & electric types. That's why a combination of both types is even better. :3 no kidding I would take care of him. (Plus I'm also saving up shiny babies for oras) so he would be a good partner to have. :)
freaky.magikarp : I want this cute pokemon because chinchou is bæ and needs a great owner. It will become one of my best pokemon if I win this. Remember Chinchou is bæ!
haunted.leafeon : I would absolutely love to adopt him! I actually didnt know what a chinchou shiny looked like until i searched it up right now! I would try and make him into a loved pokemon and feed him poke treats! I would have him on my water team alot too!
flxtchinder : Alright now I am a massive fan of Chinchou and Lanturn and have been trying to get one for a long time! :( I had a Lanturn in Soul Silver named Aqua Volt so if I got this guy it would definitely remind me of AquaVolt! I also would definitely battle with it when I train it and play with it in the Amie!! Good luck to everyone else !!
davus77 : Alright, let's start this, first of all, its a water type, water type is love, water type is life pretty much, second of all, its a water electric type, how cool is that? Third of all, competitively, a lanturn is amazing, it can run a lot of set thanks to its awesome typing and I love it, forth and the last one, chinchou and lanturn are cute AF, I will definitely use this chinchou to its best if I get it
the_pokemon_official : Water and electric type... How cool is that!?!? And shiny also!!! His types would make a great advantage to my team because I don't have an electric type yet
flxtchinder - luis_caspian - calling_all_nerds_and_gamers - foxy_the_land_lover -
Ah Croagunk. One of the best Poison types in my opinion. 😊 β™’ Do you want to adopt this cutie? Comment below why you think you should have him! β™‘ β™‘ β™‘ { #pokemon #pocketmonsters #pocketmonster #vulpix #ninetails #pkmn #adorableness #kawaii #firetype #firestone #cute #ninetales #shinypokemon #shinygiveaway #gtsgiveaway #gts #pokemongiveaway #pokemonadoptions }
adorableness - shinypokemon - shinygiveaway - cute - pocketmonster - pokemongiveaway - pokemon - kawaii - firestone - gtsgiveaway - vulpix - ninetails - pocketmonsters - firetype - ninetales - gts - pokemonadoptions - pkmn -
lightgod2 : Crogunk is my favorite poison type and looks cool
the.last.suicune : I have to agree that croagunk is the best poison type out there. I really love the shade of color too πŸ’™ plus I have a love for blue pokemon and he would fit right in my collection!
theo.tter : I love the Crogunk line, and I had to trade a few of my shinies for some Pokemon I need for my first competitive team. I had accidentally ran into a shiny Murkrow whole EV training my Noibat yesterday and couldn't catch it or id over train it and loose a point in HP. It killed me to run from a shiny, cause I only have 5 on my Y game, and I run into people with heaps and don't have anything good to trade for. I just started following you and hope the person who needs it most gets it. Thanks for your time :)
pyroar_stripe6764 : Toxicroak is so powerful and he looks so cool in his shiny form! Also I love the pink and the blue together and croagunk is so cute!!!!!!!!#croagunk
pippylupz : I really like Croagunk! It's so cool and I love it's design. And, from the anime, I found it very funny. It was Brock and Croagunk, the comedic duo! Croagunk seems very sneaky, and clever. I've been wanting one for a while and I'm definitely using one for ORAS so it would be a dream come true if I got him! Like my PokePledge, I would never ever hurt this and most certainly never trade it! It's clearly my favorite Poison type and one of my favorite pokemon! I love it's blue body and I think turquoise is (somehow) even more cool! Which, honestly, should be possible considering blue is my favorite color. I guess it just proves that no matter what color Croagunk is, I'll love him all the same! ^~^
gliscortv : Ever since young toxicroak has been my favourite poison type one day i found a shiny crogunk but then my cradily killed it by accident i cried and i never saw this magnificent pokémon again so i need to get this as i know that it will be usefulness in my team and will be part of my Forever used pokémon squad
pkmonhuntxr : I want this shiny croagunk so bad because it been about 2 months and I'm still trying to chain a shiny croagunk in the path of grass on route seven. With croagunk, I would evolve him/her quickly into toxicroak and get him/her into battle as soon as possible so I can smile every time I see it shine.
the_pokemon_official : Shiny crogunk looks so cool! It has always been my favorite poison type and in the anime is very funny! If I got him, I would use him in my team!
skitty_kat_ - calling_all_nerds_and_gamers - mroreobro - foxy_the_land_lover -
My cute little midget. XD #Midge #corgie #midget #adorableness
adorableness - corgie - midget - midge -
lifeaswenoteit - - misfortune_nike -
Gaahh oohh Fennekin! He's so adorable and fluffy. πŸ’• β™’ This fennekin is a bit shy around other people, he's Japanese and just wants a good home! He's gentle and is alert to sounds. β™’ Want him? Comment why you think you should have him! β™‘ β™‘ β™‘ { #pokemon #pocketmonsters #pocketmonster #vulpix #ninetails #pkmn #adorableness #kawaii #firetype #firestone #cute #ninetales #shinypokemon #shinygiveaway #gtsgiveaway #gts #pokemongiveaway #pokemonadoptions }
adorableness - shinypokemon - shinygiveaway - cute - pocketmonster - pokemongiveaway - pokemon - kawaii - firestone - gtsgiveaway - vulpix - ninetails - pocketmonsters - firetype - ninetales - gts - pokemonadoptions - pkmn -
super_smash_sean : My brother got the game last year and the day he got to the elite for we were on a trip to New York and he dropped it somewhere and I would love to to give him a shiny of his fav pokemon and whenever he here's Feniken he gets really down and gets sad so that's why I wanna win it for him
spooky.zoe : I love the colors of it 😍😍
insert.coins : I would love the shiny fennekin because I have a non shiny one and I love this one and would be nice for mine to have a friend :) he is the coolest
firefox_art : I love feniken its my favorite gen 6 starter one of the best hands down I love the colors the looks the way they sound I just like feniken period and having a shiny feniken would just make my love for it even stronger.thanks :3
pkmonhuntxr : Once news of pokemon x and y was released, and I had seen the starter pokemon, I knew that I wanted fennel in really badly, so when it came to choosing in game, I had no difficulty. But shiny Delphox looks so sick!!! I would evolve fennekin As quickly as possible and put my new Delphox into battle to crush opponents.
berryanime : Fennekin is one of the cutest pokemon out there, I wouldn't let it just sit in the pc box all its life. It'll definitely be a very vital part of my team and it will get all the love it needs and more! It will never go hungry and I'll make sure it'll be very well taken care of and lovedπŸ’–
emma_shadowhunter : This isn't going to be too long, but I'd give him a good home. And would train him to perfection. Just make sure you give him to the right person. It doesn't have to be me. πŸ’•
the_pokemon_official : Fennekin is so cute! I will use her because her final evolution is fire a physic, she won't be sitting in a pc box her whole life
mroreobro - seallullaby - calling_all_nerds_and_gamers - foxy_the_land_lover -
This little guy is an old baby. πŸ’• I duno if that makes sense but it makes sense to me! β™’ Anyways this little guy is up for adoption. πŸ’• I'm a little tired so I'm not going to describe about him cx sorry! β™’ Want him? Comment why you think you should have him! β™‘ β™‘ β™‘ { #pokemon #pocketmonsters #pocketmonster #vulpix #ninetails #pkmn #adorableness #kawaii #firetype #firestone #cute #ninetales #shinypokemon #shinygiveaway #gtsgiveaway #gts #pokemongiveaway #pokemonadoptions }
adorableness - shinypokemon - shinygiveaway - cute - pocketmonster - pokemongiveaway - pokemon - kawaii - firestone - gtsgiveaway - vulpix - ninetails - pocketmonsters - firetype - ninetales - gts - pokemonadoptions - pkmn -
the_pokemon_official : I have always loved shelter! Cloyster would make a great addition to my team! With being water and ice type and high defense. I would greatly appreciate getting her because I would use her a lot
pokemon___pics : I get it why he's an old baby πŸ˜‚ 2013 πŸ˜‚
pokemon___pics : Oh my bad *she
spooky.zoe : I would love to have shellder he is adorable and if I level him up he could beat everybody in his way he would be awesome to have on my team and I just love it's colors, they are so beautiful. I think I am an awesome trainer and I would play with him a lot so he would be nice and happy
shinypokemonhunter101 : I want h because I know that a shell smash cloyster is a champ and I really want to use him the only problem is that I have Pokemon x which means I can't get him and if I can get this I will really be grateful
freaky.magikarp : The reason I want shellder because a shell smash cloyster will be an awesome asset to my team. Plus I have X so I can't get him :( Orange is one of the best shiny colours and I hope I can win him. If I do win this expect me to be better at battling as always. ~ @freaky.magikarp
_hawlucha_ : Wooooo another water type. I would love to have him to be on my team. :3 🌊
pkmonhuntxr : Currently I have a cloyster on my team that has skill link and shell smash, perfect for slating bulky dragons such as dragonite, but if I had a shiny one, it would just make my opponents more impressed because of the amazing color scheme of cloyster, which is one of my favorite pokemon
abraham32116 - mroreobro - cutiemander - foxy_the_land_lover -
This is my baymax from big hero six #polymerclay #polymerclaycreations #clay #cool #cute #cutels #cuteness #character #funny #fun #white #baymax #blackandwhite #betterinperson #coolness #art #amazing #awesome #awesomer #awesomeness #artsandcrafts #hashtag #happy #adorable #adorableness #bighero6 #instagood #Friday #whatsup
cute - art - blackandwhite - adorableness - artsandcrafts - coolness - friday - whatsup - hashtag - cuteness - cutels - awesomer - cool - funny - awesomeness - bighero6 - polymerclay - character - instagood - baymax - polymerclaycreations - amazing - betterinperson - clay - fun - white - adorable - awesome - happy -
thiswanderersoul : His is so cute ^_^
_stefani_clark : Thanks @thiswanderersoul
carie_143 : @thiswanderersoul *he is so cute
nerdecrafter : Cute! !
_stefani_clark - the_shewolf_horse_rider - _stacey_clark_ - be.about.the.bop -
Next adoption is for this adorable shiny Snivy. πŸ’• β™’ He's a quiet little thing but likes to thrash around from here and there. β™’ Want him? Comment why you think you should have him! β™‘ β™‘ β™‘ { #pokemon #pocketmonsters #pocketmonster #vulpix #ninetails #pkmn #adorableness #kawaii #firetype #firestone #cute #ninetales #shinypokemon #shinygiveaway #gtsgiveaway #pokemongiveaway #pokemonadoptions }
adorableness - shinypokemon - shinygiveaway - cute - pocketmonster - pokemongiveaway - pokemon - kawaii - firestone - gtsgiveaway - vulpix - ninetails - pocketmonsters - firetype - ninetales - pokemonadoptions - pkmn -
hardcore_dipper_fan : What, it's not my fault it's that gosh darn spell check. @farris_abuaita
kawaii.joltik : I love gen 5 and Snivy is one of my favorite grass types! Everyone puts hate on gen 5 and I don't like all the hate, but Snivy is one of my fav gen 5 pokemon, and having its shiny form would be perfect! And I would feed him macarons and pokepuffs!
rookie.trainer : i love thiz.poke.for ages i like it lije how it does on black and white show it is one of the proudest and strongest in hope i can really get it
little.eevee : If I evolve this snivy into a servine It would be sick 😍 snivy was my first choice in b&w and Its my fav grass type starter out of all of the grass starters :0
spooky.zoe : I would like to have snivy on my team because it is a strong competitor and has awesome colors (~•~)ooo tbh snivy was my very first starter in black and white and he was awesome so if I could have a shiny snivy it would make me love him even more it would be and honor to play and battle along side this great pokemonβ€ΌοΈπŸ˜πŸ‘
spooky_umbreon : Umbreon has been lost without a friend of loyalship with snivy he could make her feeled loved again she has been needing a friend a friend of unique ness and I think a shiny snivy would just fit the job oh how much she would love to have a snivy as a friend she has never meet a snivy before I think they would just go great together! But its not my will to make snivy go with us where ever snivy wants to go its for the best!πŸ’ž
haunted.leafeon : I would love to adopt this snivy! I would treat him nicely and evolve him into a badass seperior. It would join my shiny starter team as a loved member and will be loved! I never got to may black and white so i never had a snivy :/ it was always my fav starter from that gen because they always looks so done with everybody and thats basically me. So yeah! Love to adopt him
emma_shadowhunter : Snivy was my first ever starter. I got a plush on him the same day. He is in my top 5 fav pokemon and I would treat him with respect. I'm kinda new to this, but think of my pocket monsters as friends and would have, like, 10 other snivys (not shiny) to keep him company
mud_bogger1 - calling_all_nerds_and_gamers - haunted.leafeon - foxy_the_land_lover -
(Sorry for the crappy edit cx I'm lazy) β™’ So this little girl is up for adoption! She doesn't really do much and is just mild and keeps to herself. β™’ Want her? Comment below why you should have her and you might win! β™’ ⚠ Ends in 30-60 minutes ⚠ β™‘ β™‘ β™‘ { #pokemon #pocketmonsters #pocketmonster #vulpix #ninetails #pkmn #adorableness #kawaii #firetype #firestone #cute #ninetales #shinypokemon #shinygiveaway #pokemongiveaway #pokemonadoptions }
adorableness - shinypokemon - shinygiveaway - cute - pocketmonster - pokemongiveaway - pokemon - kawaii - firestone - vulpix - ninetails - pocketmonsters - firetype - ninetales - pokemonadoptions - pkmn -
alinagator707 : I like that Litwick because it's... : I have always loved the litwick line because I love the aspect of a living posessed flame and it would make me so happy to get a shiny one.
alinagator707 : KAWAIII!! 😊
little.eevee : Oh litwick is so cute! It was one of my fav pokemon when it came out in black and white! 😍 it's super cute and I've never actually had one before, it would be amazing if I could have it! <3
megadragonite : I want litwick because it is a 5th gen pokemon and my first real pokemon game was white 2. Also, I think chandelure looks fab shiny form because of the blue flames. I believe litwick and its evolutions are beautiful
pippylupz : So. I love litwick. It's so cute and I love it's design. Not to mention, it's fire and ghost. Since it's a fire type (don't forget that it's a candle, too) I wouldn't be scared. I know it's silly, but I'm scared of the dark, and I would love litwick being right next to me and keeping me calm! And it's a girl, like I am, so we could relate to each other and she could be my best friend! And, I have a shiny male Chandelure and it could be her friend! Honestly, the Litwick/Lampent/Chandelure evolution line is one of my favorites from Unova, and I would love this little girlie :)
the_pokemon_official : That litwick in the picture looks so sad!!! If I got her first thing I would do is try to raise her happiness! Also I love shiny pokemon and I would show her off to all of my friends!
hardcore_dipper_fan : I need a litwick to evolve for my dex. I promise it will be well cared for. All of the pokemon on my team have 5 hearts in amie and I would do the same for this fella.
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Caught her snoring on the couch! So cute! #adorableness
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sono_aihara -
Was making my AC:NL rounds this morning, and walked in on this little bundle of adorableness sleeping standing up!!! πŸ˜‹ #acnl #animalcrossing #animalcrossingnewleaf #peanut #3ds #3dsxl #nintendo #videogames #gaming #cute #adorable #cuteness #adorableness #kawaii #villager
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Hello everyone and every follower that's awake and not inactive! It's admin Friday! Yes admin is posting a picture late at night cause why not? Yes she's wearing a beautiful wig. This is another wig which is more accurate for the cosplay I'm going for. My birthday is in 3 days. I guess that's a fact and I'll be turning ___ this year. You can guess how old I am right now before I turn a certain age. Just for any new follower who doesn't know exactly my age.. Though I find it creepy I'll keep it quiet for now. So yeah this wig has my favorite colors and it's just pretty. I wonder if anyone could get this hair color in real life with their actual hair... I find it hard to beeline cause mistakes would happen. Though it'll be cool to see someone with these colors. Anyways happy admin Friday again, it's a 4 day weekend for me it started yesterday. So... Yeah.. 2nd day of 4 day weekend already almost over. I hope you guys have a Good Friday! #admin #adminfriday #cute #adorable #kawaii #cuteness #adorableness #pretty #beautiful #asian #cosplaywig #wig #verypretty #socute #verycute
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bitter_sweet_times : I meant believe wow xD not beeline
bitter_sweet_times : #nogamenolife #no #game #no #life #shiro #nogamenolifeshiro
selinaselinawong : πŸ‘πŸ†’ @color_blocker
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Hello everyone! So I will be hosting a nice adoption with these shiny pokemon! β™’ I won't be saying IV'S and stuff like that so you won't be blinded by stats! β™’ If you want to be able to participate in this adoption please look at my previous post and do the pokemon adoption pledge. πŸ’• (read instructions closely) β™’ When you're done, comment below and when I have 8+ participants I will get started soon c: β™‘ β™‘ β™‘ { #pokemon #pocketmonsters #pocketmonster #vulpix #ninetails #pkmn #adorableness #kawaii #firetype #firestone #cute #ninetales #shinypokemon #shinygiveaway #pokemongiveaway #pokemonadoptions }
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little.eevee : Done! :)
omg.its.carvers : Done
spoopypiplup : Done
pippylupz : Done :)
thepunkingshedinja : Done
the_pokemon_official : Did it
shinypokemonhunter101 : Done
insert.coins : Done
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Before I start the adoptions if like all the participants to please take this pledge. πŸ’• β™’ It's a pledge that you'll love and care for all the pokemon you receive mine or another person's adoptions! β™’ To take this pledge just repost it with the hashtag #pkmnadoptionpledge 😊 β™‘ β™‘ β™‘ { #pokemon #pocketmonsters #pocketmonster #vulpix #ninetails #pkmn #adorableness #kawaii #firetype #firestone #cute #ninetales }
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centraltyranitar : Can You Please Explain To Me What An Adoption Is ?
itz.m1chelle : Im private tho…
fuzzyvulpix : When you comment on the photo of the pokemon I offer and you comment why you should have him/her and the person with the best reason in my opinion wins him! ^~^ @centraltyranitar
fuzzyvulpix : You can DM me your pledge when you have posted it c: @itz.m1chelle
rotw06 : Did you make this? The background is very pretty *-*
dualingdude : @fuzzyvulpix my DS is almost dead so if I do receive a pokemon could you hold on to him/her for me
fuzzyvulpix : I got the photo from the internet but other than that yes I did make this c: @rotw06
emma_shadowhunter : I vow
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Driving right behind this guy made my commute home today much more enjoyable #DoggyStalker #Adorableness
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~Manga Suggestion~ Name --- Shiranai Kao (^3^) This manga has three different Yaoi stories, and I love them all ~<3 I Highly suggest this manga if you like Yaoi, and hot manga characters! #anime #animes #animeboy #animeboys #animegirl #animegirls #animelover #animepeople #yaoi #blackandwhite #shiranaikao #adorableness #cuteness #kawaii #kakkoi #hoshino #thefatedlover #sugita #ogi #awesomeness #otaku #watchinganime #otakulife #manga #mangalover #mangapeople #smile #goodnight ~ Good Night!
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fayon_alk : @lazy_bun
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Making cookies with these adorable kids! #cookies #adorableness #happy
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Just got my Halloween costume. πŸ’• now all I have to do is ask him to tolo! Why am I so nervous? Cx I'm weird. β™‘ β™‘ β™‘ { #pokemon #pocketmonsters #pocketmonster #vulpix #ninetails #pkmn #adorableness #kawaii #firetype #firestone #cute #ninetales #shinypokemon #shinygiveaway }
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thelegendarylavaleaf : What is your Halloween costume? A deadly vulpix? 2spooky4me.
fuzzyvulpix : Haha no sadly :P just a spider web ghost @thelegendarylavaleaf
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mctuben : Beautiful
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So this little guy came today☺️
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t4shaz0mbie : #kawaii #cute #nendoroid #L #deathnote #chibi #finally #adorableness #yay #followback
shinymermaid : Oh my god he is adorable!!!!
t4shaz0mbie : Isn't he just? Hehe☺️
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How is your Friday going?? I want to know! #tiffanybluepolkadottiejane #baby #boxer #friday #dot #dogsofinstagram #adorableness #cutiepatootie #cutie #question #puppy #yesitsme #dottie
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#comet #boat #adorableness
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My boy #comet #boat #adorableness
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