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Great visit from my favorite SantaπŸŽ… #aczone
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& today is the OFFER day!!! 😁 you can still book your facial appointment for the dayπŸ’†harry up ladies and enjoy SPA107 special offer, discounted from BD30 to BD20 for today only❗️ #skincare #facial #toner #exfoliatingpeel #allnatural #cleanser #itworks #manicure #pedicure #lookchic #girl #diadespa #godisgood #nutrition #laprarie #proactive #selfie #beautiful #journey #skintreatment #scar #jesusisreal #inspiration #nomakeup #fitmom #aczone #business #followforfollow #invest #acne
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afnan993 : @n_aloraibi
amo0olii_5 : Thank you for an amazing facial experience 🌹🌹❀️
spa107 : @amo0olii_5 Thank you gorgeous😘 We are glad you enjoyed our La Prarie facial ❀️
ppmgaustin : Thanks for sharing #Follow #Follow4Follow #FollowBack
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A living #testimony. ..accomplished with proper #nutrition and a skin care products that produce fast results. . _______________________ Email me to get started: aprilfields411@gmail.com
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msaprilfields : πŸ‘ the best investment I have made! πŸ‘ #herbalife24 #acne #postpartum #fitmom #jesusisreal #godisgood #sweetsixteen #followme #inspiration #transformation #journey #l4l #nofilter #nomakeup #prego #proactive #aczone #skincare #skintreatment #facial #selfie #invest #business #beautiful #scar #followforfollow #eatclean #columbusga
luv_sophieee__ : Wow πŸ‘Œ
overflowfitness : Nice!
tylermacwhirter : Very cool!
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If you suffer from #adultacne don't give up! After 4 years of struggling with different dermatologists & trying to convince myself that I wasn't an ostrich.... I finally found my what works! Lot's of water. #doxycycline #tretinoin #aczone #vitamins A, D & Zinc #itworks skin & hair vitamins & coconut oil *test it for 3 days / everyone has a different reaction* #freshface #natural #dontgiveup # surround yourself with positive people!!! #staypositive
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mike_french2 : awesome, lets connect on tsu tsu.co/teddyawa
withorwithoutshoes : Genial !
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I could scream!!! This is me today after I've been posting photos of my #skinprogress. The #dermatologist took me off of #Minocycline because I am #allergic to it. Now I'm taking #Amoxocillin and still using #Aczone. #Aczone is amazing at reducing the appearance of the #acne but every day it's a new #blemish. Has anyone had this setback? I feel miserable and I have to work at #maccosmetics today. #adultacne #pcos #skinproblems #badskin #accutane #acne #ihatemyskin #helpme #skintrouble #skin #makeup
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carrieeee_xx : Definitely πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘Œ
carrieeee_xx : And I see you're a bit of a makeup junkie?😜 literally same!πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ seriously my whole Christmas list is like all makeup and urban decay
julescarreira : You need to try the Rodan + Fields unblemish regimen! Contact me for info: juliecarreira.myrandf.com. It changed my life!
chimereladawn : @carrieeee_xx, I'm just now starting to see relax from my last major breakout. I've incorporated more veggies. Just wanted to know were you still getting cystic acne after the first month: I am but mildly. The other blemishes are small ones in patches. Is that normal. I'm in month 2 though. Morning by the way.
selmariana : Hey!! I'm on minocycline and I've recently been really itchy, and I feel like I've been getting all these bumps all over me.. But I've been on it for 5 weeks. How long were you on it until you found out you were allergic?
chimereladawn : I was on it for three weeks, @selmariana. It made me horribly sick. I never want to feel that again but it made my skin soooo clear.
selmariana : Thank you! Did it irritate your skin in any way? I feel like I might be developing hives but I'm not sure
kstreets : Have you heard of Rodan & Fields? I suffered from acne my whole life. (Cystic, backne, etc) I have been using Unblemish and my skin has never been better. I started in September and within a month I noticed a huge improvement. Feel free to email me if u want. I recently have became a consultant for them. Kdeliornf@gmail.com.
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really hope this helps clear my acne πŸ”» #aczone (the packaging is right in line with my aesthetic)
aczone -
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1) wash with cold water with cetaphil 2)wait to dry, use aczone 3)let dry, apply cetaphil moisturizer 4)clinique all about the eyes concealer 5)immaculate liquid to powder foundation by hourglass(This is for oily skin people ONLY!!!) 6)apply blush and eye makeup No powder is needed and my makeup feels so light now and it gives a decent coverage. I don't feel cakey or oily at all. This stuff is amazing. Expensive but amazing. I used to have to repowder and add more makeup after school but with this new foundation I can wear it alllll day long. It's amazing and light. It just might be saving my skin. I've been taking my meds daily as well as doing my topicals.
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Well week 7. I only have like 3 semi active spots. I have my second follow up appointment in December. I'm thinking of doing laser treatments for my hyper pigmentation. I only want to do that after I have tiny break outs. My super pale skin just makes it easy for the smallest of spots to leave a mark. It's frustrating. I'm terrified to try accutane and this was my last treatment run before I finally go on it. I've tried so many freaking things. I have switched my makeup as well. I'll post an update on that later.
clearingmyskin - acne - healingmyskin - gettingridofacne - makeup - aczonejourney - skincare - cliniquemakeup - acnediary - skinproblems - clinique - aczone - hyperpigmentation - skinroutine - tazoracjourney - healthyskin - acnecommunity - savingmyskin - neutrogena - tazorac - cetaphil -
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chimereladawn : I've been on Aczone and antibiotics for 5 weeks. When is my skin going to stop breaking out? 😒
deni1383 : @myskinsjourney I don't know you but saw you via Clinique hashtag but, when I had acne really bad I got salicyclic acid peels and it was a lifesaver!! I also took spironolactone but the peels helped the most. I used la Roche posay during and now I use Clinique 3 step and clarisonic and i have thank goodness kept it under control or grew out of it. I get microdermabrasion and it has helped with the scarring I have. Hope this helps! Bless your heart bc I know what it's like! (And I was a habitual face washer)
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Guess whose #skin looks better?! Yay! I'm taking my meds and eating a little better - again - and these are my results. This is still an #uphill battle but I'm feeling #somuchbetter about myself. #Aczone is the truth. #skinproblems #dermatologist #goodskin #health #adultacne #pcos #ChimereLaDawnBeauty #makeupartist #beautyupcloseandpersonal #makeup
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creatingvisionsmua : β™‘β™‘
evonnadevaughn_stylist : Chimere ! 😘
chimereladawn : Hey, HoneyBun!!!! @evonnadevaughn_stylist. I'll see you very soon. XO.
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The picture on the left was taken 10 weeks ago today when I was on topicals and antibiotics and having a major breakout. The picture on the right was taken today, no topicals, just 16 days on Accutane, a gentle cleanser twice a day and sunscreen. You never know the progress you've made until you look back. Stay positive.
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cysticacnesufferer : Soo amazing!!! @claravisuser1
dreamofclearskin : @claravisuser1 wow looks really good. ☺
nikog911 : @claravisuser1 hello I'm taking tretinoin and is being 3 weeks and my sking is getting worst I feel to stop but I was reading other comments and people say patience need help please πŸ˜©πŸ™
claravisuser1 : @nikog911 That means it's working! What the tretinoin does is "push" the acne to the surface, so basically all the pimples that were hiding in your skin are coming out. They call it the "initial outbreak", where it gets worse before it gets better. Mine was the worst too at week 3 but it's getting better! Stay patient, I know it's hard when you've been dealing with this for so long!
nikog911 : @claravisuser1 yes it is it feels you don't wana leave the house because everybody is looking at you specially these holidays 😩 sucks but I don't have other choice wish to leave in a place that people like us understand what we going through thanks πŸ˜‰
claravisuser1 : Yeah, I hate it. And as a guy I can't use make up or anything so it's all just out there πŸ˜”
claravisuser1 : @nikog911
theideaofspring : Do u drink #alkalinewater ?? It helps . Removed all my acne scars
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It's been about 5 weeks now. I've been taking my medication at least every other day. I keep forgetting unfortunately. However, I don't skip my topicals EVER. I only have 2 active spots. I think my last post was my initial break out. It remained the same for about a week then slowly died down and now my skin is remotely calm thankfully. I've been drinking water as well. So yay progress. I think I may go in for laser treatments for the scarring around January. I'm gonna wait until my skin actually stops breaking out. If I keep getting new ones I may consider accutane honestly. That will be a tough journey but I think I may just endure it and pray it fixes it. I mainly hate the hyper pigmentation more than anything.
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Post workout. . #Tuladandasana #amateur and closer to my #goal
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msaprilfields : 22% body fat..reaching my goal of 20%..this is the LEAN CATEGORY: Taking your body a little further. This represents between 9-12% body fat for males or 19-22% body fat for females. At this point you will see clear muscle definition, often being able to clearly see where the muscle starts and ends.There will be little fat to pinch on the body and it will be clearly obvious these individuals are exercising regularly and following a strict diet - Bodybuilding.com
msaprilfields : #stopdropandyoga #grizznation #herbalife24 #herbafit #instagood #yoga #yogagirl #yogastand #yogabums #love#peace #calm #mind #soul #hope #destiny #wisdom #compassion #armylife #inspiration #restday #eatclean #results #proactive #aczone #split #splits #peace
brendentieger : On point.
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Skin is improving slowly. But #makeup was acting funny. #Imstillcute. #ChimereLaDawnBeauty #makeupartist #beautyupcloseandpersonal #dmvmua #loyalclients #mua #potd #lotd #baltimore #MSUHC2K14 #MorganStateUniversity #redlip #chocolategirls #smartandpretty #adultacne #aczone #iloveme #ilovemakeup
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#aczone #acne #adultacne #skin #skinroutine #skincare
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When acting like a #model goes #terriblywrong. Lol. My #makeup is #lovely though. Wearing @maccosmetics's #Trax and #Sketch on #eyes. My face is clearing up with my #aczone. #ThankGod. Heading out for a #frienddate. #ChimereLaDawnBeauty #singlewoman #dating #makeupartist #dmvmua #dmv #baltimore #ilovemacgirls #ilovemacboys #maryland #idomakeup #ilovemakeup #potd #macboys #chocolategirls
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wellsart : Cool!
deesiremartinez : Hi how have you been? can I have your phone number?
chimereladawn : @deesiremartinez, hey, Boo! I'm at 202.384.7810. Sorry for the delay. Was with a client.
jaboyphotography : Nice
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Oh, I'm living such an #exciting life with this #beautiful #cocktail. #Antibiotics plus #aczone as a #topicaltreatment. Supposed to see how this works after one month. We'll see. #Smh. #adultacne #skinproblems #makeupartist #pcos #accutane #skin #beauty #ChimereLaDawnBeauty
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ms.arish : Culturelle.... will keep you balanced and maintain a strong immune system. There are a lot of germs and you want to keep the healthy bacteria in your body, and Culturelle is perfect for doing just that. Remember that antibiotics destroy both the good and bad bacteria.
ms.arish : @chimereladawn
chimereladawn : Thank you so much, @ms.arish. I appreciate this info.
__kaylaxoxo : Hey Chimere I took accutane the effects are horrible and it returns if u have pcos, for it doesn't cure pcos. It didn't help!
chimereladawn : @__kaylaxoxo, I'm gonna call you once this weekend calms down. We need to have a major catch up. You've got the inside track and I need it. XO.
__kaylaxoxo : Okay my dear! Call me when u get a chance !
ms.arish : You're always welcome! I am here if you have any questions. @chimereladawn
qivanamom : @chimereladawn, @lawren_queen13, @__kaylaxoxo - @ms.arish is right. Start with a good probiotic. I have best one $25 for a month- researched and proven to make it to your digestive tract! Next, I have a DNA test which will tell you exactly what your skin needs to clear it up! Then I have the solution. Ladies stop wasting money and putting horrible chemicals into your body. Email me skinshiftusa@gmail.com
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I had a professional facial last week and it completely ruined my skin😫😫. But I'm a smile through it and start my #aczone regimen...I'll be backπŸ‘Œ
aczone -
graseya : I know the feeling
tiffanydoll36 : Beautiful
imahairguru : @graseya 😩has been awful!! And I paid plenty of money for it😒
imahairguru : @tiffanydoll35 thx babe
graseya : I know you did 😩
ms._auqt : Miss u 😭
imahairguru : @ms.j.goosb girl I do only if I can get away
ms._auqt : Ikr
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Progress in each day.. #nodaysoff I am a Herbalife Nutrition and Wellness Coach! Email me for meal plans and weight-management : april.moody11@gmail.com
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msaprilfields : #stopdropandyoga #amateur #herbalife24 #herbafit #instagood #yoga #yogagirl #yogastand #yogabums #love#peace #calm #mind #soul #hope #destiny #wisdom #compassion #armylife #inspiration #restday #eatclean #results #proactive #aczone #split #splits
fischertwins : πŸ’•πŸ‘
gainflexibility : How cool is that
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After all these years of having bad acne my face is finally clearing up and looks so much better. Thank you #aczone #gayselfie #gayboy #smirk #happy #healthy #cute
cute - nofilter - aczone - gayboy - healthy - smirk - happy - gayselfie -
aabombb : #nofilter
once_upon_uh_time : Looks great Alex! !
georgepaskalev : Bringing your selfie A-game, heh :)
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Here's week 2. My period is coming and I just got off prednisone so idk if my face is being a jerk because of that or what... I'm really bad about taking my spironolactone. I'm like on day 3 of actually taking it. I need to go take it now actually. I have also been bad cuz I've been drinking soda. I need to stop doing that. I was doing so good for like 2 years and I've started drinking sprite since I got sick. I'm posting this here so I can hold myself accountable. NO MORE SODAS! TAKE MY MEDS! I can do this!
clearingmyskin - acne - healingmyskin - gettingridofacne - makeup - aczonejourney - skincare - cliniquemakeup - acnediary - skinproblems - clinique - aczone - hyperpigmentation - skinroutine - tazoracjourney - healthyskin - acnecommunity - savingmyskin - neutrogena - tazorac - cetaphil -
suck_my_cockynesss : Have u tried aczone hun? It's a prescription gel thay u can use up to 3 times daily on active spots or use proactively on other areas and will not affect ur skin other than clearing up blemishes and acne.. check it out.. I've bee. Using it for a year or so now and I swear by it... ask ur dermatologist if it's something that may work for u @myskinsjourney
zhe_as : drink a LOT of waterr and be very gentle to your skin (;
berberex : Hi, give #BerbereX a try for #acne. We have had amazing results. Read customer reviews on Amazon. #acnesucks
allyjohnsonxxx : All my doctors have told me food doesn't affect spots, I never know what to believe there's so many different opinions on it @myskinsjourney
achromin_official : Check @achromin_official for anti-acne treatments
morgan_rodanandfields : Rodan and Fields has a great product to help with acne! Our Unblemish Regimen helps treat the redness and bumps associated with #acne! And if you feel like it's not working (which I'm confident it will!) you have 60 days to return it for a full refund. It's by the makers of Proactive! Visit my site at http://mwollschlager@myrandf.com and contact me through email if you have any questions! I'd love to talk to you!
eumora_bar : Consider #tryeumora for free trial. 100%nature's finest natural ingredients, transcend all skin types even infant can use. Get a sample mail to you.
cloudsmokee_ : Love your account!
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Here's with makeup on. I don't have any major break outs right now thank god. Then again I'm on prednisone since I'm sick so it calms down inflammation. My skin will probably come back with a vengeance after I'm done taking it soooo I'm preparing for it.
clearingmyskin - acne - healingmyskin - gettingridofacne - makeup - aczonejourney - skincare - cliniquemakeup - acnediary - skinproblems - clinique - aczone - hyperpigmentation - skinroutine - tazoracjourney - healthyskin - acnecommunity - savingmyskin - neutrogena - tazorac - cetaphil -
myskinsjourney : #clinique #cliniquemakeup #hyperpigmentation #acne #aczone #tazorac #skinroutine #gettingridofacne #clearingmyskin #neutrogena #savingmyskin #skincare #makeup #cetaphil #cliniquemakeup #acnecommunity #healingmyskin #acnediary #tazoracjourney #aczonejourney #healthyskin #skinproblems
myskinsjourney : Makeup is a miracle but it's just a mask. It give me the confidence to go places but it's not really my skin. I cannot wait until I can go without foundation on!
suck_my_cockynesss - skincareblogger - phformula - rensaskincare -
Really impressed with my #skin lately a good morning/nighttime regimen is so #benificial to getting rid of any imperfections #aczone #diorhydapore #biore #truthserum #neutrogena #makeupremover
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raddabberchick : My face is the worst it's ever been :( I am worried twice a day will make it worse but maybe I will try since once doesn't seem to be helping lol
suck_my_cockynesss : Have u seen a dermatologist? I never had acne until I was 27... it ended up being cystic acne and I got this stuff aczone. It's a gel and u can use it on blemishes or as a preventative it's like a miracle in a bottle... I spend quite a lot on my stuff I'm actually ashamed yo say buy I had to because I felt like no matter what I tried I would still have all these issues.. so I went to the spa and used some things they recommended after a facial and clears them with my dermatologist and bam like new @raddabberchick
raddabberchick : @suck_my_cockynesss wow!!! It's normal to start having acne as an adult?? I thought I was crazy lol or dirty hahaha or maybe just super stressed out idk but I NEVER had acne! I'm getting really discouraged! No I have not seen a dermatologist but maybe I should soon cause I lose my dads awesome insurance here soon lol
suck_my_cockynesss : Oh then @raddabberchick go for sure.. I'm telling you it's super beneficial plus they usually only need to see you twice .. The first time they check u out prolly give u some samples.. which work which don't blah. The second they will see if anything had improved and as long as whatever they had tou do did they give u like a yrs supply if it's a prescription or recommend one the counter moisturizer and things like that..
suck_my_cockynesss : Apparently it's like super common tho @raddabberchick
suck_my_cockynesss : But ask of aczone will help bc I swear by yhat shit for real... @raddabberchick
raddabberchick : That makes me feel soooo much better haha @suck_my_cockynesss congrats on getting your face looking so pretty!!!! πŸ˜„ i know how much time and money it must cost but you look fantastic!!!
suck_my_cockynesss : Awww thanks babes @raddabberchick
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Here's the hard part. Looking it this makes me want to cry. I've always been self conscious of my skin. Some days I would come home and be so depressed from my skin. I would cry myself to sleep at night. Acne is horrible and I will never understand or respect anyone who makes fun/bullies someone for something that CANNOT control. I've never posted a fresh face picture EVER! Don't tell someone to wash their face more...trust me acne sufferers probably wash their face more than you do!!!! It isn't all on diet either(while it does help to drink water and eat better) it can be genetic and hormonal. I have hormonal acne. I get cysts around the base of my chin and I get pimples around my nose/mouth. It USED TO BE WAYYY WORSE hence my hyper pigmentation. God blessed me with pale skin thanks to the luck of the Irish so when acne leaves a lovely pink/red mark comes. Honestly I'm more embarrassed by the hyper pigmentation. I hate it. It's difficult to cover up. I am seeing a derm yet again. For like the millionth time. Tazorac and Aczone are my last hope before I try accutane...I really don't want to :/. Week 1: I see improvement. It dried up 3 cysts I had almost instantly on day 1. The hyper pigmentation is slowly fading. I'll let y'all know the dosage of my medications later(orally and topically) as well as vitamins I am taking. I may even make a list of all meds and products I've tried. I plan on changing my diet. I can also tell you about things I've been doing that I've noticed that have helped.
clearingmyskin - healingmyskin - gettingridofacne - makeup - aczonejourney - skincare - cliniquemakeup - dermatologist - clinique - aczone - hyperpigmentation - skinroutine - tazoracjourney - acne - acnecommunity - savingmyskin - neutrogena - tazorac - cetaphil -
myskinsjourney : @haleyamannda thank you!
maddieworden_ : Hey! I broke out super bad all of last year, and got left with super cute hyper pigmentation too:) I completely recommend the korres wild rose night cream. It has totally transformed my skin and brightened the scars noticeably within just a few days. I've been using it for two months now and my scars are gone! Also, remember you see your flaws wayyy worse than anyone else :) keep your head up, I wish you the very best of luck beautiful girl xoxo
myskinsjourney : @maddieworden_ Awww thank you so much! I'll look into it
skinceritybysheila : @myskinsjourney i have something that will change your life πŸ“±786-547-9163 . Sheila
suck_my_cockynesss : I have cystic acne and I'm 30 yrs old.. When I was a teenager I had no issue but when I was about 25 these huge blemishes would come out around my period and stressful times and ever since then it was diagnosed. . Sucks I feel ya girl @myskinsjourney
zombieomnomz : Try asking for Spironolactone...it's a miracle pill that helps with cystic acne caused by hormonal acne...because of that and Tazorac my skin looks as if I've never had a pimple in my life (check my pics. Lol). I know how frustrating acne is especially when you dont want to result to using Accutane..
zombieomnomz : Oops because of hormones* not hormonal acne, sorry! Repeated myself up there ^
gabbybiggs18 : @myskinsjourney I feel your pain! My checks are covered with hyperpigmentation and I still have a few zits! I feel so hopeless. 😩
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My morning routine for my skin: 1) use cold water(I used to use hot but my dermatologist told me to use cold) 2) take a pump of cetaphil and lather my face 3) rinse off GENTLY with a SOFT wash cloth 4) apply aczone and let it dry for 5 minutes 5) if I am dry I will apply cetaphil moisturizer
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My evening routine for my skin: 1) remove makeup with Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes 2) use cold water(I used to use hot but my dermatologist told me to use cold) 3) take a pump of cetaphil and lather my face 4) rinse off GENTLY with a SOFT wash cloth 5) apply tazorac and let it dry for 5 minutes 6) if I am dry I will apply cetaphil moisturizer
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myskinsjourney : #clinique #cliniquemakeup #hyperpigmentation #acne #aczone #tazorac #skinroutine #gettingridofacne #clearingmyskin #neutrogena #savingmyskin #skincare #makeup #cetaphil #cliniquemakeup #acnecommunity #healingmyskin
sentimentalreasons : I just stumbled on your page and I 100% know what you're going through. I've tried everything. Proactiv, medicine from the dermatologist and a million different face washes and nothing worked. What's really helped my skin is honey. Sounds weird but it really does help. I take off my make up with ponds cold cream and it's much better than wipes because it doesn't have alcohol. Then I wash with cetaphil and pat dry. Then I mix raw honey with cinnamon and let it sit for 10 mins and rinse. It might feel weird but over night I put cold cream on and it makes my skin so soft. Goodluck I hope everything works out for you!
sentimentalreasons : Oh and try cosmetic lad moisturizer by lush. It's awesome
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Makeup routine: 1) Do skin routine 2) While the cetaphil is drying(2-3min$ I apply my Clinique High Impact Waterproof Mascara 2) Apply Clinique Super City Block Oil-Free Daily Face Protector Broad Spectrum SPF 40-using hands 3) As that dries(2-3min) I apply my eyeliner, I prefer the rolly kind. The brand doesn't matter for me 4) I apply my Clinique All About the Eyes Concealer. I make a Z/ zigzag line on my concealer brush 5) Depending on how dry/oily my skin is I will pick a foundation. Either Clinique Acne Solutions Liquid Makeup(for OILY DAYS since it has salicylic acid) Clinique Even Better Makeup SPF 15(DRY DAYS) I apply a quarter sized amount onto the back of my hand and use the stippling brush that I ordered from BH Cosmetics. 6) I used the desired amount of Clinique Blended Face Powder and Brush(the brush sucks so I use my own from bareminerals) 7)Blush. I use true match but it really doesn't matter.
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myskinsjourney : 8)Apply lipstick of your choice. I use the chubby stick from Clinique
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First let's talk brushes. I clean them every other day with dawn dish soap. I WASH MY HANDS WITH DAWN DISH SOAP FIRST. I use the right brush first for concealer. I put the concealer directly onto the brush first then apply it to my face. Left brush is for foundation. I put about a quarter size amount onto the back of my hand and use a stippling motion. Last brush I use is a brush from a bare minerals kit(hated that makeup btw...) it use this for my loose powder and my blush. Anyone struggling with acne knows the struggle of covering up our scars and acne.
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After a bout with cystic acne, I updated my skin routine. New video live on my channel. YouTube.com/acomplicatedmelody
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justmelody : @africamiranda it's the pits! πŸ˜” Hopefully it helps!
justmelody : #aczone #aczonegel #cysticacne #skincare #bblogger #ziana
samaralewis : Me too and it's so random!
justmelody : @samaralewis very random, quite annoying.
gabbybiggs18 : @justmelody How are you liking aczone? I was prescribed it today along with clindacin. I'm nervous! πŸ˜–
justmelody : @gabbybiggs18 it's help a lot, it may feel harsh at first and drying but after a while, my skin adjusted. If you get really dry, aloe Vera gel helps
gabbybiggs18 : @justmelody I really hope that it works for me! How long have you been using it for?
justmelody : @gabbybiggs18 since April of this year. I hope it works for you as well
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So grateful to my doctor.. I've been on drugs for almost a week now and my skin has improved so much.. The only issue now is that my skin is hella dry and flaky. But my nasty acne is fading away, and my confidence is coming out. :) thank you so much mommy and my doctor. #minocycline#aczone#adapalene
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riley_david17 : I want all mines gone, how much was it ?
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Post holiday pm skincare is @omorovicza cleansing balm #aczone anti acne px cream @3labskincare WW eye cream and @sisley Black Rosé Cream Mask. The sun has dried me out so now it's time to hydrate like crazy!
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Thank you #ACzone for this very practical wallet. Am very blessed by the night activities and fun.. #jamschurch #chcjamschurch #mychurchmylife #augustbabies #blessedheartblessedtummy #blessedheart #iamloved #iamblessed #iamblessedandhighlyfavoured #iamahappygirl #postbirthdaygift @adielchoy77
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Skin Care Post: If you have skin issues (acne, texture, scarring, etc) I highly recommend these products. As a previous acne sufferer- (still get breakouts near time of the month) these products cleared my skin! One in particular called Aczone which is a prescription from my derm. It is non drying and makes redness literally disappear! Changed my life I swear lol been using it for a little over a year now! I wash my face with my Clarisonic Aria with sensitive brush head and use PanOxyl cleanser (need to grab more). Then I tone my face with just one of my toners- i switch on and off- love Witch Hazel! Then I use my Aczone and once its dry you can apply your moisturizer mine is by CeraVe love this- also helps with clearing acne scarring overtime with hyaluronic acid and ceramides! Then you can apply make-up or leave natural! Last but, not least, Rosemary essential oil is awesome can be used for so many things including darkening eyebrows, hair etc! I use it in my shampoo and on my eyebrows with a moisturizer since it tends to be drying and you can also use it as a spot treatment for acne and the pimple will literally go down in size or be gone by the next day! (Sorry for such a long post) 😜
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gabbybiggs18 : @mua_gina_longo Can you send me the link? I couldn't find you.
mua_gina_longo : https://m.facebook.com/gina.longo.89?ref=bookmark @gabbybiggs18 hopefully you can get to it!
gabbybiggs18 : @mua_gina_longo I hope that I found you! Lol 😜
mua_gina_longo : Just got it!!! @gabbybiggs18
gabbybiggs18 : @mua_gina_longo πŸ˜€
miraesachica : Hi! I'm on Aczone and using a sulfur wash pm as well it's been a little over one month When did you start seeing results? I am still getting pimples :/
mua_gina_longo : Around 3 months i started to really see! @miraesachica
miraesachica : Oh nice! Thanks!! :))
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Size comparison between the AC zone and 66 percenter. #redstitchtactical #aczone #66percenter #staticsteeltargets #steeltargets #shootsteel
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glockporn : Sick
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