Here's with makeup on. I don't have any major break outs right now thank god. Then again I'm on prednisone since I'm sick so it calms down inflammation. My skin will probably come back with a vengeance after I'm done taking it soooo I'm preparing for it.
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myskinsjourney : Makeup is a miracle but it's just a mask. It give me the confidence to go places but it's not really my skin. I cannot wait until I can go without foundation on!
skincareblogger - sheila.gregg - __eerriinn_ - jordanstanford -
Really impressed with my #skin lately a good morning/nighttime regimen is so #benificial to getting rid of any imperfections #aczone #diorhydapore #biore #truthserum #neutrogena #makeupremover
aczone - benificial - diorhydapore - truthserum - skin - neutrogena - makeupremover - biore -
raddabberchick : My face is the worst it's ever been :( I am worried twice a day will make it worse but maybe I will try since once doesn't seem to be helping lol
suck_my_cockynesss : Have u seen a dermatologist? I never had acne until I was 27... it ended up being cystic acne and I got this stuff aczone. It's a gel and u can use it on blemishes or as a preventative it's like a miracle in a bottle... I spend quite a lot on my stuff I'm actually ashamed yo say buy I had to because I felt like no matter what I tried I would still have all these issues.. so I went to the spa and used some things they recommended after a facial and clears them with my dermatologist and bam like new @raddabberchick
raddabberchick : @suck_my_cockynesss wow!!! It's normal to start having acne as an adult?? I thought I was crazy lol or dirty hahaha or maybe just super stressed out idk but I NEVER had acne! I'm getting really discouraged! No I have not seen a dermatologist but maybe I should soon cause I lose my dads awesome insurance here soon lol
suck_my_cockynesss : Oh then @raddabberchick go for sure.. I'm telling you it's super beneficial plus they usually only need to see you twice .. The first time they check u out prolly give u some samples.. which work which don't blah. The second they will see if anything had improved and as long as whatever they had tou do did they give u like a yrs supply if it's a prescription or recommend one the counter moisturizer and things like that..
suck_my_cockynesss : Apparently it's like super common tho @raddabberchick
suck_my_cockynesss : But ask of aczone will help bc I swear by yhat shit for real... @raddabberchick
raddabberchick : That makes me feel soooo much better haha @suck_my_cockynesss congrats on getting your face looking so pretty!!!! 😄 i know how much time and money it must cost but you look fantastic!!!
suck_my_cockynesss : Awww thanks babes @raddabberchick
myskinsjourney - jennamelzer - remyandkush313 - buddahfulcreations -
Today marks 1 month on my #Aczone journey. Although I attribute most of my progress to Aczone, I've also been using salicylic acid 2% 2x a day, benzoyl peroxide 2.5% 2x a day, witch hazel 2x a day, #Klaron 2x a day, and #Retin-A .1% at night. On top of all that I've also been taking doxycycline 50mg 2x a day.
retin - aczone - klaron -
myskinsjourney - oleumnaturalglow -
Here's the hard part. Looking it this makes me want to cry. I've always been self conscious of my skin. Some days I would come home and be so depressed from my skin. I would cry myself to sleep at night. Acne is horrible and I will never understand or respect anyone who makes fun/bullies someone for something that CANNOT control. I've never posted a fresh face picture EVER! Don't tell someone to wash their face me acne sufferers probably wash their face more than you do!!!! It isn't all on diet either(while it does help to drink water and eat better) it can be genetic and hormonal. I have hormonal acne. I get cysts around the base of my chin and I get pimples around my nose/mouth. It USED TO BE WAYYY WORSE hence my hyper pigmentation. God blessed me with pale skin thanks to the luck of the Irish so when acne leaves a lovely pink/red mark comes. Honestly I'm more embarrassed by the hyper pigmentation. I hate it. It's difficult to cover up. I am seeing a derm yet again. For like the millionth time. Tazorac and Aczone are my last hope before I try accutane...I really don't want to :/. Week 1: I see improvement. It dried up 3 cysts I had almost instantly on day 1. The hyper pigmentation is slowly fading. I'll let y'all know the dosage of my medications later(orally and topically) as well as vitamins I am taking. I may even make a list of all meds and products I've tried. I plan on changing my diet. I can also tell you about things I've been doing that I've noticed that have helped.
clearingmyskin - healingmyskin - gettingridofacne - makeup - aczonejourney - skincare - cliniquemakeup - dermatologist - clinique - aczone - hyperpigmentation - skinroutine - tazoracjourney - acne - acnecommunity - savingmyskin - neutrogena - tazorac - cetaphil -
myskinsjourney : @beccaelizabethyanez yeah my doctor also put me on spironolactone as well and I'm sure it'll help too on the internal part.
magpie__magpie : Try a low GI Diet! I found it the results amazing. But it needs to be a lifestyle change for it to be long term. Also yoga and meditation. Drinking cider vinegar is amazing so keep that up and try hot water with lemon juice, morning and night.
myskinsjourney : @magpie__magpie I shall definitely try that :) my skin doesn't respond well to any kind of mask for some reason(natural or unnatural) :/ but internal helps a lot :$
myskinsjourney : :)*
magpie__magpie : let me know how u get on or if u need and recipes or tips. Good luck xx
myskinsjourney : @magpie__magpie thanks :)
haleyamannda : ♡ not to this extreme but I honestly know what it feel like to have skin that you cant change:( I get cysts too and there are days I don't want to leave the house. Much love to you, good luck!
myskinsjourney : @haleyamannda thank you!
__eerriinn_ - oleumnaturalglow - star_dom - skincare_guy -
My morning routine for my skin: 1) use cold water(I used to use hot but my dermatologist told me to use cold) 2) take a pump of cetaphil and lather my face 3) rinse off GENTLY with a SOFT wash cloth 4) apply aczone and let it dry for 5 minutes 5) if I am dry I will apply cetaphil moisturizer
clearingmyskin - healingmyskin - gettingridofacne - makeup - skincare - cliniquemakeup - clinique - aczone - hyperpigmentation - skinroutine - acne - acnecommunity - savingmyskin - neutrogena - tazorac - cetaphil -
myskinsjourney : #clinique #cliniquemakeup #hyperpigmentation #acne #aczone #tazorac #skinroutine #gettingridofacne #clearingmyskin #neutrogena #savingmyskin #skincare #makeup #cetaphil #cliniquemakeup #acnecommunity #healingmyskin
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My evening routine for my skin: 1) remove makeup with Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes 2) use cold water(I used to use hot but my dermatologist told me to use cold) 3) take a pump of cetaphil and lather my face 4) rinse off GENTLY with a SOFT wash cloth 5) apply tazorac and let it dry for 5 minutes 6) if I am dry I will apply cetaphil moisturizer
clearingmyskin - healingmyskin - gettingridofacne - makeup - skincare - cliniquemakeup - clinique - aczone - hyperpigmentation - skinroutine - acne - acnecommunity - savingmyskin - neutrogena - tazorac - cetaphil -
myskinsjourney : #clinique #cliniquemakeup #hyperpigmentation #acne #aczone #tazorac #skinroutine #gettingridofacne #clearingmyskin #neutrogena #savingmyskin #skincare #makeup #cetaphil #cliniquemakeup #acnecommunity #healingmyskin
skincareblogger - __eerriinn_ -
Makeup routine: 1) Do skin routine 2) While the cetaphil is drying(2-3min$ I apply my Clinique High Impact Waterproof Mascara 2) Apply Clinique Super City Block Oil-Free Daily Face Protector Broad Spectrum SPF 40-using hands 3) As that dries(2-3min) I apply my eyeliner, I prefer the rolly kind. The brand doesn't matter for me 4) I apply my Clinique All About the Eyes Concealer. I make a Z/ zigzag line on my concealer brush 5) Depending on how dry/oily my skin is I will pick a foundation. Either Clinique Acne Solutions Liquid Makeup(for OILY DAYS since it has salicylic acid) Clinique Even Better Makeup SPF 15(DRY DAYS) I apply a quarter sized amount onto the back of my hand and use the stippling brush that I ordered from BH Cosmetics. 6) I used the desired amount of Clinique Blended Face Powder and Brush(the brush sucks so I use my own from bareminerals) 7)Blush. I use true match but it really doesn't matter.
clearingmyskin - makeup - hyperpigmentation - skinroutine - gettingridofacne - acne - skincare - neutrogena - cliniquemakeup - savingmyskin - clinique - tazorac - cetaphil - aczone -
myskinsjourney : 8)Apply lipstick of your choice. I use the chubby stick from Clinique
myskinsjourney : #clinique #cliniquemakeup #hyperpigmentation #acne #aczone #tazorac #skinroutine #gettingridofacne #clearingmyskin #neutrogena #savingmyskin #skincare #makeup #cetaphil #cliniquemakeup
kaimeescott : Honestly my acne was horrible for 5 years and it's only in the last 2 years since I changed my life that it's made a difference but I literally just stopped wearing foundation and coverup and hard as it was, your skin needs time breathe and heal. Also your prodcuts probably aren't penetrating your skin because of all the build up from the makeup so try steaming your face atleast once a week. Boil the kettle, fill a bowl and cover your head with a towel and out your face abover the steam be careful not to go to close, this will be like a mini sauna for your skin and will sweat out toxins and open up your pores so your cleansers and stuff can actually work properly.
shajirenee - __eerriinn_ - adorable_dope -
First let's talk brushes. I clean them every other day with dawn dish soap. I WASH MY HANDS WITH DAWN DISH SOAP FIRST. I use the right brush first for concealer. I put the concealer directly onto the brush first then apply it to my face. Left brush is for foundation. I put about a quarter size amount onto the back of my hand and use a stippling motion. Last brush I use is a brush from a bare minerals kit(hated that makeup btw...) it use this for my loose powder and my blush. Anyone struggling with acne knows the struggle of covering up our scars and acne.
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myskinsjourney : #acne #gettingridofacne #myacnestory #hyperpigmentation #clearingmyskin #dermatologist #tazorac #aczone #cetaphil #makeup
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Right side, and the pics don't even do it justice #aczone
aczone -
xoxobaybayxoxo : You're going to need about a hundred bottles at a min.
dilemmas_ : How soon was this after starting aczone? How long did it take to see results 😁😁😁
ccoryea2014 : About 2.5 weeks. It sounds crazy, but I saw a huge improvement the first day I started it. I've seen continued improvement each day and max improvement isn't seen until week 12! The first thing I noticed was how it brought the redness and inflammation down. It's greatly reduced my active lesion count and appears to now be helping with the dark spots (post inflammatory hyper pigmentation), but that could also be the Retin-A, although I doubt it since I've been on Retin-A for years.
ccoryea2014 : @dilemmas_
dilemmas_ : Oh brilliant! As long as spots dont get worse i can certainly count on slower healing
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Two weeks on #Aczone (#dapsone 5%) gel! Pic on left was taken day I started Aczone and the pic on the right was taken yesterday! #acne #beforeandafter
dapsone - beforeandafter - acne - aczone -
ccoryea2014 : Yeah, we're basically just treating the bacteria and pore clogging. I think the biggest problem for me is oil though and nothing really works on that except accutane which basically just shuts down the glands that secret oil (which is why your skin gets so dry) no oil=no acne
ccoryea2014 : @trapboicor
almightico : @ccoryea2014 yeah, I'm only on this monodox for a month so after this month if my face is cleared up/or is horrible I'm gonna ask for accutane either way. I'm gonna have some scarring on the right side of my face though. Oh not sure if I mentioned this but I hate going on doxy because the sun feels like it's 1 millions degrees and plus I live in Florida so :(
ccoryea2014 : I live in North Carolina so it's not a ton better. I'm probably going to have scaring too. Something my derm did that sounded good in theory (not really sure it worked) was stopped the epiduo (which has the active ingredient of adapalene .1%) for generic tretinoin .1%. It's a lot harsher but works better on exfoliating the skin and therefore helping to repair damaged scar tissue and make it fade. The first week I went on in though was terrible, it brought a nasty breakout to the surface (called "purging") and on top of that I was peeling like a lizard and it burned. I guess it does a better job at turning over the skin tho. Thank god that was during summer.
almightico : @ccoryea2014 haha yeah. I feel like my face has adapted and found ways to work around aczone and epiduo to the point where it's not helping it heal at all but it is preventing my acne from spreading faster. If that makes any sense lol.
ccoryea2014 : @trapboicor Yeah, that's why my derm switched my antibiotic from Cleocin to Klaron, my skin was so used to the cleocin. I wouldn't really recommend the tretinoin though, it seems too harsh. Like my acne (big red bumps) have just seemed more irritated. The only reason I sort of like it is because all the little tiny bumps that aren't pimples but you can see if you look close have gone away.
ccoryea2014 : @trapboicor How's the Mondox working. My derm called in some more doxy (50mg 2x a day), a month supply then she won't call in anymore. I've got an appointment with another derm on October 2nd tho.
almightico : @ccoryea2014 it's working good. I've had a few small pimples on my chin (3 or 4) and that's been it. When I first started doxy last year my face had an initial breakout like a week after I was put on it, so far I have had that, yet lol. But I've noticed hair loss and I'm not sure if that's because I'm really stressed out over school or if it's the doxy. I'm gonna try and start excersizing more so I can sweat all of the bad oils out of my pores and get them out of there.
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10 days on #Aczone
aczone -
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After a bout with cystic acne, I updated my skin routine. New video live on my channel.
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africamiranda : I'm having that issue right now! 😩watching the vid
justmelody : @africamiranda it's the pits! 😔 Hopefully it helps!
justmelody : #aczone #aczonegel #cysticacne #skincare #bblogger #ziana
samaralewis : Me too and it's so random!
justmelody : @samaralewis very random, quite annoying.
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One week on #Aczone #Dapsone Gel!
dapsone - aczone -
ashlibbie : Awesome! I just got prescribed this today
aromeroooo - ashleyywolff - andipittman - kristens_life -
Post holiday pm skincare is @omorovicza cleansing balm #aczone anti acne px cream @3labskincare WW eye cream and @sisley Black Rosé Cream Mask. The sun has dried me out so now it's time to hydrate like crazy!
postholiday - aczone - sisley - blackrose - mask - antiaging - bblogger - hydration - bedtime - sun - dryskin - 3lab - omorovicza - eyecream -
beautygypsy : #3lab #omorovicza #sisley #blackrose #mask #postholiday #dryskin #sun #hydration #antiaging #eyecream #bedtime #bblogger
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48hr. Improvement of Acne on #Aczone (Dapsone) gel. Dapsone was originally used to treat serious skin conditions such as leprosy but is now being used to treat acne. 2 days and already noticing significant improvement in #redness #inflammation and #pain. This stuff works!
pain - aczone - inflammation - redness -
myskinsjourney - ashleyywolff - kristens_life - happyvegangal -
Thank you #ACzone for this very practical wallet. Am very blessed by the night activities and fun.. #jamschurch #chcjamschurch #mychurchmylife #augustbabies #blessedheartblessedtummy #blessedheart #iamloved #iamblessed #iamblessedandhighlyfavoured #iamahappygirl #postbirthdaygift @adielchoy77
aczone - augustbabies - iamblessedandhighlyfavoured - iamblessed - postbirthdaygift - jamschurch - mychurchmylife - blessedheart - iamahappygirl - chcjamschurch - blessedheartblessedtummy - iamloved -
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Price for 1 small tube of #Aczone #dapsone Gel, a new way to treat acne (not benzoyl peroxide, an antibiotic, or retinoid). How much will you pay for clear skin?
dapsone - aczone -
jaynestarrz : Your insurance didn't over at all?
myskinsjourney - lindsey_ball - nsporrett -
Skin Care Post: If you have skin issues (acne, texture, scarring, etc) I highly recommend these products. As a previous acne sufferer- (still get breakouts near time of the month) these products cleared my skin! One in particular called Aczone which is a prescription from my derm. It is non drying and makes redness literally disappear! Changed my life I swear lol been using it for a little over a year now! I wash my face with my Clarisonic Aria with sensitive brush head and use PanOxyl cleanser (need to grab more). Then I tone my face with just one of my toners- i switch on and off- love Witch Hazel! Then I use my Aczone and once its dry you can apply your moisturizer mine is by CeraVe love this- also helps with clearing acne scarring overtime with hyaluronic acid and ceramides! Then you can apply make-up or leave natural! Last but, not least, Rosemary essential oil is awesome can be used for so many things including darkening eyebrows, hair etc! I use it in my shampoo and on my eyebrows with a moisturizer since it tends to be drying and you can also use it as a spot treatment for acne and the pimple will literally go down in size or be gone by the next day! (Sorry for such a long post) 😜
acne - glowingskin - rosemaryoil - skincare - acnefree - beautifulskin - skin - clarisonic - moisturizer - acneremedy - freshface - glow - regimen - aczone - acnescarring - aria - witchhazel - burtsbees - cerave - skinregimen -
mua_gina_longo : #skincare #clarisonic #aria #aczone #cerave #moisturizer #acne #acnefree #rosemaryoil #witchhazel #burtsbees #skin #skinregimen #beautifulskin #glow #glowingskin #regimen #freshface #acneremedy #acnescarring
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Size comparison between the AC zone and 66 percenter. #redstitchtactical #aczone #66percenter #staticsteeltargets #steeltargets #shootsteel
redstitchtactical - aczone - staticsteeltargets - shootsteel - 66percenter - steeltargets -
disruptiveindustries - kdl_federation - ks_gun_slinger - brandonjamesgraham -
اول تجربه للكميرا قو برو من جد وناسه واكشن #aczone الصوره في مكتبنا
aczone -
ghassanalmajed : مافي تخفيضات بهذه المناسبة ؟
diver_moh : أكيد مع كل مكيف نصورك سلفي ونحط الصوره في الانستقرام ونضبط لك غمازات بالفوتوشوب @ghassanalmajed لوووول
diver_moh : @ghassanalmajed الحين بولع الجمر حياك اذا قريب
ghassanalmajed : @diver_moh حياك انت انا خاطر الجسر احتريك
jthab : مبروك ولا تنسى تعمل لها اب دايت ضروري
diver_moh : @jthab بشرك سويت اب ديت بعد عناء بس باقي القش الي جا معها مادري حق ايش !! أتوقع عشان يثقل العلبه حقتها بس
jthab : @diver_moh بكرا امر عليك ونشوفها سوا
karbooj - fahad_2299 - bassam1010 - a_almassari -
I know it's not transformation Tuesday or wat ever lol idc. But I wanted to share my progress wit my struggle wit acne/rosacea. I am very self conscious about my face even til this day! I no longer have severe breakouts like I used to but even the slightest little pimples/cysts that I get upset me, I know they shouldn't because my face has progressed a lot from wat it used to be but my mind just works that way! Anyways I'm happy about how much better my face has gotten it's just a daily struggle within myself everyday to remind myself that it's not as bad as it used to be! I guess it'll just take some time, K I'm done now lol that's my transformation Tuesday on a Wednesday haha #ittookalotformetopostthis #veryinsecureaboutmyface #thisisabigstepforward #togettingridofmyinsecurities #constantstruggle #gottagetoverit #happyaboutmyprogress #almostayearintomytreatment #stillgotalittlewaystogo #itllgetthere #ilovemydermatologist #DrRohan #shesawesome #aczone #doxycycline #finecea #cerave #everydayroutine #takecareofyourfaces
veryinsecureaboutmyface - togettingridofmyinsecurities - finecea - doxycycline - everydayroutine - almostayearintomytreatment - thisisabigstepforward - shesawesome - ilovemydermatologist - drrohan - itllgetthere - stillgotalittlewaystogo - aczone - constantstruggle - gottagetoverit - happyaboutmyprogress - ittookalotformetopostthis - takecareofyourfaces - cerave -
sluglove_ : Dude I'll give you her number of you want it 😊 first visits $100 after that it's $60 but that's cause when I went to her I didn't have insurance. I think the visits are cheaper of you have insurance tho! @anuhhbear
sluglove_ : if*
anuhhbear : Please ! Yea I just got insurance. @sluglove_
sluglove_ : K I'm pretty sure this is the number 714-284-4912. Her names Dr. Rohan 😃 @anuhhbear
ninasamaan : Hii :) I've been taking doxy (100mg/day) & aczone for about a month and I've already seen a huge difference! how long did it take you to see changes?
sluglove_ : Hello 😊 yeah that's my daily routine as well! It took me about 4-6 months to really start clearing up. I have still get breakouts but not as bad as I used too, they usually heal a little quicker too! I'd say stick wit it for 6 months, if you don't see that it's progressing too much then I'd talk to your derm! @ninasamaan
abhishah24 : I'm taking doxycycline at the moment and finishing up my first month when did you start seeing improvement? @sluglove_
tengiris : @kiaraaring
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#Acne looks a ton better but I'm supposed to use another prescription cream. Anyone use #Tazerac? I already use #Aczone in the mornings. Need to make another #toner for my face. #beauty#skin#skincare
skincare - tazerac - aczone - beauty - toner - skin - acne -
casey_shea21 - briannadramatic - skincare_guy - brooklynsownrr -
The pharmacy/medical industry got me messed up right now. $306.94 after insurance....originally $809.94 for face cream. #overpriced #wtf #nottoday #really #ripoff #aczone
aczone - overpriced - wtf - ripoff - nottoday - really -
travnation80 : #aczone is the shit however mind went up on my insurance as well @linlatrice so they had to give me something else
linlatrice : OK thanks for shining some light on this...I just got off the phone with my prescription insurance company just to be told the prescription went up and it took them 40 minutes to explain that @travnation80
travnation80 : @linlatrice yep and people think obamacare is a problem...they sent me a letter and told me I was like well thank god I check my mail
the_missroshow : Their is a coupon available for aczone where you only pay $10 or $25. My insurance, thankfully, covers the entire expense but my dermatologist gave me the coupons just in case. Ask them about it!
travnation80 - annewickham0588 -
Bedtime routine: @naturabisse glycolic eye serum #cosmedecorte moisture liposome #drdewy lip cure #aczone px cream @jamesreadtan liquid tan ( second night in a row really liking it) and #laprarie energizing body spray ( this smells like your in a luxury spa)
drdewy - laprarie - japaneseproducts - bblogger - bedtime - skin - antiaging - bronze - glow - cosmedecorte - aczone - skinroutine - naturabisse - matureskin - selftanner - luxury - lipbalm - beautygypsy -
beautygypsy : #skin #skinroutine #bedtime #luxury #selftanner #laprarie #naturabisse #lipbalm #cosmedecorte #japaneseproducts #aczone #antiaging #glow #bronze #matureskin #bblogger #beautygypsy
myhighstandards : nice
naturabisse : ❤️
naturabissebeauty - edwardzo - love_fashion_diva - naturabisse -
#isthisacupcakeorwhat #strong #aczone #yum
yum - strong - aczone - isthisacupcakeorwhat -
ateamspringer : Love it!!!! #strong #aczone
mamcau2 - steph_mosier - bburns4477 - tripletmommyplus3 -
Clear skin! No filters! #vitaminA #retinA #aldactone #aczone
aldactone - retina - aczone - vitamina -
ccaylyn_11 - monicaleuenroth - jenniesaisquoi - jen_willman -
My skin has improved so much in 6 mo #aczone #aldactone and #retin-A #vitA works!! No makeup #nofilters just got off my 14hr shift! 😳
aldactone - retin - vita - nofilters - aczone -
mrskbarnett : What do you use I'm trying to find something for my daugter face
ohnurseandrea : Rx RetinA cream, Rx Aczone cream, and I take Aldactone pills once a day. I started seeing a dermatologist 6mo ago
sherrycoupons - fenrisulfer - mommajenn02 - aeriefayetality -
Pm skin regime. Aczone and tazaroc px cream ( skin breaks out as soon as I enter the plane seem suggested I do extra layer of acne creams) @clarinsparis double serum #naturabisse Diamond white cleanser and new retiinol eye serum ( psyched to try this)
bblogger - perfectskin - aczone - naturabisse - matureskin - acne - youth - diamondcollection - clarins - complexion - tazaroc - antiaging - eyecream -
beautygypsy : #naturabisse #eyecream #diamondcollection #acne #complexion #youth #antiaging #matureskin #clarins #aczone #tazaroc #perfectskin #bblogger
_nickyangelo_ : Double serum!! 😍😍😍
nourah_almalhan : @abrar_g_m
raxzamena : I'll try a zone same here i break out every time i travel :/ thx for sharing
clarinsparis - kassja - mariafaffner - janidtaylor -
Let's see how this goes.. bye acne! #aczone #tazorac #minocycline100mg #acnebegone #acne #day1 #nofilter
nofilter - aczone - minocycline100mg - acnebegone - tazorac - acne - day1 -
devinjoval : Sorry for being a creep, but has this been working for you? How soon did you see results? My derm just prescribed me to this. Thanks!
acmead : @devinjoval in like 2 to 3 days for sure. It doesn't help that when stressing out bad the medicine can't fully prevent the acne. But I love the combo.
myskinsjourney - screamrob_ - destiniscrazywrappage - highlifesammi504 -
Now onto the acne routine, #clarisonicplus #acnefree #benzoylperoxide #vanicream #Aczone #Differin #CleocinT
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Daytime ritual 😕 24yrs old but still got teenage issues #topicalmeds #Acne #Aczone #Obagi #Shiseido
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Rooftop pool party with #Aczone
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Tonight's " must haves" @omorovicza new skin polish ( just released) la prairie dry oil ( just reviewed recently on beautygypsy. Com) aczone to fight blemishes and Maison Francis Kurkdijan body cream in aqua Universalis.
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atoof2008 : @veevooa @rasha_symphony شوفو هذي وعناياتها بالجسم
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