All my April empties. #origins #esteelauder #cvs #drdennisgross #hourglass #clinique #europeanwaxcenter #thebodyshop #aczone #nude #yestotomatoes #ren #whiteninglightning #empties
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I am wearing the new @sisleyparisusa photo-eye twist in #6. Details on blog link in profile.
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makeupwithmona : Your skin 😍😍😍😍 flawless I'm dealing with some bumps on my cheeks at the moment I don't know what to do about them πŸ˜”
beautygypsy : @peoniesandpoems I'm wearing @cledepeaubeauteus concealer with @byterryofficial velouté concealer on top.
beautygypsy : @rania_ny thank you 😊
beautygypsy : @samadams33 hi. Yes I use shade # 4 and 5 and absolutely love it. I need to review it but I highly recommend it.
beautygypsy : @makeupwithmona I know that's frustrating. I use #aczone and #tazarac religiously. Really helps a lot. Are you going to the @themakeupshow tomorrow?
makeupwithmona : I was planning on going but I'm feeling super sick I'm so bummed out I was looking forward to more hakuhodo brushes πŸ˜”
beautygypsy : @makeupwithmona I'm sorry to hear that. Feel better πŸ˜”
makeupwithmona : Thank you have fun ❀️
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#Currently using these 4 products on a daily basis for my #Acne prone skin...problem is, my face gets soooooooo dry! Any suggestions on thick moisturizers? #Help #Aczone #Epiduo #Cetaphil #Skin
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brandiwiyne : Emu oil
_shearfaith : Mary Kay time wise moisturizer is great
spinback_kas : Dermalogica Barrier Repair
kaylahopee : I work at a dermatologist I don't know how they are telling you to do it but here's how we tell the patients. In the morning you wash your face with a cleanser. Then moisturize it then put the aczone on in the morning. Then at night time same thing but use the epiduo instead of the aczone since it drys the skin a lot more
kaylahopee : And the foam wash drys the skin more too so maybe find a another cleanser from that brand or cerave
therealpretti_mini : @kaylahopee cool thanks boo! Imma do that from now on
petejamag : You should try Aveeno Daily Moisture Lotion. It is hands down the best moisturizer you will ever find. It's VERY moisturizing but is NOT oily or thick, it disappears straight away. Plus it's very healing. It changed my life πŸ˜‰
tram__tran : Aquaphor at night!
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More hardware on deck to get out on a range near you. #redstitchtactical #pepperpopper #AR500 #shootsteel #aczone #steeltargets #uspsa #idpa #threegun
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Just had my 3m speedglas 9100 fx sprayed and carbon fibre wrapped by @revolutionpaintwork WHAT A FUCKING JOB HES DONE TAKE A FUCKING BOW M8!! #speedglas #3m #weldporn #tigaesthetics #tiglove #proudwelder #pipewelding #realworldwelding #alltigeverything #gravytrain #hoodmoney #hooddropsbullshitstops #carbonwrap #weldcartel #weldernation #weldingfreaks #weldingsmostwanted #weldeverydamnday #weldcollective #WeldLikeAPro #aczone #fabshopporn
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txpipeliner351 : Is that the adflow? @mattyboydturnnburn : 😍 3m
mattyboydturnnburn : @txpipeliner351 yeah but i dont have the adflo unit it costs another £600 and the hood was £500 i dont have that kinda money lol
txpipeliner351 : I feel you on that one bud @mattyboydturnnburn
gabriel__martell : @rich_martell
manccarmods : Cool!
machemp95 : Great results mate, just seen yours on aspiring arts of welding and fabrication πŸ‘Š
jimwatsonjr : πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘Š
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Slowly but surely. I have been on minocycline and aczone for a little over a month now. My skin is actually smooth now and I'm just waiting for the darker spots to heal and go away. You can't even tell I have acne when I'm wearing makeup and it's awesome! #aczone #minocycline #acne #myacnejourney
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fragilebird_ : @rebeccafield0501 definitely use CereVe moisturizer then. My skin is suuuuuper sensitive and it is so light and gentle. I was on generess Fe birth control and that cleared up my acne 100%. (Unfortunately my insurance doesn't cover it anymore) no problem! Glad I could help a little! Let me know if you need anything else. I've been struggling with acne for 11 years haha
rebeccafield0501 : I think birth control is my second option if I don't see improvement within the next 3 months (I was told to give it that long). Your skin looks amazing, thank you for your reply! @fragilebird_
fragilebird_ : @rebeccafield0501 try ordering online! And no problem :)
rebeccafield0501 : What foundation do u use by her? @fragilebird_
fragilebird_ : @rebeccafield0501 I actually use her bb cream, and then the real deal concealer and use her color correcting powder
rebeccafield0501 : I want to order! Just get nervous with picking the right colour @fragilebird_
fragilebird_ : @rebeccafield0501 yeah I know what you mean. :( I went into Ulta and got matched. I wish I could help you with that!
louisekeaton : Hi! I have been taking minocyline and passing epiduo gel every night. Its almost 2 weeks. How is your skin? Is it working? I'm so desesperate. I never had acne problems before. My skin always was fine and perfect. πŸ˜• I'm losing my self- esteem.
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My skin is starting to break out so its back to basics for a few days. #Aczone and #Tazaroc to fight off blemishes and @glossier products that are fragrance free and simple.
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hwimein : Thank u @beautygypsy do u use moisturiser after it?
danielladalia : @beautygypsy off to derm to change up routine, too. Epiduo has kept me clear for years but after chemo and now herceptin infusions my skin is a wreck. I'm going to mention aczone and tazaroc. I tried tazaroc alone in the past without results. But now I'm 40 and my skin has changed since chemo- dry with acne! Thank you so much for your posts! You're beautiful no matter what!
beautygypsy : @hwimein yes always as I have dry skin. I wait 10 min min for everything to absorb then follow with moisturizer.
beautygypsy : @danielladalia you look amazing for 40. I hope your health is better and chemo can def change your skin. Also turning 40 can change your skin it did with me. Tazaroc is much stronger then retin a so some people can't tolerate it but see if your skin is ready for it. Cheers to a good and healthy future☺️
glossier : 😘😘
hwimein : @beautygypsy Thank u for the tips. My skin is peeling badly from tretinion cream. Sometimes dunno which is worse the acne or the flaky skin. At least acne can be hidden by concealer lol
danielladalia : @beautygypsy 😘
beautygypsy : @hwimein skin changes so often and reacts to climate change , hormones and age. I change products when my skin changes. You just have to listen to your skin ie if it's thirsty give it water and dry give it oil. It's a lot of work but I'm in my 40's and have had a regime since I was 18.
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Got a nice run on some stainless today not that big but every little helps πŸ‘Š what you guys/girls think? #stainlessteel #tigwelding #welder #aczone #thermalarc #beads #dipping #wire #torch #life #factory #graft #run #tidy
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machemp95 : @weldporn
louisiana.savage : Tbh you seem good at ur job😁 : Very nice πŸ‘ πŸ‘Œ πŸ‘ 🌹
boilerblair79 : Looks good bro keep it up live to weld weld to live...@machemp95
machemp95 : @boilerblair79 thanks mate πŸ‘Š
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Tonight's skin routine is about attending to my dry acne prone skin and unruly brows using @omorovicza cleansing balm @tataharper Moisturizing Mask #Aczone anti acne px cream @jamesreadtan sleep mask and @saniasbrowbar killer tweezer to keep my brows tidy!
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bubblymichelle : Omorovicza! πŸ‘ Always love seeing that balm in picsπŸ‘ŒπŸ˜
beautygypsy : #gettheglow #radiantskin
danielladalia : @beautygypsy really aczone? I've been using epiduo for years but it's not really doing the job lately. I like it bc it has retinoids and BP - goo for us over 40 with acne breakouts. Would love to know your take.
danielladalia : P.S. I love Sania! I miss her doing my brows not that I don't live in the city. So happy for her product line!!
beautygypsy : @bubblymichelle isn't it great?
beautygypsy : @danielladalia I've been using #aczone for about 4 years and really like it. I do get occasional blemish when hormonal but overall keeps my breakouts away. Worth looking into.
tataharper : πŸ’—
nicoleraudonis : Did you notice more breakouts in the beginning of using aczone? Just started it and a bunch of acne appeared.
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Skincare routine update! Cleanser: Cerave -used morning and night Aczone: morning Moisturizer: Cerave am&pm moisturizers @ceraveskin RetinaA- used at night Sephora makeup remover for eyes Clarisonic Plus-used morning&night @clarisonic #skincare #acne #beauty #makeup #makeupartist #life #blog #progress #future #love #cerave #retinaA #aczone #clarisonic #clarisonicplus #followme #follow #daily #routine #pretty #beautyispain
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beautyo_ : Awesome :)
fragilebird_ : Love CereVe and Aczone πŸ™Œ
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Why I have the passion I do... this is my face. The tops are about a year and a half ago, when my journey with acne was at its peak. The bottom left is at Prom, last April of 2014, just a few weeks after starting my new, simpler, regimen (and a spray tan, of course. Never real!), that is much less harsh than what I was previously doing. The bottom center - what my naked skin looks like now. And the bottom right is just how smooth it looks with a little makeup πŸ˜‰ I never left the house without makeup to hide my acne, and I used to look in the mirror and cry at the way my face looked. Trust me, I get it. And now, people NEVER believe that those top pictures are my face. I've even been able to lighten my acne SCARRING since then. It just takes dedication!
picklesforever9514 : Thank you☺️
rebeccafield0501 : How long were you on minicycline? My doctor has me on it 8 weeks (doxycycline) and aczone morning and night. I'm about 6 weeks into the oral medicine but I want to stop, heard all the negatives about treating with oral antibiotics. @estheticsbykait
nicoleraudonis : Did you notice more breakouts in the beginning of using aczone? Just started it and a bunch of acne appeared.
estheticsbykait : @rebeccafield0501 I'm not sure about the exact time frame... I think probably 6-7 months is my guess, but it may have been longer. For me, it was worth the risk. I was so over being broken out all the time. And once I was on it, I was scared that my skin was going to go crazy once I got back off.
estheticsbykait : @nicoleraudonis since I took minocycline and used aczone at the same time, I'm not sure which caused my increased break outs in the beginning. For me, they lasted probably less than two weeks. And my doctors warned me that that could happen, and that it was my antibiotics working from the inside to push all the gunk to the surface. Maybe the aczone is drawing impurities out.
nicoleraudonis : That's what I'm hoping. I'll try anything at this point.
estheticsbykait : @nicoleraudonis push through!!! It'll be sooo worth it 😊 good luck!
creativeedge : @__elizabeth_grace
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Day four: my face is SUPER dry today. It's peeling and my lips are chapped. I'm not sure if it's from the face medicine or if there was a change in the air over night, but there's definitely a difference. The big spot on my cheek is the main reason the doctor put my on antibiotics. I had an infection under my skin and it has finally gone away for the most part. Now all i have left is a dry patch of skin. Sorry if these posts gross anybody out or if they're annoying. They're mostly for me so i can see how far I've come. #Skinsecurities #Aczone #ClearingUpNicely
clearingupnicely - skinsecurities - aczone - : Look at yooooooooou
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Just posted an insta clip showing what I use to cover my acne! My skin has been really suffering lately and I finally took the plunge and went to a dermatologist (as an esthetician, you have to swallow your pride to see a skin doctor). Acne has started clearing on my left cheek, but the right cheek has gotten worse. I will keep y'all updated on the progress, but until then- thank God for makeup! πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™#acnecover#aczone#differin#dermatologist#gettingridofacne#nomoreacne#acnescarring#coveringacne#beforeandafter#makeupismagic
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djransomdollars : @rsrhairandmakeup nice
rsrhairandmakeup : @havakhan I don't have one! Lol
havakhan : upload the one @rsrhairandmakeup
tparmar90 : @rsrhairandmakeup
mrjones_andme : Gorgeous!
rsrhairandmakeup : @mrjones_andme thank you!!!
theyouthfairy : @rsrhairandmakeup hi! You are really beautiful:)) I would really like to connect with you! I am a stylist and have been introduced to a new product that has changed my skin in 6 weeks!! Take a look at my profile, I have a lot of pictures on it:))
fitnessbriii : Has differin helped? I'm on day 3 and I've noticed more breakouts.
accutanefaith - forbiddenglamour - - theyouthfairy -
Sorry 'bout the selfie, but It feels so good to be able to put only mascara on instead of a full face of makeup and be confident about my skin. (Partly because u am not one of those people who have the time or patience for full makeup every day) #aczone, cutting out fast food and reducing soda intake has made a huge difference and I couldn't be happier about it.
aczone -
outtatimemcfly : How is the aczone working for you still? I'm on it now :-)
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Update im now on 100mg of #spironolactone. I'm also using #aczone #retina!! It's slowly getting better...
spironolactone - retin - retina - aczone -
doutoraretina : Show!!!
clearingacne23 : #retin-a
marys_couponing : Wow! So are those all topicals?
clearskinjourney_ : @clearingacne23 did you have any initial outbreak either when you started or when you upped your dose?
clearingacne23 : @clearskinjourney_ no initial breakout from upping my dose. When I first started spiro I had also started retina and that gave me a bad initial breakout but I have no active pimples just a few clogged pores and a bunch of hyperpigmentation
gladys.a.benitez : How many weeks is this?
clearingacne23 : @gladitsgladys I started spironolactone in December but didn't up my dose until January to 100mg my face purged with the retin-a for a couple weeks before I saw improvement
clearingacne23 : @kobybryant yes!
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Rear shot of the AC zone target on heavy 2x4 base. Simple, heavy duty. No cheap angle iron bases for any of our targets. 15 degree tilt to direct spatter down and not back at the shooter. #redstitchtactical #ar500 #steeltargets #shotshow #shootsteel #aczone
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ryangilpatrick : @redstitchtactical im in need of more steel. Got any specials on scratch and dent items?
redstitchtactical : @ryangilpatrick all orders placed during #shotshow next week are getting 20% off.
ryangilpatrick : @redstitchtactical sweet. Thanks brother.
bravlio : @sam_ean209 @l_e_o91
l_e_o91 : Looks just like our project @bravlio
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After twenty years of trial and error, I may have finally gained the upper hand against my acne. Two products have been total game changers for me: I'd never used a face brush before a few months ago, but after being turned on to the idea, I got a grocery store cheapo and actually got pretty decent results from just that, so then I started saving up for a @clarisonic Mia. It's absolutely been a worthy investment. At the risk of sounding like an infomercial, it removes way more than my fingers alone ever could during cleansing, and it does so surprisingly gently. I use the acne brush head and cleanse with it every night. No getting lazy! Doesn't matter how late it is or how tired you are, you HAVE to thoroughly cleanse at night. The other product that's been miraculous for me is @paulaschoice 2% BHA (salicylic acid) liquid exfoliant, used twice a day after cleansing. This is been so effective for me that I might even be able to retire my expensive #Aczone gel, which only gets me mixed results anyway. These products are available from their company websites and elsewhere. I bought mine from @birchbox. #Birchbox #BirchBloggers #Mia #PaulasChoice #Acne #Skincare #AdultAcne #review
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karlaepstein : I'd love a clarisonic! Good to hear you're loving it.
misslydia17 : @karlaepstein They're pricey but absolutely worth it, and they make different kinds of brush heads for different kinds of skin. :)
nailea_fer : Amazing!!:)
pitouute - esinapturahim96 - paulaschoice - myntbox -
Clear skin is FINALLY beginning to happen on my face again. Praise #aczone
aczone -
sloannn4 : Might have to ask you about that if it really works!!
myfluffytrio - mariela_p1111 - ajtripp08 - trt22 -
Great visit from my favorite SantaπŸŽ… #aczone
aczone -
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& today is the OFFER day!!! 😁 you can still book your facial appointment for the dayπŸ’†harry up ladies and enjoy SPA107 special offer, discounted from BD30 to BD20 for today only❗️ #skincare #facial #toner #exfoliatingpeel #allnatural #cleanser #itworks #manicure #pedicure #lookchic #girl #diadespa #godisgood #nutrition #laprarie #proactive #selfie #beautiful #journey #skintreatment #scar #jesusisreal #inspiration #nomakeup #fitmom #aczone #business #followforfollow #invest #acne
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afnan993 : @n_aloraibi
amo0olii_5 : Thank you for an amazing facial experience 🌹🌹❀️
spa107 : @amo0olii_5 Thank you gorgeous😘 We are glad you enjoyed our La Prarie facial ❀️
ppmgaustin : Thanks for sharing #Follow #Follow4Follow #FollowBack
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If you suffer from #adultacne don't give up! After 4 years of struggling with different dermatologists & trying to convince myself that I wasn't an ostrich.... I finally found my what works! Lot's of water. #doxycycline #tretinoin #aczone #vitamins A, D & Zinc #itworks skin & hair vitamins & coconut oil *test it for 3 days / everyone has a different reaction* #freshface #natural #dontgiveup # surround yourself with positive people!!! #staypositive
tretinoin - aczone - vitamins - dontgiveup - staypositive - doxycycline - adultacne - natural - itworks - freshface -
maryquiachon : @devi_annrose75 how long did u see the results from tretinoin? Did it fade ur scars? 😊
lunadaisy93 : How do u take zinc and antibiotics? together or separately? @devi_anrose75
devi_anrose75 : @maryquiachon it has taken almost 1 year, I'm still struggling. Darn hormones is what's messing me up! Sorry for my delay. :)
devi_anrose75 : @lunadaisy93 I take my vitamins after lunch & antibiotics before bed time. :)
lunadaisy93 : Thanks for replying
lunadaisy93 : Did antibiotics help ur acne?? how long have u been on it? @devi_anrose75
devi_anrose75 : @lunadaisy93 oh no problem. Acne is such a struggle, trust me, I feel you. Yes, i noticed when I stop taking them, within a month I started breaking out again. I stop taking them a few months ago, however I'm going to get back on them & stick with it.
devi_anrose75 : I also do a egg whites, lemon & baking soda mask once a week. It helps clear the skin. :)
vann.trang - phformula - theitworks_life101 - jamie_angulo12 -
I could scream!!! This is me today after I've been posting photos of my #skinprogress. The #dermatologist took me off of #Minocycline because I am #allergic to it. Now I'm taking #Amoxocillin and still using #Aczone. #Aczone is amazing at reducing the appearance of the #acne but every day it's a new #blemish. Has anyone had this setback? I feel miserable and I have to work at #maccosmetics today. #adultacne #pcos #skinproblems #badskin #accutane #acne #ihatemyskin #helpme #skintrouble #skin #makeup
makeup - skinproblems - pcos - dermatologist - maccosmetics - minocycline - blemish - aczone - helpme - accutane - acne - amoxocillin - skintrouble - badskin - adultacne - ihatemyskin - skin - skinprogress - allergic -
exquisitehealthspa : Follow us :)
danideneur : Did the minocycline make you dizzy/nauseous?
chimereladawn : Yesssssssss, @danideneur! For nearly a month, I felt like I was not of this world: nauseous, dizzy, lethargic, and just not right. I stayed in bed many days while I was taking it. I could never describe it to anyone. I just knew I felt very wrong. I finally went to the ER to find that I'm allergic to it and was treated for vertigo. I'm glad I'm able to wrote about it because I could be dead or very I'll. Smh. had my skin looking like chocolate butter. Hope this helps. XO.
danideneur : Thank you @chimereladawn I feel awful. I've been taking it all week. Maybe I should mention it to my doctor. I just want to stay in bed alllll day!
chimereladawn : I know. I understand. Please say something to your doctor and keep me posted on what he/she says. If you can't wait, head to your ER. The lethary is no joke. I'm here if you have more questions, @danideneur.
danideneur : Okay I will. Thank you so much! @chimereladawn
muff06 : @chimereladawn I myself have suffered from cystic acne.. until recently nothing seemed to work due to the sensitivity of my skin.. about 4 months ago I went to a new dermatologist.. you should try over the counter Panoxyl cream wash (available at Wal-greens), BenzaClin during the day and Retin -A at night.. it works wonders.. I too was allergic to Minocycline! Horrible side effects.
rmramsey7 : Hey! I have seen amazing results from Rodan + Fields products!!! They have clinically proven skincare! Email me if interested in learning more!
skincareblogger - exquisitehealthspa - jmbartistry2 -
really hope this helps clear my acne πŸ”» #aczone (the packaging is right in line with my aesthetic)
aczone -
elvandreaa : Hey:) did aczone work for you?
1050hz : @elvandreaa there's a huge difference. The number of break outs is a lot smaller and what's remaining is just scarring. I get a few pimples here and there but not nearly as frequently. A lot of people have said that my face looks a lot clearer !
karininavarro - toothpastekiss18 - anniemikolajski -
1) wash with cold water with cetaphil 2)wait to dry, use aczone 3)let dry, apply cetaphil moisturizer 4)clinique all about the eyes concealer 5)immaculate liquid to powder foundation by hourglass(This is for oily skin people ONLY!!!) 6)apply blush and eye makeup No powder is needed and my makeup feels so light now and it gives a decent coverage. I don't feel cakey or oily at all. This stuff is amazing. Expensive but amazing. I used to have to repowder and add more makeup after school but with this new foundation I can wear it alllll day long. It's amazing and light. It just might be saving my skin. I've been taking my meds daily as well as doing my topicals.
clearingmyskin - healthyskin - healingmyskin - gettingridofacne - makeup - aczonejourney - skincare - cliniquemakeup - acnediary - skinproblems - clinique - hyperpigmentation - immaculatehourglass - aczone - skinroutine - tazoracjourney - acne - acnecommunity - savingmyskin - neutrogena - tazorac - cetaphil - immaculatefoundation - hourglassimmaculate -
myskinsjourney : #clinique #cliniquemakeup #hyperpigmentation #acne #aczone #tazorac #skinroutine #gettingridofacne #clearingmyskin #neutrogena #savingmyskin #skincare #makeup #cetaphil #cliniquemakeup #acnecommunity #healingmyskin #acnediary #tazoracjourney #aczonejourney #healthyskin #skinproblems #immaculatefoundation #hourglassimmaculate #immaculatehourglass
sharons_beauty_ - phformula - amp_suttakun - bellzxoxo -
Well week 7. I only have like 3 semi active spots. I have my second follow up appointment in December. I'm thinking of doing laser treatments for my hyper pigmentation. I only want to do that after I have tiny break outs. My super pale skin just makes it easy for the smallest of spots to leave a mark. It's frustrating. I'm terrified to try accutane and this was my last treatment run before I finally go on it. I've tried so many freaking things. I have switched my makeup as well. I'll post an update on that later.
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chimereladawn : I've been on Aczone and antibiotics for 5 weeks. When is my skin going to stop breaking out? 😒
deni1383 : @myskinsjourney I don't know you but saw you via Clinique hashtag but, when I had acne really bad I got salicyclic acid peels and it was a lifesaver!! I also took spironolactone but the peels helped the most. I used la Roche posay during and now I use Clinique 3 step and clarisonic and i have thank goodness kept it under control or grew out of it. I get microdermabrasion and it has helped with the scarring I have. Hope this helps! Bless your heart bc I know what it's like! (And I was a habitual face washer)
ericaalain : I've been on aczone and I don't see improvement in my skin😩
myskinsjourney : @ericaalain it worked at first and then everything I've been on. I'm now taking absorica(aka accutane)
myskinsjourney : @deni1383 I did peels as well and it made things sooo much worse😩 idk why and then I even did the clinique 3 step for a long time as well. I've finally said screw it after trying everything and I'm doing accutane. Hopefully this is the solution! I was terrified to do it but I've literally tried everything :/
myskinsjourney : @chimereladawn sorry I never saw your comment! Honestly for me it worked for a little bit and then stopped. My skin went back to the way it was so now I'm doing accutane.
pumpkin.marchellos : Accutane worked for me but years later developed crones disease and ulcerative colitis i don't recommend it google it if you dont believe accutane causing crones disease
myskinsjourney : @pumpkin.marchellos I've heard all the risks. Did a bunch of research. I'm still doing it anyways. Nothing else is working.
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Guess whose #skin looks better?! Yay! I'm taking my meds and eating a little better - again - and these are my results. This is still an #uphill battle but I'm feeling #somuchbetter about myself. #Aczone is the truth. #skinproblems #dermatologist #goodskin #health #adultacne #pcos #ChimereLaDawnBeauty #makeupartist #beautyupcloseandpersonal #makeup
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creatingvisionsmua : β™‘β™‘
evonnadevaughn_stylist : Chimere ! 😘
chimereladawn : Hey, HoneyBun!!!! @evonnadevaughn_stylist. I'll see you very soon. XO.
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It's been about 5 weeks now. I've been taking my medication at least every other day. I keep forgetting unfortunately. However, I don't skip my topicals EVER. I only have 2 active spots. I think my last post was my initial break out. It remained the same for about a week then slowly died down and now my skin is remotely calm thankfully. I've been drinking water as well. So yay progress. I think I may go in for laser treatments for the scarring around January. I'm gonna wait until my skin actually stops breaking out. If I keep getting new ones I may consider accutane honestly. That will be a tough journey but I think I may just endure it and pray it fixes it. I mainly hate the hyper pigmentation more than anything.
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Skin is improving slowly. But #makeup was acting funny. #Imstillcute. #ChimereLaDawnBeauty #makeupartist #beautyupcloseandpersonal #dmvmua #loyalclients #mua #potd #lotd #baltimore #MSUHC2K14 #MorganStateUniversity #redlip #chocolategirls #smartandpretty #adultacne #aczone #iloveme #ilovemakeup
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My daily skincare products...better clear it up!! This is what happens when 2 rounds of accutane doesn't work. #sulfurwash #acanya #epiduo #glycolicscrub #aczone #sunscreen #eyemoisturizer #finacea #yeastpills #skincare #gayboyprobs #iwillbepretty #lasersafterthis #overkill
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chiboy247 : Don't over do it! Your skin will react and can break out even more. Also you shouldn't be scrubbing while you're actively breaking out. You can break open blemishes and spread the bacteria to other areas of your face. Since you're using epiduo, you should just be using a gentle cleanser, toner (if you want) and a moisturizer with SPF, then eye cream and that's it.
jermy617 : It's what my dermo prescribed, I literally have extremely stubborn skin that has to have a harsh regimen. Been on 2 rounds of accutane, 8 different dermos, and almost all of the antibiotics creams gels cleansers etc
jermy617 : @chiboy247
chiboy247 : You should also start juicing to detox your organs. Diet is also a huge factor. I went through the same thing and changing my diet almost cleared things in a month.
mrharros81 : Try organic apple cider vinegar mixed with witch hazel and add organic tea tree oil. Mixed up as a twice a day toner. It really works. It even helps with acne scars and fine lines and evens out skin tone
jermy617 : @mrharros81 I've actually tried all three in the past, thanks though.
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When acting like a #model goes #terriblywrong. Lol. My #makeup is #lovely though. Wearing @maccosmetics's #Trax and #Sketch on #eyes. My face is clearing up with my #aczone. #ThankGod. Heading out for a #frienddate. #ChimereLaDawnBeauty #singlewoman #dating #makeupartist #dmvmua #dmv #baltimore #ilovemacgirls #ilovemacboys #maryland #idomakeup #ilovemakeup #potd #macboys #chocolategirls
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wellsart : Cool!
chimereladawn : @deesiremartinez, hey, Boo! I'm at 202.384.7810. Sorry for the delay. Was with a client.
jaboyphotography : Nice
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Oh, I'm living such an #exciting life with this #beautiful #cocktail. #Antibiotics plus #aczone as a #topicaltreatment. Supposed to see how this works after one month. We'll see. #Smh. #adultacne #skinproblems #makeupartist #pcos #accutane #skin #beauty #ChimereLaDawnBeauty
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ms.arish : Culturelle.... will keep you balanced and maintain a strong immune system. There are a lot of germs and you want to keep the healthy bacteria in your body, and Culturelle is perfect for doing just that. Remember that antibiotics destroy both the good and bad bacteria.
ms.arish : @chimereladawn
chimereladawn : Thank you so much, @ms.arish. I appreciate this info.
kaylachristiee : Hey Chimere I took accutane the effects are horrible and it returns if u have pcos, for it doesn't cure pcos. It didn't help!
chimereladawn : @__kaylaxoxo, I'm gonna call you once this weekend calms down. We need to have a major catch up. You've got the inside track and I need it. XO.
kaylachristiee : Okay my dear! Call me when u get a chance !
ms.arish : You're always welcome! I am here if you have any questions. @chimereladawn
qivanamom : @chimereladawn, @lawren_queen13, @__kaylaxoxo - @ms.arish is right. Start with a good probiotic. I have best one $25 for a month- researched and proven to make it to your digestive tract! Next, I have a DNA test which will tell you exactly what your skin needs to clear it up! Then I have the solution. Ladies stop wasting money and putting horrible chemicals into your body. Email me
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I had a professional facial last week and it completely ruined my skin😫😫. But I'm a smile through it and start my #aczone regimen...I'll be backπŸ‘Œ
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graseya : I know the feeling
tiffanydoll37 : Beautiful
imahairguru : @graseya 😩has been awful!! And I paid plenty of money for it😒
imahairguru : @tiffanydoll35 thx babe
graseya : I know you did 😩
awwitsme_jessica : Miss u 😭
imahairguru : @ms.j.goosb girl I do only if I can get away
awwitsme_jessica : Ikr
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