Operator In Training. #hellyeah #actionfiguretherapy #problemsolved
problemsolved - hellyeah - actionfiguretherapy -
jlynn80_2006 : @tjeod
sgtshores : @mattcoffey1113
uponthenose : @bobscoffee @originalbobscoffee
adorety : @georgeomentary Got to get this for Knox
georgeomentary : @adorety then people will be stopping him every thirty seconds asking if he's in Duck Dynasty.
smeyer72 : @rmeyer7211
jasonbillips - bttfdmc1984 - smeyer72 - tmcguire1970 -
I love my husband for making this and I love my son for putting up with me and making such awesome faces. =] #actionfiguretherapy
actionfiguretherapy -
muluktak - nsmgoney - tashatron3000 - melnkelissa -
Got my package form @actionfiguretherapy today! There aren't enough words to describe how much I love these guys! #actionfiguretherapy #AFT #Hellyeah
aft - hellyeah - actionfiguretherapy -
shooteremi - jessica_ally22 - whowinsdares - thebunky1974 -
We've also got a new hat for folks who are more into their job than their junk. :-) #actionfiguretherapy #army #hellyeah
hellyeah - actionfiguretherapy - army -
dispatcher_11 : @n_glong
fuzzydunlop22 - rjsinko19 - kels_bby - nicholaszamora -
"Rangers Lead the Way!" #america #actionfiguretherapy #lmao #problemsolvedproblemstayingsolved #murica
america - problemsolvedproblemstayingsolved - murica - lmao - actionfiguretherapy -
kessel_runner_ : @actionfiguretherapy
bautista_120 - destructive_daisy - johnaboytes - forevermax -
We got a bunch of requests, so now these are a reality. Get them will they last at #hellyeah #actionfiguretherapy #reflectivebelt
reflectivebelt - hellyeah - actionfiguretherapy -
bigfatjoe - heartbreaker_tactical - nateomac616 - clobdell1 -
We have it on pretty good authority that AFT's Snow will be returning to the team in the near future. #jetpack #bitch #actionfiguretherapy #snow
jetpack - bitch - actionfiguretherapy - snow -
ballerdaddy : Yes!!! Bring the Jetpack Motherfucker!
ihscoutxlc - jasonbillips - jaylars - hmficatumc -
Was holdin my newborn a few hours ago, now I'm out here turnin a 36 in the fuckin rain. But then I remember AFT medic and its all gravy! #actionfiguretherapy #dickbloodandtears
dickbloodandtears - actionfiguretherapy -
texas_terr0r - mrcat87 - gorman0331 - zach_witcher -
He quit drinking, but he back at it! #bloodymary #actionfiguretherapy #seasquad #gymtime
seasquad - bloodymary - actionfiguretherapy - gymtime -
jorden_linzi : Happy birthday Logan!!!
amerikannitemare - bigtomjuice - clickclickbuum - biermann_32 -
I mustache you a question. #Mustache #Throwback #Jungle #ActionFigureTherapy
throwback - actionfiguretherapy - jungle - mustache -
catsarebrats : but I'll shave it for later 😜
40charmaine : As always, thank you☺️.
40charmaine : How was your day?
40charmaine : Good morning (soon to be afternoon).
40charmaine : Right now I'm sore. Glad workout is over. Now off to work.
catsarebrats - ericalee072 - kristi_a_king - shawdy_queen_of_heartz -
#marine #actionfiguretherapy #rah
marine - rah - actionfiguretherapy -
tstar25 : 👎
swbutler22 -
I said fuck no snake... I'm about to eat you with some mayonnaise you dumbass snake #actionfiguretherapy #jungle #timberrattlesnake #snake #aft
aft - timberrattlesnake - jungle - actionfiguretherapy - snake -
bstanley1112 : @actionfiguretherapy
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My night :) #cthulhu #sleepytimetea #actionfiguretherapy #soloSunday
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rumbutt -
The new Jungle soundboard app is now available for free. Hit up our website to download it now. #hellyeah #jungle #actionfiguretherapy
hellyeah - jungle - actionfiguretherapy -
jmontalvo23 : Thank you!!
dispatcher_11 : @n_glong download it!!! :)
bruutalpoodle : Doesn't show up in my Google play
actionfiguretherapy : @bruutalpoodle It's there. So keep trying.
vdogg_productions : Got mine Hell Yeah!
cincguardgunguy : Any credit/ discount for people who bought the old app and lost it?
actionfiguretherapy : @cincguardgunguy Kind of hard to apply a discount on "free." But, sure, for you the app is 75% off. :-)
cincguardgunguy : Aaaaaaaaaw shit! 75% of Free?!? That's better than winning the internet AND all the air you can breathe ! Seriously though, Thanks for making it free. I was pissed when I lost the last one.
berniexluna - heartbreaker_tactical - andymoffitt67 - armandofilmore -
AFT Ranger has some choice words for Jungle and his new babysitting endeavor. #actionfiguretherapy
actionfiguretherapy -
jchacon120 : @moosediesel
curtisbiel - rockhardpatriot - noble032s - blackburn_johnny -
actionfiguretherapy - armyproblems - guardianangel - rattlesnake - wtf - holyshit - wheresmybrownpants - machete -
cstarm83 : Found a RATTLESNAKE under my sandbag at my firing point at the range today 😳😱... Problem solved, problem staying solved. #rattlesnake #guardianangel #wheresmybrownpants #wtf #holyshit #armyproblems #actionfiguretherapy #machete
theoriginal_corydancy : My pants would have been brown if I was that close lol. Hated seeing them when I was in CO. #teamfuckthatshit
edwinslady - officialjake_o361 - libbymeeks995 - jcraze3rtn -
#actionfiguretherapy #craftbeer #wellsstickytoffee #notasgoodasbannabread
wellsstickytoffee - craftbeer - actionfiguretherapy - notasgoodasbannabread -
thebeertrale - craftbreweries - localcraftbeer - the_beer_enthusiast -
Must have for today's shift... #actionfiguretherapy #aft #angryranger #lawenforcement #thinblueline #theberry #thechive #chivette
angryranger - actionfiguretherapy - theberry - aft - thechive - thinblueline - lawenforcement - chivette -
latenightjustice : Great!
steveng1971 : Try the Tea and Lemonade Monster. I swear it gives me more of a pick me up
tdcompton1 : @steveng1971 this is one of the tea varieties.. I've always been a red bull person until I tried this.
steveng1971 : @tdcompton1 red bull i always thought had a bad after taste. Monster Rehab at least has flavor
tdcompton1 : @steveng1971 yes.. I agree
steveng1971 : @tdcompton1 I'm kind of a Rehab addict. I buy them by the 10 pack lol
steveng1971 - christopherryanjenkins - richard_sdogs - soliday_inn9 -
Looks like Jungle has opened his own preschool. What could go wrong? New video up now on our website. #actionfiguretherapy #jungle #hellyeah #childcare #badparenting
childcare - badparenting - hellyeah - jungle - actionfiguretherapy -
csg1987 : How many are his kids though?
suzannethegigi : @gregmoore95 and @shimano93 I am
djjesc : Si
dispatcher_11 : @n_glong lol
afinch86 : @sas_life don't let yer kid wind up gettin' touched by a creepy uncle.
sas_life : Lulz 👆@afinch86
garon_rude : I would but I'd be afraid my kids would teach Jungle a thing or 2.
buttons1337 - bee_dazzled - tjeod - theroguepomp -
Getting drunk with #Recondo #jungle #actionfiguretherapy
recondo - jungle - actionfiguretherapy -
e_claire1482 - lkj209 - rclopez_94 - stormpoolio -
Look at all the rad shit I got in the mail today! Thanks AFT! Even threw in some #dubblebubble for good measure. #aft #actionfiguretherapy #junglerecon #America #hellyeah
junglerecon - hellyeah - actionfiguretherapy - dubblebubble - aft - america -
actionfiguretherapy - sherrijane58 - amberchelle03 - leroysmommy -
Veteran's Suicide Awareness Bear Mace and Waterboard challenge. Didn't have any bear spray around so I used Barbasol. 22 a day is 22 too many. #actionfiguretherapy #veteransuicideawareness #waterboarded
waterboarded - veteransuicideawareness - actionfiguretherapy -
squiddless - karsylou - dearkiana - callieanngilbertt -
Don't mess with these girls!! #shera #netossa #actionfigurelove #actionfiguretherapy #motuclassics #dakinis#beauty
dakinis - shera - actionfiguretherapy - beauty - actionfigurelove - netossa - motuclassics -
evil_horder : Glimmer s cape is amazing! :)
talmadgekane : @evil_horder thanks!! Dollar store eyeglass cleaners!! Love me some capes!
evil_horder : Wow brilliant idea!!!! How do u attach it? Is it glued?
talmadgekane : @evil_horder I just tuck it into the outfit : ))
javi_me : @gigi_kins omg! 😱
gigi_kins : And you ALWAYS had to be Shera!
alexalien_toys_vault - stephenrburling - fwertmuller - hypalee -
Battle for bright moon!! #actionfigurelove #actionfiguretherapy#motuclassics #shera #hordak #heman
shera - heman - actionfiguretherapy - motuclassics - hordak - actionfigurelove -
brianamatopoeia : Glimmer!!!!! Me gusta.
talmadgekane : @brianamatopoeia isn't she beautiful?!?! I think of her like Gaia Mother Earthy. : )) she's a beauty!
coffeeboy25 : Jealous of your horde troopers!!
jack_slack - picturesofplastic - stephenrburling - hermanzone -
The new Stanley The Honey Badger hats are here. Tag a friend below and we'll pick one of you at random to win a pair this Monday. #actionfiguretherapy #stanley #honeybadger
stanley - actionfiguretherapy - honeybadger -
traditional_drew : @tattoomike117 gotta play to win, FTW honey badger forever
the_gun_bearer369 : @big_al_haggard_3 we need this. Really bad.
traditional_drew : @jaxtattoodon
yamchahasabooboo : @danielhardin42 we need this in our lives.
jaxtattoodon : @traditional_drew
jaxtattoodon : That's fuckin dope!
actionfiguretherapy : Congrats @pvt_snowball and @the_deer. You guys win the free hats. One of you email us at so we can ship your hats to you. Thanks.
the_deer : Holy crap! Thanks! Looks like @pvt_snowball owes me a handie...I'll settle for butterfly kisses though. 😘
hackeysac - mrjoe333 - railey09 - daveyboy2609 -
We just uploaded a new video featuring Jungle giving shooting advice to a member of the 82nd Airborne stationed in Afghanistan. Watch it on and let us know if his instruction is on point. #actionfiguretherapy #hellyeah #82ndAirborne #doubletap
hellyeah - 82ndairborne - actionfiguretherapy - doubletap -
wc1376c : @misguided_in_life @quietpewpro @2stars_1bolt
reverendclaydough - jaylars - shunterb - rockhardpatriot -
Last time this little butthole face son of a bitch will ever startle me in public! #actionfiguretherapy #blackwidow #RIP
rip - actionfiguretherapy - blackwidow -
martell_le : Haha
luis_garcia91 : #bustacap
dppowell31 : Actually it was the back end of a box cutter lol @luis_garcia91
kristidixielee_ : Screw that lol
tylorperyea9 - ohliviagracey - lena_colada - im_nic00lest -
WIN A NEW JUNGLE HELL YEAH! HAT. Like this pic and Tag a friend you think would like this hat in a comment below. We'll pick one commenter at random Monday at noon. And they'll win two hats - one for themselves and one for their friend. #hellyeah #jungle #actionfiguretherapy #hat #giveaway
hat - hellyeah - jungle - actionfiguretherapy - giveaway -
aunti_d : @dorenebartz
aunti_d : @timstanton32
aunti_d : @raviv143
aunti_d : @hollee_lillie_mommy
aunti_d : @lncaelum
aunti_d : @whats_a_mata_with_you
actionfiguretherapy : Congrats @lamanda24. You just won a hat for you and @kusch_matt. Email us at and we'll mail you both hats and you gave Matt his prize. Thanks.
dispatcher_11 : Too bad @n_glong :( so disappointed!
foxhound173 - andydufrense85 - ej205ny - britdanielle90 -
Stanley go boom. #actionfiguretherapy
actionfiguretherapy -
sundevilruss : Fantastic
andoh421 - nancy.mckee - carbon_fiber_cupholders - drock303 -
Who wouldn't like my laptop cover ? It's screams out "MERICA" #usarmy #usmc #civ #gruntstyle #defendordie #actionfiguretherapy
usarmy - defendordie - civ - actionfiguretherapy - usmc - gruntstyle -
anthonybarron - yvetteochoa12 - _genevalopez - mr.frankthatank -
Fuck you snake. I'm about eat you with some mayonnaise you dumbass snake. #rattlesnake #actionfiguretherapy #deathtosnakes
deathtosnakes - rattlesnake - actionfiguretherapy -
tpick93 : #ilovemyjob
countryhunni01 - alinaraabe - alive_in_the_superunknown_ - johngoochhoward -
Jungle The Peacekeeper. #hellyeah #actionfiguretherapy #igmilitia
hellyeah - igmilitia - actionfiguretherapy -
robinson8404 : @actionfiguretherapy was this an iron on? ...
actionfiguretherapy : @robinson8404 No, it was a regular silk screened plastisol shirt. This is from the early batches of shirts we did that had three colors (black, grey and white). The shirts looked cool but the three layers of stiff plastic ink made them a little hot to wear under other shirts, so we eventually switched to one-color artwork on our shirts.
robinson8404 : Got it
lancepoteet : Y'all should do combat T's like this! @actionfiguretherapy
mschube85 - junglerecon210 - ikmc_stinger - reallysuperraddeadpool -
Tactical shaggin' wagon. #hellyeah #junglerules #actionfiguretherapy
hellyeah - actionfiguretherapy - junglerules -
meltedmealsinthemicrowave - tuperius - terrapinstationed - morgihm -
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