Look at all the rad shit I got in the mail today! Thanks AFT! Even threw in some #dubblebubble for good measure. #aft #actionfiguretherapy #junglerecon #America #hellyeah
junglerecon - hellyeah - actionfiguretherapy - dubblebubble - aft - america -
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Veteran's Suicide Awareness Bear Mace and Waterboard challenge. Didn't have any bear spray around so I used Barbasol. 22 a day is 22 too many. #actionfiguretherapy #veteransuicideawareness #waterboarded
waterboarded - veteransuicideawareness - actionfiguretherapy -
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Don't mess with these girls!! #shera #netossa #actionfigurelove #actionfiguretherapy #motuclassics #dakinis#beauty
dakinis - shera - actionfiguretherapy - beauty - actionfigurelove - netossa - motuclassics -
evil_horder : Glimmer s cape is amazing! :)
talmadgekane : @evil_horder thanks!! Dollar store eyeglass cleaners!! Love me some capes!
evil_horder : Wow brilliant idea!!!! How do u attach it? Is it glued?
talmadgekane : @evil_horder I just tuck it into the outfit : ))
jack_slack - emonarv - picturesofplastic - thomaskain -
Battle for bright moon!! #actionfigurelove #actionfiguretherapy#motuclassics #shera #hordak #heman
shera - heman - actionfiguretherapy - motuclassics - hordak - actionfigurelove -
brianamatopoeia : Glimmer!!!!! Me gusta.
talmadgekane : @brianamatopoeia isn't she beautiful?!?! I think of her like Gaia Mother Earthy. : )) she's a beauty!
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My coffee in the morning is usually filled with hate. #actionfiguretherapy
actionfiguretherapy -
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The new Stanley The Honey Badger hats are here. Tag a friend below and we'll pick one of you at random to win a pair this Monday. #actionfiguretherapy #stanley #honeybadger
stanley - actionfiguretherapy - honeybadger -
traditional_drew : @tattoomike117 gotta play to win, FTW honey badger forever
the_gun_bearer369 : @big_al_haggard_3 we need this. Really bad.
traditional_drew : @jaxtattoodon
yamchahasabooboo : @danielhardin42 we need this in our lives.
jaxtattoodon : @traditional_drew
jaxtattoodon : That's fuckin dope!
actionfiguretherapy : Congrats @pvt_snowball and @the_deer. You guys win the free hats. One of you email us at so we can ship your hats to you. Thanks.
the_deer : Holy crap! Thanks! Looks like @pvt_snowball owes me a handie...I'll settle for butterfly kisses though. ๐Ÿ˜˜
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We just uploaded a new video featuring Jungle giving shooting advice to a member of the 82nd Airborne stationed in Afghanistan. Watch it on and let us know if his instruction is on point. #actionfiguretherapy #hellyeah #82ndAirborne #doubletap
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wc1376c : @misguided_in_life @quietpewpro @2stars_1bolt
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Last time this little butthole face son of a bitch will ever startle me in public! #actionfiguretherapy #blackwidow #RIP
rip - actionfiguretherapy - blackwidow -
martell_le : Haha
luis_garcia91 : #bustacap
dppowell31 : Actually it was the back end of a box cutter lol @luis_garcia91
kristidixielee_ : Screw that lol
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WIN A NEW JUNGLE HELL YEAH! HAT. Like this pic and Tag a friend you think would like this hat in a comment below. We'll pick one commenter at random Monday at noon. And they'll win two hats - one for themselves and one for their friend. #hellyeah #jungle #actionfiguretherapy #hat #giveaway
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aunti_d : @dorenebartz
aunti_d : @timstanton32
aunti_d : @raviv143
aunti_d : @hollee_lillie_mommy
aunti_d : @lncaelum
aunti_d : @whats_a_mata_with_you
actionfiguretherapy : Congrats @lamanda24. You just won a hat for you and @kusch_matt. Email us at and we'll mail you both hats and you gave Matt his prize. Thanks.
dispatcher_11 : Too bad @n_glong :( so disappointed!
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Stanley go boom. #actionfiguretherapy
actionfiguretherapy -
sundevilruss : Fantastic
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Who wouldn't like my laptop cover ? It's screams out "MERICA" #usarmy #usmc #civ #gruntstyle #defendordie #actionfiguretherapy
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Fuck you snake. I'm about eat you with some mayonnaise you dumbass snake. #rattlesnake #actionfiguretherapy #deathtosnakes
deathtosnakes - rattlesnake - actionfiguretherapy -
tpick93 : #ilovemyjob
countryhunni01 - alinaraabe - alive_in_the_superunknown_ - johngoochhoward -
Jungle The Peacekeeper. #hellyeah #actionfiguretherapy #igmilitia
hellyeah - igmilitia - actionfiguretherapy -
robinson8404 : @actionfiguretherapy was this an iron on? ...
actionfiguretherapy : @robinson8404 No, it was a regular silk screened plastisol shirt. This is from the early batches of shirts we did that had three colors (black, grey and white). The shirts looked cool but the three layers of stiff plastic ink made them a little hot to wear under other shirts, so we eventually switched to one-color artwork on our shirts.
robinson8404 : Got it
lancepoteet : Y'all should do combat T's like this! @actionfiguretherapy
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Tactical shaggin' wagon. #hellyeah #junglerules #actionfiguretherapy
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Fuck no, snake... for real. #actionfiguretherapy #problemsolved #problemstayingsolved
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vintageordnance : Get that motivator some fucking mayonaise!
dispatcher_11 : @n_glong lol
edubphotos - j_haugthon - foxin11b - nicholaszamora -
@sigsauerinc @austinweiss @thegunblog @subgunman @jondoeftw @mrsdesignflow @rmj_tactical @ethanl007 A very rare bird - a 63A Stoner modular machine gun. Awesome piece of history and shot smooth as silk. #actionfiguretherapy Please share this system that was decades ahead of it's time.
actionfiguretherapy -
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Na! Na! Na! Na! Na! Na! Na! Na! Na! Na! Na! Batman!!! #batman #batman75 #actionfiguretherapy
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All of our fans aren't dudes. And some are pretty hot, too. #actionfiguretherapy #hellyeah
hellyeah - actionfiguretherapy - : #hellyeah
slickcrwb : Lawd hammercy
nameisbroughton : @sambadawn I'm getting you that shirt
rocketsdoc : Hell yeah!!!
prizemonkeycrazy - ewkloostermanpics - dryspike - heehaw247 -
Noted. Thanks #actionfiguretherapy
actionfiguretherapy -
valerie7997 : What is wrong with you
jenocidal_me : What is wrong with your eyebrows?
tavi____ : Lol
jbtexas75 - darth_joey1 - k_crow923 - esmerelda_96 -
P.A at the YouTube Studios. #werk #work #pa #filminginprogress #sings #shouldvesnuckin #youtube #youtubestudio
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gabrielaleverette : #signs
gabrielaleverette : #actionfiguretherapy
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Just worked with the super sweet @marycarey on set for #ActionFigureTherapy #youtube #model #makeup #muah #glitter #blond
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obesoivan : Thats awesome
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AFT's first ever Jungle's Sexy Model Hunt video shoot is taking place right now. #actionfiguretherapy #hellyeah
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viper8604 : @adelgado701
hhtweaponry : Can I be an intern?
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#newhat #loveit #yeahyeah #hellyeah #actionfiguretherapy #junhlerecon @thevwenthusiast
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veedabz : Hell yeah
hellokarinux : I like it too!
veedabz : @hellokarinux watch this
hellokarinux : Lol human skin slinky
veedabz : Hellyeah...
veedabz : Haha
veedabz : Gravy gladiator 10" puddle maker
veedabz : Sticky Sasquatch is a fave, as well as moisture missile
veedabz - digitalsummer - hellokarinux -
Tag your most patriotic friend in a comment. We'll select one commenter at random next Monday at noon. That person and their friend will each receive a new AFT Marine "If I'm Standing On It... It's America!" t-shirt. Good luck! #actionfiguretherapy #america #hellyeah #igmilitia
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jasonbillips : @jessie_horne03
jquag115 : @jaqiquags
cyeany : @jbh1000gt 'nuff said
semperdanny : @chiksdigscars @staythecourse_ @student_loans_suck @francorod3
salazar556 : @rock_flag_eagle48
jared_michael11 : @zhowell71
actionfiguretherapy : Congrats, @jared_michael11 and @zhowell71. You both win a new AFT Marine โ€œAmericaโ€ t-shirt. Email us at with your shirt sizes and a mailing address for you both. Thanks.
jared_michael11 : @actionfiguretherapy Hell yeah! Thanks!
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Our first women's Jungle tanktop ever in black. And with spaghetti straps nonetheless. Get ready for your boobs to look ever more amazing! #hellyeah #actionfiguretherapy Available now at
hellyeah - actionfiguretherapy -
ezrunner : Heeeeellll yeeeeaaaah
jgarber47 - bigfatjoe - ikmc_stinger - mrbigl78 -
Looks like somebody has spotted Jungle's missing van. #actionfiguretherapy #toplessmaids #hellyeah #Repost from @redban --- NEVER AGAIN!
toplessmaids - hellyeah - actionfiguretherapy - repost -
djjesc : powerful @redban
bttfdmc1984 : Wouldn't Jungles van be for pants less butlers?
chris_m53 : Lol The naked LA maids! Now I am trying to remember exactly where I saw that.
domtexas - mrsbigdeal5683 - noble032s - akafirmhandshake -
I get my sense of humor and laugh from my momma, obviously. Lol. ๐Ÿ˜‚ #momma #laughing #herlaughiscontagious #actionfiguretherapy #aft #funny #icouldwatchthisoverandover
funny - icouldwatchthisoverandover - aft - laughing - actionfiguretherapy - herlaughiscontagious - momma -
minicass : Ahhh y'all are twinsss
xo_billiem : @minicass Oh yeah! No denying that I'm hers, huh?! Lol
minicass : Ohhh noo hahaha
minicass : @xo_billiem
_hayyhayyy : Awe tell your mama I say hello @xo_billiem :)
al_eeeeeeee : Holy crap y'all seriously are twins!!!! Same mannerisms and everything! So sweet, laughs is def contagious!
squirrelxo17 - lovemelz_xo - dededeuces - momokoko22 -
Hit the showers up after my early morning cardio and find this #actionfiguretherapy gem. The military is such an odd group of individuals. Twisted ass humor and inappropriate commentary. #military #showerart #aft #girlsinuniform
aft - military - showerart - girlsinuniform - actionfiguretherapy -
camcamedic : ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ he is my fav
lilsoldierboy : Lmao we use to have one of these on the bumper of our gun truck it was the "if I'm standing on it it's America" one lol
cwilly2012 : Haha when I was there I saw this and was so confused lol
sacklunchofdoom : Love action figure therapy, hella funny
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Deployment motivation #actionfiguretherapy
actionfiguretherapy -
sarahdunston - jrwade_ - hfarmer327 - csphillips77 -
@AFT @ActionFigureTherapy
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jacobbandy : #AFT #ActionFigureTherapy
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Yes, this is an actual product we'll be selling 1/2 price to members of our email newsletter list. And, yes, it ab-so-fucking-lutley glows in the dark. #actionfiguretherapy #frisbee #glowinthedatk #sexualharassmentdisc Join now at
frisbee - glowinthedatk - sexualharassmentdisc - actionfiguretherapy -
actionfiguretherapy : Sorry for the triple post. Phone screen has t-shirt ink on it and we keep f-ing up our posts. :-)
xexploratorex : @xnoaafettx @natetaylor0 @emcee_homie
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#AFT #Actionfiguretherapy
aft - actionfiguretherapy - : ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚OH MY GOD
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Pretty much. Go fuck yourself to this cold I feel coming on. Not gonna happen. Nope. #tazo #joy #actionfiguretherapy
joy - tazo - actionfiguretherapy -
roxanneilers138 : Plus whiskey followed by more whiskey.
urfavone : I need this cup!!!
roxanneilers138 : @urfavone haha!! Action figure therapy website!
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