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luccaspapalardo : @screamaripotter
"Mother of Miloko" 18"x24" #acrylic on #canvas #aclockworkorange #painting #atx #mannequin #miloko #woman
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gabezorz : I'm gonna have to invest in you
nikkipikkiii : @gabezorz :)
gabezorz : @contemporaryatx you really need to check out this local artist!
pandaparticles : Love!
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#malcolmmcdowell on #filmtalk talking about #aclockworkorange circa #1975
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PB. #anthonyburgess #thedoctorissick #aclockworkorange #fiction #literature #books #booksale #bookstagram #booksforsale #instashop
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Day was made yesterday when I finally found this book of magic ❤️ #book #aclockworkorange #anthonyburgess #eggiwegs #ultraviolence #inout #classic
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A Clockwork Orange quote #aclockworkorange #alexdelarge
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#AClockworkOrange (1971) del maestro #StanleyKubrick Alex (#MalcolmMcDowell) tiene dos pasiones: la violencia desaforada y Beethoven. Es jefe de la banda de los drugos, quienes se dedican a apalear, violar y aterrorizar a la población. Alex es detenido y, en prisión con la esperanza de salir en libertad,inteligentemente logra participar voluntariamente en una innovadora experiencia de reeducación que pretende anular drásticamente cualquier rastro de conducta antisocial. #HayQueVerla
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capsulacinefila : Hola @luispedro90 gracias por tu comentario. Por cierto, el tonto que escribió la descripción te manda a decir que, de haber entendido que la banda se llama así, la "d" de la palabra "drugos" la habría escrito con "D" mayúscula. Feliz noche :-)
luispedro90 : .l.
lucialares : @arnaldopxm 😊
leimoreno : Totalmente @zazarazax
elyelyrodriguez : Un clásico de Kubrick 😎🎬 @tuldres
raul_zambrano : Excelente pelicula!!
joanrivas : @keniajv esta sí es loca! Jajaja
zullym2 : Quiero ver esta película :(
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Salvador da noite
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hektorpsykho : #aclockworkorange #stanleykubrick #film #bd #bluray
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Embrace a little anarchy #AClockworkOrange #TheDarkKnight #FightClub #AlexDuLarge #Joker #TylerDurden #Movies #Film
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brycealectv : #m.gustaveH
anarchist_ross : @brycealectv He doesn't really fit in with these three fellas
brycealectv : He does in my heart
anarchist_ross : @brycealectv He fits mor in with the likes of Willy Wonka and Doc Brown
brycealectv : And joe paterno
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indianaunderwood : Viddy well, car rides. ✌️ #aclockworkorange
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The book came out in 1962, 9 years before the film. The author (Anthony Burgess) lived for a time in Malaysia during World War 2. After returning to London his wife was assaulted and beaten by four American G.I.'s during the black-out. This attack resulted in a miscarriage and a lifetime of gynecological troubles for his wife◆ The incident and Burgess being  raised as a strict Roman Catholic inspiring this story. A parable about Christian free will and forgiveness. His take on it was that to be a true Christian, one had to forgive the most horrifying of acts◆ Burgess originally sold the movie rights to (Mick Jagger) for $500 when he needed quick cash. Jagger intended to make it with (The Rolling Stones ) as the droogs, but then re-sold the rights for a much larger amount. Ken Russell (best known for directing the 1969 Oscar winning film Women in Love) was then nominated to direct because of his flamboyant controversial style, and obsession with sexuality. Ken was going to cast Oliver Reed (best known as (Proximo in Gladiator) as Alex◆Stanley Kubrick ultimately ended up being the director. Anthony Burgess initially distrusted Kubrick as a director, but was happy with the results. He felt the film later made the book (one of his least favorite books he had written) overshadow his other work◆Tim Curry and Jeremy Irons both turned down the role of Alex◆ Kubrick once said "If Malcolm McDowell hadn't been available I probably wouldn't have made the film. Kubrick had his assistant destroy all unused footage◆ Kubrick's first cut (before hiring several assistant editors) ran almost four hours◆When (Malcom McDowell) met (Gene Kelly) at a party several years later, Gene turned and walked away in disgust. Kelly was deeply upset about the way his signature from (Singin' in the Rain) had been portrayed in A Clockwork Orange◆ The snake (Basil) was introduced into the film by Kubrick when he found out McDowell had a fear of reptiles◆
moviestill - movietrivia - clockworkorange - collage - anthonyburgess - filmmaker - droogs - delarge - filmshoot - filmmaking - alexdelarge - dvdcollection - thedroogs - moviegeek - malcolmmcdowell - filmbuff - movienerd - kubrick - adriennecorri - nadsat - stanleykubrick - onset - movieposter - aclockworkorange - funfact - moviebuff - trivia - cinephile - patrickmagee -
movietrivia99 : Before filming the scene where he had to carry Mr. Alexander's wheelchair up the stairs, professional bodybuilder David Prowse (Julian) went up to Kubrick and asked if he could make sure that he got the scene in as few takes as possible, saying, (You're not exactly known as 'one-take-Kubrick', are you?). The scene was filmed in only three takes and Prowse was near exhaustion after. By contrast, the final scene in the film was done after 74 takes◆ Director of photography John Alcott lit most of the film using only natural light◆In the scene after Alex talks with the priest about Ludovico therapy, we see the prisoners marching in a circle around the exercise yard, recreating an 1890 painting by Vincent van Gogh, "Prisoners Exercising (after Gustave Doré)"◆ In the police station scene when Mr Deltoid (Aubrey Morris) spits in Alex's face, it is actually Steven Berkoff doing the spitting. After several takes, Morris complained to Stanley Kubrick that he had run out of saliva, and Berkoff volunteered his services until Kubrick's cameras captured the perfect 'spit-shot'◆Alexander, Peter, and Dimitri (which can be shortened to Dim) were common names of Russian kings and princes of the Empire of the Tsars◆ Kubrick said in an interview that he considered the Prison Chaplain (Godfrey Quigley) to be the most sympathetic and morally admirable character in the film. The first line of the novel is "What's it going to be then, eh?" Prison Chaplain Godfrey Quigley is introduced with the line "What's it going to be, eh?"◆ The film prominently features a sculpture by Dutch artist Herman Makkink (the phallic-shaped "Rocking Machine") and nine paintings and a sculpture (called "Christ Unlimited") by his brother Cornelis Makkink, all of which had been featured in the film (Tinto BrassDropout) a year before◆ Kubrick maintained the tradition of putting the words "The End" in the end credits of all his movies, long after the industry had abandoned it◆
kymthesquint : Brilliant. Thanks for posting this. One of my favourite films!
ant_def : Great movie
vivalalynz : @chrisincali One of these days, let's watch this movie 😉
movietrivia99 : #AClockworkOrange Directed by #StanleyKubrick Based on #AnthonyBurgess 's 1962 novell of the same name. Starring #MalcolmMcDowell #PatrickMagee #AdrienneCorri #Kubrick #AlexDeLarge #DeLarge #ClockworkOrange #TheDroogs #Droogs #Nadsat #Trivia #MovieBuff #OnSet #MovieTrivia #FilmBuff #DvDCollection #CinePhile #MovieNerd #Collage #FilmShoot #MovieStill #FilmMaker #FunFact #MovieGeek #MoviePoster #FilmMaking
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eric_anaheim : @rocknroll_byrd shit!
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$1.50+shipping please leave PayPal email and zipcode to claim #aclockworkorange #clockworkorange
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$1.50+shipping please leave PayPal email and zipcode to claim #malcolmmcdowell #aclockworkorange
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Day three! Ready for some good old ultraviolence.
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Maldita obra de arte.
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_kamikaze8 : laranja mecânica 😆
alandicast : @_kamikaze8 Eu amo isso 🙌
carolinakeller : 💕✨
alandicast : @carolinakeller ♥ 👌
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#rocline in #tokyo #disk #aclockworkorange
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Como eu queria pegar aquela tatuagem do Laranja Mecância UUAHSUAHS #Pitty #CDG #AClockWorkOrange
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zac_182 : Hmmmm entao vc foi........ 😤
tres9invertidos : @zac_182 UHUM
docepsicose_ : Como assim foi e não me convidou? Chorando
tres9invertidos : @docepsicose_ nem eu sabia que eu ia, meu amô :(
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#suicidegirls #clockworkorange #aclockworkorange @suicidegirls
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Exprimiendo la naranja 🍊🔪 #lanaranjamecanica #boock #aclockworkorange 👌
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It's pretty much a crime against humanity that no hot pants were made to go with this super short dress and also that it is made of material that stretches and loses its shape. If it was tailored and crisp with hot pants it would be the best thing ever. #pronetoexaggeration #aclockworkorange #lorangemecanique #clockworkorange #anthonyburgess #
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pachumtorres : Manta o vestido??
sweetwaterkill : 😍😍😍
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"Goodness is something chosen. When a man cannot choose, he ceases to be a man" #AClockworkOrange #AnthonyBurgess #PenguinClassics
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6 dollar first edition A Clockwork Orange. #used #usedbooks #steal #read #aclockworkorange #burgess
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shudaslax : Thats a great read. You'll be speaking nasdat before you know it droog
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My mom's boyfriend found this silk print A Clockwork Orange poster for me. Once I take it to be framed it will be perfect 😍 #aclockworkorange
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ashleybubbie : That movie is so bizarre that I can't watch it again.
realhorrorshow15 : You have to read the book first! :) the book is phenomenal; it's my favorite @ashleybubbie
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I call this small collection "Books I Started and Never Finished". I have decided that I need to finish at least 4 or 5 of them before I'm allowed to buy any new books. Taking a stand against myself 👊 #books #novels #reading #love #sherlockholmes #doctorwho #thegreatgatsby #lifeofpi #thehobbit #mort #terrypratchett #theboyinthestripedpyjamas #aclockworkorange
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briarroseh : So many good books! A Clockwork Orange is my favourite ever I think!!
ashleighdermott : Aha I need to finish them all! I started A Clockwork Orange but found it very difficult to read, I was exhausted after reading one page! I will definitely keep trying with it though 😊 @briarroseh x
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イギリス映画好き。#時計じかけのオレンジ #aclockworkorange #cinema
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mikyako : 同じく( ´ ꒳ ` )♡
meu1992 : わたしの大好きな映画!
tnkmary : @mikyako 良いよね!!♡
tnkmary : @meu1992 そうなんだ~!! 私もほんと大好き
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luzingof2 : #classic 😃😃
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"You were not put on this earth just to get in touch with God. That sort of thing could sap all the strength and goodness out of a chelloveck." -Anthony Burgess #aclockworkorange
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Just 4 of the 26 records I got in Colorado. #vinyl #notspinning #colorado #Aclockworkorange #gratefuldead #psycadelicfurs #sexpistols #happy
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anthony_wiese : Can't believe I'm already coming back. #yay #planesareprettysafebutimstillgonnadie #fun
tristan.t : that second hashtag. 😂
kele.isibor : Tbh: you have great taste in music!
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Forgot to wish Stanley Kubrick a happy birthday yesterday! ❤️ Watch all the things and be sure to drink your milk! #stanleykubrick #2001aspaceodyessy #aclockworkorange #theshining
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#aclockworkorange #alexdelarge #droogs
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clockwork_acil : #droogarmy
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One of my favourite movies! #aclockworkorange #movie #stanleykubrick #bestmovie
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#alex #aclockworkorange #singingintherain #acrylicpaint
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