When you show up to the Friday morning bootcamp at 5am and realize Friday's earliest class is 6 😫 I'm waiting and not going home #bootcamp #AcademyOfSpeed #ranchocucamongabootcamp DAY 6
academyofspeed - ranchocucamongabootcamp - bootcamp -
dancrampton : Nooooooooooo
thereal_mrs_mj : Omg no way lol @mcdowell4day
cherishlynn123 : Bummer!
victoriadeeter : Atta girl!!!
thereal_mrs_mj - adam_r_day - _rach_lynn - billynillywilly -
WRX 2014 года на механике! Именно он был сегодня моей учебной машиной на тренировке в Академии скорости... не ожидала... попробовать его в деле хотела год с лишним. Сбылось. Вердикт: годен! ...гм. .. только водитель не годен :) я про себя))) It's a training car on the track today!!! Dreams come true! It was unforgettable practicle class of driving. #subaru #subaruwrx #академияскорости #болид #lovesubaru #trainingcar #track #academyofspeed
subaruwrx - academyofspeed - track - subaru - болид - trainingcar - академияскорости - lovesubaru -
motiv_wheels - ptica_sakha - agape_sun - iamasubaristka -
Day 5 bootcamp ✔️ these sleds KICK my ass!! #AcademyOfSpeed #ranchocucamongabootcamp #DressGoals #getfit
getfit - academyofspeed - ranchocucamongabootcamp - dressgoals -
franceshuynh : That's good, right? Lol
infidel81 - fitnessdsince83 - franceshuynh - traceychambers -
#bootcamp #ranchobootcamp #ihateeric #sleds #trainer @fitnessdsince83 #academyofspeed #workout #norest #push
trainer - ihateeric - ranchobootcamp - sleds - workout - bootcamp - push - academyofspeed - norest -
1kitty1 : Get it girl!
devmtn - meliemel91 - jayb1188 - bmo_inprogress -
#ihateeric #bootcamp #ranchobootcamp #academyofspeed #sleds #workout #norest #notcrossfit @fitnessdsince83
ihateeric - ranchobootcamp - sleds - workout - bootcamp - notcrossfit - academyofspeed - norest -
ldkallday : #thisisnotcrossfit
kenz_little - _prototype_c4____702lvc - juicemecafe - itsbjustb -
Day 3 boot camp ✔️ 💪🏼 #DressGoals #bootcamp #AcademyOfSpeed #getfit #ranchocucamongabootcamp
getfit - academyofspeed - ranchocucamongabootcamp - dressgoals - bootcamp -
thereal_mrs_mj - hubble_space_dog - castledc - adam_r_day -
1st day of boot camp...💪🏼 #DressGoals @thereal_mrs_mj we gonna be sore !! #AcademyOfSpeed #bootcamp
academyofspeed - dressgoals - bootcamp -
fitnessdsince83 : You guys did awesome!! @thereal_mrs_mj #noDausOff
thereal_mrs_mj : Thank you for your encouragement and motivation! Just what we need! @fitnessdsince83
fitnessdsince83 : See you this evening! #nodaysoff lol
jessglopez - traceychambers - deweesey23 - thereal_mrs_mj -
Last run for Mystery Hurdler. Looking forward to her visit on X-Mas break. Good luck kid! #hurdlenation #ilovehurdles #ihurdle #lovetohurdle #hurdler #hurdles_only #niketrack #nikecoach #nike #niketraining #privatehurdlecoach #privatehurdlecoaching #privatetrackcoach #holmeshurdletech #110hurdles #trackandfieldnews #trackandfield #academyofspeed #trackandfieldworldwide #trackspikesusa #hurdleworld #100hurdles #hurdlelikeaboss #hurdlelikeagirl #the_tracknation #hurdles
hurdlelikeaboss - hurdles - hurdler - niketraining - hurdleworld - hurdlenation - privatehurdlecoach - holmeshurdletech - ilovehurdles - privatehurdlecoaching - trackandfieldworldwide - hurdlelikeagirl - the_tracknation - nike - 110hurdles - lovetohurdle - hurdles_only - ihurdle - privatetrackcoach - 100hurdles - trackandfield - trackandfieldnews - niketrack - trackspikesusa - academyofspeed - nikecoach -
teereesejr : Good stuff Coach
choosetorun : Needed this, Thanks!
_100901 : @shamillaxchanner goals 😩😩
shakeem_yo : Nice technique
cravefor_courtney : @legsleeves_
andrewcouture : Check your dm's man! Had a question for you in there
holmeshurdletech : @andrewcouture What is dm's? Still new here on Instagram! Lol!
holmeshurdletech : @andrewcouture Ok, got it... I'll get back to you.
sunshine.white.988 - choosetorun - team.gui - sananyassiny -
Mystery Hurdler getting that early morning work in for her last hurdle session of the summer. Flys back to report to school tomorrow. Watch out all! #hurdlenation #ilovehurdles #ihurdle #lovetohurdle #hurdler #hurdles_only #niketrack #nikecoach #nike #niketraining #privatehurdlecoach #privatehurdlecoaching #privatetrackcoach #holmeshurdletech #110hurdles #trackandfieldnews #trackandfield #academyofspeed #hurdles
hurdles - hurdler - 110hurdles - hurdlenation - privatehurdlecoach - trackandfieldnews - ilovehurdles - privatehurdlecoaching - privatetrackcoach - nike - lovetohurdle - hurdles_only - niketraining - holmeshurdletech - trackandfield - ihurdle - niketrack - academyofspeed - nikecoach -
andrewcouture : Are those lead leg drills
andrewcouture : I have a problem with having my shin back like that, I don't cycle my foot close enough to my butt so it's like I'm kicking at the hurdle if that makes sense
holmeshurdletech : @andrewcouture - do you have any video so I can look at it?
andrewcouture : My phone got wiped out the other day, I was able to salvage a few pictures but lost all my videos. I'll record my workout tomorrow and send it over
andrewcouture : I'm a sprinter adding another event to my forte haha Terrence trammell style
holmeshurdletech : @andrewcouture cool! I'll check it out. .
andrewcouture : Haha trust me man I've got questions! Where I should be positioned at certain times, We'll talk soon
holmeshurdletech : @andrewcouture or you fly out here to work with me. I'll answer a few questions, as I don't give the milk out for free! Lol!
dianaarantika - fakhrulrozii - karolinahonkeova - dmitriy_110hurdler -
It's officially Friday and many of you are asleep. I'm finishing up some programming for the morning team, I hope you all enjoy 8am.#hinthint #fnb #thebar #fridaynightatthebar #academyofspeed #groupfitness
fridaynightatthebar - fnb - academyofspeed - thebar - hinthint - groupfitness -
missjillybean06 : Enjoy your morning !
jeniece628 : 😣
frenchy421 : @jeniece628 😂 have fun.
kenzeleung - regaltheking - j_b_dizon - rzrchick25 -
A big shout out to all our members @thebar_aos we wanted to show our appreciation and commitment by giving back to you all. We hope you like the new war bars, come try them out tonight! @roguefitness #RyouRogue #roguefitness #thebar #academyofspeed #warbars #fitness #groupfitness
fitness - ryourogue - groupfitness - academyofspeed - thebar - roguefitness - warbars -
christeenyy : DOPE 🙌🏼
missjillybean06 : Supa dupa cool
kemedawg - cali_blondieboo - timkekc - minifrenchie -
New gym shirt. It's appropriate. Lol #academyofspeed #gymtime #iworkout #getyoursweaton #thereisnorest #couplesthatsweattogetherstaytogether
gymtime - getyoursweaton - iworkout - thereisnorest - academyofspeed - couplesthatsweattogetherstaytogether -
erna.dzelilovic - darbieecawelti - anitragriesmeyer - chris.c_aka_bigc -
#academyofspeed buen entrenamiento el día de hoy @josephdiazjr @rafaelheredia7 un gran equipo #teamVargas #elbandido #boxing #boxeo
elbandido - teamvargas - academyofspeed - boxing - boxeo -
alexisnava00 - rokus77 - joe.gotti562 - jayone310 -
Hoy después de entrenar @ #academyofspeed con @josephdiazjr y @rafaelheredia7 #teamVargas #elbandido #boxing #boxeo
elbandido - teamvargas - academyofspeed - boxing - boxeo -
sweetstephrzzz : Suerte con Rafa y Moses ... Me los saludas :) bendiciones ...
elbandido130 : Ok... Gracias y saludos @sweetstephrzzz
mexicanchistes : EL BANDIDO VARGAS! 💯👊💪
alexisnava00 - operaider911 - swift_tbe0731 - f1ghthouse -
A little ankle mobility last night with the team before the assault on our legs. I hope everyone is feeling rested today because tonight is a killer 😈 #fubarbell #run #pushups #mobility #mwod #thebar #groupfitness #academyofspeed
fubarbell - mobility - pushups - run - thebar - academyofspeed - mwod - groupfitness -
christeenyy : Zimmer needs to just give me that hat.
thebar_aos : 8am: Sharline-7Rnds 8:16 Jackie-7Rnds 8:26
ryandemonford - j_b_dizon - ignitionmike - romwod -
Just 5 months this nationally ranked dancer (and this gal is Bad!) contacted Holmes Hurdle Tech because she wanted to try something new and thought the hurdles would be fun. I will not lie, the 1st few months were a challenge, as I could not get this young lady to stop pointing her toes - which is a big No-No for a sprinter/hurdler... But look at her now! Juliette Roberts will be a junior in high school and has really taken to the hurdles! This kid is tough as they come and because of her dance background, understands "movement" and how to get into position. Along with her hurdle training, Juliette is also working on her speed development with Coach Jon Gilmer at the Academy of Speed and making improvements there as well. If this is what we've done in 5 months, just wait until we get a full year under her belt. Excellent job Juliette! #trackandfieldnation #trackandfield #hurdlelikeagirl #100hurdles #hurdler #ihurdle #hurdlenation #privatehurdlecoach #privatetrackcoach #holmeshurdletech #trackandfieldnews #trackcoach #trackandfieldcoach #usatf #sportsandfitness #sports #hurdles_only #hurdlelife #hurdlelikeaboss #hurdlecoach #hurdlecoach #aos #academyofspeed #niketrack #nikecoach #nike #the_greatness_maker #trackandfieldworldwide
hurdlelikeaboss - holmeshurdletech - hurdler - hurdlelikeagirl - trackandfieldcoach - hurdlenation - trackandfieldnation - privatehurdlecoach - trackcoach - aos - trackandfieldnews - hurdlelife - the_greatness_maker - trackandfieldworldwide - privatetrackcoach - nike - trackandfield - hurdles_only - sportsandfitness - sports - usatf - hurdlecoach - 100hurdles - ihurdle - niketrack - academyofspeed - nikecoach -
holmeshurdletech : @the_greatness_maker
the_greatness_maker : WOW! Her sprinting is coming along really nicely. It's nice to see that it's transferring over to the hurdles. Good work Rich. @holmeshurdletech
juju_roberts : Thanks coach! You are the best, thank you for believing in me!!!
holmeshurdletech : @juju_roberts - Thanks Juju! Just stay focused, keep your eyes on the prize and will fall into place!
mignonclothing : 👍 👍
epfotos : Awesome 💪
firwin.118 - boris_athletics - sananyassiny - trackgirl_problems -
At my favorite Bar, best way to start my Monday 🔩 the classes now run twice a day Monday through Friday. 8am - 9am and 8pm-9pm. DM coaches @justinryanmeach @ll0rgge @thebar_aos for more info. #academyofspeed #thebaraos #mobilitymonday #mondayatthebar #cantwalk #sendhelp #nike
cantwalk - sendhelp - mobilitymonday - nike - thebaraos - academyofspeed - mondayatthebar -
juliannet3 : Girl ur body!!! 😍😍😍
smil3laugh_04 : I'm going to the beach babe
frenchy421 : @smil3laugh_04 how about Wednesday night? Or Thursday morning?
pizzaislife7 : #motivation #gorgeous
chelsiealeise : You're perfect
frenchy421 : @chelsiealeise ❤️ not even close... I don't believe in perfect. Except pizza... Pizza should be perfect
chloekelleher7 : How how are you so fit and perfect
ll0rgge : Love of my life
m.a.k_writing - hey_zeus0.0 - eddiefakhoury2 - desert_rose_love -
Another #FREE #bootcamp in the books yes that's right free bootcamp!! Why not wake up and do something good for yourself for free!? Such positive and motivating people that makes these boot camps worth the early morning awake up! Thanks again for doing this for us @raydez86 and @fit_fluential ! You guys are amazing!!
academyofspeed - free - bootcamp -
s12many : Where?
cece0674 : It's in Rancho Cucamonga at a place called the #Academyofspeed
detroit_lover : This looks great! I might have to join you one Saturday!
cece0674 : You should! @detroit_lover
allanrowley - boxler_ - jakecigelnik - beastx84 -
I feel good. I started this Bootcamp class on June 1st. The most I weighed in that first week was 220 pounds. 2 months, a scooter accident that decreased what I can do while working out for the last 4-5 weeks (but dammit my legs look good, lol), and a couple weeks of falling off of my diet recently (back on it after this baby shower today)... I weigh 200 pounds. I can't wait to see what I accomplish over the next 2 months after I'm cleared at the doctor. Oh... and, I got cleaned up at #gentlemansbarberclub83... #RanchoCucamongaBootcamp #RanchoBootcamp #AcademyOfSpeed #Excercise
academyofspeed - excercise - ranchobootcamp - ranchocucamongabootcamp - gentlemansbarberclub83 -
heatherrr.d : Looking awesome! Keep it up :)
tonilynnd321 : Wow, Matthew, what a change from that bbq pic! Great job!
fitnessdsince83 : Lean sauce!! This is our week of domination!!
bassplayerbill - dee0282 - chandalaerial - fitnessdsince83 -
In pizza we trust 🍕 #fridaynightatthebar #aos #academyofspeed #ninjaturtles #trustpizzaalways #myfriendgotmethisshirt #thebar #whatdoyoufridaynight #ninjalife #nerdalert #teamraphael #tireflips #burpees #sledpushes #thebaraos
fridaynightatthebar - trustpizzaalways - burpees - nerdalert - thebaraos - sledpushes - ninjaturtles - ninjalife - aos - whatdoyoufridaynight - myfriendgotmethisshirt - thebar - academyofspeed - teamraphael - tireflips -
robbiesskars : True
frenchy421 : @robbiesskars only way to live a good life. Trust pizza
busywithizzy : @geminivibe oh I forgot you got the pizza shirt
juliannet3 : Dammit I missed it! I'll b there next Friday! 😁
kristinesolano : @frenchy421 I love your shirt!!
frenchy421 : @kristinesolano thanks girly !! ❤️
frenchy421 : @kristinesolano we need to go shopping together
hey_zeus0.0 - m.a.k_writing - i_love_burpees - beastmode_tommy -
The aftermath of my mobility session tonight. A few things weren't feeling 💯 so I had to attack with a few of my favorite tools. If you're spending countless hours training your body and not maintaining it outside of the gym, you're missing out on hidden potential. If you've never tried this stuff before maybe it's time you stopped by our class. #academyofspeed #mwod #mobility #doyouevenfoamroll #thebar #roguefitness #fitness #trainsmarter
mobility - trainsmarter - roguefitness - doyouevenfoamroll - fitness - thebar - academyofspeed - mwod -
christeenyy : Missing out on hidden potential & effectively attacking injury/injury prone areas. The results with my shoulders are incredible. Mobility FTW 👌🏼 #morethanabootcamp #overallfitness
divisionmvmt : Dope Photo, Division wants team athletes. Email us if you want in.
firelinestrong : Niceee, email us at if you want in!
ingredientsfordinner - freakathleteapparel - casper_fitness - divisionmvmt -
WCW goes out to my girls ❤️ beyond blessed to have met them and have become such great friends #farrellscrew #mygirls #thebar #aos #academyofspeed #fitfam #wcw #wednesdaynightsatthebar #wehaveeachothersbacks
fitfam - wcw - wehaveeachothersbacks - mygirls - farrellscrew - wednesdaynightsatthebar - aos - thebar - academyofspeed -
thebar_aos : Glad to have you and your friends!
drea_barbee : I wanna go 😹
jon_finkle - lalini_ufa - rochellegarduno - snazzyjazzy25 -
Pretty much sums up my relationship with Corey... "yes Corey we are gonna do this *insert dork idea * " #wealwaysmatch #captainamerica #coolkids #atthebar #academyofspeed #aos #fitfam #teamgoals
fitfam - coolkids - atthebar - aos - wealwaysmatch - teamgoals - academyofspeed - captainamerica -
lauren.alexisg : Gym Again!?
frenchy421 : @lauren.alexisg yup
chelsiealeise : You're buffer than he is! Lookin good babes!
corlike2run : I'm going to need directions to the nearest burn center
frenchy421 : @chelsiealeise 😂😂😂😂 noooooooooo I am a little buffer than @corlike2run is wayyyyyyyy faster. Good balance
m.a.k_writing - themelissasantana_ - ginarae.duran - blowing_bomb_indo -
Thank you @d3.official for hooking me up with all my stuff ❤️💪 Your the best !! @nutrishopwestupland #fit #needtogetbuff #academyofspeed #nutrishopwestupland
nutrishopwestupland - needtogetbuff - academyofspeed - fit -
d3.official : 😄☺ see you this week
buffnessss : Get it 👍🏻💪🏻
villar12 : Look at you
candacelittle90 : @villar12 yeah nigga I'm back lol just not at stupid la fitness
villar12 : I'm not there anymore lol but I do miss it tho... Better gym than what's up north
candacelittle90 : @villar12 lol yeah i bet that sucks !! Ahh that sucks ur gone !!
candacelittle90 : @d3.official yeeeess ☺️
kevinjeffrey16 - fvck_its_justin - shaunjohn02 -
And yesterday and the day before 🙏 lol today is going to kill me since I can barley walk but just going to push through it 😓💪 #legs #fit #academyofspeed #bootcamp #repost #needtogetbuff @fitnessdsince83
needtogetbuff - fit - repost - legs - academyofspeed - bootcamp -
fvck_its_justin - shaunjohn02 - ohana_strong -
Do you like to lift heavy shit? Do you like kettlebells? If the answer to either of those is yes, then stop by @thebar_aos tonight at 8pm and see this 3,300lb cluster for yourself. If not then I'm confident the rest of our 40,000 sq. ft. facility will be to your liking. #thebar #wednesdaynights #fnb #aos #academyofspeed #fitness #ranchocucamonga #groupfitness #kettlebell #kettlehell@ignitionmike @ll0rgge
kettlebell - ranchocucamonga - aos - fnb - fitness - thebar - academyofspeed - kettlehell - wednesdaynights - groupfitness -
sublime0429 : I want to come by for a workout soon!
christeenyy : Kettlesmell kettlehell give me a barbell
justinryanmeach : @sublime0429 come by with or without your Care Bears anytime! You are always welcome
justinryanmeach : @the_brettmiller we don't just metcon, we have frequent strength days every week where you can put your deadlift or squat to the test
the_brettmiller : I usually dead lift and squat with Priscilla
the_brettmiller : But I'm down for the metcon
drea_barbee : @frenchy421 I really should go . I can't tonight though 😔
frenchy421 : @tikitaughtyou every Monday through Friday now 8pm this is one of the coaches
crossfitupland - dlem70 - westcoastmagazine - 1stavenuemedia -
Friends who lift together stay together 👫 #bestfriends #fridaynightatthebar #aos #academyofspeed #joshisfasterthanme #wedontlikeshirts
fridaynightatthebar - bestfriends - wedontlikeshirts - aos - academyofspeed - joshisfasterthanme -
gym_king_89 : I guess so because you don't lift with me and I put these sissy guys to shame ;)
frenchy421 : @gym_king_89 shut uppppppppp lol not everyone is born with Hulk arms
gym_king_89 : @frenchy421 Hey it took years of hard work for these arms ;)
christeenyy : You're such a babe 😍 Just stop already, it's enough, WE GET IT 💁🏼😂
frenchy421 : @christeenyy not even !!!!!! It's not everyday my best friend and I workout together and when we do it needs to be documented 😂
christeenyy : Well, obviously 😂
sheli_suzanne - hailebd4 - dansonslemia - rochellegarduno -
My favorite night of the week! Who's ready? Direct message us @thebar_aos to reserve a spot #team #groupfitness #aos #academyofspeed #ranchocucamonga #thebar #mwod #flexfriday #embracethesuck #fridaynightatthebar
fridaynightatthebar - ranchocucamonga - aos - flexfriday - team - embracethesuck - thebar - academyofspeed - mwod - groupfitness -
frenchy421 : @geminivibe @mistabutch94 @kimberlykolber @nataliee_canas @kevincfigueroa
frenchy421 : @armoronalec @jwet19 @jamietheresaa @tylerallen12 @bowerpower1023
julia.tsoy - ecoboyryan - jekyllhyde_apparel - jwet19 -
Team workouts, work hard suffer together 😈 #thebar #ranchocucamonga #academyofspeed #aos #groupfitness #team #deadlifts #run
run - ranchocucamonga - aos - deadlifts - team - thebar - academyofspeed - groupfitness -
ih8cardio - citruskitchen - ignitionmike - lindseygelencser -
This is how you should always finish up. If you're leaving the gym right after your workout, try taking an extra ten minutes to stretch and mobilize those taxed muscles. #flexibility #mobility #mwod #mobilitymondays #aos #academyofspeed #ranchocucamonga #thebar
mobility - flexibility - mwod - ranchocucamonga - aos - thebar - academyofspeed - mobilitymondays -
frenchy421 : @stevenwils13 come tonight with me !
j_b_dizon - citruskitchen - infinitystrap - jrunfitpro -
Is your work out challenging you? If not maybe it's time you change up the tempo. Modifying work/rest times can have a dramatic effect on energy systems used and total amount of calories burned. #nasm #thebar #aos #academyofspeed #fitness #groupfitness #ranchocucamonga #tabata
tabata - ranchocucamonga - aos - fitness - thebar - nasm - academyofspeed - groupfitness -
marathon.mitch - daveyeackel - missjillybean06 - 1_and_only_aa -
Get out of the house, get active, and come by the Riverside recruiting office Monday's and Wednesday's at 3:30 to get some physical training in before the new school year starts. The only limits you have are the ones you put on yourself. #ArmyStrong #usarmy #usarmyreserve #riversiderecruitingcenter #riverside #inlandempire #work #PT #AOS #AcademyOfSpeed #weights #cardio #circuittraining
usarmyreserve - pt - circuittraining - cardio - work - armystrong - usarmy - riversiderecruitingcenter - aos - weights - riverside - academyofspeed - inlandempire -
vtec_01 : Can anyone go or only people who are allready signed up? @ssg_rivera
ssg_rivera : Anyone can go @vtec_01 ! Just bring some running shoes and some motivation
superhooah : @ssg_rivera future soldiers training got me in great shape for basic! Lol id even say I was in better shape with you guys than I was in basic
xoxo_alyssavera : #eww 😂 kidding
geniifonseca : Look @fermindl16 !!!
fermindl16 : Were is it at babe .? @geniifonseca
geniifonseca : Look at the hashtags @fermindl16
alylcm - - yesssi_caa - _ohmygoshsandra_ -
⚠ Flex Zone Ahead⚠️. Proceed with caution #academyofspeed #idontmindEric #Anneontheotherhand #muddermonday
idontminderic - muddermonday - academyofspeed - anneontheotherhand -
anne_m_saffi : Lol ur hash tags 😂😂😂
ceciliaann26 - freshtodeath1980 - javiii213 - bcfernandez11 -
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