Get out of the house, get active, and come by the Riverside recruiting office Monday's and Wednesday's at 3:30 to get some physical training in before the new school year starts. The only limits you have are the ones you put on yourself. #ArmyStrong #usarmy #usarmyreserve #riversiderecruitingcenter #riverside #inlandempire #work #PT #AOS #AcademyOfSpeed #weights #cardio #circuittraining
usarmyreserve - pt - circuittraining - cardio - work - armystrong - usarmy - riversiderecruitingcenter - aos - weights - riverside - academyofspeed - inlandempire -
vtec_01 : Can anyone go or only people who are allready signed up? @ssg_rivera
ssg_rivera : Anyone can go @vtec_01 ! Just bring some running shoes and some motivation
pvt.murillo : @ssg_rivera future soldiers training got me in great shape for basic! Lol id even say I was in better shape with you guys than I was in basic
xoxo_alyssavera : #eww πŸ˜‚ kidding
kelsyn_garcia - litttle_lilypad1 - _ohmygoshsandra_ - _ohmygoshclarice -
#pt #crossfit #academyofspeed #goarmy #ArmyReserve #USArmy
usarmy - armyreserve - crossfit - pt - academyofspeed - goarmy -
teamcode3 : Very nice πŸ‘
bornprimitive - davidricardopedroza - furious_julian97 - fasterthanyour40 -
Me and my crew at the usual rendezvous πŸ”© another amazing Bar Workout with the A team. #fridaynightatthebar #mycrew #lovethem #fitfam #thebar #happyplace #aos #academyofspeed
fridaynightatthebar - fitfam - lovethem - happyplace - aos - thebar - mycrew - academyofspeed -
kristyl_liv : Nice
joshfergot - corlike2run - rochellegarduno - jordan_keller13 -
Abs: who wore it betterπŸ’πŸ» ? Friday Night at the Bar with my mini me πŸ‘­ Intense workout but I have the best workout partner.Contact @justinryanmeach and @ll0rgge for more info about attending the bar #fridaynightsatthebar #sistertime #twinning #whoworeitbetter #fitness #summerready #aos #academyofspeed #mycoachesarebetterthanyours #sisterswholift
sisterswholift - istayfit - sistertime - whoworeitbetter - summerready - mycoachesarebetterthanyours - fridaynightsatthebar - twinning - fitness - aos - academyofspeed -
ashleydani_ : Yup bc you do crossfit
frenchy421 : @ashleydani_ Careful or @justinryanmeach is going mock more than just your delts πŸ˜‚
ashleydani_ : Theres nothing to mock im perfect #hairflip πŸ’
frenchy421 : @ashleydani_ justin is currently busy but just you wait ... It's coming 😈
ashleydani_ : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
brelieve7 : πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
csusbells : Cheeoww!
mandaj0y : 😍😍😍😍
m.a.k_writing - eddiefakhoury2 - amandaish09 - beastmode_tommy -
Clearly I have WAYS to go, and still need to work on a lot, but I'm slowly getting better, and that keeps me motivated to keep working hard.My Friday nights at the Bar are paying off 😁 #fridaynightsatthebar #aos #academyofspeed #progress #workinghard #gettingthere #timeforbiggirlshoes #fridaynights
gettingthere - fridaynights - fridaynightsatthebar - aos - progress - workinghard - academyofspeed - timeforbiggirlshoes -
frenchy421 : @ashleydani_ hahaha frenemies
ashleydani_ : We are the crips and bloods of fitness
djeeslr : Mariam you are juste an awesome girl. I can see all You photos on insta an i Just think everyday thats You are juste an Amazon woman. I knew You when we were tennagers girls and You are no à woman. I think of u and stay YOU β™‘
djeeslr : I miss you
frenchy421 : @djeeslr awwwwwww merci me belle ❀️❀️❀️❀️ tu serais toujours ma zombie 😘😘😘 Tu a Skype ?
frenchy421 : @djeeslr ps I miss you too ❀️
jordan_keller13 : Get it
lauren.alexisg : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
lyzirider - j0yjoyj0y - dansonslemia - lady_megann -
At my favorite bar on a Friday night πŸ”© #fridaynightatthebar #aos #academyofspeed #workhard
fridaynightatthebar - aos - workhard - academyofspeed -
mikaythegreat : Those abs πŸ˜­πŸ™ŒπŸ»
mikaythegreat : Can I borrow them for EDC?
gilbertbarrera24 : How?
mannyfreshkuts : πŸ’ͺ🏽πŸ’ͺ🏽!!! #instafit
frenchy421 : @mikaythegreat if you return them in the condition they were borrowed.
frenchy421 : @gilbertbarrera24 how what? Lol
charlie_mac11 : Lookin good! πŸ’ͺ🏽
ll0rgge : Oh dam
lex_xxix - m.a.k_writing - amandaish09 - beastmode_tommy -
The things I do for other people... *sigh* @saxobeat_a @duckiebabe87 #IGuess #ImStartingTwoADays #6am #6pm #RanchoCucamongaBootcamp #AcademyOfSpeed
ranchocucamongabootcamp - iguess - 6am - 6pm - imstartingtwoadays - academyofspeed -
saxobeat_a : Leleleelelele lets get it!!!πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ’ͺ
djfresh2death - saxobeat_a - duckiebabe87 - neshy_h -
Started this bootcamp class on Monday and went five days straight. I didn't wake up in time to make the class this morning and felt nothing but guilt, lol. Definitely looking forward to getting back on it tomorrow morning and into a routine with @duckiebabe87 and @saxobeat_a... gotta love the pain @fitnessdsince83 brings everyday. @academyofspeed #RanchoCucamongaBootcamp #RanchoBootcamp #AcademyOfSpeed #PainIsChange #OneDay #IMightBe #AbleToDo #Pushups
ranchobootcamp - ranchocucamongabootcamp - abletodo - imightbe - painischange - pushups - oneday - academyofspeed -
fitnessdsince83 : Im so proud of you bro!! Not many can survive 5 days straight. You push it Sooo hard and it makes my job that much more enjoyable and I can't wait to cause you more pain tomorrow. Sleep fast.
saxobeat_a : Imagine how I feel! I didn't go all week smh! Gonna get back on it Monday tho!!!πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’― yea that's 300%!!! Hah @fitnessdsince83
fitnessdsince83 : I know. Made me sad #nomoredaysoff @saxobeat_a
pfunk835 - nexxita11 - kdlady9968 - saxobeat_a -
If you're looking for speed training, agility, proper sprint mechanics, and more this summer then sign up for our camp. Our training facility is the largest indoor facility in California, and our coaching staff includes talent and background in all sports to the professional and elite levels. Message me if you have questions #Repost @academyofspeed ・・・ Maximum Speed & Development Camp starts June 15th! Ages 5+, any athlete any sport. Our athletes not only improve tremendously in a short amount of time, but they also go on to receive scholarships to DI schools, and even competing professionally. We are a group of skilled coaches wanting to give back to this community. The only question we have is, "Are you capable of becoming an AOS athlete?" Camp sign up is on our website under upcoming events! #academyofspeed
academyofspeed - repost -
_cosqun_abilov - vicsommerx - grnovais - bhar.moez -
Maximum Speed & Development Camp starts June 15th! Ages 5+, any athlete any sport. Our athletes not only improve tremendously in a short amount of time, but they also go on to receive scholarships to DI schools, and even competing professionally. We are a group of skilled coaches wanting to give back to this community. The only question we have is, "Are you capable of becoming an AOS athlete?" Camp sign up is on our website under upcoming events! #academyofspeed
losangeles - usatfrisingstars - adidas - nike - tracknation - usatf - athletics - academyofspeed -
academyofspeed : #tracknation #losangeles #usatf #USATFrisingstars #athletics #nike #adidas
91vain - _leenagha - selina_fts - the_don_fox_scandal -
Out here getting work in! Are you? #usatf #tracknation #runnerspace #ACADEMYOFSPEED
usatf - tracknation - academyofspeed - runnerspace -
iloveclaremont - j__xyz - steph_k98 - alexaa246 -
Messing around at work and my 3rd or 4th time attempting to #run in quite a while. Was worried about feeling an old injury but felt really good. #AcademyOfSpeed #speedtraining #running #sprint #sprinting #strong #strongfirst #strengthTraining #kettlebells #kettlebellTraining #speed #bootcamp #RanchoCucamonga #agility #rkc #instructor #moving
strengthtraining - speedtraining - run - strongfirst - agility - kettlebelltraining - bootcamp - running - moving - kettlebells - rkc - sprint - strong - speed - instructor - sprinting - ranchocucamonga - academyofspeed -
joni_lq : Nice work!
crfchick25 : Impressive Sir Mike!!! πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ
rosana.peres - warrioressfitnessbeauty - kettlebellssouthbay - iwitnessfitness -
How do you spend your Friday nights? These people are a different breed. #fitness #academyofspeed #fridaynightatthebar #embracethesuck @theegr8white_zl @missyibarra @frenchy421 @minifrenchie @cali_blondieboo @ll0rgge
embracethesuck - fridaynightatthebar - academyofspeed - fitness -
justinryanmeach : @tanyaaa_89 You are formally invited, Tuesday/Friday nights at 8pm. Text Matt for the address πŸ’ͺ
missyibarra : @pinkl82
pinkl82 : @missyibarra πŸ’©πŸ˜¨
_courtneyjh : I love how I can tell who everyone is just by their form lmao
sammywho : Give a man a stopwatch and a whistle and he will change the world.
christeenyy : Momma's on fiah πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ Can't wait to be back πŸ’ͺ🏼
justinryanmeach : @christeenyy she was moving huh!?
christeenyy : Hell yeah she was! So proud of her! 😝
mdavison13 - vgsorganic - fitness_mc - hockeyplayer20003 -
New personal record at SDSU this last weekend, just gonna keep working and get my second phase to a real phase hopefully soon. That last phase though 😎 #trackandfield #triplejump #AcademyOfSpeed Video Credit to @jm_ortiz28
trackandfield - academyofspeed - triplejump -
kjarmstrong7 : @gee.kyle Long jump also
gee.kyle : What's your longest jumps?
kjarmstrong7 : Triple I went 44ft then long jump only a 21'6" but I've had bigger jumps just either barely fouls or me somehow hitting my hand back to take off a foot or more. That's what happened on my 21'6"
kjarmstrong7 : @gee.kyle
gee.kyle : Nice dude I want to go to one of your guys' meets someday. @jm_ortiz28
kjarmstrong7 : That would be awesome 😎 @gee.kyle
_jorgeous_o : Hell yeah! @gee.kyle
__maps : My brother is rad!
g_itzel02 - telesforo__26 - jaffleck13 - tortiz_01 -
One of the best strength coaches in the business. My boy Darryl Hudson. #boxing #academyofspeed
boxing - academyofspeed -
annmarie_winsor - liznguyen412 - monkeeking - lenroy_tnt -
Competing in my first track meet as a college graduate and first as a member of #AcademyOfSpeed tomorrow afternoon @ Soka University. S/o to @the_greatness_maker for the training I've received so far! Let's get it!
academyofspeed -
stirley_jones : Good luck
eliterenegade : See ya there brotha
bradbatts : Thanks @stirley_jones
bradbatts : @eliterenegade what event(s) will you be running in?
e_sm00ve : Good luck bro. You are going to kill it
jonathan_granados : Do work!!
eliterenegade : @bradbatts the 3k
stirley_jones - eliterenegade - xrockerx999 - andrewvick12 -
Gettin' in some hurdle practice at #AOS tonight! #workhardplayhard #trackseason #USATF #youthrunner #showusyourwings #trackandfield #dowork #academyofspeed
workhardplayhard - trackandfield - dowork - showusyourwings - usatf - aos - youthrunner - trackseason - academyofspeed -
lyndalemon : @lilrushfactor @chale2626 @the_greatness_maker
bellakrazi : She looks soooo tall!!!!
passthefootball : That's awesome Maya!
deeznuttables - academyofspeed - _sunil_alessandro_suraci -
😁 big swing #Academyofspeed #gettingready #bigswinglittlebody
gettingready - bigswinglittlebody - academyofspeed -
aud_ree : 😍😍😍
jess_q0383 : My papa 😍😍
c___tunechi - luisgtury - naidaxoxo - _mrsvaldivia -
Had a great day shooting at #AcademyOfSpeed in Cali yesterday for some new commercial ads for my supplement brand @trueperformance Took my new boxer puppy, Lola, with us and she was quite a handful - and wanted to be included in everything! We all made it through the day though and you'll be seeing some great quality videos on the #trueperformancenutrition Facebook page this week! Thanks to Edwina Cheer & my training partner @fitmarcin for taking part!!
academyofspeed - trueperformancenutrition -
laissezclay : @ciannaryan
fitmarcin : Such an amazing time shooting and hanging out with Lola!! Can't wait to see what we captured !!
joesands1 : Boxers are the best!
respergu : What is her the body fat?
itskevfitness : Strong heart for taking the boxer home
justinryanmeach : @ll0rgge @_theegr8white_88 look familiar?
theegr8white_zl : I was gunna text you but I didn't think it was yours @justinryanmeach
robj07 : @msxblades
j91shade - followintagramm.irman_99 - marcusmaximas - _pamela_safitri -
Stepped up my πŸ’ͺworkouts with a trainer and today I can relate to this squirrels struggle πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #WalkingFunny #AcademyOfSpeed #HIIT
walkingfunny - academyofspeed - hiit -
dodgers1971 : No pain no gain!
foodandfashioncents - _____criss_____ - joey_scudder - h_i_i_t -
Xavier pitching to Ramon.. #TBT #Pitching #Only5YearsOld #StayReady #Xavier22 #Mlb #Nunez #PreppingForTheFuture #AOS #Motivation #AcademyOfSpeed #JustDoIt #Nike #Slugger #Talent #OnTheMount
stayready - motivation - nunez - hittingpost - chingon - tbt - aos - slugger - xavier22 - mlb - preppingforthefuture - talent - nike - justdoit - only5yearsold - onthemount - pitching - academyofspeed -
emm_jaay13 : Damn! Impressive πŸ’ͺ
mac_money_562 : Yeah he loves baseball... its just in him @dahomiee
mac_money_562 : Thank you @emm_jaay13
flylife : NiceπŸ‘
mac_money_562 : ##HittingPost
mac_money_562 : @hittingpost
mac_money_562 : Thanks bro.. @nick.schwab
mac_money_562 : @korebaseball
mj_aispuro - companunez - korebaseball -
#tbt 4 weeks ago. I cannot wait to share my progress of weight while I squat βœ‹ not only can I squat heavier, I've lost 4 inches since thenπŸ™Œ ONLY on my waist πŸ‘πŸ’ͺ πŸ‘Š#fitlife #olympicbar #squatheavy #weights #fitlife #stronger #babyweightthen #beastweightnow #tryhard #tryharder #youwontknowifyoudonttry #muscle #buffgirla #makeupandmuscle #leaner #academyofspeed
makeupandmuscle - beastweightnow - olympicbar - tryharder - tbt - tryhard - leaner - babyweightthen - youwontknowifyoudonttry - stronger - fitlife - squatheavy - weights - buffgirla - muscle - academyofspeed -
valdelgado : @jv_2311 πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚
riqi_t : Ooooooh this makes me want to get a membership sooooo bad 😱
rebelmantra : dope!! =)
ally_ashleigh : I can tmrw! πŸ’
valdelgado : @riqi_t come... Let's do it πŸ˜„
valdelgado : @ally_ashleigh can you come at 4 or 5pm
ally_ashleigh : Tomorrow, yeah! Where's it at
riqi_t : I can't afford it yet.. @valdelgado
doul3lej - 66angel_m - kashif7868 - miliangie85 -
#changinglives #aos #academyofspeed #speedtraining #endurancetraining #training #childrensbootcamp #health #ranchocucamonga #iespeedtraining
training - athletes - childrensbootcamp - changinglives - active - ranchocucamonga - gotspeed - aos - speedtraining - endurancetraining - health - iespeedtraining - sports - academyofspeed -
academyofspeed : #gotspeed #sports #athletes #active
1stavenuemedia : awesome pics!! Follow us :)
_b.dawg - teamvenglass - caballeroakira -
...So today I discovered this evil guy #hurtssogood #kinda #bootcamp #day1 #academyofspeed #aos #ranchocucamonga
ranchocucamonga - aos - kinda - academyofspeed - day1 - hurtssogood - bootcamp -
lisa.dolly - doapster - brittanyk1388 -
If you're trying to get into shape and don't know where to me for personal training! I can help you take your body to the next levelπŸ’ͺI will be training out of a private gym in Rancho Cucamonga starting August. Contact him via email for rates ▢️▢️▢️ Kik: FitFluential Or DM #personaltraining #ranchocucamonga #inlandempire #AcademyOfSpeed #AOS #fit_fluential
fit_fluential - ranchocucamonga - aos - inlandempire - academyofspeed - personaltraining - : @fit_fluential what gym is it?
fit_fluential : @hymas_fit Academy of Speed (AOS)
damon_a3 : @hymas_fit I train there now at AOS ITS AWESOME...
fit_fluential : @damon_a3 nice, we'll definitely be in touch then πŸ‘
_nevaehs_mama : You have any open times for me tomorrow? 5? And Thursday? 1? Sorry been crazy busy!! @fit_fluential
fit_fluential : @_nevaehs_mama I start next Monday at the new gym
_nevaehs_mama : No for fitness 19? I should still have two training Appt paid for?
fit_fluential : @_nevaehs_mama call the club tomorrow
_djloops_ - krahhhh -
If you're trying to get into shape and don't know where to my bf for personal training! He can help you take your body to the next level just like he did with me πŸ’ͺ😊 He will be training out of a private gym in Rancho Cucamonga starting August. Contact him via email for rates ▢️▢️▢️ @fit_fluential @fit_fluential @fit_fluential #personaltraining #ranchocucamonga #inlandempire #AcademyOfSpeed #AOS #fit_fluential
fit_fluential - ranchocucamonga - aos - inlandempire - academyofspeed - personaltraining -
perez_partyof5 : #lmfao the frog!!!
breezay_lt : @ojos_verdez_ everyone sees those fluffy trainers at the gym...Ain't nobody got time fo dat!!! πŸ˜‚
fit_fluential : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ ima be posting that frog one
fit_fluential : And thank u baby 😘. CONTACT ME ASAP!!
dan_tastic_voyage83 : This made the explore page.. @breezay_lt πŸ‘
dan_tastic_voyage83 : Can you send me a sample of your product to Va? @breezay_lt & @codean_in_my_cup
codean_in_my_cup : What kind of sample would are you interested in? @danielb_83
rooxaay : Girl ima have you train mee lmao
the_young_lion10 - cortiz_1511 - stevepadilla_ - dan_tastic_voyage83 -
😿 Can't wait to go back to #academyofspeed!!! #ignitionfitness #crossfit #kettlebell #iwannacompeteinthecrossfitgames😩😭 Thank @caseysara for the pic!
ignitionfitness - kettlebell - academyofspeed - crossfit - iwannacompeteinthecrossfitgames😩😭 -
dondeezy86 : You go joss!!!!! @joss_lynn25
ivonne_ventura : You go girlπŸ’ͺ @joss_lynn25
__rosiooo : Get it girl
sarancasey : You're welcome :)
yuungjoc_ : Aww thanks guys!😘 @dondeezy86 @ivonne_ventura @__rosiooo
dondeezy86 : Always @joss_lynn25
kittyq85 - perezericka118 - jessicabarona27 - petitani -
More like "OH MY BOD!" 😩😭😁😝😜 @caseysara #academyofspeed #ignitionfitness #goingbackformore #soreisgood #feeltheburn
ignitionfitness - soreisgood - academyofspeed - feeltheburn - goingbackformore -
sarancasey : Hahaha are you burnin?
jessicabarona27 : Hahaha love it! ❀️ @joss_lynn25
yuungjoc_ : @caseysara yes! πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ lol
yuungjoc_ : @santybaby27 πŸ˜„πŸ˜›πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜β€οΈ
sarancasey - sammyflo4 - christyella8 - itsyesidude -
Boot camp kicked our ass!!!! @cindylou033 #BishWhet #BootCamp #AcademyOfSpeed #RealWorkOut #ThatsJustTheWarmUp?!
bishwhet - realworkout - thatsjustthewarmup - academyofspeed - bootcamp -
sami_vee : @fitnessdsince83 Lmao! Right! He is the worst! Made us have bambi legs!!!! And thanks!!!
fitnessdsince83 : Your welcome !! I love seeing you guys in pain!! @cindylou033
sami_vee : @fitnessdsince83 @cindylou033 we obviously loved it too! Lol
fitnessdsince83 : Hell ya!! See you tomorrow for some more beatings!! @cindylou033
cindylou033 : @fitnessdsince83 dang that Eric guy is a killer! Thanks!! Loved it just what I need someone to push me into shape the right way 😊 see ya tomorrow
sami_vee : @fitnessdsince83 ready for more! Lol
ajohancsik : Your face is priceless πŸ˜†
sami_vee : @ajohancsik Lmao at that moment I was still in pain! And had bambi legs like no other!
ajohancsik - originalcordawg - fitnessdsince83 - 370_zilla -
This new workout regime is no joke. Got cuts, carpet burns & bruises all over. Magic Mike is serious. #AcademyofSpeed #Fitness #CrossFit #AthleticConditioning
academyofspeed - crossfit - athleticconditioning - fitness -
aspen_hinkle : I feel ya, lady!
brwn_jared - melinda_skipper - ruoti_mom_of_four - aspen_hinkle -
Bring it! Athletic conditioning & Crossfit workout. Pushing the sleds & working the ropes today with Magic Mike. Richard Sherman getting his explosive HITT training next to us. #AcademyofSpeed #Workout #PersonalTrainer #Getit #Conditioning #LovetoSweat #HITT
getit - hitt - personaltrainer - workout - academyofspeed - lovetosweat - conditioning -
judyhuizar - melinda_skipper - ruoti_mom_of_four - danimariec23 -
πŸƒπŸ’¨β€οΈTill this day I still love to sprint!! #missthegoodoldtrackdays #academyofspeed #putinthework #bethebestyoucanbe
missthegoodoldtrackdays - putinthework - academyofspeed - bethebestyoucanbe -
eddie_gpmm : Shut up
arock2smoove : You slow cuz @crzydimp lol
crzydimp : @arock2smoove let's race then cuh!! Lol
arock2smoove : You not about that life yet loc you was smoking them scrubs but you won't do that to me @crzydimp lol
crzydimp : U a scrub too lol .. Those muscles of urs will slow u down lol @arock2smoove
arock2smoove : @crzydimp you think so coming from someone who jumped the gun on the last race lol we will see Ima burn you and put you on instagram lol
crzydimp : Hahahaha like tht locc @arock2smoove lol
arock2smoove : Just like that loc @crzydimp lol
gonzalezvanessa - twan_vb03 - pattyprice66 - gypsy_june -
About that time! With Darryl Hudson #strengthandconditioning #academyofspeed #timetogetsore
academyofspeed - strengthandconditioning - timetogetsore -
rlathleticsguillen : My dream
freerix : Get it champ!
josephdiazjr : @monimoe23 haha yes! It's intense.
the.real.saraa - j0suegs - umana28 - el_tigre247 -
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