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Important notice - Major update coming on June 1st. Please read carefully.
Get your entries in folks! Just a few more hours til this challenge CLOSES! See details below
lanabaybayy1 : wow silly me @_pb thank you thank you sir! 
sweetblood22 : @_pb ~ thanks, I read the other post and figured it out. Thanks.
shiksabomb : One more hour or so left for this challenge @haikulove I'm sure you can rock it
abstracters_anonymous : Thanks folks! The challenge is now CLOSED
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We've extended the #a_a_expressive_selfie!!! Thinking about making the deadline Monday. Your thoughts? Please see full rules below.
a_a_expressive_selfie -
abstracters_anonymous : Oh gosh! Hope yall are ok!!!
booksandshit : @abstracters_anonymous Sure, monday is cool with me. @scifi11 @chromesthete Is it better now?? I hope you are ok!!!!
abstracters_anonymous : Ok guys, monday it is! 12:00midnight eastern standard time. (usa-newyork).
mowhewa_ : Thanks for the extension! I got so far with it and reached an impass. So I set it aside to come back to it and wound up being occupied with other things up to the original deadline.
doppel_ganger - abstracters_anonymous -
Because i destroyed the original image i thought it only fair to the artist i should post the source of my last edit. Collage City - a sculpture by Eduardo Paolozzi in the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. #instagramhub#iguk#ignation#instamood#instagood#jj#jj_forum#iphoneonly#instagramers#abstracters_anonymous#a_a_workinprogress
abstracters_anonymous - a_a_workinprogress - iguk - iphoneonly - instagramers - instamood - jj - instagood - instagramhub - jj_forum - ignation -
leomdb : Cool!
doz22 : Hello again Leo, thankyou @leomdb
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#a_a_workinprogress #abstracters_anonymous
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matuk1 : #abstract_my_face
matuk1 : See more of my art on #matart
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#abstracters_anonymous #a_a_workinprogress
abstracters_anonymous - matart - a_a_workinprogress -
matuk1 : See more of my art on #matart
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I didn't have any app to superimpose multiple images. So I bought "superimpose" to have a go at the self image challenge. The program works well but the image output was nothing like what I had in the program. For this reason alone I'm going to have to give this a bad rating. But anyway here is #a_a_workinprogress #self
a_a_workinprogress - self -
matuk1 : No such problems since using the app, it can be funny when using the camera, found it best to just use the camer roll images.
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Challenge Central
yentl09 : And I' m in love with Frida since many years .... Wonderful idea for a challenge ! πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸ’›
abstracters_anonymous : @yentl09 me too. I feel like i know her. Thats how a great portrait should make you feel, I think. And thank you!
abstracters_anonymous : @kryptokorteks here it is. It ends this friday. Im going to be posting something more on this tomorrow. This has gotten pretty popular so were going to start a new a_a tag for selfies :) ttfn!
kryptokorteks : Thanks!!
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Self portrait #a_a_workinprogress #a_a_expressive_selfie #implus #implus_daily #implus_Dyz #kes_favs #gf_uk #gang_family #awesome_shots #all_shots #gf_daily #gfoftheday #webstagram #editjunky #editstyle_gf #unitedbyedit #igers #instagramers #instagramhub #miracletag #instagood #instamood #superb_pics #iphonesia #iphoneography
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kilpin : Cool!! And sort of spooky
quadra_q : Thank u @kilpin why the tear?
kilpin : Ummii I was crying cos it's a bit scary
quadra_q : Pmsl ok fair enough 😁 @kilpin
innovatty - kcmcgrady - brunoswell -
Dedicated to fellow Igers who inspire me to improve or try to anyway #a_a_daily #abstracters_anonymous #a_a_workinprogress #abstract#instagramhub#instagram#ig#iguk#ignation#instamood#instagood#jj#jj_forum#iphoneography#iphone4#iphoneonly#instagramers
abstracters_anonymous - a_a_daily - instagram - abstract - iguk - iphoneography - jj - instagramhub - ig - a_a_workinprogress - ignation - iphone4 - iphoneonly - instagramers - instagood - jj_forum - nextlevelconcepts - instamood -
avechucha : Love it!! 😍😍😍😍
doz22 : Thankyou very much @avechucha πŸ™πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜ƒ
paciencianeto : I always enjoy a challenge to the eye. Good stuff. #nextlevelconcepts
doz22 : #nextlevelconcepts
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blendiferous - newhomework10 -
tkayolson2 : @abstracters_anonymous @oshamey Your kind words are so very appreciated.
tkayolson2 : #newhomework10 #blendiferous
realgenius : Blessings on you! I watched my mother die in 2007 and to this day think of her and cry for her loss. Not mine, hers. She missed so much due to my truly evil sister and her husband. I'm so amazed and admire yours and @booksandshit art, story and journey to wholeness, your art amazes and inspires me. My mother was an artist, she taught me that there is no right or wrong way to draw, paint or photograph. You just do! If its pleasing to your eye others will take away from it what they want or need. I'm delighted I found you thru @pedraterra , I love good art and I think I've found a new niche!!!! Thank youπŸ™
sugarama : Wow, you have been on quite a journey! Always look forward and be the best you can be, in all struggles there is a lesson to find...
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Spontaneous Method
abstracters_anonymous : Its #a_a_cubistedit go ahead and tag it, well count it. I know your tried to get it in before.
scifi11 : @notengocosquillas Wow!!! Thanks!!!πŸŒΉπŸŒΉπŸŒΉπŸŒΉπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
lana67says2 : Unbelievable gallery!
stevecooper92 : Love this with its Paul Klee feel!
domlnlc - ayt_art - ross_martin - scifi11 -
My second attempt for @abstracters_anonymous #a_a_workinprogress
a_a_cubistedit - a_a_workinprogress - puppywings_challenge16 -
jackieisfree : #a_a_cubistedit
jackieisfree : And also for @puppywings @bongwaterjoe #puppywings_challenge16
kryptokorteks : Omg how gorgeous is this???
kurikin : Thanks for all of the likes and follow! I really like your work, so it vindicates mine in a small way. <3
starobaronen - jackieisfree - elcorpu - angelfx -
My attempt at understanding cubism and the theory behind it...
a_a_cubistedit - abstracters_anonymous - abstacters - a_a_workinprogress -
jackieisfree : #abstracters_anonymous #abstacters
angelfx : Outstanding, beautiful!
jackieisfree : @angelfx Ol
jackieisfree : #abstracters_anonymous #a_a_cubistedit #a_a_workinprogress
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Attempting a break from perspective... First attempt #a_a_workinprogress for @abstracters_anonymous cubist challenge... Always wanted to attempt Cubisim in photography... was i successful? Gimme some feedback.
a_a_workinprogress -
artisticchristianity98 : Thats amazing cud u follow me
matuk1 : Love how the colours work. It would be cool to see more from different angles.
sunshinefae : Amazing!!! I love this one!!
oshamey : πŸ’€πŸ’‹πŸ’€πŸ’‹πŸ’€ Day of Dead Art!
rickspaulding - texxei - hanboyea -
Abstract Series: No. 7 Progress (cubist edit one)
tharmon_art_diary : @fredragland_ru Yes, this is a very interesting pic.. I had to spin it around a few times because I see something different when at an angleπŸ‘@nefelim just creat an image as usual & break it up then put it back 2gether..u'll be surprised at ur resultsπŸ˜„πŸ˜„hope that help sparks ur creativityπŸ˜‰
abstracters_anonymous : Very nice @fredragland_ru boy do i hate giving critiques! Thanks @truffin for jumping on board with these! I was looking at my own attempt and saw it would br better for me to try to flatten out the images/ get rid of shadows. Thats the only thing Ihave to say for yours.
tymejumper : That's really awsome!!!!
mowhewa_ : @addy76 @truffin @kaprice20 Thank you! πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’
lisa_9 - brieanna.kelly - briandowd - ig_addict_ud -
My first attempt at #a_a_workinprogress. A whole lotta stamping goin on! What i was trying to do with this was capture how interesting the mountains here look against the houses. Cezanne did it and i love cezanne. However most of the mt pics either got burried or were too dark. I think in my next crack at it Ill try to take some more photos and mute some of the colors more. Input anyone?
a_a_workinprogress -
avechucha : I love the colors!! ✨😍😍😍✨
abstractbydesign : @kryptokorteks thank you! :)
abstractbydesign : @avechucha thanks lucy!
kikimstq : I agree'
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Thanks to @chasingcolors my IG possibilities have just expanded. (She shared #phonto, the type tool with me) -- a self portrait
a_a_workinprogress - phonto - abstract_my_face -
karibaskets : this is me -- #a_a_workinprogress When asked to edit a self portrait that tells people who I am, this covers many of the points - a gardener and lover of architecture and design, a photographer/artist who is more comfortable remaining in the shadows while her art goes public
matuk1 : Fantastic silhouette πŸ˜ƒ is that a fav photo of yours on the wall
karibaskets : #abstract_my_face
photocontests1 : @karibaskets We are back! We got deleted as someone wasn't happy with us! So new page! Have to start over but hope to have all our loyal followers back! ξ€’ξ€’ξ€’
koichi1717 - aphita_gp - troubled_angel -
For our next Challenge, I thought we'd try something... Challenging. This challenge is open to Members of #abstracters_anonymous ONLY Anyone else who wants to be considered for the final judging will have to join the group. This Challenge will be a work in progress for the week we are working on it. Feel free to post it to #a_a_workinprogress to receive help and/or critiques from the group. This is not the final tag, however. The final tag will be...drumroll please... #a_a_cubistedit.
a_a_cubistedit - abstracters_anonymous - a_a_workinprogress -
jackieisfree : @abstracters_anonymous lol thanks! Great group so far Kathy!! I'm glad to be here!
abstracters_anonymous : @kryptokorteks this is it !
abstracters_anonymous : @jackieisfree thanks jackie. Its always good to hear nice feedback :)))
abstracters_anonymous : @shamzeee
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My 1st attempt to understand cubism..
safs_selfie -
safs71 : #Safs_selfie
tonie12 : Awesome!!!!!
safs71 : This is the work in progress actually.. @tonie12 😁
tonie12 : I love it just the way it is!!!
naoming1975 - feedyourmind - wallyjericho - safs71 -
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