Goddess Braids Tutorial inspired by @traceeellisross now live! YouTube.com/EbonyCPrincess #L4LPSC #L4LHair #protectivestyle #braids #PLHairBattle @perfectlocks
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ebonycprincess : Just for my loves @phinizeelove and @drmystique12 !!!
naturallyclothesminded : I loove these! This is how ive been wearing my hair for mnths...$40 a week....i def need to watch the vid!
lovealwayserika : I love the braids!
bebezazueta : LOVE THIS! Can't wait to try it @ebonycprincess thanks!
drmystique12 : *happy dance* 💃
mekrc : Yes!
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"I whip my hair back n forth" - love this #throwback pic! #L4LHair #relaxedhair #healthyhair #plhairbattle @perfectlocks
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mellimans : Love!!!
traycee77 : Love it
kellymonroe_01 : Everybody ain't able!
drmystique12 : Lol flip it!
chicroni : LOVE it!!!! Whip it girl...I ain't mad!
dreamangel123 : Your hair look healthy and great shine.
mekrc : Whip it!
shlinda1 : Whip it good
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Side braid kinda day; earrings by @MimiBoutique from the @BLMGirls meetup! #L4LHair #protectivestyle #HOTD #keepitsimplesista #hairlista #BLMGirls
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discoveringmia : Pretty!!
iammssey : Wish I had learnt to do cornrows. 😕
thespoileddiva : @ebonycprincess sooo cute!!
ebonycprincess : Thank you! @xthickmadamex @thespoileddiva
ebonycprincess : @iammssey its never too late!
blmgirls : Such a beauty!
ebonycprincess : #PLHairBattle for @perfectlocks
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Quickly becoming a favorite #ProtectiveStyle! @sdestra @traycee77 #L4LHair #HHJ #healthyhair #relaxedhair #teamrelaxed #sdestra #keepitsimplesista #hairlista
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vafinestdiva : I love french braids! I do those and two plaits crossed over and pinned. They are a quick style when you are short on time
strandedhhj : I love a #protectivestyle that serves double duty: beauty and hiding ends!
ebonycprincess : @strandedhhj right?!!!
ah_different_me : Very cute @ebonycprincess :)) Oh how I wish I could braid :(
ebonycprincess : @lejna77 this one is so easy, even the worst braider can do it! I have a tutorial coming next week! @magnolia85
blmgirls : So nice and neat
ebonycprincess : @blmgirls thanks, I try lol!
ebonycprincess : #PLHairBattle for @perfectlocks
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Check out how to get this cute braided crown #ProtectiveStyle - tutorial up on Longing4Length.com! #L4LHair #L4LPSC
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mekrc : Just watched it.
ghanaianemprezz : Should i run off to my neighbour to get one? It's beautiful!
dreamangel123 : Love a crown braid.
frommrstomom : Can you just do this for me please!?! #imlazy
chocolette : You are talented!
geminiflyii : Love the earrings and the style! Super cute:)
ebonycprincess : #PLHairBattle for @perfectlocks
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I LOVE this easy #ProtectiveStyle inspired by @traceeellisross! Coming on L4L today! #L4LHair #L4LPSC #updo #naturalhair #curlygirl #relaxedhair #healthyhair #hhj #hairlista #keepitsimplesista
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commecoco : Can you get it anywahere
priscils66 : You did a great job!
shiksarama : I wish I could cornrow.......
madamofori : I had that exact picture of her on my phone for months, one of the best protective styles
short_n_stuff : can you do a tutorial or post a pic of the back
ebonycprincess : @kellidprincess sure thing, expect a tut soon!
ebonycprincess : #PLHairBattle for @perfectlocks
ebonycprincess : @kellidprincess tut posted incl the back! :-)
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#ProtectiveStyling with faux ponytails for shorter hair coming soon! #L4LPSC #L4LHair #PLHairBattle @perfectlocks
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dreamangel123 : How do you out do the style from the previous day. You have to do a tutorial, please. Thank you!
princesslinzz : Hawwwwwt
chicroni : I can't wait to see this tutorial!
ebonycprincess : Thank you! @misstoy1978 @naturallyfashionable @princesslinzz @chicroni
ebonycprincess : Which style, the twisted bun updo? @dreamangel123 ?
nadia678 : I love this look!!!!
dreamangel123 : Oh my,I really cannot choose. They are both elegant styles I would wear. So feminine . You are amazing.
mekrc : Omg! I just saw this. This is hot!
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💢Hair Battle Contest💢 It's on!! Entry Instructions: There are three categories. Pick one photo you would like to mimic. Upload your photo to instagram with the hashtag #PLHairBattle and tag @perfectlocks for your entry.
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perfectlocks : 🎉Grand Prize🎉 10 piece virgin or colored clip on set ($200 value) 🎈Runner Up🎈 Perfect Locks Vital Hair Care set! ($100 value).
wellenyahc : To copy
perfectlocks : @milliesuehardy @wellenyahc exactly 😏
perfectlocks : @milliesuehardy Contest just started!! It ends on the 31st of January. Good luck and thanks for your entry ;-)
khrystyana : Number 1
perfectlocks : @ukushukhrystyna you have to enter your own photo with one of the styles. Would love to see your entry beautiful!!!
dbabetta : I can't wait to share my mustache shot!
perfectlocks : @dbabetta Yes! Bring it on!!
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