Better view. Better drinks. Better layover en route home. #waikikibeach #hawaiiliving #diddytravel #diddytip #7continentsfor40years #epilogue of #gayzillavstokyo & #mandilenjapandilen
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Nothing fun about holiday mobs during #diddytravel ..especially when going from #BakersfieldLiving to #LAliving. Luckily the travel gods granted me two seats for the ride! #diddytip : go on the farthest parked & last bus out of the bunch ! #planestrainsandautomobiles this #DiddydoesCali holiday!
laliving - bakersfieldliving - diddytravel - diddytip - diddydoescali - planestrainsandautomobiles -
nonservium23 : #thosearentpillows
avtar_k : Funny I'm takin a bus from Oakland to LA today.
gdiddlesworth : Ha @avtar_k I hope the travel gods are kind to you too. That's a much longer ride. Lol!!
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Day after realness... Fresh juice with wheatgrass shots ensures I can do it alllllll over again tonight at the Brooklyn Bazaar!! #dayafter #diddytip #bodytherapy #detox #VeggieTales #gottakeepmyyouthfulglow
gottakeepmyyouthfulglow - bodytherapy - dayafter - diddytip - detox - veggietales -
gabbyprescod : No πŸ‰?? Bitch is gonna be madddd
gdiddlesworth : Hahhahahahhahahaha @gabbyprescod ! No πŸ“πŸ— either ....
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Ciroc & pineapples! I let it sit in the fridge over night πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘Œs/o to @iamdiddy #diddytip
diddytip -
nick_ali2 : Shoulda did it with ciroc coconut.. Woulda been bangin @djjayhood
djjayhood : It is lol @nick_alimurat
nick_ali2 : My man lmfao shit bang bangs @djjayhood
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#DIDDYTIP add fresh pineapples in your coco can thank me later 😊 #ciroc #cocoloso
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_carrie___b : Thank you. Im on it
athavangoldenboy : @iamdiddy bring ciroc to it for Bieber
kissmybourgie___ : Frozen pineapples @iamdiddy
nancy.nancyy : @og_jumboe74 yee
og_jumboe74 : @nancy__xo #bomba
girlpowerempire : I'm going to thank you alright
girlpowerempire : I just got an idea. Pineapple ice cubes
girlpowerempire : O wait, someone already said that. My brain is tired
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@iamdiddy advice. #DiddyTip
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goooooooooofballs #2d #makeedenfamous #diddypic #diddytip @shaylaauld
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shaylaauld : @jlac0
sydneymcinnis : YOU GUYS HAHAHAHAH
jlac0 : ✌
farren_olivia : 😻
sydneymcinnis : Hah
whoisag : boyfriends?
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@sydneymcinnis #sexyghost #lldc #cojnolonger #2d #diddytip#diddypic
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aivancic : Im picking u up at 530. B rdy. πŸ‘Ή
georgiawilkins : Solid costume. I was planning on doing the same thing
sydneymcinnis : #dontlookatmylegs #butterflymaid #pretty #ohnjayucksay
edenlovespuppies : @sydneymcinnis
sydneymcinnis : Lol lol
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Biggest pimpin. cc @iamdiddy #diddytip #debate #insta #instagood #romney
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theghinipic : iPhone 1st gen?!
solomania9 : @mr_vanquish_i Straight up.
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#DIDDYTIP Always be nice to the pilot,cause he's the one flying the plane.
diddytip -
jamesgee2 : This is hilarious for so many reAsons
_outlaw_minded : LMAO!! Exactly
jairocruz13 : First aviation I use to work their always saw you and everytime you gave me a motivation to be Somone in life @iamdiddy
virginia.x_ : Lmao
jess_paige__ : @iamdiddy you're such a genius!!!
lsland_lily : Haha~
princedennis27 : ✊
irenejob : Lol very true... However, it's all by the grace of God... That's a sharp outfit @iamdiddy
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#DIDDYTIP ....Listerine is a MUST! You should use it see I use mine..and I got another on deck just waiting to go! You'll thank me later.
diddytip -
bellalicious31 : So fresh n so clean!!
missbenn23 : Yes it is!!!
queen__thea : So true!!
thebest_not_theworst : Ctfu!!! So true!!
rick_kocks : The toothpaste is the best!!!
naturallynikkinicole : DEFINITELY
kingrozay_ : gota have mouthwash n toothpaste lol
arnezharp : Your the funniest
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