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@themowglis put out a new song today called “Room For All Of Us”. All proceeds go to @theIRC to aid refugees displaced by conflict. #beamowgli #roomforallofus ✌❤️
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We're kicking off @TheMowglis on Music Unwrapped with a bang: WIN a custom Mamba Music Unwrapped Fender® Squier® Strat® guitar signed by The Mowgli's! One lucky Mowgli's fan will win. Enter by telling us what it means to you to "Be A Mowgli" with the hashtag #chewsmamba. We'll pick our favorites finalists, and then one lucky winner wins this one-of-a-kind prize. Good luck! HOW TO ENTER: 1.) Follow @MambaUSA on Instagram. 2.) Just reply to this post with what it means to "Be A Mowgli" and the hashtag ‪#‎ChewsMamba‬. Enter before 12pm Central on Friday 7/17/15. 3.) We'll pick the top 5 finalists, and then the band will choose the lucky winner! Only ONE entry per person across all networks. Good luck! For complete rules, visit #win #contest #sweepstakes #BeAMowgli #guitar #fender #electric
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amirezvani : "What does it mean to be a Mowgli?" was the question I pondered while listening to "I'm Good". This lead me to decide that being a Mowgli is more than writing life-changing songs that bring nothing but immense joy to people's lives. To be a Mowgli means to be at peace with both yourself and people around you by accepting others regardless of their color, shape, or gender. Like the Mowglis said, we're all just trying to find some peace. ❤️ #chewsmamba
leily_rezvani : Being a Mowgli means accepting yourself even if others don't. It's knowing that every setup is but a setup for a new comeback and that life is a marathon, not a sprint. It's about contentment coming in cans, not cants. To be a Mowgli, you have to understand that life's not about the number of breaths you take, but the moments that take your breath away. But most of all, being a Mowgli is about acceptance. "It’s been a long time living this way//Worrying what people say//Feeling like I won’t fit in//But I won’t give up, no I won’t give in" A few months ago, I came out about my disability because I was tired of feeling like I was keeping a secret and not fitting in. I was pretending to be somebody that I'm not, but the Mowgli's helped me realize that there is nothing wrong with being myself. I accepted myself for who I truly was and in that, others started accepting me for the real me. Being a Mowgli means doing YOUR best, not someone else's. #ChewsMamba
oliveiah : "Look for the bare necessities The simple bare necessities Forget about your worries and your strife I mean the bare necessities Old Mother Nature's recipes That brings the bare necessities of life" Honestly I can write a whole long message about how being a Mowgli is spreading love, or accepting others. But really in just simple terms, being a Mowgli is just being positive about the life you are given, and live each day happily and to the fullest! #chewsmamba
ginyanc : Being a Mowgli is about openly, consciously, and vehemently seeking out a silver lining, a sliver of hope, or a positive point in every situation. It’s about embracing moments that fill you with immense joy, moments like sharing a thought-provoking whisper conversation with a loved one late at night, going to the store specifically to buy an item and then discovering that, just by luck, it’s on sale, and spontaneously deciding to go to McDonalds at midnight simply because you can. It’s about being aware of and appreciating the moments that make you feel infinite, moments like dancing with the perfect person and knowing that, at least for the time being, they are all you need, seeing the person you’re with smile in a way that can only mean they are completely and utterly happy to be by your side, and scream-singing the lyrics of a song you love alone in your car. All in all, being a Mowgli is about trying to master the art of making these moments, moments filled with astronomical love, absolute peace, and endless happiness, and with whoever, whenever, wherever. 💗#ChewsMamba
therealbrotographer : To me, being a Mowgli means living a life based upon spreading love, both to people you've known and cared about for years and to those you've never met. It's about doing simple acts of love that can have a huge impact on someone's day and mood, like helping someone pick up something they dropped or just giving someone a hug if they've had a hard day. Love really is that simple. Love is Easy. It also means finding the best in every person amd seeing past the differences in people and, in fact, celebrating those differences. Being a Mowgli isn't very difficult, but it can have a huge impact on your life and the lives of those around you. #ChewsMamba
catie7895 : What it means to be a Mowgli: To be a Mowgli means to be who ever you want to be. It means to be inspired to live in love and happiness. And expressing yourself however you want to, while remembeing that you are part of a bigger community through caring for mother earth as well as your fellow human beings. 🌄🌵#ChewsMamba
ginyanc : @mambausa @themowglis Did anyone ever win this?? It's been forever since the deadline!!
mambausa : @ginyanc A lucky winner from Facebook won the Mamba + Mowgli's guitar!
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Interview: #TheMowglis discuss working as a large group, board games, their special #BeAMowgli phone number, and favourite love songs - #music #interview. Interview by @aliciaatout.
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Our next Music Unwrapped artist is live, and it's the fantastic band The Mowgli's! This Southern California rock band came together in 2009 from all over the country to bring their music to the world and encourage everyone to spread love and kindness. Besides hanging with us in Music Unwrapped, they're also making a cool behind-the-scenes video to really show all of our fans what goes into being a Mowgli. Welcome aboard, guys and gal! We're giving away 10 MOWGLI'S T-SHIRTS as a part of this announcement! All you have to do to enter to win is guess how many Mamba are in this picture. 10 lucky winners will be chosen and win a free T-shirt. Good luck! HOW TO ENTER: 1.) Follow @MambaUSA on Instagram. 2.) Guess how many Mamba are in this picture and hashtag your comment with #chewsmamba. Only one entry per person, please! 3.) 10 random people will win! Sweepstakes closes at 11a CT 7/14/15. For official rules, check out Good luck! #contest #sweepstakes #giveaway #win #prize #chewsmamba #artist #love #California #BeAMowgli
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miamalasto : Good luck @eli_eckert
eli_eckert : 648 #ChewsMamba
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I can’t get you off of my mind, but I think that it’s alright, 'cause looking back I’m falling in love with you every single night You know I’m feeling right when everything is fine, just fine. I keep falling in love with you in the summertime. #TheMowglis #BeAMowgli #Summertime 😎🌴⏳
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keskikesän juhla mitä parhaassa seurassa 💕 hyvää juhannusta! #juhannus #food #beamowgli
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#instock #beamowgli #socalrock #spreadtheloveandkindness
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Duck duck goose 😄#noshamewellsome #baytobreakers #beamowgli
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sushiepage : Cute!!!
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#themowglis #beamowgli #throughthedark #dontloseyourspark #dftba #onlypositivevibes #love #positive
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#themowglis #beamowgli #baddream #positivevibe #love #yes #sooogood
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#imgood #themowglis #beamowgli #beawesome #love #somuchlove
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#themowglis #sanfrancisco #love #beamowgli #beawesome #spreadthelove
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#beamowgli #mowglis #michael #singer #musician #drawing #realistic #electric #hair #artistic #art #curlyhair #larissabarnat
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g3rle : @michaelmowgli
icefromsxm : @larissabarnat Nice one! :)
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Me and the homie. I love this man so much, he's one of the coolest and best human beings alive. Happy to call him my friend. Looking forward to some hangs today and tonight✌️#themowglis btw If you are in Austin, you should totally come by Republic Square Park around 1pm and bring toiletries for the local homeless Shelter!! @frontsteps #beamowgli @themowglis
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rachingostarr : 💕💕💕
jkillerbee_3 : Had so much fun at the concert thx breeeeh @superindiekid
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Still feels like a dream seeing @themowglis Tuesday night. I love them so much. I got up on stage during San Francisco after they wished me happy birthday. Thanks to @_anchored for sending me this. I'm in love, with love. Here's a photo of me with @colinmowgli , love him to death. #kidsinlove #beamowgli
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Live ya life in color @beamowgli @katiemowgli @colinmowgli @joshuajonmichael #themowglis #carryyourwill #soundthedrum #beamowgli #music #fanart #lyrics #color #colors #college #chicago #artist #art #zen #zentangle #sharpie #sharpieart #drawingoftheday
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813aesthetics : Awesome
dmalenock : Thanks! 👍 @berndtdaturnt
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playing on repeat #mowglis #KidsInLove #imgood #lovemeanyways #goodvibes #BeAMowgli #lovepeacemowglis
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kacylyn : Malt shop favorites on repeat lol
vibelitoralnorte : 😊 👏 😉 👏
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I'M REALLY IN LOVE WITH THE MOWGLI'S! #TheMowglis #BeAMowgli #KidsInLove
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Can't wait till tomorrow! I need this album right now! ❤💙💚💛💜 #TheMowglis #KidsInLove #BadDream #BeAMowgli
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Just trying to find some peace somewhere inside of me......on a Monday night with the Mowgli's #themowglis #bekind #beamowgli
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I'm in love with these kids in love #themowglis #KidsInLoveTour #BeAMowgli
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#TBT To when @themowglis came to @jbtvstudio! Can't wait to catch up with the babes on Saturday! @101wkqx #Studio7 #Love #BeAMowgli #KidsInLove
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alex5292 : They're not playing at JBTV again are they?? Have tickets to see them at the metro!
thelaurenoneil : They will be in our Studio 7 earlier in the day @alex5292 you can join us by signing up at!
hoprocketluke : Is that Jerry Garcia?!
thelaurenoneil : It's his soul brother Jerry Bryant @oceanavenueluke!
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Instagram takeover! The @themowglis inspired this video!! #beamowgli #imgood #dogood #feelgood 💜 #spreadthelove #RosieG #fashionforacause
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I'm so excited that the @themowglis asked me to take over their @beamowgli insta account this Tuesday! I get to #beamowgli for a day 😜 #staytuned they share good things people are doing... 💜 AND they're #Rockstars 🎶#Imgood #kidsinlove #mowglis #RosieG #curecf #instyle #dogood
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Glad to see yall again and be able to finally give yall the RSD vinyls for everyone in the band. See yall tomorrow when yall play with @misterwives for #sxsw.
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katiemowgli : ❤️
atxhomie : #TheMowglis #Mowglis #Beamowgli #sxsw2015 #sxsw #austin #texas #atx #tx #austex #512 #livemusic #liveshow #live #MusiciansWhoRock #FeelTheLove #music #Musician #LiveaGreatStory
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@themowglis doing what they do best... playing kick ass songs and spreadin the love.. #VulcanGasCompany #TheMowglis #Mowglis #Beamowgli #sxsw2015 #sxsw #austin #texas #atx #tx #austex #512 #
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And then this happened... #beamowgli #mowglis #15secondsoffame #therockboat #liveloud #noregrets
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Got out to my car after my doctors appointment to this note on my windshield. Thank you for the kind words whoever put it there! #nicenotes #stranger #iamloved #beamowgli #doctors #hospital
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wine6literally6 : you post awesome images ☀
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2014 was pretty dang successful👌 #TheMowglis #BeAMowgli #Farewell2014 #AlmostFamous
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kathar7 : 💯💯💯💯
cfm_cfresh : Whoever told you to try that was pretty smart 😏😏
maddi.mccabe : Oh you...Happy 2015😄 @cfm_cfresh
joshuajonmichael : ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️
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Everybody's gotta burn brighter, Everybody's gotta reach higher, Everybody's gotta to find their way out! One more day! Can't wait! @themowglis @joshuajonmichael @katiemowgli @colinmowgli #themowglis #throughthedark #newsingle #newmusic #beamowgli #randomactsofkindness #doyoufeelthelove
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Awaiting new music from @themowglis, while enjoying the classics! #beamowgli #peaceandlove #hope #cleanlight #waitingforthedawn
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