Rp from the lovely @gypsysoul_sha It's not about the likes it's about the REAL messages. We do what we do because we all deserve better..Our future deserves better than this shit. Until you wake up we will fight for you β™‘β™‘ & to all a good night :-) #TruthExposers #truthseekers #99percent #FreedomFighters #WeAreAwake #ThirdEyeOpen
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wavey_xx : 333 the oppressors
wavey_xx : 333 the pppeeepppsss
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Can I get a job #ESPN? #CollegeFootballChallenge #99Percent Ranked 724th worldwide.
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This is a very difficult book to read in the sense that it reveals how disconnected we as a country really are from any sense of a civil society. I recommend this #book for any #youth and #students , because the violent neoliberal vision of a "new world order" of #capitalism is targeting them first and reducing as much as possible our country's collective capacity for democratic thinking. #justice #military #policestate #democracy #teachers #progressives #obama #torture #injustice #neoliberal #bankers #99percent #1percent #occupy #citylightsbooks
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mayacharolastra : I would like to borrow it
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I can picture a hoodrat TURNT to this song lol #99percent #iTwerk #shedoesntgotoschoolnordoesshework #twerkingisavalidreasonnottogotoschoolorwork #homefries #dog #hoagie #kamchatka
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Motha fuckas! 😑 #banks #hiddenfees #99percent
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β€œWho are those top one percent? For those who would like to join them, the question is: How can you do that? The second question is easy to answer. Virtually anyone who owns a home in San Francisco, no matter how modest that person’s income may be, can join the top one percent instantly just by selling their house. But that’s only good for one year, you may say. What if they don’t have another house to sell next year? Well, they won’t be in the top one percent again next year, will they? But that’s not unusual. Americans in the top one percent, like Americans in most income brackets, are not there permanently, despite being talked about and written about as if they are an enduring β€œclass” β€” especially by those who have overdosed on the magic formula of β€œrace, class and gender,” which has replaced thought in many intellectual circles. At the highest income levels, people are especially likely to be transient at that level. Recent data from the Internal Revenue Service show that more than half the people who were in the top one percent in 1996 were no longer there in 2005. Among the top one-hundredth of one percent, three-quarters of them were no longer there at the end of the decade. These are not permanent classes but mostly people at current income levels reached by spikes in income that don’t last. These income spikes can occur for all sorts of reasons. In addition to selling homes in inflated housing markets like San Francisco, people can get sudden increases in income from inheritances, or from a gamble that pays off, whether in the stock market, the real estate market, or Las Vegas. Some people’s income in a particular year may be several times what it has ever been before or will ever be again. Among corporate CEOs, those who cash in stock options that they have accumulated over the years get a big spike in income the year that they cash them in. This lets critics quote inflated incomes of the top-paid CEOs for that year. Some of these incomes are almost as large as those of big-time entertainers β€” who are never accused of β€œgreed,” by the way...(Continued in comment below.)
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blendintothecrowd : Just as there may be spikes in income in a given year, so there are troughs in income, which can be just as misleading in the hands of those who are ready to grab a statistic and run with it. Many people who are genuinely affluent, or even rich, can have business losses or an off year in their profession, so that their income in a given year may be very low, or even negative, without their being poor in any meaningful sense. This may help explain such things as hundreds of thousands of people with incomes below $20,000 a year living in homes that cost $300,000 and up. Many low-income people also have swimming pools or other luxuries that they could not afford if their incomes were permanently at their current level. There is no reason for people to give up such luxuries because of a bad year, when they have been making a lot more money in previous years and can expect to be making a lot more money in future years. Most Americans in the top fifth, the bottom fifth, or any of the fifths in between, do not stay there for a whole decade, much less for life. And most certainly do not remain permanently in the top one percent or the top one-hundredth of one percent. Most income statistics do not follow given individuals from year to year, the way Internal Revenue statistics do. But those other statistics can create the misleading illusion that they do by comparing income brackets from year to year, even though people are moving in and out of those brackets all the time. That especially includes the top one percent, who have become the focus of so much angst and so much rhetoric.” –Thomas Sowell , 11-27-07 (Source: www.nationalreview.com/articles/222950/top-one-percent/thomas-sowell) #occupy #occupywallstreet #1percent #99percent #mainstreet #wealth #inequality #thomassowell #economics
harrisonanthony2 : This was an amazing post! πŸ‘πŸ‘
blendintothecrowd : @harrisonanthony2 Thanks, I was hoping you guys would enjoy it. πŸ‘
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Good morning all hope everyone has a good weekend :-) To be awake is to be alive β™‘ #IamAwake #TruthSeekers #FreedomFighters #99percent #WakeUp #ConspiracyRealist #SoulOnFire
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spiritualmommy : This suits you perfect !!πŸ™βœ¨β€οΈβœŒοΈπŸŒΏ
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#RP @born7od always hits the nail on the head. #reality #oppression #resistance #truth #99percent
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My Bae #Amelia #Mandi #besties #bae #babes #love #friends #goingout #girlsnightout #99percent #myotherhalf
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miapz30 : hey, we're giving away 600 free followers @gracccceee7 @swagg_life1214 @ilzafelix.26 @tobi_04_ @bradmarshall97 @alexaroman @garybaz @bogarizujr @millygomes21 @indielovesrf
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When one of the dudes from 99 percent like yo pic 😱😱😎😎 @camoflage99 #99percent
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#graffiti #graffito #graffita #nashville #spraypaint #limegreen #work #reaffirms #handstyle #blackbook #sketchbook #99percent #occupy #3xm #skan2 #Loveletters
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what's up santa, why are the toys allowed inside but the living animals are made to stay outside? #99percent
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selopan : Haha what a jerk
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Rp from @mrdmt I have come to terms that not everyone will wake up unfortunately, but there are those that still have a fighting chance. Until you wake up we will fight for you...what pill will you choose the red one or the blue one?#TheMatrix #99percent #WakeUp #WeAreAwake #teamAwake #ThirdEyeOpen
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First time seeing the video #99percent #yikeinit #80inchtv
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If I clearly have earphones in, this is a sign that I don't want to talk! And if you try to talk to me anyways, know that I will NOT make any attempt to hear what you're saying! #earphones #headphones #99percent #whenisaythatscrazy #iwasntlistening #leavemealone #antisocial #music #iloverocknroll #ilovemusic #rocknroll #asign #donttalktome
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We aim to mimic the wealth and social status of athletes, movie stars, music artists, drug dealers, fashion designers etc. with expensive clothes, shoes, cars, bags etc, but the funny thing is that the 1% with the REAL MONEY, r screwing us all over including the aforementioned, and we all look like peasants to them! Y do we as peasants seek to impress and belittle peasants? #REALITY #FACTS #99PERCENT #CORPRATEAMERICA #SLAVES #ECONOMICSLAVERY #HUMBLEYOURSELF #FREEYOURSELF #KNOWLEDGEISEVERYTHING #FREETHINKER #PEASANTS #USANDTHEM #MIDDLECLASS #1PERCENT #BIGBANK #UNCLESAM #WAKEUP #AMERICA #WHATSWRONGWITHUS #WHATSWRONGWITHTHISPICTURE
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Slaps #99percent #yikeinit
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Pretty much says it all.....#lmao#giveaname#letters#startwith#99percent#failed
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liyaawest : Liya
disbradfordgirl : LeAnn
ky_dunster : Leonard
handsomeninja93 : Lol yeah just like your first name Liya @liyaawest
milaceybrown : Why are ppl failing?
handsomeninja93 : I dont know to tell you the truth thats what I didnt understand either of why ppl were failing if they didnt come up with a name that starts with L lol @milaceybrown
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jaziijaz7 : Linda
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O the pictures I find on my phone! This is from the pro palestine protest I went to last Saturday. Here is one the best tats I've seen dude with the sign has 99% tatted on his head too down! and I spy to the right a cop that has smoother legs than me lol #99percent #FreePalestine #FreeGaza #PowerToThePeople #FreedomFighters #FreedomForAll
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#Burntortan #myrtlebeach #99percent
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jaydeejacobs : @kenscottee good to see you went. When is @bkoegel gonna be called back to NYC for work? #workaholic
courtney__lovett : @shelleyeisman like brother like sister πŸ˜‰
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shelleyeisman : So hottttt πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
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https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/end-militarization-law-enforcement-now-abolish-department-defense-program-1033/QqRyWl8S Sign this #Petition #Abolosh #DoD program #1033 that gives #military grade #weapons & #vehicles to local law enforcement. Link is also in my bio. Deadline is I think September 18th. #BeTheChange #spread the #word, tell your friends! Let's take our country back!! #1776 #NDAA #FEMA #End #Asset #Forfeiture #99Percent #PoliceBrutality #Anonymous Make #Bonds not #Beef ✊
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Back dat ass up #twerk #99percent #alcohol #allnight @lax_bum @jborget
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There’s an alarming tendency among us to dismiss those who don’t β€œget it” as β€œsheeple”. How does this reflect on us, our values, and our mentality versus those sustaining the State? We have all been "sheeple" at some point in our lives, and to varying degrees. Hypocritical arrogance is our own worst enemy. The idea of stupid, hopeless β€œsheeple” evokes the contempt that a hardcore Statist has for human ability, reason, and freedom. If we want equality and respect, we had better get off our high horses. #GetBIGonEm #SystemReboot #GlobalAwakening #SpreadTheTruth #Revolution #MoreThanMusic #Unity #GetBIG #TheMovement #uprising #riseup #awaken #Inspiration #occupy #99percent #WeThePeople #PowerToThePeople #matrix #equality #freedom #truth #sheeple #unity #UnitedWeStand #Love #Rise4Justice #OneBillionRising #Revolutionary #Raptivist #activism
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projectluv : Yes! I cannot agree more with you!! Education and knowledge should make you humble! Word up, love your posts! πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ
sinthesis : @projectluv Thank you. I agree 100%. πŸ’šπŸ‘ŠπŸ’›πŸ‘ŠπŸ’œ
jennarae_12345 : YASSSSS!!!!!
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#revolution #anarchistsociety #ulteriormotives #openyoureyes #wake the #sleepinggiant #anonymous #collective #99percent #expectus
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We don't stand still still we move forward. S/O to @jupac_99 on his upcoming promotion to SSG it's been a long time coming and well deserved. S/O to @lifeinthe99 for his upcoming graduation of ALC. We got @neworleans_nightmare out there pursuing his dreams. @99_percenter_mac leading from the front molding these young Soldiers and @lisha_liico FINALLY workin. From MO ✈️ TX ✈️AZ we stay connected. WHO YA WIT? πŸ’―-1 ✊ #99gang #99percent #UntoldStoriesOfThe99 #WeBuiltToLast #Solid #Army
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lisha_liico : -_- lmao @chenae_ oh y'all are just hilarious! Forget y'all bruh
99_percenter_stacey_p : Girl bye.... You know it's the truth @lisha_liico
lisha_liico : Sound like a hater, cuz I was gettin paid to chill
99_percenter_stacey_p : Yeah me too... With yo mama! @lisha_liico oh oh wait... Too much πŸ™ˆπŸ™‰πŸ™Š
aye_tunes : Aaaand and aaand TUNES finna medically retire wit dem benefits lol YUP !!πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰
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#lucy art piece has not actually turned out the way I wanted. Shame on me. #art #fanart #lucy2014 #lucyfilm #lucyfilm2014 #scarlettjohansson #99percent #vector #vectorart #vectorlove #adobeillustrator #ai #film
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Message to the puppets and masters. #WeAreAnonymous #WeAreLegion #WeDoNotForgive #WeDoNotForget #ExpectUs #November5th #RevolutionaryKings #joinmesoon #jointheforce #GotMask #99percent
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Girl I'll teach ya how to twerk #99percent #older #confident
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mxryseouellett : I love that song if that's the song ur singing
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So the other day a brother called me a "White Apologist" lol. He said that although I act like I'm down with the cause I'm apparently I'm not militants or hard enough on white folks. Look. What does loving my people have to do with hating white people? You can call me what you want but you're not gonna convince me to hate white people. Slavery was the worst period in this country and I can't ignore the fact that when the first boat landed on American shores filled with African people, there were hundreds of brave white people who stood up and fought against the enslavement of another human being. They didn't like it from the beginning. 20,000 slaves were freed due to the Underground Railroad. Harriet Tubman was the leader but guess what. She couldn't do it alone. There was a network of safe houses owned by white people who never liked or agreed with slavery who would hide runaways. William Lloyd Garrison founded the Pioneers of Freedom. A all white group of Northern lawmakers who wrote amendment after amendment trying to free slaves in the south and give slaves a better life is the north. I can't ignore those people just as I can't ignore black leaders. Hell Canada was a place alot of black people fled to escape slavery all together because it was outlawed from the start there. So no. I'm not a white apologist. I just have a laser like focus on the real enemy. The one who doesn't want me here. Wish I was never here. And wish I'd go back. The one who wants to destroy my existence. He's my enemy. Not everybody that looks like him. Learn Life. #TheBlackPowerMixtape #BlackPower #99percent #BlackisBeautiful #ConspiracyTheorist #BlackPanters #AfroLove #iLoveAfrica #Africa #Negro #NaturalHair #Locs #Naturalista #BlackLove #BrownLove #InterracialLove #LoveLove #TorontoΒ #Canada #God #Goddess #Slavery #MalcolmX #AngelaDavis #HarrietTubman #FreedomWriters #Humanitarian #Georgia #Oklahoma
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Mondays... #nyc #sheep #mondays #whatareyoutryingtosay #followtheyellowbrickroad #99percent #iwishiwashome
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#mcm #3 #mce #99percent #jay #camoflage #lovesthemm #marryme #please !
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Cause ITwerk 😜 #songoftheday #99percent
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