Always wanted to have a picnic on the quad, but couldn't find people to do it with. SO INSTEAD I BROUGHT THE PICNIC TO VN CARES!!!! Thanks for bearing with me through all this silliness. Hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do. #vncares #picnic #77daysofdavis #100happydays
77daysofdavis - vncares - picnic - 100happydays -
hipwad : Tfti
awesomenava : heyy im in this photooo
dvnti - niki.jess - zzasranets - anneisokaywithpizza -
Watch out PhiDE biker gang comin thru. Davis bike loopβœ” #77daysofdavis #100happydays
77daysofdavis - 100happydays -
vietstrength - ryansfakeig - joy_cyyy -
Decided to be crazy and bike myself places for the first time in forever. Special thanks to my PB/big sis @tj.gif for giving such an inspiring TED talk yesterday and telling me to get off my ass...SO HERE'S ME 9.21 MILES LATER ugh rly horrible idea #77daysofdavis #100happydays #ucdavis #biking
77daysofdavis - 100happydays - biking - ucdavis -
cupoftj : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚!!!!!!!!!!!! WERK EM BUNS
vkayle : I am impressed wow
vietstrength : Don't forget to get your share of lifting in!!!!
vvnzhng : Omg biking to cnprc = death
just_incredible93 : Wow can we like do the bike loop?
boonymonster : OMF WAIT !!! Can we go do the bike loop please ?!??
vietstrength - ryansfakeig - oooeee123 -
So proud of you Tingz! #TedxUCDavis #squad #77daysofdavis
77daysofdavis - tedxucdavis - squad -
ben.trinh : You took 15 hours to come up with this caption bro?
beebeexd : @ben.trinh don't bust me out hahaha πŸ™ˆπŸ’©
ben.trinh : πŸ˜‚πŸŒΉβ€οΈ
5haronlin : God we are so frickin cute
pretty.rickayy : LOL @ben.trinh gotem
cupoftj : "Wow!!" - Sab's original caption for this photo
jayyyrice_ - _ryanyoon - justmejorge - mrmle_ -
I attended my very first ted talk today βœ” #77DaysOfDavis #SuperBasicPic
77daysofdavis - superbasicpic -
tamibtami : So exciting!πŸ˜„
cupoftj : ☺️✨❀️
maddie.ortiz - parkiesparkiee - iamkingrichakarichierich - tea_katycat -
I went snowboarding for the first time today πŸ‘§βœŒοΈ! My bum is bruised and I'm going to be ultra sore tomorrow but you betcha I'll be back again! Worth every face and buttplant πŸ˜‚.
77daysofdavis -
ph1sa1d : Lucky! Enjoy the powder!!
cupoftj : This was also on my #77DaysofDavis list βœ”οΈ. Better late than never ☺️✨.
cupoftj : @ph1sa1d thank you!! Started snowing we got lucky 😍
riichb_ : #tfti
dblohm7 : Skiing is better!
hercheey - ellzoi - stillcyruscraze - blue___33 -
Nothing's quite like a 13,000 feet fall 😳. Go #skydiving βœ”οΈ. #77DaysofDavis
77daysofdavis - skydiving -
mugg_bugg : Did he know he had precious cargo with him?
mugg_bugg : Not that I care~
tiffanytnpham : Ooo kks!!(: thanks boo<3
cupoftj : @mugg_bugg I love you & miss you too :')
pretty.rickayy : Better than groupon?! O.O
soniarajput.jpg : HOW WAS IT?!
cupoftj : @indianbarbiexo felt like I couldn't breathe for a few seconds..and then it was awesome!!
st3phyyyy : Dayum girl!!!
markguccci - hellolaw5 - nexusartline - wendywyattmair -
Chanting "UCD! UCD! UCD!" at Shields library. #UCDavis Undie Run 2014 πŸƒβœŒοΈπŸ‘™. βœ”οΈ #77DaysofDavis
77daysofdavis - ucdavis -
ijohnf : That is so epic haha
boonymonster : @mrjeffff !!!
markguccci : Looks crazy
catvanchristina - alishamcflurry - _tanyuhhhh -
Bellies and butt cheeks! πŸ˜‰πŸ˜΅πŸ‘ #UCD #UndieRun #USA #goaggies #firehazard #77DaysOfDavis
goaggies - ucd - undierun - firehazard - usa - 77daysofdavis -
_im_l.v._legit_cus_im_thv_sht : now that's how you live up college!!
47jerronin - sirisofeileen - tippycupz - callmeingrid -
Unplanned downtown Davis excursion to Paesanos because #77daysofdavis ....πŸ‘Œ?
77daysofdavis -
jonnycakez : Or maybe because paesanos is πŸ’£
duhchin - minnieminhh - youkneee - anchoredsails -
So glad I got to pick up @jenkimm before graduating!! Sorry to leave you little πŸ˜… Another check off #77daysofdavis #davisakpsi #bestlittlever
77daysofdavis - bestlittlever - davisakpsi -
jenkimm : big I hate you for leaving me so soon... but its k I still love you #bestbitchever
jenkimm : ****#bestbigever
samkoreanlee : @jenkimm omg no LOL
tishelen : you're graduating?!
samkoreanlee : @tishelen haha yeah~ wrapping up my units over summer and I'll be done :)
tishelen : woww congrats!! what're you gna do?
samkoreanlee : @tishelen have to find a job~~ haha
tishelen : @samlee924 icic good luck w life ☺️
tmshih - _______bn.h - vencemama - kevin.jpg_ -
ΑΚΨ Spring 2014 Formals! #davisakpsi #hiroomie #77daysofdavis πŸ’ƒ
77daysofdavis - hiroomie - davisakpsi -
m.egggs : #hiroomie 😍
meeeeeesa : 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
avninadar : Ohmygod πŸ˜πŸ‘Œ
queenabadin : Are you even real?
juhierathor : AWW thanks guys! 😁❀️ @meeeeeesa @avninadar @queenabadin
kazshidara - loveniharika - faaizibrahim - oarumaaa -
Hi world, meet my littles ☺️✌️. Congratulations on crossing into #AKPsi and welcome to the Ghetto Fabulous family. I am so proud of you two. Four years in Greek, one sorority, and two fraternities later...finally twins to call my own 😭. I LOVE Y'ALL!! #formals
77daysofdavis - akpsi - formals -
cupoftj : βœ”οΈ #77DaysofDavis
tmshih : :') TJ u so hawt 😘
vanessapchang : You are so pretty 😍
vivurs : Oh tj
chickuong_nuggets - _tanyuhhhh - salahoodeen - evanaylsworth -
What a night! 😊 #fingerlickinLA #memorialweekend #77daysofdavis
77daysofdavis - memorialweekend - fingerlickinla -
melanie_mermaid : @vivurss what happened led bruh
thatskristi : 😍
ladygaga_rin : Omgggg did you get to see Oscar Wylde?! πŸ˜›
beebeexd : @ladygaga_rin nooo :/ he didn't perform in LA! Maybe the one in SD?
beebeexd : @ladygaga_rin ohhhh OMG! Caked up's real name is Oscar Wylde.,, LOL oh I see hahahaha yeah I saw him! lol
ladygaga_rin : I'm about to see him next Thursday πŸ˜› ... you should go too! Tix are only $10 and it's in Sac hehe
mrmle_ - winniegohs - yummmysoup - thetopjdm1 -
No phone service except wifi right now :< but muir woods swag with an injured back ✌
77daysofdavis -
kristineeweeni : wow so fitness heh
kristineeweeni : such strong πŸ’ͺπŸ‘πŸ’ͺπŸ‘πŸ˜πŸ’¦
gotue : why is your back injured? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜œ #sorrz
annamosityyy : Your swag can't be contained. Even if you have an injured back. πŸ™Œ
cupoftj : +1 for pose. +1 for tree. +1 for wifi.
hellohooligan : Hike muir woods #77daysofdavis
mickerkinz : For some strange reason i believed that you did a flip off of that tree. Jk im just high! Miss ya buddy!
bambamyong : 😁😍🌲🌳
anchoredsails - weslyroland - eanibeani -
Los Angeles from the Griffith observatory, I can't believe we actually made this happen #NoFilter #i'mSerious #77daysofdavis #Adventuringwithmysweetheart
i - 77daysofdavis - nofilter - adventuringwithmysweetheart -
samhsiehy - jsphomestar - karinawongg - _leatron_ -
Road trip fluffies πŸš— #77daysofdavis #la #snugglesandstitch #cuddles @sirkeithofhouselewis @jojotong13
77daysofdavis - snugglesandstitch - cuddles - la -
thao.tdd : ❀️
samhsiehy - buibuix3 - alisonpunderland - kristopherwindsor -
LA bound!!! First college road trip! #summer14 #77daysofdavis #6+hourdrive #I-5allday
summer14 - 77daysofdavis - i - 6 -
samhsiehy - kristopherwindsor - jiakiller - jshoriz -
Day 5: Biking. Had a good 30-mile bike ride with @dnwin today. This is one of the things I'll miss most about Davis when I leave .. Nice, quiet bike routes ❀️ #100happydays #77daysofdavis
100happydays - 77daysofdavis -
dnwin : Memories 😝
dearthaliaaa : Let's spend more time outdoors and get fit this summer ! And maybe add a few more places to our bucket list .. 😘 @dnwin
dnwin : We need to bucket list that other before you move out of Davis please 😘
dnwin : ❀️you're the best ever
carebarr - lieutenantj - ttifferrss - raymen8 -
and here's another one for the memory books! 2014 Stride for Aggie Pride 5K. you know, that awesome feeling when the band-uh cheers you on with music at the finish line πŸ˜‰ #ucdavis #5k #aggiepride #roomies #running #77daysofdavis #missionaccomplished
5k - running - roomies - ucdavis - 77daysofdavis - missionaccomplished - aggiepride -
ladyrainecorn - deguccimayne - payal_bhavsar - dinasaur_4 -
Night time travels with @tmshih #77daysofdavis #ucd #watertower
77daysofdavis - ucd - watertower -
ben.trinh - tmshih - dougro92 - chhaa_chingg -
Finally went to see #TheDominoEffectII #77daysofdavis
77daysofdavis - thedominoeffectii -
ry.til.i.die : PC: @kristinkimchi
cupoftj : OMG please tell me where this is D:!! It's on my list too
jeanzies : ^ !!?
vivurs : @stjlee bring me with you!!
ry.til.i.die : @stjlee off sycamore near the Safeway. Google map domino effect II!
gracechungg : Hi dad
gracesim : 😏 ok
ry.til.i.die : @gracechungg lol I can never wear a polo again
ceceee24 - _jackash - senoritakathyy - m1558 -
Fat Face popsicle at the Whole Earth Festival! βœŒοΈπŸ˜ŽπŸŒ»β›…οΈ #thaiteaandsweetpotato #fatface #ucdavis #wholeearthfestival
77daysofdavis - thaiteaandsweetpotato - fatface - ucdavis - wholeearthfestival -
alliewalie : #bestfatfacepopciclethereis
stephstagrams : Yummy?
juhierathor : DELICIOUS! @stephanisms
monicaj916 : Sweet potato chai ❀️
juhierathor : Finally tried one of these #77daysofdavis
faaizibrahim - rayapapaya1 - jeremy_laporte - erinmcmurchie -
First night out in SF with my biggie @yohcanit and twin @teefreshh ☺️✌️. #77DaysofDavis
77daysofdavis -
koalatea : πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
yohcanit : picture is πŸ‘Ž, people are πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ˆ
kyong_ee : Wow tfti
er.ictan : @yohcanit 😍😍😍
dustinnewwin : You were in SF?!
leessaaw : You so hawt 😍πŸ”₯
ab.photolab : @stjlee @yohcanit looking good ya'll
hellolaw5 - mikeydaaaaaaaaaannnnggggggg - llesliellung -
Bought my first pitcher finally!!!! #FINALLY#77daysofdavis#hksuperstar#mojitonight
77daysofdavis - finally - hksuperstar - mojitonight -
man_leoy : i love this picture
man_leoy : πŸ˜‘
melmel2138 : That face doe hahaha πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
melmel2138 - roobs__ - naomi_luong - tchan713 -
@ChildishGambino killed it last night πŸ‘Œ. S/O to @bstorress, @mistererickk, and @saumitha for being homies 😊. #77DaysofDavis #DeepWebTour #Gambino
77daysofdavis - gambino - deepwebtour -
jeanzies : WTF WHERE
gkwng : Did he play do ya like?
iamkareno : This looks so fun
bstorress : Loved it!! It was a great night 😊
ab.photolab : ayyyy
gkwng - jazzminarius - samstachang - waterpoloing -
Taco Tuesday with @antonio_22_ 😁
77daysofdavis -
dearthaliaaa : #77daysofdavis
dnwin : How do you figure which days of Davis ?
patricklim_ - diannango - tatdonald -
Attended my very first TED event! Always been a huge fan of TED Talks and #TEDxUCDavis did not disappoint πŸ‘Œ. Thanks for a day of inspiration. #77daysofdavis
77daysofdavis - tedxucdavis -
grazfed : #SNACKSandBEADS
yohcanit : wittosy got booty #cakecakecake
llesliellung - salahoodeen - _tanyuhhhh - perryli_ -
Separate pic of the food, because it was epic. Hotpot dinner with 100% Alpha Sigmas before I graduate. Love you kiddies! βœ”οΈ #77daysofdavis
77daysofdavis -
aemiliusss : 😍
chickuong_nuggets - perryli_ - ventodeverao - arumik.m -
Ate last night with all my #SOPi kiddies. Been a while since all eight of us got together at the same time ☺️. Feels so good to see my babies 😭😞. Y'all are my pride and joy, love you Alpha Sigmas. #77DaysofDavis
77daysofdavis - sopi -
viviaaaanlo : Love u too, mom 😊
papayasz : 😍😍😍
jeremy.tran : TFTI
jewlray : ☺☺☺
leessaaw - waterpoloing - britainknee1 - itsajeanbean -
TED x UC Davis with @stjlee. First time at the Mondavi Center. If you haven't been to one, you need to go and be INSPIRED. #tedxucdavis #ucdavis #mondavicenter #77DaysOfDavis
77daysofdavis - tedxucdavis - mondavicenter - ucdavis - beadsandsnacks -
cupoftj : BEADS AND SNACKS!!
grazfed : #beadsandsnacks
francescup : I was part of the creative team for the very first one! Glad to see that it has grown so much over the years :)
grazfed : @francescup no way?! Ahhh indeed it did!
madelynisabelle - vmelanieee - biggienladysmama -
Day 18: Gave my mom her Mother's Day Present early! Got us matching Coach bags. This year, I wanted to spoil the woman who had raised me. #100happydays #77daysofdavis #mothersday #coach #shewassuperhappy
100happydays - 77daysofdavis - coach - mothersday - shewassuperhappy -
jgleung : Matching? You just wanted one for yourself! ;)
queeeena : These look familiar...😏 Glad she liked it!
asterisksmile : @jgleung HAHAHA you caught me red πŸ‘
asterisksmile : @queeeena thank you & @jujubjuju for helping me choose it! She saw definitely did prefer the one with the long strap ! :3 πŸ‘
jgleung : =P @jannyytran
leessaaw - hiiserena - chennnancy - jayy_tee92 -
Finally tried this viet restaurant that everyone raves about. 5/5 🌟 for sure! Spring rolls & marinated pork chop on point πŸ‘Œ. #77daysofdavis
77daysofdavis -
cupoftj : @vivurss impossible
mugg_bugg : I haven't even eaten here and I love this place more than I love you.
cupoftj : @mugg_bugg you miss me so much.
stan2smoove : Better then brodards doee?
vivurs : Did you try the make your own ? That ones so fun hehehe
dkwon92 : Where is this?
cupoftj : @dkwon92 in sac!!
cupoftj : @stan2smoove never tried it :/
mikeydaaaaaaaaaannnnggggggg - llesliellung - ryannhonsaurus - kyleallgood -
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