I went snowboarding for the first time today πŸ‘§βœŒοΈ! My bum is bruised and I'm going to be ultra sore tomorrow but you betcha I'll be back again! Worth every face and buttplant πŸ˜‚.
77daysofdavis -
ph1sa1d : Lucky! Enjoy the powder!!
tj.gif : This was also on my #77DaysofDavis list βœ”οΈ. Better late than never ☺️✨.
tj.gif : @ph1sa1d thank you!! Started snowing we got lucky 😍
riichb_ : #tfti
dblohm7 : Skiing is better!
sophiestacated - soniarajput.jpg - foussd - wiz_kali -
Nothing's quite like a 13,000 feet fall 😳. Go #skydiving βœ”οΈ. #77DaysofDavis
77daysofdavis - skydiving -
mugg_bugg : Did he know he had precious cargo with him?
mugg_bugg : Not that I care~
tiffanytnpham : Ooo kks!!(: thanks boo<3
tj.gif : @mugg_bugg I love you & miss you too :')
ricknastayyy : Better than groupon?! O.O
soniarajput.jpg : HOW WAS IT?!
tj.gif : @indianbarbiexo felt like I couldn't breathe for a few seconds..and then it was awesome!!
st3phyyyy : Dayum girl!!!
markgishyphy - hellolaw5 - nexusartline - wendywyattmair -
First concert :D "I'll trade you a picture for some bug spray." #NativeSummerTour #OneRepublic #TheScript #AmericanAuthors #77daysofdavis #greatcompany πŸŒΎπŸš‚πŸŽΆ
greatcompany - nativesummertour - americanauthors - 77daysofdavis - onerepublic - thescript -
jiakiller : Lolol is that someone's finger at the corner?
veryuglybarnacle - jiakiller - monicamoomoo -
Chanting "UCD! UCD! UCD!" at Shields library. #UCDavis Undie Run 2014 πŸƒβœŒοΈπŸ‘™. βœ”οΈ #77DaysofDavis
77daysofdavis - ucdavis -
ijohnf : That is so epic haha
boonymonster : @mrjeffff !!!
markgishyphy : Looks crazy
catvanchristina - alishamcflurry - heyitstanyaaa -
Bellies and butt cheeks! πŸ˜‰πŸ˜΅πŸ‘ #UCD #UndieRun #USA #goaggies #firehazard #77DaysOfDavis
goaggies - ucd - undierun - firehazard - usa - 77daysofdavis -
_rich_homie_loi : now that's how you live up college!!
47jerronin - seriesofeileen - tippycupz - callmeingrid -
Unplanned downtown Davis excursion to Paesanos because #77daysofdavis ....πŸ‘Œ?
77daysofdavis -
jonnycakez : Or maybe because paesanos is πŸ’£
minnieminhh - anchoredsails - duhchin - youkneee -
So glad I got to pick up @jenkimm before graduating!! Sorry to leave you little πŸ˜… Another check off #77daysofdavis #davisakpsi #bestlittlever
77daysofdavis - bestlittlever - davisakpsi -
jenkimm : big I hate you for leaving me so soon... but its k I still love you #bestbitchever
jenkimm : ****#bestbigever
samkoreanlee : @jenkimm omg no LOL
tishelen : you're graduating?!
samkoreanlee : @tishelen haha yeah~ wrapping up my units over summer and I'll be done :)
tishelen : woww congrats!! what're you gna do?
samkoreanlee : @tishelen have to find a job~~ haha
tishelen : @samlee924 icic good luck w life ☺️
lifeof_boni - vencemama - tmshih - kevin.jpg_ -
ΑΚΨ Spring 2014 Formals! #davisakpsi #hiroomie #77daysofdavis πŸ’ƒ
77daysofdavis - hiroomie - davisakpsi -
m.egggs : #hiroomie 😍
meeeeeesa : 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
avninadar : Ohmygod πŸ˜πŸ‘Œ
queenabadin : Are you even real?
juhierathor : AWW thanks guys! 😁❀️ @meeeeeesa @avninadar @queenabadin
kazshidara - loveniharika - stefunnyjay - oarumaaa -
Hi world, meet my littles ☺️✌️. Congratulations on crossing into #AKPsi and welcome to the Ghetto Fabulous family. I am so proud of you two. Four years in Greek, one sorority, and two fraternities later...finally twins to call my own 😭. I LOVE Y'ALL!! #formals
77daysofdavis - akpsi - formals -
tj.gif : βœ”οΈ #77DaysofDavis
tmshih : :') TJ u so hawt 😘
vanessapchang : You are so pretty 😍
vivurss : Oh tj
chickuong_nuggets - salahoodeen - heyitstanyaaa - evanaylsworth -
No phone service except wifi right now :< but muir woods swag with an injured back ✌
77daysofdavis -
kristineeweeni : such strong πŸ’ͺπŸ‘πŸ’ͺπŸ‘πŸ˜πŸ’¦
tuesdaynightice : why is your back injured? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜œ #sorrz
wgsugartits : Breh start dead lifting and squating. Es duh so good for your back
annamosityyy : Your swag can't be contained. Even if you have an injured back. πŸ™Œ
tj.gif : +1 for pose. +1 for tree. +1 for wifi.
hellohooligan : Hike muir woods #77daysofdavis
mickerkinz : For some strange reason i believed that you did a flip off of that tree. Jk im just high! Miss ya buddy!
bambamyong : 😁😍🌲🌳
weslyroland - anchoredsails - eanibeani - wgsugartits -
Day 5: Biking. Had a good 30-mile bike ride with @dnwin today. This is one of the things I'll miss most about Davis when I leave .. Nice, quiet bike routes ❀️ #100happydays #77daysofdavis
100happydays - 77daysofdavis -
dnwin : Memories 😝
dearthaliaaa : Let's spend more time outdoors and get fit this summer ! And maybe add a few more places to our bucket list .. 😘 @dnwin
dnwin : We need to bucket list that other before you move out of Davis please 😘
dnwin : ❀️you're the best ever
carebarr - lieutenantj - raymen8 - ttifferrss -
and here's another one for the memory books! 2014 Stride for Aggie Pride 5K. you know, that awesome feeling when the band-uh cheers you on with music at the finish line πŸ˜‰ #ucdavis #5k #aggiepride #roomies #running #77daysofdavis #missionaccomplished
5k - running - roomies - ucdavis - 77daysofdavis - missionaccomplished - aggiepride -
ladyrainecorn - mellaanay - payal_bhavsar - dinasaur_4 -
Night time travels with @tmshih #77daysofdavis #ucd #watertower
77daysofdavis - ucd - watertower -
dougro92 - chhaa_chingg - ben.trinh - tmshih -
Catching up is the best part of college lol. 3rd & U #HH #77daysofdavis #77daysofswag @stjlee
77daysofdavis - hh - 77daysofswag -
tj.gif : DAMN, YOU FANCY HUH?! Will be back for those carnitas tacos & bacon/cheese fries πŸ‘Œ
hanaslizzardlee : Food looks yummy
lingyeewong : YOU WENT TO HANG OUT WITH @stjlee AND DIDNT TELL ME?!? ugh
jayweswang - ben.trinh - chiclets72 - adrewlee -
Finally went to see #TheDominoEffectII #77daysofdavis
77daysofdavis - thedominoeffectii -
ry.til.i.die : PC: @kristinkimchi
tj.gif : OMG please tell me where this is D:!! It's on my list too
jeanzies : ^ !!?
vivurss : @stjlee bring me with you!!
ry.til.i.die : @stjlee off sycamore near the Safeway. Google map domino effect II!
gracechungg : Hi dad
gracesim : 😏 ok
ry.til.i.die : @gracechungg lol I can never wear a polo again
ceceee24 - m1558 - senoritakathyy - _jackash -
Fat Face popsicle at the Whole Earth Festival! βœŒοΈπŸ˜ŽπŸŒ»β›…οΈ #thaiteaandsweetpotato #fatface #ucdavis #wholeearthfestival
77daysofdavis - thaiteaandsweetpotato - fatface - ucdavis - wholeearthfestival -
alliewalie : #bestfatfacepopciclethereis
stephstagrams : Yummy?
juhierathor : DELICIOUS! @stephanisms
monicaj916 : Sweet potato chai ❀️
juhierathor : Finally tried one of these #77daysofdavis
rayapapaya1 - jeremy_laporte - faaizibrahim - jjanellyy -
First night out in SF with my biggie @yohcanit and twin @teefreshh ☺️✌️. #77DaysofDavis
77daysofdavis -
koalatea : πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
yohcanit : picture is πŸ‘Ž, people are πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ˆ
kyong_ee : Wow tfti
er.ictan : @yohcanit 😍😍😍
dustinnewwin : You were in SF?!
leessaaw : You so hawt 😍πŸ”₯
absphotolab : @stjlee @yohcanit looking good ya'll
mikeydaaaaaaaaaannnnggggggg - llesliellung - hellolaw5 -
Bought my first pitcher finally!!!! #FINALLY#77daysofdavis#hksuperstar#mojitonight
77daysofdavis - finally - hksuperstar - mojitonight -
man_leoy : i love this picture
man_leoy : πŸ˜‘
melmel2138 : That face doe hahaha πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
melmel2138 - roobs__ - naomi_luong - tchan713 -
Proud of them [': First #softball game! #77daysofdavis
77daysofdavis - softball -
michaelchenski : 42 is a universally retired number, u should know that @jojotong13 !!!
jojotong13 : @michaelchenski Precisely why I chose it 😁
jshoriz : Hey @jojotong13 !!! 42 is Kobe's number. Look at this fool @michaelchenski smh
jojotong13 : @jshoriz Part of me thinks you're serious...
michellesannn - thechristyleung - buibuix3 - magicalk -
@ChildishGambino killed it last night πŸ‘Œ. S/O to @bstorress, @mistererickk, and @saumitha for being homies 😊. #77DaysofDavis #DeepWebTour #Gambino
77daysofdavis - gambino - deepwebtour -
jeanzies : WTF WHERE
gkwng : Did he play do ya like?
iamkareno : This looks so fun
bstorress : Loved it!! It was a great night 😊
absphotolab : ayyyy
samstachang - jazzminarius - gkwng - waterpoloing -
Taco Tuesday with @antonio_22_ 😁
77daysofdavis -
dearthaliaaa : #77daysofdavis
dnwin : How do you figure which days of Davis ?
patricklim_ - michellevoodoo - tatdonald - diannango -
Attended my very first TED event! Always been a huge fan of TED Talks and #TEDxUCDavis did not disappoint πŸ‘Œ. Thanks for a day of inspiration. #77daysofdavis
77daysofdavis - tedxucdavis -
grazfed : #SNACKSandBEADS
yohcanit : wittosy got booty #cakecakecake
jazzminarius - llesliellung - salahoodeen - perryli_ -
Separate pic of the food, because it was epic. Hotpot dinner with 100% Alpha Sigmas before I graduate. Love you kiddies! βœ”οΈ #77daysofdavis
77daysofdavis -
aemiliusss : 😍
desdizer - chickuong_nuggets - salahoodeen - perryli_ -
Ate last night with all my #SOPi kiddies. Been a while since all eight of us got together at the same time ☺️. Feels so good to see my babies 😭😞. Y'all are my pride and joy, love you Alpha Sigmas. #77DaysofDavis
77daysofdavis - sopi -
viviaaaanlo : Love u too, mom 😊
papayasz : 😍😍😍
jeremy.tran : TFTI
jewlray : ☺☺☺
leessaaw - britainknee1 - itsajeanbean - waterpoloing -
TED x UC Davis with @stjlee. First time at the Mondavi Center. If you haven't been to one, you need to go and be INSPIRED. #tedxucdavis #ucdavis #mondavicenter #77DaysOfDavis
77daysofdavis - tedxucdavis - mondavicenter - ucdavis - beadsandsnacks -
grazfed : #beadsandsnacks
francescup : I was part of the creative team for the very first one! Glad to see that it has grown so much over the years :)
grazfed : @francescup no way?! Ahhh indeed it did!
madelynisabelle - melanieshem - biggienladysmama - vivian.montoya -
Day 18: Gave my mom her Mother's Day Present early! Got us matching Coach bags. This year, I wanted to spoil the woman who had raised me. #100happydays #77daysofdavis #mothersday #coach #shewassuperhappy
100happydays - 77daysofdavis - coach - mothersday - shewassuperhappy -
jgleung : Matching? You just wanted one for yourself! ;)
queeeena : These look familiar...😏 Glad she liked it!
asterisksmile : @jgleung HAHAHA you caught me red πŸ‘
asterisksmile : @queeeena thank you & @jujubjuju for helping me choose it! She saw definitely did prefer the one with the long strap ! :3 πŸ‘
jgleung : =P @jannyytran
leessaaw - serweeenie - chennnancy - jayy_tee92 -
Finally tried this viet restaurant that everyone raves about. 5/5 🌟 for sure! Spring rolls & marinated pork chop on point πŸ‘Œ. #77daysofdavis
77daysofdavis -
tj.gif : @vivurss impossible
mugg_bugg : I haven't even eaten here and I love this place more than I love you.
tj.gif : @mugg_bugg you miss me so much.
stan2smoove : Better then brodards doee?
vivurss : Did you try the make your own ? That ones so fun hehehe
dkwon92 : Where is this?
tj.gif : @dkwon92 in sac!!
tj.gif : @stan2smoove never tried it :/
anna_tran.93 - chickuong_nuggets - kyleallgood - llesliellung -
Spent Friday night listening to Cashmere Cat with the cool cats. Good vibes, good company. See one of your favorite artists live. βœ”οΈ #77daysofdavis
77daysofdavis -
iamkareno : 😊😊😊
adrienney : I was at cashmere cat too! With @ryanhosh haha
leessaaw - tha_haaan - itsajeanbean - waterpoloing -
who do you got BEEF with?
oneucdavis - liveauthentic - ucdavis - goodisgood - 77daysofdavis - vscocam - socality -
jrmachacon100 : | mark 12:31 | love your neighbor as yourself... #vscocam #socality #liveauthentic #GoodisGood
jrmachacon100 : #77daysofdavis #oneucdavis #ucdavis @ucdavis
minithematt : Mooooove over
whatzupdudes - mynameisnotpolo - mightyjc21 - bandar0506 -
Meet my coworkers! Worked at Computer Lab Management for two years. Don't tell them this...but I'll miss them a lot πŸ˜”. Dinner with CLM coworkers βœ”οΈ. #77DaysofDavis #gettingemotional #goodbyedinnerseverywhere #Icryforever #halfwaythroughSpringQuarter
77daysofdavis - gettingemotional - goodbyedinnerseverywhere - icryforever - halfwaythroughspringquarter -
mugg_bugg : Do you miss me a lot?
tj.gif : @mugg_bugg so much...:( I think about you everyday.
mytincan : Aww I miss clm!
leessaaw - djkitkat_ - _aprilchoi -
Knew this little πŸ’© since high school...but look at him now! All grown up 😊. Proud of you @chrisyu0112. Catch up with an old friend βœ”οΈ. #77DaysofDavis
77daysofdavis -
djkitkat_ - nancychubz - _aprilchoi - becccacheng -
Finally got to check one thing off my #77daysofdavis list ! Always wanted to check out Trivia night. #teamlettucekaleyou lol ..
77daysofdavis - teamlettucekaleyou -
tftiben : Hardwell??
dearthaliaaa : @ayobenjamin .. Stop, really .. Stop. Because I was thinking the same thing. Stop.
tftiben : Juuuuuuumppp
ashcashn : Lol nice team name @dearthaliaaa
misskathyyy - - smrtirahmat - christineeet -
"Hi I'm Sophie and I'm a derp." Meet my widdo cutie @sophiestacated. There are people in your life you're very thankful to have, and she's one of them. Also first time at Bistro without it being Thirsty Thursday. The food there? Pretty good 😊. βœ”οΈ #77DaysofDavis
77daysofdavis -
leessaaw - ceceee24 - _aprilchoi - ericzuhbody -
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