Another #jbilady who is 5ft7. She's 125lbs #350cc #mentor #modplus #silicone. She's 6 month post op. #34b to #32DDD, happy overall but does wish she had gone bigger. #jbiplasticsurgery #breastaug #plasticsurgery #implants
32ddd - jbilady - plasticsurgery - jbiplasticsurgery - 34b - silicone - modplus - implants - mentor - breastaug - 350cc -
300cc_silicone_textured : Dermal piercings bahha 💓 and great results!!!
babeinmonterey : Gorgeous!!
ba_1589 : Does she have an IG?
bfifeba375 : Love that bra!
jbiplasticsurgery : @ba_1589 just a personal IG
12egina133 : Looks great. Have similar stats. Will go for this. Thanks for sharing
michamuhad - ms_understood12 - trtle88 - mybajourney2015 -
#CongelandoUnSostén #Casual #BoomClap #34B
congelandounsostén - casual - 34b - boomclap -
oscairasantana : @ariana_lisset @jesiicoob @majo_sg97
rigelmadrid11 : WTF! :0
oscairasantana : Es que lo vimos en una peli y quisimos intentarlo, jajaja.
oscairasantana : @rigelmadrid11
gerardootca - fragaa188 - majo_sg97 - jesiicoob -
#34B #ltpproject #tshirt #new & #available @faradaysstore #bontang #eastborneo #indonesia
available - 34b - bontang - indonesia - eastborneo - tshirt - new - ltpproject -
k_reka_ - prince_jay_art - yudiadmaja - budimanseptiyanda -
#newboobies from @mrsnuboobz! She had surgery yesterday and is already posting tons of photos! She is #5ft3 #130lbs, #34B. She went with #450cc #hp #silicone #unders. Go check her out and give her some well wishes! #jbiplasticsurgery #breastaug #ba #breastimplants #plasticsurgery #breastaugmentation #jbilady #justbreastimplants #implants
jbiplasticsurgery - silicone - hp - justbreastimplants - implants - 130lbs - breastaug - newboobies - ba - 450cc - jbilady - unders - 34b - 5ft3 - plasticsurgery - breastimplants - breastaugmentation -
mrsnuboobz : @jbiplasticsurgery thank you!! I still cant believe i have them! 😍😍😍😝😝
valerielorraine07 : @mrsnuboobz can you accept my follow? I'm getting mine in 10 days and I just need comfort seeing someone else going thru what I am! I'm so nervous:(
_karen_25_ : How much weight do you gain after the surgery ? And how long do you have to wait until after surgery to work out ?
nicolemann86 - _chrissycouture - tig_ol_bitties_ba - boobs_soon -
"Di a pezonera" #chichis #34B #muchachichi #shishotas #laamigapocachichi #teamo #amigas #noches #jxs @kathornberry @aurorapevi. 👭❤🍈🍈
jxs - 34b - chichis - shishotas - laamigapocachichi - teamo - amigas - noches - muchachichi -
sandraglunag : Cochinas uajaja
maumora05 : Hahahahahaha xD ni en sueños hahaha
jocelinpeva : 😂😂😂😂😂 anda loca
maumora05 - aurorapevi - fedeecast - sandraglunag -
Selling this limited edition bra from pink! Dm me if you're interested.
pink - pinkhaul - love - 34b - vspink - victoriassecret - clothesforsale - forsale - limitededition -
vspinkcouponer : #forsale #clothesforsale
nonamerlol : How much dm me
vspinkcouponer : I did! @nonamerlol
carcarscloset : How much?
vspinkcouponer : check dm(: @carcarscloset
i.am.gwen : How much and what size
vspinkcouponer : check dm! @i.am.gwen
myshoppingbloq : Size? Price?
pinkmilkshake23 - captnpoopknuckles - i.am.gwen - vsamateurmodels -
Matching set #victoriasecret #small #34b $20 #new
small - new - victoriasecret - 34b -
nurulaprillia - ericxxxwiz - coomerswife - christinatreider -
#newboobies from @aussieanatomical_ba2014! This photo is just 6 hours post op with her brand new #allergan #natrelle #410 #anatomical #shaped #silicone #dualplane. She received #475cc #fullheight #fullprojection which will read like #475ccFF. She is #171cm (#5ft8) #61kg (#135lbs), pre op #12B or deflated #12C (#34B or #34C). Ladies looking for anatomical progress (I do have some waiting to be posted!) this is your gal! Go give some healing love and gentle hugs to this happily healing #jbilady! #jbiplasticsurgery #breastaug #ba #breastimplants #plasticsurgery #breastaugmentation #jbilady #justbreastimplants #implants
410 - 12b - 12c - jbiplasticsurgery - silicone - shaped - implants - dualplane - 475ccff - justbreastimplants - breastaug - allergan - 475cc - fullprojection - ba - 5ft8 - jbilady - newboobies - 135lbs - 34b - 34c - plasticsurgery - fullheight - anatomical - breastimplants - 171cm - breastaugmentation - natrelle - 61kg -
12egina133 : Hugs
aweng29 - mlleba435cc - gibb_ba - gurgi_loves_bunnybutt -
Bra set amitie (yg di bagian ketiak lebih besar jd terlihat ramping) 01 cream : 34bc,36bc,38b 02 white :34bc,36abc,38ab 03brown :34b,36c,38b 05 grey :38a #branonpad #jualbranonpad #nonpadding #bra34e #brapushup #brasecretpossesion #brahalfcup #halfcup #34b #brapushup #bodysuitmurah #juallingerie #brasetbranded #brasetleopard #braanimalprint #brapushup #bralevel #brapad #brabigsize #brasp #secretpossesion #amitiebra #brapushup #brabusa #bralevel
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irshartinii : Brp hargax
aryesyesshop : 110rb @irshartinii
irshartinii -
#helprequest from @ba9314 Her surgery date is September 3, consult is Friday! She is #5ft4 #134lbs, 25yr old mama of two. She is currently a #34B but was a D/DD before breast feeding for one year. She is interested in #saline #unders. Any similar ladies? What size did you choose? Let's help the #jbilady feel prepared for her appointment on Friday! #jbiplasticsurgery #breastaug #ba #breastimplants #plasticsurgery #breastaugmentation #jbilady #justbreastimplants #implants
saline - jbilady - 134lbs - jbiplasticsurgery - 34b - plasticsurgery - implants - 5ft4 - helprequest - breastimplants - unders - breastaugmentation - breastaug - justbreastimplants - ba -
kaily_bs : @ba9314 Hi I'm 4 weeks post op and was exactly your stats. Your pic is very similar to how I looked. I was always 34 dd pre kids and weight loss and went down to a 34b/c. I went for silicone over the muscle 350cc and now look like a full dd/e cup but they do look great. I'm so happy there full again and not empty sacks of skin. Good luck with your procedure you won't regret it..x
mandylauren1 : I'm 5'6.5" and I fluctuate between 125-130lbs. I am 34 yrs old and have also breastfed 2 kids for a cumulative of 2 years (1 yr per kid). I am 2.5 weeks post op. I got 480cc unders, UHP (I have a nice side boob and projection), gummy bears (silicon mentor), and I am measuring a full D. After the swelling and whatnot, I should be a solid D.
mabur_ : I'm 5'3 132 and went with 350cc silicone unders. Pre op was barely a 36b and am now a full c sometimes d. The size is natural looking but would have loved to gone bigger. Maybe 400cc.
hopeorton : I did 500cc silicone hp unders and got dd. We are about the same body frame. Sooo happy w my results! @will_work_for_boobs is my aug profile.
trtle88 : I am 5'5 125 lbs breast feed two kids M 33. I am two weeks post op today with anatomical silicone unders (gummy bears) 395 cc. Was a small deflated b. not sure what I am now but they make me smile everyday filled the loose skin.
ilovemynewboobs : I'm similar stats and got 375cc .. Perfect size for the look I was after! @ba9314 🍑
tigglebitties090514 : I'm also a mommy of two and was a D/DD before having kids... my stats are 5'2" and 108lbs, pre-op size of 32AA/B. I'm doing silicone unders, high profile and am thinking 350cc. Surgery date is Sept 5th so just a few days after you!
jlhba2014 : I'm around the same stats as her got 375cc hp & am in a 34dd 😊
tig_ol_bitties_ba - boobjobjuly30 - augieboogie - bought_myself_boobs -
Another set of #uhp this time from @all4someboobs. This was 10 days post op, she's now coming up on 5 weeks. She has #allergan #natrelle #silicone. #5ft7 #160lbs pre op #34B, but deflated. She should be at least a #34DD post op. #jbiplasticsurgery #breastaug #ba #breastimplants #plasticsurgery #breastaugmentation #jbilady #justbreastimplants #implants
jbiplasticsurgery - silicone - 34dd - implants - uhp - justbreastimplants - breastaug - allergan - ba - jbilady - 160lbs - 34b - plasticsurgery - 5ft7 - breastimplants - breastaugmentation - natrelle -
annemariejacquelinesmith : @all4someboobs
mandylauren1 : I have UHP as well, which really scared me. My doctor reassured me and I am so glad I went out of my comfort zone. I have 480cc gummy bear unders. I am 2 weeks post op tomorrow. You look amazing!!!! Hope you are feeling well!
lemonstomelons : They look amazing!!
swisscakerolled : I am 5 days post op..595cc under silicone gel. Your look great!
swisscakerolled : @mandylauren1 what are gummy bears? I am 595 cc high profile silicone gel.
all4someboobs : Thanks @jbiplasticsurgery! Cool! I was hoping for a solid D but DD is great! @annemariejacquelinesmith thanks @mandylauren1 @lemonstomelons and @swisscakerolled
mandylauren1 : @swisscakerolled It's the nickname given to the type of breast implant filled with cohesive silicone gel. It's the consistency of of gummy bear, so if it ruptures, the gel won't migrate. Mine is made by mentor. My doctor showed me a video of a semi truck running over a "gummy bear" implant and it did not rupture.
jillianof4 : Hey u look amazing!!! I've got 500cc saline hp...getting ready for my upgrade in dec to 750cc!!! Love the uhp on you!!!
ciarasjane - malaklaudijaaa - booobieinstaa - memeclinic -
Slowly catching up on submissions! This #jbilady looks absolutely stunning with #455cc #uhp. Her surgery was May 28, so this was almost 3 months post op. Pre op she was a #34B post op #34DDD. #5ft1 #120lbs. She made the perfect choice! #jbiplasticsurgery #breastaug #ba #breastimplants #plasticsurgery #breastaugmentation #jbilady #justbreastimplants #implants
jbilady - 34ddd - 34b - 5ft1 - plasticsurgery - implants - 120lbs - breastimplants - ba - breastaugmentation - uhp - justbreastimplants - breastaug - 455cc - jbiplasticsurgery -
tgmakeup : Ahh thank you for the shout out @jbiplasticsurgery ❤️❤️❤️😘
tgmakeup : Yes mentor round uhp is what I got 😃😃👍
tgmakeup : At first I thought I was a double d a few weeks in but then I went back last month to vikkis and found out I was deff a 34 ddd @mizzmeechy 😃👍 so deff go back in a months time to get re measured! 😃
camo_mille : @gloobi_bf 😱
gloobi_bf : @camo_mille t'aime trop les gros gros nénés toiiii ! XD
camo_mille : @gloobi_bf trop lol et encore la c'est pas énorme je trouve 77
camo_mille : ^^
boobsessed : Thanks @tgmakeup I'm considering decreasing the size when possible...I feel fatter now with them
memeclinic - blockhouseof5 - _boobiescouture - pppiiippp22 -
#全新 #現貨 #34b $35
現貨 - 全新 - 34b -
novitalidya3 : F4f?
loveseller06 : 吾明 @novitalidya3
siuyub : wt size?
loveseller06 : 34b @siuyub
hurttttt : cute
givephat : 😀 @tristangrab
xxoxx_m : @loveseller06 ex
loveseller06 : no ex can you buy @xxoxx_m
_c_o_c_o_cl_ - mliemouse - 0_0225_ - sailn218_ -
Any takers on this Sun City bra? For $30 🌸🌺 #someonebuyit #34B #scmf #scmfbra
scmf - scmfbra - 34b - someonebuyit -
domz.xvs : What happen to other one ?:oo
ohhhshells : @domz.xvs I have this one & another one but it's all black with feathers & sequence
_jaydoesitbest : That ones nice👌
ohhhshells : @_jaydoesitbest buy it for your bae 😏
_jaydoesitbest : Let me see if it fits her and she likes it
najera22 - may_be11e - dayanna_v - tani_la -
I think someone is feeling back to normal. Do you think we could talk her into a #stopdropandboobieselfie update? She should be about 6 weeks now. #5ft8 #138lbs #400cc #mentor #mod. #34B to 34? #jbiplasticsurgery #breastaug #ba #breastimplants #plasticsurgery #breastaugmentation #jbilady #justbreastimplants #implants
jbiplasticsurgery - implants - ba - justbreastimplants - breastaug - 400cc - stopdropandboobieselfie - mod - 5ft8 - jbilady - 34b - plasticsurgery - breastimplants - mentor - breastaugmentation - 138lbs -
joberg03 : Oh that's me!! I just got sized and ended up being a 32dd!
jbiplasticsurgery : @joberg03 send an update for today! How are they liking?
joberg03 : Ok! I will in a bit! I am so happy with them! Just have a little more to go on the stubborn side.... But they are amazing! Especially now that I can wear fun bras 😁
malaklaudijaaa - salsa925 - darlynbuchholz - emilyarmand -
Now at 4 weeks, that stubborn lefty is finally moving along. She is #5ft8 #138lbs, #400cc #mentor #mod. Pre op #34B. No post op size yet. #jbiplasticsurgery #breastaug #ba #breastimplants #plasticsurgery #breastaugmentation #jbilady #justbreastimplants #implants
5ft8 - jbilady - 400cc - jbiplasticsurgery - 34b - plasticsurgery - implants - breastimplants - ba - mentor - justbreastimplants - breastaug - mod - 138lbs - breastaugmentation -
tiffskinnywraps : Nice pic!
ajpmedical : Nice work. Very neat. Congrats
swollseyba : @emilybroughtann
lizzierod321 : Gorgeous!
mariamlinjawi : @tollah72
tollah72 : @mariamlinjawi it's 400cc but she's not ur weight nor ur height
mariamlinjawi : No check the comment this is for u not me shofi there's a difference in the size between both of them @tollah72
brooklynsprojectpayday - malaklaudijaaa - salsa925 - emilyarmand -
Same #jbilady now at 3 weeks post op with #400cc #mentor #mod. She is #5ft8 #138lbs, pre op was a #34B. Lefty is being stubborn here, but do far she is very happy. #jbiplasticsurgery #breastaug #ba #breastimplants #plasticsurgery #breastaugmentation #jbilady #justbreastimplants #implants
5ft8 - jbilady - jbiplasticsurgery - 34b - plasticsurgery - implants - breastimplants - ba - mentor - justbreastimplants - breastaug - mod - 400cc - 138lbs - breastaugmentation -
ajpmedical : Good work. Symetrical, good size. 👌
tiffanycarolynphotography : I'm also 3 weeks post op and have a stubborn lefty. It's really bumming me out. Any tips for helping it drop?
joberg03 : Just a lot of massaging! Mine finally just one day got to where it needed to be!
brooklynsprojectpayday - malaklaudijaaa - salsa925 - victor_pereiramtz -
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new2you_clothes : Are these all 34B's?
eep808sale : @new2you_clothes Yes! 😄
eep808sale : #34B #brasforsale #maidenform #maidenformforsale #clothesforsale #forsale #4sale
eep808sale : @stuffforsaleapp interested in any? 😊
stuffforsaleapp : @eep808sale No thank you. But if you would like we can give you a helping hand in selling.
briannazcloset : Still avail?
eep808sale : @briannazcloset Yes! 😊
briannazcloset : Would you trade?:)
closet_temptationz - mylilbtq - tz_btq - daniaaasbtq -
closetsale - 34a - 34b - clothesforsale - vsforsale - brasforsale - clothessale - igshop -
eep808sale : ❌ Gilly's SOLD ❌
eep808sale : @buyplease_ This middle one is the only strapless I have right now... Would this work?
buyplease_ : No sorry xx do consider purchasing the necklace though it is very pretty bought for $80 as a wedding present for my cousin but she have it to me x
eep808sale : #34A #34B #vsforsale
briannazcloset : Do u have the top?
eep808sale : @briannazcloset yes! 😊
briannazcloset : Would you trade?:)
eep808sale : @briannazcloset Sorry, didnt see anything. Please do consider purchasing tho! 😊
bribribtq - francinescloset_ - jus_mei - feeahh -
#Doll #RIhannadoll #Smile #Randb #Pop #Rock #Dancepom #Poprock #Mylove #Rrf #Robynrihannafenty #legs #Blackandwhite #Bandw #Bnw #Blacknwhite #Barbados #34B #75
blackandwhite - doll - rrf - bandw - pop - 75 - poprock - dancepom - robynrihannafenty - rihannadoll - legs - 34b - randb - bnw - mylove - barbados - rock - smile - blacknwhite -
insta_spare : perfect, please check @xundali also.. :))
madelinebeason : Omg that's it!I was trying to figure out for the longest amount of time who I thought she reminded my of! A Bratz doll lmao 👏😸💟🎶
mohamad_lp - nadiasaravi - navybergen - peymantiam -
#34B @stefaniedimichele @kradecki @teenyy #oysterfest2014
oysterfest2014 - 34b -
teenyy - sarahdimichele - dannyrobby - sarahkent1 -
Help request! This #jbilady has surgery in 3 weeks. While she's not hiding her surgery, she does not want to have the "work done" look. She is #5ft8 #135lbs, wearing a padded #34B but is actually a #34A. She's looking for wearing a full C. Surgeon suggestion was #400cc #modplus #silicone, but she is worried that may be too large. Can you help? Similar stats? What do you ladies think? #jbiplasticsurgery #breastaug #ba #breastimplants #plasticsurgery #breastaugmentation #jbilady #justbreastimplants #implants
plasticsurgery - jbiplasticsurgery - silicone - implants - justbreastimplants - breastaug - 400cc - ba - 5ft8 - jbilady - 135lbs - 34a - 34b - modplus - breastimplants - breastaugmentation -
cxmkitty : Our*
kourtnieeelee : Implants are usually measure as a D or DD because the base of the implant is wide not because the project as much as a D or double D. They just need the width of that kind of bra. That's why a lot of surgeons don't recommend going by cup size because it isn't accurate with implants. That is also why an implant D looks much smaller than a natural D beast. Just some thoughts to keep in mind.
kacilanae_ba820 : I'm similar stats. Starting off a tiny bit larger, but tried on sizers for 325cc and they looked perfect on my frame. My goal was to look in clothes how I look with my big push-up bras. Not too overdone but enough to feel more comfortable and confident. Most PS say the largest you can go. Move suggested 400 at first too and it freaked me out. 325 it is on Wednesday!!!!
paid4tatas : I'm 5' 7 135 and I did 420ccs hp and they are perfect. I could've even gone a tad bigger
smashb820 : Thank you ladies, you have been a big help (that is me in the pic)!! I don't have a BA account yet so I hope you don't mind me requesting a few of you ladies w similar stats :) I think I might go w 325 or 350, final sizing appt is August 27th!! I can't wait!!
newboobies911 : I just made my BA account! Personal one smashb820... Sorry for the double follow requests 😋 surgery in t-3 weeks!
bikerdeee : @smashb820 im 5'7 pushing 5'8 I weigh 120lbs..I went with 350cc on both under the muscle and periareolar incision..im not happy with the size I feel like I could have gone bigger because with the swelling down its shrinking as well. One breast is smaller than the other (naturally) and its very noticeable..he didnt want to do more cc's on my left than the right because he felt it wouldnt be too obvious, but it sure is now. Im one month post op and will be talking to my doctor tomorrow first thing with my concern. Please do more research and talk to your doctor about going bigger a lil bit possibly.
ifbbprochaya : Im similar stats. First ba 400hp way too small. Now 800cc and they are perfect!
mlleba435cc - imperfectpearls89 - aussieanatomical_ba2014 - taigaluxcarpathia -
#Såerviklar #tyrkietermerefarligeresnart #kongerneindtagertyrkiet #thomascook #34b #tobylæserm #jegharlæstdet #haha #selvfølgeligharjegdet #flyversnart
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marielouisekierkegaard - alexandrapbjerg - benedikteelholm - keejtyy -
Reunited with @karla_maldita :-) #Foodtrip #Kadayawan #HighSchool #34B @kent_pogz @khriiisty @gabmempin @kristelranario @damarcellones @miyaguerrero @crazynez @charmeeliciouz
highschool - 34b - foodtrip - kadayawan -
handiman112582 - navndin22 - mica_pach - aramislowell -
Bodyshape palmer *snow white/navy flower lace size S *dark navy/flower lace size S #jualbodyshape #bodyshape #jualshapewear #shapewearjakarta #shapewearmurah #shapewearbranded #jualdaleman #pakaiandalam #jualpakaiandalam #pakaiandalamcewe #lingeriebranded #bra34b #34b #brapushup #bralevel #secretpossesion #emporioarmani #palmers #jualpalmers
jualshapewear - brapushup - secretpossesion - bodyshape - palmers - bralevel - pakaiandalam - shapewearmurah - emporioarmani - lingeriebranded - 34b - pakaiandalamcewe - bra34b - jualpakaiandalam - shapewearbranded - shapewearjakarta - jualbodyshape - jualpalmers - jualdaleman -
ohlookitssannah -
@jellyboobz2014 looking amazing at 4 days post op! Go give her a follow to see how drop and fluff has changed her look! She received #540cc #saline #unders. She's a mama of 2, #5ft7 #118lbs, pre op #34B. Post op, I'm betting 34DD. #jbiplasticsurgery #breastaug #ba #breastimplants #plasticsurgery #breastaugmentation #jbilady #justbreastimplants #implants
saline - jbilady - unders - jbiplasticsurgery - 34b - plasticsurgery - implants - 5ft7 - breastimplants - 118lbs - 540cc - breastaugmentation - breastaug - justbreastimplants - ba -
stargal_princess : How many weeks post are you?
jbiplasticsurgery : @stargal_princess this was day 4, she's now over two weeks out.
boobdiary7 : Amazing for 4 days
fitmodel95 - mlleba435cc - _boobiescouture - boobdiary7 -
#thewalkingdead #KKUH #34B
34b - kkuh - thewalkingdead -
5alidmd : 😂😂😂😂الفضاوة تسوي أكثر
asemallam : @5alidmd looooool من بعدك يبوسعد الوورد هادي
aalduyiss - ebtehalkurde - abdullah_allam - roro_os -
#Competition time!!!! A little treat for you! A lucky lady will #win 2 fabulous sets of #Wolford lingerie! Please follow our page, like and comment below. The sizes are fixed, so please keep that in mind when entering 💖 (The Fleur bra is in nude and black just like the bottoms). Closing date is 28th August! Good luck :)
softbra - prize - 34b - goodluck - win - wolford - 75b - london - competition - comp - small - luxury - bralette - giveaway -
chixloyo : Ahhhhh will I be the lucky one? Yes, I might!!! 😍👏🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
lionspaw07 : Just my size! 😍
marshallmiz : Stunning
michaelsmanning : My fiancé's size. Fingers crossed.
jentrinhstagram : That's my sister size, 😁😁😁 fingers crossed
juicy_pussy : Let's try the fortune))
christyorourke : these are PERFECT in every way I absolutely love #wolford! This would be a dream 💭💋
jeannepompadour : @michaelsmanning Michael!! You are the lucky winner :) please let us know your email address and will arrange a delivery asap ☺️❤️
cataleya_michelle - fjmt - hotquees - ssimrdown -
#newboobies!! This #jbilady is 12 hours post op, she is laying down in this picture. She is #5ft4, #105lbs, pre op #34B. She received #465cc #sientra #smkkth #round #hp. Happy boobie birthday! #jbiplasticsurgery #breastaug #ba #breastimplants #plasticsurgery #breastaugmentation #jbilady #justbreastimplants #implants
plasticsurgery - jbiplasticsurgery - hp - implants - justbreastimplants - breastaug - newboobies - ba - 465cc - jbilady - 34b - 105lbs - 5ft4 - breastimplants - sientra - smkkth - breastaugmentation - round -
breastauglog : @jbiplasticsurgery I'm 5'7" and weigh 115lb
tig_ol_bitties_ba : Congratulations!!!!!!
jbiplasticsurgery : @breastauglog did you want to do a photo request like the ones I have been posting? If you DM a pic I can get it up for you. I have a few to go up today. P
oleksandra_f : Thank you!!
boobielicious812 : My boob twin! Lol I got 465cc sientra silicone on tuesday! She started with more than me, but I'm excited to see our progress!!!
oleksandra_f : Lol boob twin @2boobielicious812 yes can't wait till they start dropping!
breastauglog : @jbiplasticsurgery I would love to do a photo request. I will DM you with a picture :) thank you
lafobiasocial : @veronik0908
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Help request! @mamasnewboobs is new to #boobstigram, she's just starting her research (go welcome her and follow!). She is a #34b #36a #5ft4 #150lbs. She is looking for a full C, small D using #silicone #implants. She has the normal size concerns, being too small or too big. But she's also worried about loosing nipple sensation and post surgical stretching of the areola. Are you similar in size? Can you help this #jbilady visualize how things may look? #jbiplasticsurgery #breastaug #ba #breastimplants #plasticsurgery #breastaugmentation #jbilady #justbreastimplants #implants
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jbiplasticsurgery : @tori_rn you'll talk to me, and only me. I'm the woman behind the forum on JBI and the social media. If you want your photo and questions posted I will do that for you as well.
mamasnewboobs : @emilyraffle, I'm thinking I want high profile. I really want projection! My stomach sticks out further than my boobs and I'd like to go bra-less, but not be able to tell. Does that make sense? 😳 my kids did a number on my body. And that great to know about the nipples! I like my sensation! Lol
mamasnewboobs : @ashleys_augmentation I think I've got pretty broad shoulders for a woman. I was thinking around 400ish. I have no idea until I have a consult.
tori_rn : @jbiplasticsurgery ok. How do I contact you to send you my picture and explain my situation?
mamasnewboobs : @tori_rn just DM it to her 😊
emilyraffle : @mamasnewboobs I have a daughter and gained and lost 70 pounds. I feel you. My stomach stuck out further and pregnancy took a toll on my stomach and breasts too. I have a lot if projection. I am almost 4 weeks out so I am still pretty high though. I am happy with the size I chose, but my body could have taken bigger being 145lbs. I'm an athletic build and I enjoy working out so I did not want my breasts to be too big where I couldn't enjoy running or being active and more importantly look heavier. I can submit my before and afters if you'd like to see.
emilyraffle : Infact the first thing I said waking up from surgery was "this Is the first time in my life I've seen my boobs first and not my stomach!" Lol @mamasnewboobs
mamasnewboobs : That'll be me too @emilyraffle! "Whoa, there's boobs there!" You can DM me if you'd like 😊
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Size yg tersedia sesuai caption saja. Kalau mau request size, langsung line saja, nanti kami kirim foto barang dan size yg sesuai km 😊💋 Line : suteki.kawaii Wa/sms : 0856.209.1188 #jualbeha #jualbra #jualbranded #jualbrandedmurah #jualbrandedindo #jualunderwear #jualpakaiandalam #jualkutang #brastrapless #suteki_branded #suteki_underwear #readystock #jualanku #brandedmurah #bra36 #brasize36 #size36 #36d #braset #jualbraset #brasetmurah #36b #34b
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my very last night in brooklyn with @selimthekeenest and @silvianng #4B #love #34B #forever
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itryangles : 💙💛👯💙💛
megthelove : I miss you---
dongyun_toyoil : 👋 bye bye👋
sebitmin : 조심히 가시유 😢👋✋
arannie : 😭😂😢😥🙈😘💖
minachangchang : 드디어
almostharmless : 자연씨어디가유?
bunnhung : Chị có phải người Việt Nam không ạ?
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lone Beis MIB #moniker #tatiannadominicana #34B #chakenurrtitties #bumbump #chessboard #nevergonnastopwritingonshit
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