Summer bralette β™‘ #breastaugmentation #boobjob #boobsjob #fakeboobs #faketits #boobstigram #underthemuscle #modplus #32dd #plasticsurgery #plasticsurgeon #435cc #surgeon #surgery #bralette
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ba_newones : I have this one! I love it! You look great!
mlleba435cc : @ba_newones thank you
uniquesquid2 : ☺ hot boobies hun
mlleba435cc : @uniquesquid2 thank you!
hbqueenbee : Look great!!!!πŸ˜„πŸ˜„
uniquesquid2 : ☺ ☺
lemonstomelons : So pretty!
mlleba435cc : @lemonstomelons thank you :)
breastaug7 - ba_journeyxox - boobie.keepsake - heeyitsolivia -
Loving this sport bra by #target #breastaugmentation #breastimplants #breastimplant #boobjob #boobsjob #boobstigram #fakeboobs #faketits #modplus #underthemuscle #plasticsurgery #plasticsurgeon #sportsbra #sport #pink #32dd
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hbqueenbee : I need to go to Target! Can't find a good sports bra anywhere!
uniquesquid2 : Look at those beautiful babies. That bra looks really nice
nerdynicoles : What was your pre op size?
bajourney_july3 : Ummm perfect right there!!
mlleba435cc : @uniquesquid2 thank you :) @nerdynicoles 32c @bajourney_july3 thanks x
uniquesquid2 : ☺ thanks
benjaminstagrm : πŸ‘
shelbylynn1994 - akarachelr84 - jeffreyswoll - cogat919 -
Very behind, so I am flooding your feed! This is the beautiful @boobjob_blog at 2 months and pre op. She has #375cc #uhp #overs. #5ft3 #103lbs #32A to #32D #32DD. She is about 3 months now, so go give a look. Overs do change slowly too! #breastaugmentation #implants #ba #jbiplasticsurgery #breastaug #plasticsurgery #breastimplants #justbreastimplants
ba - justbreastimplants - implants - 32dd - uhp - breastaugmentation - breastaug - overs - jbiplasticsurgery - 32a - 32d - 5ft3 - plasticsurgery - breastimplants - 103lbs - 375cc -
tatertatas2014 - lovinmyboobies - lukegeexx - radiancemedspa -
Mine forever!!!! #breastaugmentation #breastimplants #breastimplant #boobjob #boobsjob #boobstigram #fakeboobs #faketits #plasticsurgery #plasticsurgeon #surgery #surgeon #32dd #modplus #underthemuscle
underthemuscle - faketits - modplus - breastimplant - plasticsurgery - fakeboobs - boobstigram - 32dd - breastimplants - boobjob - breastaugmentation - surgery - plasticsurgeon - surgeon - boobsjob -
divatwins2014 : The curve, your creamy skin, you mani... Girl you got it going on!
mlleba435cc : @divatwins2014 thanks :)
kaylibarbie : Your soooo lucky mine cost 12,000$ :(
mybajourney8914 : 😍😍😍😍
shamelessassshay : Love your boobs. Considering getting mine done.
mlleba435cc : @shamelessassshay thank you
elisa_on_fire : @mlleba435cc You look Great! Thank you for sharing this.... I think you have just helped me make my decision for Moderate plus. They are classy and tasteful !
mlleba435cc : @elisa_on_fire oh thanks girl!! Your so sweet!!!
leotardsandtits - boyhot627 - jennyyy8675309 - horniiboi.sie -
Did another #arironagreentea rave bra. Now don't get it twisted, there's impersonators- but you saw it on @imakecoolshit first. ✌️ #greentea #cherryblossom #32dd #ravebra #ravegirls #ravers #mintgreen #imakecoolshit
mintgreen - arironagreentea - ravegirls - ravers - arizonagreentea - cherryblossom - 32dd - ravebra - greentea - imakecoolshit -
imakecoolshit : #arizonagreentea
__macdaddyalice : You should make a harely quinn one !!
revoltcouture - christinajulieee - littlemissthor_ - alexandrumlady -
Breaking for a minute for this amazing picture. Which is saline and which is silicone? Can you tell the difference? @littlemissnewboobs is on the left at #5ft #100lbs and a #32DD with #325cc #modplus #silicone. @mrs_tallahassee_ba_march2014 on the right at #5ft1 #115lbs with #375cc #modplus #saline filled to #400cc and #425cc. 325cc mod+ silicone measure 12.3cm in diameter and 3.8cm in projection. 375cc mod+ saline starts at 12.3cm in diameter and 4.6cm projection and will get slightly narrower with the added overfill. Both these ladies are a #32DD, one from a #32A and the other from a #32AA. Both beautiful results, but very different implants. This is why we trust a surgeon's expertise for the look we want. This is why you never set a size based on similar stats. Thank both of these ladies for sharing their photos! #jbiplasticsurgery #breastaug #ba #breastimplants #plasticsurgery #breastaugmentation #jbilady #justbreastimplants #implants
plasticsurgery - ba - silicone - implants - 115lbs - 32dd - 32a - justbreastimplants - breastaug - 400cc - 5ft - jbiplasticsurgery - saline - jbilady - 325cc - 5ft1 - 375cc - modplus - 100lbs - breastimplants - breastaugmentation - 32aa - 425cc -
virgoboobies_ba : Great visual comparison. They both look fantastic!
thatgirlwithboobs : They both have such amazing results!
plasticbeautyjourney : Does saline look a bit more natural? Anyone have tips/pros and cons for both? :)
jbiplasticsurgery : @plasticbeautyjourney both can look very natural, it depends more on the anatomy of the woman. The lady with saline above is 6 months post op where the lady with silicone is 4 months. They both will have a natural slope when not in a bra, but each woman will take their own time to settle. Really for what will look and feel the most natural you'll have to check with your surgeon. For each woman it will be different, as the photo above shows pretty well.
rockangelll : I have 325cc saline hp overs and im in love with mine. Im 16 months post op and ive never looked back 😊
plasticbeautyjourney : Oh okay I see. Thank you for your reply! :)
charlibrek : Omg my two boobie idols in one picture 😍😍😍
rachdg12 : @april0919
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Happy four months to my boobs!!!! #breastaugmentation #breastimplants #breastimplant #boobjob #boobjobs #fakeboobs #faketits #plasticsurgeon #plasticsurgery #32dd #boobstigram #unders #modplus #bikini
faketits - unders - modplus - boobjobs - breastimplant - plasticsurgery - fakeboobs - boobstigram - 32dd - breastimplants - bikini - boobjob - breastaugmentation - plasticsurgeon -
mlleba435cc : @uniquesquid2 @lindssseyyyy_ba @tig_ol_bitties_ba @boobiepieinthesky @lovely_rita_ba5.2.14 thank you everyones!!
mlleba435cc : @beautyandtheboobs happy four months to you!!!!
uniquesquid2 : 😊😊
wayleey87 : Hey :) hope you don't mind I have sent u a direct message x
alexandrea_madonna : See the difference? @jewelsteele
mynewtatasarehere : @mlleba435cc gorg!
mlleba435cc : @mynewtatasarehere thanks :))
mr_larga : @mal_gutierrez - vossink - mynewtatasarehere - yashidreams -
2 months post-op and have never been more in love with my body! #32DD #425cc #modplus #jbilady #jbiplasticsurgery #tattoosandtatas #girlswithtattoos #girlswithsleeves #tattedup #badbitches
badbitches - jbilady - jbiplasticsurgery - tattoosandtatas - girlswithtattoos - modplus - 32dd - tattedup - girlswithsleeves - 425cc -
fittobeme : Wow!!
mrjuicebox : πŸ‘
annekenz : @tawny1685 how tall are you?
tawny1685 : @annekenz 5'2
goofyofurock : Thank you
mr_larga : @mal_gutierrez Russia!!
kyle_truelife - danowife - stefanyox - emupp -
Size yg tersedia sesuai caption saja. Kalau mau request size, langsung line saja, nanti kami kirim foto barang dan size yg sesuai km πŸ˜ŠπŸ’‹ Line : suteki.kawaii Wa/sms : 0856.209.1188 #jualbeha #jualbra #jualbranded #jualbrandedmurah #jualbrandedindo #jualunderwear #jualpakaiandalam #jualkutang #brastrapless #suteki_branded #suteki_underwear #originalbranded #readystock #jualanku #jualankaka #brandedmurah #brandedmurmer #trustedos #bra32 #brasize32 #size32 #32dd #braset #jualbraset #brasetmurah #brabesar #lasenza #juallasenza #bralasenza #dknyindo
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Side boobs at almost four months β™‘ #boobjob #boobsjob #fakeboobs #faketits #boobstigram #breastimplant #breastimplants #breastaugmentation #plasticsurgeon #plasticsurgery #32dd #surgeon #surgery
faketits - breastimplant - plasticsurgery - fakeboobs - boobstigram - 32dd - breastimplants - boobjob - breastaugmentation - surgeon - plasticsurgeon - surgery - boobsjob -
risaj19 : @mlleba435cc This is exactly what I want πŸ‘Œ
mlleba435cc : @risaj19 thank you!
kirameow8 : What size you are? @mlleba435cc
mlleba435cc : @kirameow8 i am 32dd
kirameow8 : Ohh thanks :) @mlleba435cc im 34B and i want C !! I speak a little english, i speak spanish so sorry if i write wrong.I wanna my fake girl to but i need think about it !
mlleba435cc : @kirameow8 don't worry i speak french and im bad with english lol
kirameow8 : Hahahaha :) i want a size C to, i think is a perfect size, your boobs look so natural. Enjoy it girl :)
mlleba435cc : @kirameow8 thank you
maqdumalis34 - p_l_c_80 - becky_donaldson - larafarah93 -
My BA beauties, you're not going to believe the haul I just racked up at Dillard's!! Am I the only person that didn't know they had 'specialty sizes' at Dillard's?? OMG. Some of these are $50-$75 bras. The only thing I paid full price for was the purple and coral set in the bottom right corner. $35 for bra. $16 for panties bc the hubby insisted lol. The middle tan one in spanx, the two sports looking bras in the bottom left are gym to swim type bras which are perfect for rafting, floating, gym, just whatever you can get into! I paid a total of $139 for $658 worth of bras!!!! The sales associate said they always have an abundance of #32DD and she was thinking 'someone should really come in here and buy all these!' And then I walked in and did lol. Score!!!!
32dd -
ba_bl_7_16 : @jbiplasticsurgery ya I did that a few weeks ago
pinup_peaches : I need to go!
ga_mama_tatas : Holy cow!!! Yep I need to go!!! Thanks ;) @jbiplasticsurgery
themotherelectric : Ugh if only these sales were available for larger cups
jbiplasticsurgery : Honey they have sizes of all sorts!!! Trust me!! They even had 30DD there and I have never seen that in a Victoria's Secret store! Never hurts to go look! @themotherelectric
300cc.silicone.textured : Omg I need to go there!!
themotherelectric : @jbiplasticsurgery I'm a 32FF to 32G. Maybe one day they'll cater to large implant ladies lol
jbiplasticsurgery : @themotherelectric this was from @salinesister306, she's lucky and hers has more sizes. My Dillard's is smaller and I found up to a US 32G. Not quite big enough but close. I'm a 28H, I feel your pain!
lovinmyboobies - phuketba1014 - stefijungbauerova - kristiberry7887 -
Being 5'8 @silicone425 I could have held a larger implant on my frame and I do get Boobie greed sometimes and then sometimes I'm happy with my size. I got exactly what I asked for from my doctor at the time but after I saw 600cc on everyone I really loved the look of that. If I ever needed a redo I would probably go with 550 or 600. Any other tall ladies 5'7 or taller want to share full body photos with any size implants? Direct message me to get featured #tallgirls #implants #silicone #425 #hp #highprofile #under #muscle #crease #32DD #postop #implants #jbitakeover
tallgirls - 425 - postop - silicone - jbitakeover - hp - implants - crease - under - highprofile - muscle - 32dd -
cxmkitty : Your body & breast size look perfect! This look is very beautifully
salsa925 : Very beautiful and sexy!
makncoop : I'm 5'4 116 and got 450cc unders Mentor Mod +, I was set to get 500cc and chickened out last min while on the table 😁😳 big mistake! It's been about 5 years now. When I decide to get a redo, I'll get 550-600 and maybe go HP this time. You look great, but can understand your boobie greed πŸ˜”
ba_may2914 : I'm 5'8! :)
newborn_beginnings : @jbiplasticsurgery I sent pics of before did you get them? I'd like to be featured.
jbiplasticsurgery : @newborn_beginnings when did you send it in? With the take over weekend I'm still trying to get things sorted again (on top of being behind).
jbiplasticsurgery : @newborn_beginnings and did you email or DM?
newborn_beginnings : Thanks! I just saw I was featured thank you!
marni_13 - morgansbigsis - bresutherland - bbaug_ -
So hard to look at. I hated my pre op breasts. I was a tiny bit cup I looked completely flat chested though and now I wear 32DD. Second photo is 10 months post op but I haven't really changed since then. I'm 110% glad I did breast augmentation the difference is amazing in how I feel and how they look @silicone425 is my page #silicone #425 #hp #highprofile #under #muscle #crease #32DD #postop #implants #jbitakeover
muscle - postop - silicone - jbitakeover - hp - implants - crease - under - highprofile - 32dd - 425 -
akwardleebeautiful : Same size before and after I was a 32a and post op ended up a 32dd! Really love my size jus wish my cleavage touched. I'm 4 months post op
salsa925 : Wow!! Amazing😍😍
lestrangebunny : didnt u got stretchmarks after it? D:
marni_13 : Oh geez... πŸ‘†πŸ‘†πŸ‘† who cares if she did!! Or does!?!? You're beautiful! @silicone425 πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜˜
marni_13 : Oops.. I meant @jbiplasticsurgery
marni_13 : You are too though! lol
silicone425 : Yes I did I got 2 on my right breast but they faded away now @lestrangebunny I was really sad at first but they faded
lestrangebunny : @silicone425 Thanks for answering. That was one of my biggest fears lol But youra looks nice, congrats on that! [idk if u already know but cocoa butter creams help for that too] :)
alexa_ba1 - kittyy_poo - grillmeacheesee - boobieadventures -
Ok so here is one of the only 2 pre op photos I ever took. They don't look as small here as they look front on which I'll post my front view pre op photo in a bit. I absolutely hated my pre op breasts. I covered them during intimate moments. I hated bikini shopping and bra shopping I extra padded all my already padded bikini tops. Felt embarrassed around my friends and felt completely bottom heavy and my sternum was extremely bony. I never felt like a sexy woman. I have thought about a BA since I was 13 but always thought it was out of my reach and only rich people got them but then I met a few girls who had them and did a ton if research (on jbi) and decided that I could totally do it! My boyfriend was not happy when I decided to do it but I told him he has to support my decision because I was doing it either way so he did and I can say right away I was so much happier. It was the best decision iv ever made and my confidence has sky rocketed I love bikini shopping and bra shopping, I want my man to see them I walk around naked all the time now. I care more about health and fitness because I feel my breast to hip ratio is much nicer. I am all around so happy I did it! And join really helped me learn everything I needed to learn before getting them done. #silicone #425 #hp #highprofile #under #muscle #health #body #loveyourself #preop #postop #32b #32DD #135
body - 32b - preop - silicone - postop - hp - loveyourself - 32dd - health - 135 - under - highprofile - muscle - 425 -
jbiplasticsurgery : My page is @silicone425
jbiplasticsurgery : Jbi really helped me*
babeinmonterey : That's amazing!! So positive thanks for sharing!
lauralaura_ : @jbiplasticsurgery so inspiring! I just requested u.
viviane_robert : Why would your bf be mad lol men are supposed to love boobs
jbiplasticsurgery : Haha he was worried about surgery and complications , here it costs 7500$ and he wanted me to help put that money towards owning another home and he didn't want me to change who I was because he loved he the way I was. He also hates stuff like piercings and tattoos and doesn't see the need to change your body but he loves them now lol @viviane_robert
breastbaby : I felt/feel the same way!!!😱 I can't wait to have my BA. Yours are so nice :)
lynnloww : I've used silicone sheets to get rid of scar, it's flattened but still dark :( any suggestions??? Thank you!!
12egina133 - mybreastaugjourney - neriasj - khodjaev_ -
I don't know if size/placement and insicion have anything to do with pain level but I thought we could do a pole and see if there are similarities. 425cc/silicone/unders/crease incision My pain level was honestly a 1! No pain at all I was just tight and uncomfortable. I went back to work 5 days later but I have an easy desk job. How was your pain 1-10 and please include your size/type/placement & insicion #BA #breastaugmentation #silicone #425 #hp #highprofile #under #muscle #crease #32DD #implants #painlevel #kellerfunnel
muscle - ba - silicone - hp - painlevel - implants - crease - under - highprofile - breastaugmentation - 32dd - 425 - kellerfunnel -
jasminetaylor : 32A 5'5 130 pounds, just got mine done 72 hours ago and my pain was at a 10. I'm in Day 3 and feeling much better and not having to double up on my pain pills. My breasts feel very small right now my PS put in 410ccs. @jbiplasticsurgery what is the process if my breast changing
midwest_breastfriends : 5'9" 150lbs 300cc silicone gel unders, pain scale 1-2/10 our surgeon is known for his patients not experiencing much pain and it was true! I had mastitis that was way worse than this!
love_dem_babies : Pre:32A-B;Post:32DDD (VS); 4' 10" 108lbs/ 500ccHP silicone overs/ crease incision/pain: 3-4/10, seriously pain came more fr the tightness and feeling like you can't breathe, trying to get out of bed and showering I think was the hardest. couple hours after surgery I was already bored and wanted to do stuff.
kacilanae_ba820 : 320cc sientra silicone gel under muscle inframmary incision. Pain on day one was 4-6/10 depending on what I was doing. Never really went above that. I was on pain meds every 4-6 hours religiously the first 48 hours then weaned down and I think that's why I never had bad pain at all! Just tightness and soreness.
srwilly : 425cc silicone unders - under the nipple incision. I was a 32b before surgery and am now a 32DD/DDD depending on bra. My pain level was definitely a 1, wasn't bad at all and I was back to work on day 9
hznme : I have 400 cc silicone unders. I am 22 days post op and on day 20 is when I really started to feel like my self again. I also had a Mastopexy so maybe that is why my pain was always at a 8-10. I'm a 32 D and was a B
bbaug_ : 475cc / Cohesive Gel Silicone / Overs / Crease Incision My pain level was 1. I was a 32B now I am a 32DDD.
bbaug_ : 475cc / Round / Smooth Cohesive Gel Silicone / Overs / Crease Incision My pain level was 1. I was a 32B now I am a 32DDD.
brestaug2014 - cxmkitty - ashleyburley85 - taigaluxcarpathia -
My scar. I only used the treatment scar strips given from my doctor for 3 months and that's all. I'm pulling my implant up to show the scar it sits under and hidden normally. My scar is only 1 inch in length. My doctor used the #kellerfunnel so he could get a bigger implant through a smaller incision. I have completely all feeling in my breasts but my left implant was numb under my nipple to crease for 6 months but that went away luckily. Phew! It tingled it was awful. Sorry I can't remember the scar treatment name it was little nude colored tape you cut to size and could wear for 3 days before changing it. I went with crease because that's what my doctor was comfortable with. Why did you pick your incision site and any regrets? #scar #treatment #silicone #425 #hp #highprofile #under #muscle #crease #32DD #implants
muscle - silicone - 425 - hp - implants - crease - treatment - under - highprofile - scar - 32dd - kellerfunnel -
aussieanatomical_ba2014 : Mine used the Keller funnel too. I won't see my incisions for another 5 days but I hope they are as tiny as yours.
300cc.silicone.textured : Yours look so good!! I stopped using the silicone strips after a week cause it made mine crusty!! I haven't even used anything on them ever since. They're under my boob so to see it you have to go look under their haha so it doesn't bother me that much thank goodness!!
a_dragan : Question: did you scar got hard ? And a little bit around the scar too ? I'm surprised to notice that my scars are getting hard and now I'm worried because they were not like that when was all fresh. The more time passes the more hard skin they get . Is that normal?
jbiplasticsurgery : Mine are soft no hard skin at all maybe call your Ps @a_dragan
marni_13 : I chose crease πŸ˜‰ love mine, but want new ones a bit bigger
breastbaby - mybaadventure - giantsfancb -
Always wanted to do this with my boobs β™‘ #ootd #breastaugmentation #breastimplants #breastimplant #fakeboobs #faketits #boobstigram #32dd #jumpsuit #romper #jeans #denim #plasticsurgery #plasticsurgeon #loveguess
faketits - breastimplant - denim - plasticsurgery - jeans - fakeboobs - boobstigram - 32dd - breastimplants - loveguess - ootd - breastaugmentation - plasticsurgeon - romper - jumpsuit -
wayleey87 : How you finding them? I feel so much better about myself now x
mlleba435cc : @wayleey87 i love them so much! Its a dream for me!
wayleey87 : Same here! I had literally nothing at all and I got 375cc's high profile under the muscle. They've ended up a dd'ish. Feels lovely just to not hide my chest up any more x
mlleba435cc : @wayleey87 i wish to have bigger boobs but i can't because i have no breast tissue but im happy with them
wayleey87 : :) good stuff x
sarahs_bajourney : I can't wait to be able to do this 😍
500cc_cocoboobies : That's hot
mlleba435cc : @500cc_cocoboobies thank you!
majestysba - boobsessed - nicolichjj - tftms -
This week turned into Buy New Bras week (which isn't very easy when you have to depend solely on sales and luck because most stores don't carry your size.) Total cost of all four: $60. This means I donate 3 of my older ones to Goodwill. #feelingirly #aerie #fredericks #tjmaxx #32dd #32f #undahweah
aerie - 32f - fredericks - undahweah - tjmaxx - feelingirly - 32dd -
anastasiaartemisbailey : Lol that u put your bra size as a hashtag. What size bra does queen latifah wear??
jacanru : @anastasiaartemisbailey well maybe there's a girl out there that can't find her size and now knows where to look. As for queen Latifah, she only wears bras made of pure gold
mackenzvee - anastasiaartemisbailey - whynotabby - theshinymix -
32dd -
busybills93 : .... dont act like u havnt seen ur notifications
sammy_slc - frenchybenny - n_chames - greeneyed_cece -
#fireballcherrypopper #fire151 #endofrotation #keaneisawesome#lilyisweaksauce#ohufancyhuh #32DD
endofrotation - fire151 - keaneisawesome - fireballcherrypopper - ohufancyhuh - lilyisweaksauce - 32dd -
baekaren - nouralzn - faydootdoot86 - fatani25 -
#newboobies! Who looks this good 8 hours post op? Pre op #32A, post op should be about a #32DD, #415cc #sientra #textured #round #hp #jbiplasticsurgery #breastaug #ba #breastimplants #plasticsurgery #breastaugmentation #jbilady #justbreastimplants #implants
jbiplasticsurgery - hp - textured - implants - 32dd - justbreastimplants - breastaug - newboobies - ba - jbilady - 32a - plasticsurgery - breastimplants - sientra - 415cc - breastaugmentation - round -
jbiplasticsurgery : @topboss_diva silicone I believe
meikachuu : @topboss_diva they're textured cohesive gel aka gummy bear!
meikachuu : @topboss_diva im definitely having a lot of frankenboob going on, I took a peek, but I can't wait for them to drop and fluff.
ariaglow : My sister had breast implants surgery yesterday! My question is why is she so bruised??? I look others pictures in here but they don't like like my sister's. @jbiplasticsurgery she was #32A before surgery, She was going For #350cc But PS did 300cc when doing the surgery she explained us that #325cc And #350cc looked to big on her body as she is so slim and petite! She is 5' 3 and weights 110 I don't know but we're not happy with her size but they keep saying that we have to wait 3 months and that her implants would look more bigger. Today was or OP AND my sister was just seen by a nurse it's that NORMAL??? THEY SAID ALL HER OP APPOINTMENTS SHE WILL BE SEEN BY A NURSE. I WAS THINKING ON DOING A BREAST IMPLANTS WITH THIS DOCTOR, BUT I'M SO DISAPPOINTED OF HIM!
ariaglow : I'm looking for a good surgeon to do mines any recommendations I live in South Carolina willing to travel if price fits to my budget. @jbiplasticsurgery
jbiplasticsurgery : @ariaglow bruising is normal, extensive bruising can be a concern. Some women bruise more than others. It is normal to see a plastic surgery nurse or PA for some post op appointments, it depends on the practice. Implants do take time to drop and settle into their final shape and size. They will be very tight and pressed in by the pec muscle at this point.
ariaglow : THANKS @jbiplasticsurgery . I guess we have to wait!! 😩
getmoney_witrail : @ariaglow I went to dr hedden n Alabama his prices is good n I love the results ... 2weeks post op.... Full lift 475cc
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Size yg tersedia sesuai caption saja. Kalau mau request size, langsung line saja, nanti kami kirim foto barang dan size yg sesuai km πŸ˜ŠπŸ’‹ Line : suteki.kawaii Wa/sms : 0856.209.1188 #jualbeha #jualbra #jualbranded #jualbrandedmurah #jualbrandedindo #jualunderwear #jualpakaiandalam #jualkutang #brastrapless #suteki_branded #suteki_underwear #readystock #jualanku #brandedmurah #bra36 #brasize36 #size36 #36d #braset #jualbraset #brasetmurah #32dd #34dd #36dd #kuning #yellow
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#victoriasecret #32DD 😝
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I need this necklace in my life! #breastimplant #breastimplants #breastaugmentation #fakeboobs #faketits #boobjob #boobjobs #necklace #plasticsurgeon #plasticsurgery #32dd #haters #beautiful #huge
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475silicones72214 : That's how i felt at the beach yesterday πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
uniquesquid2 : Either that or a t-shirt
mlleba435cc : @uniquesquid2 yes!
uniquesquid2 : 😊😊
clevelandcosmetics : How are ya!
savingforba514 : @mlleba435cc right πŸ‘Œ
hbqueenbee : #repost
hbqueenbee : Lol
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Amen!!! #breastaugmentation #breastimplant #breastimplants #fakeboobs #faketits #32dd #plasticsurgeon #plasticsurgery #surgery #surgeon #boobjob #boobsjob
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simonsays28 : @kaceey_
breeez_neeez : @liissssaj πŸ™ŠπŸ™ˆπŸ˜³πŸ™†
liissssaj : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ I do :) @breeez_neeez
oohlalatonia : I was just saying how I want to get an Aug!
hbqueenbee : Me too!! I had 500cc unders, silicone mod plus profile on May 27t, 2014, I'm about 12 weeks post op & loving it! You look awesome! @mlleba435cc
mlleba435cc : @hbqueenbee thank you :)
diamucci : @erikashanly
timotayoo : @dinyellyyy
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Give those ta-tas a lift with defining gel from It Works! Go to to get yours! Email any questions to Like me on Facebook: #boobjob #breastaugmentation #boobjobs #boobjobfund #plasticsurgery #breastimplants #breastimplant #faketits #fakeboobs #plasticsurgeon #newboobs #lipo #cosmeticsurgery #breastaug #tummytuck #surgery #scar #newboobies #mommymakeover #healing #breastsurgery #boobstigram #32dd #unders #thailand #tattoofund #surgeon #sun #summer #slaughtertits
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memeclinic : Love it!
clevelandcosmetics : How are ya!
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Yesterday was my three months post-op!!! I can't believe how they change ♥ #breastimplant #breastimplants #breastaugmentation #boobjob #boobjobs #fakeboobs #faketits #boobstigram #32dd #plasticsurgery #plasticsurgeon #435cc #unders #modplus #dreamcometrue #girl #pink
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uniquesquid2 : 😊😊
bobbyc_96 : Cool Picture!
bauk2014 : Gorgeous
princess.sireen : Nice
divatwins2014 : Love that lingerie!
booperation1314 : Yours look sooo amazing!
mlleba435cc : @booperation1314 @divatwins2014 thank you :)
clevelandcosmetics : How are ya!
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Another long time forum veteran with an #underboob shot. She is #5ft5 #125lbs, mama of 4 with #500cc #sientra #silicone #hp #unders. She went from a #34A to a #32DD. This photo is at the 3 month post op mark. She took this photo to show hips/waist/breast ratio. You can see she is quite slim and her HP implants go very well with her hips. #jbiplasticsurgery #breastaug #ba #breastimplants #plasticsurgery #breastaugmentation #jbilady #justbreastimplants #implants
jbiplasticsurgery - silicone - underboob - hp - implants - 125lbs - 32dd - justbreastimplants - breastaug - 500cc - ba - jbilady - unders - 34a - plasticsurgery - 5ft5 - breastimplants - sientra - breastaugmentation -
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No tax weekend #notaxweekend #ballsohard #boogotasecret #32dd #swag #sofreshandsoclean #leavethemallwithbags #bags #popthatrunk #broke #why
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#lmao!! I got up from the chair at my makeup table and felt something patting my legs so I let out a shriek before looking in the mirror to find out I've gotten a #tail. #girlproblems #32DD
tail - lmao - girlproblems - 32dd -
lollosteffen : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ‘
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Happy one month to my boobs!!!! I am so happy with them my doctor did a good job!! #triangl #boobjob #boobjobs #faketits #fakeboobs #plasticsurgery #breastimplant #breastimplants #breastaugmentation #surgeon #surgery #underthemuscle #under
underthemuscle - faketits - triangl - boobjobs - breastimplant - plasticsurgery - fakeboobs - boobstigram - 32dd - breastimplants - under - boobjob - breastaugmentation - surgeon - surgery -
ba_june16 : The band fits you around ok? I'm also a 32 around but i spoke to someone that works there and they said if I get a large the band will be too big for me
mlleba435cc : @ba_june16 i am a 32 dd and i have take the large and it fit great. But you can purchase it and if it don't fit. you can have a refund or an exchange.
ba_june16 : Ok good to know! I'm the same size so that give me hope! I bought a knock off so if that doesn't work for me I'll buy the real thing cause I LOVE it!
mlleba435cc : @ba_june16 the quality is just awesome!
mlleba435cc : #32dd #boobstigram
boobslicious2014 : I d love to buy one of this but concerned about the size. What size top did you purchase?? I'm little smaller than you, got 325cc but fit in 34 dd
alexa89sharpie : @mlleba435cc hiya just a quick question (re ur boobs lol) just wondered where u got them done! I'm planning on having mine done next year! πŸ˜„πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‹ can't wait!!
mlleba435cc : @alexa89sharpie my surgery was on may 2014 :)
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Side boob!! #breastimplant #breastimplants #breastaugmentation #boobjob #boobsjob #boobstigram #fakeboobs #faketits #plasticsurgery #plasticsurgeon #surgery #surgeon #modplus #under #32dd
faketits - plasticsurgery - breastimplant - modplus - fakeboobs - boobstigram - 32dd - breastimplants - under - boobjob - breastaugmentation - surgery - plasticsurgeon - surgeon - boobsjob -
cidmlopez : Girls im having muy sugery on september and i cant decide wich cup size to between full B or full C!
mlleba435cc : @cidmlopez i am 32 dd
waterhousehx : Omg they're perfect. @mlleba435cc
msvikkki : @mlleba435cc what size were you before if u don't mind me asking? Still debating what size I should go to
mlleba435cc : @msvikkki i was a 34 c and now i am a 32 dd
dspiteri2013 : @mlleba435cc my op is in 2 weeks. 400cc Unders teardrop. I'm a 34c what size r u now? And what shape?
mlleba435cc : I was a 32c and i am 5'5. I have 435cc under and i am now a 32dd
maryoom1311 : @omaliandeman
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#weekendtheme #cleavagesunday this #jbilady is 3.5 months post op with #500cc #sientra #hp #silicone. She went from a #34A to a #32DD. She is wearing a Coobie bra with the lining cut out and a basic tank. #jbiplasticsurgery #breastaug #ba #breastimplants #plasticsurgery #breastaugmentation #jbilady #justbreastimplants #implants
jbiplasticsurgery - silicone - cleavagesunday - implants - 32dd - justbreastimplants - breastaug - 500cc - weekendtheme - ba - jbilady - 34a - plasticsurgery - breastimplants - sientra - breastaugmentation - hp -
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