I caz move back to St. Louis? #31In31
31in31 - nodaybuttoday -
mekern77 : Yup! @kayparkour Lombardi got a gig at Purina :)
sarahporter73 : Wait a minute @kayparkour... This is you?!?!
kayparkour : Keith. Your friend Keith
mekern77 : @kayparkour @sarahporter73 MARK, mark, he's mark
kayparkour : That was a better choice. This is why you're the writer
sarahporter73 : If that's you that who have I been tagging in photos...?
mekern77 : That's why the pay me the medium sized bucks #NoDayButToday
ajgigi : Yay!
amymgeorge - caronarnold - andrewnaeger - heather_bees -
My beautiful little painting arrived today! Thank you @sarahtuleartworks !! #goodmailday #sarahtuleartworks #31in31 #painting #watercolor #forest #pond #fullmoon #art
sarahtuleartworks - art - fullmoon - goodmailday - watercolor - forest - pond - 31in31 - painting -
claudia.zeng - judiuni - livehealthy.itworks - kari_627swaps -
Congratulations to @modestmags for winning the #31in31 Challange! #31days31poses #dynamicfredericton #winner #yogachallenge
31in31 - winner - 31days31poses - yogachallenge - dynamicfredericton -
staceyandcarol - aliciasuexo -
Congratulations to @mcbeth84 for winning our #31in31 Challenge! @mcbeth84 posted the Pose of the Day every day for 31 days... with 2 broken ankles! He has won a FREE 1 month Unlimited Studio Membership with a value of $130+tax! Ready to be used as soon as he is back on his feet again! Check out his photos! #yoga #yogaeverydamnday #31in31 #winner #congratulations
yogaeverydamnday - congratulations - 31in31 - yoga - winner -
mayageorgyoga - eekagram - novayoga - exarthur -
It feels weird this morning not to be posting for my #31in31 πŸ˜• I had so much fun this past month painting all of your fun ideas! And it all started with that little fox and octopus with their balloons! 🎈
octopus - deer - fox - watercolor - party - 31in31 - painting - balloons -
sarahtuleartworks : #Fox #octopus #balloons #deer #party #watercolor #painting
love.and.create - young_artists_help - weekendcreativity - _loumay12_ -
Movie 31 #devil #31in31 #movies #horror (I plan a few bonus one tomorrow)
movies - horror - devil - 31in31 -
mcucumber : @janeovision was this one good? I still haven't watched it
janeovision : @mcucumber pretty good, it's wasn't as scary as it could have been, twists at the end, but not the Big Bang ending I wanted for my marathon
_diana_rodrigues_11 -
Congrats to everyone who entered today! @a_lovely_pericactus @princess_reagan_the_weim @expnumber2 @frickenchris and @vinylcreamsicle πŸ˜€ Here are your requests: Wirt and Greg trick or treating πŸŽƒ, A Weimaraner dressed as batman, A full moon over a pond and pine forestπŸŒ•πŸŒ², a ferret dancing the hula 🌺 and a baby owl on his birthday πŸŽ‚ I need your addresses so I can mail them to you! Please DM those to me! Thank you so much everyone for such an AWESOME month of paintings! You are all so creative and fun! I hope you love your paintings. We'll have to do this again sometime! 😘
owl - hula - fullmoon - batman - barnowl - watercolor - thankyou - ferret - birthday - art - 31in31 - miniaturepainting - mycreativebiz - overthegardenwall - smallart - mycreativelife - wirt - painting -
sarahtuleartworks : You're very welcome! @princess_reagan_the_weim 😊
runswithpups : Thank you! It was fun and I love our painting!
sarahtuleartworks : So glad to hear that! @runswithpups πŸ˜ƒ
frickenchris : That's so awesome!!!!!! Thank you so much!!! Wow!
frickenchris : Happy Halloween!!!
sarahtuleartworks : Happy Halloween! @frickenchris πŸŽƒ You're welcome!
expnumber2 : Thank you so much! It's beautiful!
sarahtuleartworks : You're welcome! @expnumber2 πŸ˜„
expnumber2 - snw.buildapicture - exiled.muse - milo_cant_c903 -
Ahhh #savasana #letyourbonesrest #31in31 #letgooftheexternalworld #findyoursoul
savasana - letyourbonesrest - 31in31 - letgooftheexternalworld - findyoursoul -
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I can finally say that I've ran as many miles as there are days in a month! Another challenge conquered... moving on to tougher ones.
motivation - mesquitetx - halloween - backofthepack - istilldo - trickorbeast - teamparagon - ihatedcardio - beastortreat - fitness - 31in31 - cardio -
iamct01 : #31in31 #halloween #beastortreat #trickorbeast #teamparagon #mesquitetx #backofthepack #cardio #fitness #motivation #ihatedcardio #istilldo
haylbopper : πŸ™Œright on
lankyprogresstv - daniel_colosi - haylbopper - lorenzo_physique -
Today's Pose of the Day is Savasana/Corpse Pose shown here by Seamus! Lie on your back. Extend your legs long and allow your feet to flop out to the side. Let your arms lengthen alongside your body and keep your palms face up toward the sky. Come back to your breath. Deepen your inhales and lengthen your exhales as your breathe through your nose. Bring awareness to your forehead and begin to release any tension you may be holding between your eyebrows. Moving down to your jaw, remove your tongue from the roof of your mouth. Relax your jaw by separating your teeth. Allow yourself to feel heavy to the mat. Melt into the floor. All you have to do now is breathe. @dynamicfits @conormaceachern #yoga #yogaeverydamnday #savasana #corpsepose #31in31 #poseoftheday #breathe #relax #letgo
breathe - yoga - relax - letgo - yogaeverydamnday - poseoftheday - corpsepose - savasana - 31in31 -
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Happy HalloweenπŸŽƒ!!!!! With this picture Inktober is a wrap!!!!!! Thank God! It was so much fun but turned out to be way more difficult than I thought. We made it through, thank you so much to all of you that supported and enjoyed my work! Now time to celebrate with some festive fun πŸ‘» 31/31 #inktober #drawlloween #horror #halloween #halloween2015 #inktober2015 #universalmonsters #frankenstein #copicmarkers #prismacolor #fabercastell #micron #pentelbrushpen #31in31 #marathonman
prismacolor - marathonman - pentelbrushpen - inktober2015 - universalmonsters - horror - drawlloween - halloween - fabercastell - halloween2015 - frankenstein - micron - 31in31 - inktober - copicmarkers -
btaylor14 : You did your thing a lot of talent little guy #inktober
swines88 : Thanks for the support from day 1 @btaylor14 ...means a lot
adudley17 : God finally it's over! #inktober #inktober #inktober #inktober #inktober #inktober #inktober #inktober #inktober
swines88 : Lol Thanks for the hard sell this month @adudley17
mackenziestrall - dead_living85 - - fishphased -
Movie 30 #dontbeafraidofthedark #horror #movies #31in31
dontbeafraidofthedark - movies - horror - 31in31 -
zombiesatemybaby - s.du.charme -
So proud of everyone who participated in the 31 in 31 October Challenge! Celebrate tonight! You deserve it! Special thank you to @nicole8934 from Skin to Soul for providing a special treat for our goodie bags! Also thank you to Rachel Allbright for the gift certificates :) #OPY #onepoweredyoga #crushinggoals #goalcrushing #yogalove #yogaeverydamnday #yogareading #yogagoals #31in31 #nevergiveup #joblove #skintosoul
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Getting back on track for Day 31 in my #31in31 giveaway! (See previous post for why I goofed up) How To Participate: 1) Follow Me 2) Tag A Friend 3) Make Your Request This evening I will choose todays winner and they'll get a free 2.5"x3.5" original watercolor of their request! ***If the interest is still there I will paint 3 minis today to make up for the past few days! 😘
art - weekendinthestudio - halloween - watercolor - giveaway - artwork - 31in31 - miniaturepainting - saturday - freeart - happyhalloween - october - instagramgiveaway - artistsoninstagram - painting - michiganartist -
sarahtuleartworks : #giveaway #instagramgiveaway #october #saturday #weekendinthestudio #halloween #happyhalloween #watercolor #painting #miniaturepainting #art #freeart #artwork #artistsoninstagram #michiganartist
a_lovely_pericactus : Where the other commenters at doe πŸ˜— @frickenchris I really wanna see Wirt and Greg from #otgw trick or treating together 😁
princess_reagan_the_weim : One last try to talk you into a Weimaraner painting! How about a Weimaraner dressed as Batman! That's what my puppy girl will be dressed as this year!! @teddyrowe6868
expnumber2 : Hmn. @wholeesan what shall I suggest this time? I still think a full moon over a pond in a pine forest would make a pretty painting.
frickenchris : @vinylcreamsicle Yey! How about a ferret dancing hula!
vinylcreamsicle : @natalianmeatballs808 Please please! Can I ask for a baby owl with a little cake for his birthday?
runswithpups - 4ever.amity - vvwright - juliadwinell13 -
Movie 29 #insidious #movies #horror #31in31
movies - insidious - 31in31 - horror -
tszwe - brianpcosta - weirdboy2015 - amyvolume -
#31in31 #cowfacepose #thatwhichyouresistpersists #ittakesthetimeittakes 1 pose to go...
thatwhichyouresistpersists - cowfacepose - 31in31 - ittakesthetimeittakes -
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Movie 28 #themonstersquad one of the first 'scary' movies I ever saw and probably has some of the best one-liners of 1987 #wolfmansgotnards #horror #31in31 #movies
movies - themonstersquad - 31in31 - horror - wolfmansgotnards -
janeovision : Also bonus points for the killer Stephen king tee
iheartrudy : SQUAD LIFE!! And yes, probably the 1st 'scary' movie for me too, and what a great one!! πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘ΉπŸ™ŒπŸ‘πŸ’•
doza321 - tszwe - brains4brkfst - k3nny2o3 -
We are wrapping up our #31in31Challenge in one day! Here's a few of our #RecSports crew who kept with the challenge all month long! What's next? We want to see how many miles our awesome #Comets have gotten! If you've gotten 31 miles this month, come in and claim your prize! Make your final #31in31 post or send your progress to #HealthyComets
comets - 31in31challenge - healthycomets - recsports - 31in31 -
saini_shutterbug : How to participate?
utdrecsports : @saini_shutterbug Unfortunately the 31 day challenge was during the month of October so the challenge is now over. However, if you participated in the #31in31Challenge, then we'd love for you to share/post your progress!
partnerwithnasir - lnmcalpine - bamarneh_15 - laird_ruadh -
Movie 27 #thebabadook #horror #31in31 #movies
movies - horror - 31in31 - thebabadook -
mcucumber : You're on a serious roll
cassiehanratty : This one is seriously good, just saw it the other week!
walnutavenue - tszwe - justinrich108 - davidcolemanftw -
Movie 26 "The Cabinet of Dr Caligari" silent film. #31in31 #horror #movies (I want to try to see a range with this challenge)
movies - horror - 31in31 -
iheartrudy : Wow. Great choice!! This is the 1st time I've heard this classic mentioned for Halloween!! Amazing πŸ™ŒπŸ‘
jeanpaulparker : Yessssss
freewill_mage - tszwe - jeanpaulparker - kristaakkermans -
Movie 25 #lettherightonein #movies #horror #31in31
movies - horror - lettherightonein - 31in31 -
iheartrudy : Such a good one. I never did see the remake, because I didn't want to be disappointed loll
amanknowshistools : Cheers! βš“
lovelobo - zombabe_xo - megankbd - lauranadeszhda -
Pose of the Day: Uttitha Hasta Padangustasana // Extended Hand to Big Toe Pose Here's a little #tbt to the summer and a lovely day in Point Prim! You can see our beautiful red dirt on my tootsie! @nmbr1chllr @iamtraceyleigh @dynamicfits #yoga #yogaeverydamnday #31in31 #uttitahastapadangustasana #extendedhandtobigtoepose #pointprim #pei #balance
balance - yoga - uttitahastapadangustasana - tbt - pointprim - yogaeverydamnday - pei - extendedhandtobigtoepose - 31in31 -
nmbr1chllr : Best day ❀️
mel.martell - theeightlimbedpath - breathezenyoga - joegould2 -
#31in31 #yogaeverydamnday #extendedhandtobigtoepose #breathe #smile #enjoythemoment
breathe - yogaeverydamnday - enjoythemoment - smile - extendedhandtobigtoepose - 31in31 -
avababyjune28 : ❀️ that sweaterrrr
mel.martell - hwils94 - evolve_boards - antonio.avelar -
Movie 24 #americanpsycho #31in31 #horror #movies because it's hip to be square.
movies - horror - 31in31 - americanpsycho -
mmmccormack : I would say it's more of a satire than a horror.
janeovision : @mmmccormack some would say the same about cabin in the woods
mmmccormack : I certainly would!
myeyeshadowisodd - michemarches - jeanpaulparker - the_third_eye_art -
Movie 23 #childrenofthecorn #31in31 #horror #movies
movies - horror - 31in31 - childrenofthecorn -
jeanpaulparker - the_third_eye_art - arielmermaid11 - mrbrwnstne -
Movie 22: starting my day with some #hellraiser #horror #31in31
hellraiser - horror - 31in31 -
soraiadifazio - bloody_october - ohthatdansurman - highfivehand -
Tomorrow’s Pose of the Day is Uttita Hasta Padangustasana/Extended Hand to Big Toe Pose shown here by Triona! From Tadasana, bring your left knee toward your belly. Reach your left arm inside the thigh, cross it over the front ankle, and hold the outside of your left foot. If your hamstrings are tight, hold a strap looped around the left sole. Firm the front thigh muscles of the standing leg, and press the outer thigh inward. Inhale and extend the left leg forward. Straighten the knee as much as possible. If you’re steady, swing the leg out to the side. Breathe steadily; breathing takes concentration, but it helps you balance. Hold for 30 seconds, then swing the leg back to center with an inhale, and lower the foot to the floor with an exhale. Repeat on the other side for the same length of time. #yoga #yogaeverydamnday #uttitahasta #31in31 #poseoftheday #balance
yogaeverydamnday - uttitahasta - yoga - poseoftheday - 31in31 - balance -
joegould2 - remihancock - serrasagra - marmymar -
I think Surry missed me #catlove #31in31 #butterflypose #connectwithyourbreath
connectwithyourbreath - butterflypose - 31in31 - catlove -
natroze : I miss both of you!
dynamicfits - breiacurrie - brookealexcur - jkegan11 -
Movie 21 #womaninblack, more like woman in blegh #horror #31in31 #movies
womaninblack - movies - horror - 31in31 -
joshfkinriley - xololi - bloody_october - blindeileen -
Movie 20 #cursed I mainly picked this one because I always saw it when I worked at music world and I had to finally check it out #31in31 #horror #movies (sorry for that spam, I got busy)
cursed - movies - horror - 31in31 -
bloody_october - gioeleofficial -
Movie 19 #hauntinginconnecticut #horror #31in31 #movies
movies - horror - 31in31 - hauntinginconnecticut -
myeyeshadowisodd - michemarches - horrorhollyanne - gioeleofficial -
Movie 18 #rosemarysbaby #horror #31in31 #movies
movies - horror - 31in31 - rosemarysbaby -
michemarches : the best.
megankbd : Still one of my favourite Halloween costumes I've ever done.
myeyeshadowisodd - michemarches - cassiehanratty - myvinylmuse -
Movies 15-17 #screamtrilogy because I had to #31in31 #horror #movies
movies - horror - 31in31 - screamtrilogy -
ashley_c_andrews - cassiehanratty - bloody_october - juliasheldon -
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