Thanks to Megan, Ron, Elena, Harper, & Sam Filipowicz for their contribution to the #31in31 challenge! #godips #dipsvb @megflip1 @skeils
dipsvb - godips - 31in31 -
Special thanks to our 4th donor, Courtney Richter! Who will be #5? #31in31 #fandmwbb
31in31 - 5 - fandmwbb -
oh_hey_court : You are welcome πŸ˜ŠπŸ€
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It's day 3 of the #31in31 Challenge! Check out why Jessie Adkins '03 loves F&M Women's Basketball #fandmwbb
31in31 - fandmwbb -
fandmvolleyball - coachkrichter - kbacile - allie_brady -
We are up to 6 donors! Thanks to donor #6!! #dipsvb #31in31 #sorryjulieandcassie
dipsvb - sorryjulieandcassie - 31in31 - 6 -
megagahubert - barbarakapustin - lexij_13 - hutchinitup -
"I love F&M Volleyball because it pushes me to be better everyday. It teaches me how to handle responsibility and to take accountability for my actions because they affect not only myself, but the team. It has taught me how put aside my own interests in order to work towards a common goal and how satisfying it is to reach it with my teammates, whom I love and admire." -Sophomore Mary Leneweaver #GoDips #DipsVB #volleysquad #NLP #SLASH #31in31
dipsvb - nlp - slash - volleysquad - godips - 31in31 -
alysss_11 : Wow so nonlinear
salkomk : #DOD, on behalf of Steve, since he isn't on Instagram
meleneweaver : #GOF aka group of five, which actually has six people
alysss_11 : Hahaha Mary
shae_murphy - elleriekaren - dskells - erindancy -
Day 3: Origami Is Hard (to draw)" #31in31 #justkeepswimming
justkeepswimming - 31in31 -
joliekg : Sometimes I ignore the pattern on the paper, so I can find the shapes more easily. Try squinting when you look at what you're drawing!
communicatrix : That's a great tip. Thanks, @joliekg!
saturatedsin - kimtucker66 - elliedijulio - stephenrwalli -
Thank you to donor #5, 2014 graduate, the selfie stick carrying, gagaworshipping, social media queen bey and Team Bench sassmaster, Meghan Hubert! #godips #dipsvb #31in31
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fandmvolleyball : @megagahubert
megagahubert : Spot-on description!
wheaton_sarah - salkomk - zhutch34 - kelbet11 -
Thank you to donor #4, Meghan & John Stacey! John graduated from F&M in 1999 and played for the Men's vball team! Meghan is one of Coach Boland's best friends from highschool! They are married (Coach introduced them)! #awwhowcute #coachisamatchmaker #godips #dipsvb #31in31 @meghstacey
dipsvb - 4 - awwhowcute - godips - 31in31 - coachisamatchmaker -
meghstacey : Look @jcs4430 - we're famous 😎
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Day 2. Still shaky. #31in31
31in31 -
jane_pellicciotto : Shakey schmakey.
kimtucker66 : πŸ’œπŸ˜ƒπŸ‘
csigele : Self portrait!
joanranquet : I love it! Some of my best coffee in LA came from one of these!
baadkittee - nathanbowers - vivace1216 - marilynmaciel -
Too embarrassed to post this yesterday. #31in31 #backonthehorse
31in31 - backonthehorse -
danielle_kennedy_ : All lovely
willolovesyou : Beautiful to us, keep drawing & posting. ✨
keleliz15 : I love your style of drawing
kimtucker66 : β€οΈπŸ‘
csigele : Love it
communicatrix : Thanks, everyone!! πŸ˜Šβ€οΈπŸ’›πŸ’œ
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My #DipPride has followed me from the bench to the real world. I love you @fandmvolleyball ! Here's to reaching 31 donors in 31 daysπŸ‘ #31in31 #LongLiveTeamBench #GoDips #SorryForMyPoorDonation #PunIntended
punintended - longliveteambench - 31in31 - godips - sorryformypoordonation - dippride -
kelseybb3 : Oh......
megagahubert : @kelseybb3 😚
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Kara Bacile '15 tells us why she loves F&M Women's Basketball #31in31 #fandmwbb
31in31 - fandmwbb -
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"I love F&M volleyball because it is my home away from home. I couldn't be happier to call this amazing and supportive group of girls my family." -Freshman Shae Murphy #GoDips #DipsVB
dipsvb - godips - 31in31 -
fandmvolleyball : #31in31
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Big thanks to our first 3 donors in the #31in31 Challenge! To donate, go to and choose DAC to women's basketball. #fandmwbb
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Thanks to our 1st 3 donors for our #31in31 Challenge, Lori Foust (#1), Joe Boland (#2), and Karen Boland (#3). Diplpmat Volleyball is so appreciative! #dipsvb #godips #whowillbenumber4?
1 - dipsvb - 3 - 2 - whowillbenumber4 - godips - 31in31 -
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"I love F&M volleyball because I love playing the sport with a great group of girls I'm proud to call my team and family. From 6 AM workouts to NCAA's to slapping each other with breadsticks at Olive Garden, we've been through it all together and I wouldn't have it any other way" -Junior Alyssa Sanchez #GoDips #F&Mily #31in31
godips - 31in31 - f -
meleneweaver : omg @alysss_11 I MISS YOU
slandry12 : @alysss_11 HAHAH BREADSTICK SLAPS #JonnieT
alysss_11 : MISS YOU ALLπŸ’™
dskells - alli1732 - swopefamily - myah_cordrey -
Nike Run Challenge with bae πŸ’‘ 31 miles in 31 days. A Couple that runs together, builds endurance together'remind 😏 #fillintheblank #afterweddingactivities #imjustsaying #gethip #day1 #31in31
imjustsaying - afterweddingactivities - gethip - fillintheblank - 31in31 - day1 -
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Time for the #31in31 Challenge! Help us reach 31 donors in 31 days during the month of March! Who will be first?! #dipsvb #godips
dipsvb - godips - 31in31 -
lfoust : I was!! Yeah, honoring Baby Toph. Go dips volleyball. #donate
salkomk : Thanks @lfoust!
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Today kicks off the #31in31 Challenge! Check out why Leslie Bacile '15 loves F&M Basketball and help us reach our goal of 31 donors in 31 days! #fandmwbb #31in31
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#Repost @ringsidec ・・・ Yesterday during the #WrestleMania31 Tech Tour it was announced that #IntercontinentalChampion #BadNewsBarrett will have to defend his title in a multi-#WWESuperstar #LadderMatch at #WrestleMania! Who are you hoping will compete in this Ladder Match and who do you want to see win the #ICTitle? Shop #Mattel #WWE Figures at! #RingsideCollectibles #WrestlingFigures #31in31 #Mania
intercontinentalchampion - laddermatch - wrestlemania31 - badnewsbarrett - ringsidecollectibles - wrestlingfigures - ictitle - mattel - wwe - mania - 31in31 - wwesuperstar - wrestlemania - repost -
vincent_libretti - wrestlingismylife220 - kevinopepino -
Yesterday during the #WrestleMania31 Tech Tour it was announced that #IntercontinentalChampion #BadNewsBarrett will have to defend his title in a multi-#WWESuperstar #LadderMatch at #WrestleMania! Who are you hoping will compete in this Ladder Match and who do you want to see win the #ICTitle? Shop #Mattel #WWE Figures at! #RingsideCollectibles #WrestlingFigures #31in31 #Mania
intercontinentalchampion - laddermatch - wrestlemania31 - badnewsbarrett - ringsidecollectibles - wrestlingfigures - ictitle - mattel - wwe - mania - 31in31 - wwesuperstar - wrestlemania -
trololol_lolo : Lunatic Fringe!!!!
adamfrank_1012 : Dean Ambrose but also a return of someone who's been in TNA for a while : JEFF HARDY COMES BACK AND WINS IT
wrestlingnumber12 : I want kofi kingston in there cause he needs to stop with the new day gimmick
zamirsneakerhead : Dolph ziggler
nick_z.i.t.o35 : I think bubba Ray Dudley should be in it because r truth is problobly in it and they have worked well in the past
c4der__dubya : Christian or R-Truth or Jack Swagger
ronaldo_beasty7 : BNB vs R Truth vs Dolph ziggler vs Dean Ambrose vs Luker Harper vs Sheamus vs Danel Bryan
10_stephon - brentchicoine - cute.poodles - bdrbonali -
#CurrentMood #GPOY #31IN31
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I'm teaming up with @nicoleschipper of "The Schipper Family Takes Flight" to sponsor a running challenge in the month of March! We're finalizing the rest of the details, but go ahead and start sharing! Tag your friends below if you think they'd be interested or if you want them to join you in taking this challenge!!
theschipperfamilytakesflight - march - runner - runnerlife - befitliveactive - runnersrock - running - liveactive - lovetorun - challenge - 31in31 - livefit - 31mim - 31milesinmarch - crosstraining -
befitliveactive : #running #runnersrock #crosstraining #befitliveactive #theschipperfamilytakesflight #March #31in31 #31milesinmarch #challenge #31MIM #livefit #liveactive #runnerlife #runner #lovetorun : Very cool!
peg1118 : You could do more than that in a week in high school! Glad to see you're having fun working out again.
befitliveactive : Haha @peg1118 I'm personally committing to run 100!!! Want to commit to 100 too?!
nicoleschipper : Yes, @befitliveactive and I are going to be running 100 miles! But we wanted to offer an option of 31 because we think it's an attainable goal for all fitness levels.
befitliveactive : Anyone who is interested, the link is up to join the group and challenge. Go to the link in my bio!!
bradford_family - mariecannonrn - stacey.walker.z - marcee_payne1 -
Happy birthday to my best friend and roommate @eeene!! Erin - we roasted you last night but tonight we toast you! You are beautiful, inspiring, selfless, supportive, kind and adventurous! You challenge me every day and motivate me to be the best version of myself. I am so grateful to have you as a regular part of my life every day and thankful to have you as a friend. You have accomplished so much in the past 35 years! Be proud, girl! Also - congrats on your final shows of your impressive 31 in 31. Cheers to an amazing year!! πŸ‘ΈπŸŒΉπŸŽ‚πŸ·πŸŽˆπŸŽ‰πŸŽπŸ‘ŒπŸ’ƒπŸ‘― #31in31 #birthday #bestie #jerinn #cheers #loveyou #yougogirl #happybirthday
happybirthday - jerinn - yougogirl - cheers - birthday - bestie - 31in31 - loveyou -
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When life is sweet, say thank you and celebrate. And when life is bitter, say thank you and grow. [one of my favorite quotes. Written by Shauna Niequist] // and oh how sweet life is! Celebratory 5K today, not for the end of the #31in31 #runCHARRG challenge [okay it partially is], but for the new beginnings that it has ushered into my life! So excited for the 51 MILES I ran outside this month [!!!], but even more excited for the mental strength I have found within myself and for the much needed time I put aside for myself each time I ran! Thank you @chaarg and my loving CHAARG community for helping ignite a passion in my life + keeping me accountable and motivated! [also I enjoy writing and am often writing in my head throughout the day. During this run it was drafting my runchaarg journey, so so excited to actually write it all out!] #inchaarg #purduechaarg
runcharrg - 31in31 - purduechaarg - inchaarg -
andcarolon : How cute is this?? πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ
dana_inchaarg : Omgsh this is too cute!!!
roeslein_inchaarg - alyssajac_inchaarg - csheets1993 - hilaryr_sheets -
Final day of #31in31 #proverbschallenge I want to thank @fitandfaithfulfc for sharing this challenge, it's opened my eyes to many truths lately!! So being my final and last day in my sweet home of Dallas, seems like #proverbs 31:25 is the perfect verse for a new beginning!
proverbs - 31in31 - proverbschallenge -
klenroberts_ - runningprado - allyson_denton - time__to__get__fit -
Day 31/31 Shine On!!! #thatsawrap #31in31 #31days
31in31 - thatsawrap - 31days -
nattso78 - cindyb1984 - girlene_magahaes - chels1104 -
And just like that, January comes to an end #31in31 #2015 #starjumpsnomore
2015 - 31in31 - starjumpsnomore -
abbybogahhtz : πŸ’ͺ
lilbelle8 : Wtf is a star jump?
andycork - ajsupersad - erinwhitton - hdepinho -
Day 30 of the #31in31 #proverbschallenge by @fitandfaithfulfc
faith - life - bible - faithful - proverbs - challenge - proverbschallenge - christianity - verses - blessings - 31in31 - scripture -
laylaynoel : #faith #Bible #blessings #challenge #christianity #scripture #faithful #proverbs #life #verses
cynthiamila84 : Hi baby. I'm single. Lets chat? Follow me or add me kik nicegirl390
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Day 30/31 Getting practice in poolside! Can't wait to get home to see who got 31in31 and who will win A YEAR of FREE YOGA! #31days #31in31
31in31 - 31days -
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Us: "What has happened in your lives since we've last seen you?" | Alice in our DRC sponsorship program, "I have food, clothes, a bed to sleep in and I can go to school. I am rich! I am living like a queen!" Your sponsorship matters and is changing lives! Our goal is 31 kids sponsored by Valentines day. Sponsorships begin at $38/mo. #givelove #31in31
31in31 - givelove -
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I woke up 40 minutes before my alarm was supposed to go off this morning so I decided to go for a run before my 3 hour class! It was absolutely beautiful out β˜€οΈ l love that I'm starting to wake up + just feel like running before I start my day! This would not have happened without the #runCHAARG challenge to run #31in31!! Thank you @CHAARG for making me realize how much I love running πŸ’™βš‘οΈπŸ‘Ÿβœ”οΈ #JustDoIt #GetUp #GetOut #GetMoving #BGSUCHAARG
bgsuchaarg - getout - getmoving - justdoit - 31in31 - runchaarg - getup -
joce_inchaarg : straight up professional photography πŸ‘Œ way to kill it girl πŸ’ͺπŸ’™βš‘οΈ
bailey__inchaarg : @joce_inchaarg hahaha thanks to my self timer app πŸ˜‚ thanks girl!! πŸ‘ŠπŸ˜βš‘οΈπŸ’™
leahhmyerss : You're awesome πŸ‘πŸ‘
bailey__inchaarg : Hahaha so are you girl @leahhmyerss
hannamarie_inchaarg - audreym_inchaarg - ellenc_inchaarg - allison__inchaarg -
Even though it's snowing and nighttime, I am sweating like a pig after that run 🐷🐷🐷 on the plus side, when I walked back into my building a really cute football player gave me props for running in this snowy snowy weather. In fact his exact words were "dang girl, that's what's up" 😏 I don't live off compliments, but it felt nice for someone to recognize an accomplishment! Very tired, but feeling greatly accomplished. #runchaarg #running #pennstatechaarg #psuchaarg #3.60 #23.48 #almostthere #31in31 #nikeplus
31in31 - pennstatechaarg - 23 - 3 - psuchaarg - almostthere - running - nikeplus - runchaarg -
reese_health - cat_inchaarg - cg_inchaarg - vanessa.inchaarg -
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