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malloryswin_art : You are incredible!
1kimberlyreed : Haha!!! Thanks :)
jinxi : Gorgeous!❤️
1kimberlyreed : Thx Jinxi!
markusmn : OMG - I LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT - reminds me of my favorite painting you did - you know what one I mean (the one that I will inherit someday) :)
1kimberlyreed : Yep. Similar concept. :). Thx!!
1kimberlyreed : Posting 2 others in the next couple days
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Another Friday night #sketch at the pub. Finger to phone :) #2figures
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bonnieboo27 : Lolololol
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De intelectual en el#gym #fit #sport #2figures #diet
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zamoranodiaz : Dale ahí Francisco!!!!!!
booktrendygirl : 💪💪#animo!!!!
jcamposgarcia82 : El otro día mi padre me dijo: "el tío q más de parte en el gym Sierra es @franchiaranda!!" Y el es el jefe del Gym sierra ahora!! #daleFransssisco
franchiaranda : ostrasss ya lo cogeré por banda cuando lo vea por allí!!
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Wah. My second to last check from my last bands CD released 5 years ago. 10 copies left. #doubledigitincome #punkrockruinedmylife
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westhanded : Ha if only I got checks from my CDs. I guess that's what you get from victory records...absolutely nothing.
kirknilsentattoos : @westhanded i also have a $5.02 check from hopeless records somewhere hahah
westhanded : That's awesome. The only money I ever got from victory is when I beat Tony Brummell in cee-lo. I saved some of that as a reminder. I still get ASCAP checks a couple times a year.
kirknilsentattoos : @westhanded nice! Yeah they are better for memories then to actually cash haha
westhanded : I totally agree. Here's to figuring out how to make actual money haha.
westhanded : I'll be back home in southern nj for the holidays. If I end up in the area I'd like to check out the shop.
kirknilsentattoos : @westhanded hahah totally! And stop by! Im there Wednesday - Sunday, call the shop 732-295-1654 ahead of time so I make sure its not crazy busy
westhanded : Sounds good. I grew up in cape may county. I might be going up to Long Island to hang out with friends so I have to pass by somehow.
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Art in unexpected places. #2figures#lookcloser#trippy
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