Getting back on track! After this weekend I might have to add on a couple extra days of shakes! It was totally worth it! #Advocare #vanilla #shakes #weight #weightloss #backontrack #24daychallenge #26daychallenge πŸ‘™πŸ‘™πŸ‘™πŸ‘™πŸ‘™. Going to pretend πŸ™ŠπŸ™‰πŸ™ˆ
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fitfrenchfry : Lovely!
dabadb98 : Have a magical day! :)
chloeandisabeljunkie : Thanks @fitfrenchfry & @dabadb98! Good to have encouraging words and see other people who care too.
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Fun fact about me: Eleanor Roosevelt is my favorite woman in history! Today I've been sick with the stomach flu all day😷 I think it was just a bug, and it is finally out of my system! I'm going to use tomorrow as a rest day too, and then get back into the groove on Saturday hopeful!! #mlaceladiestoneup #someexcuses #restandrelaxation #itsokaytotakeadayoff #26daychallenge (maybe)
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_marshmellow_tonesup : I hope you feel better & can finish the challenge ☺️ @yvonnie_gets_fit
yvonnie_gets_fit : Thank you!! @_marshmellow_tonesup
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Day 26: my favorite scene. The cave scene because in my opinion it's where Katniss relished she loved him except kept the feeling locked away. And with that my friends the challenge is done 26 days. That was fun anyone have anything else I can do? #THG #thehungergames #katniss #katnisseverdeen #peeta #peetamellark #cavescene #26daychallenge #theend
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kurstinkitty : @youtube_and_book_monies love you to and I agree i really don't see how we're related
youtube_and_book_monies : @kurstinkitty thank you for realizing that but it's okay because you know why?
kurstinkitty : @youtube_and_book_monies why
youtube_and_book_monies : @kurstinkitty because
youtube_and_book_monies : @kurstinkitty CANT STOP WANT STOP YOLO SWAGGG (with three g's) and PRIVATE BATHROOMS!!!!
kurstinkitty : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
youtube_and_book_monies : @kurstinkitty πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜
youtube_and_book_monies : @froyoqueen11 is that what you want. because I will do it right here right now it will take like five seconds!
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Day 25: I actually don't have a dream cast because I started the series after the first movie came out so really the only casting change I would want to change is Annie, Because screw you mainstaypro you got my hopes up. #THG #thehungergames #annie #anniecresta #26daychallenge #castchange
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Day 24: least favorite secondary character would be effie. Don't get me wrong I love her but it would be effie. And sorry for not posting I've been 'busy'. #effie #effietrinket #THG #thehungergames #26daychallenge
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Day 22: my favorite book of the three has to be the first one because it introduced me to a great community of people. So has anyone seen the new @sasquatchcomedy video? If not watch it best thing ever and has a cool Guest star tat the hunger games community will love #THG #thehungergames #trilogy #26daychallenge
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_fangirlingoverfandoms_ : F4f ? New account βž°πŸ’•
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Day 21: so I totally just don't get how you could ship katniss and Gale no offense to anyone that does. *cough* @froyoqueen11 *cough* #THG #thehungergames #katniss #katnisseverdeen #gale #galehawthorne #26daychallenge
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froyoqueen11 : NOOOOO
youtube_and_book_monies : @froyoqueen11 it's not happening because the babies have already been made and last time I checked it was not with Gale.
froyoqueen11 : Are you sure they were from... Peeta?
youtube_and_book_monies : @froyoqueen11 yes off the fact that one of their children does have blue eyes and the other has Peetas blond hair so yes one percent sure they are
froyoqueen11 : Recessive traits
youtube_and_book_monies : @froyoqueen11 Yes but how it is stated in the books it seems none of gales family members weather it was Vick, Rory, Posy, or his mother they all had grey eyes and brown hair the full seam look that every seam family had so my point is proven to be there would be a basic improbable chance that that would happen
youtube_and_book_monies : @froyoqueen11 calm down. that is always a possibility but I'm pretty sure she only has a 25% chance of passing it down to her kids if they were gales to speak outside of what that blessed epilogue says. So sure they could be but... THEY ARE NUT SO GET YOUR BULL CRAP FANTASIES AWAY FROM MY EVERLARK BABIES!!!!
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Day 20: so my least favorite pairing would most likely be finnick and Annie nothing against them or anything. Sorry thus wasn't up yesterday. #finnickodair #finnick #annie #anniecresta #THG #thehungergames #26daychallenge
anniecresta - finnick - annie - 26daychallenge - thg - finnickodair - thehungergames - : i know how you feel <3
youtube_and_book_monies : glad so one feels me. But seriously no hate on them they really are cute
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Day 19: favorite pairing would be clato and their shall be no further discussion because the need for it is not there. #THG #thehungergames #clove #cato #clato #26daychallenge
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thedamity : I love your account f4fπŸ’•
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Day 18: a song that reminds me of the series is this means war by avenged sevenfold because ya know avenged sevenfold #THG #thehungergames #26daychallenge #songs
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Day 17: worst death is finnick I mean seriously dying to lizard mutts seems cruel. Also not the only post tonight going to get day 20 which would be today to make up for my absence. #26daychallenge #THG #thehungergames #finnickodair #finnick #lizardmutts #spoilers
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Day 16: so my question that I want answered is not all really something directed to the book more of the fandom and it would be. why does it seem everyone blames Gale for the bombs going off in the capital I mean like seriously. Also going camping until Tuesday so there will be no posts. #THG #thehungergames #26daychallenge #gale #galehawthorne
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thetrialsending : Hey! Check out my account maybe? Thanks and sorry, if bothered or asked already.
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Day 15: so I have to say glimmer was just an all time hated character for me for no reason what so ever it just any time I ever read anything with her I wanted to slap her. #THG #26daychallenge #thehungergames #glimmer
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Day 14: it has to be Cato any questions why? Also someone just guess which filter I used for this (it should be pretty obvious). #THG #thehungergames #cato #26daychallenge
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Day 13: so I can't really think of anyone from THG I'd like to kill off so here have some cookies #26daychallenge #THG #thehungergames #sorry #cookies
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Day 12: totally wish finnick didn't die I mean he almost had a son to hold but to mention he was one of the only people Annie had left but that all changed when the mutts attacked. #THG #thehungergames #FinnickOdair #dontleaveme #26daychallenge
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It's challenge time! Consistency is key! #26daychallenge #bikramchallenge #tulsayogaquest#bikram #yogachallenge
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melissayoga : Love it!!! :) Follow me at @melissayoga
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Day 9: so that's my fav quote also I hope it's alright with spelling and exact quote I'm starting to come down with something so I am starting feel horrible by the minute so sorry #THG #thehungergames #peetamellark #peeta #26daychallenge
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It's time for the next challenge! Starts March 1st! #26daychallenge#marchmadness #bikiniseason#gethot#tulsayogaquest
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Day 8: so I totally best relate to Johanna because we're both very very feisty #THG #thehungergames #johannamason #26daychallenge
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Day 2: least favorite character like most people it's totally going to be president snow #thehungergames #THG #presidentsnow#26daychallenge
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Day 7: so literally this was the only scene in the entire book series that ever made me cry. Also it was at like 10:30 at night and everyone was sleeping so I was trying not to sob really loud. #rue #katniss #katnisseverdeen #THG #thehungergames #26daychallenge
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hunger_xgames : Heyy I am so freaking close to my big goal and I would love to check out your account if you don't mind checking mine thx. 😺
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Day 6: I really don't know a scene that could made me laugh because t if I think of one then I delete this and make another one. But alof of y'all guys edits make me laugh mainly anything in the #GALEFAIL section. #THG #thehungergames #26daychallenge
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Day 5: so this is going to have to be my favorite battles really I don't even know it just is #THG #thehungergames #cato #katniss#peeta #26daychallenge
thehungergames - thg - peeta - 26daychallenge - katniss - cato -
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Day4: so this really just goes for the 75 percent of the fandom that doesn't like gale (understandable). #THG #thehungergames #26daychallenge #gale #galehawthrone
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froyoqueen11 : PERFECT FOR KATNISS
froyoqueen11 : TOTALLY CUTE
youtube_and_book_monies : @froyoqueen11 now hold up that's a matter of opinion and I feel strongly that Peeta is the best option for Katniss because #GALONE #GALEFAIL #teampeeta4lyfe
emmastratman_15 : Okay people are we forgetting that in the the book and the movie he took care of Prim and her mom without him they would have starved!?!?
youtube_and_book_monies : @emmastratman_15 you have a point there. But I don't hate the dude and I totally agree with you. All I'm doing is having a friendly argument with my friend (we actually do this a lot)
th3_mockingjays : so true !!! @emmastratman_15
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Day 3: do I do not dislike Beetee I just miss trust him so ya know. Also sorry for not having this up yesterday #THG #26daychallenge #thehungergames #beetee
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Day 1: so my favorite character would totally be a draw between Finnick or Johanna. #THG #thehungergames #26daychallenge #FinnickOdair #johannamason
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kurstinkitty : ^^ thirsty
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We are finally starting a new challenge woo (stolen from @_clove.infinity_ ) #thehungergames #THG #challenges #26daychallenge
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#26daychallenge#goals #tulsayogaquest
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Today is officially the last day of the challenge I took upon myself to 🚫 meat out of my diet (with the exception of fish). It wasn't a difficult task for me as some ppl assumed, mainly because I found and whipped up some awesome, delicious dishes without the meat, I still was able to meat my protein goals, I didn't have any cravings or withdrawals, I felt filled and satisfied with every meal, I didn't feel weak. I actually felt stronger, more energetic and focused (can't say I no meat had any direct correlation to this) but I felt no negative effect. My biggest dilemma now that this challenge is over, is do I wanna go back to even eating meat again? 😐😏 #26daychallenge
26daychallenge -
ddwoods1 : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
msfreckles2u : I did pretty good, I must say.. πŸ‘What's next????
king_mark_lobin : @ddwoods1 thank u 😊
king_mark_lobin : @msfreckles2u proud of u. Tryna put something together but it's taking a little time I want it to be interesting, motivating n challenging
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Grubbing at my fav spot #nativefoods. Bout to enjoy this "chicken" avocado sandwich πŸ˜‹πŸ˜Š#26daychallenge #day26 #lunchflow
nativefoods - lunchflow - day26 - 26daychallenge -
clearx34 : Mmmmm
mssarcasm5 : Looks good!!
getmoney_witrail : Yummmmmmmm
king_mark_lobin : It was def good peeps woulda never believe that a non meat product could taste so bomb
original_chic : Yummy
winsoar2 : Cool!
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Ran out of cauliflower so had to fall back on regular tacos today 😏 but still ha it with meatless taco "meat" with onions n bell peppers, mozzarella n cheddar cheese, lettuce, carrots, cilantro and Trini peppa sauce 😁 ,may regret it later, but I like it pretty hot πŸ”₯#26daychallenge #day25 #lunchflow
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Happy meatless Monday. I'm munching on this Pineapple fried rice, only this time I combined brown rice and cauliflower "rice" and added green peas along with the edamame and gonna wash it down with this Gold Peak unsweetened tea (no I'm not drinking the whole bottle). I love the .99c store πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‹πŸ‘Œ#26daychallenge #day24 #lunchflow #99cstore #meatlessmonday #eatcleantraindirty
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