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A year ago I left to Basic Training and officially started this Army journey. This weekend I did a 3 day signal mission. All in all, this weekend just showed me how far I've come and how much has changed in a year. I don't regret this path and I can't wait to see where else it will take me. #hooah #25quebec #damnright 💪
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lola27_ : Hooah!!
xjconstanza_ : Proud of you ma 😍👏🙌
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#thatsallme #tosexy #25Quebec
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simplystunning_shell : But u aint take me friend @the_misled1
_perfect___imperfection_ : Nigga is yu smoking
mr.lookthefuckup : @mrs.pendleton I'm erasing all the alcohol buzz but yes it is, sorry I'm trying to quit
_perfect___imperfection_ : Lol I quit both
mr.lookthefuckup : @mrs.pendleton congrats I don't think I can stop drinking I love it
mr.lookthefuckup : @simplystunning_shell I'm still on duty out of Houston
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God I was so tired that day lol. #delaware #army #nationalguard #signal #communications #enlisted #25Q #25Quebec #usa
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My first army award #army #award #CertificateOfAchievement #NationalTrainingCenter #MojaveDesert #Hardwork #Humble #Respect #RespectIsEarnedNeverGiven #DoIt #Hooah #25Quebec #MultiChannelTransmissionSystemsOperatorMaintainer
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samoragebru : Congrats bro!
pie_east_aye : Fasho but it really isn't nothing to go crazy over lol @samoragebru
samoragebru : Either way cuz!
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