Ay'ın Işık Yüzü... Fotoğraf: Deniz Şiva Oflaz #canon #powershot #sx60hs #denizsivaoflaz #photography #247mm #1/160 #f6.5
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My new love ❤️ #247mm #canon #sigma #camera #mynewlens
sigma - 247mm - camera - canon - mynewlens -
lindewillems : Wa een beauty 😍
lisahelsenphotography : Echt een beesje ze.. Italië here I come! @lindewillems
lindewillems : Kijk al uit naar onze date!
helenaiosifidis : Very scheun :)
lisahelsenphotography : Ik ook! @lindewillems
lisahelsenphotography : @helenaiosifidis this baby is looking forward to meet you 😉
helenaiosifidis : Woep Woep :d love to!
joniborriephotography : Gek!
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New toy #5Dmarkii #247mm
247mm - 5dmarkii -
frankiev__ : Lol @djtsav I really wanted the mark3 but this shall have to do for now
djtsav : @frank_villegas think ima shoot for just the 6D and a L series lens for my next step... Until I sell millions of prints and can by any rig of course lol 😔
noeyrokz : @djtsav I would say a 6d with that same lens should put u right tbh but even a 70d is a great alternative. Only problem is that sdhc cards are terrible and once you go compact flash u never wanna go back unless they are ssd
djtsav : @noeyrokz why are compact cards better?
noeyrokz : @djtsav they are much faster transfer rate and they have a lower chance of failing
noeyrokz : @djtsav with any L glass your good but they are pricey , and primes as well. If you want a cheap full frame I would go with the mark ii because the 6d is full frame but that transfer rate is garbage and not worth it if your doing HQ work
noeyrokz : @djtsav worst thing about photography is that it's expensive but if you invest well in your self you can make a lot more money. If you get an old canon like the mark ii u can get it for cheap but it's a monster if you go for a newer cheap canon you might not get what your paying for. But the worst things to ever cheap out on is your lenses and your tripod
djtsav : @noeyrokz nice point!
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