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Son I Have So Many DREAMS/PLANS For You And You're Not Even 1 Year Old Yet. One Of Those Dreams Is You Sitting In One Of Those Seats Down Below. Making Laws And Helping Out Your People. #YouAlreadyHaveMyVote #VoteChristopherDavisHodderTexasGovernor #2045
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#2045 #TomFord ✨НОВАЯ, полный комплект, чек✨ 💵750$ Наличие #втелефончике📲
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🇦🇿 Sabahınız xeyr || 🇹🇷 Günaydın GALATASARAY ailesi ________________________ #gs #gurur #Galatasaray #cimbombom #cimbomuncocuklari #ultraslan #şanlı #taraftar #saatkaç #2045
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#NeoHumanity #2045: will the #Singularity be launched in Russia? #Russia2045: March 29, 2012 by Ben Goertzel #GlobalFuture 2045 Congress For 3 days in late February, Russian businessman Dmitry Itskov gathered 500+ futurists in Moscow for a “Global Future 2045 Congress” — the latest manifestation of his “Russia 2045” movement. The Congress featured an impressive roster of Russian scientists, engineers and visionaries, along with American and West European futurist leaders like Ray Kurzweil, Randal Koene, and John Smart. As Kurzweil noted when I asked him about the conference, “The reference to ‘2045’ comes from my date for the Singularity. The conference was forward looking and was based on my ideas. “ The occurrence of a conference like this in Russia is no big shock, of course. Russia has a huge contingent of great scientists in multiple, directly Singularity-relevant areas; and it also has an impressively long history of advanced technological thinking . My dear departed friend Valentin Turchin wrote a book with singularitarian themes in the late 1960s, and the Russian Cosmists of the early 1900s discussed technological #immortality, space colonization, and other futurist themes long before they became popular in the West. On the other hand, the overall social atmosphere in Russia is not so optimistic these days. In fact Russia is seeing a #braindrain of sorts — around 1.25 million Russians have left the country in the last decade, including a large number of educated individuals. This is fairly dramatic for a country of 142 million with a death rate significantly higher than its birthrate. The global economic crisis of 2008 reduced Russia’s GDP to a persistent 3% or so per year, compared to 7–8% beforehand. Russian polling agencies estimate that 20% of Russians are thinking of leaving, with the figure nearly 40% in the 18–25 age bracket. So on the one hand there’s a struggling economy and brain drain; and on the other hand, a massive brain trust of brilliant scientists and a long tradition of visionary futurist thinking. Taken together, quite an interesting backdrop for Itskov’s event…
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hikkiparkonen : And, like the Russian #Cosmists before him, Itskov has no lack of grand ambitions. As he told Sander Olsen in an interview last year, [T]he most important thing is that we want to eliminate death and disease for all — to overcome the limitations of our protein-based body; to find a way out of the chain of various crises our civilization is facing. As regards the Avatar project … this is a project to create a #robot copy of a human that can be operated through the brain-computer interface. We just talked about the Body B project, which is to create a brain life support system in order to extend human life by 100–200 years. The Re-Brain project is a purely Russian project to create a computer brain model and a model of the human psyche using the method of reverse engineering, and to develop a way to transfer personality to an artificial carrier. And Body D is our vision of the evolution of a personality carrier: a body that is like a #hologram. This technology is not yet able to be made, but that is how we envision future human bodies. It appears that most of the concrete science and engineering work at the conference was presented by scientists who had made their breakthroughs outside the context of the “Russia 2045” project; whereas Itskov and the other Russia 2045 staff were largely oriented toward high-level visioning. But of course, Russia 2045 is a new initiative, and may potentially draw more researchers into its fold as time progresses. To get a better sense of the event and the underlying movement, I asked a few friends who spoke at the Russia 2045 Congress to give me their impressions. Ray Kurzweil gave a fairly glowing report, noting “It was a well funded conference, funded by a number of major corporations in Russia….. There was significant representation from the mainstream press. The ideas were taken seriously. There were people from companies, from academe, from government…. The comparison to #Humanity+ or the Singularity Summit is reasonable…. The people at the conference (about 500–600) were pretty sophisticated about all the issues you and I talk and write about.”
hikkiparkonen : Dutch #neuroscientist, geneticist and #minduploading #visionary Randal Koene gave a similar report. “I was quite positively surprised by GF2045, because it demonstrated an honest dedication and willingness to put effort and resources in. It is much harder for me to judge the quality of project work that is going on in Russia, partly because I had to rely on the translated version of talks given in Russian, and partly because those talks were of course also aimed at the general public attending and not very full of concrete details. “The conference content seemed evenly split between an emphasis on seeing the big picture (by inviting many speakers from the “Big History” teaching movement) and scientific/technical/ #transhumanist topics. From the latter, the types of subjects that were presented were similar in scope and ambition to those that would be presented at the Singularity Summit, H+ Conferences or AGI (although #AI was really not the focus of this particular congress). “I think that the general arc of thinking is similar to that which we find the US and Europe, though I noted quite a few instances where Russian notables had apparently invented or come up with theories or ideas that were in many ways similar to those found elsewhere, but arrived at somewhat differently.” Randal also made an acute and perhaps important observation about the relative openness of Russian government officials to listen to singularitarian ideas: “I think there is a place where Russia may be ahead of the U.S. and certainly Europe: There appears to be in governing circles of Russia a greater willingness/readiness to talk about and contemplate as serious possibilities some of the goals and topics that still do not really reach the upper echelons in the U.S. or Europe. That doesn’t mean that the majority of those with governing clout are in favor, but there are at least some who dare to be seen considering the topics. “I don’t think that there is any official positive position in Russian government about transhumanist memes. But it seems more discussable. By contrast, look at the U.S., where much of the debate is dominated by religious issues.” Finally, to get a Russian view
hikkiparkonen : of the event, I talked to Danila Medvedev, a Russian #futurologist specializing in the #science and future of Russia. I knew Danila as a leader of the Russian transhumanist movement, and a founder and director of KrioRus, the first #cryonics company outside of the United States. I asked Danila what he thought about Randal Koene’s take on the Russian government’s openness to transhumanist themes, and he replied that, in his view, “The power structure includes a few people who are aware, but in general they are anti-progress and there is no actual support whatsoever. Russia-2045 is not a mainstream group, but neither it is a fringe group. “ About the Congress itself, Danila was a bit less enthusiastic than Kurzweil and Koene, noting that “I didn’t see anything impressive at the congress … nothing groundbreaking…. “  However, he went on to note that, in Russia, “transhumanist thinking is relatively widespread. Many people are aware of these ideas and openly support them, including Members of Parliament, such as Mitrofanov, Pligin, etc. The Russian Transhumanist Movement is quite well organized, has an office in the center of Moscow, a number of large interesting projects, such as KrioRus and others. The organization has good standing, some supporters and has attracted significant media attention. Tech and science are poorly developed for a number of reasons (but there is a number of pioneering projects). For instance, thanks to our projects, such as the Diagram of Human #Aging project and other projects, science and technology for dealing with aging is quite advanced (world leading in some respects).” What’s the overall take-away? As often, it’s apropos to quote #Churchill on Russia: “It is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an #enigma.” Clearly there are many smart scientists and engineers in Russia doing directly Singularity-relevant things; and Itskov’s Russia 2045 organization seems to be doing a good job of attracting public and political attention to this work. What amount of concrete work is actually going on toward Itskov’s list of grand goals is  unclear to me at present, but certainly seems something to keep an eye on. And it’s also worth
hikkiparkonen : remembering the full #Churchill quote: “I cannot forecast to you the action of Russia. It is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma; but perhaps there is a key. That key is Russian national interest.” The relative openness of the Russian political establishment to Singularitarian ideas is an interesting fact to keep in mind. If this establishment decides that putting a lot of money into the development of highly advanced technologies is in Russia’s national interest, we could see some very interesting things happen in that part of the world. There is as yet no clear evidence that such a decision will be made; but the relatively high level of acceptance given by various government higher-ups to the ideas at the Russia 2045 conference, is at least mildly suggestive in this direction.  While the U.S., Japan and Europe still play a dominant role in most directly Singularity-relevant technologies, and the 21st century is widely perceived to be shaping up as a Pacific century, Russia may prove a major actor on the Singularity stage as well.
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#Russia2045 International #Manifesto of the "#2045" Strategic Social Initiative 22.02.2011 #Mankind has turned into a consumer society standing at the edge of a total loss of the conceptual guidelines necessary for further evolution. The majority of people are almost exclusively absorbed  in merely maintaining their own comfortable lives. Modern civilization, with its #spacestations, #nuclear submarines, #iPhones and Segways cannot save mankind from the limitations in the physical abilities of our bodies, nor from diseases and #death. We are not satisfied with modern achievements of scientific and technical progress. Science working for the satisfaction of consumer needs will not be able to ensure a technological breakthrough towards a radically different way of life. We believe that the world needs a different ideological paradigm. Within its framework it is necessary to form a major objective  capable of pointing out a new direction for the development of all mankind and ensuring the achievement of a scientific and technical #revolution. The new ideology should assert, as one of its priorities, the necessity of using breakthrough technology for an improvement of man himself and not only of his environment. #AI We believe that it is possible and necessary to eliminate aging and even death, and to overcome the fundamental limits of the physical and mental capabilities currently set by the restrictions of the physical body. Scientists from various countries in the world are already developing technology that ensures the creation of an artificial human body prototype within the next decade. We believe the biggest technological project of our times will become the creation of such artificial human body and a subsequent transfer of individual human consciousness to such a body. #AVATAR Implementation of this technological project will inevitably result in an explosive development of innovations and global changes in our civilization  and will improve human life. We believe that before 2045 an artificial body will be created that will not only surpass the existing body in terms of functionality, but will achieve perfection of form and be no less attractive
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hikkiparkonen : than the human body. People will make independent decisions about the extension of their lives and the possibilities for personal development in a new body after the resources of the biological body have been exhausted. The new human being will receive a huge range of abilities and will be capable of withstanding extreme external conditions easily: high temperatures, pressure, radiation, lack of oxygen, etc. Using a neural-interface humans will be able to operate several bodies of various forms and sizes remotely. We suggest the implementation of not just a mechanistic project to create an artificial body, but a whole system of views, values and technology which will render assistance to humankind in #intellectual, #moral, #physical, #mental and #spiritual development. We invite all interested specialists: scientists, politicians, mass media personalities, philosophers, futurologists and businessmen to join the "2045" strategic social initiative. We welcome all who share our vision of the future and are ready to make the next jump. The main objectives of our movement are: 1. To achieve the support of the International community and create conditions for international co-operation of interested specialists around the "2045" Initiative. 2. To create an international research center for #cybernetic #immortality to advance practical implementations of the main technical project – the creation of the artificial body and the preparation for subsequent transfer of individual human consciousness to such a body. 3. To engage experts in the selection and support of the most interesting projects in the quest to ensure technological breakthroughs. 4. To support innovative industries and create special scientific education programs for schools and institutes of higher education. 5. To create educational programs for television, radio and internet, to hold forums, conferences, congresses and exhibitions, and to establish awards and produce books, movies and computer games with the view of raising the profile of the initiative and spreading its ideas. 6. To form a culture connected with the ideology of the future, promoting technical progress, artificial intellect,
hikkiparkonen : “multi-body”, immortality, and #cyborgization.
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#2016 #0205 #2045 拍攝上圖日期為 #2016 #0125 第一下想到的是寵物小精靈。😂 #黑白 #彩色 #照片 #相片 #攝影 #Photography #Photooftheday #Canon #Nikon #Photo #Picture #852 #HK #GIRL #HKGIRL
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一個下午的暢談💕 -謝謝妳們愛我- #2045
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yung_lin330 : 你怎麼知道我還愛不愛你?
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#Nashville • #2045 #IS #Alot #Like #RightNow… ~
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Soon 🌌 #Soma #Matrix #Buildingthatship #2045 #Followtheone #Immortality
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#Moon • #ThatFeelWhen #ItsNot #2045 #Anymore ~ #FeelsEmpty; #FeelsLonely… ~ #😞 ~ #FeelsBadMan…
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ついに明日、私立の入試😱😳 #2045 #頑張ろう💪🏻✨
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All set up! Make sure come find @swissperc @theboroschool @saltglass @pipemasterscollab and of course myself at #theballersection @champstradeshows booth #2045 !!! #theboroschool #pipemasterscollab #champs #seattlestoners #swissperc #salt #Jberry #theballersection #lasvegas #heady #glass_of_ig #bestofglass
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raw_zen : Super baller
patrickdabs : Hope you put tons of pieces in the hands of the people man, have fun and much love!
gearheadglass : that's a lot of time to be spending in Vegas
jberryglass : @gearheadglass tis
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wickedglass : have fun .. ur pieces are looking sic!
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Green Arrow in 2046! 😲 #2046 #darkknightreturns #arrow #greenarrow #oliverqueen #olicity #badass #warrior #starcity #cw #legendsoftomorrow #dccomics #superhero
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Tonight...Derby di Milano! #derby #milaninter #derbydimilano #instastadium #instasunday #fan #sansiro #stadiomeazza #2045 #secondotempo #luci #maredigente
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Tras dar todos los vaivenes muy propios de esta edad, muy al final acabas encontrando unas pocas personas que, primero, no te piden más de lo que puedes dar, y segundo, te dan todo lo que pueden realmente dar. Fue un auténtico placer acompañar a estas dos personas hasta uno de mis rincones más extraordinarios, observando como nos ampliamos mutuamente cada día, y como mantenemos caliente lo que tan fácil se enfría en otros casos. Esta imagen representa uno de los mejores paisajes de mi vida. #summit #sun #sky #clouds #nature #natural #native #friends #photo #views #landscape #namaste #favourite #lights #colours #mountains #2045 #baetics #spain #heaven #andalucia #nikon #sport
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Pronti, ma soprattutto carichi per questo derby! Dai Milan, forza e coraggio!! 🔴⚫️ #derby #della #madonnina #forza #milan #sansiro #pochemaglie #unicafede #weareacmilan #casamilan #daibacca #dairagazzi #daiii #si #2045 #ritorno #anche #di #menez #yee #speriamo
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. . #ミュージカル 観てるとき やっぱりナオトの '' 声 '' が好きやな〜 て ずっと思ってた 👼🏼💭💕 ミュージカル向きな声なのか どうなのかとか そうゆう関係なしに 、 自分は ナオトの声に 惹かれるし 落ち着くなぁ ♡ って 。確信した日 💓💓 わら . もういちど あの曲 🌸 を 聞きたい ♩ あと #3Dマッピング ね! あれほんまに 息飲むほど 感激したなぁ😳💓✨👏 だけど 、もういっかい観たい思いはあるけどね 、 たった1回 … だからこその価値があると思う ♡ . 家に帰って 難しいお話ながらも 記憶を辿って、 あれがよかったなぁ 💭 とか 凄かったよね 💭 って… . #創造する心 を 大切にしたいの 🐰💕わら . #Twitter と同じ更新 #申し訳ない です 。 #お前の中に無いのか #dnasharaku #DNA #SHARAKU #柊健二 #SF歴史スペクタクル #ミュージカル #東洲斎写楽 #シャラキスト #ナオトインティライミ #小関裕太 #田野優花 #新妻聖子 #ミッツマングローブ #2016 #2045 #2116 #1793 #人工知能 #人類の能力を超える
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Incoming minister of Home Affairs in #2045 I will replace Mr....! LOL..
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Ich glaub mehr wien paar Schühkes kriegt die nich an 😁 #ichbinzublödfürnkleid 😩 #glatzeisjaauchganzhipp #unddannbrauchichnochaugen #sicherheitsaugen #moar #hühneraugenhabichselbst #scheeeheeerz #herrschaftszeiten #ichglaubichnäheins #ichglaubdieisweihnachtennochnichtfertig #weihnachten #2045 #natürlich #ichdrehduch #woooisderkuuuuchen ??? #wennmanihnbraucht #melleundhaekeln #handmade #handarbeit #häkeln #gehäkelt #byemilou
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She'll be up for sale once I'm positive winters gone. #winterbeater #1997 #land #rover #discovery
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nicobit : Oho Ansage
tjark_ru : Ganz genau 😂😘
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