Her lor noise self lol #1MoM
1mom -
ms.yates23 - cocoasimpson - yehdatbemepretty_kee - thatright2__ -
My beautiful Ash! <3 #1MOM
1mom -
karlibethedens : @elijahdurst @jenuhveve
pedrofortress - halliewho3 - wsl_andrew - mr.maciel -
I forgot about my baby thanksgiving family desert day with his class.. I had to go in today but I had to push back an reschedule.. #1mom #imakeithappen
imakeithappen - 1mom -
kingny_24 : U was at mynt Saturday
ebonyreed30 : I was. . Why
ebonyreed30 : @kingny_24
kingny_24 : Thought I seen yu. Y yu stopped hitting me up doe
style_or_dye - mo_neek80 - indiria33 - reezierocmusic -
I wouldn't know what to do without my mom. She is one person that keeps it 100 with me regardless if I don't like what she has to say. I miss being around you each and everyday getting on your nerves. So that's why I call 2-3 times a day getting on your nerves... Lol I love you to the moon and back. Just know I will always be here for you and I'm trying to make it in life to be able to take care of you like you have for me. #1Mom #BestMomEver #Loving #Caring
caring - bestmomever - 1mom - loving -
nappin - 1mom - puppylove -
sheschipper : #Puppylove #1mom #nappin
shistaaa_1 - vaschishina.svetlana - mc_cafferty.25l - kbbh_ -
A little bit of awesome for my morning #lovemybabies ##1mom
1mom - lovemybabies -
jamesmumper : Doesn't It make the heart melt? I love when my kids do little things like that. It puts a big smile on my face.
goatheadgear - kungpannkaka - simo__60d - nizhoni_flygal -
Wishing my Mom a very special Happy Happy you hunnyπŸ˜™πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜š Enjoy ma..
1mom -
theonenonlyeisha : Happy bday
demar_zilla : @flygurlswag_o 😍
b_miley13 : Happy bday t debrah
minute_maid34 : Happy birthday TT
j_montega - thawk318 - therozegold - itryatleastonce -
Came to visit my mom n nc for her bday. Me and chops. Happy bday to my beautiful mom. I love u soo much. Glad i made it down ti see u. #lovingmymom. #1mom
1mom - lovingmymom -
missbell04 : Tell her happy BDAY!
paperplanejames - moecheekz187 - keeskin - melomike -
Moooooom❀️we've been through hell & back, but no matter what, you'll always be my #1. I'm so happy we're on good terms again. I hated not seeing you & fighting with you.. You mean the absolute world to me. You're so beautiful & strong & I wanna be just like you when I'm older😘 you're my hero. Thank you for everything. You're are an amazing mother, & you make me & damien very proud. We're lucky to have a mother like you❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️ ##1mom #myhero #mouah #iloveyou #yourethebest #thankyou #bestfriend #mom #youreperfect #imsorry
bestfriend - mom - myhero - 1 - thankyou - iloveyou - yourethebest - 1mom - youreperfect - imsorry - mouah -
austin__millan - crazy_is_love - xokatieexo - be_my_one_and_only_girl -
1mom -
coco2choc - ressecup_ - shantae87 -
My oldest is officially a teenager yep 13 years ago today I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl πŸ‘Όwho has now grown up to be a young lady πŸ˜‡who I'm very proud of..I want you to know that I'll always love youπŸ’“ and I'll always have your backπŸ‘Š we may not always agree but you can always count on meπŸ’‹πŸ’‹ I dedicate this songπŸ’Ώ to you For You I Will - Monica made with @flipagram #family #lifelessons #lovemykids #truelove #1mom #fitmoms #healthylife#truth #healthymom #happymom #happylife #thestruggleisreal #healthycooking #homecooking #eatright #cleaneating #teamfitness #teamherbert #hairideas #hairlife #haircare #divaswearunits #birthdaybehavior #blessed #fact #trust
eatright - homecooking - thestruggleisreal - family - lovemykids - fitmoms - teamfitness - blessed - cleaneating - hairideas - truelove - 1mom - happymom - trust - lifelessons - healthylife - birthdaybehavior - hairlife - healthycooking - happylife - teamherbert - truth - divaswearunits - healthymom - fact - haircare -
miadada_ : Still can believe this kid is 13 😱
be__beautiful.units : @miadada_ 😒😣😣😣😣😭 girl u can't believe😯 I been here the whole time an I can believe 😲
teehawk1 : Very nice... Happy Birthday Jalana!!!
msb2489 : Happy Birthday Jalana!!!! My baby is growing up.
chaesfitjourney : Happy bday Jalana!
gorgeouschaos56 : Awww stop it! Had me like πŸ˜₯πŸ˜ͺ Happy Birthday baby girl!
amnwilliams03 : Happy Birthday!!!
therealneicey : Happy Birthday Jalana🎁🎁🎈🎈🎊 have a fabulous day!!
sundevilsteph - unstoppable_mother - oliveustv - teehawk1 -
Vietnamese crab/ shrimp soup. Stealing all of moms recipes πŸ˜πŸ’­πŸ²πŸ€
keytomyheart - 1mom -
ang_boy21 : Tht looks bomb
viccgeez : Very bomb @ang_boy21
ang_boy21 : So how u been
viccgeez : #1mom #keytomyheart
angelica_monique02 : OMG!!!!!
viccgeez : It's like heaven in your mouth! Lol 😭@angelica_monique02
__lisagee : πŸ˜‹
nsimas26 - mikeanthoknee - _theivan - tclegit16 -
#1Mom #NYC
nyc - 1mom -
estefaniaroyce - simokouhen - delalbjf - linabenqass -
Okay so it's starting to grow on meπŸ‘ all things change nothing stays the sameπŸ‘Š bring on the rainπŸ’§ I'm ready #life #lifelessons #lifestyle #healthylife #healthymom #happymom #happylife #1mom #fitmoms #nodaysoff #Workflow #healthycooking #homecooking #eatright #cleaneating #thestruggleisreal #teamfitness #teamhealthy #divaswearunits #hairideas #haircolor #hairlife #haircare #healthyhair #blessed#fact #lovemykids #trust #truelove #truth
eatright - life - homecooking - thestruggleisreal - healthylife - lovemykids - teamfitness - blessed - cleaneating - hairideas - truelove - 1mom - nodaysoff - happymom - teamhealthy - trust - lifelessons - lifestyle - truth - hairlife - healthycooking - happylife - workflow - healthyhair - fitmoms - haircolor - divaswearunits - healthymom - fact - haircare -
audrettemaxine : U look gorgeous! @be__beautiful.units
be__beautiful.units : Thanks @audrettemaxine 😘
obnoxious_1ya : this photo is so great! β›Ί
be__beautiful.units : @obnoxious_1ya thanks
ginabcreative : So Bomb.
be__beautiful.units : @ginabcreative thanks😘
livelikekingz : Nice pic!
teehawk1 : Oh yes!!!
kellychristinefitness - conwaylucy - erwayhedy - w4r_ceo_ -
Ready to go TO Moms dinner ! #HBDmom #1Mom #HUNGRY ASF
hbdmom - hungry - 1mom -
futuristicgaby - supr_mawio64 - caydoh - thewestiest -
But first mama has to get him to sleep. #momskills #1mom #iruledaddrools
1mom - momskills - iruledaddrools -
asheimitateslife : <3<3<3
breeuhnotbrayuh - mmewong - asheimitateslife - mamaktini92 -
Love my girls. #1mom
1mom -
humble_princee - joshaniz - mamaktini92 -
Well.. i wanna take this time to wish the #1 woman in my life... my all.. my everything... the one who will never say no to me .... the one who goes above and beyond for me and now my kids... the one who has been a grandmother, a mother , and a father all in one.. i dont know what would of been of my life without this lady right here.. i dont know what id do without you mom... today is your big 65 and your probably healthier than me ! I might not say it all the time and most times not even show it but i love you !! And i hope you can live with me forever !!! Thank you for taking care of me when others decided not to ! I love you mami !!! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!! πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‚πŸŽπŸŽπŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠπŸŽŠπŸŽŠπŸŽ‰πŸ°πŸ° #1MOM #BESTMOMEVER #ILOVEYOU #HAPPYBIRTHDAY #65
happybirthday - 1 - iloveyou - bestmomever - 65 - 1mom -
xiomara_lee : I agree with those beautiful words u said.. Shes the best!!! Happy Bday, God bless u
alphaism : 😍❀🌹
gonzalez_777 : Happy Birthday Mom! GOD BLESS HER! I PRAY SHE HAD A GREAT DAY!!! XOXOX πŸ˜™
madmike_85 : Happy birthday Bruni
agraves138 - dagne.m - k_tripps - gonzalez_777 -
@cindyhollowayy on point with her homemade chocolate chip pecan pie #1mom
1mom -
kylecraven1 - molly_jones19 - katlyngannaway - dtpics -
#hacked by @imma_thick_bitch17 ya bff when things in ya life are good and bad #1mom mine is wayy better than yours:)
1mom - hacked -
deoadams - - uptownauthentic - tony_soprano420 -
Love you mom !!!!!!! #1mom
1mom -
mrsodems1 : I love you too my baby!!!!!!!!
mrgeauxhard - mrs_daniels83 - hollie_denise - biania1 -
We have to give thanks in the good and bad timesπŸ‘Š have faith your blessings will always come throughπŸ’£ #lifelessons #lifestyle #healthylife #healthymom #healthystyle#truth #happylife #happymom #1mom #fitmoms #lovemykids #nodaysoff #Workflow #healthycooking #eatright #homemade #homecooking #divaswearunits #hairideas #hairlife #haircare #thestruggleisreal #blessed #fact #truelove #trust
eatright - homecooking - thestruggleisreal - healthylife - lovemykids - fitmoms - healthymom - church - nodaysoff - blessed - hairideas - truelove - 1mom - happymom - teamhealthy - trust - lifelessons - lifestyle - truth - hairlife - healthycooking - happylife - workflow - homemade - divaswearunits - healthystyle - teamfitness - fact - haircare -
be__beautiful.units : #church #teamhealthy #teamfitness
carleigh406white - bbbvaughn - adrienne__aldredge - mamaktini92 -
Celebrating our Queen love you to the moon and back πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹#1mom!
1mom -
tchapman_77 : Happy Birthday Minnie. Enjoy your day πŸŽπŸŽ‰πŸŽŠπŸŽπŸŽ‚ @alexandrashairstudio_
dare2dreamareality : Happy BDay Minnie 🎊🎊🌟
jackofheartss : Yesss; Fabulous!!!
rjdances - sassy_stacie1 - _koyak - gabby_o_z -
#1MOM my mommy
dt - 1mom -
princess_reyonna_ : #Dt
princess_reyonna_ : πŸ’―
princess_reyonna_ - first_lady_fortson - lovingmyto - rosapantoja -
Birthday dinner for the special lady in my life I call MOM. She asked I not share her age so I'm spare that detail in the caption...smh #1mom #birthday #family
birthday - family - 1mom -
thereal_nikkinicole08 : She's a Sagittarius like me!!
1classysky : πŸ’–Happy Birthday!!!!
producerc : Happy day mama Kim! 🎈🎁
mrchoi55 : Tell her I said happy birthday Hyoung!
atlmuscle - smookyslump - mrchoi55 - mamaktini92 -
Just wanna wish my beautiful mother a happy birthday! Happy birthday mom I love you hope you u have a great day u deserve it! Words can never explain how lucky I am to have u as a mother #shesasupermom 😘😘😘😘 #mybeautifulcrazymother #iloveherbeyondwords #aintnowomanalivewhocantakemymamasplace #1mom
mybeautifulcrazymother - aintnowomanalivewhocantakemymamasplace - shesasupermom - 1mom - iloveherbeyondwords -
gabzangel : Thank you Mija. I love you too @biancavalencia_xoxo
biancavalencia_xoxo : @gabzangel ur welcome mom Anthony should be getting there I'll see u in 10
mariposa_andrea : Happy birthday to your mommy @biancavalencia_xoxo tell I said to have a wonderful day
cheermommy11 : Happy Birthday Gabby πŸŽπŸŽ‰πŸŽ‚πŸŽŠ @gabzangel
antimatt010 : Love that lady
biancavalencia_xoxo : @antimatt010 I know she's awesome
mzmelgoza : Happy birthday to your beautiful mommy love her!!!!;) @gabzangel
sonia_ol - mamaktini92 - kristaodaniel - almuuuh -
#mymom #1mom #grandma #mariah #roya #2months #instababies #princess #adorable #littleprincess #cutie #cutebabies #newborn #newbornbabies
mariah - cutebabies - 2months - 1mom - newbornbabies - littleprincess - newborn - roya - mymom - instababies - grandma - cutie - adorable - princess -
whatscookinfred - erect_fou - beccaboop_14 - dj_repstiles -
Thank you God for blessing me with a beautiful, smart, sensible an intelligent daughter #lovehermuch #1mom
lovehermuch - 1mom -
kanye_skywalker - ladonakrystal - keironcookboyellies - mamaktini92 -
My beautiful mamma and I ❀ #pinky #1mom #love #oneofakind #noonelikeus #onelove #family #familytime #familyfirst #latina #latinasdoitbetter #dopefamily #myMomIsSuchaStrongwoman #myfamilyisoneofakind #iloveyoumom βœ¨πŸ’ŽπŸ’‹πŸ‘‘πŸ‘Œ
oneofakind - love - family - latinasdoitbetter - noonelikeus - pinky - familyfirst - myfamilyisoneofakind - iloveyoumom - dopefamily - 1mom - mymomissuchastrongwoman - familytime - onelove - latina -
misspinky420 - royalhighness___ - mommadiaz2013 - enormously_x -
Usually the person you argue with the most is the person you love the most.β™‘ #LoveHer #BestMom #Beautiful #She'sMyEverything #Birthday #FeelingSpecial #InstaLike #Instagramer #1Mom #BlondBrunette #PicOfTheDay
beautiful - loveher - instalike - birthday - feelingspecial - she - 1mom - blondbrunette - bestmom - instagramer - picoftheday -
marc_a_mis - rootlesstree24 - mornehaasbroek - meganrossiter -
Dam mom got the works huh @the1babygirl #menudo #omlet #foodporn #theworks #mommascooking #lovethesemornings #cantbeatit #1mom
menudo - lovethesemornings - foodporn - mommascooking - cantbeatit - omlet - 1mom - theworks -
9proud_gmom_edna8 : Looks delish Grandson....
alwaysalysia : πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹
krs26er : Eating good in the neighborhood huh primo #getdown enjoy papas
ithz_angel : Yup chris u no how my mom gets down @krs26er
the1babygirl : Anything for my baby boy :) a @krs26er guess what im making angel for lunch??? Some bomb ass bacon sandwich... mmmm... ur favorite :)
krs26er : Damn cuz I remember those... Lol good times @the1babygirl
jtonetone13 - nikkilovesjulian - alaysiamariee - baby_aiden -
Me & My Mom Last Nite πŸ“· #Mom #& #Daughter #Time #Eyebrows #On #Fleet #1mom #Beautiful #Bestfriend #Love #loyalt #Myrock #Myqueen
eyebrows - on - myqueen - daughter - 1mom - fleet - loyalt - beautiful - mom - time - love - bestfriend - myrock -
strawberri_ : 😍😍😍😍heyyyyy that's #ME #US!
stutterlove - lavasani110 - duhalvess - jessica_a_virgo -
I want to wish this woman right here a very Happy birthday. My mom i love you so much. I want to thank you for everything you have done for me an still do till this day. You always been here for me no matter what. Especially when i was at a bad place in my life you never gave up on me. Your the best mom an best grandma to all your grand kids. I may not say it enough but thank you mom An i love you! Im so blessed to have a mom like you. I love you ! @pookiesmom2 #yourprecious#lovehersomuch#1mom
yourprecious - lovehersomuch - 1mom -
pookiesmom2 : I will be here for u as much as I can for as long as I can. We have our moments just like everyone, I am not perfect. My love for u and all my kids, grandkids and family is unconditional. Love u Son.
lovelylizzy7 : Happy Bday Annie....Have a Good one 😘
vicky_love101 : Happy Birthday Tia Annie I love you and I hope you have a great day @pookiesmom2
vicky_love101 - goosies_mama - lovelylizzy7 - promise68 -
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