#1d #1dsucks #1dsucksass #1dsucksballs #onedirection #jb #jbsucks #jbsucksballs #1disgay
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battyway : Yup.
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I am #bored so it's time for another #donthate life lesson hehehe here we go sooo I am not saying I #hate #haters and I know that we all have our own opinion but why take it public???Thats just jacked up yes I've seen the videos of them cry and it pains me to see #anyone cry so I know you haters can have your own Ideas but sometimes when you take it public the people your hating on can see it and as you can see it affects them more than you think it does imagine if someone said those nasty things to you!!!would you take it well or would you just start believing that they are telling the truth yes I've been told to go die in a hole at school yes I've been called gay yes I have cut myself but that's just one person who picked on me imagine if hundreds of people sent you photos telling you to die or telling you your a terrorist I am most likely sure that most of you wouldn't last a night so please keep the hate down to a minimum I am glad to see #directioners standing up for the lads when they are tagged in #tags like #1Dsucks and like #1Disgay I mean really!! Is that necessary what if you had your own tag for hate!!! Yes #onedirection are celebrities and haters have the easiest access to them but don't hurt them please don't!!!keep your comments to yourself because they are humans too they break and lose their way when people say those #disgusting stuff about them so next time you think about hating on One Direction....anyone actually just think and realize that maybe Your hurting this person maybe they are having family troubles and Your just causing more drama so think before you speak...but I swear that if any #1D haters hate on my page I will stalk you and end your life heheh so think who your dealing with!!!There are more Demon like Directioners out there so your lucky I am level headed!! #nohate #love #1Drules
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wzscorpio : That's Nice! you should check out @HoodKameez .com and donate $1 or share on Kickstarter.com
crflis : Cool @VinesBeLike
its_toribori : @random_fandom_stuff176 actually harry never lost weight he actually put on a couple of pounds which is Healthy for him
random_fandom_stuff176 : Shhhhhh they don't know that @its_toribori
its_toribori : @random_fandom_stuff176 oK
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The truth has been spoken. #1d #1disgay #1dsucks #1dsucksass #1dsucksballs #onedirection #jb #jbsucks #jbsucksballs
1dsucksass - 1dsucksballs - 1disgay - jbsucksballs - jbsucks - 1d - onedirection - jb - 1dsucks -
ava_is_on_fleek : ._.
cxlmed : lmao no
cxlmed : They are gay ain't that ironic
cxlmed : Nothing wrong with being gay
cxlmed : They gay but still get more pussy than you ever will
1d_and_jb_both_suck : @cxlmed they most definitely will get more than I ever will because I'm not a guy and I'm definitely not a lesbian.
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Lol #1d #1dsucks #1dsucksballs #1dsucksass #1d #onedirection #jb #jbsucks #jbsucksballs #1disgay #harrypotter
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So true #1disgay
1disgay -
captain.mars - __promise.__ -
#1d #1disgay #1dsucks #1direction #1dsucksass #1disgay #1dsucksballs #jb #jbsucks #onedirection #jbisgay #justinbieber #jbsucksballs
1dsucksass - 1dsucksballs - 1disgay - jbsucksballs - 1direction - justinbieber - jbsucks - 1d - jbisgay - onedirection - jb - 1dsucks -
_bieber.fever_ : Love it!!! Follow me I'll follow back
cassiemariebrooks : so you'll encourage someone to commit suicide just because you don't like them?
1d_and_jb_both_suck : @cassiemariebrooks No, I'll encourage Justin Bieber to jump, plus it never mentioned where he would be standing, how high up the thing he was standing on would be and why he was jumping.
belieber_girlss : Stop this shit just imagine somebody's posting pictures like this about you? Wouldn't you be sad? Because I would cry amd this is fucking cyber bullying! And I'm going to report you dumb ass bitch
1d_and_jb_both_suck : @belieber_girlss no, I wouldn't be sad because I have no fucking emotions and no heart. It is quite obvious that I am a cold, cruel, heartless bitch.
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#1d #1disgay #1dsucks #1direction #1dsucksass #1disgay #1dsucksballs #jb #jbsucks #onedirection
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weirdoninjabuddy : Love that show lol
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#1d #1disgay #1dsucks #1direction #1dsucksass #1disgay #1dsucksballs #jb #jbsucks #onedirection
1dsucksass - 1dsucksballs - 1disgay - 1direction - jbsucks - 1d - onedirection - jb - 1dsucks -
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1d #1disgay #1dsucks #1direction #1dsucksass #1disgay #1dsucksballs #jb #jbsucks #onedirection #butthurt1d #butthurt1dfangirls
1dsucksass - 1dsucksballs - butthurt1d - 1disgay - 1direction - butthurt1dfangirls - jbsucks - 1d - onedirection - jb - 1dsucks -
1d_and_jb_both_suck : #1d
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1d #1disgay #1dsucks #1direction #1dsucksass #1disgay #1dsucksballs #jb #jbsucks #onedirection
1dsucksass - 1dsucksballs - 1disgay - 1direction - jbsucks - 1d - onedirection - jb - 1dsucks -
1d_and_jb_both_suck : #1d
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#1d #1dsucks #1dsucksass #1dsucksballs #onedirection #jb #jubsucks #1direction #1disgay
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This photo is hilarious, just thought I'd share this with you guys. #1d #1disgay #1dsucks #1direction #1dsucksass #1disgay #1dsucksballs #jb #jbsucks
1dsucksass - 1dsucksballs - 1disgay - 1direction - jbsucks - 1d - jb - 1dsucks -
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This picture has been around for so long. #1d #1disgay #1dsucks #1direction #1dsucksass #1dsucksballs #onedirection #jb #jbsucks
1dsucksass - 1dsucksballs - 1disgay - 1direction - jbsucks - 1d - onedirection - jb - 1dsucks -
pinky._.yal : Get a life. πŸ˜‚
1d_and_jb_both_suck : @pinky._.yal I have a life, at least my life isn't spent stalking anti 1d pages.
jahrenjames : @sajelalexis
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Flush the toilet, just please flush it. #1d #1disgay #1dsucks #1direction #onedirection #1dsucksass #1dsucksballs #jb #jbsucks
1dsucksass - 1dsucksballs - 1disgay - 1direction - jbsucks - 1d - onedirection - jb - 1dsucks -
1d_and_jb_both_suck : @take_me_home_demetria I'm prepared for the hate, I've been prepared for it since day one.
take_me_home_demetria : okay then byeee
pinky._.yal : Omf Lmao. YOUR PAGE CAN GO SUCK A DICKK.
1d_and_jb_both_suck : @pinky._.yal Well technically speaking pages can not suck dicks, but thanks for your input and when science invents some sort of Internet program that allows Instagram pages to suck dicks I will have my Instagram page suck a dick.
saphxram : pages can't suck dicks but we know you can @pinky._.yal
jesette_kagamine_kurta : LOL ALL THE BUTTHURT PEOPLE @saphxram @1d_and_jb_both_suck
1d_and_jb_both_suck : @jesette_kagamine_kurta I know XD
saphxram : @jesette_kagamine_kurta TRUπŸ˜‚
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The truth has been spoken. #1d #1disgay #1dsucks #1direction #1dsucksass #1dsucksballs #onedirection #jb #jbsucks #butthurt1d #harrystyles
1dsucksass - 1dsucksballs - butthurt1d - 1disgay - 1direction - jbsucks - harrystyles - 1d - onedirection - jb - 1dsucks -
pinky._.yal : Ok so you "hate" one direction and Justin bieber but yet you bother to take the time to make a page for them how sad. @take_me_home_demetria people these days πŸ˜‚πŸ”«
take_me_home_demetria : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @pinky._.yal
1d_and_jb_both_suck : @pinky._.yal I happen to have a life, sometimes people in life get bored and get a brilliant idea, like me. Some people get shitty ideas and try and ruin those brilliant ideas with their idiocy, that would be you.
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I honestly have nothing against gays, and to be honest most gay people that I've met are awesome, these little but he's though... They're a different story... #1dsucks #1dsucksballs #jbsucks #butthurt1d #1disgay #1dsucksass #1d #onedirection #1direction #jb
1dsucksass - 1dsucksballs - butthurt1d - 1disgay - 1direction - jbsucks - 1d - onedirection - jb - 1dsucks -
1d_and_jb_both_suck : @pinky._.yal As I've said, I have nothing against gays. Just the fact that these gays aren't awesome.
italian_stallion_2000 : Nope zayne is a bloody immigrant
ashxxleey : *zayns getting married to a girl
1d_and_jb_both_suck : @ashxxleey 1. Stop stalking my account. 2. Find someone who gives a fuck and actually has a heart. 3. Realize that nobody will actually give a fuck. 4. Stop pestering people who you have no reason to be quarreling with.
shaun.o_0 : ^^^
crunchyman27 : @1d_and_jb_both_suck LOL
_darling.youll.be.ok_ : Yep, there all happy ^-^
magavalverde : No. 4 gays and a hetero
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Earliest throwback ever of the best boy band ever to exist #realmusic #legends #gods #1Dsucks #1Disgay #1Distrash
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ha.haley : me
lets_fangirl_ : Not untill 1D got created
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One fagrection #wwatampa #1d #onedirection #1disgay
wwatampa - onedirection - 1d - 1disgay -
sams0litaire69 : dads at 1d concerts
erquiaga_ : 1 erection @jackkilme
persiaanwine : The guy behind u
ok.sabs : ur so swag
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This game has good dialogue #fireemblum #directionersarestupid #1dsucks #anti1d #1disgay
directionersarestupid - 1disgay - fireemblum - anti1d - 1dsucks -
1d_is_talentless : just take a look around my account
1d_is_talentless : you'll see
our2ndirection2magcon : Ok whatever
cannibxl : This is so me πŸ°πŸ‘
our2ndirection2magcon : Dont see much
jojo_schaefr : Shut up b*itch you don't now about 1D😠 so f*uck you
1d_is_talentless : you don't know the truth and why they suck so shut up bitch and fuck you
toka.rawr : @i.am.the.ling.ling
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1disgay - onedirectionarefags -
jonathan_opp -
ONE DIRECTION MUST BE SO ORIGINAL AND SO CREATIVE #1dsucks #directionersarestupid #onedirectionshoulddie #1disgay
directionersarestupid - 1disgay - onedirectionshoulddie - 1dsucks -
kearston_ : SO BYE
bands_forever_5 : @kearston.16 are you in need of an appointment at the mental hospital?
morgan.kelleyy : you mean as creative as your ig pics you post because i think I've seen the same ones about a million timesπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
toka.rawr : Are those both on the same beach?πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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#1dsucks #ihateonedirection #1disgay #autotune #directionersarestupid
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1d_is_talentless : you're just wasting your time trying to say stuff to me
paulina_1d_ramirez : .l. FUCK YOU..! I give you the address
fluffy_harreh : I GO TO YOUR HOME
fluffy_harreh : SRS I GONNA KILL YOU
midnightmemoriesslays : oh they are gay... really? never heard that lie before last time i checked i didnt think sexuality wasnt based on the style of music you performed..
catteronistylinson : @eur.zaynus thats what i thought πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ like literally people always say 'one direction is so gay' well actually two of them really are!
maloukar5fcb1d : Your jealous πŸ‘Œ
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wow #naruto #1dsucks #1disgay #ihateonedirection #kakashi #rin
rin - ihateonedirection - naruto - 1disgay - kakashi - 1dsucks -
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there anything else that you guys want me to post? #ihateonedirection #1dsucks #1disgay #directionersarestupid
directionersarestupid - ihateonedirection - 1disgay - 1dsucks -
longhairedstyles_ : that is NOT okay. That is cyber bullying and the boys would NOT be proud of that comment. Please stop, because you are giving directioners a bad name and you probably just made the owner feel extremely bad. @1d5sosgirlforeva
malikxhemmings : End hate. There are too many jerks in this world, and that's why people are committing suicide or depression, anorexia, etc. There's to many assholes on this earth. Be nice 🌸
1d_is_talentless : Then get the fuck out @suicidexluke
malikxhemmings : #Asshole
ffinagan - spock_is_waffuru_god - kyleajones98 - my_idols_jelena -
true #spongebob #1dsucks #1disgay #ihateonedirection #onedirectionshoulddie
onedirectionshoulddie - ihateonedirection - 1disgay - spongebob - 1dsucks -
hazel_horse : Congrats you have 25 people that agree with you, let me know when you roughly 23 million people that care about you. 😊
beatles.fields.forever : There's more then 25 ppl that agree that this is a better song than any other song of one direction @hazel_horse
michalgabai122 : i love spongebob songs.at least they are good for kids
my_idols_jelena : Hey not better than justin
fivesaucesofonedirection : I love One Direction but that spongebob ripped pants song is hard to compete withπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
stefanie.arroyo : OkayπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
midnightmemoriesslays : really is that why simon caul specifically chose to contract them and make them the next big artist in america.. you may not like their music but they sure are talented and are great performers and there are alot of people who like and support them, that is probably why they are making money and famous
1d_is_talentless : simon chose them because 1. he noticed they have looks 2.he knows he would be rich off of them 3.thats pretty much it
spock_is_waffuru_god - my_idols_jelena - butthurtlol -
look at what this retard says. she thinks 1D produces "real music" #directionersarestupid #1dsucks #1disgay
directionersarestupid - 1disgay - 1dsucks -
the_anime_dude : plus if we're mean why are you laughing?
1d_5sos_fan_gurls : K bitch I'd rub my awards in ur face but ur prob to stupid to know what they are... Sorry let me make it more simple for you to read..me smart, you stupid asshole @the_anime_dude
the_anime_dude : I'm pretty sure it's the other way around @1d_5sos_fan_gurls
1d_5sos_fan_gurls : Lol u wish @the_anime_dude
the_anime_dude : oh and by the ways if you were smart you would know how to spell and use grammar
1d_5sos_fan_gurls : * way @the_anime_dude and this is done, I don't speak to stupid people who waste my time βœ‹ good luck in life your going to need it πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹.
sebastianromero299 : @1d_5sos_fan_gurls this bitch is stupid ass hell hahaha she was wasting time on you guys
odd_princess666 : @1d_5sos_fan_gurls Learn to put together proper sentences and improve your shitty vocabulary so maybe we could comprehend what you're trying to say.
cooki3s_ar3_aw3som3 - the.hating.potato - b_moxp - mateliew -
LOL #1disgay #1dsucks #ihateonedirection #directionersarestupid #lol #troll
troll - ihateonedirection - directionersarestupid - 1disgay - lol - 1dsucks -
x_._bailey_._x : @jumping.to.conclusions lol a girl whos obsessed with horses i didn't expect anything less
x_._bailey_._x : @the.hating.potato I was rooting for you bro omg greatest argument ever
x_._bailey_._x : @jumping.to.conclusions Really?!?! Are fucking serious? I didn't see @lynda_hybrida 's comments but I'm pretty sure you were a complete bitch to have whoever this ^ is, delete them. Here is the door, now please exit through it.
the.hating.potato : @_ew.bailey_ Thank you. Lol
my_idols_jelena : Lol
updatingfor1d : you wanna hear another joke? you
directioner_rhea : @1d_is_talentless you wanna know a joke your mother pussy is a big as U.S.A
fazerain.jr : XD BEST JOKE EVA
niallhnoran - butthurtlol - msfluffy2000 - obi_wan_amber -
One direction stores usually smell like cheap perfume. For any of you smart asses out there i went to the store with my cousin.
onedirectionshoulddie - ihateonedirection - 1disgay - 1dsucks -
princess__rachael : Oh My God I Remember This Episode! XD
stefanie.arroyo : Or maybe that's just seeing ur instagram page
msfluffy2000 : @sassyxcash well it's his opinion and my opinion that we hate one direction
sophie_9501 : @lia_sheehan I SAW THIS 20 MINUTES AGO AND IM STILL LAUGHING
lia_sheehan : @sophie_9501 well that's absolute crap
sophie_9501 : their perfume smells awful tho @lia_sheehan
lia_sheehan : @sophie_9501 far from it
batcountryy_ : @jezzypharo
chloe_chloe_chloe_chloe_chloe - princess.mitchell - msfluffy2000 - truecalderon -
What i say to directioners #1disgay #onedirectionshoulddie #ihate1d #1dsucks
onedirectionshoulddie - 1disgay - ihate1d - 1dsucks -
1d_5sos_fan_gurls : What i say to you fuck ass bitch
msfluffy2000 : @1d_5sos_fan_gurls f u ppl have there own opinions and u should just shut ur ass
ffinagan - spock_is_waffuru_god - kyleajones98 -
- Me: *gets hate for shipping boys together* *gets hate for believing in Larry stylinson* *gets hate for defending one direction* *forgets it all in 0.2 seconds when I remember all of my friends and supporters* - Ilyallsm ❀️ -
ihate1d - hate1d - 1disgay - stopthehate - 1dhater - hate5sos - larry - directioner - directurds - onedirectionsucks - larryshipper - onedirectionisgay - ihate5sos - 1dsucks -
petrpolivka : This site is just a gigantic nonsence. If u want to tell people yor opinion so tell it to people who want to hear it. Taging your photos with #hate1d only looks like you want to fight.Yes, i don't like 1d and u can't do anything with it. How would it look like when i told you to love my favourite bands (Skrillex,...) ? When you're posting theese things you only look like a agresive directioner with a really boring life. And thats why people hate whole 1d comunity. Think about it
goodnight_juliet : Actually people will hate regardless, @petrpolivka if people weren't so aggressive with their own opinion people wouldn't use or look up those type of tags. Coming here and calling this page aggressive is hypocritical.
those9angels : I dont think larry is real but i dont care if you believe in larry ☺
monica.gutierrez.r : @erikaduenasm bad role model
erikaduenasm : @monica.gutierrez.r wtf es como si yo te diera un beso en el cachete
monica.gutierrez.r : @erikaduenasm te digo que son bad role model
erikaduenasm : @monica.gutierrez.r wey es un beso en el cacheteπŸ˜‚
savxannah : Larryβ€οΈπŸ˜πŸ‘Œ
elnawz_x - tiggygr.ace - daddy.mxlik - jigglypuffingwithketchup -
- ""1. Filters overload!1! 2. Lip job so obvious!1! 3. Bangs?!? Shes 22!1! Not 11!!!"" - First of all filters don't matter. people who are hating on her because of jelena and this pic are really dumb. Second of all, you can't see her her lip line lol and she can just use lipliners to make her lips look bigger, like millions of girls do. Third of all, bangs are beautiful in my opinion, and as a fact, there's not certain age to have them.. And she looks hot :) --
hate1d - hate5sos - larry - directioner - directurds - slutenadoesntexist - onedirectionisgay - ihate5sos - 1dsucks - ihate1d - onedirectionsucks - selenators - 1disgay - 1dhater - stopthehate - selenagomez - slutenahoemez - larryshipper - hoemez - slutena - ilyselena -
anti.hate : #slutena #slutenahoemez #slutenadoesntexist #selenators #ilyselena #selenagomez #hoemez
anti.hate : {#Ihate1D #Ihate5SOS #hate1D #hate5sos #Directioner #Larry #Larryshipper #StopTheHate #OneDirectionisGay #OneDirectionsucks #1Disgay #1Dsucks #1Dhater #directurds}
olivviiaaaa_ : thankyou ! these people are idiots to be hating on everything she does. It's just not fair, nobody deserves this
_sandrarafanan : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚she never had a lip job i dont even think that these such thing as a lip job and she only used 1 filterπŸ˜‚ #youhatetoomuch #showyourselfifyouthinkyourbetter #thanselna
zaynmaliksgirl21 : Selena Gomez is beautiful but in just not a fan. Being honest
gigglyfletcher - stylinsooncomingout - jigglypuffingwithketchup - calum.hood.is.my.sunshine -
- That's your opinion, aka something I really don't care about πŸ™ŠπŸ’• And instead of making an acc with a username that contains hate and one direction at the same time, make a spongebob fanpage. At least your dedication would be healthier and more people would like you. ❀️ -
ihate1d - hate1d - 1disgay - stopthehate - 1dhater - hate5sos - larry - directioner - directurds - onedirectionsucks - larryshipper - onedirectionisgay - ihate5sos - 1dsucks -
frickinfrackinfandoms : well daym you should bc they're fabπŸ‘Œ
annaklement : @marye_grace SHUT THE FUCK UP
amritakaur018 : @imama_zainab
imama_zainab : @amritakaur018 YOUR SUGNING A DEATH TREATY
imama_zainab : Signing* @amritakaur018
fatima_21_10 : Eh yes, what a good joke, bitch
anti.hate : @fatima_21_10 nice utilization of language and intelligence miscreant. If you came here to insult is you do realize nobody's stress level went up. Only yours as you scrolled through finding things to bitch and moan about.
anti.hate : ~Admin_Juliet
arturomonster100 - savxannah - dontdomarijuanabecky - hayleymeshell -
- No. He or she isn't kidding. There is this thingy that cause many wars and fights called an "opinion". Some people think that the beatles are better than One Direction, other think that One Direction are better. And some people think that both of them suck. - "the beatles is better than 1D & that's not an opinion, it's a fact!!" *inserts that are you kidding me pic* - Interested in co-owning me? check my last blue themed post πŸ’™ -
ihate1d - hate1d - 1disgay - stopthehate - 1dhater - hate5sos - larry - directioner - directurds - onedirectionsucks - larryshipper - onedirectionisgay - ihate5sos - 1dsucks -
anti.hate : {#Ihate1D #Ihate5SOS #hate1D #hate5sos #Directioner #Larry #Larryshipper #StopTheHate #OneDirectionisGay #OneDirectionsucks #1Disgay #1Dsucks #1Dhater #directurds}
_sandrarafanan : GoshπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ its like fighting over on everything beatles and 1D are both great bands and its coming from a directioner!!both are famous cause they're talented that god gave them
potteurs : cough cough please the beatles are the greatest band ever
ashxxleey : ur OPINION
greehahaha : Can i co-own i dont really like 1d but i dont like all this hate :( please consider moi
fatima_21_10 : No, we are not kidding you we're just telling the truth
anti.hate : No it's your opinion @fatima_21_10 . And @_.greer._ I have no idea what happened to main admin I haven't heard from her since she made me as co admin. ~Admin_Juliet
_shy_butterfly_ - athenasmith123 - deepika_anee - dontdomarijuanabecky -
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