One direction stores usually smell like cheap perfume. For any of you smart asses out there i went to the store with my cousin.
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1d_is_talentless : #ihateonedirection #1disgay #1dsucks #onedirectionshoulddie
michalgabai122 : hahaha
sassyxcash : Wow get a damn life
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What i say to directioners #1disgay #onedirectionshoulddie #ihate1d #1dsucks
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- Me: *gets hate for shipping boys together* *gets hate for believing in Larry stylinson* *gets hate for defending one direction* *forgets it all in 0.2 seconds when I remember all of my friends and supporters* - Ilyallsm ❤️ -
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anti.hate : {#Ihate1D #Ihate5SOS #hate1D #hate5sos #Directioner #Larry #Larryshipper #StopTheHate #OneDirectionisGay #OneDirectionsucks #1Disgay #1Dsucks #1Dhater #directurds}
omg_nxall : You say stop the hate on 1d but YOU hate them wtf ??
goodnight_juliet : @omg_nxall she doesn't hate them. Why do you think that?
goodnight_juliet : @omg_nxall if you're saying she does because the tags, then you're wrong. I tag my pictures occasionally with things like "fuckemo" and "fuckbvb" but I'm emo and I like BvB. But I tag that stuff because I partake in a lot of anti hate, and if I fill up the hate tags with positive stuff. Most the hate content won't be found unless you look hard for it. So it will gradually decrease. I can't say that's why she's doing it, but I can say she doesn't hate 1D
avery_rm : Larry is real ❤️
omg_nxall : Ohh okay @goodnight_juliet I'm really sorry @anti.hate
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- ""1. Filters overload!1! 2. Lip job so obvious!1! 3. Bangs?!? Shes 22!1! Not 11!!!"" - First of all filters don't matter. people who are hating on her because of jelena and this pic are really dumb. Second of all, you can't see her her lip line lol and she can just use lipliners to make her lips look bigger, like millions of girls do. Third of all, bangs are beautiful in my opinion, and as a fact, there's not certain age to have them.. And she looks hot :) --
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olivviiaaaa_ : thankyou ! these people are idiots to be hating on everything she does. It's just not fair, nobody deserves this
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- That's your opinion, aka something I really don't care about 🙊💕 And instead of making an acc with a username that contains hate and one direction at the same time, make a spongebob fanpage. At least your dedication would be healthier and more people would like you. ❤️ -
ihate1d - hate1d - 1disgay - stopthehate - 1dhater - hate5sos - larry - directioner - directurds - onedirectionsucks - larryshipper - onedirectionisgay - ihate5sos - 1dsucks -
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- No. He or she isn't kidding. There is this thingy that cause many wars and fights called an "opinion". Some people think that the beatles are better than One Direction, other think that One Direction are better. And some people think that both of them suck. - "the beatles is better than 1D & that's not an opinion, it's a fact!!" *inserts that are you kidding me pic* - Interested in co-owning me? check my last blue themed post 💙 -
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anti.hate : {#Ihate1D #Ihate5SOS #hate1D #hate5sos #Directioner #Larry #Larryshipper #StopTheHate #OneDirectionisGay #OneDirectionsucks #1Disgay #1Dsucks #1Dhater #directurds}
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- First of all, I want to say I'M REALLY SORRY I didn't post for FIVE WEEKS! I'm really, really sorry :( I was really busy, we traveled to another country (ksa) and back home and my grandad died and school started and excuses excuses excuses, I was /really/ busy and I'm so happy that you didn't unfollow me ❤️ ily a lot. -- -- Secondly, I am an anti hate page, yes, but I'm not defending every single band out there, it's just One Direction, but, this is going to change. Okay? :) -- -- I've came back and I've read every single comment on my past five pictures and I've seen a lot of lovely comments that made me smile, but I've seen a lot of people ranting about how stupid this acc is *rolls eyes* unless it was respect- full, i don't care about your opinions. -- -- I need co-owners. A lot :). Because (how am I supposed to explain that?) I'm a directioner, so, I'm defending One Direction, I'm not defending other singers or bands, just 1D, but this is an anti HATE acc, so I need a BVB fan to co-own with me and defend BVB. I need a believer too defend Justin. I need a ___ to defend ____. Etc. - So, if you're a fan of a certain band/singer that's not 1D and you'd like to co-own this acc with me and defend your idols, DM (or kik clulie) me! BUT THERE ARE SOME RULES: -- -- 1. You must not be homophobic; gay is okay, and do NOT use insults like fag, faggot, dykie etc on here. . 2. Don't be sexist. Girls aren't better than guys and guys are not better than girls. We are all equal. . 3. Don't slut shame, if Taylor or anyone dated 282783 guys, this doesn't mean that they are a slut, hoe or whore. And don't use words like these in here too. . 4. Some people can be really immature and you sometimes might want to slap them through there phone screen, but you need to be calm and respectful, so other people would see who's better, and they wouldn't be able to judge the whole fandom because of you. . 5. Be happy, and stand up to ANYONE who's being a victim of anything. You don't like 1D, okay? But you saw a bunch of people hating on a young 1D fan just because she's 8-9, defend her, tell them that age doesn't matter, help them because you're an anti hater. . **comments**
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anti.hate : I hope the rules aren't too much for anyone who wanted to co-own, and if you want to, DM me and tell me about yourself 💕 :) and who would you like to defend, you can also contact me in my other accs (tagged) xox -julie
anti.hate : {#Ihate1D #Ihate5SOS #hate1D #hate5sos #Directioner #Larry #Larryshipper #StopTheHate #OneDirectionisGay #OneDirectionsucks #1Disgay #1Dsucks #1Dhater #directurds}
goodnight_juliet : I can co-own for BVB
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@1d_is_talentless oh mah lord!!!!! Thanks!! #1Dsucks #1Disgay #follow
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1d_is_talentless : No problemo buddy ^.^
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like for creepypasta, comment for pewdiepie or ignore it for 1D. your choice... #pewdiepie #pewdiepieislove #pewdiepieislife #creepypasta #cp #broarmy #brofist #barrel #1Dsucks #1Disgay
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minecraft.creepypasta : pewds is love, Pewds is life 🙌 @hp_bacon_duckz_hp
minecraft.creepypasta : it's fine @rowynlol
im.a.danousaur.and.philion : P
annamal84 : Lol
theshadowdove : Pewds
darc_ness : Poods
_21tyler : Pewds
devitophotography : Nice pic!
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY GATOR!! Hands down my favorite picture of you. Have a super sparkly day✨ #1DIsGay
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kk_taki2 : HAPPY BIRTHDAY @allygator_99 you get double checks today for that banana since it's your bday! Lol. 😂✅✅
allygator_99 : Thanks JScrivs and they are not! I love you! @jscrivs21
allygator_99 : Haha thanks Keila! I miss you! @kk_taki2
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#onesdirection #gayyyyyyyyyy #1disgay
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😂 #1d #1disgay #1dhate #ihate1d
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_breezyvincent_ : not really:/ @ourfiveboyys
ryleighlachance : rude
suicidal_in_wonderland : ONE DIRECTION FOR LIFE!!!
forestboca : kinda rude but ok....
xcity0fevilx : There posers @ourfiveboyys
ourfiveboyys : Whatever you say @xcity0fevilx
brooklyn_north : @kelseystump "group" not band
omq.theirfaces : Hahaahahhaha no STFU. Get a life (:
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You are welcome for the butt hurt c: #1disgay #1dsucks
1disgay - 1dsucks -
natalia_loves_r5 : He actually is better:/
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Th fact that my dick is bigger than everyone in one directions combine is amazing considering I'm female and do not have a penis but yet mine is still larger. #1d #1dsucks #1dcansuckmydick #1disgay
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proud2bemo : @anti_social_smile yes yes I did and I'm proud of it
anti_social_smile : Ik u stole my awesomeness @proud2bemo
proud2bemo : Well yea and by the way I am totally sleeping
proud2bemo : @anti_social_smile
anti_social_smile : I kinda figured that
anti_social_smile : @proud2bemo
proud2bemo : Yea sleep is for the weak 😕
anti_social_smile : Surrrreeeeeeee @proud2bemo
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Because I haven't posted one direction in a while🌚 ~s.q thnx 4 fivehunna followerz<2 i hope u all stay safe from dahvie and their bad music🚽
do_it_yourself_ideas101 : first get all your facts togather before you start talking because first I am not hating on the I don't like them but I am not hating I and second these other people where like to @_antibotdf you belong in a toliet and it like why are you on her page if you don't like it.. so I am not hating and you should gather you facts before you talk
do_it_yourself_ideas101 : @identity_swings
x._.okay._.x : @kayla_to_the_smiffy
ive_larrys_sextape : 1D is life
brooklyn_north : @kelseystump HELL YEAH SOMEONE SAID IT BESIDES US
tfios.luke : That's actually where u belong
k_scriv : Umm I'm sorry I think you accidentally mistakes this talented cd for your stupid self
cuddlingstyless : I feel u @k_scriv this bitch belong a there tho
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- Use your mind for a second. - I did some calculations actually, and based on what I worked on: - 1. Now, I'm leaving the Beatles out of this because this is actually wrong :)) they didn't sell 2,303,500,000 worldwide records, they sold 600 million. Ha :) - 2. Nirvana was formed in 1987, 27 years ago. In one year, Nirvana sells an 4 million and 70 thousand worldwide records. (((((P.S I did the calculation above using the numbers this anti used. Nirvana sold 70 million records world wide (Wikipedia) not 110,000,000 lol which means they actually sell 2,592,592 worldwide records. - 3. One Direction was formed in 2010, 4 years ago. In one year, one direction sells 5 million worldwide records. - Now, 5 million in each year is more than 4.07 million, right??? - I'm not perfect and I'm not that good at math, so don't expect me to be 100% right, okay?
25.02.1943 : youre an idiot i love 1d and the beatles but youre fucking stupid bye
25.02.1943 : youre the one who needs to use their mind
playlistsplease : One direction and 5sos like nirvana who exactly are you hating at? The 1D fans? 1D?
bxysxck : @playlistsplease no she was saying that the picture was wrong
memmy6789 : One sirection is the worst banned girls are ro obbsesed and i got bullied for hating them they have no heart but the beatles do the beatles r better than 1 D
playlistsplease : Oh okok
anti.hate : @1800gofuckurself calm your boobs bye
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- "Talented much??" He was fucking messing around. Oh god, they'd do anything to find a reason to hate one direction. -
_kittenclaws_ : Wireless guitars assholes!😊👍
gaylen_hill : #vote5sos
janejyw : Dumb @y_bach
ourfiveboyys : The microphone made it loud
429esther : you know nothing!bitch
lilacxx : *facepalm at the stupidity of this post*
indra_is_a_penguin : He is cute as fuck luff himm
playlistsplease : He's been playing guitar since he was 4....
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- Well, someone has a very loose vagina. You enjoy sleeping around don't you? :) Just asking #noslutshaming
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goodnight_juliet : If you don't like something that's you're opinion, but don't come to other pages trying to insult people just cause their opinion is different. Doing that makes you the idiot @5sosisdubm
5sosisdubm : @goodnight_juliet k I did nothing wrong all i did was state a fact seriously chill child
goodnight_juliet : Incorrect, you used the words "idiot" and "loser" those are kinda considered insults, and you own a hate page and I'm most likely older than you. Either way I'm more mature than you seeing that you own a hate page. I wouldn't even bother commenting back. I'm bout to be a co-admin and if the page owner doesn't block you I will. @5sosisdubm
5sosisdubm : @goodnight_juliet is that supposed to scare me. "Oh no a page that I commented on 3 weeks ago that someone replied to me on wants to block me because i 'offended' them with my feminist ways whatever will I do??" Most thing on my page are jokes and this page is basically all hating on people that hate on people like that doesn't make you superior.
goodnight_juliet : This page isn't hating on anyone. If it was hating on people it would be posting the persons page and insulting them. Don't try to justify your actions, it's immature and lame. Why you own is a hate page plain and simple. @5sosisdubm
k1xoblan : Vaginas secrete fluids when sexually excited to make penetration easier they don't get loose that way. There's a reason virgins are tight and girls who haven't had sex in a while also tighten up. Duh @5sosisdubm
5sosisdubm : @k1xoblan check your dm 😒
5sosisdubm : @k1xoblan gonna hit you with the hard facts
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- ......... No caption needed. -
insane._.geek : 0 \|> /\ IM A SASSY LITTLE PEBBLE
fetching_tigerzz : 😂😂😂👍 @insane._.geek lol
forestboca : when does he sag his pants? Thought that was Justin..
grunge.princess.betch : I love your account
harrycravings : @grunge.princess.betch HAHA I KNOW RIGHT
harrycravings : Da fuq ummmmm no he didnt sag his pants it was a bit low not sagged bye
1dirxction : All your hate makes me laugh so shut the fuck up 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
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OKAY OKAY OKAY OKAY PLEASE READ: - Guys, I'm not that active and 24/7 here because I'm usually on my main account. I didn't tell anyone on here what's my main acc because this acc is a secret, but oh well. . I am Julie from @infinity.larry . AND I FUCKING GOT DELETED I HAD MORE THAN 2.1K AND UGH FML I GOT DELETED. SO PLEASE, please if you don't mind, can you follow my new main acc? It's @infinity.lourry :( i had to restart it... I hope I won't get deleted again.. I'm sorry for promoting my acc here, I'll post anti 1D hate posts now xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo bai lol sorry :)
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anti.hate : {#Ihate1D #Ihate5SOS #hate1D #hate5sos #Directioner #Larry #Larryshipper #StopTheHate #OneDirectionisGay #OneDirectionsucks #1Disgay #1Dsucks #1Dhater #directurds}
directioner_031d : Followed your second acc😊
anti.hate : @directioner_031d aww thanks ilysm
playlistsplease : What is your account?
infinitylourry : @playlistsplease me :-)
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@collinferreira199 #onedirection ? More like #oneerection #1D #gay #onegayerection #1disgay #ihate1d #funny #lol #lml #lmfao #lms #follow4follow #like4like #comix #comics
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- He will never have a girlfriend because: 1. He doesn't like vaginas. 2. He has Louis. 3. Louis. 4. Even if he had a girlfriend, Louis would threaten her. 5. He likes dick. 6. Who wants a girlfriend when they have Louis Tomlinson? -
x_lockheart_x : @anti.hate calm down your controlling hashtags with your irrelevant posts and hatred posts back away from the screen and leave people alone
bam._.bi : Ummh no he doesn't.. Unless he told you this personally
go_in_1_direction_ : Louis has a girlfriend.
fetching_tigerzz : 😂😂😂
allys.neon : Your so delusional harry isnt gay dumbfuck
donttouchmyboobs : I agree with you ^-^ even if I didn't I wouldn't be commenting rude things like them ^-^
_.onlygirlsthings._ : 😠
harrycliffordhemmo : He has had a girlfriend FYI
laughing_laura_x3 - http.wombat - donttouchmyboobs - thebulletproofnightmare -
- Some hate posts are really harmful and rude. Niall is really sensetive, it hurt me as a 1/3 Niall girl to see this, imagine him seeing it. Niall and Harry are the most sensitive ones in the band and from what I see, they get the most hate. Especially Harry. -
ixasaurasrex : I totally agree with you, #killjoysneverdie @mister_agnis_dad7
mister_agnis_dad7 : @ixasaurasrex YOU ARE LIKE MY NEW BEST FRIEND HAHAHAHAHAHA
_heather_morrill_ : @mister_agnis_dad7 if you really didn't like them then why are you wasting you time posting shit on Instagram ? If you don't like them then ok Idc but if your gonna post hate then wow that shows how much you care! So baiii!
mister_agnis_dad7 : I'm wasting my time because 1, this accounts hating on MY favorite bands, 2, I freaking hate One Direction and they are terrible people, and 3, the person who owns this account can't take a joke, so if they're gonna be so serious about this, I might as well too. Now, haha, like I care about this freaking band. @_heather_morril_
niallofficialig : 1/3 niall girl what?
ohsnapzitsmariah : @anti.hate. His face does burn peoples' eyes. He's so incredibly cute and sexy
creepycute805 : They never "trashed" rock music. In fact, Harry loves classic and "indie" rock. Before the fame around 2009, Harry was the singer in a rock band with some school friends called "White Eskimo". Yeah, you heard "rumors" and you blindly follow them without doing any research just to immaturely complain about something because you feel like it. I have proof that debunks the most common rumors that were spread about them. Grow up and get your facts straight before you talk. @mister_agnis_dad7
maslowmascot - ixasaurasrex - ireland_brecht - _stefanie_xo_ -
- Hi I'm a seventeen years old girl that hopes her idols are gay and they end up marrying each other!!! Boom. -
ihate1d - hate1d - 1disgay - stopthehate - 1dhater - hate5sos - larry - directioner - directurds - onedirectionsucks - larryshipper - onedirectionisgay - ihate5sos - 1dsucks -
mister_agnis_dad7 : I prefer Frerard
_._._bands_._._ : @anti.hate but on a different post you say you're nineteen? So which is it?
heenee.xoxo : Am I the only one who doesn't ship Larry? I mean if their gay, cool, but I don't think their gay. I also respect you if you ship them. But, I feel like I'm the only Eleanor shipper.
imnotsweggy : you're never too young for the booty
dancemagcon_ : @heenee.xoxo i don't ship larry too. I mean like its like they keep on hating on Eleanor. Like what have she done to you? Eleanor is a sweet and nice girl, she doesn't deserve hate from larry shippers.
zaynsharmony_ : What's even sadder is that you hate on 10 year old girls
zaynsharmony_ : Oh I'm so sorry I though you were hating I'm so sorry
imnotdanielle_ : @rylee_west ok and the comment I'm laughing bc same 😹😹😹😹
niallofficialig - that_hufflepuff_girl - taylor_swft13 - crazy___fandoms -
- Do you have any proof that this happened? No, I don't think so. -
bvbmarissa : @ourfiveboyys you don't have proof that it's fake either
creepycute805 : There is proof that it's fake. I mentioned it a couple comments above here. @theblackchemicalhorizon
bvbmarissa : @creepycute805 I'm just sAying about the one direction one. Someone said that It was totally fake and I'm just saying they don't have proof that it's fake and we dot have proof that ours are real.
bvbmarissa : @creepycute805 and also the person didn't say anything to defend the band except that they're the sweetest group of people. That could be true. Tbh It's their fans that are crazy.
occeaana : Well my moms friend owns/manages the skydiving park and that's true. So yeah I do have proof......
memmy6789 : But if u havent noticed JB AND 1d suck and have u noticed the two bands THAT SUCK ryme
playlistsplease : Judging that I've seen the EXACT SAME THING for magcon, o2l, 5sos, and linkin park, your post is invalid.
goodnight_juliet : @memmy6789 Justin bieber is a solo artist. One direction is a band. That's where you're originally wrong. Also rhyme not ryme. And last but not least the words direction and bieber don't rhyme.. At all. Like not even close
askingthemotionlessbride - that_hufflepuff_girl - edfandomstuffandthings - crazy___fandoms -
- People who use words like fags, faggots, dyke, nig, or even queer (as an insult) or anything offending to some one's race, sexuality or any things should shut the fuck up, because they don't have enough self respect so I can't really argue with them or notice their unneeded existence. Enough said. -
ihate1d - hate1d - 1disgay - stopthehate - 1dhater - hate5sos - larry - directioner - directurds - onedirectionsucks - larryshipper - onedirectionisgay - ihate5sos - 1dsucks -
anti.hate : @harrysface_xx no what?
always_a_dam_fangirl : I never call them gay because there's a special place in hell for people that use the word gay as an insult
lovelypieceofhell : Flag are another word for cigarettes.. haha
lovelypieceofhell : Fags
janejyw : Omg lololol @y_bach
asstinn : fuck you fucking faggot niggers
that_hufflepuff_girl : See, what is the point? If you're not gonna use proper words why use them at all. The term "nigga" is offensive , rude , racist and damn unnecessary
yourstrulylexuss : You literally are the most dumbest person ! 😂😂😂😂 @anti.hate
irwelevant - _.anabanana._ - charlize.krause - taylor_swft13 -
- Wow haters would prefer ending their whole lives instead of lowering the volume or turning off the radio when a song they don't like is playing #logic -
logic -
anti.hate : @unabarkar go ahead but use protection please, thanks.
michaeilgclifford : It's a joke? Wow taking things literally how old are you?
mister_agnis_dad7 : It's a joke botard. And it's a funny one too
marie_sophie_directioner : SHUT UP ONE DIRECTION ARE PERFECT
sarah_01m : Han solo is only a teeny bit better than 1D
llayynaa : @alex_and_kierra 🔪
fetching_tigerzz : Lol
christiancooper11 : I hate haters OMG @caitlinmcintyre
irwelevant - x.fuck.this.shit.x - mrsliamhoran - ireland_brecht -
- Good luck murdering more than 30 million girls and guys all around the world!!! Good luck with their friends, parents and lovers!!! -
michaeilgclifford : Lmao I love how you said "and guys" because there's totally 15 million guys who like one direction
emilyxsim : I'll find a way when you are all rude ass bitches @xkatianax @rosaxaleman
kurt.cobian : @xfivesos who said there were 15 millions guys?
michaeilgclifford : @kurt.cobian i put 30 million in half to make a point
ixasaurasrex : You need to shut the fuck up
janejyw : @y_bach
thebulletproofnightmare : @anti.hate I'll wish you 'directioners' or whatever you guys are good luck against the MCRmy XD
indra_is_a_penguin : Stupid ginger girl
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- There are four letters in THIS There are two letters in IS There are two letters in SO There are seven letters in FUCKING There are three letters in OLD. - Oh well, since we're stuck in 2012, there are three letters in GAY and three letters in YOU. Coincidence? Nope! - Keep in mind that 1. gay is not an insult and if you meant to insult us by it, then you failed because 2. 2/5 are gay. -
heck.nope : Omg this is a joke, its not as bad as directioners telling people who arnt fans to kill thrmselves ..
1d_my_singing_pickles : Gay isn't an insult how would you like it if people insulted you using a word that's not an insult?
llayynaa : @alex_and_kierra
harryxlouis : Lol
elifhood : there are 7 letters in 'charlie' and also in the word 'gayyyyy' coincidence?no i think not._.
emeraldmightbeonfire : I am a huge fan of both Hollywood Undead (charlies band btw) and 1D. I used to get so mad when someone would insult a celebrity or band I liked. Now I finally realize how stupid it actually is and I just laugh at it. People send hate over the internet because they are immature and insecure about them self. And also, gay is not an insult @elifhood @ilove1dforever_ just thought I'd let you know that by calling Charlie gay doesn't make you any better of a person.
firstplaceash : only 2 of them are gay tho I don't get it
horses_for_centuries : I LOVE HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD and I think he was joking calm down
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We said Harry Styles was gay before it was cool 💁 Seriously anti pages, come on now. You can do better than this! I expect more from you! -Leon #onedirection #harrystyles #1dsucks #ihate1d #1disgay #ihateonedirection #louistomlinson #zaynmalik #liampayne #niallhoran #directioner #directurds #wwa #wereweare #wwat #upallnight #takemehome #larrystylinson #larryisreal #larryproof #larryshipper #ishipbullshit
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zaynmaliksgirl21 : There is nothing bad with gay anyways
_kittenclaws_ : Fuck y'all right in the pussy...one direction is fucking gay!!!!!
onedirectionandfivesos__ : You people are acting like gay is an insult...you people are so ignorant
chantel107 : Die bitch, die😊
louslittlebooty : @_tippsy.wifi_ lmfao only Louis and Harry are... But alright, lets say they're all gay.... This is supposed to insult me how??
louslittlebooty : @chantel107 I'm very much alive k thanks
_kittenclaws_ : WTF?!?!? When did I wrote that???🙀🙀🙀🙀 my acc was hacked I seriously never wrote that ok? I'm really sorry about that I didn't do that shit sorry man...😞
louslittlebooty : @_tippsy.wifi_ oh ok that's alright 😊
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- "They are bad influence on children." "Fags!!!! I'll make a hatepage!!!" - YOU are the bad influence on children in here, using extremely offending and rude words like fags, and making a HATE, not anti page for a boyband, is the bad influence here, I feel so bad for your future children if you'll have any, I hope they won't grow up and become rude, judgemental homophobic asses like you are. - *scoffs* *rolls eyes* -
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swerve.shit : @greenastheday true shit 🙌🙌🙌
anti.hate : @cameron_stanton friendly reminder that I don't show the acc's username x
anti.hate : @tomatojuice726 just curious, how are One Direction a bad influence? I'm an eighteen years old girl and I would've known that they are bad a long time ago if they actually are.
hoarded.url : Yes I agree, those kinds of words should be viewed as inappropriate. And yet, they have the audacity to say that One Direction is a "bad influence". That person should be flagged/blocked for hurtful words.
sadieashy_ : @annabristo @hannahkatewood @hopey_xox
_._._bands_._._ : And now you say you're eighteen. I'm really curious to know your really age since you've said you're seventeen, eighteen, and nineteen. Which one is it?
justineesanchez : They had drugs
give.em.hell_frnk : Ok so I'm not a fan of 1d. At all. But saying they're fags is fucking stupid and immature, homophobia really pisses me off
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- Okay now how is this considered bad? Oh, well it's pretty bad to make 25 million girls fall in love with you, and they don't even have a chance because you're madly in love with your male best friend, how does it feels??:) Oh wait, you don't know. -
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anti.hate : {#Ihate1D #Ihate5SOS #hate1D #hate5sos #Directioner #Larry #Larryshipper #StopTheHate #OneDirectionisGay #OneDirectionsucks #1Disgay #1Dsucks #1Dhater #directurds}
kxsya_xoxo : "He will never have a girlfriend" *coughcough taylor swift *coughcough kendall jenner
anti.hate : @heyitskesyaaa it was fake but you're right lol :)
jackiee_bruuhh : Lol lol @heyitskesyaaa @anti.hate
raniaoffcial : @mahtabk
alylepak : Omfg these pics are hilarious
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- This was tweeted years ago and immature people still haven't grown up and matured yet. I'm so disappointed *sighs*. - And the fact that they write their own songs now LOL. -
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i.am.harrys.cat : I'm disgusted that people can have the guts to write these things and know that over 20 millions girls/guys are gonna hate them 👍
anti.hate : @i.am.harrys.cat lol exactly
emilyxsim : I love will ferrel @xkatianax @rosaxaleman
mister_agnis_dad7 : Hahahahahahahahaha
ixasaurasrex : Hahahahahaha
monisha_prasad : 😂😂😂😂
monisha_prasad : Sorry it was funny....
anti.hate : @monisha_prasad your opinion x
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