Because I haven't posted one direction in a while🌚 ~s.q thnx 4 fivehunna followerz<2 i hope u all stay safe from dahvie and their bad music🚽
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- Use your mind for a second. - I did some calculations actually, and based on what I worked on: - 1. Now, I'm leaving the Beatles out of this because this is actually wrong :)) they didn't sell 2,303,500,000 worldwide records, they sold 600 million. Ha :) - 2. Nirvana was formed in 1987, 27 years ago. In one year, Nirvana sells an 4 million and 70 thousand worldwide records. (((((P.S I did the calculation above using the numbers this anti used. Nirvana sold 70 million records world wide (Wikipedia) not 110,000,000 lol which means they actually sell 2,592,592 worldwide records. - 3. One Direction was formed in 2010, 4 years ago. In one year, one direction sells 5 million worldwide records. - Now, 5 million in each year is more than 4.07 million, right??? - I'm not perfect and I'm not that good at math, so don't expect me to be 100% right, okay?
_to.the.moon_and_back_ : The beatles are better than 1D
ngolibersuch22 : @anti.hate 1D SUCKS its a true fact that will be in history books . The Beatles are way better.
do_you_want_to_know : Follow me @ngolibersuch22
agbpayne : ILYSFM
iwantashton : @_to.the.moon_and_back_ you can't compare two different genres
vanillaxskys : Um one direction is a boy band not a regular band there's a difference so you can't really compare them to the Beatles or nirvana since those are bands and 1d is a boy band but hey it's your opinion so yeah sigh
aandbedits : @ngolibersuch22 ITS AN OPINION
ngolibersuch22 : @aandbedits ITS A TRUE FACT
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- "Talented much??" He was fucking messing around. Oh god, they'd do anything to find a reason to hate one direction. -
emilyxsim : I make myself laugh @xkatianax @rosaxaleman
iloveselenagomezxox : @oreolovingirl
squidgy_is_lyfe : He should learn from tony perry (•3•)/)
pizza.cake : Awk your edits look so real! 😐
a.doctors.tardis : You'd say anything to defend 1d.
_.thankspete._ : *facepalm* there's such thing as wireless guitars
_omq.teen_ : Wireless guitars assholes!😊👍
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- Well, someone has a very loose vagina. You enjoy sleeping around don't you? :) Just asking #noslutshaming
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directurd_central : she deleted her account, she isn't an anti anymore
directurd_central : and btw she's my best friend and i can prove that she doesn't sleep around ;-)
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- ......... No caption needed. -
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bam._.bi : Lol loads of girls find it sexy so... I think they will stay down :p
wildharrry : ^^^^
piercethesai : Wellllll he does.... But with them up he looks fine ^_%
piercethesai : ^_^
classicloser : @bandaddictx it's simply against my church of worship!!! by the way imma keep tagging you in things i see so get used to it😎
mcr_is_bae : He looks like a dumbass either way
5socondoms : 😂😂😂 I'm LAUGHING
bummedoutlou : Um
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OKAY OKAY OKAY OKAY PLEASE READ: - Guys, I'm not that active and 24/7 here because I'm usually on my main account. I didn't tell anyone on here what's my main acc because this acc is a secret, but oh well. . I am Julie from @infinity.larry . AND I FUCKING GOT DELETED I HAD MORE THAN 2.1K AND UGH FML I GOT DELETED. SO PLEASE, please if you don't mind, can you follow my new main acc? It's @infinity.lourry :( i had to restart it... I hope I won't get deleted again.. I'm sorry for promoting my acc here, I'll post anti 1D hate posts now xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo bai lol sorry :)
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directioner_031d : Followed your second acc😊
anti.hate : @directioner_031d aww thanks ilysm
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- He will never have a girlfriend because: 1. He doesn't like vaginas. 2. He has Louis. 3. Louis. 4. Even if he had a girlfriend, Louis would threaten her. 5. He likes dick. 6. Who wants a girlfriend when they have Louis Tomlinson? -
harrysface_xx : No
azenethcalderon : So if u know this for a fact....... "hateful stalker" you are weird....... but you know that's none of my business
tammieh263 : @foreveronly5secondsofsummer
foreveronly5secondsofsummer : Hehe @tammieh263
anti.hate : @fistmehardcalum um Larry Stylinson is real lol.
anti.hate : @azenethcalderon wat
x_lockheart_x : @anti.hate calm down your controlling hashtags with your irrelevant posts and hatred posts back away from the screen and leave people alone
bam._.bi : Ummh no he doesn't.. Unless he told you this personally
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- Some hate posts are really harmful and rude. Niall is really sensetive, it hurt me as a 1/3 Niall girl to see this, imagine him seeing it. Niall and Harry are the most sensitive ones in the band and from what I see, they get the most hate. Especially Harry. -
harry_looks_so_perfect : This is so rude you're right
gianna.v_ : Oh ur anti hate but this is under the hastag ihate5sos, how ironic
pizza.cake : Your fucking words burn deafen peoples ears.😐
pizza.cake : * the posts not yours*
weheart5sosx : Ahw this is sad :(
mister_agnis_dad7 : And they freakin deserve it. #hate1d #mcrmy You know, one of them doesn't even play the guitar, they sound like dying Cats, and they trash My Chemical Romance, and Nirvana. They stole Green Days album design for "American Idiot" for there own album design, and they are so freaking rude to us Punk Rockers/Emos. Also, all they sing about Is love. They are a terrible example. They are just a bunch of retarded teenagers who don't deserve to be on stage. You know what Gerard Way or Pete Wentz go through? Probably a lot more than cry baby Niall and Harry. They have terrible lyrics, and I have heard rumors of them telling there fans to kill them selves. THAT IS NOT RIGHT! Even tho I'm not one, I think it's wrong how they can do that to there fans. Therefore, I'm NOT hating on the fans, I'm revealing the truth for this thing you call a band.
cherrydelmar : Oh wow, just because both logos used red/white colors on their font doesn't mean it's the same thing, that's a stupid comparison. One Direction never told any fans to kill themselves. Quit trying to pull all this fake bull just to have made up reasons to make them look bad. Also, I grew up listening to and still continue listening to punk music (oi, psychobilly, horror punk, riot grrrl mostly) and I can confirm that most punk rockers and punk music fans don't like emo/scene things and they hate being compared to them. So don't act as if punk and emo are the same or related because they're not. @a.gni.s._.os.tric.h
mister_agnis_dad7 : I never said they were the same thing! I was just saying that 1D trash Punk Rock and Emotional Rock/Heavy Metal. I am an emo myself, and I know, my friends who listen to punk rock hate being labled emo because they hang out with me. But anyways, I don't know much about 1d, I heard RUMORS. And I believed those rumors because I've seen what happens to stars who can't handle the fame. Like Justin Beiber. I've looked into a lot of the mistakes they made. I know everyone makes mistakes, but I heard NO apologies coming from Niall or Harrys fat mouth. Did you? I feel bad for there fans, to be honest. @cherrydelmar
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- Hi I'm a seventeen years old girl that hopes her idols are gay and they end up marrying each other!!! Boom. -
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sophiax208 : I was at a concert the other night and most people there were at least 15- people think the fandom is all delusional 8 year olds when in reality, it's average teenage girls that were saved by five idiots.
globaledits : @danielle.natalie I was like that until I got older
insane._.geek : @anti.hate @danielle.natalie awe thanks, I would've replied earlier but i changed my name
http.lhakyi : But Sorry dear but i dont really care 😂☺️ - happily
anti.hate : @sophiastar208 lol "its average teenage girls saved by five idiots" i accidentally laughed at this sentence :')
piercethesai : I hate 1D but I like you ^_^
mister_agnis_dad7 : I prefer Frerard
_._._bands_._.__ : @anti.hate but on a different post you say you're nineteen? So which is it?
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- Do you have any proof that this happened? No, I don't think so. -
_._._bands_._.__ : @creepycute805 ok then show me this proof then. And honestly I this thy account takes all this crap out of proportion she's just as bad at the haters herself
_._._bands_._.__ : @creepycute805 think* this*
creepycute805 : When you look it up it even shows that the whole anti-1d story of how they wouldn't visit a fan because they didn't get paid is fake. One version says they didn't visit at all, another said they only played songs to the fan but demanded money afterwards. But the real story has a news article with a picture on it. They didn't play anything, they didnt ask for money, and they did visit the fan. Her name was Naimh Power, 9 years old and had a brain tumor. Her parents even said her experience meeting 1D was a good one. And she actually died a few weeks later which is why it's disgusting how people are trying to twist her story around taking advantage of a dead person just to make someone else look bad. @_._._bands_._.__
creepycute805 : All this account is doing is calling out the hypocrisy from many of these anti accounts. That's not hating.
_._._bands_._.__ : @creepycute805 I never said it was true I just said the that she didn't have proof it wasn't. And some of these pictures were JOKES. I don't support hate on artist or bands but some people are just so uptight and cant take a joke. She's taking memes and pictures that are meant as jokes and making them serious. Some of them aren't even like realistic they're just to be funny. And while there are a lot of people that hate one direction there are even more people that like them so you guys can either focus on the love or hate its all on your prospective of which is more important
ineshorozovic : @_._._bands_._.__ I love your common sense. I agree completely.
_._._bands_._.__ : @ineshorozovic thanks.
stellas_brain : Nirvana was a good band and they were against Homophomes, Misogynists and Rascists. That's a good Reason for like and listen to them.
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- People who use words like fags, faggots, dyke, nig, or even queer (as an insult) or anything offending to some one's race, sexuality or any things should shut the fuck up, because they don't have enough self respect so I can't really argue with them or notice their unneeded existence. Enough said. -
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riventyme : @nicky_kaykay Please...learn how to spell.
is.everyone.on.stupid.pills : PREACH IT 🌈🙌 ERRYBODY NEEDS HAPPINESS
harrysface_xx : No
sadieashy_ : @annabristo @hannahkatewood @hopey_xox
anti.hate : @harrysface_xx no what?
always_a_dam_fangirl : I never call them gay because there's a special place in hell for people that use the word gay as an insult
lovelypieceofhell : Flag are another word for cigarettes.. haha
lovelypieceofhell : Fags
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- Wow haters would prefer ending their whole lives instead of lowering the volume or turning off the radio when a song they don't like is playing #logic -
logic -
feathy01 : Very funny.!.
unabarkar : Fuck youu
anti.hate : @angela.mxrie exactly
anti.hate : @unabarkar go ahead but use protection please, thanks.
michaeilgclifford : It's a joke? Wow taking things literally how old are you?
mister_agnis_dad7 : It's a joke botard. And it's a funny one too
marie_sophie_directioner : SHUT UP ONE DIRECTION ARE PERFECT
sarah_01m : Han solo is only a teeny bit better than 1D
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- Good luck murdering more than 30 million girls and guys all around the world!!! Good luck with their friends, parents and lovers!!! -
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metallica_germany : Yeahh so right :``D
http.lhakyi : XD I love your account
anti.hate : @itslhakyi awww I love you
blow_up_the_outside_world : Load up on guns, bring your friends…
michaeilgclifford : Lmao I love how you said "and guys" because there's totally 15 million guys who like one direction
emilyxsim : I'll find a way when you are all rude ass bitches @xkatianax @rosaxaleman
kurt.cobian : @xfivesos who said there were 15 millions guys?
michaeilgclifford : @kurt.cobian i put 30 million in half to make a point
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- There are four letters in THIS There are two letters in IS There are two letters in SO There are seven letters in FUCKING There are three letters in OLD. - Oh well, since we're stuck in 2012, there are three letters in GAY and three letters in YOU. Coincidence? Nope! - Keep in mind that 1. gay is not an insult and if you meant to insult us by it, then you failed because 2. 2/5 are gay. -
ihate1d - hate1d - 1disgay - stopthehate - 1dhater - hate5sos - larry - directioner - directurds - onedirectionsucks - larryshipper - onedirectionisgay - ihate5sos - 1dsucks -
haroldsuckdicks : i love the caption ❤️❤️❤️
danielle.natalie : YAS LARRY
excuse.y0u : caption 🙌🙌
horanhouse : Aren't there 12 letters in his name as well? Was that even suppose to offend us because "gay" is not an insult
piercethesai : I thought you wanted them to be gay? Whaaaaa
_._._bands_._.__ : It's a joke man, just relax a little and instead of focusing on hate why don't you make an account to promote them instead of post the stuff haters post and then say its not true
heck.nope : Omg this is a joke, its not as bad as directioners telling people who arnt fans to kill thrmselves ..
1d_my_singing_pickles : Gay isn't an insult how would you like it if people insulted you using a word that's not an insult?
ts1989dlx - http.persephone - excuse.y0u - lovelypieceofhell -
We said Harry Styles was gay before it was cool 💁 Seriously anti pages, come on now. You can do better than this! I expect more from you! -Leon #onedirection #harrystyles #1dsucks #ihate1d #1disgay #ihateonedirection #louistomlinson #zaynmalik #liampayne #niallhoran #directioner #directurds #wwa #wereweare #wwat #upallnight #takemehome #larrystylinson #larryisreal #larryproof #larryshipper #ishipbullshit
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lxrrysbae : @fashion_ist_leben lmaa
100_percent_fangirl : There's nothing you can do to prove that he's gay
dayumharreh : I think he's pensexual
sociallifewhatsociallife : @100_percent_fangirl nothing you can do to prove he isn't sweetheart 😘 We have evidence
sociallifewhatsociallife : @dayumharreh As long as he frickle frackles Louis I don't care 😂
haha_ur_not_niall_horan : @sociallifewhatsociallife what evidence ?
zaynmaliksgirl21 : There is nothing bad with gay anyways
_omq.teen_ : Fuck y'all right in the pussy...one direction is fucking gay!!!!!
anti.hate - masterhemaangdewan - harry_for_president - my.irish.cutie -
- "They are bad influence on children." "Fags!!!! I'll make a hatepage!!!" - YOU are the bad influence on children in here, using extremely offending and rude words like fags, and making a HATE, not anti page for a boyband, is the bad influence here, I feel so bad for your future children if you'll have any, I hope they won't grow up and become rude, judgemental homophobic asses like you are. - *scoffs* *rolls eyes* -
ihate1d - hate1d - 1disgay - stopthehate - 1dhater - hate5sos - larry - directioner - directurds - onedirectionsucks - larryshipper - onedirectionisgay - ihate5sos - 1dsucks -
greenasthesummer : Oh no they say ”lets get some" and have a few other sexual lines. Listen to any other artist on the radio and try to tell me One Dircetion is the bad influence THEN.
100_percent_fangirl : @greenastheday true shit 🙌🙌🙌
anti.hate : @cameron_stanton friendly reminder that I don't show the acc's username x
anti.hate : @tomatojuice726 just curious, how are One Direction a bad influence? I'm an eighteen years old girl and I would've known that they are bad a long time ago if they actually are.
is.everyone.on.stupid.pills : Yes I agree, those kinds of words should be viewed as inappropriate. And yet, they have the audacity to say that One Direction is a "bad influence". That person should be flagged/blocked for hurtful words.
sadieashy_ : @annabristo @hannahkatewood @hopey_xox
_._._bands_._.__ : And now you say you're eighteen. I'm really curious to know your really age since you've said you're seventeen, eighteen, and nineteen. Which one is it?
justineesanchez : They had drugs
imagine.happiness - xxtuyen - juslikesel - americanimrod -
- Okay now how is this considered bad? Oh, well it's pretty bad to make 25 million girls fall in love with you, and they don't even have a chance because you're madly in love with your male best friend, how does it feels??:) Oh wait, you don't know. -
ihate1d - hate1d - 1disgay - stopthehate - 1dhater - hate5sos - larry - directioner - directurds - onedirectionsucks - larryshipper - onedirectionisgay - ihate5sos - 1dsucks -
anti.hate : {#Ihate1D #Ihate5SOS #hate1D #hate5sos #Directioner #Larry #Larryshipper #StopTheHate #OneDirectionisGay #OneDirectionsucks #1Disgay #1Dsucks #1Dhater #directurds}
kxsya_xoxo : "He will never have a girlfriend" *coughcough taylor swift *coughcough kendall jenner
anti.hate : @heyitskesyaaa it was fake but you're right lol :)
dude_its__jackiee : Lol lol @heyitskesyaaa @anti.hate
awkward71 - harry_looks_so_perfect - americanimrod - http.persephone -
- This was tweeted years ago and immature people still haven't grown up and matured yet. I'm so disappointed *sighs*. - And the fact that they write their own songs now LOL. -
ihate1d - hate1d - 1disgay - stopthehate - 1dhater - hate5sos - larry - directioner - directurds - onedirectionsucks - larryshipper - onedirectionisgay - ihate5sos - 1dsucks -
shake.itoff.swift : They actually write them now but with another 6/7 people...
directioner_031d : They co-write there songs (srry for spam, and for my English, from Sweden):-)
fajagalaga : NOW! Lol
kxsya_xoxo : He fell down the stairs writing a 1d song? Cool! I wanna know how to do that!
i.am.harrys.cat : I'm disgusted that people can have the guts to write these things and know that over 20 millions girls/guys are gonna hate them 👍
anti.hate : @i.am.harrys.cat lol exactly
emilyxsim : I love will ferrel @xkatianax @rosaxaleman
mister_agnis_dad7 : Hahahahahahahahaha
kurt.cobian - piercethesai - kateosauruss - http.persephone -
- нσмσρнσвι¢ αѕѕнσℓє. тнιѕ ιѕ ѕтυρι∂. հօʍօԹհօҍíϲ ɑՏՏհօӀҽ. ԵհíՏ íՏ ՏԵմԹíժ. нoмopнoвιc aѕѕнole. тнιѕ ιѕ ѕтυpιd. ᕼOᗰOᑭᕼOᗷIᑕ ᗩᔕᔕᕼOᒪE. TᕼIᔕ Iᔕ ᔕTᑌᑭIᗪ. ⓗⓞⓜⓞⓟⓗⓞⓑⓘⓒ ⓐⓢⓢⓗⓞⓛⓔ. ⓣⓗⓘⓢ ⓘⓢ ⓢⓣⓤⓟⓘⓓ. HoMoPhObIc AsShOlE. ThIs Is StUpId. - And don't forget that Harry is actually gay, which means that he likes boys, this isn't an insult. -
kurt.cobian : @kelby_3baller @bigmac_40 Alright, thanks.
anti.hate : @kurt.cobian Wow how could you deal with these two without being rude or anything I can't handle them... Wow you're really mature and cool tbh
kurt.cobian : Thank you 😌
cvs__x : He is not gay!! Shut up
cherrydelmar : "Deuteronomy 22: 28-29 states, 28 If a man happens to meet a virgin who is not pledged to be married and rapes her and they are discovered, 29 he shall pay her father fifty shekels of silver. He must marry the young woman, for he has violated her. He can never divorce her as long as he lives."
cherrydelmar : "Biblical reference: Deuteronomy 13:13-18 ‘Corrupt men have gone out from among you and enticed the inhabitants of their city, saying, “Let us go and serve other gods”’—which you have not known - then you shall inquire, search out, and ask diligently. And if it is indeed true and certain that such an abomination was committed among you, you shall surely strike the inhabitants of that city with the edge of the sword, utterly destroying it, all that is in it and its livestock—with the edge of the sword. And you shall gather all its plunder into the middle of the street, and completely burn with fire the city and all its plunder, for the LORD your God. It shall be a heap forever; it shall not be built again. So none of the accursed things shall remain in your hand, that the LORD may turn from the fierceness of His anger and show you mercy, have compassion on you and multiply you, just as He swore to your fathers, because you have listened to the voice of the LORD your God, to keep all His commandments which I command you today, to do what is right in the eyes of the LORD your God"
cherrydelmar : Much love, very peaceful. Not.
idk.googleit : This post. ☺️
jennaaapenguinnn - awkward71 - globaledits - americanimrod -
- Friendly reminder that 1. this pic was taken like two years ago when he was eighteen. 2. this shirt was given as a gift from his friend/fan and 3. it is a fucking shirt. - This is so fucking racist, 'white boy'. So he's a white boy? Really!!!!!!?????!!!! Omfg he's white!1!1!2!2!2 i'll stop being a fan now. But seriously, I hate this, second, 'Shitty Pop Band', they are not shitty in mine and other 25 million girls' and guys' opinions. '12 year old girls' lol shut up. I'm not 12 but here I am. Keep in mind that they have male fans too. - I don't know, this is just extremely stupid. -
sara.belve : "Ma mi faccia il piacere!"
anti.hate : @sara.belve I don't understand what you said x
anti.hate : @creepycute805 I'm sorry for his stupidness x
harry_looks_so_perfect : I have that shirt
aliinaa_horan : How old are the Fans of 5sos? 1year?
mister_agnis_dad7 : Why the heck do people think saying White Boy is racist? Saying Black Man, is not racist, it's just more specific. Now INSULTING a black man, is racist. People are so sensitive these days.
_omq.teen_ : True stop hating on 1D for no reason
1d_my_singing_pickles : UHG excuse me but 12 year olds everywhere get them into stadiums, mmhm yes of course it's not like millions of people everywhere did cause that wouldn't ever make sense.
http.persephone - crazygrlystuff - ineshorozovic - kerry2f -
- No. People need to realise that anyone can save anyone's life, no matter how they look like, how old they are, what they do, and who they are. They both saved many lives, and you don't really know who saved more lives. Anyone can save lives. You need to realise that. -
zaynmaliksgirl21 : @anti.hate I was just responding to the post, srry if it sounded like I was saying to you ✌️😁
anti.hate : @zaynmaliksgirl21 oh sorry :) its okay x
ily_5sos.1d : Who is the top one?
emilyxsim : How did Harry styles save peoples lives? He's in a boy band for 5 year olds @xkatianax @rosaxaleman
carter.lets.fricklefrackle : Tf? Who is that man? Harry has pretty much saved the world....maybe not but pretty close. Ok I'm going to stop spamming your account
mcr_is_bae : @mister_agnis_dad7 YES SO FUCKING TRUE
1d_my_singing_pickles : Uhm excuse me @emilyxsim but I went to a concert, and I was One of the youngest people there AND IM 12. My sister is 21 and she loves them. My mom is 43 and she loves them. Hmmmmm five year olds yes makes perfect sense. It's like 20-23 year olds are going to sing to a STADIUM full of FIVE YEAR OLDS who got them there. I'm also a unicorn popster who sings karaoke on Saturday nights at the rainbow factory. UHG Harry saved millions of girls lives and excuse me MINE?! Uhhm yeah so please keep your opinion to yourself because you shouldn't judge people before you know everything about their story. @onedirectionizawesome plz help
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_michael.cliffxrd_ : Look in a mirror, One Direction, they're actually straight. So stfu cunt
nice.burn.book : Wow a picture from a long time ago that everyone has seen a thousand times. You're so original.
ihateonedirection88 : @defenderofthings I just found it absolutely hilarious. Stop being so jelly....
nice.burn.book : @ihateonedirection88 I aint jelly. Tew r jus dum
broken.14.0323 : @__yolo_bruh__ how would you know?
ila_loves_5sos_and_1d : Your a complete and utter asshole! Why don't you delete your instagram. #sorrynotsorry
theycallmejana_ : Omg 😂😂
lilly_horan_hemmings : Please delete your acc
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paige.l54321 : What ever @rebecca_christiee
rebecca_christiee : 😪 fine dont believe me FYI its blackmail that's why I have the music @paige.l54321 @angelinamenna @larascofield54321
angelinamenna : What do u mean its blackmail @rebecca_christiee
paige.l54321 : What do u mean its black mail @rebecca_christiee
rebecca_christiee : I have the music to blackmail people 😰 @paige.l54321 @angelinamenna 😅
paige.l54321 : Ok @rebecca_christiee 👺
angelinamenna : Ok @rebecca_christiee
rebecca_christiee : 👹👹👺👺👴
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Hate pages just really piss me off. It's 2014. They always say "well at least my band saved lives" well I'm so sorry to burst your bubble but I can name so many people who one direction saved including mine. They always get so mad when people call their bands emo and goth and then they go and call one direction untalented and gay. Hypocrites much? People make me sick. It makes me so mad. Why can't all people just be treated equally? What did one direction ever do to you? So what if they're gay? Does that effect you? Hell to the no. Would your favorite band be proud of you for hating on someone even if they're Harry Styles. I honestly don't think they'd appreciate it because I'm sure they know how it feels. There's always going to be hate in this world and that makes me very upset. I honestly could go one but I'm so done I can't form the words. #onedirectionsavedmylife #directurds #1dsucks #1disgay
onedirectionsavedmylife - 1disgay - directurds - 1dsucks -
zaynmaliksgirl21 : They aren't children, they are all over the age of 18 so yeah
bandsperfectbands : but mitch will always be my babe 💗 truly sorry
hate.gov_ : lol. so funny I forgot to laugh. check out our page 💣
viledeludedfreaks : 👏 @zaynmaliksgirl21
viledeludedfreaks : Haha that's ok I like other bands then one direction people just assume I'm a bitch and white girl because I like one direction @bandsperfectbands
viledeludedfreaks : Nah @hate.gov_
annikaloves1dxx : he's not a child, he saved my life...😔
viledeludedfreaks : Same :( @fandoms_idk
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- What?! Why are you deaf? Is it because of the other Twenty Thousand girls screaming because of their excitment and happiness? Or is it because Zayn's high note is too perfect for your precious ears to handle? -
evevazquez24 : And you're an asshole who's been brainwashed by stupid British fags @harry_looks_so_perfect By the way, Harry looks like shif
http.persephone : @evevazquez24 lol everyone has a different taste in music. Don't go talking shit with invalid arguments
he.i.di : lol i agree with @evevazquez24
macey2626 : @elliestyles902 ellie there hating ^
elliestyles902 : You need to get a life and stop hating they have never done anything to sooo...
piercethesai : ITA A JOKE
mister_agnis_dad7 : HAHAHAHAHAHA I love this
_._._bands_._.__ : It's a joke don't get all defensive
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- The last line is saying; remember that you fall in love with someone's heart, not how they look like. -
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anti.hate : @lollipopholly002 I'm really sorry I didn't delete your name or anything, if you're really annoyed by it I can delete the post if you want :-) x
lucia_almagro : True
1d_5sos_o2l___fanpage : Haters should actually listen to some of the lyrics in there music.....it's really helpful and it makes us feel good about ourselves FUCK U HATERS FUCK U
phxlosophy : @smileeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I read your bio...and judging by it you have been depressed? ( I may have read it wrong) but if you are why are you hating? There's a difference between an opinion and hating...and I'm talking about what you commented in the other photos
lollipopholly002 : Oh lol don't worry I won't be a bad sport XD
lollipopholly002 : Although looking at it now it seems childish and devoid of intelligence... How long ago did I write that?
13directioner_forever13 : @13directioner_forever13
13directioner_forever13 : You r a genius you just explained what I was thinking
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- -I bet you're new at making edits, and using this picture of Harry, this picture where he was crying because children in the third world are dying because if hunger, thirst and war everyday, is considered p.a.t.h.e.t.i.c.. Try again and use a different pic. -
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alli.clifford : @anti.hate do u really hate them???
1dful_watermelons : ❤️❤️❤️❤️
melumicha : They are so ignorants omg
anti.hate : @illatnemzo one direction? No, I love them x
monisha_prasad : I'm not saying this to be mean or anything and I'm sorry 1D fans but this is a little funny....but I also think it's really mean. People hate on them for no reason....
phxlosophy : @smileeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee so you agree that making a hate edit because a guy cried over the fact that he was surrounded by DYING CHILDREN as young as a day old while visiting a hospital in one of the poorest part of Africa is ok?
phxlosophy : Parts*
1d_my_singing_pickles : Omg I didn't realize that was Harry I thought that was someone else oops lol seriously they think this is an insult Omg
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- He dyed his hair red for the red nose charity. For a fucking charity. Louis might be an ass sometimes but he is a good guy too, okay? And please stop being a bitch and end this comparing shit between Louis and Gerard, they are both completely different people. -
emilyxsim : @xkatianax @rosaxaleman Yeet
xkatianax : You forgot paramore cause Hayley Williams is BAE @rosaxaleman @emilyxsim
anti_hate1 : Didn't any of you guys even read the caption
piercethesai : They only were trying to be nice to Gerard I mean, people hate him too... And for anti hate page you hate on haters and on bands other than 1D soooo aren't you a hater??? Lol this makes no sense
mister_agnis_dad7 : STOP HATING ON GERARD! I think it's sweet what Niall did, but I think Gerards red hair was great too. Hater
_._._bands_._.__ : @anti.hate wow you're nineteen and waste your time with an account like this. That's kind of sad don't you think, that is if you actually are nineteen
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> Say something is gay and that they dislike 1D or anyone else they don't consider as "real music" because they are gay. > says it's just a joke and they are not homophobic. > Uses pictures of 1D guys being flirty and naughty with each other against them as if that was something bad. Ok then... If you're not homophobic why didn't you use pictures of Zayn with Perrie Edwards or Harry with Taylor Swift and say "that's so hetero"??
1disgay - killtheinfection - 1dhaters -
cherrydelmar : #killtheinfection #1disgay #1dhaters
_alyjude_ -
Part 2 of previous post. I get that some people like offensive humor. I'll admit I like plenty of racist and gay jokes. But the thing is you're supposed to know they are just jokes. If you're seriously using sexist and homophobic crap as a reason to why you dislike botdf, bvb, 1d, justin bieber, or whatever then you likely have some underlying homophobia/transphobia. Some of the people who make these "those fags look like girls" jokes to make fun of someone they don't like are usually the same ones who believe that trans women are just "men in dresses with mutilated dicks, not real women, etc". (I knew someone like this actually.)
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cherrydelmar : #jbisgay #jbisgay #ihatejustinbieber #ihatebotdf #antifamily #1dsucks #1disgay #justinbiebersucks #bvbsucks #killtheinfection #botdfsucks #ihatebotdf
cherrydelmar : #onedirectionsucks #transphobicshit
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Someone on a tumblr blog made a a very good list of reasons why "justin bieber is a girl" jokes are not cool. Ive always hated when people do this. I hate Justin Bieber, and BOTDF (I've also seen this done with them) for obvious reasons... but what need is there to use gender identity as insult to someone even if you dislike them?
botdfsucks - ihatebotdf - justinbiebersucks - onedirectionsucks - 1disgay - ihatejustinbieber - jbsucks - antifamily - 1dsucks - killtheinfection - jbisgay - bvbsucks -
cherrydelmar : #jbsucks #ihatejustinbieber #justinbiebersucks #botdfsucks #ihatebotdf #bvbsucks #1dsucks #onedirectionsucks #killtheinfection #antifamily #1disgay #jbisgay
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- I am NOT a hate page for hate pages. I am an ANTI page for Hate pages. Okay? I am a directioner. I love the boys and I ship Larry (as a romance) so hard. And that's why I made this account. -
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creepycute805 : I'm pretty sure the bands you listen to don't love you either as they also don't personally know you. @tomatojuice726
anti.nash : Can you explain the difference?? I'm not challenging because I haven't offended anybody, just posting how i dislike Nash's behaviour...
anti.hate : @anti.nash Nash hate pages are the people who are sending him hate, telling him to kill himself, sending him death threats, and they probably don't even know why they hate him. Nash Anti pages are ones who dislike or hate Nash because of valid and good reasons, they don't tell Nash to kill himself in the comments or anything, they just try to show people why they dislike him.
12_boys_oh_plz : Now I understand! I'm sorry how I reacted on your another post I truly understand now what your trying to @anti.hate
12_boys_oh_plz : Do and say*
anti.nash : Ah OK. I don't really call myself a hate page and I never want to.
anti.hate : @_.is_this_neverland._ I'm not lol I'm a 1D Defending acc.
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