#fmsphotoaday #fatmumslim #littlemomentsapp #tisfor #thefirsttimeisawyou #12weekscan #baby #love #darcyanderton
darcyanderton - love - 12weekscan - tisfor - littlemomentsapp - fatmumslim - thefirsttimeisawyou - fmsphotoaday - baby -
zippy380 : Though you had 3rd one then lol. @tallulahchica ..
tallulahchica : No @zippy380 the 2 I already have is enough for me πŸ˜„
zippy380 : 3 lol @tallulahchica
trendyontime - thebutlersdidit - nimatalo - pbarella -
My beautiful son or daughter #baby #scan #12weekscan #babynumber2
baby - babynumber2 - 12weekscan - scan -
gillian.duff : Congratulations ;-) xxx
maggiegillespiex - rhiannonmccann - heatherhoggx - catherine_cs -
Our Baby due April 2015 #12weekscan #Aprilbaby #2015baby #mummytobe #baby
2015baby - aprilbaby - mummytobe - 12weekscan - baby -
chillipepper1982 - christinabaker25 - dizzyplumb - beckiec1289 -
Oh yessss we are having a baby ♥ #marriage #baby #bump #beagles #12WeekScan
baby - bump - marriage - 12weekscan - beagles -
sophiexluscombe : Congratulations @xxchantersxx
theneedformead79 : 😱☺️❀️ that's fab news xxxx
lydiaswinger : congratulations sweet πŸ‘ΆπŸ˜˜πŸ‘β€
emmzb77 - fosty_1 - joetranmusic - vimtoclo86 -
#baby #12weekscan #buzzing #LittleWardy
baby - littlewardy - buzzing - 12weekscan -
melissaoxox : Congrats x
tink210989 : Congratulations rick so happy for you both XX
jesshaighton : Congrats :) xx
xhan91x : Oh my goodness congratulations rick!!!! You'll be an awesome dad 😊😊
georgiemagill : Congratulations!! πŸ‘ΆπŸΌ xxx
sjtwomey28 : congrats m8 !!!.
victoriiakate : Awww congratulations Rick... You'll be amazing .x
kars87 : @rickwardy84 yay congrats to u both xxxxx
helenbolt - juanse__gomez - beckyyworrall - sammep12 -
Baby is further along than we thought :) 12+5 today. Not the clearest image but appears to be doing the Thriller dance... #12weekspregnant #12weekscan #exciting #pregnancy #baby #exciting #cute
12weekspregnant - cute - baby - exciting - 12weekscan - pregnancy -
kickine - happybabywrap - ellenjane16 - lacey.lou -
#12weekscan vs #20weekscan πŸ˜ƒ #bigboy
20weekscan - 12weekscan - bigboy -
leelloyd1 : My boy!! πŸ˜πŸ‘
beccajgibbons - olivia_griffiths - xceili - chester_thelab -
So, I'm going to be an aunty in March, pretty bloody excited about it!!! Just look at his/her adorable little undeveloped face! Massive well done to my little sister @ckcoxy and Craig for having fully functioning reproductive systems :D xxx #xenomorph #chestburster #aliens #scan #12weekscan #baby #aunty #tinyhuman #excited
chestburster - xenomorph - 12weekscan - aliens - scan - aunty - baby - tinyhuman - excited -
kingsleybear : Jumped to some conclusions before i read the text there
beckymarycox : Oh no no @kingsleybear, I won't want one of these till I'm physically incapable ha
thirdseason22 : Congrats Auntie Becky! This baby will defo need some zombie influenced sleepsuits or something!! Hehe!
beckymarycox : I've been looking at completely and utterly impractical skeleton/octopus/robot baby costumes all morning @thirdseason22 hahaha
annihilate11 : ...read the text first. I got overly excited. Not that being an aunty isn't exciting of course!!! :-)
beckymarycox : I have had several what the fuck texts today @annihilate11, I didnt really think this through ha
yazzie_mcginn - asurarequiem - kelllyannbrooks - thirdseason22 -
Hi everyone. Meet Baby Alkins. Due date has moved and now due on April 26th. So exciting!!!!! #baby #scan #12weekscan #babyalkins
baby - babyalkins - 12weekscan - scan -
rachel_hope87 - shanalkins - sutton_j - bengta76 -
12 weeks today! 12 week scan tomorrow! V. nervous! #12weekspregnant #12weekscan #pregnant #baby #eep #nervous #FX
12weekspregnant - baby - pregnant - fx - nervous - 12weekscan - eep -
ellenjane16 : Awe good luck babe xx
gorgeoussake : Congrats on your Lil bundle !! (: I just turned 12 weeks today
katiehart91 : I'm only 1 day ahead but that might change today at the dating scan :)
happybabywrap - ellenjane16 - vanessamonique__ - marcoguiseppgertrudis -
That's our baby!! #pregnant #12weekscan #ultrasound #pregnant #excited #april2015baby
ultrasound - april2015baby - 12weekscan - excited - pregnant -
hippemamashop : Enjoy the good time!
mazza_nifty : Congrats! !
sammiaussiegirl : Congrats
mrscarney1988 : Thank you :) @mazza_nifty @sammiaussiegirl
aletia_ - mazza_nifty - nomi_neale - danny_barber -
😭 overload of cuteness. Smudge* was sucking its thumb/hand. Amazing. β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘ feels very real now. Never thought id finally be a mummy. *i call baby smudge cos i had an early reassurence scan at 6 weeks...it was unclear and very smudgey probably due to my higher BMI xD ill let the sonographer off though as smudge was only 6mm big...now 60mm... o.o
chelenic : @kickine what the fudge! When did I miss this?! Congratulations darling xx
trisha_mua : @kickine congratulations!!! πŸ˜ƒ best feeling ever being a mummy xx
kickine : @chelenic n.n thank you lovely x x x will have to steal some expert mummy tips from you next year haha! X
kickine : @trisha_mua hehe thank you πŸ˜‹
hjdavies23 : @kickine OMG how did I miss this?? Congrats! Amazing news can't wait to follow your pregnancy x x x x πŸ˜„πŸ˜„β€οΈπŸ‘£πŸ‘£
kickine : @hjdavies23 hehe! ;) im sneaky! Thank you lovely. :)
rara_louise : Aw congratulations @kickine πŸ’•πŸŽˆπŸ‘ΆπŸΌπŸ˜Š xx
kickine : @rara_louise thank youuu x x x
kellydeedee - vici982 - br4dym4y_xx - emsickle80 -
#IMGONNABEADAD Finally get to start my own little family with my wife @hayleymarie261 #12weekscan #duedate #April29th I finally have everything I ever wanted!
12weekscan - duedate - april29th - imgonnabeadad -
oiisarah : Congrats!!
ellieooo1 : Awwww!! Congratulation Cogs!! =D
g133y : Congrats m8 awesome news mega happy for you #newborn#daddy#goodmems#youwillbeAbrilldad#
bethanhunt : So happy for you both! 😊 xxx
coggyfashion : Thanks guys!!!! Just hope we do a good job! Lol
meggieohh - g133y - 5hanedavies - franceslouisewebber -
16 weeks today until I see this wee face! πŸ‘ΆπŸŽ€ #babyhughes #mummytobe #excited #flyingin #12weekscan #baby #girl #24weekstoday
24weekstoday - babyhughes - mummytobe - 12weekscan - flyingin - baby - girl - excited -
erinmccutcheonx : So excited for u Jennifer! πŸ‘‘πŸ’•
jennifurger12 : It's totally flew in @erinmccutcheonx can't believe in 16weeks she could be here ☺️!
erinmccutcheonx : Eek! Wee princess, you'll have the best time with her!! X
jennifurger12 : I sure will @erinmccutcheonx can't wait to be off work and do so much with her ☺️! It's so exciting!
kkerr20 - erin19923 - paulaxkx - erinmccutcheonx -
We all grow into the beautiful person we are supposed to be πŸ’ž
beautiful - crazy - 1weekold - 9monthsold - newborn - baby - 20weekscan - thisisnow - beaut - thatwasthen - babyboy - stillbafflesme - growingup - babycole - mylittleman - wow - babygrowth - 12weekscan - bigboy - growth - coolkid - fromthentillnow - timeflies - transformation -
fakeprincess89 : #12weekscan #20weekscan #newborn #1weekold #9monthsold #baby #babyboy #babycole #thatwasthen #thisisnow #fromthentillnow #crazy #stillbafflesme #growth #growingup #timeflies #wow #bigboy #beaut #beautiful #mylittleman #babygrowth #transformation
fakeprincess89 : #coolkid
margerymarg_ : Hook them up @the_social_business
karaoke_booth : Some bloody don't Hahahaha x
cedricmoore64 - rebeccalouise17 - kazteks - mar.williams2014 -
Baby Stephenson :) #12weekscan #baby #happy #love
baby - love - 12weekscan - happy -
sarahczajkowski : Congrats Abby! Tell your mam and dad too!😊 x
alannah.lamb : Congratulations Abbie!!! X
bethrudlin : Congratulations Abby!xxxxx @abbstephenson
tarnyalouise : Congratulations πŸ’• xxxxxxxx @abbstephenson
abbstephenson : Thank you :) xxxxxx @sarahczajkowski @alannah.lamb @bethrudlin @tarnyalouise
pheswanx : So so happy for you! X
abbstephenson : Thanks :) starting to feel real now haha x @pheswanx
robinson94x - jadestockton - __nikki__230302__ - rachh379 -
Our lovely twins. They do look rather similar. #12weekscan #pregnancy #twins
pregnancy - twins - 12weekscan -
little_beehive : Congratulations :-)
shaunwatson87 : Thankyou @little_beehive :)
neny_rose - mommameag - tall_dark_and_gruesome - shellbrowny -
I've been bursting to tell the world our amazing news. The new addition to our perfect little family. Me and max couldn't be happier. Due 3rd May 2015. πŸ‘Άβ€οΈ #baby #12weekscan #overthemoon
baby - 12weekscan - overthemoon -
hollythorpe_ - _louiseflemingx_ - maxburrows1 - 92rosemarie -
Baby Buck'iams at 13 weeks not long until my 20week scan now team blue or pink ? #12weekscan #baby #child #growing #scan #pregnancy #exciting #excited
scan - 12weekscan - growing - child - baby - exciting - excited - pregnancy -
sophie_yates2 - sammibritten - tintinmacd - abbielouise4 -
I have fallen in love twice in my life. Now add another two to that. Amazing family i have. #12weekscan #twins #babies #proud
twins - proud - 12weekscan - babies -
neny_rose - laura_nicholson5 - scr33m3r - dwatson93 -
holy shit yikes πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #baby #dad #12weekscan #nosleep #newborne
baby - dad - newborne - 12weekscan - nosleep -
proteinbunny : Boss mate made up for Ye bro congrats xx
shazbomb03 : @farragoonie2812 Congrats to you and your wife ! #excitingtimes
kofi___bossman : Congrats bro πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
farragoonie2812 : @proteinbunny cheers andy @shazbomb03 thanks sharon sleepless nights ...haha @kofi___bossman cheers bro yoi can babysit haha
monaghan3433 : Congratulations mate
shazbomb03 : @farragoonie2812 When you're doing the night feeds and complaining you're tired imagine having twins !!! πŸ‘ΆπŸ‘Ά
farrer2013 : Congratulations
pwincess_kacix : Congratulations xx
michael_cronje - steve2472 - mason41178 - john_p_tuthill -
February2015πŸ’• my baby is my world😘 #babyscan #12weekscan #like4like #likeforlike #followforfollow #follow4follow
likeforlike - follow4follow - followforfollow - like4like - 12weekscan - babyscan -
chantellouiseclancyx : Congratulations, my big sistaaa love youπŸ˜˜πŸ‘ΆπŸ‘£
manuczo : Congratulations
pauli_rodri - ramiro04robles - matteodimasi - karlacowan -
Our little baby sticking the middle finger up at twelve week scan hahaha! #12weekscan #cute #baby #middlefinger #loveofmylife #rude
cute - loveofmylife - rude - baby - middlefinger - 12weekscan -
teeeeeeny_ - theloopster76 - coli_g - lala___xx -
So this is happening in April!!! So bloody excited to be a mummy =D #12weekscan #baby #scary #exciting #@innisharper
baby - scary - exciting - 12weekscan -
stephanie_b08 : Whhaattt???!!!! Congratulations!! How excited are you on a scale of one to 10? X
louise_40sforte : @stephanie_b08 did your mum or Katie not tell you? Thank you I'm about 1098 on a scale of 1 to 10 haha xx
stephanie_b08 : @louise_40sforte maybe a little bit. Hehe. Was waiting for this annoucement. Awww sooo cute. Can wait to see how your bump grows and to meet the little peanut!! X
shannon_louise94 : Congratulations Louise! :O xx
tashix87 : Maybe they'll be late and share a birthday with you!! Congratulations again sweet!! I need to see you soon :) xxx
louise_40sforte : @stephanie_b08 haha thought they might of lol, yeah I'm gonna get fat lol. Thank you @shannon_louise94. @tashix87 that would be kind of cool if we share a birthday, yeah Deffo haven't seen you in ages =)
ag100001 : Oh Louise this is brilliant news!!! Xx
rachvm_1 - inkyjoe89 - kallievictoria - jessica_nw -
I'm so happy to announce @louise_40sforte and I are going to be parents! #baby #12weekscan #sohappy
baby - sohappy - 12weekscan -
leahjamees : Ahhhhh amazing news @innisharper confratulations 😊 x
jvfinnie : Congrats @innisharper you will be the best baby daddy!!! πŸ‘ͺ xxx
liamford07 - leahjamees - geeberscreepers - lorrainecrystal -
Excited to announce that our little family is growing again! Due March 2015 😊❀️ @chrissamanc #12weekscan #babynumber2
babynumber2 - 12weekscan -
mandz0701 : Oh wow that is fantastic news!!! Congrats to all 3 of you xxxx
adznorris : Congrats guys x
eliseguzelian : Congratulations! Xx
sarahh__c : Yay how exciting. Congrats @lsamanc @chrissamanc !! Xx
sallyeverett : Congratulations @lsamanc & @chrissamanc & Linc!! Very excited for you all! Hope your feeling well Lauren Xx
alymiles : Congrats lovely news x @lsamanc
lsamanc : Thank you guys! Super excited and feeling very well so far 😊
jescubis : Congratulations @lsamanc
cawarra_mudgee - alymiles - melissakjohns - bennok79 -
I am already so in love with this little baby. I can't wait till me and Alan have our little squirt here and become a proper family. It's amazing how much you can love a child that hasn't arrived yet. April 2015 better come in quick!! #baby #babygreenshields #scan #12weekscan #goingtobeamummy #incredible #givingawave
goingtobeamummy - givingawave - scan - baby - incredible - 12weekscan - babygreenshields -
yasminhodgexo - amabawbagg - stephaniepottsx - nikkii_nimmo -
Such a clear photo haha we loves you lil one β™‘♥ #baby #12weekscan #love!
baby - love - 12weekscan -
bornsjones16 : Babe im 13 weeks and 4 days not 12 weeks silly. Can't wait until November for the sex. Me and bump love you millionsβ™‘♥
pafcbenheath : Congratulations Jordan :) x
bornsjones16 - pafcbenheath -
cute - love - pregnant - 12weekscan - babyscan - 12weeks - baby - excited -
kerrijanex : #baby #babyscan #pregnant #12weeks #12weekscan #excited #cute #love
aylin24fit : Super!
jackipetrov : Eeeeeeeek
jackipetrov : 😍
laurenjaynenails - thinktink73 - j0shstanley - laurmccourt -
NT scan was amazing! Babies are perfectly healthy and my risk for Downs is 1 in 11000, very low. I am so thankful. We have the genders in an envelope and will be doing a gender reveal on Tuesday (waiting for family). So excited! #ivfsuccess #ivftwins #12weekscan
ivfsuccess - ivftwins - 12weekscan -
rubydou : They can tell gender at 12 weeks now??
kimiko_lang : Congrats !!! Geez counting the days till then !!!
traceyttc : Congratulations Des i am so happy for you.
dasopatistwins : @rubydou I've had two friends find out the sex of their babies with accuracy at 12 weeks. I guess it all depends on the technician, equipment and how baby is positioned. But our doc said he's 90% certain.
apcanales : Can twins be identical boy and girls? @dasopatistwins
dasopatistwins : @apcanales nope identical twins will always be the same sex as it's one embryo that splits.
apcanales : Are you having fraternal twins? @dasopatistwins
kris_a18 : What app is this ? Congrats xx
blldogluvr - laurenmarieggg - addiandkierasmomma - nwinloves2run -
Jazz hands β™‘ my reason for everything now β™‘ #12weekscan #babyharris #love
love - babyharris - 12weekscan -
russellhayward : No friggin WAY.
russellhayward : I had no idea! So happy for you xxxx ahhh
xlolavonrougex : @russellhayward haha I only announced it yesterday β™‘ thank you. It's still sinking In for me xxx
danam322 : Congratulations πŸŽŠπŸ‘ΆπŸ’•πŸΌto you and your hubbyπŸ’
xlolavonrougex : @danam322 thank you lovely lady β™‘ did you see the picture of Max I put up yesterday? He announced it for me β™‘
channelly90 - hero__of__time - davidmarin1981 - danam322 -
So today I had my first ever scan and got to see my little baby for the first time! Safe to say that I cried my eyes out seeing him/her dancing about on the screen... #expecting #mumtobe #pregnant #baby #babyscan #scanphoto #12weekscan #alternativegirls
alternativegirls - mumtobe - pregnant - 12weekscan - babyscan - expecting - baby - scanphoto -
babeetalk : Ahhh!
paigehanervalo : Ahhh!!!!!! πŸ’•πŸ’•
hannfox_ : @paigehanervalo a lot has changed right? Haha xx
paigehanervalo : Mental!!! :'D so happy for you!! I'm gettin Married in May!!! Xx
hannfox_ : Thanks so much! Oh wow, Page that's fucking awesome!!! Proud of ya gal! May haha, my baby will be here the end of April :p xx
hannfox_ : @paigehanervalo forgot to tag you :')
paigehanervalo : It's okay! Ahh I know! It's crazy haha! Awwww!!! :D got any names yet? Xx
littlerichgirlok - raebae420 - xwhenimdeadx - mistermikelove -
Baby Kouchekpour due april 13th :) #12weekscan
12weekscan -
missljbaby : Congrats!! Let me no if u need any baby bits I have loads for sale xx
lottieloo21 : Congrats bbe xx
thetigerwhocametotea : So happy for you babe. x
8lolly8 : Congratulations! X
ktb1988 : Congratulations 🎊 x
laura.kirk.9 : Congratulations ☺ xx
thetigerwhocametotea - michelleann30 - ellmaes - luke_malyk69 -
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