My final project/assignment for digital audio design is currently uplaoding. Its been real its been fun, peace out DAD #addingsfx #adobeaudition #digitalaudiodesign #designstudent #fullsail #12monthstogo
adobeaudition - designstudent - fullsail - 12monthstogo - digitalaudiodesign - addingsfx -
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Six weeks in summer travelling from California to Europe and on to the Greek Islands. Yep. This is happening! #planning #holidays #europe #12monthstogo #excitedmuch
europe - planning - 12monthstogo - excitedmuch - holidays -
lauren_candice : πŸ˜ƒβœˆπŸΉπŸŒŠ
thomo89 : @mattybachl take me to the Greek islands with you!!! 😊
lachlanmantell - instabrad77 - tmitch86 - joeysocial1 -
365 days until I marry the love of my life @tom12hawk ! β€οΈπŸ˜˜πŸ˜πŸ’πŸ‘°πŸ’’πŸŽ‰ #greernealwedding #fiancΓ© #love #wedding #bridetobe #groomtobe #countdown #12monthstogo #weddingplanning #loveofmylife #happy #future #blessed
fiancΓ© - loveofmylife - love - 12monthstogo - groomtobe - blessed - countdown - greernealwedding - wedding - bridetobe - weddingplanning - future - happy -
assaiel17 : @mzavip !!!!!
foreverphotographystudio : LOVE it!
shirleyxopiedad - bela_scl - foreverphotographystudio - lightbulbvideography -
#goals #2015 #ifbb #soexcited #trainhard #12monthstogo #igotthiss
trainhard - soexcited - 12monthstogo - 2015 - ifbb - igotthiss - goals -
clockart : @bbaimeemelissa what category are you aiming for? Im competing either march inba fitness rookie show or April wbff fitness category so exciting
bbaimeemelissa : Novice figure nzifbb
bbaimeemelissa : @clockart which I believe gives me one year!
clockart : @bbaimeemelissa with those shoulders you should kill it! AU has season A and B but the season B looks like the more rookie ones... Last year I planned October 18th this year sister is getting married that weekend πŸ˜• so pushed back 6 months! Can't wait to follow your journey xx
bbaimeemelissa : You too @clockart ! We can inspire each other babe's! Rock on! I love with the sport x
bbaimeemelissa : *In love
clockart : @bbaimeemelissa πŸ™πŸ™Œ keep grinding I'll keep perving on your shoulders πŸ‘Š
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This is me all over! #hateexamtime #thinkingofthefuture #12monthstogo #soexcited
soexcited - hateexamtime - 12monthstogo - thinkingofthefuture -
dellwelsh : You can do it πŸ‘
__mak__123 : @dragon321boomhotmailcom
tiffanyy_64 - _justevelde_ - tahliasky_ - dellwelsh -
#weddingshopping #glass #dispensers #lovesales #barginshopper #12monthstogo
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3rd year #12monthstogo#letsdothis
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xxmelb1998xx : πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ‘xxxx
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Getting my wedding fix-on, I have so many ideas! #bridetobe #futurebride #bride #weddingplanning #wedding #12monthstogo #engagedandhappy #weddingbook #bride2be #texasgirl
weddingplanning - 12monthstogo - futurebride - engagedandhappy - weddingbook - bride - bride2be - wedding - bridetobe - texasgirl -
slimfitpromo7 : Your so pretty and I love your sense of fashion. Your body look great do you waist train like me. Thats how I got a small waist
malih09 - amandabrinkmakeup - tariq1941 - vannieluvzu -
12monthstogo -
lauracatherine89 - leannacarragher - karla_coburn -
Gimme it! πŸ™Š #12monthstogo #newcar #hurryup
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Eeeekkkk! 12 month count down has begun! This time next year I'll be Mrs Wiz!! πŸ‘°πŸ’πŸ’Žβ€οΈ #wedding #dateset #mr #mrs #12monthstogo #bringiton
dateset - 12monthstogo - wedding - mr - bringiton - mrs -
maryg8 : LOVE this @caryswatkin xxx
loz810 : Ahhh excited!!!! Can't wait to see my gorgeous friend tie the knot! πŸ‘°
rhianjones100 : Cool pic... Mrs Wiz πŸ‘ xx
michaela_fern - bluejones99 - ellis33 - peter_steele1 -
Great email to start the day. #actuallynowherenear #thanksforremindingme #unilife #12monthstogo
actuallynowherenear - unilife - 12monthstogo - thanksforremindingme -
jc_zibit - jesse.proud - samlavin88 - matiqua -
The Countdown is on July 2015 #disneyworld #florida #12monthstogo
florida - 12monthstogo - disneyworld -
ashee2 : Did u book nxt years already?super jello:)))
kelliemasterson : No haven't booked it yet, tis the plan tho :)
kelliemasterson : @ashee2
ashee2 : I love florida:))) did i see u in gym tonight?if not it was literally ur twin:)
kelliemasterson : No haven't been to the gym since before my hols, really bad sun burn and my sinus infection is back :( grrr
ashee2 : Ah jaysus scarlet for me smiling at some girl dat was ur twin:) prob tought i was a perve.oh no,uts the changeable weather-mskes sinuses bad:(
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Dat bulking gut πŸ™ˆπŸ™‰πŸ™Š #12monthstogo #amature #ifbb #bodybuilding #foodprep #needmoremass #keeponkeepinon!
needmoremass - 12monthstogo - amature - bodybuilding - ifbb - keeponkeepinon - foodprep -
sarahilic : 😍😍
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America 2015 is BOOKED!! #contiki #noregrets #america #usa #california #sandiego #sanfransisco #newyork #washington #la #shopping #soexcited #12monthstogo #travel #holiday #amaze @kasstaculaa
shopping - 12monthstogo - noregrets - washington - soexcited - california - america - contiki - usa - sandiego - la - travel - amaze - sanfransisco - holiday - newyork -
lifelessfun : Follow please ☺️☺️
mattyhaytch90 : Soooo good @emilyykatee92
emilyykatee92 : @mattyhaytch90 you gotta tell me all the amazing places to go 😊
_vicki_7 : Omg I'm so jelly but xcited for you, shop till you drop girlfriend πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ
brittanyjude_ - alinabrooklyn - mattyhaytch90 - elle268 -
This time next year I'll be getting ready to become Mrs Mulligan.....eeekk #12monthstogo
12monthstogo -
charlstevens - lilmiss1102 - sophieald_24 - sarahlovesthebeatles -
FiancΓ© πŸ’• xx #datenight @asyoulikeitjes #asyoulikeit #dinner #cocktails #jesmond #couple #12monthstogo @paulg40
cocktails - dinner - 12monthstogo - datenight - couple - asyoulikeit - jesmond -
amylamb15 - asyoulikeitjes - vitranidarmawi - zoesayles41 -
Last day of annual leave face #foreverholidaying #12monthstogo #whatiswork #verycoolveryhandsomeilikeit #verygentleman #powertrip #tuitillidie #noangleengaged
bae - mcm - noangleengaged - tagforlikes - 12monthstogo - foreverholidaying - instafame - powertrip - verycoolveryhandsomeilikeit - whatiswork - verygentleman - yolo - tuitillidie -
chadalexandercullen : #nofilter
jocklife_ : #instafame #tagforlikes #bae #mcm #yolo @chadalexandercullen haha
chadalexandercullen : #shout4shout #instagood #selfie
chadalexandercullen : Hahahaha
dubsy873 : I fully need to chat to you about your trip. I'm off to Europe on September
jocklife_ : @dubsy873 for sure man! Message me you are going to love it... Where are you heading?
peanutbutterpete - vch1102 - leahnicolecullen - king_caspersz -
A year from now I will be married. Already hit the 12 month mark. Time to really get on SAVING and PLANNING mode. #soontobehusband #oneyearfromnow #planning #saving #lgwedding2015 #12monthstogo #itsgoingtobeawesome #cantwait #062715
itsgoingtobeawesome - saving - 12monthstogo - oneyearfromnow - 062715 - lgwedding2015 - planning - soontobehusband - cantwait -
liizz2011 : @sophiasmamii He will have to wait until I'm 30 lol
joe_z1 : From what I heard his the one Savin but in the other hand ur not. @liizz2011
liizz2011 : @joe_z1 hahaha I save too. All my change lol
gabeskie : For real. Im the one saving. She over here partying. Lol. @joe_z1 @liizz2011
liizz2011 : @gabeskie Baby I do save. Well I try but there are too many temptations out there
joe_z1 : I believe u homie u got to get her in check bro desde orita. @liizz2011
liizz2011 : @joe_z1 okay no.
joe_z1 : Yes @liizz2011
joe_z1 - adriianavergara - socalmel89 - shaina_el_bee -
#12monthstogo #thecountdownison @scarbrook
12monthstogo - thecountdownison -
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Let the digging begin!! We all got up and out bright and early to see our dream home get started!! #decezrez #12monthstogo
decezrez - 12monthstogo -
krplv : Great place for a fam pic. Love it. Excited for you all.
krittythegecko : This will be a fun 12 months on Insta!! Can't wait to see it when it's completed
h8taw8 : So excited to watch this whole process. #thehousethatgeniusbuilt
gretchenschubert : So exciting!
annieruokay99 : That's awesome!
heatherlevario : How exciting! I can't wait to see the finished project! Your family is adorable!
lindskenn : I'm so excited for you!
shelly.allen : That is awesome! I look forward to updates on the progress!
rtdecesare - jennlin10 - mjsweeney2012 - stacysyoung -
Only 24 more hours before this empty lot turns into a construction site! They start digging the basement Thursday am!! #clockstartsnow #12monthstogo
clockstartsnow - 12monthstogo -
lalalolly : Get the time lapse photos started!
harmonykellis : Awesome!
sonnyag : So excited for you guys!
natandmostlykylie : Whoot whoot!!
lexinesevertson : So exciting! What an adventure! Can't wait to see pictures of the progress! To design a home of my own would be an absolute dream of mine! Where's your lot at?
rebec9001 : How exciting!
diananovaklee : Very exciting!
shanell25 : That's pretty exciting!
jendestefano325 - justjulesx1 - kbwildcat - auntbecky -
Happy 7 year anniversary to these guys @itssk1p @its_bee_hamilton #12monthstogo #hagay #sexyboy #starshots #nevergoingtogetold #paybackisgoingtohurt #wellworthit #skip #shirtsofffortheboys #cute #stilltryingtogrowthatgoatee #cantwaitgorbaliwedding #BeeanSkipsWedding
cute - shirtsofffortheboys - paybackisgoingtohurt - 12monthstogo - skip - stilltryingtogrowthatgoatee - sexyboy - hagay - wellworthit - nevergoingtogetold - beeskipwedding - beeanskipswedding - cantwaitgorbaliwedding - starshots -
its_bee_hamilton : I knew this was coming @snides55 !! U are going to regret this.... U know what @itssk1p is like! X
snides55 : #beeskipwedding
itssk1p : Ahhhh snuggles when will u learn @snides55 ya got no one to blame but ur self now lol @its_bee_hamilton
snides55 - emiliechuv - b_rad187 - neveraing195298 -
Drinks with my beautiful fiancΓ© at a great little spot #12monthstogo #365daystogetfit
365daystogetfit - 12monthstogo -
jessleress : Happy one year to go!
lydherdman : You have one FIT fiancΓ© Rob. Happy one year in advance anni guys! Xxx
adey_hd - graceturner92 - sifarrant - lydherdman -
I had to post thisπŸ˜·πŸ’‰πŸ’ŠπŸ“š we're celebrating tonight @tat2shae πŸ’™πŸ’πŸΈπŸπŸ’¨ I got an A on my 1st exam πŸ‘“πŸ“yay!!!!#nursingschool#LVN#12monthstogo#
nursingschool - 12monthstogo - lvn -
isaiahbroun : Nice job nancy!
nancymay2 : @_mrsfit_ aww😍 thank you girlπŸ’“miss you!!xoxo😘
nancymay2 : @isaiahbroun thank you😊😊😊
nancymay2 : @therealbooba yesπŸ˜‰πŸ‘we have to celebrate when you Graduate πŸŽ“πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠπŸΈπŸ‘―...so proud of youπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘you're almost there!!!!!!!love youπŸ’•πŸ’•xoxo😘
therealbooba : @nancymay2 yes we do... Aww thank u it means so much. Love you too ❀️😚
tat2shae : βœ¨βœ¨πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜β€β€
debbie_zarate : I'll be seeing you soon , I'm going to Cali this summer 😻 @nancymay2
lmohad : Good. Job butters πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜Š
hashtagandyhope - jennasees - mrsfive - savannielee -
Half the yr is almost over, imma take advantage of the other half....my plan is to NEVER be skinny....I been skinny before and my momma said I looked like a sick unhealthy walking dead person....time to start losing a little fat, get to my ideal goal weight, convert it into muscle & tone up 😜πŸ’ͺ #MealPlan #1500CalsADay #24hrFitnessClasses #Yoga #Pilates #DanceClasses #Bodypump #Zumba #Squats #Weights #HomeVideos #iWannaTryitAll #4to5lbsAMonthisGoodWithMe #LetsDoThis #12monthsToGo #WatchMySuccess
watchmysuccess - 12monthstogo - squats - homevideos - mealplan - danceclasses - 1500calsaday - 24hrfitnessclasses - pilates - yoga - zumba - letsdothis - 4to5lbsamonthisgoodwithme - bodypump - weights - iwannatryitall -
gracie_elaaa : @baddgirl562 we can go hiking or hit the culver city stairs one weekend your available when you don't have to study 😁
baddgirl562 : Hi Cristina!! ;)....@gracie_elaaa aww OK ...yes I'll let u know.. I have the month of August off we should do something...BTW do u have my number I don't have urs I had one but I think it was ur friends?
gracie_elaaa : No I just checked and don't have it....you can delete the one you have I don't talk to her anymore.... @baddgirl562 text me when you get it so I can delete it 😊
wrapstargabby : Love your motivation
kellsny10 : Go back to Laughlin and drink the river water the whole weekend. Guaranteed weight loss!
gracie_elaaa : Stickin to it 😊 @wrapstargabby
gracie_elaaa : Ewwwwwwwww!!!! 😷😷😷😷😷 @kellsny10
christinamariscal1 : Hello @baddgirl562
celestedeleon_ - jazzey1988 - mommie_of_03 - funsizeramos -
Jup: Day by day wen time goes by my luv for u expands wic brighten my heart n soul for u... Nw we r totally engage im more focusin on our future to be beta n beta... i wish n hope dat we will success in our marriage life dgn berkat laa ilaaha illaah muhammadur rasullaah... kite merancang tuhan menetu kan... asalkn kite berusaha dgn ibadah kerna allah SWT... Inshaa allaah... keberkatan dr die mudah mudahan murah rezki...amiin... #jufriqin #elfyeqin31 #18may14 #love #engagement #2015 #BigWeddingSoon #12monthsToGo #wedding #white #malay #gown #traditional #makeup
gown - makeup - love - 12monthstogo - 18may14 - engagement - malay - bigweddingsoon - traditional - jufriqin - wedding - 2015 - white - elfyeqin31 -
kucengsesat : @elfyeqin31 kahwin jangan lupa jemput!!
elfyeqin31 : Its a must! I mintak ur num tat day. Psl i nak jemput u den u num da tukar.. @kucengsesat
kucengsesat : @elfyeqin31 Alamak!!!! Sorry lah!! No wonder I'm wondering asal lah you never jemput me!! Hehe. Ok I pm you pat Facebook my number orait.
irdeen_collection : Hey! Feel free to visit our ig :D
10gorgeous : Amazing!
putrihermann - nurulikab - zeta_reticulee -
Beard update: it's gettin outta control... And I love it. #beardos #almostaman #12monthstogo #2015nattys @drewwhamilton @mikestilborn @beastmodebeards
12monthstogo - almostaman - 2015nattys - beardos -
beastmodebeards : Hells yes! πŸ’₯πŸ‘ŠπŸ’₯ @ajscott14
travislegault - braydoncaster - braedonmcleod - jglegs -
"Kau masih kucintai..sungguh..dari hari pertama kau ku kenali..sungguh pasti seyakin nya pasti..engkau milik ku.." #elfyeqin31 #jufriqin #180514 #love #engagement #12monthstogo #2015 #soon #bigday
love - 12monthstogo - engagement - soon - bigday - jufriqin - 2015 - 180514 - elfyeqin31 -
helmimira : Congrats babe! Sorry aku tak dpt hadir! Mislook ur big day! N was bz wif weekend! Sorry!!
freen_roxc : Lawannye Qin.... ! Congrats both ..! Happy for both!
botak_jones : Lawa sey kakak aku. For the first tyme nampak kakak lawa gini @elfyeqin31 #kacauje
elfyeqin31 : Thank U @helmimira .. No worries.. Next yr must come ok! Awww tx @freen_roxc for thw complimwnt
freen_roxc - putrihermann - qaliffah - jon_raihan -
Another day in the life of a student nurse! #redlips #nursing #12monthstogo #placement #plasticsurgery #loveit
placement - 12monthstogo - loveit - plasticsurgery - redlips - nursing -
karmataylor - terinamatura - kiwi_fit - justjoshhinn -
12hrs more to go.... Dont forget to hashtag us at #jufriqin and #elfyeqin31.. Credit to MdJufri for this lovely sketch..See u all there... #TheDayIsHere #love #ring #sketch #us #12monthsToGo
sketch - love - 12monthstogo - us - jufriqin - ring - thedayishere - elfyeqin31 -
imahikim : Congrats.. sori tak dtg..all the best☺
kynrashid - putrihermann - haziqstoner - fazzywuzzy -
Badly missing you. #12monthstogo
12monthstogo -
chelledie02 : miss you too..
odiodiada : Love you so much.. 😚😚😚
odiodiada - chelledie02 - imkhazie -
Probably should get used to this weather #moveingtolondon #12monthstogo #fuckthecold
moveingtolondon - fuckthecold - 12monthstogo -
sallyjwaters -
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