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Using our #metalletters to make our #open #sign for out on the sidewalk of #depotstreet . #palletwood #metal #rust #patina #texture #display #boutique #depotstreetboutique #theglobalswapshop #salvagestyle #sarahsmithsalvagestyle #typewriterfont #14inchletters #10inchletters #arrow #metalarrow #easttennessee #tennessee #smokymountains #greenevilletn #shopsmall #smallbusiness
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terriellenburg : Ok, so... I just stalked your entire feed! I drive by that shop every time I go to the post office!! And I see those metal letters everywhere! I can't believe your based out of my little home town! How do I not know you?! ❀️😍 Do you custom the metal signs? I'd love to have one with my business name!
sarahsmithsalvage : @terriellenburg 😁. We moved our business here about 2 years ago and recently decided to have a retail space... We are the makers of the metal letters and signs, and yes we can make you oneπŸ‘. We still haven't opened to the public because we have been swamped with wholesale orders, but soon!!! We are there every day 10-6 in the office so feel free to stop by and introduce yourself! I have met very few people in the community, so we are looking forward to getting to know peopleπŸ‘
terriellenburg : Well welcome friend! πŸ‘‹πŸ» Were so glad to have you here!!! 😁 I'll stop by one day next week maybe! Thanks so much doll!
home_of_four : @rustedarrowdesigns 😍😍😍
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We can make you a custom sign or you can buy our individual letters and build your own... #sarasotaarchitecturalsalvage #10inchletters #patina #rust #reclaimedwood #doityourself #wholesale #theglobalswapshop #signmakers #sarasmithsalvagestyle #salvagestyle
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sarahsmithsalvage : @jen_sez we are in the same spot!
salvagesista : Oh that's awesome
environmentfurniture : Great!
qu33nb3ad3signs : Message me pls. Needs something custom and pricing.
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