Met my favorite morning show girls today! Yay!! #ElvisDuran&theMorningShow #1075kissfm #ISF2014 #bucketlist
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radiodaniellemonaro : great meeting you
minmaj3783 : @radiodaniellemonaro was so great to meet you all as well! Hopefully we convinced Elvis to bring you all back for Baconfest this winter! :)
littlewordsproject : Love them!!
stud_life13745 : The beautiful women of the morning show 👌❤️
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Catch Forever Undefined on 98 Iheart pop stations. Here are some of the stations participating; www.wkdd.com Www.kiss108.com and www.1075kissfm.com the song is Ok Alright. #1075kissfm #kiss108
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Party time with The Nadas! #jasperwinery #thenadas #1075kissfm #gustopizza #chocolateriestam #forecastsuccess
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In studio at #1075KISSFM #motown #musicismylife #lukeinbc
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It's a 3-way #tbt! Tom Davis & me with @shakira at the 2001 Billboard Music Awards in Vegas. Me & Shaggy at Hard Rock Live Orlando 2002. Finally, me and @jillrines after meeting Sisquo in Memphis circa 1999! #houston #texas #orlando #florida #memphis #tennessee #xl1067 #hardrockorlando #1075kissfm #shaggy #sisquo #shakira #damnblondehighlights
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iamjessicabonilla : Ohhhhh my Goodness. I am gonna crop this pic of Tom and put it on his door! Lol
foxychels13 : The real question here is what happened to the frosted tips????
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I cant see myself ever watching the news in my life. There isnt shit for me to watch. If it dont effect my pockets, i dont care to listen to it. Im not trying to start my morning hearing some bullshit #ESPN #StephenASmith #1075FM #1075KISSFM #KISSFM #SteveHarvey #SteveHarveyRadio #SteveHarveyRadioShow #SteveHarveyShow #NewsIsSomeBullshit #TheMediaSucks
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montega_bodat : Lol ^^^
kinkynotcurlychi : World News Isn't Bad
krysita : Its a cop-out @cuddymclovin there are plenty of news sources available, u should want to be informed about whats going on. Cats being saved is that exemplar of new no cares about.... Id love to watch/listen to a good deeds news network @datgalcarma_ Thats how id start my day. Hell even if u start ur morning watching daily show reruns at least you will be mildly aware.
girlgonebold : TV one news is like that!
cuddymclovin : @krysita personally speaking, i dont give two shits about whats going around the world. I wont even visit three quarters of those places talked about and ppl around the world dont even know i exist. So why should i been concerned about something out side of my country let alone city?...if it doesnt and will not effect me in the future, then i dont care. I got my own problems to worry about and clearly its not important to anyone because i didnt make the news...ppl die every day, babies are born every day, gas is high, and politicians are corrupt, i dont careeee. I rather consume my time with things i have an interest in, like how to make a million by 30, get a FHA 203 k loan with very low interest rates or how to land on the Oprah show. Why isnt that on the news? Thats not important? Because it sure is to me!!!
krysita : Local news then. AND there is plenty of news around 203k with actual facts .... thats the hottest thing in the re market that news is constant. What interest rate do u consider low for 203k? There are alternatives that results the same.... like ever consider a forgivable loan for repairs and updating instead? Or repair loan at 2.2%?
datgyalcarma_ : Krysita... Bottom line is. The news is filled with murder, accidents, scandals, WAY MORE than good stuff. Trust me. I'm taking Criminology and it's been shown that people are afraid of being jumped, robbed, raped, because of what they see on tv. As soon as my eyes were open to that, I start watchin the news and just roll my eyes at all the dramatization and irrelevant stories. There were only 11 murders in my city last year yet the news reported over 100 stories of murder, assault etc. They report on other places in the world... It's called viewers. And they are gunna get them as long as viewers wanna see and hear all that shit.
datgyalcarma_ : @krysita
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Last day in #radio. I'm gonna miss it. #1075KISSFM
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electric_blarney : Congratulations! So grateful that our time there crossed at the time it did and I didn't leave before you arrived. I'm so proud of you and can't wait to see what's next! Enjoy that freedom from the evil hotline!
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First live shift at 107.5 Kiss FM, listen live at 1075kiss.com!
1075kissfm -
bigbuffbouman : #1075kissfm
codybarendregt : Finally. You work for a decent station.
codybarendregt : Also. Sunglasses at night?! Right meow.
lishgarv : Good for you Kurtis!! I'm sure sunfm will miss ya 😉
bigbuffbouman : @lishgarv thanks so much! You're the best @codybarendregt you know I will next time 😉
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How I make cake... #productive #someonegivemesomethingtodowithmylife #pillsbury #nojudgement
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redwagonmusic : #1075kissfm
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Sundays are my day in studio. #radio #music #1075kissfm
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electric_blarney : Sorry.
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Amazing weekend!! #thewanted #1075kissfm #girlsweekend
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#iowastatefair #thewanted #107.5kissfm
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daniellelynn27 : #1075kissfm
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Cuties @wesleystromberg @keatonstromberg @drewchadwickmusic @emblemthree #wesleystromberg #wesley #keatonstromberg #keaton #drewchadwick #drew #cute #emblemthree #emblem3 #1075kissfm #kissfm #adorable
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brie_espinosa : @wesleystromberg @keatonstromberg @drewchadwickmusic
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Mike Posner<3 #amazing #babe #MP #pages #lovehim #dream #sohappy #jade #desmoines #1075kissfm #iowa #beast
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calvaryforcookies : <333 omg
ichristine23 : Ikr! <3 he is so adorable! #perfectsmile
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Just putting in work and eating cuties. #EatingClean #Wild1075 #z1043 #1075KissFM
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corrinbauer : YOU'RE a cutie!
webgirlkelsie : ^^^ truth!
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