Made my #birthdaywish . Thank you to everyone for all the birthday greetings 😁 #04291992
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zepeachpewp : Omigod! Sorry love >.< happy belated bday! ❀
elaineadev : @zepeachpewp lol it's ok thank you though πŸ˜„
nicky_buckets25 : Happy belated bday from the Cadena family
heewheeperkins : Happy late birthday! !!
elaineadev : @nicky_buckets25 @heewheeperkins thank you πŸ˜€
jayarodriguez_ : Happy belated birthday! Love you cuzzooooo! 😘😘❀❀
luv.boba : Happy belated birthday!! Luv u! (:
elaineadev : @jayarodriguez_ @its_dommoo thank you two! I'll be back home in 3 weeks! See you both soon 😍😘😁
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Finally, first #selfie now that I'm #22 ! In one year I've been through many difficult situations and persevered. In 29 days I chose to make one final difference in myself before another chapter in my life ends. It's been fun #21, but I'm ready to double things up with even higher expectations. My only wish today is for another year to go by with happiness and priceless memories regardless of my situation.
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sammyyypen : Youre back in cali soon? See you soon (: Enjoy your bday!
zepeachpewp : GEEEEET IT GIRRRRL!
elaineadev : @sammyyypen can't wait! @zepeachpewp thank you! I'll be seeing you at LA Fitness in 2 weeks lol
zepeachpewp : D'awwwwh I dont go with my cousins & sisters anymore :c youll be seeing them tho xD haha.
elaineadev : @zepeachpewp lol well I'll see you soon! 😁
zepeachpewp : Ofcourse :D I look forward to it love!
maireerohz : I'm soooo proud of you! I haven't done nothing!!
elaineadev : @maireerohz thank you love, it's only just the beginning. I gotta keep my new years resolution on track πŸ˜†
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Watched a documentary on the LA Riots the other day. Can't believe it's been 20 yrs. It got me to put this on my #iphone #04291992 #LA #riots #RodneyKing #cantwealljustgetalong #vh1 #rockdocs #Uprising
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rey_perez : Almost forgot #throwbackthursdays
angel_5015 : That was the year i was born. #TimeFliesBy
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