Vivid colours along adobe structures, that’s what your eyes will be pleased to look at in the Uyghur culture centre—Kashgar. • 砖土墙面混搭生动的色彩。维吾尔族文化的中心喀什,总会让你眼前一亮。
touchofforever : I'm in love with your photos overall but this one simply stole my heart ♥
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Kashgar is the Marrakesh of China. Did you spot the little girl in the photo? • 喀什是中国的马拉喀什。你看到照片里的小女孩了吗?
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Back to Kashgar unfinished stories before it’s all gone. Kashgar that has been the heart of the Silk Road and praised by the well-known explorer Marco Polo in his books when he said, “there are a good number of towns and villages, but the greatest and finest is Cascar itself”. • 今天继续讲之前喀什没说完的故事。喀什曾是丝绸之路的中心,著名的旅行家马可波罗在他的书中这样赞扬过这个城市:“这里有很多的城镇和乡村,但喀什这个地方本身就是其中最好的。”
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adash - vsco - uyghur - mychinagram - 东北大学 - 沈阳 - shenyang - vscochina - china - 羊肉串 - vscocam - 新疆人 -
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#Happy birthday#26th#おめでとう#ケーキ#新疆人#Feliz Cumpleaños#しょーもな しんくんやっぱイケメンやんな。
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People with colorful outfits walking past blue “walls” in Kashgar. 衣着先艳的妇女路过喀什的一道蓝“墙”
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The Kashgar afternoons are enjoyable by wandering about the tunneled alleyways and meeting the locals. 在这样狭长的巷子闲逛,和当地人不期而遇,让喀什的午后时光变得如此惬意。
oldcity - 喀什 - 乌鲁木齐 - kashgar - 维族 - 新疆 - eastturkestan - مۇسۇلمان - قەشقەر - urumqi - 维吾尔族 - ئىسلام - xinjiang - 噶尔老城 - uyghur - 维吾尔人 - 高台民居 - ئۇيغۇر - 维吾尔 - uighur - ئۈرۈمچى - inuyghur - 中国 - china - 新疆人 - شىنجاڭ -
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People walking past green walls in Kashgar.
logicbloke : ما شاء الله، تبارك الله
logicbloke : @amo_el_islam Check out this Chinese brother. Even how he covers himself properly with a traditional jellaba rather than a modern outfit. ما شاء الله
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Postcard from Kashgar // 喀什明信片
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That light at the end of the alley. Don't hurry for the light, you might want to stay inside the alley for the breeze escaping the heat. You might want also to examine how tree stumps and wood structures are put together to sustain and hold up the tunnel's ceiling. 那一束照亮巷尾的光。不要着急追赶光明,或许你可以呆在巷子里逃离炎夏,享受微风的清凉。或者就静静的观察这些树桩和木头是如何搭建并支撑起了整个巷道。
captionblock - 高台民居 -
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igmirien : @kmylroie :))
igmirien : @mzkaew It's not all written by me actually, I ask my Chinese friends yo translate my English caption so it would be perfect :p
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A portrait of my friend Daniel (@dhersz) who I have introduced to you in a previous photo. He's here this time presented in Uyghurs' style. 我的朋友Daniel, 在之前的照片里也介绍过他。他这次来到喀什,完全被维吾尔族的风格迷住了。
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我是大脸猫 #fat #girl #night #selfie #goodnight #sleep #university #student #Unimap #新疆 #新疆人 #中国人 #Chinese
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If you wander in the streets and neighborhoods of Kashgar, you will never get bored; your eyes will be overwhelmed by the genuinely colorful outfits of women—from their headscarves to dresses and robes. Here's a beautiful headscarf with flowers! 请在评论中阅读中文版本的故事。
igmirien : @jbelzine Chokran sahbi !
touchofforever : That's it! I must finally admit! I have a huge crush on your photographic style, your compositions and just simply your eye for beautiful things and people! Thank you for making your work available so openly and freely.
igmirien : @touchofforever Tanmirt my friend! Thank you very much for this comment and for the encouragement. Abdela with love!
nikolausi1974 : Love all the shades of blue. Great pic.
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arnucko : @rickenchickens Haha I actually saw his photos through your account awhile back and started following him! @igmirien Abdela your work is just beautiful. This photo in particular gave me pause the other day. The composition is 👌
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He wanted to have his photo taken in the middle of his playground : ) 他说想站在他玩耍的巷子中间照一张相。
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Ahmet is a carpenter who used to live in the residential area on high platform in Kashgar, an area dating 600 years back—He’s missing it. Its dwellings were originally made of mud adobe, but many of them started collapsing leading its tenants to either replace them with brick structures or move to other parts of the city. Ahmet was one of the latter; he moved with his family to a two-story modern house, where he have set his workspace on the ground floor. He’s 48 years old and he’s been a woodworker for nearly 12 years; taking over his dad after passing away. 请在评论中阅读中文版本的故事。
oldcity - 喀什 - 乌鲁木齐 - kashgar - 肖像 - 维族 - 新疆 - eastturkestan - قەشقەر - مۇسۇلمان - portrait - urumqi - 维吾尔族 - ئىسلام - xinjiang - 噶尔老城 - uyghur - 维吾尔人 - 高台民居 - ئۇيغۇر - 维吾尔 - uighur - ئۈرۈمچى - inuyghur - 中国 - china - 新疆人 - شىنجاڭ -
igmirien : @pdahv ;)
sanacumulusma : We can see all the difficult time that he lived in the past in his deepest look ....thanx for sharing this pic with us :)
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That's my reward :) 这是对我的奖励!
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Back to Kashgar stories. Love, as inscribed on this wall, is all what people in this city behind these old walls have to offer. I planned to stay there for just 5 days, but ended up spending more than 10 days, visiting some places more than twice. It’s in the poor neighborhoods that you’re most likely to run into some random great people, yet humble. I was invited by numerous families during Ramadan to join them for fast-breaking dinners. I was amazed by how they can share everything they have with a stranger they meet for the first time—Empty pockets, happy smiles and hearts full of love. 请在评论中阅读中文版本的故事。
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igmirien : @limbotic 我很高兴知道你是维吾尔族。我爱维吾尔人喀什是我最喜欢的中国城市。我希望能见到你的一天。照顾我的朋友!
limbotic : @igmirien 我也很高兴能在这里认识到你,看你拍的新疆风物和写下来的文字,我很喜欢。有机会一定会见面的。
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Bouniya—Zamrbik’s wife—has this little smile that tugs on the corner of her lips and lights up her face. They invited us to see their house—which is made of stone, not like a yurt—and say hi to her mother. Make no mistake, we weren’t allowed to leave before having a meal with them. I hope I will see them again. 请在评论中阅读中文版本的故事。
hihaveyoumet - postthepeople -
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I didn’t believe him when he told me that he’s 24 years old, so he showed me his ID card. Zamrbik is Kyrgyz and lives in the village nearby Karakul lake. “He changed,” his friend Abduvaid says, “he just got married and he’s already someone else; we spend less time together and we rarely meet for motorbikes tours. I understand that his priorities changed, but I already miss the olden days.” 请在评论中阅读中文版本的故事。
hihaveyoumet - postthepeople - makeportraits -
shelbymcohen : Honestly, this is going to me new favorite gallery. Beautiful photos. I lived in Fuzhou for almost 2 years and my biggest regret was not making it to Xinjiang. Keep em coming!
mikeyguooo : I'm very touched with your picture and the background story!! It must be a great adventure for you, it's also my dream to meet those people who has an unique story!
lyndawnnnnnn : I can join to write the Chinese version for your portraits as well. I promise you to write well:D
igmirien : @lyndawnnnnnn Great! Thanks a lot. cc @lucasyuliu @teresa_sang @senlingongmin you have now a new member joining the translation team :p
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_rubyyang : I volunteer to interpret for you~~ I'm Taiwanese.😊
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We had the chance to meet a nice cute visitor from the neighboring yurt. 正好遇到一位住隔壁帐篷的可爱小朋友来访。
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Jyrgal—Abduvaid's wife—has been already notified by our arrival and was awaiting us in front of the yurt. She's been very kind to us; she offered us some delicious bread, yak milk tea and butter. She wasn't speaking any Chinese but her smile and face expressions bridged the language gap. I couldn't resist and asked her for a photo with her son. 请在评论中阅读中文版本的故事。
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We've been invited later to a yurt, belonging to Abduvaid, to have some food. Here's a photo from the entrance. 稍后,Abduvaid邀请我们去他家的帐篷里用餐。这就是帐篷入口处的风景。
igmirien : @pdahv 🙏🙏
igmirien : @jemmazoerogers Hey Jemma! Glad that these photos make you want visit the region, it is really stunning, and it's not just by its nature but also its people :)
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Taalay, an 18-year-old Kyrgyz man who was obliged to return home last year after 5 years spent in a Chinese boarding school. He dropped out because his father got sick and his parents couldn’t keep the pace of their nomadic life—they settled in a village near the lake. Taalay comes back, manages to get a pre-owned motorbike and starts taking visitors on tours around the lake or treks of the countryside. In time of tourists absence, he takes care of grazing herds of yak and sheep on the grasslands. “My name has the meaning of lucky, and in spite of the hard hits, I still believe that I am lucky to be living surrounded by a surreal nature; a nature emanating nothing but serenity and peace when contemplating it—I hope it can stay unspoiled.” says Taalay, trying to express himself with a broken English learnt in boarding school. 请在评论中阅读中文版本的故事。
igmirien : @pdahv Thanks Mohd!
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jaquest1 : Intelligence that gleams. What a sad story but beautiful shot
fjellasne : Every time I return to your feed, I find these beautiful pictures and stories. It's not a feed to have a quick glance at, I need time, quite a lot of time. I love the stories you tell, it gives me a glimpse of places I've never been and people I've never met. Thanks a lot for sharing, Abdela!
vallin8 : I just read @fjellasne comment and i agree. THANK YOU FOR SHARING SUCH AMAZING PHOTOS AND STORIES <3
igmirien : @fjellasne Oh my God, I don't know how I missed this comment, thank you very much for your kind words, I love your photos as well and hope to meet you someday!
igmirien : @vallin8 LOVE from HK 💙
___carmen____ - hassnaal - enamihell - riders_onthestorm -
During the Karakul lake’s tour, not far from a Kyrgyz village set on the foot of Muztagh Ata mountain; we met Taalay. A young man having some quality time with friends on the shore of the lake—chatting and joking while contemplating the crystalline waters. Abduvaid did the introductions and helped with the translation to Chinese. (1/2) 卡拉库里湖的旅途中,我们在慕士塔格峰山脚附近的柯尔克孜族村庄里遇见了年青的Taalay, 他正在湖边和朋友们一起, 一边说笑一边凝视着透明的湖水。Abduvaid介绍了我们认识并充当了翻译。(1/2)
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A journey with the Kyrgyz around Karakul Lake. 和柯尔克孜族人一起环卡拉库里湖之旅。
monatiti : Wonderful!
wamchokiller : I know the life living a place like this with enchanting natural beauty,cuz I have been went to NanShan&YiLi,where there is the life we called inspiration.Even these places are generally different,we heared the voice from the sky and found the real inner peace.That's what I could also found in your photos.thanks ,I'm totally touched!!sorry if you can't get it with my solecism.
igmirien : @wamchokiller I totally got your point. This is what the connexion with mother nature provides us with :) thanks for your comment.
igmirien : @monatiti gracias :)
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not__bad__fffff : 我也经常听人那么说——
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___llleo___ : 画质
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#官二代#+#富二代#+#公子哥#+#新疆人# 【修图已到丧心病狂程度】
富二代 - 公子哥 - 新疆人 - 官二代 -
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We met Abduvaid on the shore of Karakul lake along with some of his Kyrgyz friends, all with their motorbikes, offering tours around the lake which can last for one whole hour. We took the tour and enjoyed the astonishing scenery, but were mostly pleased by how generous Abduvaid was. He wouldn't let us leaver after the tour, so he invited us, me and my German friend, to visit his home—a yurt where his wife offered us some delicious bread and yummy yak milk. つづく。 我们和Abduvaid在卡拉库里湖边相遇。他和他的柯尔克孜族朋友正骑着摩托车,提供一小时环湖观光的服务。我们坐上他的车,欣赏了美到惊心动魄的风景。但更让我们感动的是Abduvaid的慷慨。环湖游后他不愿就此与我们告别,于是邀请我和我的德国朋友去他家做客。在温暖的帐篷里,他的妻子用可口的面包和美味的牦牛乳招待了我们。未完待续…
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igmirien : @erindal Ah, best of luck with your studies man! Let me know wen you're heading some day to Asia, I'm based in HK now.
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Portraits of Kashgar Old Town #1 喀什老城肖像 #1
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