#fbf to spring break 2k13 with some of the loves of my life capturing the crescent on maui 🌺🌊☀️ #ohana #asugphichallenge #love #ΓΦΒ #springbreak #favorite
asugphichallenge - love - fbf - ohana - favorite - springbreak - γφβ -
taylorfoundation - fraanzi1000 - maddy221 - carlitaahh_xo -
Can't wait to see all my little Gamma Phi babies. Less than a month till our family reunites ☺️💕 #ΓΦΒ #gammaphibetanau
γφβ - gammaphibetanau -
hnwiggs : Oh my gosh yay! 🎉 can't wait to see all of you 😘
camillamalicki : NANA❤️❤️❤️
kelseyherrera : SO EXXCITTEEEDDD😍😍
jorilyn_misiuk - erin_kandy - shannonhein - maillelyons -
γφβ -
csutaugammaphibeta : Our sister @Tayhampton11 'beachin' 🌙#ΓΦΒ
linda_lynee : My little is smokin 😍 @tayhampton11
gettingjenky - devonjo - brookeparker24 - krystalmarrone -
Best thing I've seen all day. #gammaphibeta #ΓΦΒ @gphib_msu
gammaphibeta - γφβ -
neenahlynanne : Love it!!
kiki_gphib138 : YES
laurageiman - haywildthang - tory195 - tblamb09 -
#tbt to pledging #ΓΦΒ & finishing my crest on Initiation! Shoutout to my awesome NME @kathleengormley ! #gammaphibeta #fall10
gammaphibeta - γφβ - tbt - fall10 -
greek_rush : #Greek
kathleengormley : Love you Tia!! 🌙🌷💗
heathermarie04 - anita.pita - torizam - jazzy_fresh93 -
#Tbt Moonball, our philanthropy event, with some of my beautiful Gamma Phi sisters. I'm glad the semester is starting back up soon because I miss them all so much! 🌙🌸 #ΓΦΒ #utsa18 #utsagogreek
utsagogreek - utsa18 - γφβ - tbt -
kchesser12 - laurendanielleeee - maggie_obrien567 - leahbedrich -
because recruitment is right around the corner😍🎀💖 #gogreek #ΓΦΒ #ΑΟΠ #ΑΦ #panlove #tbt
gogreek - panlove - αοπ - αφ - γφβ - tbt -
kristencolette : Aww I miss you guys!!😘
heccabealy : I MISS YOU GUYS SO SO MUCH!!!!! 😘❤💋😍
addyjhenry : This feels like yesterday!!! ONLY 2 MORE WEEKS!!!!!🙈😘😘💗💗💗
wildsidetravel : Sick!
roldan_alcobendas - addyjhenry - wildsidetravel - deebssav3 -
Another TBT from the State Fair with the new Twinard & My Big of Course! 😍💃 #twins #big #little(s) #ΓΦΒ #ΣΧ #castatefair #sacramento #familylineislookinalright @iamdp_ @evalynoliviaa
little - σχ - big - γφβ - castatefair - twins - sacramento - familylineislookinalright -
djn22 : 😍
evalynoliviaa : Best family and best Littles!! 😍😘 @iamdp_
cscintiaa - 916wheels - djspindizzy - ddrios18 -
#tbt to GPHI's retreat🌙💜 & a little late on the #whygammaphiwednesday but shoutout to this gem for being an amazing sister. She inspires me so much & I know will do great things for our chapter. I'm so excited to soon be back at CNU with you! 🌞🌺🐬💜 #ΓΦΒ
whygammaphiwednesday - γφβ - tbt -
chelsmauro : Thanks girl! Love you so much! 😊😘
rachelmassey : My sisters are so pretty!
goldilocks_27 : such beautiful girlies 😚
emjsel - traceyblankemeyer - emilyyelton - billymo2 -
Bringing together two of my favorite things: #ΓΦΒ and the #OregonCoast! #gphitillidie #gammaphibeta #livebythesun #lovebythemoon #zetatheta
gammaphibeta - livebythesun - oregoncoast - gphitillidie - lovebythemoon - γφβ - zetatheta -
alexanderdiepfu - breezybaby10 - muknopp - sistersofalabamagammaphi -
#whygammaphiwednesday because every time I see a crescent moon I am reminded of smiles and laughter. I remember the happiness and joy that each of my sisters express and my heart feels so warm. I firmly believe #gammaphibeta helps make the world a better place to be. The love that the members give not only each other, but our philanthropy and all those who cross our path is everlasting. 🌛🌙🌍🌎🌏 🌊earth needs the moon to make waves that cause ripples throughout humanity. #payitforward #ΓΦΒ
γφβ - whygammaphiwednesday - payitforward - gammaphibeta -
juliaviz : Love this 👍
wildsidetravel : Sick!
barbb21 - ashleyu428 - hattybyrd - woah_lo -
#whyGreekWednesday "Being a Gamma Phi has given me women I can count on through thick or thin whenever my family is hundreds miles away. This girls has been my best friend, a mentor, and sister since day one! I could not be blessed with a better family!" @nadillac19 #GoGreek #GoLions #gammaphibeta #zetaphi #ΓΦΒ
gogreek - gammaphibeta - whygreekwednesday - golions - zetaphi - γφβ -
su_gphi - oliviafolkerts - vbcarina - allysonpeek12 -
So ready for all my sisters to be back and start preparing for recruitment! #ΓΦΒ #GoGammaPhi 🌙
gogammaphi - γφβ -
haywildthang : @hannahlink95 it's ridiculous how much I miss the fam.
hannahlink95 : we will be reunited soon my niece 😍 @haywildthang
cocopuff0510 : I'm seriously about to buy it too. I'll probably wait until I get to school so my mom doesn't get mad 😬
dewey.jordan : So, you're perfect @dallas_cox!
dallas_cox : I've still got nothing on you, @dewey.jordan!
dewey.jordan : Make me blush, @dallas_cox. But, what had happened was...I need you back in my life pronto.
dallas_cox : @dewey.jordan Text me as soon as you get back! You need to come to the Pink House.
dewey.jordan : The answer is yes! @dallas_cox
dalambert42 - templinashley - jowens1003 - jamieloren22 -
2⃣5⃣ DAYS #ΓΦΒ
γφβ -
ellie_mayyy : 😍🎉❤️👯
pfendra : This is really cool
su_gphi : 💗🌙
liljaaayyy : OMG Barbie fam loves you!
itscelestiall : In love with this!!
arianna_clark - m.arie74 - sparkles2294 - elliebreslin -
Check out the #usfpanhellenic women abroad in India! #morethanastereotype #ΓΦΒ #ΣΔΤ
σδτ - usfpanhellenic - γφβ - morethanastereotype -
swertfegerl : @jpoen 😍
aubreykhach : @emmyjanejohnson super cute! 😍
oldsouthapparel : Come check us out! @OldSouthApparel
amberlynne1993 : Lol at the guys in the background
amandakoslow : YAAAAAY TWINNY! 💞👯 @jpoen
junecadsawan - julllaaayyy - tori_hetman - cassidydanielleee -
Perfect gift for the whole chapter - only $19.50!! #getsomegreek #jewelry #gammaphibeta #gammaphi #ΓΦΒ #bidday #gogreek #panhellenic #sorority #florida #necklace
gammaphi - getsomegreek - jewelry - florida - bidday - γφβ - gogreek - gammaphibeta - panhellenic - necklace - sorority -
limabeannn - kellykalsch - your_id_guy - brinanarama -
Finally finished this one!! #ΓΦΒ
γφβ -
emilyloew - lilbee317 - thekarastangl - alanburton01 -
I had to☺️so proud to be a Gamma Phi🌙 #gphicsuf #ΓΦΒ
gphicsuf - γφβ -
jmill51 : Miss you
jordanjferris : Perfect preffie😍😍😍
k_e_l_l_i : I think I saw you at the ranch on Saturday. I was going to go and say hi but I was afraid that it wasn't you.
jenhum91 : @k_e_l_l_i omg no way! I was there! You totally should have said hi! I haven't seen you in a while. Hope you're liking Biola!
k_e_l_l_i : Ok so it totally was you I'm silly haha . I'll be there on Saturday hopefully I'll see you :)
kpopkins - realfabiansilva - laurenskiles - shelby_lewis -
I'm finally ready to give up letters to help other pnm's find there. I can't wait to be apart of a new group with my Rho Sig sisters in this journey of being dissafliated. I am ecstatic and humbled to be apart of such a great experience! I love you all and please take care of my little while I am gone ☺️😘😉 I'll be back before you know it! #peaceout #tminus14 @chellylcp @be_marq @kaylaaa11 @amhill2 @toadly_tori @acheyde @itsrachel92 and the other rho sigs 😄
peaceout - tminus14 - αστ - δζ - γφβ - ασα - σσσ -
tjones365 : #ΓφΒ 🌙 #ΑΣΤ ⚓️ #ΔΖ 🐢 #ΑΣΑ 🐞 #ΣΣΣ ⛵️
heymissmartha : I love you!!
oldsouthapparel : We came across your page and wanted to invite you to check us out!! @OldSouthApparel or
wildsidetravel : Sick!
n_ninad - ofritch - kortschmitt - klculp -
Painted a cooler cause I'm so excited to have a little 😊 #ΓΦΒ
γφβ -
katelyn_walsh : How much do i have to pay you
janieelizabethj : Hahah it was fun!! Just took a while but I would definitely do it again!(:
alexishopeee : Love this!!
shelbyallen13 : So cute!!!
oldsouthapparel : Check us out! @OldSouthApparel
a4bacha : Can't wait to add another member to our family!
lanarakestraw : Ahh so adorable!!
hayes_vaughan : This is so good
thatsrachh - fruitoftheloo - caroline_traub - aves_hall -
Gamma Phi Beta's summer retreat was absolutely wonderful!! I became even closer than ever before to my sisters. These women are beyond strong and illustrate the highest type of womanhood. GPhi is a constant reminder it was one of the BEST decisions I've ever made. I am so incredibly blessed to be a sister of Gamma Phi Beta 🌙💜 @cnugammaphibeta #sisterhood #ΓΦΒ
γφβ - sisterhood -
rachelmassey : Love you beautiful. I'm so glad to call you my sister💗
anna_brinkley : You're such a hottie
luke_vaughn : Dayummm! Some beautiful GPhis right here
kaitlynlaw - jacobletson - t_breezyy - jaytight4 -
Fall Out Boy with my best friend #FOB #ΓΦΒ #GammaPhiBeta
gammaphibeta - γφβ - fob -
toni_keddell : Glad you enjoyed it!
andrewlibby16 - lexxigraff - bjarvy3 - 12amanda23 -
Literally having the best time with my amazing big in Houston and Galveston!! Couldn't ask for a better vacation buddy! #NASA #gammaphibeta #ΓΦΒ #biglittle @sarah_m_seitz
gammaphibeta - nasa - γφβ - biglittle -
robbie_deen : Haley told me she saw y'all there.
robbie_deen - alexkeck - b3atriz_gon - s_r_moo -
Crescent huggin' that Colorado mountain air #ΓΦΒ
γφβ -
hey_arnold10 : Luv iiiiit
beeeeelythe : Luv yew
hey_arnold10 : ❤️❤️❤️❤️
magbu4 - tequila_with_tdana - oldsouthapparel - robmorales_45 -
For these ladies, anything. To the crescent moon and back🌚🌑🌒🌓🌔🌕🌖🌗🌘🌜🌛🌙🌙 #ΓΦΒ
γφβ -
_monicaalovee : Cochina😍
oldsouthapparel - mriovga - gilbertledesma - sancheezseven -
γφβ -
sydneyarnold17 - kabclark - kkong18 - robidee22 -
Our #FunFactFriday is about our gorgeous badge! 💖 Did you know that the Gamma Phi Beta badge was designed specifically and exclusively by Tiffany & Co.? It was also voted the "most beautiful badge" by National Panhellenic Council! Our badge is beyond special to us that we are completely honored to wear it so close to our hearts 😍 #GammaPhriday #Sorority #Badge #ΓΦΒ
sorority - gammaphriday - badge - funfactfriday - γφβ -
kamile_ : 😍😍😍
natalie_joanna - idalylov1 - adrielli - princesskrisanne -
Found this gem at the store today! Super in love 💙💛💜#ΓΦΒ
γφβ -
bchan92 : Little, you are the adorablest
kchinn27 : Big, you're the bestest @bchan92
wackiejackie93 - mollyschuster - alliedean - _gotwilk -
#InstaSize #gammaphibeta #gphib #crescent #ΓΦΒ
gammaphibeta - gphib - γφβ - crescent - instasize -
allieblueee13 : I was just there like 2 weeks ago!!
carliedee : @allieblueee13 no way! Too funny.
oldsouthapparel : Come check us out! @OldSouthApparel
su_gphi - gammaphibetausf - woah_lo - jordandiaz__ -
Today I was so honored to travel to Seattle to present a check to the Fred Hutchinson cancer research center on behalf of Gamma Phi Beta. I was able to see the exact lab it was benefiting. I'm so proud to be a Gamma Phi Beta and also so proud of my sisters for helping raise this much. We raised just under $10,000 and also donated portions to girls on the run and camp wildcat :) ❤️ #gammaphibeta #ΓΦΒ #charity #fredhutchinsoncancercenter 🌙
gammaphibeta - fredhutchinsoncancercenter - γφβ - charity -
laurennpeters_ - mario_oj - julietweintraub - javenkm -
Because it's moving day and #gammaphriday!! Starting today I will be living with this lovely lady and three of my other amazing sisters all year! 👏💕😜🌙 #watchoutworld #gammaphibeta #letthegoodtimesΓΦLL #ΓΦΒ #housenamecomingsoon @kamile_ @caitiemeyers @anh_lalala @nazneenmnizami
gammaphriday - watchoutworld - letthegoodtimesγφll - γφβ - gammaphibeta - housenamecomingsoon -
bryanasui : The foam finnngggeerrrr 😂💕👍
anh_lalala : Loveee this 😍😘😘
kamile_ : Yayy I'm so excited 😘❤️😘
rachylcreech : @mandybcarrillo coming to visit soon 😘
__purnima : Hi. You're super cute 💞
myane001 - calvinator94 - mattmaul - alexcarr19 -
Receiving my ΓΦΒ drop from my big tonight could not have been anymore special. (Left is HS sisterhood, Right is UTSA sorority) #ΓΦΒ #MJR
γφβ - mjr -
marinarenae9 : I love it!!I want one!lol
desinem - adh_14 - married_11_27 - adellalara -
Recruitment is quite the ride and I'm ready to do it again🌸🌙💕#γφβ #tbt
γφβ - tbt -
ssulemaaa : I love you
kittycheesman : @ssulemaaa love you more tho
ldemps3 - hannahlaclaire - trishling13 - taylorhogg -
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